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[Rcpnwted 1893, 1898,] 

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««frR S«W«, XLVl. 


Tor this new edition of Sir Bevis of Hamtoun the following 
MSS. have been used : 

A. The Auchinleck MS., of the first quarter of the 14th century, 
printed here for the second time (cf. " Sir Beves of Hamtoun : a 
metrical romance. ITow first edited from the Auchinleck MS. 
Printed at Edinburgh : MDCCCXXXVIII." For the results of my 
collation of this edition witn the MS., I refer the reader to EngliscJie 
Stiidien, voL II., p. 317 ff.). In the MS. the text occupies fol. 
176ai— fol. 20la\ After fol. 188 one leaf is torn out. 

E. Parchment MS., No. 175 in the Library of Caius College, 
Cambridge, written in the second half of the 14th century. Un- 
fortunately, many leaves are lost in this MS., so that altogether not 
much more than half the text is preserved. 

S. The MS. of the Duke of Sutherland. As to the contents of 
this precious parchment MS., about the end of the 14th cent., I refer 
the reader to Englisclie Stiuiien, VII., p. 191 ff. This MS. has been 
used to supply the lost leaf in A The last leaf of Sir Bevis is lost 
out of the Sutherland MS. 

N. MS. XIII., B 29 in the Eoyal Library at Naples, paper MS. 
of the 15th century; cf. Ediquice Antiqum. Edited by Thomas 
Wright and J. 0. HalliwelL London 1843. Vol. IL, p. 59 ff., 
where 151 lines of this text are printed, not without a good many 

C. The Paper MS. Ef. 2, 38 in the University Library, Cam- 
bridge, fol. 10262— f. 13362. 

M. The Paper MS., No. 8009 in the Chetham Library, Man- 
chester; cf. Englische Stvdien, vol. VII., p. 197 ff. 

Besides these six manuscripts, the old printed text has to be 
considered : 

L. Douce Fragments, No. 19. Two leaves of the oldest printed 
edition, a. comprising L 29— L 98 ; 6. 1. 227—292. 

O. An almost complete printed copy in the Bodleian Library, 
Oxford. *Emprynted by Rycharde Pynson in Flete strete at the 
sygne of the George.' One leaf is lost, and has been supplied from 
a later edition. 


This is the whole of the materials which I liave consulted in 
doing this edition. 

As to a genealogical table of the MSS., I shall try to give it in 
the Preface to the whole work, Now, I need only state that there 
are three classes of MSS. ; the first is represented by A alone, the 
second ( = y) by ESNG, the third ( = x) by MLO. For instance, 
instead of A, L 1283 — 1399, SNC ^ye a quite different text, whilst 
the passage in question is lost in K In single readings ESNC very 
often agree with each other, but dififer from A. Amongst these four 
MSS. SN are very nearly related, but N cannot be a copy of S, as it 
now and then preserves a couple of lines omitted in S ; both of them 
are accurate copies of one MS. There is no nearer relation between 
E, SN, 0. It is remarkable that G in some passages (cf. f. i. L 
1399 — 1430) differs so widely from the rest of the MSS., that one is 
inclined to assume that parts of another translation have been 
inserted. As for MO, there is no doubt that the MS. from which 
the old printed edition is taken, and M, are copies from one and the 
same MS. They go closely together to L 1478. From L 1479—1913 
both of them follow different MSS. of the second class, which are 
now lost : that from which this part of is taken was very similar 
to C. From 1. 2071 — 3840 M continues to agree with y, whilst has 
for the most part a text of its own. From L 3841 to the end, M and 
agree with each other, as they do at the beginning of the poem. 
This rather peculiar statement may perhaps be explained in the 
following manner. The MS. from which M and are taken, was 
defective in the middle, so that the copyist who wrote the MS. for 
the printer of 0, was obliged to borrow 400 lines from another MS. 
When M was copied, many more leaves were torn out, so that the 
copier had to fill this larger gap by a copy of another MS. which 
was then accessible to him. 

Such is the state of the text of Sir Bevis handed down to us. It 
is undoubtedly the most complicated one of all the Middle-English 
romances. Many difficult fundamental questions have to be solved 
regarding it ; for instance, are those passages in which one MS. of y, 
or all of them that don't show any resemblance to A, parts of another 
independent translation, or simply the work of copyists, who now 
and then felt themselves inspired to play the poet, and compose a 
scene anew 1 

X differs considerably, as well from A as from y. In the first part 
of the poem the six-line stanzas are changed into couplets; and 
although now and then one couplet or two literally agree with A or 


y, still the whole can as well he considered as a new translation from 
the French (influenced hy the former), as imagined to he a mere 
transformation of the earlier version. 

These and other questions cannot he solved without a detailed 
comparison of all the different versions of Beuve de Hanstone, which 
was widely spread in Western literatures ; it has heen treated in verse 
or prose at least four times in France, twice in Italy, once in Norway, 
in the Netherlands, and so on. The only fact that we know ahout ^/^ 
the origin of the English romance, is, that the source is a French ^ 

chanson de geste. Until now, nohody has tried to construct a \y 

genealogical tahle of all these versions, probahly hecause none of the j^/Cj^ 
three French poems is yet edited, and the English text was hadly ^ . ^ 
printed, and at the same time almost inaccessihle. I hope I shall he 
ahle to give a critical examination of all the mediceval versions of 
this story in the introduction to this edition of the English poem. 

But even when all the literary questions connected with Sir 
Bevis are more or less satisfactorily solved, I don't think it will 
be possible to do a thoroughly critical edition of the poem. Most 
of the copyists have retouched the original so much, that it is 
very often quite impossible to put one or several couples of Hues 
which seemed to belong to it, into the text of -4, without changing 
this MS. in a most arbitary way ; and very often we are not able to 
make out whether plus-lines of ^ are due to the author of the original 
or not. After all, I quite agree with Dr. Furnivall, that in a case 
like this, trying to edit the work critically is nothing else than 
rendering it far more difficult to the reader to get a judgment of his 
own. Therefore, I have simply restricted myself to laying before 
the members of the Early English Text Society the whole of the 
materials. But, at the same time, I hope I have done my best to 
give both the texts printed in extenso, as 'well as the critical 
apparatus, in a trustworthy and reliable manner. 

There could be no doubt that the new edition must be founded ^ 

on A, which is by far the oldest and best MS. The text of this 
MS. has been reproduced as accui*ately as possible. The large 
capitals, coloured blue and red in the MS., are represented as large 
capitals. "Whenever a paragraph mark is written in the MS., the 
line has been inset. The contractions used by the scribe are ex- 
panded and printed in italics. And in the same way are markt the 
very few corrections of my own. Only at the beginning of a new 
period, or a speech, or a proper name within the line, have capitals 
been introduced, and only where two separate words were united in 


the MS. have I thought myself entitled not to follow it too closely : 
the indefinite article has always been separated from its nouns. I 
have also added stops and marginal line-numbers. From 1. 2465, 
where the numeration of my text no longer coincides with that of 
Tumbull's edition, the line-numbers of the latter are added in 

The want of 352 lines in A has been supplied by S, as the 
corresponding passage of ^ is likewise lost. 

This leading Auchinleck text is followed by the variations of 
ESNGy and by the different readings of those parts of M and 
which are borrowed from MSS. of the second class. The spelling is 
always that of the MS. placed first at the end of the quotation. 
Whenever in longer passages the single MSS. of the ^-class differ 
so widely from each other, that the readings of the rest cannot be 
entered in the text of the best one, I was obliged to give this best 
alone, and to add below it the variations of the other MSS. (compare, 
for instance, p. 132 ff.). 

At the bottom of the page I have put the text of x according to 
Jf , with the differing readings of L and 0, where both are extant ; 
and according to 0, where M is supplied by a y-MS. It would have 
been of no use to print ikf or in full where these MSS. differ but 
slightly from y. 

This is how I have done the edition of Sir Bevis, the first part of 
which is now in the hands of our Members. The second Part of 
the text is in the press, and will be issued in 1887. Part III., the 
Introduction and Notes, will be ready in 1888. 

My warm thanks are due to my friend, Mr. Joseph Hall in 
Manchester, — who has kindly read the proofs of M with the MS. in 
the Chetham Library, — as well as to Dr. Fumivall for the readiness 
with which he has complied with all my wishes concerning this 

E. K. 

Sreslau, Nov. SO, 1886, 


p. 83, 1. 1603 ought to he inset. 

p. 85, L 1655 &] loritten above the line. A. 

f. nea\ 

^i\ g^u^s 4 gamtam 

Lordinges, herkne)» to me tale ! 
Is merier ]>a» )»e nijtingale, 
j)s.t J schel singe ; 
Of a kni3t ich wile 30W roune^ 
Beues a hi^te of Hamtouney 
Wif outen lesing. 

Ich wile 30W tellen al to gadre 
Of ))at kni^t and of is fadroi 

Sire Gii: 
Of Hamtoim he was sire 
And of al ))at ilche schire. 

To wardi. 



Sir — ffamt."] So A with red ink ; ffic in- 
cipitur Beffs de Hamptoun E ; Sir Beuotis 
of Hampton S ; Sir Bewys of Hcmiptone N ; 
om. C. 

1. Lordlingis K. lystni^ ESNC. to m. t] 
grete As smale C. 

2. pa< is EN ; ItiaB; om. C. 

3. pofl om. ESC. 8chel\ wole ^ow ESNC. 

4. ich—-Toune\ )«rf hy^te Beuoun ES ; sir Be- 
Uoun N. 

5. B.ah.] Thai hyght Befys C ; pat woa horn 
EN ; \>at was lord S. (/] in EN. SotUh- 
hampUnin SN. 

6. mUe SC. 

He was ry%t (om. SN) a 8taltour\>e man 
And manye (binges londys he (kyngdoTnea 

To goddys lawe (lawes SN) ; 

He was \te beste {in any ferde {]>ai coin in 

felde SN), 
And most wan wij;> (dynt off sioerde {spere 

and shelde (SN) 
Be hys lyff (om. S) dawe (dawes SN). add. 


7. ^ow — gadre] telle yow as y can C. 

8. ]>at] \>e ESN. (if hys fadur, thai doghty 
man C. 

9. X>ai hyxte sere G^ EC ; tie good erl sir Gy 

10. was] lord and add. SN. he w. s,] A of all 
\>at s^yre C. 

11. Ther of he was lorde <fe syre C. 

12. Vn to E; Hym to SN. That ys so 
hardy C. 

f. 122a. 

Here begynnyth a good tale of Bevys 
of Hamtouw, a good werriour. 

Lystonythe, lordinges, yf ye will 
dwell : 1 

Of a doughty man I wyH you teH, 
That hathe bene in many a stoure 
And holdyn) in Englond his honours, 4 

That be-fore this tyme hathe bene ; 
By a knyght is that I meane, 6 

Sir Beves of Hampton, for sof e, he hight, 
That nevMre was kyd coward in fight, 
And by his faders days, that hight s/r 
Gye, 9 

A stalvvorthe knyght and an hardye, 

Here — werriowr] om. 0. 

1. LordingeSy lysten and holde you styl^ 0. 

2. Cf doughty men tel I vryl 0. 

3. haue 0. 

4. in E.] vp E. in 0. 


7. for s. h."] that knyghi 0. 

8. kyd] preued 0. 

9. fad. d.] fader O. 

10. stalw.] noble 0. an] aful 0. 



Lordinges, fis, of whan y telle, 
Neuer man of flesch ne felle 
Nas so strong, 


13. Lordlingis N. H*! }p^^\ heC; ecrl add. 
ESN. of w. y\ that y of SNC. 

14. per was neuere EC ; In hU tyme SN. 

15. That was C ; Nas noon SN ; Half E. 

And so he was in ech striue. 
And euer he leuede wif outew wine, 
Al to late and long. 18 

16. And so] As ESNC. ech] euery C ; a add. £. 

17. And] But E. cmt SNC ; a add. E. 
17 put before 16 SN. 

18. Al to] Tyl ESNC. laU and:] hyt was C. 

And howe sir Gye be-trayed was 

Thorough his wiffe, alas, alas ! 12 

Som^ tyme was Gye of gret renowne, 

Erie he was of Southe Hampton) ; 

In crystondome far and nere 

Of doughtynes was none his pere 16 

Ne so hardy ne so stronge. 

He lovicf the ryght and not the wronge. 

WhiH Sir Gye was yonge and light. 

He was kyd a doughty knyght 20 

In yche londl, that he riduth and goos, 

For to Wynne price and loos, 

In Fraunce, in Flaunders and in AVL- 

In Brabah), in Cesile and in Bretayn), 
In Denmarke, in Walis and in Gascon), 
In Hungry, in Calabre and in Burgayri), 
^In Englondl, in Norway and in Pecardye, 
In Scotlonil, in WaKs and in Lum- 

bardye, 28 

In ali the landus of Crystiante 

Was none i-ffound so good as he. 
WhiH sir Gye was yonge and joliffe, 
Woldl he nevMre wed no wiffe, 32 

But whan sir Gye be-gat to old. 
He was ffebuti and on)-bold, 
He toke his leve of chevalrye 
And dwelt in Englond, certenly. 36 
Whan tyme come, Edgare, oure kyng, 
Send after stV Gye, with oute lesyng. 
And for Sir Gye was trewe and wyse 
And knowen ffor a knyght of price, 40 
He made him styward of his lond ; 
What sir Gye did, trewly shold stond. 
He kepte well Englond in his days. 
He sett peas and stabelad the laws, 44 
That no man was so hardye, 
To do another velonye. 
On a day he be-thought hym, mr Gye, 
That he wold wed som) feire ladye 48 
And haue be-twene hem children ffeire, 
That of his lond myght be his heyre. 

13. S<yme] That 0. 

15. crysf] both add. 0. 

17. Ne] non^e add. 0. ne] nor 0. 

20. Knowen he was O. 

21. that — goos] h-e rode and yede 0. 

22. toynne] hym add. 0. loos] mede O. 

23. in Fl,] Fl. 0. 

24. in C] C. 0. 

25. in Walis] om. 0. 

26. in Calabre] Caldbre O ; in Silahre M. 26 : 
In Pole, in Normandye and in Mayne, 

In Turkyc, Ndbrant and in Spayne add. 0, 

27. Engl.] Estelovde O. in] om. O. 

28. In crystcndome d: in hethenesse 

JVcl was krvowen syr Quyes worthyncsse. 
add. 0. ' ^ 

29. londc O. 

31. sir Q.] he LO. 
1 r. 12JI6. 

32. hen.] syr Guy LO. 

33. whan] that add. O. sir Q.] he LO. beg, 
to] wa/aced 0. 

34. He w.] Wexed L. vn-welde L. And his 
blode began to wexe colde 0. 

35. He] And L. 

36. Arid] to add. M. 

37. In that tyme kynge Edgar anone LO. 

38. sir] om. 0. with o. I.] full sone LO. 

39. for] so O ; om. M. 

41. hym] hyghe add. LO. lond] londf M. 

42. IFlicU — trewly] And what so (om. 0.)euer 
he saydf it LO. 

44. He] And LO. stab, the] stable 0. 
47. Vpon LO. Tie be-th. h.] thought LO. 

49. And] To 0. them LO ; som^ add. LO. 

50. his] theyr LO. londcs 0. • his] theyr LO. 


Whan he was fallen in to elde, 
pa,t he ne mi3te him self welde, 

He wolde a wif take ; 21 

Sone Jjar after, ich vnderstowde, 
Him hadde be leuer ^a.n al J^is lo^^de, 

Hadde he hire for-sake. 24 

An elde a wif he tok an honde, 
j)e kinges doubter of Scotlonde, 

So faire and bri3t. 27 

Alias, fat he hire euer ches ! 
For hire loue his lif a les 

Wif mechel vnrijt. 30 

19. TFhanI po ESN. to] om. SN. 

20. JVTien he myght not C. be-welde E. 

21. A toy ff wolde he (om. E) take EC. 

22. Arid sone SN ; And C. \>ar] om. SC. 
after] as add. C. 

23. He C. be] om. SC. betere E. ]>is] his 

24. ffe hadde here ESC. 

25. In age C. A vjyf in elde SN. A wyff 
he took in eelde E. an] yn C. 

27. So] Ful E. 

28. euere he Jiere ESC. 

29. For — lif] Hys oione {lyffor her {hed \>er' 
fore E; ESNC. 

30. muche S. 


J5is maide ichaue of y-told, 
Faire maide ^he was & bold 

And f re y-boren ; 
Of Almayne fat emperur 
Hire hadde loued paramur 

Wei far be-foren. 

Ofte to hire fader a sente 
And he him selue f eder wewte 

For hire sake ; 
Ofte geniede hire to wiue : 
J5e king for no f ing aliue 

Nolde hire him take. 






31. mayden E. pis m.] Sche C; }pat add. 
SNC. ich — of] off whom I haue E. 

32. A faire SN. wymman ESN ; om. C. 

33. frc] weel EC. 

34. \>at] \>e ESNC. 

35. Jffctd hur C. hadde] om. SN. 

36. Wei] om. E ; longe add. SNC. far] tyme 
C ; om. S. 

37. And ofte C. a] om. C. 

38. he] om. SNC. he — l)eder] for here Ioilc 
\>edyr he E. 

39. Alfor E. hire] own add. C. 

40. Ofte g.] Mechyl (Miiclbc SN) he desyryd 
ESNC ; to haue add. C. 

41. pe king] But they wolde not C. 

42. fFolde SN. Here nolde E ; ffur to C. 

'i'lie kyng of Scotland in that tyde 
Hac? a doughtcr of muche pride ; 52 
'I'lie Emperourys broft^re of Almayn) 
Wold haue wedf that lady ffayn ; 
So wold Sir Gye, so god me saue, 
And at her fader he gan her crave. 56 
^The kyng of Scotlona not for this 
Gaue bis doughter to atr Gye, 

52. nfiiche] grete LO. 

54. Wold h. «?.] Lmed L; Wedded(\) 0. 

fayn] as men sayne LO. 
66. So — so] But Ouy wedded her L ; Ryght so 

dyd €hiy O. wie] hym LO. 
66. gari] dyd LO. 

57. this] thy LO. 

58. to] vnto LO. I-vrys] om. LO. 

1 f. 123 a. 

Ageyne the wyH of his doughter bryght : 
She ha^ lever haue had^ that other 
knyght, : 60 

For he was yonge and also bold. 
And Sir Gye was waxen) old. 
Alas, that Gye euer hir chase ! 
His owen) liffe fFor her he lease. 64 
Sir Gye wedyd that lady ffree 
And brought her home to his contre. 

59. Ayenst LO. 

60. that] the LO. 

61. a^o]^m. LO. 

62. Gye] also add. M. 

B3. Cfye] om. LO. euer] om. 0. hir] he her 

to hym LO ; his (!) M. 
64. he I.] to lose LO. 

B 2 


Sife a ^ai liirc to dire Gii, 
A staltvord erl and hardi 

f. ne<i". Of SoufhamtouiL 45 

Man, whan he fallef hi to olde, 
Fchh a wexej) and vnbelde 

J301113 rijt resoun. 48 

So longe fai jede to gfldres te bedde, 
A knaiie child bc-twcne hem ^ai lieddc, 

Beues a bet. dl 

"Faire child he wna & bnlde, 
He nas boute setie wint.«!r oUe, 

Whan his fader was dcd. 54 

43, Ac (A«d SN) Mf-fi^ ESN ; BnC C. a] 

44. A] om. E. trliiaan ESN ; knyghl 0. 
ami] an add. 8NC. 

45. Ilamptmin K 

46. Bui vihanm m«i (fl* 3H) ESN. fallen 
E : fel 8N. to] om. S. Amanomi (!) 7i^ 
!/s kolde C 

47. a <". and\ and wcxe (wnxen S) SN ; hem 
viugji (Mu2 E. tmwj^^ SN. 

48. Je ESN. riil] cpefn C ; om. E. 

40. to sreiiHi! EN ; aamen S • om. C. fe] oon 

add. C. 
BO. i'nBJUs] mera NC. be-tw. A.] to jafere 

Bl. pat BfOtB heeU SN ; <t Be/yae of Hamp- 

ton he hyght C ; Sefs hy^ eerlayn E. 
62. ,4/CTreSN. cftiM] om. C. iin«]tai(!) 

8. ifc 6. 1 y?t moji!/ folde C. 
53. TAon ft* C. loos EC. winter] yre SNC. 

l^e loHcdi hiri> miB-ho-Jmtiit" 

1 And moche njon fe ri3t jhe wronjto 

In hire tour 1 bl 

' Me lord is olde & may noiijt werclie, 
Al dai him ia leuer at eherulic, 

J)an in me bonr. GO 

Hadde ich itake?i a jong kni^t, 
)}at ner nou]t bniaed m wurra Si li^r, 

A wolde me loueu dai and ni]t, 
Cleppeji aud kissen wi^ al is iiii^t 
And make me blia. 



Tho SN. woa slayn E ; ilyal yn fyyl't 
C ; hyTii UU SN, 

hire m.-he\ a myaat hw lie C; al a mys 
wr {she 8) SN. 

And] om. EC. H om. SN. rijf] lawe 
C. Ayrifivi ]m 7T/)( m«A« £. 

Avd camsyd mocAe dotowre C. 

U/rd] sehe Hyde odd. C. 

Al d.] om. C. M him S ; J7c ft<i(ft C. 
leuerl to be add. SNC. 


Tier ■noa^] hadde be Tunut E : mat neuyr 
C ; htid net [muer N) be 8N prou^ C. 
iwrrs d:] om. E8N0. 
' he] now add. ESN. ^9 now ys he C. 

bnten] krate louyd E, rfni a, n.] )oi)> rri 
Au myit ESN. 

■ Clypfrydikygtyd'E. ici]i—Tn.'\he{bvlhB 
T ; om. 8) day * jih( ESK. 

maad E. 

So longe to bed he her leip, 
A man chiW to geder they hpiJ ; 68 
A ffeyrer chili) was neviH-e none bore, 
Sithe god apronge of Jesses more, 
Ne doughtyer in no tfyghtyng, 71 

And that ye ahaH here, wt7/i 011 te lesynge ! 
Q calliil that ciiUit so bolde ; 



c ok*, 

"Whan that hia fader was slayii) 
Of Btr Mordoure of AUmayii). 

B8. That a LO. 
(18—72 om. LO. 
73, men] Ihey LO. so] om. LO. 

76. that] om, L. 
70. Of] Wylh LO. 

77. That LO. on] vpan LO- 
TS. And] ouj. O. vnto LO. 

The lady he-thought her on a day 

And to her selfe ca» she say ; 

' My lord ia old and may not worche, 

AH day he courith in the chuiche : HO 

What for bresyns and for age. 

He lovith not with me to rage ; 

But hacJ I take a yonge knyght, 

Tliat hat? not bene bryEBTi(*"iiJ fight, 84 

He woUB me love both nyjt and day 

Anil make me aH the myrth, he may: 

80. eourUh in] goth mto L ; iydeth in O. 

81. In-eynynge L ; brosyage O. nnd] wAoi 
ndd. LO, 

82. me] /or add. L. 

S5. rfa^ and nyght LO. 

Ad. ht may] that he myylii LO. 



I nel hit lote for no f iiiKi!, 
(jat ich nel him to dejw bringe 

Will 8\im hraidel' 
Aaon rijt pat Icuedi fer 
To consailo clepedo hii masuger 

And to him saido : 
' Miiscger, do me surte, 
fdit fmw nelt noujt dUeure rae 

To no wijt ! 
And jif fow wilt, Jiat it bo be, 
I schel |)e ^eue gold and k 

And make ^ kiiijt,' 


)]anne anawetdfl fo maaager — 
False a was, |)at pautener, 

And wpI prut — 
' Dame, boute ich do |ie node, 
Ich graunte, fow me for-botle 

Jjc londe foutj out' 
f)e leiiedi fianno was wel fain : 
' Go,' jho aeide, ' in to Alcnaino 

Out of me bour ! 
^fa^eger, bo ;ep and snol. 
And on niin helf fow gretc wcl t. 

J3at emperur. 


67. Bat I %. woli C. hU] twI C ; om. 

ESN. fo«e N ; i«w EC. 
83. pat] S«t C ; Ttrf M E, leol S ; wn/ZI C ; 

□m. E. to (om. K) li-^M J^yni ^SNC. 
66. braide] ffyle E ; radc C. 

70. riji) (yrfe C. tite C. iadi, ESNC. /.irl 
free NC ; el«r E. 

71. Clepcd to coaiuel SN ; Calhid la here E. 
hir\ a E. mnea/iifcr ESN. A mewengere 
clefrgd eche C 

72. him] aAt add. C. Vol vltx whyU E. 


wyH - 

(u E. iii"scr«re(l) A. vk 

75. A^nwr to N. 

Of tadhe inttiera ta y Khali scheuK to the. 
And euyr my toiauell kcjie treiole 
Botha be day i be nynht. odd. C. 

7fi. Artd] am. SU 

77. vsoa-: SNC, vtu\ ho'^ arlJ. ESN. goM\ 
laxiU C. 78. )wj a add. C. 

79. aiuriB.'] bctpni: E. 

80. Full faltc C. >(!'l and SN ; Ays (!) C. 
loJtd'tger E, 

82. Madavic SN ; om. E. ieA] tntoehj mid. 'ij 
E. *>] «kI oAA. 8N. 1^ ESN, daU K, 

83. !f)-.]!or)&))aiESN. 
a*. X>y EHN. 

31—81. .4>ui to that ladystiidc: 

ifadaiae, yf y titer dyaketler the, 
I i/raant M(if ye lalu me 
A«id aiayte a/ my hedd. C. 

85. iianne] ^ler t^ SNC ; om. E. was] ]>o 
add. E. v»qful'BSSC. 

86. go] Mesatagere, aehe leyde, go C ; Wetvlc 
SN. she I.] am. C. »«] om. E. 

87- meb.]\ii lour SN. To lite man moosl of 
honaiore C. 

88. Mae.] Sifr, y firey the C. jgjj wy* EC ; | 
qtu-Amt SN. M EC. 

89. f>Dii7l om. ESN. on— [wicl ma* tfiai y C. 
9r«I<l A^m ndd. ESNC. 

BO. poll pB EC ; noile add. C. 

Certea it shatt be this no wbile, f. issa. 
I shaH ale hym with som gyle ! ' 88 
jUao aone that lady there 
'I'o her callid a messingero, 
Tliat be-fore was her fl'reud, 
And said: 'Thou ahalte a message wemJ; 
AVilh that thou hold it co unsay H, 
I shaH quyto weH thy trauaytt ; 

A/Ut a merttvgeT the ladi/ seiuif, 

Thed before {had ben (he htos L) Itarfremle, 

A ad {She O) aayd ; Thon ihatt on my mcss- 

Thy wife alone vfUoiri any page : LO. 

Aa I am lady gent and bryght, 
I shaft with that dub the knyght ! ' 9G 
' Madame,' he said, ' hold you styH, 
For I wyH go at your wyH ! ' 
The lady waa than glad and ffayn) : 
' Go,' she said, ' in to Ahnayn) 100 
And gi-ete welt sir Mordoure — 
Brof (ii-e he ia to the Empwoure — 

P3. WUh] So O. hold i(] kfpe mij 0. 
SI. ehaiq the add. LO. weiqfor L. 
95 f. om. LO. 

98. go\do LO; all add. L. nl] l^r O. 
~ ~ The — and] Than toaa the lady very O. 

100. J 

I. weiqfrvmiidd.O. 



And bid, in fe hiate dai, 

Jiat comej) in ))0 monej) of May, 

For loue of me, 93 

J)at he be to li3te prest 
Wif is ferde in bare forest 

Be side ])e se. 96 

Me lord icb wile feder sende 
For his loue, for to schende 

And for to sle ; 99 

Bid him, fat hit be nou^t be-leued, 
pB.t he ne smite of his hened 

And sende hit me 1 102 

And whan he hauef so y-do, 
Me loue he schel vnder-fo, 

WiJ) outew delai ! ' 105 

Jeanne seide fat masager : 

* Madame, ich wile sone be per I 

Xow haue gode dai ! ' 108 

Now fat masager him gof . 
}5at ilche lord him worf e wrof , 
J)at him wrou3te ! Ill 

To schip fat masager him wode ; 
Alias ! pe wind was al to gode, 

J)at him ouer brou3te. 114 

}5o he com in to Al-mayne, 
J)ar a mette wif a swain 

And grette him wel : 117 

* Felawe,* a seide, * par amur : 
Whar mai ich finde f emperur 1 

J)ow me tel ! ' 120 

91. And] om. S. hid] hym add. ESNC ; M 
add. SN. on E. fyrste ESNC ; /crjw ( 1) A. 

93. For] }pe add. SNC. Hmt \>atsoUbee E. 

94. to fi^te] wij;> his ferde E ; with his men 
SN ; all C. 

95. fVyih hys vnen G\ For to fy^tc ESN. 
hare] \>at E ; oivre SN ; a C. 

96. Be side] Vpon ESNC. 

97. pedyr I wole my lord sende E. 

98. lo^ie] lyf S. for to] to N ; hym to C. 
98 put before 9T S. 

99. for] hym C. Wi^ lytyl {few SN) meyne 

100. Bid him] And say E. leuyd S. 

101. lie] om. N. po^ he ne] But that he C. 
his] my lord is N. 

102. hU] to add. SC ; vnto add. N. 

103. when S. ha\> ESN. doon S ; ydxyrve N. 

104. vnder-fo] vndyr-goo E ; wyn to com S. 
schel v.] wynnyth to come d: gone N, 

105. oute SN. 

106. pen N ; hym add. E. \>e ESN. 

107. wile] wel add. SN. ich — ];>er] he seyde, 
I leva ^ow her E. 

108. ffatie now E. 
103—108 om. C. 

109. Now] For\> ESN. \>at] \>e ESN ; ys the 
C. he SN. him g.] go C. 

110. pat i. l] lesu Grist SNC. tuurpe hy^n 
ESC ; make him N. vyro]>] wo C. 

112. ])ai] \>e ESN. To — Tnas.] TJie messengere 
to schyppe C. him wode] yxxi ESNC. 

113. aZ to] to S ; 50 NC. 

114. pat] And N. 

115. po] When SNC. com] was comyn C. 

116. par] po SN ; Sone 0. 

117. And] sir add. N. 

118. Fel] Syr SN. pur S. 

119. Tna^ shal SN. 

120. I prey \>e, that thou me telle! C. 

And byd hym, in the f urste day. 
That comythe in the month of May, 104 
That he in oure foreste be, 
Weti annedl with his meyne ; 
Bid hym, that it be not belevid^, 
1'hat he smyte of my lordt^ hede 108 
And send it me in present : 

103. in] on O. 

104. Thate, in] QfO. 

107. Uucd 0. 

108. But thai my lorde he there heheded 0. 

109. me in] to m^to 0. 

My lord shaH nakyd be to hym sent ! 
Yf he me love, there shati / se ; 
Go forthe and grete hym weS by 
me!' 112 

The messingere to water yode : 
Alas, the wynde was to good ! 

110. to hym he O. 

111. there] that O. I] So 0; he M. 

112. well] thus O. 

113. to] the add. 0. yede 0. 

114. to good] alfor spcde 0. 


* Ich wile Jje telle anon rijt : 
At Kifoun a lai to nijt, 

Bemeswere!' 123 

pe masager him J^ankede anon 
And ]>eder-warde« he gan gon 

Wij) outen demere. 126 

J^emperur |>ar a fonde ; 

Adoun a kneulede on fe grounde, 

Ase hit was ri^t, 129 

And seide: *pe leuedi of Sou))- 

pe grette wel be godes sone, 

pat is so bri3t, 132 

And bad fe, in f e fer^^e day, f.i7w«. 
]}at come]) in ))e mone]) o May, 

How so hit be, 135 

121. Ich — telk] And he Tiym tolde C. 

122. Bepayn S ; Bapeein N ; Jiefon C. to] 

123. ine] god- y C. 

124. ]^a7iiede] ^nkSde (!) A ; ttt/myd C. 

125. \>eder'W.} to Bepayn (Bapayn N, Befon 
C) SNC. ^eder warder (I) A. gan\ is S. 

126. demereldenere^S ; dynereN ; onydereC 

127. 27mj cmperour SN ; Anon \>e Emperowre 
C. Y^r\ om. C. 

128. And dovme N ; On kne C. on] to C. 

130. And seide] Sir SN ; sir add. C. 

131. pe grete\> wel S ; Ghretyth \>e wele C. 
Maryes (Mary N) soon SN ; my crovme C. 

133. hiddp\> SN ; preyeth C. \>e] ^ow SN. 
in] om. S. first SNC. /er]HJ (!) A. 

135. U so S. 

136. tofi\te] with ymr meyne {men N) SN. 

137. ferde] men C. wip 3. /.] Far tofyjf, SN. 
/mwc] highe S ; Awr N ; a C. 

psX je be to fijte prest 

\Vi]) 30UT ferde in hare forest 

Be side )»e se. 138 

Hire lord jhe wile ]>eder sende 
For fe loue, for to schende, 

Wif lite meini; 141 

pdx aboutc ))ow schost be fouse, 
And fow schelt after her wedde to 

To fin amy.* 144 

* Sai,' a seide, * icham at hire heste : 
Jif me lif bit wile leste. 

Hit schel be do ! 147 

GladeZer icham for fat sawe, 
))an fe fouel, whan hit ginnef dawe, 

And sai hire so ! 


138. Bi 8idi8t{\) N ; Vpon C. 

140. \>e] yn(,r SN. for] hym C. 

141. lytull C ; few SN. meyne SN ; mxxm C. 

142. And ther N. }pow schost] ye shall C ; 
she shal SC. fouse] besy SN. bef] yow 
howse C. 

143. And sone aftur \>ou shaU he hur spowse 
C ; And ^e Tier shid wed or (cCr N) spousy 
SN. her] om. A. 

144. |>m a.] ymre amee SN ; thy otcn name 

145. Go seye SN ; Messengnre say C. a — ich.] 
to Yy ^ody C. a — heste] {Uii lady (om. S) 
^ hur heai SN. 

146. )?/] J»a^ add. SNC. hU] cm. SNC. 
wyll C ; may SN. 

148. Gladder] So C ; Glad (!) A. I am glad 
der SN. tf that day C ; y\>e say SN. 

149. \>e — dawe] eny tonge tel may SNC. 

150. hire] to hur C. 

In to Attmayn) is he brought, 115 

To courts he goos, forgetith he nought; 
He speryd so at one and! of wre, f. i24a. 
Till he come to the Empcrours brof Mre, 
He toke hym the letter in bond ; 119 
Sir Mordoure red! that he fere ffond 

And said : * Certes, nowe I may see 
Thinj^e, that I love, nowe lovis me I 
Gladder I am, thus may thou say, 
Than eny tonge teH may : 124 

AH her wyH wutt I do ; 
Grete her weH and say her soo ! 

115. is he] he wets O. 

116. Than to themperotcrs court he sought O. 

1 19. Hr:] And O. in] his add. O. 

120, Sir M.} The lorde U O, that]asO. 

121. And — may] Nowe truly may I wel O. 

122. ffotoe that lady loucth mQ O. 
12g^ thus may thou] if that I 0. 
125. wull I] shal be 0. 

And for Jiow woWes hire erande bede, 
An hors ichargeil wijs golde redo 

Ich scliel {le jeue, 153 

And wi|i inne Jiis fourtene ni'jt 
Me sGlf sciiel dobbe )ie to knijt, 

}if ^t ich line.' 156 

pe mesager him ^ankede jerao ; 
Horn ajen he gan liim teme 

ToHamtoun; 159 

J)e leuedi a fond in hire bour, 
And he hire clepede doceamur 

And gon to toun : 163 

s OP EAUTomr. 

' Dame,' a seide, ' I (» tol : 
})at empenii )>e grette wel 

Wif loue meat t 
Glad he ia for fiat tiding', 
A wile be predt at |iat £}ting 

In ^at foioet. 
Jif J)ow ert glad fie lord to ale, 
Gladdei a is for loue of [le 

Fele eife ! ' 
l3e mesager ha(i fiUB isaiJ, 
))e leuedi vms rijt wel npaid 

And moked hire blifie. 

151. A^ om. SN. Ure\ ]iyn 8. 
162. charged SN ; Irappud C. 
158. refteq v:yl SNC. 

166. Me s.) om. C. achcl\ ywyl SJTC. 1« 
(iuU« S ; rnalx Mn 0. fo] a C ; om. SN. 

166. icli\ may add. C. 2inie SNC. 

167. (MinlyA hym C. 

168. .^nd Aoom 3C. Aim] om. SNa 
1GB. To Souihhamicm SNC. 

130. a foiid\ lay SS ; a-at C. in] on N. 
toitre SNC. 

161. And (after him itvl [clepyd hym. C) la 
(om. N) to fter 6™™ SNC. 

162. began C. jww S. 

163. Madame SN. y] luj/ii fuld. C. 

184. pai] be SNC. pe yrelclh SN ; flre(i/iA 

166. W-i^] /br ftyi C. 
166. it] icoi SN. /or] q/' SNC. tylkytig 

at ^atf.} taiih 

187. A'] And SN. of] « 

oicf bsjfnii' C. 
160. ixMBi heC. eH]be SC. )u] my SN. 
]ro./oj-]ljeHdd, SNC. 

171. U'elfelem;ManyaC. 

172. foif.] [Nrf SN. h"] f^' C. Miite SNC. 

173. MM riii] y»^i7i C ; lottA Jim wo* SN. 
wo*] om. (1) A. imwfeSC. 

174. ..Jnii] TAo tythynges C. mod; SN ; 
mali^th C. hire} him SN. 

Haue here a atede for thy tcauayH, 
With tresouie chat^iT, aawM fayH, 128 
And yf I atonde with mayn and niy3t, 
I my seHe sbaH dub the knyglit ! ' 
The messingere thank ytf hym thoo, 
Ageyn) to EugloniH gan he goo 132 
And to Hamptoii) can he fare ; 
To that lady he went thure 
And sai<] : ' Madam, goct the saueand see 1 

WeH gretith air Mordoure the : 136 
GiaJ he is of thy message 
And wdl he hathe quyt ray wage, 
And sertenly he wyH be preste 
With niekyH route in that foreste, 1 40 
Thy lordo to alay with mayn and mygbt, 
To wynne thy love, lady bryght ! ' 
Whan the messingere ha<J I-saicJ, 
The lady holdith hei wcH pay<}, 144 

128. sum (I) M ; myUutul O. 

129. with] in O. 

130. ibihimake 0. 

132. Ageyn lo] And mdo 0. gan} U 0. 

133. And] om. O. Samp.] lom udd. 0. 
13*. VntotheO. 

135. And] Mt O. laue uiwi] om. 0. 
lati iyr Murdurc grctcth 0. 

\Zi. And\Fv,lO. guy{\7neB.M.O. viaguO. 

139. And mr(.] He sayih, truly 0. 

140. mat. r,] a great oste 0. thai] imr 0. 
1+1. slay] (aaayle O. 

142. Thy loue to iBynne 0. 
US. had] Ihut add. O. 
111. h^lde O. apaidc 0. 

Ill Mai, in fo fornieste Jai, 
pe Icuedi in hire bedile liii, 

Asa hit WGr ueile ; f. m«i. 
Hire lord )he clepede out of liiJlii 
And seide, fiat euel wa: 

3he wende be ded. 
pi\t eri for hire hti^ sorwe ikau;t 
And aakede, jif jhe diaired aujt, 

pat mi^te hire fi'eure. 
' Je,' jhe seide, ' of a wilde bor 
1 wene, me minef bouto for, 

Al of Jje feuro ! ' 



175. in |w/,] thcfyrslc C. In heJirU day of 

176. ba3:[ lour on led N. 

177. Kwr] (pYfa add. C. 

178. ffiratorrf] peer; SNC. n/] fm add. SN. 

/jmq Selie C. M] >>» ^t; ; om. S. in 
ion K) Aur u"u SN. 
ISO. ;Ae] .4nii SNC. vepieff C. ; Awr add. 
C ; to add. SNC. 

181. poi] The 3NG AoH om. SN. iathfor 
hurC. co«)(SN. iHmui-k.1euyU aiutiUQ. 

182. a*tede] iw add. SB", rfw.] vtotde C. 
183./)ie«™] ieuar SN. mixU h. /.] Ac myghl 


184. »] A'fr SN ; om. C. i«t<b] t/ « Aocj M 
Wadd. a 

185. me m. i.] mj/ iote N ; my lyf 8. /tn-] 
loy/ he Jwore SN. 

ISA. ^io/|w](y).£jSN. 

' Madame,' a seide, ' for ]onc myn, 
Wbar mai ich fiiide f'at wihle awiii) 

I wolde, fowithadde!' 181) 

And jhe anawenle wijj trosouji most, 
Bb (iB B6 in Iiare forest, 

parabiYulde. 193 

"pjat erl swor, be godes grace, 
J In fat forcat ho wolde uliaco, 

pat bor to take ; I Q5 

And jhe answenls wi)) treaou« ];»« : 
' Ulessed bo fow of alio man 

For mine sake!" 108 

185 f. I schjiide haiie mij Jxitc thcr/ore 

Qf titys grete dofowre C. 
187. Dame SNC. 
ISS. mai] my^t NC ; ihaJ S. 

189. if] him SN. The for to glee C. 

190. And] TfioS; om. NC, jlie mwrc] )w 
lady teide SN ; hym sdil. C, reaon vu/oul C. 

lei. Be] ryde add. SN. Aora] oare 8N, Jn 
that forest vpim the ice cooit C. 

192. For ]iere he breddeSS ; Thwe they lee C. 

193. pail ps SNC. mror] aeide SNC. 

194. sA<;(t) A. he tmlde] wyll V C; v uyJ 

195. p(d] pe SN. &w (ol awtfttefor to C. 

196. ^rarf] Dm. C. scirfe SN ; hym add. C. 
rcson C. J«Jt SN. 

197. J">w] /(WW S. fiwo ijf aUe] soche a C. 

198. my SNC. 

In the ITiirste weko of May 

The lady ffeynecJ her seke and laye ; 

6ha made her lonJ to her callyid 147 

'And aai(), an eviH was on Iier fEallyn). 

The Erie for her had gret thought 

And oxjd, yf she wold ought. 

' Sir,' she said, ' yf I myght getc, 

Of a borys liede I woLJ ete ! ' 152 

145. So f^ler on, 0. «fc] day 0. 
1 47. her — A«r] a man hyr lords to 0. 

149. gre£\ soroax tb O. 

150. arid] hyr add. O, 

152. borys — tooid] ir>ylde bore vmlde If ay no 0. 

153. ffor] and 0. 

' Damo,' he aaid, ' iFor love myii), 
"Wliere may I ti'ynde that wiltl! awyue, 
That I myght onys glati be 1 ' 
' Sir, in oure forest bredith he ! ' 15S 
' Dame,' he said, ' make solace. 
For in that forest wiH I cliaae I ' 
And she with troBOn) anaweriJ than ; 
' Sir, blessud! be ye for aH men) ! ' 160 

!B1. tnjight 0. 

IB5. /] om. O. is] the 0. 

156. !/oiw 0. 

157. maie] god/i add. 0. 
IBS. J] go add. 0. 

159. ShK ansfcered vjytk trcnson then O. 

160. Sir] om. O. for] of 0. 



))at erl is liors be-gan to stride, 
His scheld he heiig vpon is side, 

Gert wij) swerd ; 201 

Moste non armur on him come, 
Him self was boute fe ferjje some 

Toward fat ferd. 204 

Alias, ]7at he nadde be war 
Of is fomen, fat weren far, 

Him forte schende : 207 

"VVi}) tresoun worf he per islawe 
And i-brou3t of is lif-dawe, 

Er he hom wende 1 210 


"VVhan he com in to fe forest, 
Jjempernr a fond al prest ; 

For enui 
A piikede out be-fore is ost, 
For pride and for make host. 

And gan to crie : 216 

* A^ilt f e, treitour ! povr olde dote ! ^ 
J)ow schelt hen hanged be fe frote, 

J)in hened fow schelt lese ; 219 

J>e sone schel an-hanged be 
And fe wif, fat is so fre, f.i77a« 

To me lemman i chese ! ' 222 

199. pat] pe SNC. gan S. can an hors C. 
to sir J] bestryde SC. 

200. heng vpon] honged (hinge N) by SN. 
And rode hjpn with grcte pryde C. 

201. And gyrd him with a (his N) swerde 

202. Moste] Ne my^t SN. Moste n, a.] Ther 
xoas no hames \>(it C. 

203. ^yt hym selfe C. some] gome N. hnite — 
s.] \:e furste man 0. 

204. \>ai] }pe^',the forest thei N. Thai toke 
tliefelde C. 

205. ne had SN ; had C. 

206. fmnerC] enmyes C. 

207. to SN. 

208. toor];> — isl.] \>ere he was slawe C. Ittrys 

jpey had hen slawe SN. 

209. i-br.] broght owt C. is] om. SN. 

210. \>ey SN. 

211. in to \fe] to )>at C. 

212. a fond] was C. aT] wet SN. 

213. For] With SN. Thei-e wyth grete yoye 0. 

214. (mt]forth^ C. 

215. and for] om. C ; to add. SNC. 

216. beganne C. 

217. Ayelde N ; ^elde SC. \>ow] om. C. 

218. ben h.] honge SN. 

219. lese] lefe{\)l(. 

220. sone] Bewys add. SN. honged S. 
219 f. om. C. 

222. me] om. SN. i] her add. SNC. 

The Erie a courser can) be-stride, 
His sworde he henge be his side ; 
Ne myght no man) with hym) goone, 
Hym selfe was forth sent alone. 1 64 
Alas, that he ne hadf be warre 
()f the Enemys, that be thare 1 
Whan) he come to that foreste. 
He began) to chase after the beeste, 168 
That it harde sir Mordoure 

And ascryedf s^V Gye as a tmytoure ; 
He prekydf forth be-fore his hoste 
For pride and to make booste, 172 
And to sir Gye gan) he say : 
* Yeldf the, traytowr, for thou) shalt dye 
Thou ^ thy son both dede shal he. 
For the loue of thy lady fre y 176 

^For I hyr loued, or thou hyr knewe, 
If thou hyr haue, thou shalt it rewe ! ' 

161. a] wyght add. O. stryde 0. 

1 62. His — henge] And henge his gode swerde O. 

163. JVg] Ther 0. goon^ corr. out of come 
M ; renne 0. 

164. ffe was theformest man ther in 0. 

165. Wolde god, he had ben aware 

166. the] his 0. be] were 0. 

167. to that] into the 0. 

168. beg, to] gan 0. 

169. i£] om. 0. 

170. ascr, s. G.] lept forth 0. a]fals add. (X 

171. his] the O. 

172. For] pompynge add. 0. and] om. O. 
make] great add. O. 

174. thou 8. d.] by my fay 0. 

175 f. so 0. For the love of thy ffeyre lady. 

For I her lovid, or Uuni her syc. M . 

1 f. 3ft. 



)}erl answerde at ])at sawe : 

* Me );enkej), fow seist A^en fe lawe, 

So god me amende ! 225 

Me wif and child, pB.t was so fre, 
Jif Jjow fenkest be-neine hem me, 

Ich schel hem defende ! ' 228 

Jjo prikede is stede sire Gii, 
A stalword man and hardi, 

While he was sounde ; 231 

)5emperur he smot wif is spere, 
Out of is sadel he gan hi???, here 

And frew him to grounde. 234 

* Treitour ! ' a seide, * f ow ert to bolde ! 
Wenestow, fe^ ich bo olde, 

To ben afered 1 237 

J)at fow hauest no ri^t to me wif, 
1 schel pe kife be me lif ! ' 
And drou3 is swerd. 240 

)3at erl held is swerd adrawe, 
}5emperur wij) he hadde slawe, 

Nadde be sokour : 243 

pav come kni3tes mani & fale, 
Wei ten fosent told be tale, 

To femperur. 246 

])o sire Gii him gan defende, 
J5re hondred heiiedes of a 8le?ide 

Wij) is brond ; 249 

Hadde he ben armed wel, y-wis, 
Al f e meistre hadde hen his, 

Ich vnderstonde. 252 

223. sawe] lawe (!) S. 

224. jfynke S. 8eis£\ spehe S ; spekist N ; 
doyst C. ayenst N. 

225. As 80 C. mende C, 

226. and] my C ; my add. SN. \>at was] \>(xt 
ys C ; om. SN. 

227. Tiem] om. S. \>enk, — hem] \>ynke to reve 
them C. 

228. Ich schel] Here y SNC. th&m C. 

229. po] Thm SN. 

230. maril kny^t SNC. and] an add. SC. 

231. Well he waxf&wnde C. 

232. pempciir (!) A. 

233. his] \>e C. gan] om. NC. 

234. \n-ew] fellyd C. And J), h.] Dmn SN. 
to] \>e add. SNC. 

235. to] om. C. 

237. Of\>eto{y S) SNC. be SC. aferde SNC. 

238. not C. 

239. schel] wyl SNC. \>e h.] \>em hepe C. 

241. The SN. idrawe N. 

242. pemp,] \>er add. SN. heh,]to haice SN. 

243. Ne had SN. 

245. ten \>.] twoo hundred SN. tol (!) A. 
241—248. om. C. 

247. Do 5. O,] The doghty erle C. gan him 
SN ; can C. 

248. pre hondred] Fourty SN ; An G. C. heto, 
of] knyghtys can C. swcnde S ; swengde N; 
schende C. 

249. I^ond] own honde C. 

250. wel] om. C. 

251. Tnaistry SN ; pryce C. 

252. ^« y C. 

Syr Guy answered hym yfith reason 
Aud sayd : * Alas, for here is treason ! 
Yet wyl I, so god me mende, 181 

Here in ray ryght my selfe defende ! ' 
J'ly ther than other g^ defye ; o f. 4a. 
Than pryked his stede gode syr Guy 184 
And smote syr Murdour with a spere. 
That out of his sadel he gan hym' here. 
* Tray tour,' he sayde, * & cowarde vn- 

Wenest fou, thoughe I be olde, 188 
Tliat I shiilde be of the abasshod ) ' 

Wyth that syr Guy his swerde out 
wrastcd o f. 4*. 

Andshulde haueslayne thatfals knyght, 
Had nat socour come ful ryght. 192 
Syr Murdurs men hyed them so, 
Agaynst syr Guy they were ful thro. 
Syr Guy dyd stoutly against them 

An hundred he slewe with his hande ; 
Had he be wel armed, i-wys, 197 

Al the maystry had ben his. 

185. spe 0. 



)3re men were slawe, fat he f er hadde, 
]?at he wip him out ladde 

And moste nede ; 255 

To haue merci, fat was is hope; 
))emperiir after him is lope 

Vpon a stede. 258 

Jjerl knewlede to femperur, 
^lerci a bad him and solcour 

And is lif : 261 

* Merci, sire, ase fow ert fre, 
Al ))at ichaue, i graunte pe, 

Boute me wif I 264: 

For fine men, pat ichaue slawe, f. intK 
Haue her me swerd idmwe 

' And al me fe : 267 

Boute me ^onge sone Bef "^ 
And me wif, fat is me lef, 

Jjatlet fowmel' 270 

' For gode,' qnef he, * fat ich do nelle ! ' 
)}emperur to him gan telle. 

And was agreued, 273 

Anon rijt is swerd out drou^ 
And f e gode knijt a slou^ 

And nam is heued. 276 

255. And] At hie SN. 

256. \kU] om. SN. 

257. c^tcr him is] to hors was SN. 

258. Vpon d] Aiid slou^ his SN. 
253—258 : 

The emperour vp rose anon 
And to the erle can he gone^ 

To syr Oye. 
Hys swyrde he can owt drawe. 
All the erlys men be slawe 

Wyth grete chetialrye. 

The erUf amxmge them all ^ 
To the grounde he ysfalle 

Andys saduUes. 
He Tie myght no morefyght; 
They came anon ryght 

Aboiote hyni prees, C. 

259. to] before C. 

260. Merci — him] Syr, m^rcy, he seyde C. 

261. And] OnB; To saue C. 

262. sire] he seide SN. 

263. ichaue] myn is S ; is myne N. gr.] 
getie SN. 

264. Baute] Owt-tdke C ; Saue S ; Saufe N. 

265. \>y SNC. 

266. draioe C ; adrawe S. 

267. And] Wyth C. 

265—267 wrongly put before 262 S. 

268. And bvJt S. sone yong Befyse C. 

269. ijt]fcLadd. C. 

270. Hem leue ye me SN ; Ye leue them to 
me C. 

271. quel> he] he seyde SNC. ich do] do I 
NC ; y S. 

272. pemp.] \>o add. N. to — telle] start hym 
tyll C. 

272 put before 271 SN. 

274. ri\t] om. SN. oid] ]>ere heB\ he per N. 
Hys swyrde anon owt he drowc C. 

275. And] om. SN. »\>e] \at NC. gode"] 
doghty C. Jcniy£] erl SNC ; ^ler add. N ; 
Yere with add. S. 

276. nam] smot qf SNC. 

By that syr Murdure was horsed agayne, 
Syr Guyes horse had they slayne. 200 
AJas, his horse was slayne that stounde ! 
Syr Guy was felled than to the grounde; 
For, had his horse lyued that tyde. 
He had abayted al theyr pryde. 204 
Whan Guy was on fote, without lese, 
Al they gan about hym prese. 
Ye herde neuer tel of an olde man ere, 
'J'hat f aught so wel, as he dyd there. 
Than kneled Guy to syr Murdour 209 

And saide : * Mercy and socour ! 
Syr Murdure, for thy genterye 
Thus cowardly let me nat dye, 212 
But lene me horse, armour and shelde, 
And lete me dye manly in the felde ! 
So that thou wylt do so, 
I the forgyue, if thou me slo ! ' 216 
Than cryed they al in this wyse : 
* Sle hym, that he neuer ryse ! ' 
Wyth that syr Murdure to hym yede 
And smote there of his hede ; o r. &«. 


*Hftue,' a seide, 'ber Jiis sonde 

Me iRTie KWet 1 ' 
J)e knijt to Hamtoun )io gan gon, 
J)e leuedi far a fond nnon 

And gall hire gretc : 
* Dnine,' a seide, ' to me atende : 
)}emperiu me hidei seude 

"Wiji is pray ! ' 
And jhe seide : 'Blessed iimt ho b( 
To wif a aohel wedde me 

To morwe ia Jw dat 

Sai him, me sivotc wi^t, 
]}ai ho coma jet to ni;t 

In to me hour ! ' 
)3e meaager is wei haj! holde, 
Al a seide, ase jho hint tolde, 

To fempenir, 

Now schoUe we of him moot 
Of Eeuea, fat was Giiia sc 
How wo him was : 
Jurne a wep, is hoiides wrong, 
For his fador a seide among : 
'AUas! AUaa!" 


,477. an] yn C. 

►S78, Ifaue} Qa SNC. reWe] aM add. SNC. 

'879. To my den l^e C. 

fflO. H om. SNC. 

SSL |™r] cm. SNC. 

282. Ajuq sane U add. C. hur gain. 8N. 

283. ifa4ame SN. enlende 8N. to me a.] 
Iw tmperoitT u>ell grety^ fyt C. 

28t. Auter] Jta]) odd. S. And heditir M hatK 

385. w] ^ SNC. 
286. AndS SyrQ;om. SN. 
aS7. shal he SNC. 

" S8. ma-ow S. mortCT jn M morowe NC. 
96. >Sa< Aim] And suy lo C ; And byd him 


200. itttB\loiMtoC;YiB ilke SN. 
391. y?i to] Tnio SN. 

292. is — Aoirfe] (/ortA saw (aicai; eon C) 

293. ^n(i tolde Kyt to tlie hende C ; And {hii 
add- N) 2oZi2« i>D]i loortA anij ende SN. 

296. MAaife] wDi SN. JVo more q^ fij^s erln y 
wyll V UlU C. '^ 

296. .^lui tel cf Bevya (om. 8) Ai* jmig sorwi 
SN ; Jid ^ Ays sone loyH y apeiU C 
Bewp (I) A. 

297. him] he C. 

298. wrrte] Sore C ; J"!!*! SN. twp Ais] logit 

2B9. Awl for SN. /"or A. /.] Ajid myr C. 

To a knyght lie toke this hede in honde : 
'Go,' he seide, 'and here this sonde 
To that countesEe, that is so bryght, 
Andsajjlcome to hyr hour this nyght!' 
The knyght went to that lady gent 225 
Asaide: ' Madame, haue this present: 
'*My lorde the it aent«, syt Mordoure ; 
To nyght he commyth to thy boure I ' 
'This yefte,' she Bayde, 'is lefe to me, 
And thonke syr Mordm-e of his gcntro 

177—228. So ; tnere is a lesfloat in M 

■ ■ Ta\ This 0. 

SSa And\ 1 0. 

m. And ».] Saj to hym, thai O. alll o 

And saye, I am all at his wyll, 
Erly and late, londe and styll ! ' 232 
Tlie messenger away thcnnc wenta 
And tolde his lorde, aa she had sent. 
Nowe wyll we of yonge Ecuys telle, X 
Howe wod he was & howe hym hefollc. 
' Alas ! ' ho sayd all for tene, 237 

' That I with my ffader had bene, f. ii'n. 
To haue holpyn hym in that stoure 239 
Ageyne the fats theelF, sir Mordoure I ' 

I 233. away'] his way 0. 
230. wad] ICO 0. 

238. /] had not add. LO. haOl m 

239. Ayin] myfndivr L. 
I 340. Ayenst thai LO. 




He clepede is moder & scide is sawe : 
* Vile houre ! )5e worst to-drawe 

And al to-twi3t ! 303 

Me f enkej), ich were fer of ful fa we, 
For j)ow hauest me fader slawe 

Wij) mechel vnri^t 1 306 

Alias, moder, J^e faire ble ! 
Euel be-comej) ])e, houre to be, 

To holde bordel, f. iniA. 309 

And alle wif houre;?. for pe sake, 
\)e deuel of helle ich hii be-take, 

Flesch and fel ! 312 

Ac fing, moder, i schel f e swere : 
Jif ich euer armes here 

And be of elde, 315 

Al fat haf me fader islawe 
And ibrou3t of is lif dawe, 

Ich schel hem 3ilden ! ' 318 

J?e moder hire haf vnderstonde, 
))at child ^he smot wi}) hire hoiide 

Vnder is ere. 321 

])e child fel doun & })at was sca]>e, 
His meister tok hiin wel rafe, 

}5at hijte Saber. 324 

301. He] And S. callyd C. is] \>is SN. 

302. Fowle SNC. pe worst] \mu be S; \><m 
were worpe N. pe — drawe] \hU ]>ou were 
drawen C. 

303. to-tvi^t] io-rerUe with myght G. 

304. \>yTik S. ich— flit] per of y were SN. 
ichr—fawe] y woldefayne C. 

305. For] that add. C. 

306. muche SN. In C the succession of the 
lines is as follows : 305, 306, 304, 302, 303. 

308. EitM bee, \>e] Full euyll \>ou semyst C ; 
an add. NC. 

309. To h.] And to pley C. 

310. And] om. SNC. wifh,] hores SNC. 

311. ich hii] y hem SN ; \>em y C. 

312. BothflesshSl!^, 

313. Ac] But SNC. oon C. moder oo thing 
SN. scheQ'Om. SNC. 

314. ^if] Mowe SN. ^if ich e.] And euer y 

lette tk C. 
316. be of] so SN ; come to C ; ben{\) of A. 

316. Alle SN. haue NC ; Jian S. slawe 

317. bro^t SC ; him add. SN ; hym owt add. C. 
is] om. N. 

318. them C. 

319. pe] ^is SNC. hire haY] can C ; gan jxU 
S. ^ire h. v.] herd pat wondir stound ( ! ) N. 

320. pat] pe SN. pat — smot] And smote 
hym C. 

321. is] \>e SN. 

322. pe — douri] To ground he fel SNC. was] 
om. (!) A. 

323. tok] hent C. wet] vp SNC ; ful add. 

To his moder he ran andf said? : 
* Dame, why haste thou my fader 
be-trayde 242 

And wyH be wedyd to his foman) 1 
Alas, that euer thou waste woman) ! 
I-wys, moder, thou seniyste full well 
To be an hore, an old BrotheH !^ 246 
Aft fals horys, ffor thy sake ' 
The deviti in heft I hem) be-take ! 

242. Dame] om. LO. 

243. / wyll be wroJcyn of his bane LO. 

244. loastc] were LO. 
245 f. om. LO. 

247. And all LO. 

248. To thr, LO. in] of LO. them LO. 

249. thinge] oiJie LO. 

250. I may euer LO. 

But one thynge, moder, I the swere, 
Yf euer I may armes here, 250 

I shaft be vengid? Yfith uiyglit ancf mayii) 
Of hym), that hath my fader slayn) ! ' 
His moder thes wordes vnder-stode 
And gaue hym a bottet goodi ; 254 

To ground? he feft, and that was hamie ; 
His maist^r hent hym by the arme. 

252. On tJiem h; On al them 0. haue 0. 

253. Whan his 0. thes] his L. tlies w.] 
hym O. 

254. And] She 0. good] vpon (on 0) the hodc 

255. To] the add. LO. 

256. herti h,] toke h^m vp LO. 



J)e knijt was trewe & of his kindc, 
StreDger man ne scholde men finde 

To ride ne go. 327 

A was ibroujt in tene & wrake 
Ofte for fat childes sake 

Ase wel ase ]}0. 330 

pat childe he nam yp be ))e arm, 
Wel wo him was for fat harm, 

]?at he far hadde. 333 

Toward is kourt he him kende ; 
]?e leuedi after Saber sende 

And to him radde. 336 

* Saber/ 3he seide, ' pow ert me lef, 
Let sle me jonge sone Bef, ^ 

J5at is so bold ! 339 

Let him an-hange swif e hije, 
I ne reche, what dej) he di^e, 

SiJ)J)e he be cold ! ' 342 

Saber stod stille & was f ul wo ; 
Kafeles a seide, a wolde do 

After hire sawe ; 345 

J)e child wif him horn he nam, 
A swin he tok, whan he horn cam. 

And dede hit of dawe. 348 

325. cCr] om. N. his] so N ; hygh S ; om. (!) 
A. tretoe <Ss qf\of hys own C. 

326. A strenger SNC. ne sch, m.] myghb no 
man SN. 

327. ne]neto'S ; nor toC; dfc S. 

328. brmt^t SNC. 

329. Full ofte C. \>(U] }pe SN". 
329 put before 328 SNC. 

330. And yn mekull wo C. 

331. pat] pe SNC. nam] tok SNC. vp be 
\>e] vn hys C. 

332. Full wo C ; Wro\> SN. Tie SNC. \>a6] 
his SO, 

333. In that hrayde C. 

334. Towardes S. court] Turns SN. him k,] 
went anoon SN. 

335. sent sone SN. 

336. gradde SN. 

334 — 336. Saher kept tTie chylde stylle, 

TTuU lady spake to hym schn/lle. 
And thus to hym sche sayde C. 

337. ^Tie 8,] om. C. ert] to add. C. 

338. Let] Do C. ^on>ge] om. C. 

340. Le£] Do SNC. Twng SNC. swi}pe] 
yn C. 

342. Si]>\>e] So that C; But \>at SN. be] 
were C. 

343. po was Saher svryth woo SN ; Hys erne 
Saber was \>erfore wo C. 

344. Na\). — ujolde] And grauniyd hur to C. 
do] so add. SNC. 

345. Ais (!) N ; ottm add. C. 

346. \)e] TTiat C. Twm] om. C. mame (!) N. 

347. And a C. wTian — cam] anone C. 

348. hit] ovi add. N. And smertly Tiad hyt 
slawe C. 

Men callid his maister air Sabere, 
The child to his vnkyH was dere, 258 
For Sabere was air Gyes hrqpure ; 
In EngloncJ was not suche anojwre. 
Home with the child? air Sabere went ; 
The lady after Sabere sent, 262 

Sche saidi : * Sabere, for weH or woo. 

Beues, my son), loke that thou sloo, 
For shaH I nevwre glad? be, 
Whilis that I on) lyve hym) see ! ' 266 
Sir Sabere was no thinge weH paydl, 
Graunted the lady that she said, 
^ Home he went ffor soronghe, I-wys, 
He toke fforth and slou3e a gryse ; 270 

258. TTiatltO. to — was] was to hym lefe and 

261. sir] om. 0. sir S,] Tie L. 

262. lady] tTian add. 0. Sab.] hym 0. 

263. Sabyre, sTie sayd LO. or] for add. L. 

264. My sone Beuys LO. 

265. 1 sTial 0. 

266. Whilis— lyve] That dayc that 1 LO. 

267. wo th.] n/ot LO. apayde LO. 

268. But graunted as LO. tTiat sTie] om. LO. 

269. ffor — I-wys] full sory in this wyse L ; 
wyth wordesfewe 0. 

270. forth] for wyles L. And for a wyle a 
pygge Tie slewe 0. 

1 f. 1256. 



J5e chil Jes clofes, fat were gode, 
Al a bi-sprengde wij) fat blode 

In mani stede, 351 

Ase jif f e child wer to-hewe, 
^A J)ou3te to his moder hew schewe, 

And so a dede. 354 

At pe laste him gan adrede, 
He let clofen in pouer wede 

J5at hendoywijt, 357 

And seide r^Bone, f ow most kepe 
Vpon pe felde mine schepe 

\)\a foarte nijt ! 360 

And whan fe feste is come to ])ende, 
In to anoff^r londe I schel fe sende 

Fer be souf e, 363 

To a riche erl, fat schel fe gie 
And teche fe of corteisie 

In fe 3oufe. 366 

And whan fow ert of swich elde, 
J)at fow mi^t fe self wilde. 

And ert of age, 369 

l^anne scheltow come in te Ingelonde, 
Wif werre winne in to fin honde 

pin eritage. 372 

349. IhU toere] ryche ds C. 

350. Al a bi-spr.] He sprenglid hem N ; And 
(!) sprang (!) hem S ; ffe had sparkylde C. 
\)aQ the^ ; \>e swynes S. 

351. 7nani\ a add. SNO. 

352. jij] om. SNC. \>e cMld\ he SN". wer] 
cU add. SNC. tO'd awe C. 

353. to — hem] hem his moder S. A — Jiem] 
To \>e lady he \>oght to 0. om. (!) N. 

355. Bvst at SN. him g, a.] Sober for 
drede SN. For drede of krmoyng yn fa< 
stede 0. 

356. He\ The childe SN. ffe I el] ffe clothed 
\>e chylde C. pore SNC. 

357. h^ende w,] gode knyght C. 

358. And s, S.] Befyce, he scyde C. 

359. On N. my SNC. 

360. All thys C. » f. i7Pa». 

361. And] om. SNC. \>e] \d8 SNC. feste] 
fourtenyi^t SN. com^] bro^t C. ^cnde SNC. 

362. Jn] om. N. anojn- (!) A. 

363. T/tot ys on-knowen to the C. 

364. ar,]an SNC. \>e shal S. gie] eye (!) N. 

365. teche \>e of] \>e teche S. 

364 — 366. To an erle y schall sende the. 
Thai curtesy schall teche the. 
In to the sowthe cunf/re C. 

367. And] om. N. of swich] come to SN. 

368. mi^t \>e s,] may armes SN. 

367 f. And when \>ou art wexyn ]>ere 

And havjC strenkythfor to were C. 

370. panne sch,] Than schalt C. in] om. S. 

371. iiJerre] to add. SN. Wi\> to. w,] For to 
gete C. thy NC. 

372. pin] Thy ryght C. 

The ri«he clothis ffeyre andl goodi 
He hath be-spryngedl ^ith the blood ; 
Than Sir Sabere flfor drede 273 

Clothed the childl in a pore wede, 
And he saidi : * Beues, thou) mvst kepe 
Vppon) the flfeldl all my shepe, 276 
Till the spousage be brought to en<J ; 
Than we wyH to Wato wend : 

There is an Erie sibbe to the ; 
Thou shalt there dwell and vtith hym be. 
Whan thou arte waxen and amies will 
here 281 

And haste strengith ffor to were, 
Thou shalte chalange thyn) heritage 
And venge thy fader, be thou of age, 

271. The r,] Beuys ; chyldes add. L. feyre 
and] that toere so 0. 

272. haih besp,] them hespronge L ; sprenkled 
them 0. the] pygges add. 0. 

273. Than] om. L. Sab,] all add. LO. 

274. a] om. LO. 

275. he] om. LO. thou m.] U behoueth the 

277. to] an add. L. 

278. And then wyll toe LO. wdo L. 

279. to] vnto L. 

281. waxen and] bygge O. may bere L ; to 
bere 0. 

282. haue L. ffor] hameys LO. 

283. T^wLO. WMystethouO, chal.]claj/mc 



I Achel pe helpe vnp alle me mi3t, 
WiJ) dent of swerd to gate J>e ri^t, 

Be fow of elde ! ' 375 

j)e child him ))ankede & sore wep, 
And for)) a wente wi]) pe schep 

Vpon Jhb velde. 378 

Beues was herde vpon fe doun, 
He lokede homward to fe toun, 
pai scholde ben his ; 381 

He be-held to-ward be tour, 
Irompes he herde and tabour 
And meche blis. 


* Lord/ a scide, ' on me fow mone ! 
Ke was icli ones an erles sone 

And now am herde 1 387 

Mijte ich wi]) psi emperur speke, 
Wei ich wolde me fader awreke 

For al is ferde ! ' 390 

373. sehel] wyl SNC. 

374. pete] vjynne C. 

375. Be my trewefeythe I C. 

376. Bore^JasU can C. wffpi N. 

377. Aindi om. SN. M hU N. 

378. Fjptwi] 771 to SN". 

377 £ For \>(U he gchtUde kepe achepe 
And UylUforthe he goyth, G. 

379. As B, SNO. A«r (!) N. (2ouro] Umn 

380. homtoJ] yn C. homto.—Unin] hoom Uh 
ward HampUmn SN. 

381. Thai was hya/adurs all same G. 

383. Tmmpettes G. 

384. And mehuXl yoye and game G. 

385. <m'\ of S. Lords a*^.] He seyde: Lorde 

386. Ne—mes} Was {Am N) y nou^t SN ; I 
was sometym^ G. 

387. am\ aO; art S. sehepard G. 

388. Mnte teh] Yf y may G ; ewer add. SN. 
\a£\ \>e NG ; om. S. 

389. My ffadur dethe y wyll awreke C ; On 
' {Of N) him y wolde hen awreke SN, 

390. Cf hym yam not aferde G. 

And I shall helpe the than) to fRght 285 
With dyntte of sword, to wynne tliy 

There fore thou mvste my shepe forth 

dryve, . 287 

That no man witt, thou) be on lyve ! ' 
Beues hym thankyd ami sore can wepe, 
And forihe he went with Sabers shepe. 
As Beues was set vppon the down), 
He lokyd Bacward to Southampton) ; 
He be-held tow^ the town), 293 

Trumpus he h^erd And tabome, 

Harpyng, pypyng and moch blis 
Was in the place, that shold be his : 
' Lorde,' he said, ' on) me thou mone ! 
Was I not an Erlis son) ? f. im«. 298 
And nowe I am but an herde 
Alas, that I ne had a swerde ! 300 
I wyii no more dwell on this down), 
I wyll home to Southampton) 
And so I wyll ffor thye 
And se, what Mordoure dofe with my 
lady ! ' 304 

285. Than shal 1 0. ih4m\f(yr 0. 

287. thovr-forOi\ my shepe {forth thou (se 
thou forth O) LO. 

288. wilt] hnowe LO. he\ art 0. 

{And forth he wente {Forth toent Beuys 0) 

with Sabyr^si shepe 
To { Unto O) the f elde and sore gam. wepe LO. 

291. As'l Whan }iO. s^] on (om. 0) hygh 

292. Bacw, t6\ Uhwarde L ; dowrve to 0. 


293. As he 0. town\ toure O. 

294. Tmmpettes O. tabour 0, 

295. ffarp. p.] There was harpynge O. 

296. Was\ om. 0. 
297—300 : 

Lorde^ he sayde, ofm^i thou art gouemour: 
Was I not an erles son of honour f 0. 
301. m>ore] lenger O. on] in 0. 

303. so] om. O. for thye] se verely 0, 

304. And se] om. O. my] that 0. 



He neine]) is bat and forjj a goj), 
Swife son and wel woj), 

To-ward fe tour ; 393 

* Porter 1 ' a sede, * let me in reke ! 
A lite ])ing ich aue to speke 

WiJ) femperur.* 396 

Go horn, truant ! ' fe porter sede, f. i78a«. 

* Scherewe houre sone, y j)e rede, 

Fro fe gate: 399 

Boute ])ow go hennes also swi])c, 
Hi^ schel pe rewe fele si])e^ 

j5ow come Jjer ate I 402 

Sixte fe scherewe, ho be itte, 
A lokef, as a wolde smite 

WiJ) is bat : 405 

Speke he ou3t meche more, 
I schel him smite avripQ sore 

Upon is hat.' 408 

' For gode,' quej) Beues, * nafeles, 
An houre sone for soj) ich wes, - 

Wei ich it wot! 411 

Y nam no truant, be godes grace ! * 
Wif fat a lefte vp is mace 

Anon fot jjot. 414 

391. 7ume\>] tok SNC. hoU C. a] om. NC. 

392. wcl\full NC ; om. S. 

393. Towardl Euyn streght to C. 

394. in] om. C. 

395. lytel SNC. ]>ing] om. C. aue] for add. C. 

397. hom tr.] Jiens traytour SNC. saide SNC. 

398. Scher,] Fowle C. py praude worde 
{wordis N) me {hold add. N) nou^t paide 

399. Go fro {forthe on N) SN. \>e] thys C. 

400. £(mte] yf add. C. also] om. SNC. 
hlyue SN. 

401. HU] BO C; His (!) A. pou shaU U 
a\>ynk, so mot y \>ryue SN. 

402. And \>ou Sl^. pow come] That thou 
stode C. 

403. \>e] Seat \>ou \>is horeson, {]>au^ \>ou be 

{\>at is so N) lyte SN. 

404. A — wolde] pou lokest as \>ou wolst me S ; 
Lokith as he wolde me N. as] om. (!) A. 

405. is] \>y S. 

408. his] \>e S. 
406—408. om. N. 

Beuys was sore ashamed 
And of his wordes agramed, 

pa^ he spak. 
He nyst n-etter, what he do my^t, 
To \>e porter he gan him dyyt 

And his hed brak, add. SN. 

409. nertheles S. 

410. For sothe an horcson {horis son K) SN. 

411. Welichit]Fulwely^^, 

412. am SN. truant] traytour S. 

413. \>at] word add. SN. vp] om. SN. 

He ranne hym forth at the ^ate, 

Tift he come to the paleyse gate : 306 

* Porter,' he said?, ' take it to none yft : 
I am a messingere, in to the haft I wift I ' 

* Fye on the rebaude,' saitJ the porter 

thoo, 309 

' Horeson, harlot. Home thou goo ! 

There was none, but he was mad. 

In message to send? suche a lad? ! ' 312 

* Horeson),' said? Beues, * yf I be one. 

Harlot was I nevwre none ; 

Thou sholdiste none vnkyd man) dis- 

spise I 
Haue thou this ffor thy seruice ! ' 316 

805. hym — the] fast on his 0. 

306. pal.] castcl O. 

307. ton,] not 0. 

308. I— hall] For into the hal on m^ssa^e 0. 

309. on the] om. 0. 

311. Tume] neiter rnan 0. were 0. mad] so 

O ; wood M. 
312. In mess, to] TliM wolde on vnessage O. 

314. Yet harlot O. 

315. sh, Twne vnkyd] shalt netier straungc 0. 

316. tlwu this] this, he sayde 0. 



Beues wif oute pe gate stod 
And smot pQ porter on pe hod, 

)?at he g^ falle ; 417 

His heued he gan al to cleue 
And for]) a wente wij? J)at leue 

In to pe halle. 420 

Al aboute he gan be-holde, 

To jjemperur he spak wordes bolde 

WiJ) meche grame : 423 

* Sire/ a sede, ' what dostow here ? 
Whi coUes J)ow aboute pe swire 

)^at ilche dame) 426 

Me moder is fat J)ow hauest aw ho?ide : 
What dostow her vpon me londe 

WiJ)outenleue1 429 

Tak me me moder and mi fe, 
Boute ])ow pe ra])er hewnes ie, 

I schel pe greue ! . 432 

ITastow, sire, me fadet slawe ? 
J)ow schelt ben hanged & to-drawe, 

Be godes wille ! 435 

Aris 1 Fie hennes, I fe rede ! * 
Jjemperur to him sede : 

* Foul, be stille ! ' 438 

403—414. om. C. 

415. As (Al}{\) N) U hyfel and grace stood 

416. ATid} Ee SNC. on] vppon S. 

417. can doume C. 

418. All hys NC ; Arid his S. lie] om. C. oT) 
om. SNC. to cL] glowe C. 

419. Aiid went {him add. N) forth with oute 
leue SN ; And forpe werU Befyce prowde 
ynowe C. 

421. Al db,] Vp and doun SN. 

422. wordes] om. C. om. N. 

423. Wordy 8 pat were grymme defelle C. 

424. dost S. 

425. Whi c, p.] pow collest S ; Th(m{\) N. 
ihi{\) N. Why holdyst \>ou so there C. 

426. iUhe d.] gentyll damysell C. 

427. moder] it add. SNC. pa£] om. SC. 
holdest SN. yn C. 

428. Tier] om. C. 

429. out SN ; owt my C. 

430. Tak] ^eue SNC. me] thou N ; om. S. 
moder] londe SNC, 

431. Boy;te — ra\>er] And thai pou soone C. 
BoiUe — hennes] And hut pou hennes/ast SN. 
te]to{\)A; fieeS^C, 

432. / schel] Or ellys y wyll C. 

433. Nastow s,] Why hast pou SN ; For pat 
You haste C. 

434. schuldist N. drawe C. 

435. Be godes] And y may haue my C. wUle] 
lawe(\) S. 

436. Byse C. Arisf. h. ] ^eue m^ my londe SN. 

437. Tho the e, S ; The e, tho N. to him] 
then C. 

113—437 are lost in E. 

438. Foul] pou/oole SN. Foolffool E. 

Suche a stroke Beues hym) gaue, 
That his brayn) clevi<$ on) the staff. 
Beves went in to the haH, with oute lees, 
As a man), that thought no pees, 320 
He wente in with outen) leve, 
With a ragucJ gown) and? a tome sieve, 
An<$ aH aboute he g^n) be-hol<$ ; 
To Mordoure he spake with wordt^ 
bdd : 324 

' Fals knyght, what dooste thou here? 

Why haste thou slayn) my fader dere ? 
Wendith fforth bothe, I you) teH ! 
And ye ayenst my wyti dweli, 328 

I make a vowe to god, I shaH you) greve, 
And there fore wendith forth bofe in 
fere 1 1266. 

And loke, ye byde no lenger here ! ' 332 
Sir Mordoure said : *Thou fole, be stiH ! 
Thou cannyste no good, but mekyti iH ! ' 

317. Beues] he 0. 

318. That to his staffe the hraynes cUme 0. 

319. weTvt] om. O. wUh o, I,] went 0. 
320 f. om. O. 

322. Wyth ragged clothes and sleues rent 0. 

323. And] om. 0. gan] dyd O. 

324. To] syr add. 0. wUh] om. 0. 

325. knygh£\ the/e 0. 

326—29 : 
/ My moder it is, that thou haste tane : 
WeTide forth in the deuylles name ! 
And if thou, dwel agaynst my leue, 0. 
330. make av,] trust 0. you] the 0. 
331 f. om. 0. 

333. Thm] om. 0. 

334. moche 0. 




Beues was nij wod for grame, 
For a clepede him foul be name, 

And to him a wond ; f. \7Sb\ 441 
For al fat weren in pQ place, 
Juries a smot him vf\p is mace 

And wij) is honde. 444 

)?ries a smot him on pe kroun ; 
J)at emperur fel swowe adoun, 

])ar a sat. 447 

j)e leaedi, is moder, gan to grede : 
' Nemej) fat treitour 1 ' jhe sede, 

' Anon wiJ) fat ! ' 450 

j5o dorste Beues no leng abide ; 
})e kni^tes vp in ech a side. 

More and lasse, 453 

"Wo hem was for fe childes sake, 
Boute non of hem nolde him take, 

Hii lete him pase. 456 

Beues gof faste ase he mai. 
His meister a mette in fe wai, 

J)at hi3te Saber, 459 

& he him askede wif blife mod : 
* Beues 1 ' a seiile, * for f e rode. 

What dostow her 1 ' 462 

440. For a cl] When he called SN ; For— \ 
him] pat he hym clepyd £. 

440 put before 439 N. 

441. a] om. ESN. weiUe E. 

442. For] Beffcym R jxj] M S ; om. E. 

443. hi7n him (!) A. is] the N. 

444. And wi\>] pat vxu iM, SN. And strokes 
hym senie E. 

439—444. om. C. 

446. prww — him] B(fyse hym sm^te C. on] 
vpon ES. 

446. pat] pe ESN. emp.] heO\ he add. E. 
sw, ad.] yn swoione dovme C ; in swoun 
SN ; adoicne E. 

447. par] pat add. E ; as add. C. seet E. 

448. is m. g.]lowde gan E ; gan anwm SN. 
The lady began to make a hrayde C. 

449. Nem£ SN ; Take C. \>at] pe SN. treit.] 
anon add. ; faste add. E. ^he] pan add. 
N. seide SNC. 

450. Anxm] Smertly C. pat is so keet E ; 
And svrUh spake SN. 

451. po] There C. dorste B.] durste he E ; 
he derst 8C;hene durst N. leTigere ESNC. 

452. pe] om. N. vpin] vp en's; roos vpon 
Sw ; resyn onC. echo] euery SC ; ecJie N. 

453. Bope more EC. 

454. hem] so N ; Mm AE ; ^ S ; TVo h, w.] 
So wo pey were C. pe ch.] hys EC. 

465.BotUe]T?uitC; om. SN. pemC. wolde 

456. m{\ But ESNC. 

457. Beues] Ee SN. gop /.] ^ede swype E ; 
ron hoom SNC ; as add. S. faste— mat] y 
yow say C. 

458. a m£tte] m^tte him SN ; hym mette E. 
in] on EN. 

459. hete N ; was hoten E ; syr add. C. 

460. A] om. ESNC. he] Eys maystyr E. 
askyd hym ESNC. blipe] mylde ESNC. 

461. for] be EC. 

462. dost<yw] dollow (!) A ; now add. E. 

Beues hit sir Mordoure at that worde, 
That he sowned ryght at that Borde ; 
A nother stroke he smote sadly, 337 
With that the lady be-gan to crye. 
Than wolcJ Beues no longer byde 
For knyghtcs, that rise on) yche a side. 

336. rygJU at th.] o\t>er the 0. 

339. Beuys wolde 0. abyde 0. 

340. that] om. 0. rose 0. ycTie a] euery 0. 
341 f : 

For yonge Beuys wo there was^ 

Beues ran home, the sothe to say, 341 
And met his eme in myddus the way : 
*What is now best?' Beues said to 

Sabere j 
*For goddtis love, wha^ doiste thou) 

here 1 ' 344 

They take hym natf but lete hym passe, 
Beuys went home thoro2cghe the strete. 
Than wyth his mayster gan he mete, 0. 

343. is n, b.] nawe 0. to] om. O. 

344. love] sake 0. what] so ; whas (!) M. 

I schol |)e telle al to Radrc : 
Seten ichaue me stifadre 

■VVi|) me iimce ; 465 

J)riea i amot him in fe heued, 
Jd fur <lod ich him luued 

In )ni place!' 468 

Belies!' qnefSnlier, 'fowerttobkma: 
];e leiiedi wile now do mc scliamo 
Foi )iine Bake I 471 

J)ow mijt 

consaile d 
le bringe i 
In meche wrake ! ' 


Saber Boues to his hous ladde, 
Meche of fat leuedi \\\m dradde. 
)3b leuedi nut of |ie bmr earn. 
To Saber fe wei jbe Mam. 478 

' Saber,' jlie sciiie, ' whar is TJef, 
J)at iriko treitour, fat fule fcfl' 

493. mfcrO wofa ESC. W i/oih C. 
134. 7 haae bete {ibeU N ; rnnUpi. C) SNC. 
jfwfer {!) S. 
IS. nu] aynipiill sdd. C 
'MS. tmat\ SPi SN ; Mm] ea ESNC ; am. {•) 

A. tm E3N0. 
187. Al\ And all SS ; And C. Lyyrtg in. 

tvjBwne I hyn belfityd E. 
168. M W SN. On^yVcemyat vVte{\) 

1^. Beats] Sir 0. seyde Saber C ; A« scu^' 
8N. B. q. S,] Sabfr saydn E. 
Aid. inernnndoS. Wnd] ora. EC. 
471. Alfor E. h» ESNC. 
172. ^wi frui SN. be me] aftur C; wyU 

173. » 




. E8NC. 


. 8N. 

9 to] t 

J, both- 

474. 7« to E. mccftyi EC. 

475. Beaea—houJi] in to o Ifitja C) cftnraJcr 
Aym SNC. 

478. And of the lady %e iwm dritd C ; be ladtf 
Msorelw. {ihi[WS)drad SN. ^at ylka 
d/iy add. SN. 
47E f. Saber ^at chyle (I) nam &; In; </Mira 
>t Aetoi^ Aiffn fn Af/x boatt. E. 

477. ouO om. S. M J«- SN. ioiir E. 

478. Saherya E ; in odd. EC. ..Jw^ ^ii to 
aa;^ add. SN. 

479. u] mv wne add. E. 

480. JwSNC. «T/Jt!/rf ESNC. (reitour] iws( 
EC. Jmfl JB S. fills SN. ba( is M /c^fe 
add. SN. 

I viy& you) teH aft to geder : 
Bete I baue niy stepfader ! 
With my staff I smote hym) on) the 

."That I Icfte bym aH ffor ilede ! ' 348 
■Bai't Sabure to Eeues ; ' Thou) arte to 

< fieie foie I getc bothe harme and grame ! 

M5^348 : 

JSelen I hmtc mji sttjfadere 

And tlajfae I /ititie hi» avme portcre 

a*9. Snid—B.'] Than. aaiiU SnlKm O. 

ISU. Here/.] Tli/a-c 0, jr.] shaiiu: 0. 

Bo-tyde, what so eiiei- be-tyde. 
Yet,' ha sai.l, ' I shaH the hide ! ' 352 
Sabere in to the chamber hyra lei(, 
Of the countez he was adreit ; 
The eountea wohJ nevwre blynne, 
TiH she come to Sabers ynne : 356 
' Sabere,' she said, ' where ia Bevouri^ 
That wekyd kd, that ffelownJI' 

5Sl. B«t bet. 0. soe.]mayO. 

352. yet he s,} Onyt agayw: O. \oal 0. 

333. in — ftytn] hym to cnamber O. 

S&B, wet.} caracd O. that] and strange O. 




*Darae/ a seide, *ich dede him of 

Be pe red and be fe sawe ; ^ 482 

Jjis hep his clofe, f ow her sixt.' 
J)e leuedi seide : * Saber, f ow liit ! 
Boute j)ow me to hiw take, f. i786». 

J)ow schelt abegge for is sake.' 486 

Beue« herde his meister frete ; 
To hire a spak wij) hertte grete 

And seide : * Lo me her be name ! 
Do me meister for me no schame ! 490 
Jif ))ow me sext, lo, whar ich am here ! ' 
His moder tok him be pe ere ; 
Fain 3he wolde, a were of Hue. 
Foure kni3tes ^he clepede bliue : 494 
* Wendef,' 3he seide, ' to pe stronde : 
3if 36 se]) schipes of painim londe, 

481. Dame a 8. ] MadaTne SN. himi out add. 
N. of dawe] slawe C. 

482. Be\ porw EC. pe red] ]njn Jieste E. he] 
\)orw E ; om. C. pou wost fxil well add. 

483. ptse E ; poos S ; Thcs C. his] the C. 
cUY^ ESNC ; \al add. ESNC. her] om. 

484. pe — Saher] By god^ Saber^ she seide 
SNC. See where he go\> (gethe N) add. SN. 

486. BoiUe] yf add. C. me to Am] wylt me 
hym out (om. C) EC ; him me to honde SN. 

486. abye C ; a^ggyd E ; luiiLe SN. An euyl 
dethe add. SN. 

487. Beue{\) A. po B. SN. herde] here 
add. E. his m.] ^at sche can C. 

488. wi\> hertte] wordcs SN. Ottt off ]>e 
chaumbyr he gan lepe E ; And to hur can 
he lepe C. JVi\> out delay add. SN. 

489. And s,] om. SNC. me her] where I am 
EC. her] Bmes add. SN. 

490. Do me m.] My m/iystyr shall haue C. 

Dam^e, y ]>e pray ! add. SN. 

491. yif] Now S ; Lo Twwe N. sekyst EC. 
lo] now C. whar] om. EC. am] om. (!) A. 
whar ich am] me S. lo — am] om. N. 

492. His m.] pe lady ESNC. hym took E. 
ere] swere E. Sone anoon add. SN. 

493. Fain] For E. Fain — a] I wold, she 
seide, ]>ou SN. 

494. Foure] Tweye E; pre SN. clepede] 
took vtUo here E ; als add. SN. hL] swyUie 
S. pat were his foon add. SN. pal chyl 
sche took hem on honde add. E. To h&m, 
slie tok }>e childe on honde add. SN. 

493 f. : And seyde to hym swythe : 

* V wolde, jxm were not on lyue ! * 
Two knyghtes toke hym yn honde C. 

495. Wende^ SC ; (?o)? E ; ye add. C. Jw] 
see add. E. As fast as \e may add. SN. 

496. AndyfG, ^e] om. (!) C. see SC ; sene N ; 
ffynde E. a schyppe C ; shipmen S ; chep- 
m,en N. pain, h] paynye (!) E ; palms (!) 

^ C ; Sdrazyn SN ; paiml (!) /(m(;fe A. 

* Dame,' he said?, * he is dede 

At yowr counseH, at youre rede : 360 
Lo here his cloth is att vfith blood 1 ' 

* Thou) liest,' she saith, * thou) arte woocJ : 
But thou me that lad? take, f. i27a. 
Thou shalte dye ffor his sake I ' 364 
Beves herd, how she can threte : 

Till her he lepe ^ith hert grete. 
And said : ' Lo ! here I am, madame ; 
Do ray maister ffor me no shame ! ' 

The lady said? : * Thou) harlot bold? 

Now haue I thy thryf te sold ! * 

Sabere and another knyght 

She callid to her anon ryght : 372 

Her son them be-taught she 

And bad them wend to the see, 

* And caste the boy amyddtw the streme, 

And, Sabere, thou3 thou) be his eme, 

But thou) drench that gloton), 377 

Thou shalte be hongid for thy treason)!* 

360. counsJ] and add. 0. 

361. here] om. 0. cl.] are add. 0. with] 
on 0. ^^ 

362. thou a.] as thou were 0. 

363. But] if add. 0. me] om. 0. 

364. dye] abye 0. 

365. how] that 0. can] hym 0. 

366. He to hyr lept 0. 

367. am 1 0. 

369. harl,] art so 0. 

370. haue — thr.] vnto me thy lyfe is 0. 
373. Her s.] Hym vnto 0. betoke 0. 

"^74. wend to] cast hym in O. 
375. And c] Cast ye 0. in myddes of 0. 
877. Bat] if add. 0. thmi] e add. (!) M. 

drowne 0. 
378. be h] abye 0. thy] that 0. 



Selle)) to hem fis ilche hjrne, 
pi\i je for DO gode ne fine, 498 

WhaJ)er 30 liaue for him mor 07* lease, 
Selle)) him ri^t in to he))enesse ! ' 

For)) J)e knijtes gonne te, 
Til pat hii come to pe se, 502 

Schipes hii fonde per stonde 
Of hej)enesse and of fele londe ; 
))e child hii t^hepeden to sale, 
^farchaundes ))ai fonde ferli fale 506 

And solde ])at child for mechel au3bo 
And to j)e Sarasins him he-taujte. 
For)) fai wente wij) J).it child, 
Crist of heuene be him mild ! 510 

J5e childes hertte was wel colde, 
For jjat he was so f er isolde ; 
Nafeles, J)0U3 him ])0U3te eile. 
Toward painim a moste saile. 514 

Whan hii riuede out of pat strond, 
J)e king hi^te Ermin of J)at londe ; 

497. to] om. SN. Hehe] wykkyd SN. Selli)^ 
him hlyue d: \)at on hyy, E ; Then sylle to 
them Brfown 0. pis Wee day add. SN. 

498 om. ESNC. 

499. <yr\ <fc(!) A. (Bydde men {Heme ye C) 
TTiore, (J)ydde men (haue ye C) Usae EC. 

500. riiC\ om. EC. 

499 f.] om. SN. 

501. For]i\ F(yr (!) A ; wenU add. SN. Jxj] 
^.86 to E. gonne te\ can gone C ; \ree SN. 

502. \at hii] }>ay ESNC. vnto S ; vntUl N ; 
ry^t to E. se] fome add. C. On\Hi strond 
(ground N) add. SN. 

503. Schipes — \>er] pere ^ffoundyn schyppys 

503 f.] om. SN. 

504. he]>,] paynym E. of fele] odur C. 

505. pat E. ^ E. chep,] schyppeden E ; 
profwrde C. pe — ch,] And chepyn (clcped 
S) \fe childe SN. to] ^ add. E. selle C. 

506. And merchaundes C. ferli] toondyr £ ; 

mony and SN ; om. C. Qf liepcn lond add. 
607. And] They SNC. \at ch,] hym ESNC. 
muche SN. frau\te E. /or m. a.] <fe gpocfo 
ro^^ C. 

508. And\ om. ESN. Bar,] \cy add. SN ; 
Beffs pey add. E. Am] om. E. By^t hastely 
add. SN. 

509. wcnte] rydcn E ; saylyd C. 

510. Aim] so C ; w (!) A. CVi»< — him] Oure 
lord be wip Beffs so E. 

511. was wel] waxe all C. pe — wcT] Beffs 
toepte, hys herte sat E. 

512. pat] om. EC. solde C. 

513. Neuer pe lees C ; Biit E. MttC] lie C. 
ylle C ; noi^j^ ^0(k2 ne hcyle E. 

514. /w to C. paimin (!) A. 

515. pey roujedenforp be pe stronde E ; TAcy 
arevyd atpesee stronde C. 

516. Armyn C. 

' Gladly, madame ! ' said he. 

The child they led to the see, 380 

They wol(} not drown) hym, seker]y. 

But ajiopure they ha(J redy : 

They ffound there shippzi^ bof e more 

and lesse. 
Of payneme londl and? of hethenes ; 384 
They sold the childe for golcJ gret 


And with the paynem?« wendith he. 
Beves hert wax all coldl. 
For he was to paynemiiw soldi. 388 
Theire saytt they drew, the wynd was 

They sayledl forth in) to the flood, 
TyH they come to payneme 
In to the lond of Armony. 392 

379. / tayl gladly 0. 

380. vnto 0. 

381. sek.] in no wyse 0. 

382. an.] thynge add. 0. Iiad r.] gan deuyse 

883. there] theire (!) M ; om. 0. 

384. paynyms 0. of] om. 0. 

385. childe] so ; cf aider {\) M. for— plente] 
wyth moche tiiought O. 

386. And the paynyms gladly hym bought 0. 
-387. wax all] wexed 0. 

388. WhanO, was to p.] to het^.nesse was 0, 
But yet hym lyst not for to rage, 

Oiter they m/xde gode viage, add. 0. 

389. TheO. 

390. forth-'^he] ouer the salt O. 

391. payn, ] the ryuy 0. 

392. In to] Of 0. Ennony 0. 



His wif was ded, fat hijte Morage, 

A dou3ter a hadde of ^ong age, 518 

losiane ])at maide het, 

Hire schon wer gold vpow hire fet ; 

So faire 3he was & bri3t of mod, 

Ase snow vpon fe rede blod ; 522 

Whar to scholde fat may discriue ? 

Men wiste no fairer fing aline. 

So bende ne wel itau^t ; 

Bonte of cristene lawe jhe kon))e nan^t. 

pe marchauns wente an bi3ing 627 

& presente Beues to Ermyn king. 

j)e king far of was glad & blife t V9aK 

And fankede hem mani a sif e : 530 

517. ffis w,] The quene C. Marage £ ; 
Mergaret C. 

518. He hadde a dou^tyr £. of 3. a.] whffte 
«k awete 0. 

519. maydyn £. hyght C. 

520. Hire\ pe EC. on C. 

521. ^'0] om. C. /aire] whyt E. hri^f} 

522. Ase] SoE, is^ snow^ E ; ys Jcnowen (!) 
C. 'opon )ie] 071 E. ]» r.] om. C. 

528. Whar to] What C. scholde] I add. E. 
Ttiayde E. pat m.] we more hur bewte C. 

524. Men knewe noon so feyre on lyue C ; 
Sche was pefayreste pat bar lyue E. 

525. Sche was so £. ne]d; soE; nor so C. 

526. Crystcs C. ne (om. C) cowde sche EC. 

527. poo E. wente an h.] were good in liere 
doyn^ £ ; eanfasie vrynde C. 

528. presemtyd EC. Beues] pe chylde C. 
Ermyn] the C. 

509—628 : 
pe childe tpos foundaunt ouer pe floods 
Wynde and-weder pey {he N) had good, 

To (Till "N) Ermanye. 
With her ship pere (gon pey (thei ganl^) lond. 

pre marchauntes gan pen (om. "N) found 

To pat citee. 
With hem pey toke childe Beuoun, 
For to selle him in pe toun 

For gold plente. 
With seluer cheynea pey {Jhim gyrU (were 

higurd N), 
To lede him pey were aferde, 

Eche held on him honde. 
For him to haiis grete by^etc, 
pey lad him prouymt euery strete. 

On his hed a roos garUmde. 
And pey (ther N) ne my^t no m^infynde. 
To bye pe child of cristen kynde, 

So dere pey gan him hold, 
Tyl per com a {the N) hinges stewards, 
pat was hende {kynd N) and no negarde. 

An tyl {to N) him pey him sold. 
The steward went to pe hyng 
And presented him with pe (that N) childe 
so (om. N) yyn^i SN. 

529. per off pe Jeyng E. was therof N. 

530. hem] them C ; po marchauntes E ; him 
SN ; per qf add. S. mjani a] momy S ; ffde 

Her kyng bight Armyn) of the loncJ, 
His wijffe was dede, I vnderstond; f.i876. 
He bad! a dougbter ffeyre an($ brygbt, 
losyan), that Maiden, she bight, 396 
Her visage was white as floure. 
There in ran a ree($ coloure ; 398 

With Bent browes and eyeii shene, 
y^itli her long as golcJ wire on) the grene, 
With small band2^ and fyngurs longe. 

No tbinge of her was sbapen) wronge. 
Where to sbolcJ I her discryve \ 
There was none so fifeire on lyve. 401 
Thes Marchand2/^ gan) to courte went If 
And presently the kyng Beues the 

He there of was gla<$ and blithe 
And thankyd the marcbaundt^s.meny 

sithe : 408 

393. Ermyine 0. thai 0. 

396. if. she] lady O. 

397. as] lylly add. 0. 

398. a] the O. 

399. J5en«] bryght 0. 

400. hmg] g, one letter blotted out before it 
M ; om. 0. 

ilyr nose was comely, hyr lyppes stoete, 
Wyth a louely mouth and fayre fete^ 
■ With tethe whyte <Ss euen set, 
Hyr handea were swete as vyolet, 

Byr body was gewtyl vnthouten lacks, 
Wel shapen both body and backe, add. O. 

401. With — and] Hyr handes were smeU, hyr 

402. 0/] on 0. 

403. Where — her] WhM nedeth me hyr to (X 

404. none sof] netterfayrer mayde 0. 
406. wendi] gone 0. 

406. B. the h,] with Beuys anone O. 

407. He th. of] Of hym the kynge 0. 

408. meny] an C. 0. 



* Mahoun ! ' a seide, ' fe mi3t be prouto, 

And fia child wolde to ])e aloute ; 

3if a wolde a Sarasln be, 

Jit icli wolde hope, a scholde fe ! 534 

Be Mahoun, ])at sit an hi^, 

A fairer child neuer i ne si3, 

NeiJ)er a lingfe ne on brade, 

Ke non, so faire limes hade ! 538 

Child,' a seide, * whar wer fe bore 1 

What is J)e name 1 telle me fore ! 540 

?if icli it wiste, hit were mo lef/ 
' For gode,' a seide, * ich hatte Bef, 
Iboren ich was in Ingelonde, 
At Hamtoun^ be ])e se stronde ; 544 
Me fader was erl pax a while. 
Me moder him let sle wi)) gile, 
And me ^he soldo in to he))enlonde : 
Wikked bej) fele wimme?* to fonde ! 548 
Ac, sire, 3if it euer so be-tide, 
)>at ich mowe an horse ride 

531. Se Mahoun E. ^1 toe "E, }>e mi^t be] 
now were y SN. 

532. And] Yf C. Wolde jds chyld ESN. 
vnto E. Iw] V8 ESN. loute ESNC. 

633. And yf C ; And 1^ a\U ENC. Sar,] 
paynym SNC. a Sar,] wUh vs E. 

534. ^U] oin. ESNC. / hope well C. a\ U 
SNC. wolde ESNC. 

535. MahJ\ Appolyn ENC; Appolony(l) S. 
syttyth hye C. 

536. 7K?] om. C. neuer ine^y neuer S, A — 
ne] Fayrere nettere non I E. 

537. a] o/ESNC. ne]norC; ney^r E. on] 
off ESNC. 

538. non] om. SN ; jfcU add. E. Nor fayrer 
colour had C. 

540. fFhat — name] \>ab % it wyate E. fore] 
hefore E ; n4)w foore S. Telle me ^y name 
hefome C. 

541. it] om. SN. yif — ijoiste] py name to 

wete E. 
542. For gode] Sore ESNC. ich hJ] my name 

is ESNC. 
544. In N. SoiUhamUm SN. he \>e se] vpon 

}pe ES ; hi ^ N. he — stronde] y vudur^ 

stonde C. 
645. )?ere was erl S ; was ther erle N. \>ar] 

om. C ; off add. £. a] some C. 
546. Me m,] Men C. leet hym slen E ; lei 

slee hym C ; him slou^ al SN. 

647. And me solde E ; ifhe rne soide SN ; My 
dam/i solde me C. he\>cnl.] }pi8 londe ESN. 

648. Wikked he\>] Wol wykkyd are E ; SttcJte 
ben S. fele] om. ESNC. Sho is woman N ; 
for add. SNC. 

649. Ac] But ESN ; sire ^if] <fc U EC. so] 
my^te E. euer so] were (!) S. 

550. pat] euer add. S. may SNC. o»l 
om. C. 

' Be Mahouncf ,' said the kyng, * I were 


And this childl woldl tume to my lay ; 
For be^Mahound, that is so hye, 
I saw nevMre child with eye, 412 

That had so moche of fifayrehede, 
Nother of lengith ne of brede. 
Child,' he said, ' thy name teli me ! 
Where was thou) borne and in what 
control' 416 

* Sir,' he said, ' Beues is my name ! 
Where I was borne, me thinkyth no 

shame : 
In Englond bare my modcr me. 
At Southampton) vppoii) tlie see ; 420 
My fader was there erle a while, 
My moder let slee hym) with a gyle 
And hath me sold to paynemM^ lorn? : 
Wekyd is woman) iibr to ffond ! 424 

410. And— my] Wolde the chylde forsake 

411. is so] sytteth on 0. 

412. VetsawelO. 

413. Thai hare so moche faymesse 0. 

414. of]inO, neof hr,] nor in hrodenesse 0. 

415. tell] thou add. 0. 

416. was ihou] thou were 0. 

418. There 0, me th.] thynke 1 0, 

419. my moder hare 0. 

421. therof was 0. 

422. with] by O. 

423. payn, I.] paynemys O. 

424. A wyckeder moder may none he iwys O. 



And armes here & sclieft to-breke, 
Me fader def ich schel wel wreke ! ' 552 

})Q kinges hertte wex wel cold, ^ 
Whan Eeues hadde fus itolde, 
& saide : * I naue non eir atW me dai, 
Boute losian, pis faire mai ; 556 

And ))ow wile ]>e god for-sako 
And to Apolyn, me lord, take, 
Hire i schel fe 3eue to wiue 

And al me lowd after me line ! ' 560 
■* For gode ! ' quef Beues, * pat i nolde 
For al pe seluer ne al pe golde, 
J5at is vnder heuene li3t, 
-Ne for pe doubter, pat is so bri3t : 564 
I nolde for-sake in none manere 
lesu., pat hou3te nie so dere : 
Al mote pai be doum and dene, 
J5at on pe false godes be-leue ! ' 568 

651. And] om. ESNC. schafftys hreke ESNC. 

652. faderys ESNC. 8C?icl wel] sehal E ; loyll 
C ; wol N ; wolde S. atoreke SNC ; he 
wreke E. 

{pat chyld (Al he SN) tolde Yere {him in 

SN) hys sawe, 
Hou \>e emperour hadde his fadyr islawe 

{slawe SN). add. ESN. 

653. po^ {The C) kyng herde hou Befs tolde 
EC ; When B, had )>w {him add. N) tolde 
SN. wx{\)K, 

654. For hym hys hcrte {ftat al colde {can 
folde C) EC ; perfore \>e kynges hert was 
colde SN. 

655. y haiie noon {no N) SN ; I ne haue E. 
eir] om. E. / natui — dai] pou schalt be my 
heyre C. 

656. \>is] \>aZ ESN. And- losyan jxU ys so 
feyre C. 

657. loilt SN ; wolde C ; woldyst E. god] 

lord SNC. 
658. to — me] Apolyn to \>y EC. lord] god 

SN ; to a^d. N. 
669. i schel] y wyl SN ; / woldfi E ; wyll y C. 

yeue tlie NC. 
560. al] om. N. 

661. For g,] Nay SN. For—Bevrs] Sere, he 
sayde E ; Bqfyse seyde C. \>at] doo aidd. 

662. \>e] ]>i NC. ne al] and EC ; and al SN. 
M H NC. 

663. pa^ is] Nefor all }pe gode C. 

664. Ne] Nodur C. 

665. wolde not C ; nele E. for-s.] beleue E. 
in] on ESC. no] ESNC. 

566. But on Jesu E ; God C. me] man SN ; 
m^ dotted, maw superscribed E. 

567. All be they brente to dathe C. 

668. on] in S. ])e] ^oure E ; odur C ; om. SN. 
beleuyth C ; leue E. 

And I may lyve sekeiiy, 

^ I shall venge my faders dethe s/?- Gye !' 

Said? kyng Ermyn) also sneH : 

' Of Gye hard I oft teH ; 428 

Many a panym) and? meny a sarz/yne 

Hath he slayn) wtth mekytt pyn) ; 

But, Beves,' he said?, * T haue none eyre, 

Saue a doughter, that is tfeire : 432 

And thou wyH thy lorcJ forsake 

And Apolyne to thy lord? take. 

425. And] If 0. certaynly O. 

426. faders d, ] fader O. 

427. The kynge of Ermony sayde ful wel 0. 

428. oft] of{\) M. hardr—oft] of Hampton I 
haue herde O. 

429. sar,] so ; sarzon (!) M. 

430. moche 0. payn M ; yeyne (!) O. 

431. But] om. 0. 

432. Saue] But O, 

433. And] if add. O. lord] god 0. 

I fol. 128a. 

I shatt geve the her to wiffe 
And all my lond? after my lyffe ! ' 436 
* Sir,* he said?, * that wyH I nought 
For aS the tresoure, that euer was 

Ne for no yeft that may be, 439 

Ke for thy doughter, that is so ffree 1 
I dyd? my selfe dishonoure. 
And I forsoke my creatoure ! ' 442 

434. And] to add. 0. to — taJce] our god- the 
' betake 0. 

435. geve — to] the hyr gyue to be thy 0, 

436. And] Wyth 0. 

438. tres,] gode 0. 

439. Nor O. ^eft] thynge 0. 

440. Nor 0. 

441. selfe] great add. 0. 

442. If 0. fdrs,] shulde forsake 0. 



J}e king him louede wel f e more, 
For him ne stod of noman sore, 
& seide i * Beues, while f ow ert swain, 
pow schelt be me chaumberlain, 572 
And pow schelt, whan J)ow ert dobbed 

kni3t, f. i79tt«. 

Me baner here in to eueri fijt ! ' 
Beues answerde al wif ski I : 
* What 3e me hoten, don ich wil ! ' 576 
Beues was J>er 3er and oJ)er, 

J)e king him louede also is brof er, 

And fe maide, fat was so sli3 : 

So dede eueri man, ]>at him si^. 580 

^Be ])at he was tif tene ^er olde, 

Kni^t ne swain ])ar nas so bolde, 

])at him dorste a3enes ride 

Ne wij) wrej)))e him abide. 584 


is ferste bataile, for soj) te say, 
A dede a Cristes messe day ; 

669. louyd hym C. weT] mekyl E. 

670. p(xt ey^e him stod no man foore SN ; 
^ pat he hys god nolde forsake \>erfore E ; 

For he wolde not cJmunge hys lore C. 
571. B, while] whylys E. ert] a add. E. 
Beues — ert] to hym : my gode C. 

573. And] But SN. Jxw* sch.] om. ESNC. 
idubbyd a E. 

574. baner] \>ou schaU add. E ; shalt pou add. 
SN. Bere my baner C. to] om. ESNC. 
eueri] eueri\t (!) A ; om. ESN. 

576. al w. 8.] 8toy]>e (pe king SN ; hym full 
C) stylle ESNC. 

576. JFhat] That C ; As ESN. mg h.] m/i 
bydden E ; byd m^ SN ; me comawnde C. 

577. ]>ere was E. was )>. 3.] myght do with 
oon C. 

578. as ESNC. 

579.^ >e] ]>at ESNC. maydyn E. sli^] clere 

C ; sheene S. 
580. «w. Twa/i] cUle EN ; alfolk S. ]W5< t^^crdii 

^2^ 711/ E ; bydeene S. iSb^ c?i^ all pat 

was hym dere C. 

680. put before 679 K 

681. Be pat] And |)oo E ; WTum C. was] of 
add. N. XIIII wynter C. 

582. per ?w was kn, R »i^ai»] sqttyer SN. 
jwjr Tiflw] t^?flw Twxm SN ; om. E. Kni^t — 
so] He was a man swythe C. 

583. him d. a.] durst him agayn SN ; durste 
a^cyns hj/m goo Tie E. 

584. wip] in SN. wreppe] werre N. 
683 f. Thcr ditrste no man hym abyde 

Nodur yn urrath agayne hym ryde C. 
586 f. : 

The ffyrste batayle (off Beffs Qxji B. dido 

SN), iwis {ys C), 
Whan (Sethe SN) he com {was C) in to 

(om. C) hepenysy 
It befyl ( Was SN) on (in a N) {Cryste 

masse {Cri/stynTnas C) day ESNC. 
{Al add. SN) ffor sope as (om. N) / ^ow 

{telle may (say SN) (this line put before 

the preceding one in SN). ESNC. 

The kyng had of hym more affiaunce, 
For he was stidfast in his creaunce ; 
He saicJ : * Beues, whitt thou arte swayn), 
Thou shalte be my chamberiayn), 446 
And whan thou arte dubbyd? knyght, 
Thou shalte bere my baner in flight ! * 
Beues answerid myldly and stiH : 
* That ye me teche, gladly I wytt ! ' 
Beues was lovid? -with knyght and kyng, 
For he was curtes in aH thinge ; 452 

losyan Beues can love 
Oner aH ertlily thinge above. 
Whan Beues was XIIII yere old, 
Knyght ne squier was none so bold. 
That durst ageyn) yong Beues ride 457 
Ne With no wepyii) hym abyde. 
The ffurst dede, with outen) lees, 1 1286. 
That Beues dyd in hethenes, 460 

By-feti vppon) the Yewle day : 
How it was, I shaH you say. 462 

443. of] in 0. more] no (!) 0. fyaunce 0. 

446. ffe] The kynge O. 

447. A'iid] om. 0. arte] more and add. ; 
be (!) add. M. 

449. mylde O. 

450. fVluU 0. teche gl] byd do O. 

451. kn. and kyng] squyer d; knyght O. 

452. in all tii,] both day and nyght 0. 

463. Beues can] began hym for to 0. 
454. erthly th.] thinges thai were 0. 

466. ne] nor 0. 

467. agaynst yonge Beuys durst 0. 
458. Nor 0. wth (!) M. 

461. It befel 0. the V,] a Crystenmas 0. 

462. toyl 0. 



Ase Beues scholde to wat^ ride 

& fiftene Sarasins be is side, 588 

'And Beues rod on Arondel, 

pai was a stede gode and lei : 

A Sarasin be-gan to say 

And askede him, what het ^at day. 592 

Beues seide : * For soj y-wis, 

I no^ neuer, what dai it is, 

For i nas boute seue winter old. 

Fro Gristendome ich was i-sold ; 596 

J5ar fore i ne can telle noujt Jh5, 
What dai ))at hit mijte be.' 

\>e Sarasin be-held and louj: 599 
' Jjis dai,* a seide, * i knowe wel inouj : 
pia is pQ ferste dai of ^oul, 
J5e god was boren wif onten doul ; 
For pi men maken per mor blisse 
))an men do her in he])enesse : 604 
Anoure pe god, so i schel myn, 
Bo])e Mahoun and Apolyn ! ' 

587. Ase] pat EC. to the water N ; ouer a 

reuer S. 
688. rf-] om. SN. fiftene] syxty ESNC. ride 

590. Ul] snel SN. 
689 f. om. EC. 

691. pat on E ; And oon C. Sar,] him add. 
SN. gan ESN ; can C. for to E ; om. 
SN. assaye SN. 

692. And a, h,] Beffs EC. hct] hyght C ; he 
cleped SN ; is E. \hU] thys C ; ]>» ylke £. 

693. Beues] And he E. answerde EC. 

594. wot C ; Tie woot ESN ; no (!) A. neuer] 
not C ; om. ESN. 

595. ivas EC. X SN. ^eer ESC ; yeris N. 

696. Crist.] when add. SN. Fro — was] po 
\fat i was hedyr E ; fFhen y to hcthen men 
was C. 

697. i — mm\t] can y not tel SN ; fclawe % 

{telle now (say C) EC. 

698. / (ne woot (wot not C) what EC ; pys 
add. C. ])at h, m.] it may cleped SN ; pat 
it E ; m/iy C. 

699. pe S, beh,] pan seide \e saryzyn SN. 
Then the sarsyn seyde C. poo a aarezyn 
gan to moujte E. 

600. a seide] om. SN. pis — knotoe} I can 
]>e telle EC. i-notc}>e E. 

601. jowZ] yyne (?) E. 

602. he] That \iyC; pat'E. out SNC. doU 
SNC. wi^ 0, d,]offa virgyne E. 

603. For pi] pere SN. mun N, maker (!) A. 
Jier] om. SN. 

604. do her] m/xkyn SN. 
603 f. om. EC. 

605. An, pe] pey (om. N) honouren her SN. 
so shal ^ S ; as ido EC. 


eues rode to the feldl, hym to solace, 
And Sixti Sarzons more and lasse; 
A Sarzin) c^ to Beues say : 
* Beve^,' ho said, ' what hight this day? ' 
Beues answeryd and said : * Iwys, 
I wot not, what day it is, 468 

For I was but VII yere old. 
To Sarzins whan I was sold } 

There fore, jBFelow, blame not me, 
Yf I ne wot, what day it be I * 472 
Than the Sarzin said and lou3e : 
* I wot, Beues, well I-noughe : 
This is the ffurst yewle day. 
Thy god was borne, as men say ; 476 
This day thou sholdist thy god honoure 
With ak thinge, as we done oure ! ' 

464. Sixti] thre shore 0. more and I,] vryth 
hym was O. 

465. AS.] Than one of them 0. 
467. and s.] om. 0. 

470. Sar.] hethenesse 0. 

472. ne w,] wot ruU 0. 

473. Than the S.] The sarazyns 0. 

474. / w, B,] We can tel the 0. 

475. This] same add. O. ffurst yj] Crysteth 
mas 0. 

476. That thy 0. 

477. shulde 0. 

478. all th,] som/i noblesse 0. 


£eac9 to ^at Sarnsin auhl : 

' Of Ciistendom )it ichaiie a-braM, COS 

Ichaue seie on Jiia ilai rijt 

Armed mani a gentil knijt, 

Totneande rijt in fe feld 611 

With helraes brijt ami tnani scheld ; 

And 'were ich alse sti^ in plaa, 

Ase euer Gii, me fader, was, 

Ich wolde for me lordea lone, 

j}at sit h^ iu henene aboiie, GIO 

e07. Beuea] ]»» adil. K tal]]^ SNC ; a E. 
BOa. jU] om. ESNC. ich.] y Junic SN ; i am 

EC. vpbrayde SO ; dr«iU (t) N. 
609. tni] in SN. Jrii] a It. dai] «iey 8N. 

611, Tarn, rifl] To lumen/ail SN. 

612. «ia?ti]aadd. " 

Fijte wijj 50W eucrichon, i.itm'. 

Er fan ich wolde heunea gon 1 ' 

]}e Sarasin aeide to his felawes : 

' Lo, brefetn, hire je noujt Jiis aawea, 

How ))e jonge criatene hounde, 621 

A saifi, a wolde va fellen te gcoundo : 

Wile we abouto him gou 

And fonde fat treitour alon ? ' 624 

Al abouto Jjai gonne fringe, 

And liani on him fai goniie dinge 

I. EC. 

613. ^ii(i))yrEO. i were ESNC. slip] st]^ 
SN; wyttyE; whyle i\)C. 

614. ffuar] lie add. Q 

^mi 5i(f (jKTt C) y wre iai-myd lerel 
Bope in yryn * i« tteel ; adJ. ESN. 

616. lai-da\ goddet SN. me I. ;.] }ie loue of 
hgm EC. 

615. tit—heuffne] in heilyn {nUe]i vf (siltc N] 
SN. patiniffri/ddep{dyaionnxieC)fia- 
aara {my C) sgn EC. 

617. IvMime B. loml nj add. 5. 

618. yin\ om. ESNC. hcajus\fni ^ow S, 

pot f^ujii; 17M» (on C) Afolya ■ EC. 
621. J« jonje] )Bi (om. N} pii SN. ffow 

Iw ),] See je boic |>u E ; Seyst Jxja [if/s C. 
822. Al om. SN. A mi^ 0] flou fte E ; TMi 

C. taaiiC; |/»(1)E. /(J^bb] irvw^SNC. 

623. fftk ir«] Xct i» C 1 aZIe add. ESNC. 

624. fa/ <>■.] As"" /oi' to SN. And to-hrekcn 
hym eaery Son E ; And haivie slrokya on 
hyni dynge C. 

626. jnt gonne\ hita pey S ; thei him strong N. 

ah. p. g.] ^eti pmne abo^iUn hyia E. 
626. tiard\ amv ik harde E 1 om. SN. vppon 

- ]«i]oi ' 

Beuea to the Sarzin) aaiiJ : 
' Of crystondome I haue a-trayt! ; 480 
Were I aa weH arme(J in this place. 
As eufr mr Gye, my fader, was, 
¥or his love, that weriiJ the crown) of 
thome 483 

And also on this holy day was borne, 
"With aH yonro route wolii I jnsto, 
And there it shaH be right weH wiate, 
Whefar* were atrenger god in hevyn 

479. (0 thi\ wto a O. 
I 480. Ih. a 6.1 dosl thou me bmiii 0. 
I 4S1. Were /] / wolde 1 were 0. 
y as. ware O. 
I 484. on] om. 0. 
4SS f. ; 

JToMe / iusie uiUh al the roiit, 
, Than ahuide men le wit/toitteit dmit O. 
IS7- gud were stronger O. 

Or all the mawjmettes, that ye can 
neuBM I ' 488 

'Horkenyth, felowo*,' aaiij a anran), 
' How he disspiauth Apolyne ! 
Yetwenyth thiswrechecj-y.'^ew houniF, 
^That ho sholdl bryng va to the ground! : 
Wo wyH no lenger haue reapite, 493 
Who doith beste, sh^ bo sene tyte. 
Turae the, Benos, we the deflye, 
There is none ofwi-e, but thou shalte 
dye ! ' 4i)(J 



489. Harke 0. felomea] 9o ; /elowe M. a] 

491. lereehe] om. 0, onjsleii] so 0; heUiyn 

492. to tke\ al to O. 
494. lyle] nowe rygU 0. 
496. none o.\ ntmghl elles O. 



And 3af him wondes mani on 
)5our3 fe flesch in to fe bon, 
Depe wondes and sore, 
])B.t he mi3te sofre namore ; 
po his bodi be-gan to smerte, 
He gan plokken vp is bertte, 
Ase tid to a Sarasin a wond 



627. wondes] dentys E. ori] <k sore E. 

629. wondes] harde add. SN. 
628 f. om. E. 

627—629 om. C. 

630. pat) Tyl EC. he] ne add. N. For he 
felyd woundys sore add. C. 

631. po] When C. gan N. his— to] Beffs 
(he C) ffeUe hys woundys EC. 

632. gan] to add. S. He — vp] Sore hym greuyd 
atlSt'i He lorathcd sore yn C. 

633. Ase tid] Anoon SN ; he add. S. a] so 
N ; om. (!) A. \>e saryzyns S. a] om. S. 

634. is] oon is S. 

And breide a swerd out of is honde, 
And fifti Sarasins, in pat stonde 
par wij) a ^af hem dedli wonde, 636 
And sum he strok of fe swire, 
J5at \>e heued £03 in to fe riuere, 
And sum he clef euene asonder ; 
Here hors is fet fai laine vnder ; 640 

633 f. To a sarezyn he gan to gon 

And hcnte a swerd off hyin anoti, E ; 

And to a sarsyn Tie went 

And a stoyrdefro hym h-e hent, C. 

635. Andf.] Sixti SN. ]>at] a SN. 

636 hem dedli] (mony a (om. N) depe SN. 

636 put before 636 in SN. 

637 i.\ Sohe smote on her sioeresy 

pat Tier hedesfel on )» my res SN. 
639. clef] After this word a letter is dotted 
in A. 

639. clcued N. euene] om. SN. 

640. is] om. SN. laine] fley S ; honge N. 

Aft at onys to hym) they thronge 
And gave hymwoundt^^wydeand longe; 
Beues was sure of no wepyn) longe ne 
smaH, 499 

That he myght deffencJ hym with aft, . 
And he sye, it was no better paye. 
But shif te hym in the beste way ; 
Beues was wise and^ toke goodf kepe : 
To a Sarzin anon he lepe, 504 

With his fiste smote hym so faste, 
That his cheke-bone aft to-braste ; 
The sarzins swordi he toke on bond?. 
He fiellidi aR that be-fore hym ffondl. 
There myght men se mekyft on-hele. 

Whan that Beues be-gan to rele : 
Some he gaue suche a wounde, 511 
That they lay gi-onyng as an hound?. 
Of Sarzins were meny, with oute ly, 
That asayled Beues with gret envye ; 
Beues araonge the Sarzins lepe, 
As they were a flok of shepe ; 516 
Of som the wombes had? he tome, 
There trayled? her guttes ham) be-fom). 
There was no sarzin, that hym) hitte, 
But he is body aft to-slitt : , 520 

There myght none fie be no side, 
But he was with strokys made on-ride, 

497. to] on 0. swonge 0. 

499. was s, of] had 0. longe] great 0. 

500. That he m.] For to O. 

501. And he s,] Than 0. better p,] bote to 
pray O. 

502. sh.] let 0. in — way] do the best he 
Tnay O. 

503. vrise — kepe] both lyght <fe qtiycke 0. 

504. And to O. aTwn] gan O. 

505. Whome with.O. smote h,] he stroke 0. 

506. cheke-boncs 0. 

507. Than th4i O. 071] in 0. 

508. He] And 0. that] wolde add. 0. stande 0. 
609. men myght 0. nwche wo 0. 

510. that] om. 0. rele] go O. 

512. gr, as] grennynge lyke O. 

513. Of] The 0. meny — ly] both wight am 
slxie O 

514. That] And O. 

515. amonge the S»] about them dyd 0. 

516. were] had ben O. 

617. had het,]he gan dotone tere O. 

518. That the gvMes trayled here and there 0. 

519. hym] he 0. 

520. all to-s,] in sunder smyt O. 

521. be] on O. 

522. But. Bcuys made hym to ahyde. 




No was fer non, fat mi3te ascape, 

So Beiies SI0U3 hem in a rape : 

)}e stedes hom to stable ran 

WiJ) oute kenning of eni man. 644 

Beues hom be-gan to ride, 
ELis wondes bledde be ech side ; 
J)e stede he graifed vp anon, 
In to his chaumber he gan gon 648 

And leide him deueling on pe grounde, 
To kolen is hertte in ])at stouude. 
Tiding com to king Ermyn, 
))at Beues hadde mad is men tyn ; 652 
))e king swor and seide is sawe : 
For fi a scholde ben to-drawe. 

Vp stod pat maide losian, 
And to hire fader 3he seide pan : 650 

641. Ne — mtjfo] per vwy^t noon 'pere (om. N) | 

642. slou^ — rape] Tier crownes (hygan to {gan 
N) craJce SN. 

635---642 : {A strook he sette vp {And stroke 
hym C) on hys {the C) Tied, 
pat Tie ffyl pere (om. C) doun ded. 
So wUh inn^e a lytyl stounde 
Alle syxty Tie stnoot to grounde, EC. 

643. p6] Ther C ; Here E. Turn] \fan SN ; 
gunne E ; can C. ren EC. 

644. Trenninrg] techyng ESN ; tydyng C. 

645. And B. SN. gan N. Ticrni — to] Tiom- 
ward poo gan E ; can Tiomwarde C. 

646. hleding N. be] on ESNC. ech] ylke a 
E; euery C. 

647. pe] Hys ESNC ; (ywne add. E. tyed 
SN ; setU EC. 

648. In] And ESNC ; in add. E. canTieC;\ 

to add. E. 

649. And] Re SN. deu.] neslong S ; nose- 
lyng N ; plai E ; flatlyng C. on] vpon E ; 

650. kolen] hele C ; solace SN. Tierrte] vxmn- 
dys C. To — m] Hese woundya ffor to 
Tiele E. 

651. Tythynges C. Tcing] om. N. Ermyn 
Tcyng E ; Armyn pe Tcyng C. 

652. His men were slay in pat tyme SN ; 
That (om. E) hys men were slawe with 
outen {owt N) Utnfng EC. 

653. arid — sawe] for (yn C) pat wrongc EC. 

654. He shulde he Tionged and todrawe SN ; 
pat Beffs scTwlde be {drawe <k (om. C) 
Tionge EC. 

655. Up starte SN ; Forp wcnte EC. 

656. Beffom Tiere ffadyr soone sche cam E ; 
To hurfadur ys scTie gone C. 

And Beues with in a litufl stoundl 
^ Sixte sarzins he brought to groundl. 

* Here is it sene,' said Bevoun), 525 

* That god is stronger than is Mahojin) !' 
The Sarzins stedis home can renne 
With oute takynge of any men), 528 
And Beues hom ward? gan ride 

With woundis bledyng on ych a side ; 
He stabeled vp his hors thoo, 
Vnto his chamber gan he goo, 532 
To the freshe erth he laid? hym flatt, 
For to staunche his wound'os with that. 

Tydinge* come to kyng Ermyne, 
That in disspite of Apolyne 536 

Beues hadi slayu) of his men) sixte 
The kynge to scathe and velonye. 
Yf it were so, till Beues were dede. 
The Jcynge swere, he woU nevt^re ete 

bred. 540 

Whan losyan it here?, she was f uH woo 
And to her fader can she goo. 
And she saicJ : * It fallicl? to geve no 

But bothe paHyes were present. 544 

523. And:] Thus 0. 

524. The LX O. Tie] Tiad O. 
Chreat game Twd Beuys, to se tTien 

TTie dede Sarazyns lye and grenne, add. 0. 

525. it] om. O. Bev, ] Beuys in this stounde 0. 

526. is M,] MaJiounde O. 

527. can r,] warde ranne 0. 

529. ATid] TTian dyd 0. gari] om. 0. 

530. blody woundes 0. yA, a] euery 0. 

532. And to O. 

533. To] On O. 

f. 1296. 

537. H(yvo B, 0. 

538. The — scatTie] To tTie kynge greai sTiamc 0. 

539. xoere] beO. B. w,]he be 0. 

540. kynge] so ; om. (!) M. shulde O. 
539 put after 540 O. 

541. it] tTiat O. 

542. V7itoO. 

543. sTui] om. 0. said] syr add. 0. fall. — 
no] falleth not to gyue O. 

544. BuC Tyl 0, were] be. O. 



'Sire, ich wot wel in me ))oii3t, 

J^t ))ine men ne slou^ he noujt, 

Be Malioun ne be Tervagaunt, 659 

Boute hit were him self defendaunt ! 

Ac, fader,' ^he seide, * be me red, f. ms*, 

Er pow do Beues to ded, 

Ich praie, sire, for loue o me, 

Do bringe pai child be- fore pe ! 664 

Whan ])e child, pat is so bold, 

His owene tale hap itolde. 

And pow wite pe sop, apli^t, 

Who hap pe wrong, who hap ri3t, 668 

3ef him his dom, pat he schel haue, 
Whaper pow wilt him slen or saue !* 
King Ermyn seide : ' Me doubter fre, 
Ase pow hauest seid, so it schel be ! ' 
losiane po anon ri^tes 673 

Clepede to hire twei kni^tes : 
* To Beues now wetide je 
And prai him, pat he come to me : 676 
Er me fader arise fro his des ; 
Fill wel ich schel maken is pes 1/ 
Forp pe kni3tes gonne gon. 
To Beues chaumber pai come anon 680 

658. yi N ; ^our S. 
657 f. : 

And sayde: Sere, as \>ou artffree, 

(Lat Beffa now comen (Do calle Befyat 0) 

hef&re pee ! 
pat {The C) chyJd is so mylde (meJce C) off 

He (wolde no m-an doo (wyll do no man N) 

hut good, EC. 

659. m be] and ESNC. Termagaunt ENC ; 
Tirma^aunt S. 

660. BoiUe] yf add. C. him] hys C. self] 
om. ESNC. 

661. Ac] But SN. xhe sA om, %i do add. 

662. \(yw] ^e S. 

663. praie] yyvo add. S ; the'Si, for] pe add. 
SN. me] of m« SN ; oine (!) A. 

664. Do (LeU N) com SN. ie child N ; 
B, S. 

666. ffap his S. hap] om. SN. 

667. pow] pat (om. N) ^e SN. pe sop] sone N. 

668. wrong] and add, SN. Tiap] om. N ; ^t 
add. SN. 

669. him] me N. his] pe SN. 

670. lewil^, 8len]spilleS, 
661—670 : 

JFhan {pou hast (ye haue C) herd hym speh, 
By^t fullyche (pou mayst he (he ye Q) 
awreke, EC. 

671. King E.} pe hyng EC. 

672. Ry^t as £. hnuest s.] sayst E. so] om. 
N. schal U ESNC. 

673. penne los, EC. po] om. ESNC. 

674. to hire] forp EC. Clepede toh,] To hff 
she caZUde (clepid N) SN. ttoei] twoo SN ; 
goode add. K 

675. now] cham^)er anoon SN. 

676. to] speke with SN. 

677. And say, my fader (y wUle sees Cwt^ a 

678. Andful SN. ich schel] om. SN. 
680. pai come] ry^t SN. 

Beues is so myld of mode, 

I wot, he dyd no man) but goodi. 

Be Mahoundl andl Turmagaunte, 547 

But it were hym selfe defendaunte ; 

Whan ye haue herd bothe partyes, 

Than it is tyme, to be Justice ! ' 

The kyng said : * Brynge Beues to me : 

As losian) said, so shati it be ! ' 552 

losyan callid forth II knyghtes : 

548. But] i/add. 0. hym] his 0. 

550. he] gyue O. 

551. TJuin saide th-c kynge 0. Beues] hoth 0. 

552. saUh O. 

* Go,' she said, * anon) rightea 

To Beues chamber, that is so £free. 

And byd hym) com) and speke wtVA 

me ! ' 556 

To the chamber they went, as she hem 

bad, f. uoo. 

Eyther be the arme opwi-e lad. 
Whan they cam to the chamber dore, 
The one knyght went in before 560 

554. anori]forthe O. 

557. the] his^O^ them 0. 

558. he — opicre] other hy the hand (X 
559 f.] so ; om. M. 



And praide, ase he was gentil man, 

Come speke vnp losian. 

Eeues stoutliche in ])at stourade 

Haf vp is heued fro J>e grounde ; 684 

-Wif stepe ei^en & rowe bren 

So lo)>eliche he gan on hem sen, 

\)e twei kni^tes, ])ar )>ai stode, 

Jjai were aferde, hii wer ni^ wode. 688 

A seide : ' ^ii )e ner masegers. 

Ich wolde 30W sle, losengers ! ' 

I nele rise o f ot fro pe grounde, 

For speke wi)> an he))ene hounde : 692 

3he is an honde, also be je, 

Out of me chaumber swijje je fle ! * 

j)e kni3tes wentera out in rape, 

J5ai were fain so to ascape. 696 

To losian ])ai wente as tit 

And seide : ' Of him is gret despit : 

681. praide] him add. SN. 

682. To come and B^. 
676—682 : 

And sayde to (?iem ry^t soone [them C) a- 

* To Beffs chaumbyr (j« m/xft (Jwrf ye C) gon, 
And hyddi^ (bydd C) hym, as he is {curteys 

<fe (om. C)ffre, 
pat he come ds speke loip me ! * 
Ipey twoo ( Hie 1cny\tes C) to wende '\pey were 

ffvZ (om. C) gladj 
And deden (om. C), cu 'pe (mayde hem 

{maydyn pern C) bad, EC. 
6S3. JbcU] a S. Beues — ]>at] Soone Beffs vp on 
a £ ; Vong Be/yse at thai C. 

684. Hoof £ ; Heued SN ; LyfU C. hys Tied 

685. roioe] rounde E ; halow N. hren] browe 

686. He loked on hem lothelychy y trowe SN ; 
He Idkyd vp on hem ful rotve £ ; Chrymly 
on them he lokyd, y trowe C. 

687. And the N ; That pe C ; perfore poo E. 
ttoeQ two N ; om. E. par pai] pat pere E. 

688. pai\ om. ESNC. aferde] so SN ; om. (!) 
A. hi%\ pey SN. af, — 71*3] for drede nere 
C ; ny^for drede E. 

Beffs {He C) sayde to hem (pemC): 'What 
msn he^et 

OtU off my ehaumhyr i rede yjw {ye C) 

fflee ! ' add. EC. 
A sarsyn seyde anon than : 
* We be messengerys fro locyan; 
Sche preyed yow specyalle, 
Tocomeispekewithhurynpreuyte* add.C. 

689. Al B. SN ; And(\) C. A «.] om. E. 
yifi & C ; »ere(!) SN. w«r] ne were E ; 
were not C ; ttfere SN. m>as.'] tvjoo add. E. 

690. 8le\ fouU add. SN. Bope ^otire hedes ^e 
scholde fforgoo £ ; All your lyuys loose 
schuld ye C. 

691. nele\ wyl {wolde N) iwt SNC. risel gon 
EC. ofot] om. SN. /ro jhj] on £ ; 0/ C. 

692. F(yr'\ To EC. 
698. also] d: soo ESNC. 

694. swipe] i rede ESNC. ^ow ESN. 

695. otU in] on a SN. 

696. were] wel add. S ; fvZ add. N. fairC] 
glad S. so] for SN. 

697. pey went to losyan SN. 

698. is gret] U is SN. 
695—698 : 

pe kny^tes wevUenforp anon, 
And to losyan gunne pey gon, E. 
The knyytes wentforthe than, 
Tyll pey came to locyan. 
And tolde hur lasse ds Tnare 
All to gcdur ther answare, C. 

And saici : * Beues, is it thy wytt, 
To come speke mth losyan) thy ffyti ] ' 
Beves lokydl vp with grym vesage, 
As it had be a man savage : 564 

* I witt not rise ffro this ground, 

561. i8i£]ifitbe0. 

562. To] om. 0. with] so ; om. M. 

564. Fye, he saide, on your message ! 0. 

565. rise fro] onys stere of 0. 

566. no] an O, 


To speke with no hethyn) hound ! 
Oncristoned dogges, I rede, you flee, 
Your heries blood ellis wyti I see ! ' 568 
The knyghtis hied ham sone away, 
To losyan can they bothe say ; 

567. Uncrysten hoondes 0. 

568. Or/yoiwO. herteO. ellis w. I]shal0. 
669. ham s,]fa8t O, 

570. And to 0. bothe] om. 0. 



Series, a clepede ))e hepene hound 
Juries in a lite stounde : 700 

We nolde for al Ermonie 
Eft sones se him vrip our eie I ' 

* Hardeliche,' ^he seide, * comef wij) me, 
And ich wile ^our waraunt be ! ' 704 
For]) ])ai wente al isame, t isoai. 
To Beues chaumber )>at he came. 

* Lemman,' ^he seide, * gent and fre, 
For godes loue, spek wif me ! * 708 


|-3he keste him bo)>e mo)> & chin 
Aiid ^af him confort gode afin, 
So him solaste )>at mai, 
J)at al is care wente awai, 
And seide : * Lemman, J?in ore ! 
Icham i-wonded swipe sore ! ' 
* Lemman,* ^he seide, * wij) gode ewtewt 
Ichaue brou3t an oyniment, «^ 716 
For make )>e bo))e hoi & fere : 
Wende we to me fader dere ! ' 

699. Series — he^enel And aayde ]>ai {how C) 
he (clepyd hem (ccUde hur C) EC. 

700. toi^f inne E. lytyl ESNC. 

701. wolde not C. Erm.'\ Jiepenesse EC. 

702. our] om. SN. ffan {off hym a ay^te (a 
syght of hym C) wjyase EC. 

703. Hard.] 5« E ; Jis C. c(m SNC. 

704. vnU] schalle N. your warant achall y C. 

705. dli8.]al8 soone SN. 

706. \athe\^'^ SN. 

707. Lem. — and\ po ( Than N) seid losyan, B, 
lemman SN. an^ d written above ^e 
line A. 

705—708 : 
For\> }>ey {ache C) icente in fat atounde 
And Beffa in hya chavmbyr ^ (om. C) 

losyan {Sehe C) eetaie here armya {arme C) 
abotUen hia awere. 

{On here he made a {And he made on hur C) 
lo^ly chere. EC. 

709. him hiat SN. 6oM on E ; om. SNC. 
<£;] on add. E. 

710. And began to cowmforten hym £ ; And 
faate ache comfortyd hym C ; Medyeyna 
good (om. N) ahfi }avs him {good add. N) 
with wyn SN. 

711. aolaste] slaked SN. 
711 f. om. EC. 

713. ATid] He E ; Befyae C. aeide] mercy 
add. E. Lemman] loayan ESNC. 

715. Xem.] B, SN. 

716. Ich.] \ie add. SN. an] om. S ; good 
add. SN 

717. For] To SN. }>e bo]>e] you bothe N ; J)y 

They said^ : * Beues clepith the hound? 
Thns with in a littiH stoundl : 572 
We ne witt efte wendl to hym 
For aH this Cite, he is so grym ! ' 
Than said^ losyan : * Come with me, 
And I shati youre warand be ! ' 576 
Forth they went wyth that may 
To Beues chamber, there he lay ; 
Beues lokycJ vp stoutly thoo 
And losyan) in her armes two 580 

Toke hym vp and? kyssudi hym swete, 

His malincoly there to abate ; 

She said? : ' Beues, leman), thyn) ore ! 

Thou arte woundeij fferly sore : 584 

There is not in £^ payneme lond 

Better salve, I vnderstond. 

Than I haue made in a littiH stound. 

For to hele with aS thy wound. 588 

Arise,' she said, * and? go with me, 

And thy warand? wyti I be * ' 

571. Beuya called the hethen hounde 0. 
672. Thris] so ; Thits M. 

573. ne — iSend] loolde not agayne retoume O. 

574. is] hketh 0. 

575. Than] Wei 0. 

576. And] truly add. 0. 

577. thaC] the 0. 

578. Vnto the chamber wh>ere Beuys lay 0. 

579. stoutly] anon O. 

581. hym vp] Beuys O. 

582. His malice^ she aaide, that ahe toolde 

684. fferly] wonder O. 

586. paynyma 0. 

587. Tnade — lit,] brought thia O, 
589 f. om. 0. 

1 neuEti OP nAJiTinjN. 

I FiiTp fiai wonten an liijiiifr 
lil Ecrnyn, fie riche king, 720 

Ami Beues tolde vuto hiiit fan, 
Uow fiat stour encled & ^au, 
Ami Bchewed on him lit jiat Btou)i<Ia 
Fourti grete, grisli woiinda 734 

Jjiiime aeide king Ermiu fe hore : 

719—722 : 

Jfarji Sb wnt in goodfaya 

(To ]« ki-ng of {Til he come to N) Erinonay; 

To tu king B. lalde ]ian, 

nbw pelt's) stryfamoHghanbyiinii, SN. 
723. on Aim] Jwre SN. >(!/J a lytei SN", 
72S. >« hen] )wr(i SN. 

728. 1 
727. NoajCfor SN. 
72a jwnie] >e add. SN, 

729. jwwue— OJe] hile him, ilnii\ler, yf SX. 

731. M a add. SN. gaii\ dkU SN. 

732. bO dide SN. 
716—732 : 

' j«, Imtnuin, ' icAe laj/i^ in {at \(U C] /foili!, 

•lama leehe i0i> (nt C) \>e bade. 

(No betere salat, i midi/rslotulc, 

2fe it in. of paj/aymt londe 

( STler ys nOTl ya paynym londe, 

Hctth trfter oolite, y vadurslaiuie, C), 

pan i haue brouit (wi]> me [lliys alouvde 

[Ful weel i imle Iiele fe. 
(For to heU thy byUitr vxntnde. C.) 
Aryi,' echt tayde, 'Jicomaim^we, 
And (i wok >y warauiU (thy waraia schUl 


■J I iiolile, Deiiert, fat fow dod woru 
For al fie Jondes, fiat icliaue ; 727 

Ich praie, doujter, fiat fow him saue 
And proua to hele, ase fiow can, 
Jje wondea of fat doujti man ! ' 
111 to chaumber jhe gam hiiii takn 
And rii:lie bafieB jlie let liim make, 733 

For^ ]>ey ici^nlen aip {outen li^yng (owl 

liicellyng C) 
Before lyr (« (!) E) Armyn (the add. C) 

Btfft (hadde on hpn xxff {on hyin Iiad moay 

a C) teoujide, 
prt leale teolde (<tf >cnl myjt C) hrgnge a 

■man to gromide. 
But (om. E) wAa» |« kgng >ay it hsrdc 
Al to gedere boa itferdu, 
(So moche reme ]w ht hadde ]iere, 
(Re vtnde then lo retely there, C) 

Soj tieteTeavxiilen{ranaed4itimbeC)kiiii lere. 
e clepyd to hjfm (wmim anaa (aTioii than C) 
Mya oiene rfoitjii/r /an/nn 
And 3ayde: 'kelp (hi:le ^ou C], iyffliai 

(om. C) ]»K cart, 
( To hele (om. C) Jie moUTuiys off bis (doglity 

odd. C)man/ 
I notde (wolde not C) for al pai/nym£ londe 
losyan took Bofon loone (om. C) anon 
And to (hv,r add. C) duaanlyr !;«B?ie [caa 

(And add. C) fier! {'fey kydyn hem (scke 

kyasyd kym G)ful offte 
A%d helyd hym iwy^ (fei/re and C) sqffte 

Beves rose vp at her Byddyn;: 591 
•And home he went be-fforo the kynf;. 
On Beuea was there toliF that tyde 
I'hrjrt.ty woundes large and wyde ; 
Kyng Emiyn) ffrayned! hym the soth 

and hen! 
AH the treason, how it fferd ; 500 

Hym thought suche ruth am? pite, 
-The teris ran doivii) gret plente ; 
He SMti : ' Doughter losyaii), 

BML iojM ft* to.] went kym. forth 0. 

G94. lairgt\ longe 0. 

ESS. the Klh and] bo O ; ^ (!) M. 

M&.ffaTydiL EoineBeuysamdtluSaric^jm 

697. Eymfh.] He had O. 

Hele r.eues ^Tonndia, yf thou eaii ! 600 
I wolij not, as I vnderston'l. 
Lose his liffe IFot att my loml' I ' 
losyan to ciianiher gan hym lede 
And staunohid his woundiis, they sholi? 

not Uede ; 604 

With drinke aniJ aalffe she heliiJ hym 

And she kyasuif hym ffiiH ofte, 606 

i. Thai the O. Tan]/el 0. 

t. to — hymj dyd Betiya to chairibcr 0. 

L Andst.'] To slop 0. 

I. saluea and drynicn 0. 

i. Arul\ eucr amonge add. 0. JTiill} oin. 




]}at wi)) inne a lite stonde 

He was bo))e hoi and sonde. 

]}anne was he ase fresch to fi3t, 

So was pe faukoun to ))e flijt. 736 

His ofer prowesse who wile lere, 

Hende, herknef , and 30 mai here ! 

Awilde bor far was aboute, 739 
Ech man of him hadde gret doute, 
Man and houndes, pai he tok, 
Wi]) his toskes he al to-schok. 
pel him hontede kni3tes tene, 

J)ar of ne jef he noujt a bene. 744 

At is mou)> fif toskes stode^z out, 

Euerich was M euches about, 

His sides wer hard & strong, 

His brostles were gret & long, 748 

Him self was fel and kou])e fi^te, f. laoo*. 

"No man sle him ne mi3te. 

Beues lay in is bedde a ni3t 
And ))0U3te, a wolde kepen is mijt 752 
Vpon fat swin him self one, 
pai noman scholde wif him gone. 

733. pcUl SojfcUS; So ENC. wip inne] in 

734. He] B. SN. 6o>e] helid N ; om. S. 

735. panne] po SN. panne w. h,] And EC. 
ffers E ; for add. EC. 

736. Soois E; As is SNC. >e] om. (!) C. 
to >j] of SN. 

737. ffis] Of SN. who wUe] ^if ^ vnlU S ; 
^ mowe N. h>ere SN. 

738. ffende A.] Eerkenep of B, SN. mow 
lere SN. 

737 f. : 

For \e tymej jmt god made, 

Fyl \e cuppc <k rnake va glade ! £• 

So hyt hefelle vpon a day, 

Syr Befyee thogkt hym to play, C. 

739. was pere SNC. 

740. Buery man £S ; All men C. ?uid of him 
N. gret] om. ESC. 

741. For man E. houndes] heste al E ; all 
. Q ; woman SN. IxUJietAof bestes most(\) 


742. pat boor slowe ahov/te in )>a^ cost SN. 

743. pou) ^ £. huntye K 

744. ne \ef he] yme ^ S ; ^ yavA N. par — 
Ac] Of them he roght C. nouyt] not CN. 
Off cUle he nolde hym doute ]>en E. 

745. At] Of SN. Jif t, st] stood twoo tusJces 

746. Eytfi£r SN. vruhe S. 
745 f. om. EC. 

747. sides wer] hed was EC. <t] ek^ add. E. 

748. And his SN ; And C. brostles] ttuschys 
EC. iJfcre] he had C ; om. SN ; bo^ add. 
E. gret] hard S. 

749. self] }w< boor add. SN. and k, f] (f 
sy^t SN. 

750. sle—mi\te] durst wUh himfy^t SN. 
749 f. : 

No man durste hym assay, 
Nothur be nyght nor be day, C. 

751. lay — bedde] bejtoght hym on C. 

752. And] Ee E. a ioolde]for to SN. Onys 
with the bore tofyght, C. 

753. OnE, jxU s,] >e bore SN. Vpon— self] 
Wyth the bore he C. cUone ESNC. 

764. pai] And NC. 

So that in a lituH stound 

Beues was bothe hole andl sound. 608 

A wild bore was there aboute, 
AB. men of hym) had gret doute, 
INIan and beste, ati that he toke, 
With his tusshis he att to-shoko ; 612 
The Bore was raekj'^tt and ferly longe. 
His body was herd, his tusshis stronge, 

607. that] wUh O. 

613. mek,]greatO, ferly L] wonder stronge 0. 

614. ffis hede was great, his tunge was longe O. 

615. man d, h] one was greued 0. 

Ech man) dred hym, bothe knyght and 

To come in that Bonis metyng. 616 
' Lord,' thought Beues on a day, 
* Whefwre the bore be, as men say, 
Certes, my hert shall euer be sore, 
TiH I haue ffought with that bore ! ' 620 

616. For to 0. 

617. th^mght] saide 0. 

619. Sothly O. 

620. tha^ the 0. 



A morwe, whan hit was daz cler, 

Arise)) knijt and squier ; 756 

Beues let sadlen is ronsi, 

]?at bor a ]K)a3te to honti, 

A gerte him wi)) a gods bro7id 

And tok a spere in is hond, 760 

A scheld a heng ypon is side, 

Toward J>e wode he gan ride. 

losian, ))at maide, him be-held, 

Al hire loiie to him jhe fold ; 764 

To hire self 3he seide, p&c jhe stod : 

' Ne kepte y neuer more gode 

'Ne namore of al ))is worldes blisse, 

])anne Beues wij) loue o time te kisse ; 

In gode time were bore92, 769 

]}at Beues hadde to lemma?} koren ! ' 

\\o Beues in to ))e wode cam, 

J His scheld aboute is nekke a nam 

And tide his hors to an hei fom 773 

And blew a blast wi)) is horn ; 

pre motes a blew al arowe, 

pai fe bor him scholde knowe. 776 

j)o he com to pe bor is den, 

A se3 pev bones of dede men, 

755. ^] 0?i E ; On]>eC. whan] tho N. hU 
w. d.]^ (om. C) day was EC. dai\ (2a (!) 

756. ^arwE; Tjp row SNC. 

757. B.] He E. let ».] sadelyd G. 

758. The C. h(yr\ awyn E. 

759. a] hys E ; wel add. SN. 

760. m] on S. 
759 f. : 

He toke a gode swyrde yn honde 
Arid a spere, jkU was longe, C. 

761. A] His SNC. vpon] by SNC. 

762. Tow.] And to C. wode] felde BUI. 
locyan yn hur Uyinre lay 

And saweBefyse on hys patfray ; add. C. 
768. pe Tfuiide (maiden N) losyan SN ; As 
sehestode and C. 

764. 3A«] om. C. She louyd him wel in {ioun 
and (om. 'N)felde SN. 

765. To — seide] pan seid (she to (om. N) Tier 
self SN ; Than sche ^ht 0. ]^ 3. «.] 
with {in N) grcte mood SN. 

766. Ne kepe yS; I desyre C. 

767. Ne] Nor C. nam,] more SNC. al] om. 
SNC. >w w,] worldely C. 

768. panne] But C. ^i7/t«] 07tj/9 C. Beues 
— time] oones his swete m^nUh S. te] om. N. 

769. toere boren] bom she were SN ; were sche 
bore \an C. 

770. Thai my^t hym to hur lemman C ; Hiat 
my^t (may N) him haue to playfere SN. 

771. in] om. C. wode] f eld SN ; he add. N. 

773. <ycd SC ; rayTied (!) N. hn\ om. SNC. 

774. a] good add. SN. «?i>] m SN. blew — 
wip]full lowde can he blowe C. 

775. cU] euyn S ; on N. 

776. him sch,] my^t him S. 
775 f. ; 

A long myle he sogTU, 

Or he the borefynde moght, C. 

777. po] IVhen C. to] nye C. dm] so SNC ; 
dan (!) A. 

778. Jwr] >e S ; om. N. Iw &. q^] Tnany C. 
men] so SNC ; man A. 

Beues rose erly yppoh) a day 
And he sadullidl his palffraye ; 
He toke a sword stiffe and stronge, 
A stalworth sheld and spere longe ; 624 
Forth he prekyd ouer the feldl : t i»ia. 
losyan sawe and aH she be-heldl. 
Beues come to the wood, his spere he 
shoke, 627 

622. he] om. O. his] gode add. 0. 

624. stalw,] stronge 0. and] a add. 0. 

625. Then pryked he O. 

626. sawe] stode O. she] om. O. 

627. Whan B. 0. his sp,] om. 0. 

628. med,] necke 0. 

His sworde aboute his meduH he toke, 
His hors he tied be a thorne 
And lowde he gan blow his home, 
AH aboute the forest he sought, 
But the Bore ffound he nought, 632 
Tin he come at the devillt/a denne, 
There found he meuy dede men), 

629. be] to 0. 

630. Tieg,] began to 0. 

631. Alt] Bminde 0. forest] so ; bore M. 

632. BtU] of add. O. 

633. at] to 0. dev,] bores 0. 

634. he] om. M. 



])e bor hadde slawe m }q wode, 779 
leten here ilesch & dro7^ke her blode. 
* Aris ! ' quef Beucs, * corsede gast, 
And jem me bataile wel in hast ! ' 
Sone 80 pe bor him si^, 
A reixle is brosteles wel an hi3 784 
And starede on Beues wip eien ho^we, 
Also a wolde hiin haue a-swolwe ; 
And for fe bor jenede so wide. 

A spere Beues let to him glide ; 788 

On ]>e Beholder he smot ]>e bor, - - 

His spere barst to pises ^ore ; 

\>e bor stod stille ajen ]>e dent, 

His hyde was harde ase eni flent. 792 

Now al to-borste is Beues spere, t i806iw 

A drouj his swerd, hiTTi self to were, 

And fau^t c^en pe bor so grim, 

A smot ))e bor and he to him. 796 

779. That ]>c bore C; pcUhe SN. Juuide al] 
slewe C. 

780. Ictcn] ^cU C. here] ]xr C. Tier] be C. 

781. quc]t £.] he seide SN ; \Hnc add. SNC. 
eor8ede]foule C. 

782. jcm] ^etie SNC. wet] ri\b N ; om. S. 
%eni — weV] batayle \h)u geue me C. 

783. Sone Jw S ; WJien C. him] Beuya SN ; 
air Befyae C. 

784. rerde] aet vp SN ; act C. wet] avryth 
SN ; vp C. an] om. SN. 

785. atarede] loJced SN. on him SN ; om. C. 
trt]>] hya add. C. howe (!) A. 

786. Oa C ; Ry^t aa SN. him] Sir Befyse C. 
haue] om. SNC. awolwe SNC. 

787. And] om. C. for] )» SN ; om. C. 
hor] rooa Jc C. 3^.] ^an 3^714; SN. ao] 
om. SNC. 

788. A— let] Befyae let ]>e apere C. B, (om. N) 
with a apere to (B, til N) him gan ryde SN. 

789 f. : 

The bore Tie am^otCy him aelf gan were, 

A twoo peeea braJc {braat N) hia apere. SN. 

A grete apere to hym he bare, 

Hyt brake yn two pecya d: mjare ; 

The hedd of aiele, pat waa well wro^t. 

With ynne pe bore cam>e hyt noght, C. 

791. Stylle he atode agenate C. 

792. hyde] aydea SN ; ?iedd C. tuere SN. 
harder C. a^ae eni] ao pe SN ; pen pe C. 

798. Now] \>enne S ; IVhen C. al tobraat 

S ; al tolyroke N ; broken C. ia'\ waa ayr 

C ; om. S. 
794. drm^] toke SN. aeJf] wUh S ; /or N ; 

om. C. 
796. And] B. SN. ojen] toUh SN. gym (!) 

796. A] And N. amoi] at add. S. fo] a< S. 

That in the wood! the Bore slewe, 
The bloodi he drinkyth, the flesh he 



* Arise,' saic? Beues, ' thou ffoule geste, 
And geve me batett here in haste 1 ' 
Whan the Bore Beues sye, 

He set his Brystullz^^ aH on hye, 640 
And he stand wtth eycn) holowe. 
As he wold? Beues swoolow. 

* Of the,' said? Beues, * I haue mervayH : 
FuH w^ I haue be-sett my travayti ! ' 

635. WhyeheO, the] that O, 

636. dranke 0. 

637. Biae, he aaide 0. beate 0. 

638. geve] agayn^t 0. Jtere in] thou 0. 

639. B, aye] of Beuya had an iye O. 

641. And] om. O. with] hia add. O. 

642. Byght aa 0. awoolow] corrected with 
darker ink from awaloo M. 

A spere Beues to hym) bare, 645 

On ffourty pecis it brake thare, 
Att to lethy the spere was wrought, 
For in the Bore bote it nought. 648 
His swonJ he drew, hym) to were. 
But there myght no thing him dere ; 
Beues thought at iche dynte. 
That he hadf smetyn) on a fflynte, 652 
And the Bore stroke tb Beues hard, 
That neYure was kydl no cowanl. 

643. Jiaue 1 0. 

644. Full] om. 0. aeU O. 

645. Beuya to hym a apere dyd bare O. 

646. In aeucn 0. it hr,] Tie braat it 0. 

647. lethy] weyke 0. 
650. thing] dynt 0. 

653. And] om. 0. am^ 0. B,]80 add. 0. 

654. nevure — no] Tie waa nere hande ataytU O 



]?us pQ bataile gan leste long 

Til )>e time of euesong, 

pat Beues was so weri of fou3te, 

]?at of is lif lie ne roujte, 800 

And ))o )>e bor was also, 

Awai fro Benes he gan go, 

Wile Beues made is praier 

To god and Man, is moder dere, 804 

Whajyer scholde oper slen : 

VJif |)at com J>e bor ajen 

And bente is brostles vp, sannfaile, 

A^en Beues to )eue bataile ; 808 

Out at is mou)> in ai])er side 

j)e f oim f ul f em gan out glide ; 
And Beues in ))at ilche venev, 
J)our3 godes grace & is vertv 
Wip is swerd out a slinte 
Twei toskes at pe ferste dent ; 
A spanne of pQ groin be-fom 
Wip is swerd he haj) of schoren. 
Jjo fe bor so loude cride, 
Out of fe forest wide and side, 
To )>e castel pax ])at lai Ermin, 
Men herde pe noise of pe swin ; 
And, alse he made pat lopeli cri, 
His swerd Beues hasteli 




797. gan L] lasted SN. 

798. >e t,] tyme passed SN. euynsong SN. 
795—798 : 

The batell was strong ^ y yow say, 
Tyll noon of the day, C. 

799. poo was B, SN. qflfor C. fy^t (I) S ; 
fagU (!) C. 

800. A«] 80 SK ; A^ (!) A. roght he noght C. 

801. ])o] om. SN. And— was] In lyke ease 
was "pe wylde bore C. 

802. Bmes] him SNC. hecanB\ dud he 0. 

803. X>e while SK. Thm made Befyse C. 

804. god:\ Xcsu C. Jfari] to SN ; om. C. 

805. fFTiepero/hemS'^. 

807. bentel rered SN. vp\ om. SN. 

808. ysue\ do SN. 

809. a£\ of SN. in a.] on euery SN. 

810. footn SN. fid] om. SN. fersly S. otU] 
om. S. 

811. in] at SN. (hUk N. 

818. ont a sL] sfnot and mynt SN. 

814. Tfw SN. toskes] a {at N) twoo add. SN. 
pef,] 00 S. 

815. \fegr,]his browe S ; his hrayne N. brfore S. 

816. of] hU N ; om. S. 
816 put before 815 S. 

817. And ))o ^ SN. 

818. Out^and] pat erye (Tie N) toas herd in 
eche SN. 

819. ^] om. SN. 

820. noise] erye SN. pe] pat SN. 

821. Wyde (So lowde N) he yined and lowde 
(gan erye (eride N) SN. 

822. Eis s, B,] And B, his stoerd SN. 

With oute reste tho ffought they, 
Titt it was none of the day. 656 

^* Lord,' said Beues, ' helpe and mercy 1 
I am so wery, me thinkyth, I dye ! ' 
The bore was ifeynt and febuU also. 
Fro Beues than) can he goo ; 660 

Than said? Beues : * That wold nevw?'e 

That I shold lose my vertue thus ! 
Certes,' said Beues, *tyde, what wyH 

The tone of vs shaH: dede abyde ! ' 664 
Beues sewith the Bore in to the playn), 
The Bore sye that and tumyd ageyn) ; 
As the Bore come gapyng in the way. 
The oupr groyne smote Beues a-way. 

655. tho] so O. 

659. feble and faint 0. 

660. And from 0. than] om. 0. 

661. not lesu O. 

662. thus Use my vertue O. 

> f. 1316. 

663. Certes] Betyde 0. tyde w, w,] what me 0. 

664. The one O. 

665. setvith] me^ O. to] om. 0. 

667. the B.] he O. in the w.] al to wonder 0, 

668. smote B. a^-way] he smote in sunder O. 



In at ]>e moii]) gan )>re8te po 

And karf his hertte euene ato : 824 

pe swerd a breide ajen fot hot 

And pe bor is heued of smot, 

Axit* on a tronsoun of is spere 

j)a,t heued a stikede for to bere. 828 

]?anne a sette horn to moa])e 

And blew Je pris ase wel kou)>e, 

So glad he was for is honting. 

];at heued a ])0U3te losian bring : 832 

& er he com to ))at maide fre, 

Him com strokes so gret plente, 

]?at fain he was to weren is hed 

And sane him self fro pe ded. 836 

Astiward was vnp king Ermin,^ 
]}at hadde ti^t to sle ])at swin ; 
To Beues a bar gret en vie, * f. wo6». 

For )>at he hadde pe meistrie ; 840 
He dede arme his kui3tes stoute, 
Foure and twenti in a route, 
And ten f orsters also he tok 
And wente to wode, seip pe bok, 844 
)par of ne wiste Beues nou^t : 
f-Helpe him god, pat alle J)i?ig wrou3t ! 

823. ])e] om. K. gan jn-,] Tie {hit K) prast 

805—824 : 

That (xm of vs my^t odur sloo, 

Or ])at we parte yn two. 

Be ^ come }» bare agayne 

Arid B^yae to hym with my^t <k mayne. 

The bore ranne with all hys my^t, 

Ageyne Befyaefor tofygkt, 

Bcfyae hys sioyrde owt hent 

And hys tuschys he all torent, 

That pe borefelU to grownde^ 

He was so smetyn yn ]fat stoundey 

And vrith hys stvyrde }pe bore he stonge 

Thorow \>e lyuyr ds )» longe, C. 

825. pat SN. a br. a).] a^eyn he tok ^\ 
anonc N. pe—foti And wUh hys swyrde 
as C. 

826. Andl om. C. \fe] }mt SN. of] he add. 

827. An/jl] om. SC. on] vpon C. tronchon 
C ; troTichen S ; l/roMihyn N. is] a C. 

828. The S. a U. /or] he put {picchid IS) 
home SN. He set the hed of the bore 0. 

829. panne] And after SN. sette] his add. S. 

880. >e] om. SN. ase] he add. SN. 

881. for] of SN. is] that N ; om. S. 

832. /08.]toadd. SN. 

833. Jb] But SN. ]>at] )w N. 

834. To him N. strokes so] enemys SN. 

835. pat — was] He was (Jut fayn {ycel fawe 


837. m])] the add. N. 

838. ti^t] "pouxt S ; Uhought N. 

839. bar] had ^1^, 

840. ]tat] om. SN. 

841. He dede] And lete SN. his kn,] kny^tes 
wel SN. 

842. in] on SN. 

843. also] with him SN. 

844. to] fe add. S. wode] so add. SN. 

845. ne] om. SN. B.] ry^ add. SN. 

846. Him hilp {halp N) SN. ping] hap S. 

Evyn thorough oute the Bore he bare 

And clef te his herte in sonder thare, 

And with his sword also bote 

The Boris hede of he smote ; 672 

Vppon a trunchyn) of a spere 

The hede he stekyd? forth to bere. 

That syo the fosters of that foreste, 

669. In at the movihe he bare the bore O. 

670. daue O. 

671. Than 0. also h,] al in hast 0. 

672. smote] cast 0. 

673. Vppon] And on 0. 
674. /orJJA] /or 0, 

How Beues had slayn) that foule beeste; 
They said? : * Now is this disspite, 677 
That he hath slayn this bore so tyte ; 
Go we to hym, we shaft hym sloo 
And take the Borus hede hym fEroo ! 
Than) shaft we haue honowrea, 681 
Like as we were conquerourea I ' 

675. fosters] so O ; foster M. 

677. Now — dissp.] we heme great disdayne 0. 

678. slayn] om. 0. so t.] slayne O. 

681. h^ue] al the add. 0. 

682. Like] Byght 0. 


F In ia wei he rit paa for pas. 
Herkue]) now a ferli caa : 
A wande pasi in grip & pea, 
Jjfl sLiward cride : ' Leif on & slea ! 

Beuea aej, fiat hii tu him ferde, 
A wolde drawe to is swerde ; 
]]anne hadde he leaed it par, 
pat he hadde slawe pe \iot. 
He nadde BOpiug, hii» self to were 
Eoute a tronsoun of a epere. 
)3o was Belles sore desmeid, 
)}s heued fro pe tionBouii a braid, 

' HAMTOU.T. 41 

And wi]) pe bor is heucd a fau;t 
And wan a awerd of niicho niaujt, 860 
)3at M orgelat was cleped, aplijt : 
Beter swerd bar neuer knijt. 
-f)o Beues hadde fat swerd an hond,— 
Among fie hefeue knijtes a wo7id, 864 
And sum vp(m fe helm a hitte, 
In to fo sadel lie hem slitte, 
And sum knijt Beues so ofraiijto, 
J3e heued of at (le ferste draujte, 868 
So harde he gan to lein aboute 
Among |)e hej^ene kiujtes stoute, 

847. ft*— pas] rut (om, N) he gan pace (pas N) 


8i9. pati in] to jiace (pas N) with SX. 
8S0. criile — on] leip ; xnyltf him S ; aeid : 

imyle him S. 
829— 8B0 ; 

Bifyat leaa glad of \ai th^ii/e 
And went bomicard to )k kunge. 

At he went yn hya viay. 
Be TOKM XII foatera, at y yow say, 
WeU armyd ynlothe tOhe, 
And all moa-yn B'fyse delhe. C. 
%Sl. hiitii\y.yirtithSS. mytferdcSS. Then 
1 Bffyse wysU how hytfarde C. 
\ 862. -J] And SN. A— to] He VKnyd to hai:e 

■ C. 

' 854. por— >b] Ther IJa N) he b/oui be wyldc 
853 f: Then he had the swyrde lewyd, 

i] the C. Irmuhon N ; tronchyn S. 
Ironchyn 3. 

■7. pert 8 ; Therfore N 
858. /Tom SN. tnmehon 
85B. «/.] gan/yit SN. 
880. a] ft« SN. myji SN. 

861. ap^ijil lyfl SN. 

862. ^ ftrfii- N. iiw] 7«irf N. 

863. tai] hig SN. an] in S. 

865. on SN. 

866. pal doan of his tadul he pit (piUe N) 

887. kn'jitea SN ; nyr add. S. so] oni. SN. 
araiight N ; rau^t S, 

868. Hit 8N. Atirfw N. of] tcypt add. SN. 

869. to] om. SN. 


3 shohJ passe with pley and 

They hym be-sett on) yche syde ; 68i 

Thes fosteis were woH annetJ XII 

And Beves nakydl but hym) aelfe ; 

. Beues shold his sweni take, for to say, 

I The Bcabaide he ffonnif , the sword ^eas 

aivay, t isia. 688 

For he hod! his swerde kvyil! 
There he smot of the borua heda 
Than he had hym nonjt wi(A to were. 
But a tronchyn) of a spere. 692 

The ffosters he bete down) 
With a dynte of a trounchoii) ; 
Nyue he slouje at dyntt;' thre, 
The tother tlire awey gan flee. 696 

B95. Ai!]BoO:JndX. faaae— pride] fro Ihe 689. 

fortat ryde O. 690. 

MB. The XII fosters were armed oehe one O. 691. 

886. S.]imMttdd. 0. hat, h. s.] ^ al alone 0. 692. 

887. B'han B. 0. his— say] handc on his 693. 
swerde la'/ O. 69+. 

888. Ihc) his O. wat] so ; om. M. 696. 

his I. I.] Uft his stBcrde thors 0. 
Wh/irc lie skiee the wyldc bore O. 
he — miih] had he nought hym O. 
a] the 0. 

T/ie] Thre 0. ■ smote he 0. 
dynlc] stroke 0. a] his 0. 
The I.] And alhcr 0. 




psit non ne pasede horn, apli3t ; 

So fourj fe grace of god almijt 872 

pQ kinges stiward a hitte so, 

)pat is bodi a clef ato. 

pe dede kors a piUte adou;» 

And lep him self in to pe arsouw. 876 

Jjjit strok him ))0U3te wel iset, 

For he was horsed meche bet. 

He ])0U3te make pes down rijtes 

Of fe f orsters ase of fe kni3tes ; 880 

To hem faste he gan ride ; t isiaA 

];ai gonne schete be ech a side, 

So maiii arwes to him ))ai sende, 

Uiinepe a mi3te him self defewde, 884 

And ))o in a lite stounde 

pe ten forsters wer feld te gronnde, 

And hew hem alle to pices smale : 

So hit is fonde in frensche tale. 888 

losian lai in a castel 
& se3 pat sconfit euerich del : 
' Mahoun,' 3he seide, * oure dri3te, 
JiiVhat Beues is man of meche mi3te ! 
Al fis world 3if ich it hedde, 893 

Ich him jeue me to wedde ; 
Boute he me loue, icham ded : 
Swete Mahoun, what is ]>e red 1 896 
Loue-longing me haf be-coujt, 
Jjar of wot Beues rijt nou3t.' 
))us pat maide made hire mon, 
pSLT 3he stod in ))e tour al on, 900 

And Beues |>ar ]>e folk be-leued 
And wente hom wij) pe heued ; 
))at heued of )>at wilde swin 
He presente to king Ermin. 904 

871. ne] om. S. Turni] him SN. 

872. So ]Hmr^ Jxj] It was throwe (by S) SN. 

873. hitte] smot SN. 

874. pat] alle add. N. eleuyd S ; claiLe N. 

875. pe d.] And dide his {that N) SN. a p.] 
put S; pit's, 

876. him self] hastely SN. 

877. heset SN. 

880. ase] and SN. 

881. And to SN. 

882. And Jxjy SN. he] in S ; oti N. a] om. SN. 

884. pat vnneth S ; T?iat vnneOiis N. self] 
om. SN. 

885. And \>o] so SN ; Solpai (!) A. lyUl SN. 

886. wer feld] hefel SN. 

887. h&w] smot SN. to] in SN. 

888. So— fonde] As (And S) y fynde SN. 
frensche] ^firste (!) SN. 

889. paJt los, SN. a] \>e SN. 

890. 8confU]fy^tyng SN. 

891. 3f,]A god SN. 

892. pat SN. man ofm.]80 much of SN. 
894. Ich h, 3.] / wolds ^eue B, SN. 
857—894 : 

Two fosters he smote doume 

Wyth )w dynte of hys tronchon; 
VI he slows al dyntys thre, 
And odur two awey can flee; 
And aftur ]>ai aweyfledd HIT, 
Thai sawe pe mxiydyn yn hur boiore, 
Sche seyde : * Be Alahounde, Jmc^ ys bryytf 
Befyse ys a man ofmekyll myghL* C. 

895. icham] but add. SNC. 

896. Mah.] lesu SN. pe] my SN. 

897. me hap] y haue C. cau\^ SC ; ioaiAght N. 

898. And per qfO, B, toot ry^t SN ; wottyp 
my lemTnan C. 

899. maide repeated in A. 

900. stod] lay SN. }>e] pat S. 

901. Beues par pe] perfore (per with N) B. 

899—901 . 

The mayde yn hur towre lay 
And that wondu/r-syght say. 
How Befyse pe fosters leuydd, C. 

902. pe] bores add. SNa 

903. The SNC. 

904. Ife presented (hit add. N) to SN ; Tb 
present per with C. 

904 put before 903 C. 

Beues with the hede went forth his way, 
losyan sye aH, there she lay ; 698 

Such love losyan to hym caste. 

697. Beuys went wyth the hede a way 0. 

698. los. — there] Al sawe losian where 0. 

699. los, to h.]on hym she O. 

That never shall ffall, but euerlaste. 700 
The hede of the wylcJ swyne, 
Beues presentidi it kyng Ermyn). 

700. shall ff.] dydfayle 0. euer] dyd add. 0, 
702. U] to 0. 

[ Jte king )?nr of was glad & l)lii)(! 
And |)aiikede him fill mani a si)ii.', 
Ac he ne wiste fer of nowijt. 
How ie atiward to lit-fe was Jijt. i 
\ "tvB jer after fiat batiLiIe, 
R X J5at Beues fe bur gaji asailc, 
I A king fer com in to Eriuoiiie 

And foiijte winne wi)) meistrie S 
— losiane, fat maide btijt, 

J)at louede Beues wifi al hire mijt 
_ Brademoiid cride, aso he wcr wod, 
To king Erniin, far a atod : 9 


' King,' a seide swijjo hiiue, 

' Jem me fe doujter to wiue ! 

Jef fiovr me wernest, wi)i outeK faile, 

[ scliel winne hire in plain hataile, 920 

On fele half i schel fe anvjc, 

And al [le londe I schel dcetnije 

And |)e sIp, so mat be-tide, 

And lay liire a ni3t be me side, 934 

And after i wil« f e doujtej- jeue (. laio'. 

To a weine pain, fiat ia for-driue I ' 

Erraiu anawerde liliue an hije : 927 

' Be Mahonn, sire, Jiow schelt lije 1 ' 

■MB. jK—ofI pBro/AeBN, 

B06. Jud] Ee S. him] Befym C, /«! m. a] 

an hundred 8N ; fde C. 
■07. Ae\ But 8N. As] om. N, nine.] 

"■ it] Jw SN. diil] brouji S, 
pre jer] Thenne mme SS. 
^.t] am. 3. in] om. SS. 
>on]&iJ to add. SN. 
Tiiaide] hcrde SN. 
cridt] he (om. S.) grad SW. 
me. Big/U to N. Jring E,] ]>e king SJf. 
iSOT— B16 : 

And i^ittr Iwf tytg ..irmpi rjwii a liiy, 
v4i A« yn A;/« Uncre lay. 
An h^ihea kyng he same come {len 
Wyth «yzfy X. of doijJil}/ men ; 
Of IkfmaiAe Tie kygld Sradmondi, 
He wu tfone tafett locya-a JxiJ stonnd/-,. 
He spake to Armyn vrilh proicde mode 
In thefylde ^rs he stode : C. 

917. King] Sir SN ; Armyn add. C. smh>c] 

ale SN. Uim] om. C. 
B18. to] my add. SNC. 
B19. me hw loemyat N ; mi/ jkI!/ C. ii'.'/(A 

owf C ; iiiun; 3 ; ntm (!) N. 

920. achel] wyll C. Aur vsynm SSC. i>i] 
with SN. pUini/yue N ; om. SC. 

921. Onf.h.](M filde hay N j ^nti f/n tt« 
/j/Jrfe C. sehel] wylle SNC. on.] noye C ; 
enuyroun, SN. 

822. ji»Hi— towfe] ^ii iAy (on<J;/s C. Destroy 

)iy imda aTid t/iy croan SN. 
022 put before 921 C. 
923. M lo add. SN. 
921. Aire an.]]ni douiler SN. 
ess. ii<n(ite(!) A. 
923-829 om. C. 

927. Enilin] The leyng 0. Wuc] om. C. 
Thanne seide king Ermyn with onde SN. 

928. Mah.] god SN. sire] om. SNC. Hie] 
dye C ; ie wUhstmde SN, 

Than at the aiste rose Beues lase 

"WithaH tho, that riduthanjgoos. 704 

Sone after that tyme 

Come lydingps to kyng Ermyn) 

IFro kyng Bradmonil of Damns, 707 

That swore be Mahound? and Golias, 

But kyng Erniyu) geve hym as hlyve 

103. /i/rsl 0. lose] pryse O. 

704. That teas bothe eurleia and v:yge 0. 

jOS. that t.) Tiat longe dv/Tynge O. 

706. tyd.1 a mesianger 0. Jc. E.] Ermyne 

the kyngeO. 
709. Jlai] if add. 0. geve—blyiv] u-Wtoui 


losyan, Ids dought«r, to wyffe. 
In aH his land he wold! hym noye 711 
And aH his castellis he woltl distroye, 
And tolil hym), in the ffurst weke of May 
Sholdt he come and his day, 714 
And lede away his doughter than) 
And aH his landu« stroye and bran]. 

710. Jos. — Ui] Sen-U losian, lo behia 0, 

71 1. all h, I.] Tnany isayet O. 

712. easL he lo.] londe robbe and O. 

713. told h.] laide 0. ineke] day 0. 

714. Sh. he] That he Kolde 0. 

715. A»d\ To 0. 

716. loiidcQ. 



Adoun of his tour a went 
And after al is knijtes a sent 
And tolde hem, hoio Brademowd him 
asailed hadde, 931 

And askede hem alle, what hii radde. 
^ word )>anne spak ))at maiden bri3t : 
* Be Mahoun, sire ! wer Beues a kni3t, 
A wolde defende fe wel inouj : 
Me self i sej, whar he slou^ 936 

3our owene stiward, him beset, 
Al one in )>e wode wi)> him a met, 
At wode he hadde his swerd beleued, 
Jjar he smot of fe bores heued ; 940 
He nadde no])ing, him self to were, 
Boute a tronsoun of is spere, 

And )our stiward gret peple hadde, 

Four and twenti knijtes a ladde, 944 

Al y-armed to fe fej), 

And eueri hadde swore is dej>, 

And ten forsters of ))e forest 

WiJ) him a broujte ase prest, 948 

}?at ))0U3te him haue slawe pore 

And take ))e heued of ))e bore, 

And )eue )>e stiwaixl ))e renou;i. 

]>o Beues sej pat foule tresoun, 952 

A leide on wi]> pe bor is heued, 

Til fat hii were adoun i-weued, 

And of pe stiward a wan pat day 

His gode swerd Morgelay, 956 

930. aX\ om. S. al is] om. G. knJ\ fcle 
add. C. 

931. tolde hem how] so SN ; om. (!) A. asailid 
hym N ; seid him S. 

932. hiq ^y SN. 
931 f. : 

Aind tolde ^em^ with owtfayle. 

How Bradrrumde wolde hym assayte, C. 

933. jwuwe] om. SNC. maid NO. 

934. Mah.] lem (!) SN. £e—wer] Syr, do 
make C. a] om. SNC. 

935. vjyll C. def, ))e] ^ow (the N) socoure SN. 
the helpe C. 

936. Me self] F&r C. 

937. otvene] om. SN. stiw,] ^ had add. S ; 
hiTii] had add. N. 

938: WUh XXIJII kny^tes he him m£t 
In 'pe wood, as it is seene, 
And toithjffbsters ten bydene (om. N). SN. 

939. At wode] ^U S ; And yet N. leuyd S. 

941. And had SN ; with him add. S. him 
self] with him N ; om. S. 

942. is] a N. 

948. And] om. SN. hadde] lad SN. 

944. ladde] hadde SN. 

945. Al\ Wel SN. yarm^d] in add. SN. 
te}f] dejf (!) A. 

946. euerychone S ; eche N. hodden S. Bwwe] 
B, add. N. 

947. And] The S. 

948. Wip — {Me] Alle with him %eden fvX SN. 

949. pfi^] And SN. Am] to SN. tHawii 
him add. SN. 

950. And] he add. SN. tok SN. 
961. ^eue] smot S. J«] ^ S ; gret N. 
952. Bmes] he SN. 

954. \Hxt — iw,] \>ey were al dedde SN. 

955. of — wan] he wan of \>e steward SN. 

Kyng Ermyn) was wode and? wrothe ; 
He send^ after Erles andl barons bothe 
And told? hem all, Yiitli oute ffayH, 
How Bradmond? the kyng hight hym 
batayti. foi. i326. 720 

A worde spake losyan) the bryght : 
* Be Mahoun, were Beues a knyght, 

717. and] om. (!) 0. 

718. He] And 0. 

719. them 0. 

720. How — hym] That kynge Bradmonde had 
them O. 

721. A w.] Than 0. 

He wold you socoure well I-nowe ! 
My selfe sye, where that he slowje 724 
Nyne fosters at dyntes thre 
Andf opwre thre they gan) to fflee. 
And he had? nought hym vifth to were, 
But a tronchoun) of a spere ! ' 728 

722. Mah,] si/r add. 0. a] om. 0. 

724. where thai] whan 0. 

725. dyntes] strokes O. 

726. they gan to] away gan 0. 

727. And] Vet 0. v;Uh] om. 0. 

728. a] the O. 

J}a ten foretera also a slouj 

And horn a paseile wel inouj, 

jKit he of hem haJde no lojie.' 

King Ermyn ^nnna swor is ofe, 900 

J)at ho sclinlde ha naked knijt, 

His huner to bora in fat fijt. 

He clepeJe Beues at Jiat sake 9G3 
And aeide : ' Kni;t ioh wile fio make : 
Jjow schelt beve in to bataile 
Me baner, Erademond to asaile ! ' 
— Beuea answerde wiji blife mod : 
' Blepehch,' a aeide, ' be fe rod ! ' 968 
King Ermin J» anon rijte t lain. 

967. alio] yere SN. 

95S, kom a p.] paiacd hoom SN. 

959. hadilei/hemS. 

957 — 969: Two foafera he smote adaume 
With )m dyate of Aj/i titnuJum, 
VI he shwe at djpdya Ihre, 
AxdOfiv/r VII ainay oim flee. 
They weni aweyfiiU lafothe. C. 
pet' " ' --■■ - "" 

961. 1 , 

963. And hya C. Jwrf] euery 

9S3. <a yai\foT hnr S. 

98*. KiiiJ— H y ghal (>« foij^i SN. 

S63 £ : S^yae, he seyde, bt now dygU : 
Now y wyll |k d-uiibe knyght; C. 

B67. lide SN. Jiijw] Taylde SNC. 

B6S. <t ».i cm. SN. Ble]>. a c] Oladly, syr, y 
muiyfadoO. ye\goodad!L ^■,holyaM.'S. 

969. H am. SN. 

970. mto^tobe SN. 

971. a 

Dobbcdo lionos vn-to knijto 
And ^af him a suhetil gode & siir 
Wijj ftre eglen of aaur, 972 

)3o champe of gold ful wel i-dijt 
Wiji fif /ables of seiner brijt ; 
Sife a geite him wif Moi'gelay, 
A gonfanoun wel stout and gay 976 
loaian him brou^te for to here. 
Sent of fe seheld, y joiv awere 1 

Beues dede on ia actoun, 
Hit was worj) mani a tonn ; 980 

An hauberk him broajte fat mai. 
So seiden alle pat hit isai ; 

972. e/jl^es SN. qHfwe nld- SN. 

973. p-:] A N. f-u£\ om, SN. 
97J.^]om.8N. labelleeS,:lambcU{'.)S. 

sailea (!) A. 
975. And Klhen ('ith N) SN. 

978. A gonf. iDeT\ A mjFjt(!) taan vtel S ; 
IVhiche v>a> bothe N. 

878. Scnt—adteU] Mauberk, aclon SN. 
889—978 om. C. 

979. M]agodeC. halton(\)0. 
S80. Farhil'S. 
mhA7i,]AiidanlhuS)SS. hamicTh(l)3. 

broglit him C. him — mat] iat %lk (same 
H) day SN. 
882. So] pen SN. aeiden a.] he sayde C. 
»ay SNC. 
[ T/uit ]wy (ne add. N) sej/ naier siuxhc any, 
[Afeyrcr fen he same eacr any, C] 
ffU iros (lUM N) *M( )w wsil (wcj^i C) of a 
pcny. add. SNC. 

SaitJ the kyng ; ' There fore wo shaH not 
lett I ' 729 

He made Benea be-ffore hym fFctt 
And dubbyt.1! than) Benes a knyght, 
Ha made hym) chefteii) ffor to flight ; 
ruH wole he dy<l the kynges jnrney 
With mekyH hoste ageyn) the day. 

Therfore, eaidc the Icynge^hal wi O. 
Be m.] BKtleiO. be-f. ft.] tovebeO. 
And] Be O. Beaya thaji O. 
He] And 0. ehe/l.] hanvs 0. 
he--^'arney] the kynge gan hym puraay 0. 
Tiui.] a urtai O. the] that O. 
Benya, taide t!ie kykge, heipe at this 

The kyng aaidi to Boues : ' At my nedo 
AH myn) hoste now ahalte thou lode : 
Arms tlie tite anr? take tlie ffeldi, 737 
For Bradmond biduth vnder shold I ' 
Beues dyd on) an haburgin:), 739 

Was wrought in meny a good town). 


788. ForalO. hos(e—lhou]menlhottahaltO. 

737. ttie] ryghi O. thef] thy shcldf, 0. 

738. Ktftige Sradmimde abydelh the in, the 
fdde 0. 

739. an hah.] his nuctowncjl) 0. 

740. Thai had angrai many a lovme O. 



Hit was wel iwroujt & faire, 

Non egge tol mi^te it noujt paire. 984 

After ^at 3he jaf him a stede, 

\)fxt swi))e gcxle was at nede, 

For hit was swift & emede wel : 

Me clepede hit Arondel. 988 

Beucs in pe sadel lep, 
His ost him folwede al to hep 
WiJ) baner brijt & scheldes schene, 
Jpretti ))08ent and fiftene. 992 

\)Q ferste schcld trome Beues nam, 
Brademond ajenes him cam : 

983. loel iwr.] so wel wrtmxt S ; iwro'^t so wel 
N ; Hit — iiar.] Wroght hyt was well C. 

984. Non — mi^te] per my\t nothing SN. 
nou%t p."] apaire SNC. 

Than came loeyan, thai maye. 
And broght hys swyrde Mordelay ; 
Ther was Tume bettur vndv/r sonne. 
Many a londe ther with was toonne, add. C. 

985. 4fter \>at] Also SN ; ^yt C. 

986. swi]^ — a^] was good at eche (euery C) 

987. hit] h-e SNC. swift] wyght C. ranne 
SNC. fultvel N ; so snelle S. 

988. TherforemenSN, hU;]himB^C. 

989. And B. in to SN. 

990. to] 071 an (om. N) SN. 

991. haners SN. 

992. WellXXX{XX^)%Yi. 

993. schilton (!) N. 
989—993 : 

In all }py8 worlde was hors noon^ 
That sofaste myght goon ; 
Syr Befyse yntope sadull startyth, 
He towehyd nodur starop nor gyrthe, 
Kyng JSrmyn with \>e hire berde 
Ihibbyd hym knyght with a sioyrde 
And gaf hym a gode home, 
In pat tyme was none bettur wome, 
- And betaght hym goost grym^ 
And XX M, mem, with hym. 
Bffyse hys home can bUnoe, 
For pat hys men schulde hym knowe, 
A grete oost with hym he name. C. 

994. Kyn^ Bradmonide C ; with his m^en 
N) add. SN. oj^yw SNC. 

And an haubarke losyan) hym) brought, 
And an helme weft I-wrought ; 742 
Than gave hym that ffeire may 
His good? sword? Morglay ; 744 

There was none better vnder the son), 
Many a londl with that was won), 
losyan) gave hym) suche a stede, 
The beste, that euer was at nede ; 748 
He was so swifte and so sneft, 
Men callidi hym Arondeft ; 
Ther was no hors in the world so 
stronge, 751 

^That myght ffolowe hym) a fur longe. 
Sir Beues, in the sadutt he light, ^ u issa. 

losyan smiled, that is so bryght ; 
Beues gan than) his home blowe, 
For aft his hoste sholdl hym knowe. 756 
Beues lad? vfith hym, I vnderstond, 
Of boldf Sarzins XX** thousand. 
And yet they, that were theire ffoo, 
Had? also meny moo ; 760 

And whan Beues come in to the ffeld, 
Bradmond? the kyng stode and be-held; 
A lowde lau^ter lou3e Bradmond? thoo, 
For he sye, there was no moo ; 764 
Eyther oste can opur^ ascrye, 
They shott dartis on eyther party e, 

741. And] om. 0. 

742. SotJUy, a better was neuer wrought, 0. 
An helme she gatce hym gode andfayre. 
There myght no thyn^g^ it apayre. add. O. 

744. His] A O. sw,] that hyght add. O. 

746. with that] thenoyth 0. 

747. suche] sithen 0. 

748. was at n,] on grminde yede 0. 

749. Ful wel I can his name telle : O. 

752. hymfolowe 0. 

753. Sir] om. O. he] om. 0. 

754. smyled] so ; symled (!) M. is] was 0. 

755. than] om. 0. 

756. For all] That 0. 

758. Sarzin>s] barons 0. 

759. they th, w.] there was of O. 

760. For Bradmonde had 0. 

761. And] om. 0. in] om. 0. 

762. the k.] om. 0. and] hym add. O. 

763. A — lou^e] Lowde laughed O. 

764. For] Whan 0. wa^ were 0. 

765. oste] om. 0. o\>ure] oft add. 0. 


His baner bar |w king Itedefouji, 
]^t Icuede on sire Mahoim. 996 

—Row he wus also a sdiep, 
Beaes of bim nnni gode kep. 
He Bmot Arondel wi(p spures of golde ; 
Jjaniie t>oi]>te |)tit hors, )iat he scbolde, 
Ajen Eedefonii Eeues gan ride 1001 
And smot liim fourj out bofe side, 

695. M oni. SNC, Badfon S ; Sa/m C ; 

B96. sire] iw god iMlSTS; Apolyn it C. Mali.] 

997. Bowj — a] He vxa als roioj as eny SN. 

998. And (Syr C) B. (lai loiu (teWa add. C) 
vryx and jepe SNC. 

909. El] om. 8S. .^r.] >« »«ni C. ifl(>] [b 
add. C. 

1000. po SN. Inflijfcl wia SNC. >e Aow C ; 
hn SN- tKri tie] ichai he do SNC. 

1001. Aiena S ; kymge add. C. Beuea] he 

1002. miol] bare SNC. oui] om. SN. lo^ 

p HAMTOUN. 47 

llaubet'k ne flcheld no octoun 

Jfe Tailcde him noujt yiiri^ a botouH, 

)jat he ne ftil dod to fie graunde. 1005 

' Eeate pe,' qHe|i Beuea, ' hefiew bouwde ! 

]i& badde betcr atom jinn bere i ' 

' Lay on fast* 1 ' a bad bis fere. 1008 

Jjo Inide pai on wij) eger mod 
And slows Saraiofl, as liii wer wod, 

1003. ve] am. C. Shiidc, hai^erk (hambark 

(I) S) SN. «e] «or C ; nnd (!) S). Aa«<™ 

IMH. j\'£ v.] Avaglyd C. nouji wor>] nol C ; 

om. N. He .iiitot )>rotij, 6y mj croume S. 
IMS. pn(] Bui C. 7te] om. 8C. (o K] to 

N ; (toicn to C. 
lOOfl. Eeste ]>e] Sest N ; Lye \iere 3 ; Aryae 

C. yueji .B.] ft< myde C ; Jcii add. SNC. 
1D07. pe hadde] pau haddetl ben SN. 

1009. Jul] ;*< N. 

1010. j(dm«] Jw add. S. Aif) {kt/ S ; hCS. 

With Bowea tnrkes an<J arablaste 
They hIowb on bothe prei'tyes faste ; 7G6 
But whaii] they met to geder in same, 
There was sorowe and! no game : 
Kyng Bradmondiw baner bare Kadison), 
-He waa atenie aa any lion); 773 

Bevea and be flbr gret euvye 
Eyther ayurt gan deffye ; 
They emote tboiie stodiM yiiih spurres 

of goW, 
Aiondelt ran right aa be shob?. 776 
Bothe partyeB stode anJ be-beliJ : 
Ayther amote ojiwre in myddw* the 


m. arttHatUTi (!) H. 

TSS. ThessL/iuteimb.p. U. 

787-70 ; 

Wyth iKcrdya thei gaae wounds viyde, 
Jfanji u^sra slayTie on tu^ery gyde ; 
Sat whan, that they had broke (fte rir:/, 
F^ert imd taarial wai Ihatfray, 0. 

772. Whyehe tcoj strange O. 

773. atUt hsffor] at hym had 0. 

774. And mr tone aa he dyd hym spye 0. 

775. They—slaliu] Be tmote Arundel 0. 

776. Ar.] And he 0. ran,] eiun add. 0. 
atoltie 0, 

Sir liadisoBS spere in sender brasta, 
lieues apere heliJ and he smote fuste, 
Tliat thorouje ehcld and actouii) 781 
He bare tliorougS knygbt Iladison); 
Tiie spare brast, tlie knygbt felt down), 
AiiJ in ids breste be-Iefte the troncb- 
own). 1. 1336. 781 

Tho waa kyng Bradmond abasshidl, 
For in IladiaonJ waa att his trnste. 
They went iforth, they had sucha mayn). 
That none ahold atoad Iiara ngeyn) j "788 
Aboute sir Beues they can gone, 
To venge the dethe of Badiaon), 

i. Horn eyther hyt 0. layd.] ofaAA. 0. 

). Sir] am. O. ii s. Ir.] al (obnal 0. 

I, Ihentugh kn.] kinge 0. 

i. the kn.] and lie O. 

1. And] om. 0. le-L] abode 0. 

S. Tho w.] Than O. £r.] was al add. 0. 

5. toiw — Iruate] al he Inwted O. 

?. went—had]vie'«de,foThewasofO. 

i. no. sh.] no ma* myght 0. ftyni O. 

J. can g.] cam redely O. 

). the} hit O. of R.] another partyeQ. 



And sire Beues, pe cristene kni^t 
Slouj ase mani in ]>at fi^i 1012 

Wij) Morgelay him self alone, f. i8i6«. 
Ase ))ai dedeu euerichone. 
And euer hii were to fijte prest 
Til ))at fe sonne set in pe west. 1016 
Beues and is ost wi)) iTine a stourule 
Sexti ))osent {)ai felde to grounde, 

\)iit were out of Damoske isent, 
])at neuer on homward ne went. 1020 
)?o Brademond 863 is folk islayny 
A fle^ awei vnp im^te & mayn. 
Ase he com ride be a cost, 
Twei kni^tes a fond of Beues ost ; 1024 
Of his stede he gan doun li3te 
And bond hem bojie anon rijte, 

1011. H >flrf SN. 

1016. hii—fi^te] was \>e {to N) fy^t prest SN. 

1016. \>(U\ om. SN. set] sate N. in ^e west] 
so SN ; H^t (!) A, 

1017. w^] om. SN. in SN. sl^tde (!) A. 

1018. \>aif,] leide SN. 

1019. Damas N. 

1020. BtU SN. on Jwrnw,] homwarde }pey 

1021. folk ish] ost was slayn SN. 

1023. rydyng S ; Hdartd N. a] |>e S. 

1024. Twoo^^. 

1025. gan] om. SN. 

1026. ho\te] om. S. 
1007—1026 : 

Befyse A hys oost, with owt lesyng, 
X V thoitsande to de)^e gan dynge. 
Kynge Bradmonde sawe hys oost so flee. 
He cryed tk had \>em agayne tume (!) 
And sware he Apolyn : 

* But yfye sle kyng Armyn 

And Befyse of HampUmfaste bynde. 

Or (!) y toyll neuyr hetise wynde I ' 

Befyse thai harde ds logh yare 

And thoghtf he wolde hymfeere. 

And seyde : * Bradmonde, \Hm aide wreeh^ 

Art \Hm come, loeyan tofech f 

Or iHm passe ]^orow my honde 

Arid Mordelay, my gode bronde 1 * 

There my^t men sorow see 

Amaiud that there had he. 

How Befyse with hys bronde 

Smote of legys, fote A honde, 

That )>e Sarsyns yn a rome 

At that tyme were ouereom^. 

Bradrnonde toke II of Befyse knyytes. 

And lad \>emfor^ anon ryghtes, 

And yn a dyke he had \>em bounde 

And had ythoght stounde, 0, 

Andl Beues hadi game and thought f uli: 

To bathe Arondeti in theire bloo«}. 792 
Beues men) myght se in a stound 
An hunderidi Sarzins flfellid? to groundl. 
A lituti flfurther rode he thoo 
And slewe there as mony moo. 796 
The Sarzins, that vritk Beues were, 
HelpudI hym) to theyre powere ; 


Men myght se ouer aH 
Hedys cirlyng as a baH. 
Sarzins meny myght men mete 
With gutter tirlinge in the sti ete ; 
A thousandl stedz^^ men myght se than) 
Hen) with outen) any man). 804 

Bradmond? sye his men) eviH fare, 
Toke he two of Beues knyght^^ thare, 

792. Ar.] Morglay 0. 

793. B.] om. 0. se] haue seru 0. a] thai 0. 

794. ffellid] brought 0. 

795. farther he rode 0. 

796. si. th.] there he slewe 0. 
798. Helpe 0. to] fast vryth 0. 

800. cirlyng] trendel 0. 

801. Many Sarasyns 0. 

802. WUh] theyr add. 0. tir, — s,] trailynge 
about theyr fete 0. 

803 f. : 
SoTTi^ al armeles away gan fie 

And some blindefelde with neuer an iye; 
Some thoroughe the chekes were smyten dens. 
Some lay gronynge on the grene ; 
Some were sniyt with suche a wounded 
That they lay grennynge lyke an hounds. 
A thousand stedes men myght se 
Wyth dede Sarazyns away fast fle, 
And al'they sayde, seke and hole, 
That they hoid hem, aJb Beuys dole. O. 

806. emllf] mysfare 0. 

806. Toke — knyghtes] Two of Beuys knyghUt 
lie toke 0. 


AdiI |)oU}te hem li<ile to his prisouii 
And haue for hem gret mu^soun. 1038 
he trosede ham on is stede, 
es of hi?m nam gode liede. 
And hasteliche in fnt tide 
After Brademond ho gnn ride 1032 
And seide : ' Bmdemond, olde wreche, 
Ertow come losi'ane to feclie 1 
Erst ^ow echelt pase ^our; nun hond 
And Jiouri Morgelay, me gmle brojid ! ' 
WiJ) outen eni wordes nio 1037 

£eues Brademond hitte so 
Vpon is helm in pat stounde, 
J)at a felde him flat to gi-ounde. 1040 

1027. And— to] And (A«n led (lad ham N) 
tmearil SS ; To hatte \>em Itdd to C. 

1028. And—hem] For htm to haiie 8N ; Ajui 
for Oum take C. gni] tan. C. 

1029. trussed SN. is\ a SN. As BradBiondc 
had do |>ae dede 0. 

1030. Syr Befyae C. of h. n,] perqf tat 
SNC. grcte H, 

loss. Kide] om. (I) S. olde] icold (1} S. 

1034. £nov> come] Come fioa heder SN. lo- 
«i»k(!) A. 

poa thaUfynde who ^e shal bate [lelle N) 
Awi hong \ieona gebct.' aild. SN. 

1035. St»i]And 3 : om. N. 
103S. And t<.] With SN. 

11037. Wijj 0. e.] And icilh «*& SN. 
103S. £m-£. SN. 
1D31— 1038 om. C. 
1039. On SN. Fpon ii h.] And smot Stad- 


i ! ' quef Bradmond, ' iuh n 

Kecreaunt, to fe, in pia felde, 

So liarde J>i: amiteat vpon me kroun, 

Ich do me alle in |>e bandoun, 1044 

Sexti cites wip castol tour 

)3iii owen, Beuos, to fin onour, 

Wifi Jjat (poiv lote me ascape ! ' 

lieuea anawerde fio in rape : 10-18 

' Nay I ' a aeide, ' be sein Martyii ! 

Icham is wore to kinj; Ermin : 

A1 )iat ich do, it is his dede, 

Jjiir fore, aire, so god me spede, 1052 

1040. a— fiat] he fel plot SN j hors * man 

filU C. 
lOil. Kidc SNC. .Br.] so SNC ; ora. (!) A. 

1042. to HI om- C. To J>« recraund SN. 
^]theC; om. SN. 

1043. )k] Jiow 8N ; «n, v. me] rmot me on pe 
SN. Ag twu art knyght (if renoume C. 

1015. A jxnuatuf (eaentelles, eitea (eyle^s, cas- 

UU C) A bmret SNC. 
1046. / shal (om. C) ]>< jeue (fo fAyn (f'n f/t£ 

N ; with all C) honouTei SNC. 
1047. 7ii*]/ro tA£ add. SN. scape SN. 

1048. Y" ™] "i w*A SN. 

1049. a Hide\ seyde Befyse Cj sir hing SN. 
ffy(m^ C. 

1050. liham—kiag] Become i>ou scluilt ye 
Jnynges man C. 

1061. hit] aa SN ; om. (!) A. 
1052. par/, sire] And \,fTfore SN. 
1051 f. : And do hym homage icfttdte 

And holde nf hym all Iky fee. C. 

And he ]ait hem) fibith and fled', 
Beues Bye that and? hym) besteriif, 808 
And he said : ' Ahyde, thou) wteche I 
Arte thou) come, losyan) to ffeche) 
Take me tlio prcAoners, -viUh outo vari- 
sunco, P 1 1 

Or I shaH make of the dolyiieJ"aunct! 1 ' 

1.807. *«] nin. 0. ihtfA 0, and] wyth than 

add. 0. 
808. that — besL] home they were heOad O. 
800. And] om, 0. thou] olde sdd. 0. 
ail. Iho] thy 0. dislavnco 0. 
812. oflhf] am. 0. 

Such a stroke Eeues gaue llradmonil. 
That hora and man he (fellii* to ground. 
' Mercy,' said Bradmond, ' Beues, thyii' 

I-ct me litEe, smyte me no more, 816 
And thro cites with caatellis and townva 
I ahaH the geve with honowna I ' 

813. Bcues] he 0. 

815. Benes] om. 0, 

816. life] and add. O. 

817. And]om. O. 

81S. uiiiA] ip-iiai add. 0. 




J)ow schelt swere vpon fe lay, 

J)ow schelt werre on him ni^t ne dai, 

And omage eche ^er him ^elde 

And al pe londe of hi7}i helde ! ' 1056 

Brademond answerde anon 113 te : t isia\ 

* pSLT to me treufe y fe pli3te, 

])at i ne schel neuer don him dere 

Ke a3en pe, Beues, armes here I ' 1060 

1053. vpon \>e] by thy SNC. fay SN. 

1054. pat ^au K. schelt] neicer add. SN. 
Neuer to warre C. vppon S. him] by add. 
SC. ne] nor S. 

1055. eche 3. A.] him euer SN. 

1057. Br.] hym add. N. 

1058. to] air B. add. SN. M om. SN. 

1059. pal] om. N. ne\ om. S. 
1055—1062 : 

BradTnond seyde^ }>a< ^ achulde ; 
Befyae let hym go \>er6 he toolde, C. 

And whan he hadde swore so, 
Beues let king Brademond go. 
Alias, ])at he nadde him slawe y* 
And ibrou^t of is lif dawe I 1064 

For Bippe for al is faire be-heste 
Mani dai a maked him feste, 
In is prisoun a lai seue ^ere, 
Ase 36 may now forfward here, r^ 1068 

1063. ne had SNC. 

1064. ibr.] him brou^t SN ; bro^t hym C. 
of] fro C. is] om. SN. 

1065. Sythen C ; }U SN. faire] grete S. 
h£8te C. 

1066. Mant] a add. C. maJced] dud 0. He 
made him (B. N) a wykkedfest SN. 

1067. a lai] was B. SN ; he toas C. 

1068. mmoe SN. now /.] afUrvKurd S ; here 
aftir N ; aftur C. 

Saiil Beues : * I wyH not of thyne. 
But \(m shalte be-come the kynge8 man 
Ermyne 820 

And do hym omage and fifewte, 
For other wyse shaH it not be ! ' 
Said Bradmond : * Me is levwre to do so, 
Than) here to dye with moche woo ! ' 
Beues chargid hym there on) his laye. 
That never he sholdl be nyght ne day 
Wayte kyng Ermyn) with treason), 
But to be redy at his somown) 828 
And holdl hym of his londis chefe. 
Were hym) lothe or were hym lefe. 
Beues was kynge Ermyns attorney 

819. Beuys sayde 0. none 0. 

820. \>ou 8h,] om. O. 

822. wyse] toages there 0. it not] none 0. 

823. Said--to] Br. saide : Letter had 1 0. 

824. m/>che] peyne and 0. 

825. there on] in 0. 

826. he shulde neuer 0. ne\ nxyr 0. 

827. with] no 0. 

828. to] euer 0. 

829. his I.] thy londe as 0. 

830. Were h,] Be ihm O. be thou 0. 

831. was k.] om. 0. att.] was add. 0» 

And toke omage of Bradmondl that day; 
Whan he had done, he let hym goo : 
Alas, why noldl he not hym sloo ! 
For afterward, €is ye shuH here, 
He seruyd hym of weft wois chore. 836 
Thes knyghte^, that Beues raught fro 

He led ham fforth vfith hym that 

stound ; 
For gret love he wold not blynne, 
But bothe he led ham to his ynne ; 
He gave them mete and drynke of the 

beste 841 

And on) his bed laid hem) to leste. 

832. To receyue homage in thai place O. 

833. he] Beuys 0. 

834. nold] dyd 0. hym ruU 0. 

835. afterw.] sone after 0. way O. 

836. ^w.]in 0. Ttianere O. 

837. B, raught] he toke 0. 

838. ffe] Beuys 0. ham /.] om. O, hyjn] 
in add. O. 

839. he] Beuys 0. 

840. bothe — to] led them bothe vnto 0. 

842. them 0. ^ 

Bcues rod ham & gan to ainge 
& seide to Ermin fe kiuge : 
' Sire ! Erademond, king of Saraaine, 
A is be-come one of |)ine ; 1072 

J)e man a ia to yia heate, 
/Wliile his lif wile leate, 
loiides and ledes, al fat he wait, 
A sai>, sire, of fe hem lialt I ' 107(i 
Jjiume was king Erinin at Jjat sifio 

lOee. ™q maU SN. ,t g. t. s.] hughm,.-, 

1070. leidt to] com. byfore SX. 
1069 r. : 

SiiT Befyae, ^at doghly kny^l. 

To kyng Amtyn he vteat rygkt. C. 

1071. Sirs] And seitU SNC ; kyng add, C. 
king] om. SNC. Siaynnf/i 8 ; Saneny 
N ; SarswM! C, 

1072. [Bi {The N) ;wtt don [ScbnU do C\ 
]>e (om. H) feraiaoe ami liuii* (fealtc C ; 
;>K N) SNC. 

1073 ]nn]pen{\)A. 
1073 f. : 

And |>y nmn 6eann« it loim sisonu, 
Al he f/s kynge & Jcyngea aune bonis C ; 
om. SN. 
1076. Loade SN. and] om. C. lyiU S ; 
Jiift N ; * add. N. toeiiirfA 8N. ot- 
tooUJ n«u)« aiui D&te C. 
1076. A s. <,] Al lo grAer SNC. o/] on C. 
Jum A.] ftn boideiK SN ; to fajMs C. 

Ill is hertte awi(n; blife, 
A clepede is doujter & saide : 
-i-Ioainn, |)e faire tnaide, 
Vn-arme Beuea, he wer at mete, 
And seme f e self him f er ate ! ' 
)K> nolde |)at maide neuer blinne. 
Til jhe com to hire inne, 
)jar ;he lai hire seine anijt ; 
)3ar jhe sette ]iat gentil knijt, 

1077. po SN. Icing B.] )« jfctnfl SN ; Armyn 
C. oi |i, a.] fv.1 blUlie SS ; glad .i 
blythe C. 

1078. yinrf ^liked B^yst {him S) numi/ (on 
G C) 81^ SNC. 

I07B. A] And C. 

1080. M IhBV. C. 

1081. Z>u onerme C. B.] M add. Q at m.] 

1082. [Ji! self] om. C. JieJ- ai<] al meU C, 
1079—1082 : 

Josian, pat maide frr^t, 
Vnarmd him (nmwn ryjf [oi a pUglU S) 
^nii hyghed blyae pai he were sete, 
Eiir te^ sej^id him ai his (om. N) meeU, 

1083. Then C. (wW SNC. 

1084. jH fc! SN. Aire] jwrf SN ; hya C. 
1086. ihe—telae] her x]f lay SN. 

loss, par ]. 3.] ^ml wf |>er SN ; ^ntj ^et ii!< 

loss put before 1086 S. 

.Whan a(> Beuea had so I-do, 843 | Lode Belies in to chamber, go<l hym 

To eourte to the kyng gon he goo : 
' Sir kyng,' he saiil, ' make good visage. 
For Bradiiondi hath do you omage, r.ijw.. 
To be his chcfe lor<J in felJ and town), 
And redy shaH be at youre somo*vn) ! ' 
Than was kyng Ermyn gla<} & blithe 
And kyssud Beues meny a sithe ; 
He said: 'losian, mydoughter,' thanno, 
' Anonl that yoa un-arme this man, 852 

843. And whan, O, done no O. 
M5. Be tayds: Syr kyng 0. 
Hd. you] On O. 

847. To be] And lake youloO. 

848. Ani—be] Bner to be redy 0. 

.8*9. rfcrn— £.] The kynge Ermyn was O. 

850. kyuud] thanked 0. neny a] often O. 

851. lot. — Mann«] to his doughUr loaiaii O. 
85a. An. lA. y.] Son* 0. »».] me sdit. O. 

I For there may Beues his ease haue, 
i And serve hym) there viith mete an*} 

Of the best that he can thyiike ! ' 856 

Than was losyan ifuH glaJ, 

To her cbambef she hym laiJ 

And sett Beues on her be<J ; 859 

A borde was sett, a cloth was spred. 


855. And] om. O. there wWi\ both of 0. 
858. can] after add. 0. 

857. gidl] rygkl 0. 

858. And to O. 

859. She aet hym soft -upon a bed 0. 

8G0. A — was] Bordea were laidr. and clothes 0. 



Hire self ;af Lim water to horid 

And sctle be-fote him si is sonde, 

))o Beues hadde wel i-eta 1089 

& on fe inaidenea bed isete, 
. Jjat mat, fat was flo brijt of hiwe, 

Jjoujte, 5I1B wolde hire consnile schewe, 
■^And seiiie ; ' Beues, kiumaii, Jin ore ! 

Ichauo loued fe ful jore, 1094 

Sikerli can i no rede, 
-Boute fow me lone, icliara dode, 1095 

And boute [ww wif nie do fc wille.' 
'For gode,' queji Beues, 'fit ich do 

Her is,' a seide, ' rain Tnliche, 

Brademond king, fat ia so riche, 1100 

In al fia world nia fer man, f. wia". 

Prinse no king ne soudan, 

}]at fe to wine liaue nolde, 

And he )ie hadde onea be-holdel' 1104 

087. Sire «.] She S. him yatie N. Watur 
aeht gaae hym C. to] hit bM. 8C. 
]Sg. Aiid VMite him glad teiithlande 3X. 
m. irfcn SNC ; fat add. 8N : tir adJ. C. 
toeli om. SN. 

IBO. Audi am. SN. H M SN. iA!fe] he 
lele SH ; lani} tetyn, C. 
Ml. pal mai] loq/aa C ; Do thoght (om. 
[D S) lotian SN. [nii woj jo] 010. 8N. 
092. po«)tel pat SN. 

;0»4. for y haue C. the laaid N. ful] 
ncylhSy. fal i.] so tare C. 
>S. V can SNO. 
1098. j'cAom] t«( odd. SNC. 

10B7. btniU tuMu] om. C. ?«] now add, C. 
10P8. Be C. guif- B.] so SN ; Mjrf Btfyte 

C. B. om. (I) k. day SNC. 
Iftflflf. om. SN. 

1101. nit l*r] M nam ailcU SN. 

1102. A'liig, prince SN. 

1103. )<e] bi N. /laue] he add. S. 

1104. oon^f had SN, 

.,4n({ y ont a Icayif, (^ imaiulk Iimde 

J {And N) haite mt more [good add. N) finH 

y in (*m H) i(onrf«, 
Jfeilker {Nor M) A«« »m in my herdt. 
But y U wyn'oe viith dynL ofawerde. add. SN. 

Whan ahe had oii-armeil Bevouii), 801 
At the Boni they set ham down) 
And madetthem we}} at ease and tfyne 
With riche metes ami uohuU wyue. 
Whan tliej hait weH etyn) 865 

And on h* bedd(M wett I-aetyn), 
loayan, that was so trewe, 
Thought, abe wold her love renewe ; 
She aaiii : ' Beuea, leinan), thyn) ore ! 
Thau 1 can tel, I love the more ; 
But yf thou do after my I'ede, 
For pure love I mvat be dede ! ' 872 

861. A<n^ BO ; om. M. Baiya 0, 

662. At] To O, lliey — dawn] she hym set 

863, than] hym O, 

864, mtte 0. 

866. iheyrt bed togeder sytien 0. 

870. Than Ieankl]aoO; Certes, BffOfs M. 

871. Certyt, Beaya, but Chou me ride 0. 

872. ahal 0. 

He saii> : ' losyan), he thou atytt ! 
Me thinkyth, thou spekyat ageyust 

Thou maiate hnue one me on-liche, 
^Brailmond, the kyng,that ia so ryche; 
In aU the world is no man), 877 

Kynge ue duke no Soudan), 
But he wold hano the to queue. 
And he had the with eyen) aene ; 880 
And I am knyght of vnconth lond, 
1 haue no more tban I iii) stond 1 ' 

873. lU s.] Thai 

nid,. JSeayi 0. thwi] 

874. Me th.] om. O, spekyst] al add, 0. 

875. myghteat O. me] al 0. 

876. B. the i.] Sy«<ie Br. O. 

878. Kynge nr. d.j Pryna, kynge 0. 

879. he] they O. 

BSO. And he] Jfthty O. wiVft e.] onyi O. 
681. ^rKJ]om. 0. tun] a odd. O. atnmngtO. 


' Slerci,' jhe seide, 'jet wi^ fan 

Ichnuede ))e leuer to me letiiiuaji, 
^))e bodi in fe scherte naked, 1107 

]}an al |)e gold, {iitt Crist ha^ makcd, 

And Jiow wost wijt me do fe wille ! ' 

' For gode,' quef he, ' fat i do nelle ! ' 
■-Jhe fel adoun and wep riit sore: 

' )»w ieideat sop her he-fore : 1112 

In al pis world nis )ier mail, 

Frinae ne king ne soudan, 

)]at me to wiue hsue nolde, 

And lie me hadde ones be-holde, 1116 

1105. yi wiH «ou)i/or SN. 

IIOS. IknunSJi. 

1107. p' bodi} Aloon S ; AIS. in] on N. 

IIOS. goldjgoodSfl. (7rueAa>]G>ierttxuSN. 

1109 f. : pai tWK aotdetl vie loae deme,' 

ptHKideB.: 'Nail!' altaKriU. SN. 
1099—1110 om. C. 

1111. Mep r.] wrpt SNC. 

1112. pmo] And neide frnit SS. her] om. 
8K. pow— A<r] And aeyde Ihiui kym C. 

1113. Bis |«7-] (wr B'n no C. 

1114. Kyngt, frynce nor C. 
1113 f. : 

pot in t^ iivrlrf (na^ knmt ne king hiys 

Emjxrotir •ne grtle (riche N) loi-dytig {lord- 
ling N) SN. 
1116 f. : BiU lm( to v>nfe wolds hjiue me. 

And fow, cherl, roe haueat for-snko : 
Mahoun fe jeue tene an<l wrake I 
Beter be-come fe Uicbe, 
For to fowen an olde diche, 1120 

tlanne for to be dobhed knijt, 
Te gon among maidenes hrijt ; 
To o|)cr contre fow niijt fare ; 
Mahoun |te jeue tene & care ! ' 1124 
' Damesele,' a seide, ' pow aciat vnrijt ; 
Me fader was bofe erl & kiii;t : 
-How mi^te ieh jiaane ben a cherl, 
■\Vlian me fader was knijt & erl I 1 128 

And he v)ilh tyen myght me tee, C. 

pat nolde m£ cheee to his wyf 

To fare ai wynijnen (iiuioe add. N) alyiu, 


1117. Aiwi ().-»( add. (!) N) mc SNC. 

1118. )e«ef.e8NC. 

1119. ffyt wen Toort (o the tyke 0. 
U20. /omen] ferme C. 

1121. /or] om. C. 

1122. mai.1 ladyti C. 

1123. To olwr] In to Vie C. mijq mu»U C. 

1124. gene the C. 
1119— 1124 om. SN. 

112B. a s,} mde B. SN. Ilam. a. ».] Tha 
seyde Befyse .- Damysell C. ieiet\ host N. 

1126. kn,y}t and eTH\) S. 

1127. mijte]KA«MoN. 

1128. Whan] ora. N. vxw] baihe add. N. 


' Mercy, Beiiea I ' BaiiJ loayaii), 
' I had the lever to my leman), 884 
Thy body wythe thy ahirte aH nakyJ, 
ThiiiiBllthegDlrP, that Mahoun) makyd!' 
She ffeH down atict wepte sore 
And said! : ' Thou saidiate Both be-fore : 
Wliat kyug he is, that haiJ me sene, 
~ * woW me werf to quene, 890 
And thou thinkyste of diapitel 

85. wylhel in 0. 
B6. goie O. 

' Beayi,' the midr., 'telmethythmighl.'' 
Bewya tat tlyl and spoke nrntght. add. 0. 
888. An^ She O. »<iih] here O. 
S8S. JVhai—U] Then is no kynge O. me 

890. BiU] that add. O. 

K sac 

Wend oute of my chamber tite I 802 
More kyndely it were the liche, 
For to ffierme an oliJ diche, 
Than nowe to be dubbiiJ a knyght. 
To aitt amonge byrdus brygbt; 896 
Go forthe, carle, oute of my fare, 
Mahoun) geve tbe sorowe and care !' 
' Damyae&i' saitB Beuea, ' I am no carle, 
My fader was biithe knyght and erie ! 

891 f. [ And thou diadaynest qfme so: 

fie, thou out qf my chavtber go I 0. 

893. eomely 0. 

894. gcnae an o.] Judge aiid make a O. 
896. norn] Ihiis 0. a] om. O. 

898. And to 0. &iir.] maydena O. 

SS7. forthe c] churte 0. 

898. for. and] moche 0. 

Saa. said B.I he aayde 0. churle a 



To o])er contre ich wile te : 

Scheltow me namore ise ! 

povr jeue me an hors : lo it her 1 

I nel namore of pe daunger 1 ' 1 132 

For]) him wente sire Beuoun 

And tok is in in j^at toun, 

Sore anei^ed and aschamed, 

For 3he hadde him so gramed. 1136 

1^0 Beues was to toun igo, 

jr po he-gan fat maidenes wo ; 

))anne was hire wo vnf alle, 1139 

Hire ]>ou)te, pe tour wolde on hir falle. 
3he clepede hire chaumberlein Bonefas 
And tolde to him al hire cas 
And bad him to Beues wcmde : 
' And sai him, ich wile amende 1144 
Al to-gedre of word & dede, t laxfti. 
Of ]>at ichaue him misede 1 ' 1146 

FoTp wente Bone&s in )Nit stounde 
And Beues in is chaumber a founde 

1129 f. : 

/ wyll yn to my euwtrefare^ 

Thou achaU me neuer see mare, C ; om. N. 
1127—1130 om. S. 
1181. gauyst C. An hove \ou ms ^eue SN. 

lo] haue N ; lo Tiaue C. hym G. 
1132. wol N. nel n. of] vryll not beynC, 

In {For N) to my countre wyl y goo, 

Ne ahaU \jou (me ae {ae 7ne N) neuer m,oo, 
add. SN. 
1138. him] then C. 
1134. M] \>e SNC. 
1185. asch,] (igramed S. And aore he tpas 

achamyd G. 
1136. ^he] \>at (the G) maide (may S) SNG. 

him had N. hadde] om. G. ao] om. SNG. 

ahanned S. 
1187. po B,] When he G ; Wlien \at he SN. 

to L]yn to }pe tovme G ; awey SN. 

1138. Thmne SNG. began] awaked S; 
awake N. \>atm.]al her SNG. 

1139. panne — wo] Sunth woo (ioaa hwr (hw 
waa N) SN. 

1140. Hire] And S. 
1189 f. om. G. 

1141. ^he] And SN. eallyd G. B&nyfaa N. 

1142. to] om. SNG. hire] \te SNC. 

1148. him] om. SN. to] air add. C. Beuea] 
]>at he ahuld S ; he wolde N. 

1144. And] om. S. aai — wUe] al her treapaa 
ahe wold SN ; aay to hym ]^ y wyU C. 

1145. of] om. SNG. 

1146. him] hinn (!) A. That y haue to hym 
G ; pat euer ahe had SN. amya aeide N. 

1147 fl : Forthe then went Bo7ufa4:e 
To ayr Befyae a grete paae. 
And when he came air Brfyae to, 
Aa locyan bad, he tolde hym tho G. 

To my contre I wytt me hye, 901 

Thou shalte no more se me y^ith eye ; 
Thou) gaue me an hors, now take hym) 

I kepe not to be in thy daungere ! * 904 
He went forth and? woldf not blynne, 
TyH he come to his ynne, 
Sore agrevidf and? eviH apayd, f. ism. 
For losyan) had him myssaidf. 908 
Thes two knyghteij, that Beues thwe 


Askyd, who had hym grevid ; 

Beues said nofer good ne yH, 911 

But sett hym) down) and held hym stitt. 

When Beues went losyan) flfro, 

Than be-gan aft her woo ; 

She callid her chamberlayn) Bonyface 

And bad hym helpe in that case ; 916 

To Beues ynne she hyme send 

And said, she wold oJA amend. 

Bonyface his way hath nomen), 

To Beues chamber is he comeii) 920 

901. VntoO, 

902. Neuer more ahalt thou meaeO. 

903. now] ora. O. 

904. thy] my 0. 

905. ffe] Bmya 0. 

906. his] owne add. 0. 

907. and e, a,] as he were blamed 0. 

908. myss.] ao ashamed 0. 

909. The 0. there I.] saued 0. 

910. Askyd] hym add. 0. 

911. ne] norO. 

913. went] teas gone 0. 

916. helpe] hyr add. 0. this 0. 

917. ynne] on m.essage 0. 

918. And 8.] Saynge 0. all] thynge add. O. 
That she had saide loude or stylle, 

So that he wolde come hyr tyll, add. O. 

919. his — nomen] forth is gone 

920. i8hec.]he cam anone 0. 

ent DBUsa of bamtouk. 

And seide, jhe him foder aende, 1 149 

And fat jhe wolde a!le amewiie 

Al to-gedrea to ia wills, 

Bo^ loude and eke stilli;. 1153 

Jeanne answerde Beues fa fur : 
*Sai, fow mijt noujt sjieden lierl 
Ac for flow bringeat fro liire mesage, 
I Bcliel fe jeue to fe wage 115C 

A mantel whit bo nielk ; 
Jje broider is of tidi aelk, 
13cteii abouten wij) lede golile, 

1149. ikc]i>aitl,eC; /wiya^SN. peditrLy, 

))e king to were, fej a scholde 1 ' 
Bonefus him |Ktnkede junie, 
Horn ajen he gan teme ; 
-A fond fiat maide in sorwe & cai 
And talde hire his answare, 
})at he ne taijte noi^t epede 
Ahoute hire nede, 
A seide ; ' Jjow hiiddest vnrijt, 
So te wisiiin a noble knijt ! ' 
' Wlio jaf fe tiis ilehe we Je 1 ' 
' Beuea, fat hendi knijt ! ' a sede 

wubSN. ami eke] i/r SSC. 
IISS. anno.] styde C. t>e/er] anon tA«re C. 

1154. migf] maisl SN. not SSC. uped'ii] 
fyvde wtC. 

1155. Ac} But SN ; Aiid C. hroii;ifeH SN ; 
iBold^tt bryng C. /to iisv] ma Jijra C. 

use. vyU C. gtM theC;i>e ^eMt 8N. to 
M (A^ C ; good SN. trvage SS. 

llfir. maalti:\ as add. N. »o] at eny SNC. 

1168. braideT\ bordcl S ; bordv/re N. iwily 
N. pfl — (iJi] I viem, hyt be t^fyne C. 

1159. BeUn oA.] 7&of«»<^ SN. 

1160. t«g] Hf C. pe—a] paiqe p« Icing it 

1181. The tnetiun^re paitkyd kyni C 

11B2. And home C. A-ien hoome SS. can 

1163. A] And SNa Jiaf] |w SC. 

1164. ^nii] A^ add. C. hire] nil add. C. 

1165. How Jwi C. S<] 80 SNC; om. (I) ^ 
n*] om. C. nothing SNC. 

1166. Ab. hire} Of ^y loevl ahoiet your C ; 
/ rede joio ((ft* N) ooo scofc; iioiire own (thi 
}.ow«£ N) SN. 

1167. rf^AniM.] Jbr sn«e (jB fcnhj (iA«* 
AiMt N) mitcht SN ; Madame, he aeydt, ye 

lies. 5ol om. SNC. myisay SNC j mwin (1) 

A. a noUa] «a i^oi/uZI a C. 
1189. »^]^a8N. MnwSN. 
1170. M Jw 8. 

And saifl : ' Si>, losian me senil 
AuJ saith, she wyH aH 
That she myssaid! you) with yH, 923 
"With tliat fat ye wyit com) her till ! ' 
Iteues sftiit -. ' Wliat sholiJ I do thare 1 
She bad me go oute of her chamber I ' 
A Robe gaiio Beuca the mesaingere 927 
With att the gavment^s fj'iisli and! c/ere : 

921. Andl Ec 0. sir\ thai 0. mt] hy^n 

922. »(H(A] (fta( O. all\ thyngf^ oAA. 0. 
B23. youj] (iDio^OM. in,ys3.—yll\hiithe sayde 

laude or ityl O. 
9S4. So 0. |>a<l om. 0. 
«S. (FWl (fAi/ 0. do Ih.] TO 0. 
996. go — chamber] out qf hyr chamber go O. 

927. Sfuea] he 0. 

928. all — /rw&] other wed&i fayrc 0. dere\ 

' And grete thy lady thus by me, 
Say, I wyH her never see ! ' 
Bonyface liym tbankyd! tlioo- 931 

Anii went aguyn) there he come ffro ; 
He said ; ' Rladamo, make gooit cliere ! 
But Beuea wyH no more com) here. 
CerteB, madame, ye did not ryght, 
To mysaay so nobuH a knyght, 936 

nere (!) Jf. 

Wet/itrr'A wyth great ralour ; 

'Bcaie this,' he sayde, 'for thy kibom-l 
add. 0. 
;9. And gr-i 9rcic wel O. that by] fro 0. 

10. Say] And say thai O. newer hyr 0. 

11. thanked hym O. 

14. For 0. !wj 7«i«r 0. 

15. vol r.) Fivryghi 0. 

i. For U> O. 



' Alias I ' jhe aeide, ' ich woe to lilome, 
Wliaii icli seide liim swiche eclmsie. 
For hit lias neuer a cheriea dede, 1173 
To ^euu a maaeger swiche a wede ! 
Whan he nel noujt to ine turao, 
)Je wei to his chamiiber y wil neme, 
And, what euer of me be-fallc, 
Ich wile weiid» in to ia halle ! ' 

Beue§ herde ^t maide ])er outo : 
Ase jif a slep, he gan to route. 1 18') 
' Awake, lemman,' )he sejde, ' awake I 

luham icome, me pes to make. 
Lemman, for |ie corteiHie, 
Spek wi)i me a word or tweie I ' 1 181 
' Damesele,' quefi Beues faniie, 
' Let me %ge & go |)e wei heHne ! 
Icham weri of-l'oujto sore, 
Ich fuu)t for ))e, i nel namore.' 1188 
' Merci,' ;he aeide, 'Imnman, fin ore f 
-Jhe fel adoun & wep wei Bore : ' f. im". 
' Men sai|),' jlie eeide, ' in olde note, ^ 
]]at wimmaiities bolt ia sone schote : 

1172. jyhan—ivriclie] pal (I add. N) kiin 

teide mdu a 8N. 
1160—1172 : 

' T/udToaiilell,' iheir.ydt,'uihoga«ehill/u!' 

' S^yie,' he leyd, ' ba my Uvrte I ' C. 
1] 73. For] om. C. vhu C. wu«r] om. 8N. 

b].ioSN; iior(!)C. chrla {\) A. 

1175. Ifhan] i'e> 8N ; Sche rejfiU ]n: ' Sylh 
C. ipilU vol SSO. come to mm 0. 

1176. To B. y wyl goo, ]fat good gum BN ; 
I wyli to hym, to mole y theC 

1177. A«d what] What so SNC. 

1178. i»lom. C, 

/ Khali neyduT atyid nor ilynnf.. 
Or that y came to kya ynnel ' add. C. 
117B. WhertB.SSQ. fBT-JwirtC. 

1180. W " '■] t««ie he ilcpl SH; he had 
slept C. to] om. C. 

1181. ^10.] my add. C. f Ae seide, leman SN. 

1182. me] fe 8N. 

1183. Mercy, kmman,' tche can seyn C. 

118*. tweynC. 

1183 r. : 
Leiaan, as Jwi art h/^nde andfra, 
A vKird <if (>n N] lone Iwu ipeit vjUh (U> 'S) 
iiuef 8N. 

1185. queYX seyde C. 

1186. Let me H Letie me in plea SX ; SpiJie 
on C. )ie vm\ om. SNC. 

1187. qf-f.]fo^oulim {/or fighting N) SIC. 

1188. wau&. 

1187 f. : ' Syr, y hmie Unyd on faUe lore, 
For py loiie y leyll no more I ' C. 
1180. btm. |>. o.J J: can wepe C. 
IIBO. 3A«]^iuf C. rfmon SC. iwpur.JiKf 

9N. rf — sore] at hysfeie C. 
1191. i«[i> ). i,] acyc, quod ila 8N ; jo^ C 

Ilea. pal\ A C. 

For it was nevwre cliurlis dede, 

1 To govs a messingere Piiche a wede ! ' 

Tliaii said losjan) the ffree : 

' Synne Beuea wyH not Mine to me, 9-10 

Be-f^ there of wele or woo, 

To his chamber wyH I goo ! ' 

IJeiieB hercC losyan) \fith oute, 

AshcfihoIialepejAebe-gan toroutc. 944 

' Bevea,' ahe salt?, ' a while ye wake : 

I am come, my peas to make I ' 

' DamjseH,' sait? Beuea then), 

' Let me lye am* go hen) ! 94 

I am wery for ffyghtyng aore, 

So wyH I for thy love no more ! ' 

' Mercy,' she saidi, ' my leman) swote ! ' 

Than feH ahe do*™ to liia fele ; 95 

B37. n«rwir] a add. 0. 

asef. : 

If Beays vryl Ttai ernae to me, 
I Kyi nat rent, tyl I hym ae. O. 

642. hvi] Beuys O. 

loiian iBolde no lengcr blynnr, 

Tyl she cam to Bimyi ynnc, add. 0. 

9-13. JChaa Jtujii 0. 

S44. Ae] so ; om. M. 
945. ye IB."] awake 0. 

947. theni Uio 0. 

948. luai] me fro 0. 

949. vreryf./.] o/fyghtynge tivry and 0. 

950. thy] om. O. 

US2. Shcfd doifjie ajid began to v:cpe 0. 

For-^em me, fat iciiaue miseile, 1193 
And icli wile ri^t now to mede 
Min false godea al i'or-sake " 
And cristendom for feloue take!' 119ti 
' In ])at nianer,' quefi fe kni^t, 
— ' I graimtc Jie, me awete wijt I ' 
" And kiste hire at fat cordemeiit. 
)}ar fore ]io was uej aftur schent. 1200 

Jje ttvei kni;les, )iat he mbond, 
Jjat were in Bradeiiiondes bond, 
He made ))ut on ia chaumherlaiii : 
y Uim badde tie beter, he hadde hem 

slein I 


()ei wente to |)e king & ewor ofe : 
'No wonder, sire, fej je be wrofie, 
No wonder, fej je ben agrened, 
Whan Beues, scheiewe miB-be-leued, 
Jje doujter he ha|) now for-Uin : 1309 
Hit wvre gode, sire, fat he wer 

Hii lowe, fie Bclicrowes, fnt hijn gan 

In helle mote )»ai hongeK beie I 1212 
-He dede nof ing, boutc ones hire kiste, 
Noujt ellea bi hem men ne wiate. 

1193. me] now add. C. wAaue] j^ NC ; « 8. 
inyaiaide SNC. 

1194. mede] meide (I) S. viile—nudi^ schall 
di>, at y am «iaj/de 0. 

1195. ify SNC. goddeS. 

1196. Avd {A S) erMea be/or Oiy soJte 9N. 

1197. On C. jvt\p\ sft/dc C ; £. add. SN. 

1198. (m ffrouni SNC. 

1199. Anifl Ht SNC. M] i •'ITf. 

1300. .^nrf >er/. C. icffij fcr 8N. lif j n.] Wfi 

Tiy N ; norcAtmd S ; lure C. 
1201. booo SKC. t'HioiuJea (!) S. 
1302. lunidcs S. 

1204. A« Add &pm N ; \es had ben S. 
1203 f. om. C. 
120B. TA«j/ j/ede C ; om. If. ± *«<.] ± sircrc C ; ft^ mco™ Ais N, 
1208. m™I om. C. J^] t'ou N ; Ae C. 

1207. womfor] fir add. NC. j*] t«n( N ; Ae 
C. be greuyd NC. 

1208. Whan\ om. N. mftcj-cwe] t«-t U NC. 

1209. rtoi^] Kii* add. N. pe— /wt^] 2c Aofft 
loeyan C. noic] am. N. 

1210. werel 80 N ; om.[!)A. Oodehytwen 
C. irfre) om. NC. 

120S— laiOom. a. 

1311. 2ti— jBt] They lyed on Sym it C ; pj« 

)>at achrcw SN. jan (rait C) him wrye 

1212. hongtn 6.] ioiiff /j/e C. /« (.4 N) /ewte 

i/etA tnM he deye (on ij^ N] SN. 
1218. ifr! li. «.] Henekad (1) C. 
121*. JVb (AjTiS C. Jt — m\ 'fat ony itutn 0. 
1218 f. : 

Notkivg by him f^™ he vtyst. 

But oones \al lie her laaiUli kysl. 8N. 

•Forgeve me, Beues, that I my^ayii, 

T wylt, yf thou be wyH paytt. 

My fals goddu» I wyH forsake 955 

And cryBtondome for thy love take ! ' 

' On that Gomeuanit,' Bai<) Beues than), 

' 1 wyH the love, loayan) I ' 

And he kysBoi} her to cordment; 

There lore waa sir Beuee ahent. 960 

Tliera thes two knyghti^ were tliat 


eS3. Beuea\i,w^ O, rnysa.] haiic 

54. Jf thou] that ye 0. apnidc 0. 
159, lm\faire add. O. 

" om. O. a eertli'mmi 0. 
. B.] after was he O. 
«!■ ntnVuATheO. i«:«] tk^n add. 0. 
883.41 »/]/,fld(aicn/™0. 

Tliat Beues delyuej-d of Bradmont), 
And ]ien> ^ theive talkynge ; 
To tlie kyiige they went, viith oute 
losyng, 9f>4 

And said : ' Beues this iche day 
Hdtb maile losyan forsake her lay ; 
But he be brought down), aekerly, 
AH omc law hu wyH distroye ! ' 9G8 

06,'!. And] They 0. talk.] en 

964. Thati vtenl to the kynge iit thai instant 0. 

966. And] They O, ioAe] mvte 0. 

966. Ckrijfs, mnce wol he by kyr lye, 

But if yefynde some remedy, add, O. 

967. dovm ».] of by nine O. 

968. Solh/y, h£ wyl itail-roy ytmr lawe 0. 



])ar fore hit is so]) isaide 
And in me rime ri^t wel ilaid : 1216 
Deliure a )>ef fro j?e galwe, 
He ))e hate)) after be alle halwe ! 
* A lias ! ' quej) Ermin, f e king, 
l\ * Wel sore me rewef fat tidi;ig ! 
Se))])e he com me ferst to, 1221 

So meche he ha]> for me ido, 
I ne mi^te for al peynim londe, 
)?at men dede him eni schonde ! 1224 

Ac fain ich wolde awreke be, 

Boute i ne mi3te hit nou3t ise.' 

])anne be-spak a Sarasin : 

— Haue he Ciistes kurs & myn — 1228 

' Sire, ^he schoUe for is sake 

A letter swij^e anon do make 

To Brademond, pe stronge king, 1231 

And do him peder ^ letter bri?2ge ; 

And in pe letter ^ schelt saie, f^vsoi. 

])at he h&p losian for-laie ! ' 

1215. par — is] ^U {it is (is hit N) well SN. 

1216. And] AsUis SN. me r, r.] romaunce 
SC ; roTMinus (!) N. weV\ om. SN. 

1217. galowse C ; wijp SN. 

1218. He — after] And fie vryll ^ hate C. 
halowse. Arid he {tool do {dothe N) }pe 
shanie sy}? SN. 

1219. Then alias seyde 0. 

1220. WeX] om. SNC. \>a£\ ]ds SC. thynge C. 

1221. Jie] sir B. SN. furste me to C^ me to 
S ; to7neto{\) N. 

1222. So meche] Moche toorschyp C ; Feire 
prowes SN. for] om. SNC. 

1223. ne m,] ne wolde S ; nolde N ; wolde not 
C. peyn, I.] Ermony {Ermoyne (!) S) SN. 

1224. See ony man do hym wrongs C ; (To 
add. N) see him haxie a vilonye SN. 

1225. Ac] Ful SN ; om. C. awrekud C. ; 
wreke SN. 

1226. i ne m.] y wolde SNC. hU tu] ntit 

1227. be-spak] seide SN ; answeryd C. Sar.] 
paynym C. 

1228. Haue — kurs] Cristes {God is N) eors 
haue he SN. That beleuyd on Apolyn 0. 

1229. ^he s.] weschull {wolle S) SN. 

1230. Utter-— do] swUhe good Uker SN. 
1229 f. : * Syr^* he seyde, * do ye make 

Soone a lettyrfor hys sake C. 

1231. }>e] that N. stronge] good S. 

1232. do] let SNC. 

1233. H \at SN. ))e sch,,] do him toS^; ye 
may hym C. 

And hyd him hryn^g him out qf lyf. 

For Tie shot haue losyan to wyf, add. SN. 

Tho seyde kyng Armyne : 

* As \mL haste seyde^ so sduxll hyt bynf 

And cawsyd hys secretory a lettyr to make 

All for syr B^yse sake, add. C. 

This ys trewe, hy al halowes : f.isefc. 
Delyucr a theeff ffro the galoos, 
An(J he shall wayte the to rob or sloo ; 
Andf so S&red be thes knyghtcs two : 
Beues delyuen) hem) ffro penli, 973 
And they haue quyt hym aH with gile. 

* Alas,' he said!, Armyii), the kynge, 

* Sore me rewith of tliis tydiiig ! 976 
Sethyh) that Beues come me to, 

Moche he hath ffor me do ; 

I wyli not ffor all Armonye 

Se men) do Beues velonye ; 

But I wolc? awrokyii) be, 

So that I sholdl not it see ! * 

Saic^ than) to hym) a sarzin) : 

* Ye shall make in perchmyne 

A letter kyng Bradmonc) to 

And byc^ hym), that he Beues sloOy 



969. It is sothe 0. by al hal.] so ; with oute 
ffabullus M. 

970. galowes 0. 

971. ffe shot the wayte 0. 

972. And so] So it 0. ffared] so ; ffare (!) if. 

973. them 0. 

974. haue] om. 0. all w.] with a 0. 

975. he] om. 0. Arm, the] Ermyn>e 0. 

976. of this] that 0, 

977. to] tyl O. 

978. ffor ms do] done at my wyl O. 

979. wolde 0. 

980. men do B,] Beuys take any 

981. auenged 0, 

982. shold not it] dyd it not O. 

983. Said— hym] Syr, sayde 0. 

984. We 0. make] do wryte 0. 

985. k. Br. to] vnto kynge Bradmonds 0. 
9SQ, Byddynge hym brynge Beuys to the 


ffhuQ ^ letter was coiao to ftonde, 
Mur Beuea |je kinir let aende 123G 

aside : ' EeueB, )iuw mast hanne 
To Btiideniond, fin owene manna : 

jolas aiid in delit 
|)ow moat him bcre pm ilche acriit I 
Ac jif jiow schelt mo letter bare, 1241 
Vpon jw lai J)ow schelt me swere, 
)Jit (nw ne sclielt wi[» noiiian mela, 
To schewe J>e prente of me sele ! ' 1 244 

' I wile,' quef Bcues ase anel, 
' J38 leter here treuliche & wel ; 
Ilaue iuh Aroudel, me stede, 
Ich wile fare in to pat fede, 
And Morgelai, me gude bronde, 
Ich wile wende in to fiat londe ! ' 
King Ermin seide in is sawe, 
)}at nci no mesnger is lawe, 
To ride vpon an heui stede, 
)7at swiftli scholde don is nedo : 

N) 8N ; d.(4 

Afui wft«t C ; poo SS 
i tmjl C. endc SNa 
1236. H k. 1} hi gan lo om 

1!37. Bife] nr add. N ; to add. C. ftaiinBJ 
gomSN. ^ow TO. k.'] aan O. 
1338. Thau wusfe lo C. 

lUe. uJoj} yoye C. a7ul\ ao C ; in (>.) A. 
"] om. C / pray \k \iat fwit [w dyjAic 

M. Iw \ytn C. i7cft« «.] ic7^ C ; foMer 

M.^c]iBrfSNC. scifJt ?««] loffl tnj SN i 

IM!. ft, C ; By SN. % SN. t>e laq n, 

We C. mk] om. C. 
l!<a.K]Dm.8NC. «w7-;] (fel! C. 
lat.H,]A(»-a prcutei^iacteS. 

1215. M».7e ?.] mSali, »cyde C. /— .S.] A 

KufoSN. au>ell(\)C. 
13*8. pa — ^retrf.] Bare (1) (Ay Utturfq/n 0. 

1247. .ffafi C. nte] ijede add, a 
1246 f. : 

Ha/itt y my ilede Antndtlte, 

py fetter {inille y (Ivmll N) here at nede. SF. 

1248. 7(Aw./.][^ikiiMiwfe(/i«)WeC)/(»« 
SNC. 171— liafel ai Ihyi nfde C. 

124B. ^nrf] ffnue y 8N. Jlf(»ifeJap(t) C. 
S«fc] om. SN. 

1250. wolde C. 

1251. sauKt &. 

1352. n«r] U SN. no] ii{en«( S. laioea S. 
12G3. an AjjrAfl 8; Au N. 
1364. sioi/}iIt mA.] 9fi22^jAa!SN. is] siicht a 


^ he is knyght to you sworne, U 
And he shall bere thia letter to mon 
^"J. 1» Mahoun), thaii) dare I say, 
Jiiiit Bcues shad neviH'e go quyk awn; 
^i wlian) thia letter was made, ve 

^ter Beuea the kyng, he sent 9 
^i aaiJ : ' BeueB, thou mvst go as t; 
In to Damace aU in delite 

Anil bero kyng BradmonJ this letter ; 
Euer more ihou) shalte be the better I ' 
' Sir, haue I ArondeH aniJ Morglay, 
I wylt vndertake that way; 998 

Be Bradmonct nevH*« so wroth ne wood, 
I shaH geve hyni strokys good ! ' f. ina. 
' Where to,' sayiJ Ermyn), ' said pou so 1 
Ho is thy ffrend and not thy ifoo ;]i»H,add.O. 

^ ^«d by Bauii shell the Utter be home 0. 

"L Jnd] om. O. Mter—ver.'] was brought 

J^ Thi Huge pan ([/7.-r Beais sende 0. 
•"■SniM] om. O. shall wciide O. (y 

'"■ ^vd ie irae mciacnger, a» thoti art 


kiiisM. 0. 
995. berc] so 0; bare{<.) M. 
998. Aiid emr 0. 

AncAher els afcmMe bere it : 

It shall turne the lo great pn^fyL odd. 0. 
998. that] the O. 

1000. geae h. »(.] make my parte O. 

1001. 16] fore 0. msirf] thynkest O. 

1002. Thou shall but on nu^ssagc ^ ; O. 




' Ac nim a lijter hakenai 

& lef her J)e swerd Morgelai, 1256 

And J? ow schelt come to Brademonde 

Sone wip inne a lite stounde 1 ' 

Benes an hakenai be-strit 

And in is wei for)) a rit 1260 

And beref wif him is oweno def, 

Boute god him helpe, pst alle ping sep ! 


T I lerne we ajen, far we wer er, 

1 & speke we of is em Saber ! 1264 
After p&t Benes was ))us sold, 
For him is hertte was euer cold ; 
A clepede to him his sone Terri 
And bad him wenden & aspie 1268 
In to eueii londe fer and ner, 
Whider him ladde pe maroner, 

1255. Ac 91.] £tU take SN. lifter] lyUl SN. 

1256. WK^Ut^TS. 

1257. td\ king add. SN. 

1258. wip inne] in S. lytel SN. 
1251—1258 : 

tVhat vjoldyst )>(m do yn dede 
Wyth Arondell, thy stede. 
Or with thy svjyrde Mordelayt 
Take vnth the a lytull hakeney ! C. 

1259. Syr B, C. an\ dtid ^ G. pat haken/iy 
B. SN. bestrod SN ; hestryde C. 

1260. ri£\ rood SN. And for^e he goth vnth 
\>at wryte C. 

1262. halp (!) S. ^Ig (!) A. 

1261 f. : God helpe hym^ \at hesU may! 
For]>e he goyth yn hys way, C. 
1263. er] om. C. 

1265. |m«] om. G. 
1265 f. : 

Sdberes hert woeful eolde, 

mien )m {that N ) childetoasferre ysolde ; SX. 

1266. For him] om. C. 

1267. to him hie] his oume SN. Tarry C ; 
Tyrrye SN. 

1268. <fe] to SN ; ynto C. assay (\) C. 

1269. In — loTtde] In hethenes SN ; And seke 
Befyse G. 

1270. WhodurC, ladde] had senJfS. mary- 

Take an easy hakeney, 
That may here the be the wey, 1004 
Hit ffallith no messingere to lede 
To vncouth londf suche a stede 1 
But, Beves,' he said", *thou shalte swere, 
Thou wylte be trewe, my letter to here ; 
As thou arte trew man axid sele, 1009 
Vndo not the prynte of my scale I ' 
* Nay,' saidf Beues, * be Cryste on rode 1 ' 
He toke the letter, and? foi-th he yode 
On an ambelynge hakeney ; 1013 

At home he lefte ArondeH and Mor- 

le^u hym counseH and? rede : 

On hym selfe he beryth his dede ! 1016 
Alas, that he ne wiste ryght nought 
Of cdl the treason), that was wrought : 
But go<$, that died ffor man be name, 
Saue his body ffro dedly shame ! 1020 
Leve we sail of Beves here. 
And speke we of his erne, sir Sabeie. 

After that Beues was fro hym sold, 
Hys hert waxid Sot hym) fiuH 
cold, 1024 

And callid to hym) his son) Terry 
And bad hym wend to asspye 
In to Sarzins lond ffar and neie, 1027 
Yf he myght ought of Beues here : 

10O4. be the to,] easely atoay 0. 
1006. Tnessagerfor to O. 

1006. To vne. I.] So vncomly O. 

1007. he 8.] om. O. shalte] me add. O. 

1008. Thou — trewe] That thou shaU truly 0. 
to] om. O. 

1010. seale] brefe 0. 

1011. be Cr, on] on christen O. 

1012. the] hys 0. lie] om. 0. 

1013. Upon 0. 

1014. Leuing at home O. 

1015. couns.] comfort O. 

1016. Upon O. selfe] om. O. hisi 
add. 0. 

1017—1020 om. 0. 

1021. «a?q now O. 

1022. sir] om. 0. 

1024. wai)oid—ffult]for him waxed O. 

1025. And:] He O. 

1027. In] om. 0. Imtd] bothe add. 0. 



ktti aeiile : ' Sone, f ow ert niiii owwi, 
Wei pow canst fa lord knowen 1 1272 
Ich hole f 6, Bone, in alle manera, 

a ^er: 

leb wile feche him, mowe ^ow him 

foaj ho be bi-jende Ynde ! ' 1276 

Terri, ia sone, is for)) ifiire, r. i93a>. 

I!/l, Son, he teidc SS. oiiv 8. 
m. WeH For SN. pyn S. lord] vkI add. 
Intome S. 



ISa JiiiJ ora. SN. 
h whisk land so (iAot N) )>oi( vyivie, 
Sfcudyag ynaioja (euer N) y gJnil {viol N) 

RTiWn \oa ht in «njf loiuie, 
Aw luif «nu^ nu! t>^ sond6 : add. SN. 
Wl-1274 r 

a maya( Jwu fw br,Unr t^tur hym "peer, 
itd tayr whodur ^U )»« wcmit), 
CdUc ytiogh y Khali the scitde.' 
The Kyde Tarry : ' Be Uie tryjiijte, 
1 nhaU hym aeke yn many a ciniti'e. C. 
M7B./!iA« — JxHf] AmMriAe tyl y SS. wile — 

Beues a. smijto euori wharc ; 

In ol hc^nea na« toun noii, 

J3ut cristene inan mijtu [wingojj, 1280 

)3at he ue ha|) Beues in isou^t, 

Ac he ne konfe finde \i\m noujt. 

So hit ho fel vpon a cas, I 

)>9.t Totri com beside Damas ; 1284 * 

1278 put bufore 1276 C. 

1277. (iV.iEoadd. C)/orl)(in hwway[aia. C) 

1279. B.— cu.] AikL *OK)i (sei^JA C) J, toyifa 
JVoio yg rnrTyp«Mi«i the see: 
Bod kqie hymfor hyi pete I 
And aoght Befyse iheraw Tuakey, 
ThoroiB Arinony and Aiiay, add. C. 

1279. oqom, C. iuM]l>er7oasC; na«,('.)A. 

1280. men SNC. mijtej had SN. >«■] om. 
SNC. i«] om. N. 

1281. M^ifrn'SN. AfldSN. i«]om.SN. 
.B«< rnr*^ B^/vw loghi C. 

1282. Jo]BitiSNC. iouHH»W*8N. Ac- 
Jinde] %yt hcfoaiidc C. 

meca wede thou shalte were, 
So may thou best after hym inquere I ' 
Ibiin take he lijiu tresoure I-nough to 
spenc*, f.i376. 1031 

Jj that were gone, goil more wyH senii. 
forth gan) chiliJ Terry ffare 
To hethynnea, tiH he come thare, 
Inmeny londis he hath hym sought, 
But of Beues harde he nought, 1036 
TiH it bf-ffeH vppon) a day, 
A« afterwarde I shaH you say ; 


IMliMwlO. beiUr 0. inj.] spere 0. 

IWl. Tta™ t m He gaae him O. /-n.] 


IMl man. O. gone] done O. more to.] 

1038. rortft] than id.l. O. 

jIBi ittt.] Saraiyas land« 0. 

jlM. bmJi,] o ifcntle O, hym a.]/aiialU 0. 

Turne we ageyne, thei'e we were be-fore. 

And speke we of sir Beues more I 1040 

Beues i-ode fforth a softe pace 

Towanle the Cite of I>nmaoe ; 

He roUa two days anit sy^teH bothe, ■ 

Heresttdhymnot.withoutAotbe; 10441 

He rode as faste as he myght ride, 

Ty» the thrift morowe tyde. 

And than leste he bothe ete and drynke, 

Aa eueiy man) doth after swynke ; 1048 

1039. ageyae] am. 0. 

1040. AMd—Beuea] Of Beiiys of ffiimptuii 
ipeke u'e O. 

1041. M/fe] om. O. 
1013. fwd] om. 0. 

1044. Ber. h.] A-nd rated 0. 
1048. Tyll Ihi ift.] Two or Owe 0. 
1047. And] om. O. Aa *.] Aijw Mhe to 0. 
1018. euery] a viery 0. avi.] thyrtke O. 



& ase he com for]) be poi stede, 

A sat and dinede in a wede 

Vnder a feire medle tre, 

]}at sire Beues gan of-«66. 1288 

* Sire/ quej) Terri, * for sein luline ! 

Is it pe wille, com nere & dine ! ' 
Beues was of-hongred sore 1291 

And kou))e him gret ])ank \>er fore, 
For twei dawes he hadde ride 
Fastande in ))at ilche wede. 

1288. see] om. (!) A. 
1283—1399 : 

{Tyll hyt befelle vpon a day. 

As ye the sothe here may, 

JTeste toe now cf Tarrysfare 

And of Befyse speke we mare I 

Syr Befyse rode a gode pose ft 

Toward the cyte of Damtiske* 

Two dayes he rode ryght, 

Or he of hys hors lyght. 

But asfasU as he myght ryde 

Tyll 'pe thrydde mome tyde, 10 

Be pat lyste Befyse toetedg drynke. 

As a wery imam, aftur sioynke 

To slepe he lyste, as pe romans tellys ; 

For he my^t gete nothyng ellys, 

Befyse leyde hym to slepe \>at stounde, 15 

And hys hors ete vpon pe grounde. 

When he was loakyd of hys slepe, 

Vpon hys hors can he lepe, C ; om. SN. 

Sir B, rood fourp (om. C.) on {in N) hys 
()» S) way, 

He 7U)ld (wolde 0) make noon delay; 20 

In a forest long and brood 

On ( Vpon C) his hors forth he rood. 

On ( Vpon C) his ry^t honde he sey^e him 

(om. C) nere 
A palmer sU (syttyng C) at his (om. C) 

Al oon he sat, as he was horn, 25 

(AndwAA.Q; Good add.'N) mete and drytike 

toas (Jie had N ; om. C) him byfam, 

iffe sate vnder a feire tree. 
Mete A drynke for knygMes thre, G) 
While he {]>ey 0) toolde {sitte and (om. S) 

\>ere (\>er at C) fttf. 
(Hi, fowles (There C) he hadde to (at C) his 
dynere, 80 

(pat men calle eolueres (The curlews pat be 

clepyd C) here ; 
Inou^ he had, (pat goodman {of gode nume (}), 
pav/^e he were pore to see vppon (om. C) ; 
He ioked vp wUh ey^ (eye C) bry^. 
And of (syr add. C) B. he had a sy^t 35 

Slepe he mvste, as the romans tellis, 
That nyght he gate nought ellis. 
Beues lay down and slepte a stoun() 
And? leydl his face vnto the groundl. 
Whan he wakydl of his slepe, 1053 
No more he bode, hut vp he lepe, 
Andl as Beues fforth rode. 
In a foreste ffeire and brode 1056 

He sye a palmer sitt hym nere 
With bredf andl wyne at his dynere ; 

Bakyn curlews had he thre, 
Thou3e he were pore on to see. 1060 
The palmersaw, Beues was knyght^ nuso. 
An() avayle<l his hat, as it was ryght. 
And seid? : * Sir, ffor love myne, 1063 
Ys it thy wyft, to come andl dyne % ' 
' There of,' saidi Beues, 'I am ffuH fifayn): 
For hunger hath me almoste slayn)!' 
Beues ete andl dranke gret plente, 
Whm he wold there at be ; 1068 

1049. mvste"] lysted 0. 

1050. nyght — nought] myght he gete arid no 
thynge 0. 

1052. And lete his hors bayte on the grounde C. 

1053. av}oke O ; oui add. O. 

1054. But ?M) (!) M. more] lenger O. but] so 
O ; om. M. he] dyd O. 

1055. And a^ B.] Beuys than O. 

1056. In] Towarde O. 

1058. at] to O. 

1059. he had 0: 

1060. on to] 80 O ; vnto M. 

1061. was] a add. O. 

1062. valed O*. ha£] bonet O. 

1063. And] The palmer O. siirffor]fayrtO, 

1064. thy] your O. 
1065 f. : 

For my wyl is moche gyuen to the, 

Therfore it forgyueth me. 

That thou shalt wysshe me, wHJunUenfayU, 

To a man, for whome I trauayle / ' 

Beuys saide agayne ful fayne : 

* Hunger hath done me moche peyne / ' 0. 

1067. gret] ful gode 0. 

1068. wold] syt and add. 

)3e palmer nee noujt wifpoiite» store, 
Inou; a leide him bc-fore, ] 'idG 

Breil and flesc out of is ma,le 
And of his flaketes win & ale 
Vhiii Beues liadde eten gret foisouit, 

Aad (ffe C) praide him, vnlh Jiert/ree : 
' .'if/T, com TUTt and dyne with mt, 
Dynt teilh me iippon, [iw (Jb C) grounds. 
And (om. N) lelhe (then NC) shal (ici/H C) 

we KpsHe (talhf C) a atoitwU, 
Where in tonde (jal odd. C) |»» hunt 

A»d what {of add, C) aaentureg fou lianl 

Ue ^jTikeih, ()iau art (]m a C) gentyl {gent 

N ; kny^ add, C) and free, 
Mtuhe {Thai makyth C) myn hcrU falMh 

{tofalle C) to thee, 
fat {1 hope 0) ]»» iiw (ora. C) »haU inyaahe 

/al {me C) eiiyn 
To a man, pat {om. N) ^ «AaI {the odd. N) 

iwmiin (n<n(^ii C) I ' 45 

Se lyjt adoim (alu so Jem {hyl yt not lo 

\Ajid al hia ]»»)( bygan {be gan N) lo iem, 
[ATid qf that tyyhl he vxafayse, C] 
They {He C) efan (efe C) and {droiJcm grcte 

{dranie C) pUale, 
mue 0«y lailde (Jml Ae C) Jwr ate (uw^'^ 

idd. C) bee. GO 

i4^ m^efe if tyme to tpeke, 
Aiid {Syr C) B. bggaa {eanfarile C) out to 

(ora. C) ftrafce 
Aivi luked ]« paimw, n« he leel (om. C) cran, 
}/ie were a crisfcn mail, 

Terri aake.le at sire Bououn, 1300 
lit a herde telle jong or olde I 

Of a child, |iat pedcr was solde : ■ 

His name was i-hote Bpuouh, ^ 

I-bore a was at Souti-Hamtouii. 1304 

{And of add. C) wftenTies he was and whnt 

he »0K3i, 
Avd {where oon, teas hie {what vnu C) nuat 

{yn hyi add. C) twtijf ; S5 

' Tel me,yf]iy wUle be, 
if ]»w vrUt yleue II leius N ; /<aue (he 

torn of C) ine (tAe N) 1 ■ 
pe paiDier wide, y wuferjrtonde .- 
' T VQs born in Jngelonde, 69 

AUe Southamlon {Hampton N) vppoa {on C) 

pere (frte wers {loere me C) Ic^ (for add. N) 

J ftau« yaoii,^ )im Si7u«n ;cre 
7?t many loiuiet {a laiide C)/er and Jtore 
After a man, [nrf y sliai nemyn {nevyn C) ; 
B. he halle {hyghl C), by ^ in {^ NC) ^ 

heuyn, 66 

pat {So C) w hie name, y vndcralniul/;, 
{That add. C) / haue him {om. C) mifl in 

many a (om. N) lonife 
And eucr ehal, lyl y hitu fynde. 
But [with hand {htmdia N) men [yf men 

leyth cordyt C] me bynde. 
To bryag him in to Ingelonde, 70 

To help my fader wiih, hie honde!' 
• What hat (kj/ght C) (]iy fader (Ae N);' 

gvod (seyde C) B. \an, 
' What woldest ]>oit(ao add. 'SC)wilhmudui 

Than to speke Enuea he^anne : 
'Palmer,' he said, ' arte thou a cryaton) 
maijll 1070 

Wleie was thou borne I tett it me, 
And wlint ihon doiste in thie centre ! ' 
Baid the palmer, I vnderatnm?, 
I^t he was borne in Englon:), 
^ Sonth-Hampton) vppon the see, 
'M I come to this coutre, 107G 

1071, WB tt.] thou viere 0. it] t'lou 0. 

MI!, r&av eaiae O. 



1017. 1-pl] ryght O. 

10)8. Beset—he] Thai Beily.i of South-Hainp- 

To secLe after a chil<J, I-plight : 
Beues ffor sothe he hight ; 
I shaH hym seke, tiH I hym ffyniJ, 
Right vnto the woridus enr?, 1080 
To bryng hym) in to Engloml, ' 
To helpe my fader with dyntte of bond ! ' 
' What hight thy fader, air palmeret' 
He said ; ' Men) call hym sir Sabere ; 

1080. Jiigkt tnUo] Thoughe 1 hf/m seke to 0. 

1082. dyntte of] hia O. 

Agayn^ his stepfaderfor lo/yght. 

To Wynne his heriiage and his TiglU.' add. 0. 

1083. siVJom. 0. 

1081. He said] Syr 0. sir] om. 0. 



Beues be-held Terri & I0U3 
& seide, a knew |)at child wel inou^ : 
•Hit is nou^t,' a seide, *gon longe, 
I sej pe Sarsins ])at child an-ho/zge ! * 
Terri fel fer doun and swou^, 1309 

His her, his clo]>es he al todrou^. 
Whan he awok and speke mi3te, 
-^ore a wep and sore si^te 1312 

And seide : • Alias, ])at he was boren 1 
Is me lord Beues for-loren ? * 


pat \fou hast {so ivyde ysouyt {sogJU so toyde 

where C) 
In mony a londe andfonde him noic^ 75 
[In dyuers Uyndysfarre and nere C) : 
Tel me, ^\f (what C) ^y wUle is, 
(And then add. C) ^if y can, y wylle (schall 

C) ^wys!* 
The palmer seide with simpel (mylde C) 

'(Men calle my fader {Myffadur hyght C) 

8vr Sabere ; 80 

ffe was B. his (om. C) own eme^ 
He shulde haue cast him in (to add. N) "^ 

(a C) streme 
protff^ (his m4)ders (the meiris (I) N) com- 

Theffore was (om. C) my ffader (ys nere 

add. C) shent. 
First she gan (had C) my fader too (hym 

sloo C), 85 

SHnr oume soon for to sloo 
That he neuyr came hwr too, C) 
And for to cast him in (to add. 'S)\e8ee; 
(BtU add. C) myffader him sauid, y tel ^, 
perfore he hap (is in NO) mvAihe (mikull C) 

stryf, 90 

(And add. C) for he sauid the childes lyf; ^ 
She (He NC) (kepeth him (ys C) in a castel 

steff and good, 1 go put before 89 C. 

Closed with \e saU flood, 
In (an yle (a penakull C) of the see ; 

Mete (and dryrike (om. K) he haifi (grete 

add. '^)pl&nte 95 

To him and mo pau^ \>ey were, 
{And II. C knyghtys dere, C) 
Vitailes good (And mete and drynke C)for 

seven (XII C) Jcrg. 
Now haue y tolde pe (om. N) of (all C) my 

care (sare C), 
How ( Whom C) y (haue him (hy^n haue N ; 

h>aue C) sou^ wyde whare : 100 

Tel me now, yf \m can, 
Where y my^fynde suehe a man/* 
pen seide (syr add. C) B, in his sowe : 
* (By god, ]m^ ilke man (Soche a 7}tan weG 

C) y knowe ! * 
[And seide : *Itis not longe agoo, 105 

Seeth y him seye in muche woo ; 
[Be all that y on lefe, 
I Unie no man so moehe as Befe ; C] 
It is not (yyt add. C) \Tee dayes (with al 

(falle C), 
That (Syth C) we ete (to geder (om. C) in 

an haile, 110 

Bothe we ^ of (om. N) 00 mete (bredd C), 
[And (om. "N) at 00 hmd (borthe (!) S) we 

[And bothe we sate at oon stedd 
And ete bothe <f o&nfUscke, 
Cf oon pUxter and qf oon dysehe, C.] 115 
By \>e (that C) tale, jtat jtou me (om. N) telles, 
(pcit Wits B. (I wot bests C) and no man eUes. 

He is Beues erne, be my liffe, 1085 
For hym he is in moche stryffe ; 
I lefte h}^!! in an yle good, 
Be-closudf it is with salte floodi, 1088 
And euery other day, sertayn), 
He fyght with air Mordoure ^f Ati- 

That with hym holdith gret baronage. 

To Wynne Beues heritage. 1 1886. 1092 
Teft me nowe, yf thou can). 
And wise me ryght to such a man ! ' 
Than said Beues with myld chere : 
* I haue known Beues this vii yere : 
Hit is not yet iiii days at adl, 1097 
Sethyn we ete bothe in one haXt ; 

1 085 f. : He hath ben euer in stryf e 

Syth syr Guy of Hamptons lyfe. O. 

1 088. Be^d, it is] Closed dboui O. salte] the 

1 089. other] yere a O. 

1091 1 : For to wynne his heritage 

He doth for hym great viage, O. 

1093. nowe] syr O. 

1094. And] om. O. to such a] vnto that 0. 

1096. / — vii] Beuys h/me I knowen this 

1097. yet] om. O. thre O. eU] wyth O 

1098. Seth.] That 0. eU] were 0. 

'H tok hiwi vp nt |).tt oas 
^nd gan him for to solas : 131G | 

f W"end hom,' a aeiMe, 'to J»B contre ! 
lai pQ frendos ao ichaiie fo : 
110113 flow him aeche fcs seue jer, 1319 1 
)3o\v worst fat child neaer fe ner I ' 
Ttrri on Eeuea he-held t.i 

TVatde hoom to Jjy/mfer ajsj/n, 
-rfnrf tel kirn 0/ (om. NC) ai ^ pcj/n. 

rVAere in lontU [loitdia N ; ]iai add. C) ^>u 

htat been, 120 

.^nd lehat aucnl»re» {>aj add. C) ]w» Ao^f 


And sp; jjc hoiste wif> a achnld. 

' Me (n-iikeli, \,ow ert a masager, 

))at in (.is londe walkos her; 1324 

Icliani a clerk and to ecole jede : 

Sire, let me pe tetter rede, 

For Jiow mijt haue gret doutc, 

))in owene dejj to here ahoute ! ' 1328 

.Selp him (am, C), to d^emlc his casUl strong, 
"VjiU -no Tnaa do Aim (no add. C) wrong ! 
i^And add. C) when y haue my mesaage 

Jioyl (aeJiaU C) apcke with sir (om. C) {B. 
sane (Bautae N) ; 126 

( And odd, C) y shdl don ^ herand luele 
^Tosir B. merydeiel 
\IIe I's myfelmiiB a-nd myfrynde, 
Wylh hlfoi to T-itrilBiid£ fcyil y taynde. ' 
Than aryde lie painter wylh herie /re : 130 
" Syr,' fte seyde, ' y pray the, 
TelU Tiu, «*:re y may/ynde 
Seffit, \ai ys so godc aiut liciide ! ' 
' Syr,' lit aiyde, ' be goddijs ore, 134 

C^igmy loyll telle the Ttomore!' udd. L'.] 

pan ssidt Iw palmer wilh herifne : 

' Tel me (I pray Hie C) now par (for C) 

Whidie is my may la Inglond (J^is land N) 

And ifhcder in (on C) nusiage wcndail Jioii ? ' 

[' To Damas J wylle tee, 140 


[Be gad, y avt a messatigere 

To Damaabe, y v}otde be there ; 

Eyt ys a ioellfeyre eyte : 

Be god, Jwre vmlde yfayne bee! C] H5 

With me y here a letter folds {ya holds C), 

Iclosed in (tayih C) sHuer aid in (om. C] 

To )« Icing him lelf, ywys. 
And (Dtn. C) yieotnemr {not C}, what it is.' 
pc palmer leide .- ' So mot Jimi \iee, 150 

p >y (M C) teller see, 



TlieiB is no man), be godd7U ore, 
hi wiatondome, that I love more, 1 100 
Ami he toh* me Sot thy, 
'I'liiit Ilia fEader hight eir Gye.' 
'Sit,' said the palmer, ' that is he ; 
Fwgoddi«love,letmQhyjusel' llOi 
' '^sy,' Baid Beues, ' it may not bo so, 
*w in message mvste I goo ; 
■iniweiKJthou forth toEnglondl ageyn), 
AnJ helpe thou thy fader wilh aH thy 
aayiD, 1108 

rot »hMi) I haue my message done, 

"". Wi werefelawcs and certayaly 0. 
'M Thai] Ec iolde me 0. 
lOB. Sny ,. £.] Beuys saide 0. 
"M. in] en O. 

m. Jnd-forlK] BiU qo tJioa ho«ie 0. 
IM. tian] om. O. alt ili<j] myghl i- O. 
10. vigil] thai O. sir] om. O. 
". flltxit.] thvf, 1 TMierstande 0. 
"IliimlAymadd. 0. 

I wyH speke viitli sir Beues sone 
And tett hym of this tytliandi 1111 
And make hyra hye in to Englondf : 
Far chaunce, ffor Beues is my ffreniV, 
I abaft with hyra in to Englondi wend' I ' 
" the palmer in his langage. 



To kyng BradmomP,' said Beuea, ' I 

He is lay ffoo and not my ffren<?.' 
SaiiP the palmer : ' Yf thy wytt he, 
WUtethoQ lot me thy letter sea V 11^0 

1113. for] oin. 0. 

1114. in] om. 0, 
lllB. in]onO. 

1117. To—Bcacs\Hesaids: ' To tyjige Brad- 

I1J8. Ee] IVhychc O. 

1119. The palmer saide 0. thy] il your O. 

1120. mUe—lliy] Ld me a lytel your O. 



Eeues seide, ich vnder-stonde : 

* He, pat me tok fis letter a?i honde, 

He ne wolde loue me non oper, 

J5an ich were is owene broper.* 1332 

Beues him pankede & pus hii delde : 

Terri wente hom and telde 

His fader Saber in pe ilde of Wi^t, 

How him tolde a gentil kni^t, 1 336 

J)at Sarsins hadde Beues for-fare 

And hangede him, while he was pare. 


'-' Saber wep and made drem, 

For he was pe childes em, 

And ech ^er on a dai certaine 

Vpon pemperur of Almaine 

Wip a wel gret baronage 

A cleimede his eritage. 
Nfl" et we now be?* is em Saber 
' 1 J & speke of Beiies, pe maseger ! 

Forp him wente sire Beuouw, 

Til a com to Dames toun ; 1348 


1331. hme] x>m, A. 
B. {seide to (answered C) him aTtoon (tho C) : 
* So couth y my self doon : 1 55 

\Bi the (^at C) kiTigj that sUteth in troTie, 
Hit sehal neuer be vndone (om. S).] 
Tyl ])e king him self it see, 
(Shot U netier vndone be!* 
(Cf Damaskey thatrycheci/tef* C), 160 
{pe palmer {They C) kyssed him (om. C) 

anMn |>oo 
And toke his {ther C) leuefor to goo. 
[The pahner toke \te wey {into higelonde {to 

^is lond N), 
{B, went {Erode N) forth and \>ow^ no 

[The palmer yn to Yhglond toke ^ tcay, 165 
And syr Befysefor\fe wyth owt delay C] 
Toicard (To C) pe cite of Damasce, 
pat shon (ow bry^ as {bryghter pen C ; eny 

add. N ; pe add. C) gUts ; 
(It was {Ryght C) ahovi pe (om. N) m/ydny}ibj 
Hit shoon {so clere and so bryght {bry\t as 

Sonne lyght C), 170 

[pat B, hadforloim his si^ 

prowy. pe eUrete of be {that N) lyyt, 

[ffyt schonv^e so bry^ A so clere. 

Thai Befyse had loste hys sy^ nere. C] 

Allepe weyes {wendowis N ; howsys C) {and 

al (wyth yn C) pe walles {walle C), 175 
[0 cnstal bry^t, chambur {chambers N) and 

halles ; 
[All they were of crystalle ; C] 
{T?ie crystall was semely leyde, 
As hyt ys yn romans seyde ; 
The peters were of cyprys hoMe, 180 

Ipeynted wyth redd goide ; 
like a rofe hyllyd wyth ledde, 
Poyntyd abotU wyth golde red. 
Soche was the boi'ow. 

The romans tellyth, thorow <fc porcw. 185 
Ther was netier mnn, pat my^ go 
Abowte the cyte yn dayes yn (!) two, add. C. 
pat {Hyt C) was {wyde add. C), with oute 

{And add. C) double walled al about ; 

Said Btmes : 'Nay, as liaue I rest or roo, 
So couth I my selfe haue do ; t is9a. 
Shaii it never on-done be, 
Tyft the kyng hym) selfe it se ! ' 1 1 24 
They toke theire leve ffor to go, 
And yche fProme opt^re gan parte thoo. 
The palmer went to Englond warde 
And Beues rode fforth swith harde 1 1 28 
Towarde the cite of Damas, 

That was a if ull tieyre space ; 
AH the wyndowes andl aH the wallis , 
With cristaH was peyntedl, chamber 
andhallis, 1132 

Pelouris and durris were att of brasse, 
With laten) sett and with glasse ; 
Hit was so riche in many wyse. 
That it was like to paradise. 1136 

1121 f. : 

Nay, saide Bmiys, so m^t I go, 
So thought I not my selfe to do! O. 

1124. the — 8elfe\ kynge Bradnwnde hath O. 

1 1 ?5. ffor to] and forthe gan O. 

1126. Eyther kyssed other of them two O. 

1128. fforth s. k.] soneforwarde (!) 0. 

1130. place 0. 

1131. For al 0. a//] om. O. 

1132. With— chamber] Were painted wyth 
golde bothe toures O. 

1133. al were O. 

1134. With—and:] Wyndowes of latyn wen 
se (!) O. 

1136. to] a O. 

Iboutc )ie time of tniclJai 

>ut of a mamcri b Gsi 

3[n EEUES C 

EJe cite Kiaa doacd with a dyclte, ISO 

A'oon d^ter was (lua H) ITher was wme 
tathe C] muter heiiyn n/che ; 
Jl wo* (M add. C} depe knd d:e (riglU N ; 

om. C) large, 
(T^aiadd. C)per^mp}ij?erte(ora. C)ikip 

ami bnrge ; 
(psrin fnow ahippa (Aboicle |ie q/ie jc^h 

gnJleyi C) roi/re, 
iperffn u { tVflh C) ioi/e {i mipHie >t j;ajn« 
itdd. C) !/noiv«. 195 

jTAfT i«add. C)aii»ite()» cite (om. C; u 

add. N) F// (si^t' C) }^». y"V. 
J^iiA ( Jnrf 7/ C) Iffuggei and (11 add. C) 

I Samsina come gret foisonn, 

I pat hadde anonred here Mahonn. 1352 

[pe belles ryngen euernchoon. 20f> 

[Oa bellys ryngyng far^lh hyt [wji, C] 
At \e h-iggt mde ^itikth a loarc, 
Paynied wUh gold aiui aaaour ; 
[On \k toure tlood on egdl bold (aide N), 209 
T}ai was (alle adJ, N) i/rie/u: galdc torn. C], 
[SU eiffenwere {The Imtt was C) ofprecimu 

Biche ajvi good for )b notmcj ; 

pe aUtoneg )au< more /i/Ji, 

pnn ]nU {alU tw C) ci(ce, ]xUtrasso Sryji. 

^I« iMi mj/)i B. tiis (]w( eyJe C) see, 216 

.^3 Aa<{ Ae (Ae Aa<^ NC) (in ]»! ctfe (fAer jm 

(a eyte C) io«r« (iwr N ; wos C} 
. JOB C) widcf soim*, 
Jl nM( (vxu C) luwr ^» (nor sehall be C) 

yuTWDw. 197 f. put Iwfors 19E f C. 
Oiter Jk tootor (j/j add. C) a hrygge of braSy 
Urn (Jfon NC] ami btatet (htst NC) ^ 
Duer (m S) »i^ (to C) po3. 201 

triufer )« £ni^ were ^xty belles. 
At ihe Tvmminae in book (bakis vs N) telles 
J«m. C] ; 

.^nri )if (sir B. {he C) was (>iu/ar odd. C) 

XXX. inyle and lael (y/i C) moo, 
IXXX. myU Umg and brood, 219 

/( icajt ijfonde, as he (B. C) rood. [om. C] 
pun leide B., (as y seye (wi moU y C) thee: 
'A ryche (feyre C) citee ju/ui y see : 
Seth y vna bom </ woman, 
Sneke a eitee mice y nener noon .' ' 221 

{As add. C) fie rood forth on {in N) his waye 
Toward Lamas JxiC ilke (om. C) daye. 

Ahoiite the place lay a iliolie, 

Tot brodder audi depper was none it 

Onw Ibat a brygge lay, 1139 

iiiat man) and' beate inyght paaae away. 
Tnder the bryg was syxte bolhw, 
ABtheatory of Eeuea tellia, 
Tliat there inyght pasae no thing, 
liiil the bellis began) to rynge, 1 H-1 
To*ftme them, that were vtitk in 
ilioroiigh the ryngyng of that gyniie. 
Al the Bryge atode a toure, 

"3'. hy\ there was 0. 

I'M. Jn brede and dcpcaeasc there 0. it] 

1139. Ha(] Oe dyke O. bryggel there add. 0. 
111. icern 0. 

lltl ii—BmesI Byght aa tlie ramayns 0. 
IJM. ]«MK no (A.] no man vasse in 0. 
j;**-t 010,0. 
"«. Tkonnigh—lhall -B"* "i Ihcy range 

'!"■ ^Twi ende add. O. 
'HS.(iiki)u,-i<ilBd(l. 0. 

I'ej'iiteiS with gold andf asure, 1148 
Iticbe it was to be-hoM, 
There on stode an eguH of goM ; 
His ejn) were of pwdous stones 1151 
Off gret vertuB ffur the nonea i-isnti. 
Whan Eeues was nere at the Cite, 
Of that place than mervelicl he, 
For setliyn thai Beues borne was, 
Sye he never so ffeire a place. 1156 
■Whan) Be lies was the Cite wilhin 
A gret araye he aye be-gyime, 

1149. 1 


;] al add. O. 


Tlie stoves loere so riche and bright, 
Thai at the place shone of lyght. add. O. 


tlian] 001. 0. 


aof.\ siiche 0. 

was^ cam 0. 

A g. a.] Great myrthe and m 



Beues of is palfrei ali3te 
And ran to her mameri ful ri3to 
And slouj here prest, pat per was in, 
And prew here godes in pe fen 1356 

(lie sawe a tempull large ds rownde, 

Newe made on the groionde. 

As syr Befyse rode yn hys way, 

Moche pcopU at pe tempull he say : 230 

* What,* seyde Befyse, * may tkys bee ? 

Wete y sehall, so mote y the!* 

He lyght a doume wyth owt more 

And tyed hys JiaJceney at the dore 

And owt drewe hys bryght bronde, 235 

And yniothe tempull he wonde. 

He lokyd on them wyth eyen gray, 

And mony of them can he fray, 

And louj hem alle per to scorn. 

On ascapede and at-om 

In at pe castel jete, 

Ase pe king sat at pe mete. 

And some he smote of the hedd, 
And soms he woundyd to the dcdd, 
Som£ the leggys ds some the arme. 
To sle them he thoght tw harm^. 
Be syde the tempull he m,ade afyre 
And threwe ])er yn dam ds syre, 
Sone <& doghtur, all he brent. 
And all \fer goddys, or he went ; 
BtU oon Sarsyn a way gan stalke. 
Or \>at Befyse myght hym take. 
And tolde Bradmonde, the kyng. 
All to gedur, vjyth owt Usyng, 





As sarzins shol() make theire sacryfice 
To theire mawmette* in theire gise ; 
And Beixes come nere,fPor to see, 1161 
And he said : * What devitt do ye % 
Why make ye Mahound this present 
And so disspice god omnipotent 1 1164 
I shaH wytt, so haue I roo, 
What Mahoundl can say or c?oo ! ' 
Beues lepe to Mahoun) 1167 

And pullid? hym right to the ground? 
And caste hyin) in myddz^ the myre, 
And he badf hem take her syre. 
The Sarzins, that be Beues stode, 
Por Ire and! tene waxitl? woodi, 1172 
And they swore aH, he sholdf abye 
For disspysinge of theire mawmewtrye. 
There was no more than) to say, 



ZTi] SO O ; and M. th, g.l this wyse O. 

And\ om. O. nere\ th&m, add. O. 

And\ om. O. devilt] ofhel add. 0. 

so] om. O. 

so — roo} or that I go 0. 

doO; goo 111, 

leptvnto O. 

And toke hym ryght by the crowne 0. 

And\ He 0. mydJ] of add. O. 

he — her"] bad them take vp theyr 0. 

ire — loax,'] very angre were nere 

And] om, O. swore] saide 0. 

dissp. of] he despysed 0. 

than to say] vnto hym saide 0. 

But all at onys to Beues they lay ; 11 76 
Beves sye, that theire swordz/jj they 

Andf all that wol() abide, he slowe. 
The crye arose in) the Cite, 
Sarsins gaderidf gret plente 1180 

And! presudi faste to sir B^voun), f i40a. 
For he had disspisetl Mahown). 
Beues sye that and toke a stoure, 1183 
And at eche stroke he fPellid ffoure ; 
Withe the Sarzins he f aught so faste, 
That two hunderid to ground he caste ; 
With in a lituH while men myght mete 
Sarzins fleynge in yche a strete, 1 188 
To haue socoure of theire kynge. 
And there they told hym) this tydinge 

1176. to B.]on hym O. layde O. 

1177. Beuys than his swerde drewe O 

1179. Than rose a crye 0. 

1180. The Sar. 0. 

1181. They presed about Beuys tho 0. 

1182. Mah.] so add. O. 
1184. And:] om. O. 

1186. to] the add 0. 

1187. lU,] om. O. 

1188. yche a] the 0. 
1189 f. : 

Vnto the palays they ranfleinge. 
For to hay>e socour of the kynge, O. 



' Sire/ seide ])is man at |)e frome, 
' Her is icome a corsede gome, 
Jjat pTovrep our godes in J? e fen 
And slef al oure men ; 1364 

^Vnnefe i scapedo among pat ))nng, 
For to bringe fe tiding ! ' » f. issia, 

Brademond quakede at pe bord . 
& seide : ' pat is Beues, ine lord ! ' 
Beues wento in at be castel ^atc, 1369 

1373. cU r.] aronde (!) A. 
ffow ^(U a man hym selfe allone 
HcUh slaffne men m^my oon. 
Same woundyd and all torent 
* And all otore goddys ybrent,* 
Tho sayde the hyng : * Be Mahcun, 255 
That ye Be/yse of Hampton ! 
LordyngeSy he seyde, * ryse vpfro ^ horde 
And weleoms syr Befyse, yourre lorde I * 
When B^yse had do that qwtrage 
And slayne bothe eyre and page, 260 

ffe rodeforthe on hys %oay 
To Damaake that ylke day. add. C). 
On (VponC) |w brygge he rood a good (om. 

He spared nau^t ^ brygge of braas, 
[The brygge rang as bellys than, 265 

Soche a paae the hakeney ran^ add. C] 
{And al \>c belles gon (The bellys all began 

His hors he lef to ))er ate 

And weute for]? in to ))e halle 

And grete hem in p\& maner alle : 1372 

* God, fat made J)is world aZ ronde, < 

J5e saue, sire king Brademond, 

And ek alle fine fere, 

jjat i se now here, 1376 

And 3if fat ilche blessing 

Likef f e ri3t nof ing, 

toC) rynjge^ 
In ^ cite (pat herde pe kings {toyth owt 

\pe king seide : * What be pis may t 
pe brttgge makep so grete derray I * 270 
Fast to (a tour {the brig N) toefU he. 
For to wete and for to see. 
[All the men of that cyte 
Had grete toondur, how hyt my^t b^, C] 
B, rod to the castel ^ate^ 275 

He {And NC) (m4!t king (fonde C) Brad- 

mMLnd (stondyng add. C) per ate. 
When he same pe king with crown, 
Of his hakeney {hors C) lie ly^ a (om. C) doun, 
[On knee he him set, he nolde stound. 
And yiue vp his deth with his hond : 280 
' Jesu, pat made pe toorld round, 
pe bUsse {bUssUh N), king Bradmound ! 

And saidi : * Str, we be anoyed, 
The Cite is nere hand? distroyed 1192 
Thorough a knyght, that is hedercomyid, 
Ooie go() fErome vs he hath nomen) 
And tredith hym) vnder his fete 
In the dirte amyddti^ the strete, 1196 
And all thy men hath he slayne, 
That eny thing dydl hym ageyn). 
Sir kyng, but we haue helpe of the, 
He shall distroye aJA this Cite ! ' 1200 

Said? kyng Bradmon() : * Be my hode, 
He is a deviH or he is wood ; 
What he is, I wyH go see : 1203 

Arme you tite and come vfith me ! ' 
Forth they went, all the route, 
Of that place they passud oute, 1206 
Eight on the bryge, the Eomans seys. 
They met Beues inwarde the paleys. 
Whan Beues sye the kyng yrith crown), 
On his knees he set hym down) f. i4«6. 

1191. They sayde: Syr kynge^ we ar sore 
noyed O. 

1192. The] Your 0. 

1193. hydnr is O. 

1194. goddys hath he from vs 0. 
1196. troden them O. 

1196. dirte am,]foule myre ofO. 

1197. he hath O. 

1198. eny Hung dyd\ euerf aught 0. 

1199. h/elpe] som^ counsel O. 

1200. wyl O. the O. 

1201. Kynge Bradmonde saide 0. 
1204. tite] rygU O. 

1206. Of the palays without doiU O. 

1207. seys] so O ; tellis M. 

1208. Beu^ inw.] into 0. 
1210. set hym] knclcd 0. 



Mahoun, ))at is god ])ii3, 

Teruagaunt & Apolin, 1380 

))e blessi and di^te 

Be alle here mi^te ! 

Lo her, pe king Ermin 

))e sente pis letter in parchemin, 1384 

And ase pe letter ]7e telle]) to, 

A bad, ])ow scholdest swi))e do ! ' 

Beues kneuled & nolde noujt sto?tde 

& 3af yp is de]) wi]? is owene honde. 

Brademond qnakede al for drede. 
He vndede \>e letter & gan to rede 1390 
And fond iwriten in fat felle, 
How ))at he scholde Beues aquelle. 
Jpanne seide Brademond to twenti king, 
)^at were p&t dai at is gistning, 
A spak wi)) tresoun & wip gile : 
* Arise J» vp,' lie sede *a while, 1396 
Euerich of jow fro pe bord. 
And wolcomep jour kende lord I * 

Wei ]>0 greteth kyng Ermyn 

And sent ^ yU tetter in {pf N) parchemynP 

pan seide \>e letter soo (Uw N), 285 

F)at he shulde sir B, sloo. 
The kyng gtiakyd A had grete drede. 
He vjende, he sehulde neuer haue go fro ]kU 

Befyse hnelyd and wolde not stonde 
And toke the lettyr yn hys honde 290 

And saltUed \fe kyng on pys manere, 
As ye may aftw here : 
* lesu, that made the pianettes VII 
And all the toorlde vndur hev,yn. 
And Tnade \ys worlde vjyde A rom^, 295 
Chile tJie, syr kyng, hys m/dyson. 
And Mahounde, that ys god thyn, 
Bothe Mahounde and Apolyn, 
The hlesse now myght. 
And all thy m^n ryght ! * 800 

And seyde : * Lo, syr, here, kyng Armyn 
A lettyr hath sente yn parchcmyn. 
And for hys loue he hyddyth the. 


In haste that hyt spedde he I ' 
Th>e lettyr he toke yn hys hands, 
Miyll crferde and sore tremelande ; 
He hehelde pe lettyr closyd yn golde^ 
And all he sawe, what he do sehulde : 
Take syr Befyse A do hym slo 
And let hym neuer farther goo, 310 

When he had radd the lettyr bryjtt 
Be the hande he toke the kny^t^ 
And hys m^n at oon worde 
Weleomyd syr Befyse, ther lords. 
He hroght hym ynto the hdlU 815 

And set hym at rneie yn kny}tes stcUle ; 
He was set to m^te soone, 
Mete & dryrike he had gode wons. 
When he was seruyd yn the haHe, 
The kyng can hys knyghtes calls : 820 

' Arme yow, lordynges, y bydde yow, 
Befyse to take for yawre prowe 1 * 
An C knyghtes were armyd bry^t 
In to the dethefor drede offy^, C] 

And gave hym his letter wtV/i his bond; 
He paid : * le^u, that is aft weldand?. 
That shope aft this worldl rounde, 1213 
He geve the sorowe, kyng Bradmondf ! 
Bothe Mahoundl and? Apolyne 1215 
And Turmagawnte, aft goddw* thyne. 
They geve the theire blessynge, 
That is shorte liffe and evift endyng ! 
Weft the gretys kyhge Eimyne 1219 

An^sendith the a letter in parchemyne ; 
He byddith the, thou do his byddyng, 
As thou arte a trewe kynge 1 ' 
The kyng toke at Beues this dede 
Andf toke it a clerke ffor to rede ; 1224 
The letter bad!, that he sho1() Beues sloo^ 
And that he shol^ not away goo : 
* For, sertes, yf that he passe away, 
He wyft distroye bR oure laye 1 * 1228 

1211. his] the O, with] in O. 

1212. He] And 0. iveld.] I vnderstande 0. 

1213. this] the 0. world] so add. 0. 

1214. He] 80 ; They M. 

1215. BtU O. 

1216. all] be O, 

1220. And] He 0. a] this 0. 

1221 f. : 

And byddeth the his byddinge do^ 
Ryght as thou art swome hym to,* 0. 

1223. toke — this] of Beuys reeeyued the O. 

1224. toke] gaue 0, it] to add. O. ffor] om. 

1225. tha^ om. O. Beuss] hym O. 

1226. away goo] passe hym fro 0. 

1227. that] om. O. 


Alle hii gonnen vp rijt stonde, 1399 
& Brademond tok Beues be pe hornle 
And held him faste at ))at sake, . 
))at he ne scholde is swerd out take, 
& cride, alse he hadde be wod, 
To hem alle, aboute hiin stod : 1404 

* Ase ^e me loue?} at |)is stoiuz le, 
BringeJ) fis man swij»e to grouwde ! * 
So faste hii gonne aboute him scheue, 
Ase don ben aboute fe heue : 1408 
So wij) inne a lite stounde f. i84tt». 

Beues was ibroujt to grounde. 

{And he (The kyng C) stooor by (om. C) his 

god {othe C) pan, 325 

pat (om. C) Jic was (nas N) nettcr gladder {so 

aferde C) of man : 
*pou art he {pat man C), pai made me 

{And eke {Me and C) my kny^tes alle. 
Thou {And S) sUnx/^ of {all C) my men to 

ground 329 

XV thousand yn a {lytull add. C) sUywnd, 
And {me pou dedest othes {diid me an othe 

C) stcere, 
pat y shuld neuer armes here 
Ayen py lord {with muche vnryyt {yn wrong 

nor ryght C), 
(pe whiles { The whUe N ; Whyll pat G) he 

{I C) liued and Jutd sy}t, 
{Now goo to halle and {Do noio bothe C) eete 

and drynke, 335 

{As muche {Soche C) aa pe {thou C) good 

{For add. C) pou shaU {neuer cte {ete neuer 

C) mare. 

Euyl (om. C) and hard {pou shaU {schall 

thou Q) fare!' SNC. 
pe Saryzyns ledden B, to halle 
And sette him in a kny^Us stalle ; 340 

pey seruide him as (a add. N) messengere 
IVyth ryche {moche N) vneetes and drynkes 
clere, add. SN. 
1399 f. : Bradtnond toke B, by pe honde. 

Him to slee with muche wronge, SN. 

1401. at]f<yr S. 

1402. ]>ai\ For N. i\e sch."] shuld not S. 

1403. cride\ loude add. SN. hadde bc\ were 

1404. alU] pat SN. 

1405. at p, St."] soone in hast SN. 

1406. Adoun to pe ground {ye add. N) him 

1407. So /. h.] Al pey SN. can S ; om. N. 
clyue SN. 

1406. bees doon SN. pe] an SN. 

1409. So wip] And hastely SN. lite] om. SN. 

1410. Beu^ w, i-br.] Alle pey brou}t him SN. 

Whan kyng Bradmond? herd this, 
He made moche loy andf blis 1230 
And said : * Beues, welcome be this day. 
For sone thy songe shaft be : welawey ! 
Thou arte he, that made me Ihraft 
And sethyn) sloweste my men aft, 
Thou slowe my men) and brought to 
ground 1236 

Fyftene thousand in a lituft stound 
And haste disspised seynt Mahoun) 

1229. herd] dl add. 0. 

1230. ffe was therofful glad iwys 0. 

1231. And] He 0. be th, d.] to court with 
shame 0. 

1232. fVe shal leme the a newe game O. 
1284. And s, si] Me and 0. 

1236. Twenty O. 

1 237. And hast in despyte slayne Mahounde 0. 

1238. slayne] om. O. toum] stounde 0. 

1239. But bks&yd mot Mahouiide be 0. 

And slayne my men) in this town)! 
1 But Mahoun), blessud mvste thou be, 
That the hathe send heder to me, 1240 
For now I shaft be vengid sone * f. i4ia. 
Of aft the sorowe, thou haste me done ! 
But wyte me not, Beues, thy tttnnent. 
But wyte hym, that the heder sent : 
Sone he me bad, thou shold be slayn) 
And never more come there ageyn) ! ' 

1240. JuUh the O. 

1241. s?iall] wol 0. wrokcn 0. 

1242. sorowe] treason 0. 

1243. wyte] blame O. thy t,] in thyn en- 
tent O. 

1244. blame O. 

1245. SoTie — thou] Soine saide, he O. 

1246. And some saide, he shulde be quycke 
flayne 0. 



Bradcmond seide him anon ri3t : 
* 3if I>ow me naddest wonne wij) fi^t, 
I nolde for noj^ing hit be-leue, 1413 
\)Q.t ])ow schost be hanged er eue : 
Ac ase euel fe schel be-tide, 
In me prisoun ]7ow schelt abide 141 G 

Vnder petpe twenti teisc, 1417 

j)aT ))ow schelt haue meche miseise. 
Ne scheltow haue, til pow be detl, 
Boute ech a dai quarter of a lof bred ; 
3 if pow wilt drinke, fej it be noujt swet, 
})e schelt hit take vnder pe fet 1 ' 1422 

1411. him] ora. SN. 

1412. ^if—iiad.] pou modest me SN ; won.] a 
w<mian (!) N. 

1413. hU be-L] leuen SN. 

1414. ^oio] ne add. SN. be h.] hong SN. 

1415. Ac] Or SN. a& »o S ; els N. etiel] 
decth add. SN. 

1416. In — schelt] An man m^y in pruton SN. 

1417. erth SN. paise S ; pose N. 

1418. par] om.SN. haiie]suffreSN» disseise 

1419 f.: 

pou shalt haue euery day sekerlyehe 
A saxiserful ofsoden barlyche ; SN. 

1421. no« SN. 

1422. take] seche SN. 

Than som badi drawe hym) thorowe the 
Cite, 1247 

And som bad hange hym on a tree, 
And euer stode Beues still and herd 
Att the treason), how it ffercJ. 
* Sir kynge,' he saidf, * is it thy rede, 
To luge me to a doggis dede 1 1252 
A knyght I am, as weH as thou, 
There fore take thy counseH nowe 
And graunte me SLvmour and stede, 
Sworde andl spere at my nede, 1256 
Seker helme and stalworth shehf, 
And brynge me save in to the ffeld, 
And arme thy men lesse and more, 
Sixte thousand yf they wore, 1260 
And let me dye in batett right, 
As maner is of a doughty knyght ! ' 
The Sarzins then cried aH, 
And to theire kyng can they caH 1264 

And said, 'He shaH thy men down) 
fold, 1265 

Yf thou graunte hym) this bateH bold : 
Graunte hym preson) thorOu^ oure rede 
And bold hym there, till he be dede^ 
For in youre preson are dragons two 
And ofer wormes meny moo, f. mw- 
And were he in preson) brought, 1271 
Vnto none of day levith he nought 
Brynge hym theder, as we can), 1273 
And not in ffeld amonge thy men)l' 
Than be-spake kynge Bradmond : 
* Faste brynge you hym) to grounde, 
For he shaH dye with mocho sorowe, 
Aft cristondome shall hym not borow^e ! * 
Aboute Beues than can they dryve, 
As Bees done aboute an hyve, 1280 
And Beues sye no better bote, 
He wold with hem no more mote. 

1247. Than] ora. 0. 

1266. Yf] that add. 0. this] om. 0. 

1249. A ndr—and] Styl stode Beuys and them 0. 

1267. tharou^] by 0. 

1250. Of al that 0. ffarid M ; fared C. 

1268. And h. h,] Let hytn be 0. 

1251. is it thy] it is no 0. 

1269. be 0. 

1262. to] om. 0. 

1270. And] Wyth 0. 

1253. you 0. 

1271. And] om. 0. in] into your 0. 

1254. yoii^r 0. 

1272. of— he] he lyueth 0. 

1256. Shelde 0. ai my] gode at 0. 

1273. as wee] they al saide then 0. 

1257. Sure 0. 

1274. thy] your 0. 

1260. hundred 0. 

1275. spake 0. 

1261. TfuinO. 

1276. Faste— to] Brings hym lyghtly to the 0, 

1262. noble 0. 

1278. not hym 0. 

1268. Than the Sarazyns 0, 

1279. than] om. 0. 

1264. And to th.] Unio the 0. 

1281. And] Whan 0. none other rest 0. 

1265. And] They 0. 

1282. Than he began to do his best 0. 



A dede Beues binde to a stou gret, 
J)at we^ seue quarters of whet, 1424 
And het him caste in to prisoun, 
]>9i twenti teise was dep adoun. 

1423. A — hinde] He led him N. «<oai] wel 
add. N. 

1424. sewe] VIII N. of] om. N. 
1423 f. om. S. 

1425. And — ccLste] He let coat him SN. td\ 
his add. SN. 

At pe prisoun dore Beues fond 
A tronsoun, |)at he tok in is hond : 
J5ar wip a J»oujte were hiw pere 1429 
Fram wormes, pat in prisou/i wera 

1426. teise] paces SN. doun N. 

1427. M om. S. 

1428. trounchen S ; tronchon N. in] an N. 
is] om. SN. 

1429. par w.] Tho N. were] to defende SN. 

1430. Of SN. in] ]>e add. SN. 

With his sword he stode at deffence 
Ageyn them bB. in presence. 1284 

Sir Beues ffought so wonder-faste, 
Tyft his sworde in sonder braate ; 
* Alas/ said? Beues, * and welawaye. 
For now I lake my good Morglaye 
And Arondeti, my good stede : 1289 
Alas, helpe now at this nede ! ' 
But not ffor thy^e sir Bevouii), 
With his ffistus he ffellid hem) down) ; 
Sixte Sarzins to ground he caste, 
Sethyn) his sword in sonder brasto, 1 294 
And euer they folowyd moo and moo 
Auc> toke Beues with moche woo ; 
Tliey bound his handt^ to geder faste. 
At yche ffynger the blood oute braste ; 
They led hym) sitheri) in to the haH 
And set hym in a knyghte* staH: ; f. u2a. 
A knyght hym ffed with mote and 
drinke 1301 

And aH that he wold after thinke. 

The kyng bad hym ete ffaste : 1303 
* For this,' he said, ' shaH be thy laste ! ' 
And hunderyd sarzins and moo 
Were aboute Beues wit It swordus thoo, 
Yf in chaunce his bondis braste, 1307 
That he shold make hem) aH agaste. 
Whan Beues had etyri) and made hym 

In to preson) they hym led. 1310 

Whan he was dowu in preson ground, 
Beues handis they on)-bound. 
For of hym) tliey were bothe seker and 

That he shold newure make ham) agaste. 
In to preson) whan he come down). 
There he ifound a shorte trunchowii) ; 
In his hand he it vp toke, 1317 

It savid his liffe, thus saith the boke. 
A water tiiorough the preson) xanne, 
That bare the ffilth of that man); 1320 

1284. Agaynst 0. in] theyr add. 0. 

1285. now, /.] alto wonder 0. 

1286. hast in sonder 0. 

1288. Fin-^my] Nowe want 1 0. 

1289. f. om. 0. 

1291. iwtf. th,] n/nierthelesse 0. Beuys O. 

1292. Brought to grounde wyth hisfystes O. 

1294. Sfthyn] After that 0. in s.] dyd 0. 

1295. ^ncq 5i^" O. foL] gadred O, 

1297. hU— -geder] togeder his handes so O. 

1298. Al^—the] Thai al hisfyngers on 0. 

1299. m^] than into 0. 

1301. wJOi] of O. 

1302. And a. th,] What euer 0. 

1303. hym] Beuys 0. 
1306. Stode 0. 

1307. In chaunce ifO, hon.] handys oiU 0. 

1308. That]Lyst6, hem alt] them O. 

1310. to] the add. 0. 

1311. down in\ ai the O. 

1312. Beues] Sane his O. 

1313. For than were they sure andfaai 0. 

1314. ne'n.] not O. them 0. 

1315. to] the O. 

1317. vp] om. O. 

1318. It] And 0. thus] so 0. 

1319. the] thai, 0. 

1320. That h,] To voyde 0. of th,] fram 
any O. 

ffe had not hen there hut a whyle, 

Nat the mountenaunce of a myte, add. O. 



1399—1430 : 
And then wyth atoyrdes drawe 
They schulde hym haue alavoe. 
Sore adrad he sehtUde byn 
In the londe, that he was yn, 
Theyjugyd hym wytterly, 6 

Wykkyd dethefor to dye ; 
They hymjugyd to hange on tre, 
And somCf wyth atcdys todrawe bee, 
Befyse leyde hys eere and harde, 
Eufiryjtcgehowhytfarde; 10 

* Syrs, * seyde B^fyse, * hyt were wykkyd rede, 
Tojuge a knyght to Juncndys dedd ; 

J am a knyght and so be ye, 

Kyng Armyn dtibbyd m£ : 

Chraunt me armowre A a stede, 15 

Spere A achylde gode at nede, 

A aekur helme and a sehylde, 

And brynge me safe yn to ^fylde. 

And arme yow, kny^^ lease A m^ore. 

An hundurd yf thai ther wore, 20 

And let m^ dye yn batayle ry^, 

Aft maner ysfor a doghty knyght ! * 

The sarsyns seyde yn the hcUle 

And to the kyng can calle : 

* Yf \>at ^ou graunt pat batayle bolde, 25 
He wyll thy m>en downefolde : 

Therfore graunt hym prcson be oiore redd 
And let hym lye, tyll he be dedd, 
Wyth owt m^te, wyth owt drynke ! * 

* As ye haue seyde gode me thynkc : 30 
In my presons ar dragons two 

And odur toormys mony moo f * 

* Sy^i yfhebeyn your prcson done, 
He leuyth not tyll to rruyrowe noon : 

Sir, y rede, toe brynge hym thare 85 

Arid let hym hclde pere all hys fare, 

And not ynfylde among \y men : 

Do now, syr, as we the kenne / * 

Then seyde the kyng Bradmonde, 

There he stode yn that stounde : 40 

* He sehall dye wyth moche sorowe, 
Therfro sehall no man hym borowe ! * 
All they can aboute hym dryue, 

As beys do abowte the hyve ; 

There (7iey bounds syr Befown 45 

And put hym yn hys prcson ; 
As he schulde to preson pat tyde, 
Ther lay a staffe the preson be syde ; 
Thorn nor boghe was hyt noon, 
Nodwr aZahlastur nc stone ; 50 

Hevy A f eyre hyt was to Joke, 
Hyt sauyd hys lyfe, as seyth the boke. 
When he come there he schulde be, 
He stode yn watur to the kne. 
The watur ranne tharow nyjt A day, 55 
Hyt bare the odur fro hym a way, 
Yf that he sale ther ynne, 
The watur ranne to hys ehynne. 
Two dra>gons of moche myght 
Hefonde pere wyth hym tofygkt^ 60 

That caste fyre to hym grete oon : 
The romans seyth, hyt brent the stone ; 
But thorow the vertus of a ryall ryng 
The dragonys my\t do to hym, no pyng ; 
Agayne syr Befyse, thai was (oiu. ms.) so 
wyght, 65 

Thre dayes lasted thefyght. 
That pey nodwr stynt nor blawne; 
Syr Befyse was a aory man. 
At the IIII*^ day abowte noons 
The drcufonys were both: dotie, 70 I 

And hys staffe was nere atoay, 
A lytull lafte yn hys honde ay. 
Syr Befyse was so weryforfaghi. 
That of hys lyfe roght he noght ; 
Lever he were to be dedd, ?5 

For he coivde no bettur redd, 
But panked god, pat all may wynne, j 

Of the care pat he wa^ ynne. 
Thorow the grace of god almyght, ' 

KII yere he stode vp ryght ; 80 | 

That VII yere he wojt per ynne, \ 

That he ne my%t neuer mete wynne. 
But onys yn a weke a sy^nple messe 
Of sodyn barley was hart lees ; 
Batons A myse and soche smale dcre, 85 
That wa^ hys mete that VII yere. 
For bredd of whete etc he noon, 
Tyll po VII yerys were all goon, C. 

Two di-agons of moche myjrht 1321 
Ageyri) hym) come fPor to flight ; 
Fast he ff aught, hothe lie andl they, 
AH the nyght and aH the day, 1324 
That thes two dragons never hlanne ; 

By that Was Beues a wery man). 
But by the ofwre day at none 
Bothe dragons were for-done ; J328 
His staff was brokyn) aH awey, 
A lituH in his hond? lafte aye. £!«»• 

1321. The two O. 

1322. Ag. h.] Agaynst syr Beuys 0, ffor] 
ora. 0. 

1323. he] om. O. 

1325. That] om. O. two] om. 0. bl] Itft 
of, truly 0. 

1326. Tyl Beuys was both sore and wery 0. 

1327. the] that O, 

1328. Bothe] These two 0. 

1329. all] nere 0. 

1330. hond] was add. 0. 


Eeiics at f is petes groiiiiUe : 
nge him vp hoi »nd suiide I 
r speke we of losian, fie niaiile, 
lat com to hire fader & aaidi: : 
;he aoide, ' whar Eeuea be, 
niijte him noujt fern i-se1' 
ir,' a seide, 'a ia iftii'e 
a londe and wone]) ^are, 1438 

w] rSiM C. Bama] he 8N. all 

H f-e m ; om. C. 

—iimde] mil for Aw raronrf SN. 

axmnowC. M M SNC. 

al] ffoio sie SC. coin] o; 

ecnne add. N. it] om. S. 

ar] AiKT add. C 

] loe ve SN. noujt) am. SN. Tk 


In to is oweiie eiitage, 1439 

And haf» a wif of gret parage, 
f)e kinges doubter of Ingelonde, 
Ase men dof me to vnderstonde,' 
Jjanne was fat maide wo ynouj, 1443 
In hire cham«ber hire her jha droj 
-And wep and Beide euer mu, 
J3at sum tresoun Jwir was y-do : 

titang a day myght y hym -not see C. 
1438. Vnjom. SN. rmttny SJ-iC. duxllythC. 
1489. In td] In SN ; Vpon C. baronage SN, 
1448. T^SN. 

1444. 3^] lo N. hire h. }.] ihe knr C. 

1445. And] Shri N. vcped S ; wept NC. 




. SNC. 

^peke we nowe of losyan), that may, 
O How she to her fader dyd say ; 
' Sir,' she saici, ' where is ho 1 1 M'J 
For it is longe, sith I Beues see 1 ' 
' Doughter,' he said, ' I vnderatoui^, 
Ueues ie gone in to Eiiglomf 1352 

And levith there on) his heritage, 
And hath a wiffe of gi'et parage : 
The kynge* doughter weildyiJ hath he, 
As niarchaiintes hath told me ! ' 1356 
Than was losyau) woo I-nouje, 
Her here she aH to-drewje ; 
' Yf it be sotho, my fader me toliJ, 
Alas, that I ne were colJi ! ' 1360 

She wepte and said eiicc moo, f. i»su. 
That som treason) was I-do, 

1347. mnoe] om. 0. 

1348. »Ac] om. O. dyd] she gan O. 

1349. Sir] Bcaya add. O. 

1350. Fnl hmge ?im thinJcclk, lyl 1 hym se O. 

1352. Beti.] He O. gmu] home add. 0. 

1353. Th^re lyucth he in O. 

1354. lipiage O. 

1355. The] A O. 

135S. A maTdunatd, xwys, so toldc U mc 0. 

1357—1384 : 

Than was Jotianful of wo 

Aiid la hyr chamber dyd she go. 

She inept sore (for syr {fyr (1) ma) Se«ya : 

Alas, ike scade, some treason there ia I 

Th^e is no man mn lei lie sorovts. 

Thai she tnadc bolhe eaot and morotce. O. 

the two dr^ons were dede, 
outhe no better rede, 1332 

okyd go(f, that ail can wyiine, 
lorow that he was yime, 
ankytl' god! of aU his care. 
wynter was he thare ; 1 336 
i drynka haiJ he no more, 
8 that tywo to restore, 
ra on) the day, viilk out« lees, 
, be had a sympuH messo, 1340 
lengith with his lifEe, 
4ince and in moche strySe. 

ber liad he good one ; 1 344 

Benes at the pittes ground : 
fng hym vp hole and sound ! 

] these 0. 

tail coilde Baiys 0. 

q laai O. can] shal 0. 

] ai add. O. care 0. 

—wo] he had neuer 0. 


"Iwhete add. O. sympitll] otn. 0. 

ih] al add. 0. 

liuTps O. in] om. O. 

lofO. etc he O. 

ttiB.he had greet wane O. 

In and m,yee and SKche smal derc 

H his nule thai seiien yere, ndd. 0. 

i] M ; om. M. pit.] pryson 0. 




* ))at me ne telde ord and ende, 1447 I 
"What daiatrai whanne a woldo we7«de.' 
Of Mombraunt J)6 king Yuor, 
A riche king of gret tresore, 
Whan he owhar to werre wolde, 
Fiftene kinges him sewe scholde : 1452 
Comen a is losian to weddc ; f. isia*. 
A^en hii*e fader so a spedde, 
Jjat he hire grauntede to is wiue 
And al is londe after is Hue. 1456 

1448. aw. wh,] awhanne (!) A, 
1447 f.: 

IFhen. \>at he fro me (w N) wcvde. 

He take no leiie, he is myssende. 

{Falsly hetayed (!) (Betraide N), y wenCy 

he iSf 
pat nobel kny^t^ forsoth ytoys ! SN. 
That he tolde me not, when he went, 
Iwyssey hedudonkyndely, verament. C. 

1449. 4ftur ]fy8 of C. Qf M. \>e] Now speke 
we {schuhaAd^ N) (/SN. 

1450. A riche] pat was SN. king] man SNC. 
grei] om. C. 

1451. owhar to w.] in werre {toerren add. N.) 
SN ; yn to hatayle C. schulde N. 

1452. sewe him SN ; folowe C. 

1453. Noio he is come SN ; He cam/i thedtir C. 

1454. Averts S ; Ayenst N. so] sone SNC. 
1465. pat he] And soon C. hire] owi. SNC. 

gr,] shuld {hur add. N) haue SN. to is] 
her (om. N) to SNC. 
1456. is] ^ C. londe] o/add. (!) S. 

))o losian wiste, jhe scholde be quen, 

Hit was nou^t be hire wille, i wen ; 

Hire were leuer haue had lasse 

And haue be Beues is contasse. 1460 

]S'a])eles, now it is so, 

Hire fader wil ^he moste do, 

Ac euer jhe seide : * Beuoun, 

Hende kni^t of Sou])-Hamtoun, 146^ 

Naddestow me neuer for-sake, 

3if sum tresoun hit nadde make : 

1457. po] Whm C. ihe s. he] to he a SN. 

1458. Hit — wilU] A\eyn(Agenste C) Mr toiUe 
(U was {as C) SNC. 

1459. rvere] was S. Leuyr sehe were C ; to 
add. SNC. had] om. N. 

1460. And— is] And to haue he Befyse C ; To 
hesir B, S; To sir B, weddid as N. 

1461 f. : 
' Alias,* she seide, 'now is no hoote, 
But after myffader doon y mxxyte* SN. 
But neuyr the lees sche muste do 
Aftur hur ffadur also. C. 

1463. And C. seide] sir add. C. Ac— seide] 
I had Uuer haue SN. 

1464. pat hynde SN. Soup] om. N. Gentyll 
kny^t d: bolde haron C. 

pan al \>is world to wynne ; 

He is hetraide, and \>at is synne. add. SN. 

1465. Hadde he neuer me SN. forsakid N. 

1466. Ne hadde som treson ben ytnaken (iina- 
kid N) SN. 

1465 f. om. C. 

That he ne tolil? me, whan) he went, 
For he was bothe good and gent I 
Of Mombraunte kynge Yuore, 1365 
A riche kynge of gret bono wre, 
Whan) he in to the wer wold, 
Fyftene kyng^« folowe hym shold ; 
He is come losyan) to wed, 1369 

For with her fader sone he sped, 
That he her graunted to his wifEe 
And aft his londis after his liffe. 1372 
Whan losyan wiste to be a queue 

1367 f. om. O. 

1369. He] om. O. 

] 370. Fnr with] And of 0. sone] hath 0. 

1371. He graunted hyr vnto 0. his] so ; 
om. M. 

1372. londe 0. 

Ageyn) her wift, as I wene. 

Lever her were to haue lesse. 

And for to Be Beues countes, 1376 

But never the lesse, now it is so, 

Her f aders wyft she mvst do ; 

In to chamber there she went. 

And sore she wepte, verament ; 1380 

Mekyft she wepte and made mone 

And said to her goddz^s ychone : 

* Now that Beues wyft me forsake. 

That shold be my worldus make, 1384 

1373. vjiste — a] herde she shulde he 0. 

1374. Agaynst 0. flw] it was 0. 

1375. Leuer she had withouten lesse O. 

1376. And — Be] To haue hen syr 0. 

1377. But] om. 0. now] s%fth O. wa^ 0. 

1378. Agaynst hyr fader sJie durst not do 0. 



Ac for f e loue, fat was so gode, 
)3at i louerle ase min hertte blode, 
Ichaue/ 3he seide, * a ring on, 1469 
))at of swiche vertu is ]>e ston : 
"While ichaue on fat ilche ring, 
To me schel noman haue welling, 
And, Beues ! ' ^he seide, * be god aboue. 

T schel it weren for j>e loue ! * 1474 

Whan hit to fat time spedde, 
Jjat Yuor scholde fat maide wedde, 
He let sende wif onten ensoine 
After Jje soudan of Babiloine 1478 
And after Jje fiftene kinge, 
)5at him scholde omage bringe, 1480 

1467. i4c] om. C. Ac — was\ That hindc 
hy]t is SN. 

1468. pflrf il.] I loue him SN ; Ilouyd the C. 
my C. herttel own SN, 

1469. on] vppon SN, 

1470. pai] om. SN. 

1471. HHiUe — ilcM Al he while y were he 
(m N) SN. 

paiq y he wedded tyl {to N) Yucyr the king, 
To lygge by me (him N), y shal not gcMet 
Lykyng {on me add. N) {shaZ he {he schal N) 
noonhabbe) SN. 

1473. Amdr—god] By god \)at 8itte\> vs alle SN. 

1474. sdiel] wol N ; woUe S. \>e] B SN. 
1469— 1 474 : A loue gyrdull y vyyll do maike. 

And \>at y wyll ahowte my mydduU take ; 
All thy 8 worldefor to wynne 
Schall \>er neuer man wyth me synne, 
Nodur schall y neuyr so ontrewe becj 
As thou art, Brfyse, yn thy cuntre / * C. 

1475. Tho U SN ; Then C. J)a<] \>e SNC. 
tim^'\fastc hyt add. C. 

1476. \>a£\ kyng add. C. ^ lady SN ; hur C. 

1477. wi^ 0, e.] hastely ]pan SN. He sende a 
messengere soon C. 

1478. To Babeloyn after \>e sowdan SN. 

1479. \>e] om. SNC. kinges SN. kyngys 
XV C, 

1480. shield him SN, Thai homagerys to 
hym bene C. 

I wjit ffor-sake hym) nevi^re the more 

For none ofwre kynges lore, 

Por my hert seith me sone, 

Thatsom treason) is I-done, 1388 

For he nevure told me, whan) he went ; 

He is 80 curtes andl so gent, 

And for that he was so good, 1391 

I love hym as my herte blood ; t uss. 

For his love was so gent, 

I wold thorough a chauntme?2t, 

A lituH girduti to make me, 

That shsdl aboute my^eduti be. 1396 

I wyti: adaunte never more 

To no hethyn) kyiijjjis lore, 

WiH I never haue to done 

On suche maner with no maii), 1400 

I wyH never so on-trew be, 

As Beues is in his contree 1 * 

Tho it to the tyme sped. 

That kyng Yuore shold her wed, 1404 

He let send, with oute encheson), 

To the Soudan of BabilorD 

And after the XV kynge^, 

That to hym) shold do bo winge, 1408 

1408. Tkd] To M. 

1418. /«(! written in blacker ink above the 

line. M. 

1^7. to] written above the line. M, 
U7»-U46 : 

^ the sayde : * Syr Beuys, 

^fndi hnyght of South-ffampton is, 

^fdd^thou me n,euer forsake, 

^viiome treason it dyd Tnake: 

^fhal neuer so vntrue be, 5 

■4« ftott art, Beuys, mito mc ; 

■J*^ go make me a wrytte 

JJ<wwgf^ a clerke wyse of vjyt, 

^ tter« shal no man haue grace, 

Whyle that letter is in place, 
Agaynst my wyl to lye me by 
Nor do me shrine nor velany ! * 
She dyd the letter sone be wrought 
On the maner, as she had thought, 
About hyr Tiecke she hanged it, 
She wolde nat begyle Beuys yet. • 
Whan it was to the tyme sped. 
Thai kynge lour shuld be toed. 
He sent after, withouUm mo. 
The Sowdan of Bahylon tho 
Arid after the Sowdan of Percy : 
What nedcthe, theyr names to discryc t 






And bad hem come lest & meste, 
To onoure ])at meri feste. 
\ /^\^ fat feste nel ich namor telle, 
\J For to hije wij) our spelle. 1484 
Whan al fe feste to-jede, 
Ech knijt wente to is stede. 
Men grai|)ede cartes & somers, 
Kni^tes to horse and squiers, 1488 
And losian wi]) meche care 

Jjeder was brou^t in hire chare. 

King Ermin nom Arondel 

And let him sadlen faire & wel, 1492 

A wente to Beues chaumber, per he lay. 

And nom his swerd Morgelay ; 

WiJ) Arondel a-gan it lede 

To king Yuor, & pus a sede : 1496 

' Sone/ a sede, ' haue |)is stede, f. istbi 

pa beste fole, |)at man mai fcde, 

1481. \>em C. lest Am."] at hys heste C. 

1482. To} And C. meri] ryche C. 
1481 f. : 

And (om. N) \:(U \>ey highen to }pat {the N) 

And comen sone at his hest. SN. 

1483. Of] If (!) A. \>at] his SN ; \>y8 C. 
iville SN. nam,] iwu^t SN. nomore wyll 


1484. vy^ ov/r] forth my SN. For all to Umge 
schulde y dwelle C. 

1485. al ^e] \>at SN ; \>ys C. to-yde] was al 
doon {idone N) SN ; tvas bro^t to ende C. 

1486. JStiery SC. king SNC. wente — stede] 
hoom gan goon SN ; can home wynde C. 

1487. graicede (!) A. charged SC ; yarkid N. 
cartes] charys C. 

1488. om. N. 

1489. When {And C) Tonan was brou^t (forth 
to fare {yn a chare C) SNC. 

1490. Muche soroto she hadde and eare SN ; 
In grcte sorowe dnd yn care C. 

1491. worn] toke C ; letfecche {take N) SN. 

1492. Ut] dud C. sadel him SN. faire A] 
svnth SN ; full C. 

Sadel and brydel with otUe gahbe add. SN. 
pat sir B. was wont to hahbe add. S. 

1493. A] They SN ; And C. yede C. Beuet] 
om. SNC. he] Befyse C. 

1 494. nom] tok SC. om. N. 

1495. pan SN. a-gan i£\ he bad SN. 
— itjAndfortJie he can them C. 

1496. And C. d: — sede] to be his stede 
he can \>em beds C. 

1497. Sir SN. 
1497 f. om. C. 



And they shold come to his heste, 
For to honoure aH his feste. 
Of his ffeste I wyH not teH, 
For than I shold to longe dweH, 1412 
l^ut to the fest they yede. 
Tho he wold lepe on his stede, 
Men brought cartas and somers, 
Knyght6« hors and squiers, 1416 

And losyan) was brought in a chare ; 
They toke theire leve ffor to fare. 
The kyng Ermyne toke ArondeH 
And made hym) be saduUid swyth well. 

He prayed them, wyth hym to be. 
Whan he shuld wed that lady f re. 
Whan the feste shulde begynne, 25 

EtLcry knyght went to his ynne ; 
Whan the feste was al done, 
Kynge loure wolde hom^ go 
With losian, that lady bright. 
That was true both day and nygJU, 30 

^Arondeli, so god me saue, 1421 

That was wont Beues to haue. 
ArondeH made gret pryde : i iM<k 

He wend, Beues shold on hym ryde. 
He yode to the chamber, there Beues 

lay, 1425 

And he toke his sword, pat hight 

And the hors to^ kyng Yuore led 1427 
With that sworde an4 to hym said : 
* Son,' he said, * haue here this sworde, 
The beste, that eny man) may vfith gixde, 

losian was brought to chare 
With great thought 4k wx)6he core. 
Kynge Ermyne toke Arundel 
And saddled hymfayre and wel; 
He toke wyth hym gode Morglay, 
And to kynge lour gan he say : 
' Haue here, I gytie the this stede, 
Stalworth and gode at euery nede, 
i With add. M. * to above the line. 


sin nKUKS c 

-~An(l ]>ia stverd of stel broun, 
))iit was Benes of Hanitoun : 1500 

A nolde hit ^eae, wer it in ia hoiide, 
Noujt for al piunim lotide ! ' 
'Ne icli,' quep fe kiiij; Yuor, 
'For al Jje gold ne |)e trcsor, 1504 

tat J)ow mijt in fe cita be-Iouke ! ' 
' Sone,' qii'-f Erniin, ' wel mot fe it 

brouke ! ' 
Yuer gan lioniward t« ride 

ft (ledo Icdc Arondtil bo is si.Ie. 1C03 
AVhan he com vii^ oute Mombraujiti" 
A swor ia ofi be Teruagaunt, 
J3nt he wokle in to his cite ride 
Vpon Arondel be-fore is bride. 1513 
Arotidel far lie be-strit ; 
Jjat hora wel soiie vniler-jit, 
J)at Belies nas noujt vpon ia rigge : 
]3e king wel sore scholde hit ahegge. 

U99. And] He seydt: n<me !ure C. of alel] 

bare tir .ffeiwuw S 
lfi02. A'augOom. SN. paynymysS] 
1&03. >s]aiii. SN. 
1504. gold] good SN. K] om- SN. 

1506. loate 8N. 

1!>06. gitef] i:i^ SN. mol\ om. SN. 
1 SOI —1508: 

ffe take tSuMi fg hym, wyth JuTtsfrt 
Awitlnaikydhymfartluitg-iifteteiidurle. C. 

1507. Forth to Vmbnaml hi gan ryde SN ; 
Tlien humoarde luorc can ryde C. 

1508. rfwi^ !rde] ora. SKC. 
150a. po SN. 

1610. Tcrmagaant C : TtinnfmuiU S. oin. 

1511. p<i om. 8N. ftii] fM SN. iii-ca.'J 
fD toiuiM C. 

1512. tiaSNC. 6e-/'.]feC. 

1513. pcn^mwfo/AsiBrfiiiifeSN; (f/ien /u: 
ftot! Artmdcll Iieatr^ld: C. 

1614. Tie C. jw; 3.] wet jm« S ; mnw C. 

irmfer-)«i« SNC. 
1616. imaC. not 8C, mt SNC. 
1516. lael a.] om. C. ach. h.] mru; disd S : 

kit Bchal N. scftoii kyl sooiu: C. 

Also hauB here this Btede, 
The beste, that any man hath at ne 
I tett the, be goddiM son), H33 

Both were Boues of Hampton) ; 
Ke ne wold yeve hem oute of his hi 
For aH the golit in paynemo loni^ ! ' 
'In troutli,' thaii) aayij kynge luorc 
'Nother I ffor aH the tresouio, 
That I myght in this toure loke ! ' 
Siu4 kynge Ermyn): 'Well thow it 
Ittokel' H-10 

So there they ean her hors be-atride, 
4ud to Miuubraunt can) they ride, 
I'o Mwnbraiiiite, the cite riche, 
Inhathynnes ia none it liche; 1444 

Hit and Damas hath the pricu, 

There that Beuea in preBon) lies. 

Tho they were eom ny Monibraunto, 

He swore he sir Temiagaunte, H-18 

That he wold to town) ride 

Ou ArondeH be-fore the bryde. 

The hors he nome be hia aide 

And anon) he cart byra) be-stride ; 1452 

So sonc in tho aadult lie satt, 

ArondeH this vnder-ynte, 

That Beues sat not on his lyge : i iu». 

The kynge sore it ahold abygo. 1456 

ArondeH sore was in grame, 

Tlie brydutt with the teth be name 

™n i«w iforglay of itele brmonc : 
'*» loHged holh to Beuys of Uampton I 
*Pje Iimr hym thanked then 

I ,,^'<lTBdeforthbfforehismsn. O. 
,!;■ '^^n O. am. ny] Mr, O. 

I l"?;ffe]ThckyngeO. sir] o,n.O. 

• "" to (.] into the cyle 0. 

14.10. Ilie]his0. 


On Arundel he uvia vp bnntght, 
BiU Arundel teas viet bethought, 
That it wax nni xyr Beuya, 
TItat iBos vpon kis backe, iupys, O. 




He ran ouer dicli and forn, 1517 

J)our3 wode & J)our3 Jjekke korn ; 
For no water ne for no Iodide, 
Nowhar nolde fat stede astoiide ; 1520 
At ^Q lastc a J^rew Yuor doun 
And al to-brak ])e kingcs kroun, 
)5at al is kingdom wel vnnefe 
Arerede him Jjer fro fe defe ; 1524 
And 6r hii mi3te ^cft hors wiwne, 

Jjai lau^te him wi]> queinte giwne. 

A wonder-fing now ^e may here : 

After al ])at seue 3ere 1528 

To rakenteis a stod iteide, 

Nas mete ne drinke be-fore him leid, 

Hey ne oten ne water clere, 

Boute be a kord of a solere. 1532 

Xoman dorste come him hende, 

pax ])at hors stod in bende. 

1518. powrj — \>ekk6] Ouer dale and ourr SN. 

1519. For no] Neither hj SN. for no] by SN. 

1520. Arundel nold nou^ stonde SN. 
1617—1620 : 

T?ie stede start ouyr dykys then^ 
Ouyrforeste and ouyrfenne ; C. 

1521 f. om. SNC. 

1623. pat] om. SNC. wel] om. SN. wel vJ] 
wolde he geue C. 

1524. Ar,] Sauyd SN. ^r] om. SN. from 

1525. And:] om. SN. }pey SN. ]Kit] ]>e SN. 

1526. lau^te] toke SN. wi];)] a add. SN. 
1624—1526 : 

Yf he wystefor to leue. 

Of \)e stede or he myght wynne. 

He tvende to haue loste all hys kynne ; 

He was soferyd yn thai stoundef 
He wenyd rumer to haue go on grounde. 
The stede \ey cagJit wyth queynt gynne 
And ladde hym home to hys ynne, C. 

1627. now] om. SNC. schall ye C. 

1628. Cf SNC. \fat] ilke add. SNC. 

1629. irUh yron cJieynes SN ; At the rakke 
C. tyed SNC. 

1630. ( T?ier add. C) was no SNC. ne dHnke] 
om. SNC. 

1531. Nodur hey C. rw] om. S. oten] com 
SN. 7W 0. ne] nor C. 

1532. kord] doun add. SN ; oiot C. cC] the C. 
celere N. 

1533. Ther durste no man C. hende] nyt C. 

1534. There he stode yn hys rakkctye C. 
1533 f. om. SN. 

And ran ower ffeldf and come 
And ouer the diches and ouer the 
thome; % 1460 

Nother in water ne in londf 
For no thinge wold he stond. 
Youorc, that on hym) sat tho, 
Wend, his liffe had be do ; 1464 

AH: this kyngdome my^t on-nethe 
Kepe hym tfro the dethe, 
And or they myght that hors wynne, 

They hym toke with gret gynne. 14C8 

A wonders thinge ye may here : 

In that ilke VII yere 

To a Eak his* stede he tied ; 1471 

Was no mete ne drinke to hym laid, 

Hey, bred ne water clere, 

But be a cord thorou^e a selere. 

Durste no man be hym stond, 

There the hors stode in bond. 1476 

1459. And r.] He lept 0. feld] dyche 
and] ouer add. O. 

1460. And — diches] OuerbrereO. ihe]o 
1461—1472 : 

He wolde n/iuer stynt rennynge^ 
Tyl he had cast downe the kynge. 
So sore to ground e he JuAim cast, ' 
That his backe al tbbrctst, y'' 
And hat ncU soner come sopdur, 
He had slayne kynge lowt. 
They toke the hors wyth moche slyght 

And led hym to the palays ryght ; 
Wyth great ropes they hym bounds. 
There was no mete b^ore hymfourids, 0. 

1473. Hey, bred] Neyther otes 0. 

1474_1476 : 

TJiere he stode that seuen yere, 
BtU that losian hym brought, 
And that wyst the kynge right nought. 
For his men coude no rede, 
TVyth Jiunger nor thyrst peyne hym to ded^ 
• O. 



T^^ow is losian a quene, 1535 

J. 1 Beues in prisouw haj) gret tene. 

>oTomouncetellef, J)er a set, 

Cil )>e her on is heued greu to is fet ; 

i^nakes and euetes & oades fale, 1539 

How mani, can i nou3t telle in tale, 

\>at in fe prisou7i were wij) him, t. isn^. 

pat prouede euer wij? her venim 

To de Beues, fat gentil kni3t, 

Oc, ))ou]^ fe grace of god almi^t, 1544 

Wij) fe tronsoun, J)at he to prisou?! tok, 

A 8lon3 hem alle, so sai{) {)e bok . ^ 

A fleande nadder was in an hole, 

Por elde blak ase eni cole ; 1548 

Vnto Beues ^he gan fliuge 

And in fe fore-hed |)ou^te him stinge. 

Beues was redi wij) is tronsoun 

And sniot hire, fat jhe fel adou?i. 1552 

Vpon ajen fe nadder rowe 

-And breide awei his ri3t browe ; 
po was Beues sore agreued 
And smot fe nadder on fe heued ; 1556 
So harde dent he hire jaf, 
\)Q brein cleuede on is staf. 
Doun fel fe nadder, wij) outen faile, 
And smot so Beues wif pe taile, 1560 
\)3Lt ne^ a les fer conteiiaunse, 
Almest is lif was in balaunse. 
Whan he awakede of fat SW0U3, 
pQ tronsoun eft to him a drou3 15.64 
And bet hire al to pises smale, 
Ase hit is fonde in f rensche tale. 
})o he hadde slawe fe foule fendes, 
Be fat hadde Beues lein in bendes 
Seue 3er in peines grete, 1569 

Lite idronke & lasse iete ; 
•His browe stank for de-faut of 3eme, 
\)at it set after ase a seme^ 1572 

1536. And B, SNO. in pr. 7uij>] lyth in SN. 
gret] muche SNC. 

1537. pe rom,] pe bok SN ; Men M. tell] 
seUh SN ; \>at add, SN. jter] om. SN. a] 
B. S. 

1538. J«] his M. onis h.] om. SNM. greu] 
^ M. to] tyl S. 

1539. Addres and snakes to himfelle SN. 

1540. y can SN. not S. in t.] om. SN. 

1541. po^] om. S. Jxj] om. N, pr,] }>er add. 

1542. |)r. eiLer wijt] stonge him with SN. 
H om. S. 

1543. Fw to SN. Bmes] om. SN. 
1541 Oc] But S ; And N. 

1545. ]»] ^ SN", tronchen SN ; tronchon 

N. to pr.] with him S^, 
J546. hm (die] >e wormes SN. 
]^}tjieyng adder Sl>i, 
;48. elde] was add. SN. 

1549. AndtoS^ ; JieS; om. N. 

1550, And — bouxte] t)roux be Jied he thoght 

}]jMrfS. ^roTwAoTtSN. 
1552. Aire] Aim SN. ihe] he SN. (iown 

1558. Tp^Jej^g anedder "pat was row^e SN. 

1639—1563 : 

And foule wormes om. hym dydcrepe. 
On the ny^tf as he on sUpe lay. 
There corns an edder, soth to say, 
An edder there was, grot and row^e, M. 
1664. And] That M. br.] bote M. his] B. SN. 

ri^t] ouer M. 
1656. pan S. 

1656. adder SN. vpp^n SN. 
1667. harde] a add. SN, lie hire] ^ {the 

N) adder he SN. 
.1668. pat >e SN. eleue N. is] Jhj SN, 
1669. Admn SN. M a«Wer SN. wip o.] 
sam (!) S ; ^awTia; N. 

1660. «o] sir S ; om. N. B.] so add, SN. 
Jhj] Aer S ; his'S. 

1661. fo»e S ; fo»« N. \>er] his SN, 
1562. ^ts lyfwas al in disperaun/ce SN. 
1663--1566 om. SN. 

1567. 'pe foule] al \>ese S ; aille his N. 

1568. B. had SN. 

1669. yeris JT. paywd N ; panymys (!) S. 
1570. Lytel he dranke SN, ^ ete SN. 
1671. fau^te S ; /ai^ N. 
1572. 96^ — seme] afterward was yseene (aene 

1656—72 om. M. 


NOW is losyan) a queue, 1477 

Beues in preson hath moche tene, 

1478. And B. 0. halh] wyth 0. 



Whar ])our3 fat maide ne kneu him 

Whan hii were eft to gedre brou^t. 
r /^^ * ^^h ftse he was mad & feint, 

, \J To Ie«u Crist he made is pleint 

& to his moder, seinte Marie, 1577 
Eeuliche he gan to hem crie : 
* Lord/ a seide, * heueiie king, 
Schepere of er^ & alle |)ing : 1580 
What haue ich so meche misgilt. 


])at |}ow sext & ))olen wilt, 

))at ]7e we)^erwines & \fe fo 

Schel fe seniaunt do |)is wo 1 1584 

Ich bedde fe, lord, for ])e pite, t issai. 

j)(it |)ow haue mere! on me 

And ^eue grace, hennes to gange 

Or sone be drawen ofer an-ha^zge ! 1588 

Me roujte neuer, what dep to me come, 

Wip j)at ich were hennes nome ! * 

1573. WTiar \>,] There fore M. pcU] \>e S. 
ne] om. SNM. k, h,] him {B, N) knew 
1674. ')>ey SNM. eft] om. SNM. 

He was not well helid soiie, 

Jn his browe there was a seme. 

Lorde, or tJie VII yere be ido, 

Moche he wiste of sorowe and woo, 

And sorowe he hadffull ryve, 

Wery he was of his lyve, add. M. 
1576. ase — mad] he was male N ; he mated S. 

And for he was so sore affeynt M. 
1637—1676 : 
Strong wordes were (hym leyde (them 0) 

He cursyd ^ tyme, \>at he was home ; 
His heer han^d {hange 0) longe and syde, 
Full symple {was syr Befyse {than was his 

Vpon (On 0) a day as syr (om. 0) Befyse 

(schulde lye to (gan 0) slepe, 6 

Ther can (cam 0) an eddur (and add. 0) 

on hym (gan add. O) crepe 
And stonge hym sore, vryth owt (outen 0) 

On ( Vpon 0) hys browe dboue hys (the 0) 

And (Than O) Befyse wakyd (aioaked 0) 

*k lowde can crye 
And (He 0) seyde : * (lesu, my lords (Lorde 

lesu O), mercy I 10 

Thys eddur hath (beton m/i (me bytten 0) 

Fro (Out of O) lyfe, y wolde, thai (om. 0) 

Helpe, lorde, yf hyt be thy wylle, 
Let me not (neuer thus ) yn preson spy lie I * 
Wyth that coTne (om. O) an angell downe 

(come is 0) 15 

And ( IVhydie 0) appered to syr Befoume 

(Beuys O), 
(And thorow pat angell <t* pat lyght 
(He thought, the awngcl cam from hyght 0), 

(That fowle (By whome the O) worme losle 
hys syght 19 

And there (om. 0) before hym all tobraste. 

Befyse sawe pat and loghefaste, 

Syr Befyse was (for fawte of mete (bothe 
feble and 0)faynt, CO. 

1676. Crist] om. O. To I. C] On a day M. 
complaynt 0. 

1677. d!—7nod.] To Criste and to M. geinle] 
mylde SN ; om. CO. 

1578. Wei rewliche N ; TVel rewthelyeh S ; 

And rewfully CO ; Petiously M. thus gan 

heC\he began M ; began O. hem] om. MO. 

to hem] om. SNC. 
1679. And seide : Lord SN. seide] of add. C. 
1580. Sch, of e,] As pou schope me CO ; 

Maker pou arte M ; hou art socoure SN. 

di] of SNM. 

1681. gilte M. so 7fi. m,] to the (do add. 0) 
gylt CO. 

1682. sext ds p,] helpe me neC; me helpe ne 
; thits soferist and sofer M. \>&u maist 
(my^t N) me help, ^if (and N) pou wylL 

1583. wep. <k] lewis, that be M. fone M. 

1584. To (!) sle me and mysdone M. 
1583 f. : 

pese vyykked fendes, pyn ownfoo. 
Why suffrest pou (om. N) hem do py senuaU 
1V00 ? SN. 

1586. bedde] pray SN. 7cft^Z.l Lorde, /^ 

1686. haue m.] wiUe rew M. 

And bryng me fro this sory strife, 
Other dede otJier on lyve, add. M. 

1587. And] om. M. ^eue] xe (\) S ; leite 1S( • 
me add. SNM. hethen N. gone M. 

1588. Eiper S. s(me] to SN. be] om. S. o^er] 
either S ; or N. to hange S. To he (^t« 
forebreni or slone M. 

1589. Me r. n,] Ne rek I not M. to] cm. IL 

1590. Wip] But}!. 
1689 f. om. SN. 

^le gaQerB, [lat him scholde jeme, 
\"han hii henle liim fua renie, ] 592 
' J)ef ! chetl ! ' seide fat on fu : 
' Now be)) fe iif dawes j-do, 
I'or king ne kaiser nc for no aore 
Se aclieltow leue no longer more.' 
Anon rijtea wi)j (lat word 1597 

mpa he let domi be a cordj 
A swerd a tok be his aide, 
And be fie cord he gan dou" Rlidc 
And smot him wijj fat oferho«il, I(iOI 
& Beues, to fe gtonnde a wond. 

1591. Tvto M. gailera] 3 writtBu abovs the 

liue. A. ihllld him SS. him ach. ).] 

Beutu dyd kepe M. 
1692. po (7Aiu U) F^ SNM. >iu] ^o 2oiuee 

SN. ^ r.] in hii sUpe M. 
1 G9S. ^ on )»] the toae M. p<7iino snii^ .- 

'peef, chorlc ! (oin. S. ) ]mt ooa M. 
1594, Nainh^^om. M. rfaioeijie ii]/j<aJd. M. 

goon 8K ; o^iu: H. 
16B5 f, om. SUM. 
1E8S— 1596 ; 

Tha JaiM (am. 0) Sarsym tmrche me 
(inDcAe add. 0} woo : 

(Vmge me {M<frcy 0), lordc, (y om tl^er 

{AhiI aeadi (Noyie gyue O) mc ^ofti, Aeuj^ 
io toi/niM, 

( Jnii add. O) oirf q/" J« ((/(is 0) presoTi, \iat 

Sya ( Tie 0) II ^oardcas hard£ Bcfyse playni 

{complaynt 0], 
Howfcbla he was •b howfayvl; 
They {The one O) aeyde: ' Heryst ]wK )tt/ 

((Am 0)/eton, 
How fe dyapyiylh mere nacion {Mdhowae 

He Mmnyth, hya god may hym sane, 
Aitd mcour fctikelh he to haue .- 
{But, be MaehowTi, kffm shall not gaync, 
(GuI I thai hym let, certayne 0) 
Itdiali nmer Teste, or (lyl 0\hebe slayne I ' 
ISn. ryjl 8NM. An. r. lo.] SmerUy after 
I litS. Ba latt dotene a lampe 0; ffe let a 
l"™* dmm C, A—be} Down. Oicy (!) 
ff« OTjdB .- ' Come dotene, whn/n I the cat, 
Ttlalpiime,ichat3ome\t*Tbf/air add.O. 
^™-ATidaC. A—l(ik]Atidlohehiiisu>Brde 


M a SN. roope SNMO. fte j. rf.] 

' Alias,' qnef Beocs, ' fat ilche stoun Je ! 
' Wo 13 fe man, fat Iif y-boiinde 1604 
Medel bofe fet and honde 1 
)3o ieh com ferst in to fia londe, 
Hadde ich had me swerd Motgelay 
And Arondel, nie gode palfray, 1608 
For Dames, nadde bo tresoun, 
I nolde haue jeue a botoun. 
And now fe meste wreoho of alia 
Wif a strok me rfof adoun falle, 1G12 
Bidde ich neuer wif leju speke, 
Bmite ich for of may ben awreke !' 

daume (udoun S} gan lie (um. SN) SNCMO. 
slyde 0. 

1601. And] He S. Aim] air B. SN ; Be/yse 
C. fyii D.] M C ; Ais SN. bronde C. 

1602. pa( SNC ; sir add. 8. B.^ lie C. («] 
oin. S. gr.] erlhe C. to ground air S. N. 
a] om. SNC. 

1601 f. : 

Than smote he Beays in that stounde. 

That hefel downe to the groujide. 0. 

IVhan they (I) come to the pities ground, 

There tliat Beuea lay Hiounde, 

Me amote Beuea with his ffisle. 

That to the ground he hym thriate. M. 

I60B. Alloa] Lorde M. gite]f\ aeid SNU. 
]iat i.] iii-\iat SNM. 

1604. be Toan] a man M : him SN. hy] 
is a. 

1605. iojw] om. M. fool SN. and] aho 
luM. M. 

1606. po]Si(ftSN; mianM.. ferst] om. SIS . 
1603—1606 : 

' Lorde,' seydc Befyse, ' (ichy add. 0) doyal 

]ioa soo! 
N'ow ys my herie (in add. O) full (arcai 
add. 0) 1000. CO. 
1807. had] om. SNCO. me] gode add. CO. 

1609. C^ (For 0) all Damaake.ine were (wyth 
Iheyre 0) Ireson CO ; For all Damas, but 
tBithtreaaimii; Qfal llamas enuyrounSS. 

1610. / n. A.] 1 wolde not CM ; Wolde I 

1612. At M. strok] dynie CM. (*)}>] so SN ; 
om, (t)A. daunSS. m/id.a.]mevuckylh 
to M I maJcyth me to CO. 

1613. Bidde] Ho moUSH. eum-BN. (A'dwiottc 
y (f wolde, I were 0) hanged on an oke CO. 
He Ihiniylh, m,y hert wyll tabreke M. 

1614. per — 6m] <^ hym may be M. mjiy] 
■ om. (!) A. (^ te ]ie^ V mast {woi N) be 

wrekf SN ; But y (be vertged (were vroken 
O) of jMi stroke CO. 




A smot )>e gailer wi]) is fost, 

j)a.t is nekke him to-berst. 1616 

His felawe aboue gan to crie : 

*Hi}e hider, felawe/ que)) Beues, 

* hije ! ' 
' )if ^ow most haue help/ a sede, 
* Ich come to j)e wif a gode spede 1 ' 
' 3i^ ! ' <ine|> Beues, al for gile, 1621 
And knette fe rop ]>ar while 
Ase hij ase a mi3te reclio. 
})o que]) Beues wi]> reuf ul speche : 1624 
' For ]>e loue of sein Mahoun, 
Be pe rop glid bliue adoun 

And help, fat fis fef wer ded ! ' 
Whan he hadde pus ised, 1628 

J5at ofer gailer no leng abod, t i85fl». 
Boute be pe rop adoun he glod. 
Whan fe rop failede in is bond, 
Beues held vp j^at gode bronde 1632 
And fekle to gronde ])at sori wijt, 
pouT^ out is bodi |)at swerd he pi^t 

Now er |)ai ded, pe geilers tweie, 
& Beues li]? to pe rakenteie, 
His lif him |)0U3te al to long, 1637 
pre dales after he ne et ne drong. 

1616. A] B, SNCO. ]fe g,] him \>oo SN ; 
hytn C. wyth hisfyat smote hym 0. /est] 
sofaste add. CO. 

1616. him] al NC ; JiealO; boon S. breat S ; 
braste CO. 

1616 f. : Hisffiste he drowe also h^ote 
And in the nek he hym smote. 
He smote hym with his opure hond, 
That his nek all towonde ; 
He fell down to the ground, 
Was he nembre hole ne sound. M. 

760—1617 are lost in K 

1617. To his M. His /.] pe jailer SN. 
bigan N. ah, gan to] he gan M. That 
(The 0) odur cryed, \>at toas aboue CO. 

1618. hider] the M. qu. B,] hye the M. *HoWy 
ffelaWf he sayde, * hii^ hye E ; * FeJowe, 
y pray )», \)at ^ou {\>e add. N) hye SN ; 
And seide : Felowe, for my loue CO. 

1619. m^th.]ha8tofBl!(. as.]nedeES^'M., 
Haste \>ou to{ofO)m£ ony ivede C. 

1620. Hyt ys bettur (best 0)yCO; wole add. 
£. to ]>c] doun £. wip] om. S. a] wcl 
NM ; wel add. S. wip a] ry^t E. wi}^ — 
sp.l for drede C. to — sp.] the to rede 0. 

1621. ^if (!) A. qiie\>] seid SCO. B, seid N. 
aI]asE. /or] i/?t> ESNM. 

1622. kn,] kitte SN ; hente £. \>ar] pat ylke 
E; in pat SN. 

And this he spake all vryth %cyU. 
IVhan thatfelow come to the pittes ground, 
There that Beues lay ibouTid, 
He smote Beues with hisfiste, 
That to the ground lie hym thriste. 

* Lorde,* said Bettes in thai stounde, 

* Jfoo ys a man, that is bound I * M. 
pat o\>er gayler began doun glyde 

Wi\> a scharp swerd be hys syde, add. E. 

1623. And al so EM. a] ipc swerd SN. 

1624. quep\ cryede E; said M. rewdy 1>\ 
myld M. And spak to him in Saryzru (!) 
(sarsyne N) specJie SN. 

1625. Felow, for SN. Sir, for loue M. sefffU 
E ; om. SN. 

1626. glid bl.] com blyue SN ; now glyde !>', 
glide thou M. down M. 

1627. help] me add. EM. pis pef] he EM. 

1628. JFJian] Anoon as SN. pus B, to |w 
gayleer scde E ; And brought oute of that 
foule slid M. 

1629. pai 0, g,] pe Jayler ahoue SN ; Be 
abode M. Imger SNM. ab.] above M* 

1630. be] a add. S ; )>e] so M ; om. (!) A. doim 
bi the rope N. down dyd he glove M. 

1629 f. : Beffs \ai siverd heeld vp ry^, 

pat opcr nam )» cm'de aiwn ry^t 
In tope pet ryytffaste he wand; E. 

1631. Whan] But E ; om. SN. in] of M. 

1632. And B. SN ; bencthe add. M. pJt 9-] 
his SN ; the M. om. E. 

1633. And] He M. And /.] So fel SN ; B 
ffyl E. ^ s, w,] arum ryyt K 

1634. porw pe swerd, pat was so bry^ K 5 
Thonmgh a sword, that stode vp r^^ H ; 
And pe swerd prou^ him py^t SN. 

1635. er \Mi ded] B, hap slayn E. gaylf* 
twayn M. pe jailers (now ben ded W* 
(liggen bothe dede N) SN. ^ 

1636. to pe] bounde in {with M ; om. N) E^^*' 
a add. SM. rakende (!) N ; raketey^ ^' 
cheyn M. 

1637. His — al] poo hym pou^te hys lyjf B- 

1638. after] om. E. 
1638 put before 1637 E. 

1637 f. : -i^ 

There thre days eteheno mete ne drf/f'^^* 
But meny thoughtes dyd he thinke; 
Now he thinkyth his liffe to longe, ^^ 

For he lay bounden in sore bond, M ; oi**-- • 

SIR BEUi:^) 

rofore ^at, for ao[>o to eai, 

IS woded, ech ofer dai 11)40 

^ bore lof to haue a quarter 
.o his mete & to hia diner ; 
^d, fnr is meisters wer bo))Q ded, 

dnies nfter he ne ct no bred. 1644 
b leau Ci'iat ho bed a bone, 

id he liim grauntede wcl sine ; 
jemo ho gna to lenu s^ieki', 

t his vetres gonne breko 1048 

Lud of is medel ^e grete aton. 

aa Crist he )>atikede anon ; 

wente quik out of jiriBoim 
Be Jia rop, |ie gaiJer com mloaii, 1653 
ind weiite in to fie castel rijt, 
^c it wns aboute fw mid-nijt ; 
9e lokede aboute fur & ner, 
JSToman wakande ne aej he ^er; 1656 
te be-held foi')>ei' a lite 
u a chauaboT viider a gitrite, 

BO. {/■«■ ara( too (FFSife l«ri SN"; J^/orc 

vIuU U) ^ in;)rY((nin ta^ BSXM. 

HO. inu u.] Aori hjifore him S; had !<!. 

teh olwr] mery ESNM. 
WU. iiroj a lonr E. Sff« I.] wft^Jfl bran M. 

as.] lA«v M. Qfnodcnbarly nful aawecre 

lata. >£] or E. fol om. M. mj>^ M. 
ieiS.Arui—meuler3] (Bui l»o (>a STi : 

tnan tlirU M) Aj/s inardeyaiia ESN. ia|K] 


A'lt nn drgnJeg lu nn dranln!. 

And Jw Aim ^eail hvi lyfto longi:. add. SN. 

Jnrf Uiift Ayw thouglUfeHy lerongt, 

St thought, hii life latte to longe. add. K 
1645. o) hii SS. 
I«48. iim] a SN. iFoJ] om. SN. TAnJ ke 

xluild hijTn. helpe emit M.. 
104B. vefTi* Jon*!] eA^tyivM biiynn Co SN. 

vdrei J. b, ] t«Wui oU lobreki; M. 
1 649. .^nrf o/] Froti. i,}y. N. 
M. ffs ■ ■ 

IG^lAidBSV TtiirtrSS; 

lB52^ny] tuf aUO. S. ia'jlers SN. doun 


];ar intiejie boj torges i-Iijt; 

Jleuea wento Jteder ful rijfc ; 1060 

Twelf knijtea a fond ]ier as\e]ie, 

)]at hndde fio castel for to kepe ; 

po cfmuinber dure a fond vnsteke, 

And priueliche he gan in reke 1664 

And armede him in yrene wede, 

pa beste, pat lie fond at nede, 

And gerte liitn vdp a, godo bronde 

And tokagodo sperein ishonde; 1668 

A scheld abouto ia nekke he cist 

And went« out of )ie cliaumber in hast. 

Forfrer a herde in a stable 

Pages fele, wij) oute fable, 1672 

Aso ))ai sete in here raging; f. iflsti>. 

In at pa dors Belies gai( spring, 1674 

And for fai Bcholde him nyujt wraiif, 

X'nder his bond ho made him plai. 

& whau ^e Sarasins wcr islawo, 

pB beste stede he let forf drawe 1678 

1651 r.: Ovle of the pat, thai vxa to hye. 
By the ro^ he t>p am stye. M. 

1663. Ajid\ He 3M, tacnle^ forth add. M. 
1654. And SM, if tciu] >u b'jfel SN. ab.] 

toward M. M 0">. SN. 
1658. But «, 8 ; And found n. N. loot.— 
he] fonde he lonZiynj S ; i™(iaR<i N. 

1657. forper a I] ttwd seye a ryjt (light HI SN. 

1658. TD]/nSN. 
1859. tordieili/it SS. 

1660. And thcdcr ht vtcnlc sme a plyil SN 

16SI. Hr] om. SN. 

1863. dwtmherai S. /nmi] sail S. 

1664. ^ti] Am add. N. 

1666 f. om. SN. 

1667. Jn*e] He S. a]/iiZI add. S. 

1668. god^ om. S. 

1667 f. om. N. 

1670. out of ]m ehamher toMt S. 
165B— 70 om. M. 

1671. For]fer—a[ I\(Tth he vmU in (o (w SN. 
at^le] in hatted. (!) N. 

1672. There p. SN. fete w. o.] pleiden and 
maden SN. 

1673. raging] Jangelyng SN ; ragin (!) A. 

1674. B. in at pe dor S. 

1675. A. n. lo.l not him bcwrye SN. 

1676. hem dye SN. 

1677. *] om. SN. 

1678. lef/orH gan out SN. 



And sadelede hit & wel adi^t 
And wente him for]) anon rijt 
And gan to crie wlp loude steuen 
And pe porter he gan neuenen : 1682 
* Awake I ' a seide, * proude f olawe^ 
J)ow were worJ)i ben hanged & drawe ! 
Hi3e, pe gates wer vnsteke, 
Beues is out of prtsou/?. reke, 1686 
And icham sent now for is sake, 
j)e treitour jif ich mi^te of-take ! ' 
pe porter was al bewaped : 1689 

' Alias 1 ' que|) he, * is Beues ascaped 1 * 
Yp he caste j^e gates wide, 
And Beues bi him gan out ride 

And tok is wei fnl hastelie 
Toward Jje londe of Ermonie. 1694 
He nadde ride in is wei 
Boute seue mile of pat ooratrei, 
He wex asleped wonder-sore, 
He mi3te ride no forfer-more ; 1698 
He reiiiede his hors to a chesteine 
And felle aslepe vpon pe pleine ; 
-And alse a slep, in is sweuene 1701 
Him ])0U3te, BrademoTid & kinges seaen 
Stod ouer him vnp swerdes drawe, 
Al slepande him wolde han slawe. 
Of ])at sweuen he was of-drad, 1705 
He lep to hors ase he wer mad. 

1679 f. : 

And girde him wel {otUe (!) S), wUh <mU 

And gan into\>e sadel spryng ; SN. 
1645--1680 : 

* Now, lesu, ^yff Ube\>y wylle, 
Sende me mete <fc drynk my ffylle ! 
Lordf* sayde B. vji]> stedeffast \>ou^t, 

* pau madyst al yis world off nou^t 

As weel Jewys as crystene rnen, 5 

A[nd I a [illegible]m ?iere amonges hem, 
[BtU I [illegible] woot, ]>ou tooost alle ^yng, 
Al my nede and my pynyng : 
penk on me, \>at lygge ibownde 
Here among \>e8e he\>ene hounde I 10 

Soo toel I wool, ^ ^ou, lard, my^t ! * 
pe ston ah&iUe hys myddyl bry^ 
Al tobrak A hys hondys al soo ; 
lesu Cryst he \>ankyd \>oo 
Off hys sioete, holy sonde ; 16 

Al dclyueryd he gan vp stonde, 
Be \>e roop he gan vp styge 
Out of "pe pet, \kU was so hy^e, 
Al aboiUe he gan to looke, 
Hys heere tryllyd doun too hys ffoote ; 20 
ffe herde gret noyse \>ere in a stable, 
Qromes syngen d: make gret ffdble. 
He lohyd arum in at an hole 
And sawi hem grey\>yn \>ere hereffole; 
He SOW} where here wepenys stood, 25 

He sm>oot }>e dore vp wip hysffoot, 
pat \>e dore al towond ; 
^ He sUno^ \>ere aX \>ai euere heffond 
And a/rmyd hym ry^t weel inow^, 
And a stedeffor^ Tie drow^ ; 30 

He took a;spere and and (!) a schylde, 
Now Cryst hym saice tk hys modyr mylde I 
poo no lengere he ne dbood. 

But ^at stede he bestrood ; 

He prekyd hys hors al amende, 85 

As poui \ye castel hadde ibrende. £. 

1681. Andr—crie] po (So N) gan he grede SN ; 
He graddefaste £. wi^\ ryyt a add. £. 

1682. And\ om. ESN. porteres SN ; name 
add. SN ; anon add. £. gan] to add. £. 
nemene ES. 

1683. seide] ]Hm add. SN. Arys, Tie sayde, 
ry^t be \>e lawe E. 

1684. were w.'\ shaU SN ; to add. £. hamged 
<C;] om. E. todrawe ESN. 

1685. Hiie\ \>at add. E. vnloke ESN. 
3686. prsoun (!) A. ibroke £ ; hroke SK. 

1687. now] om. SN. 

1688. may take SN. 
1687 f. om. E. 

1689. al be rape SN ; gretly adrad ]^ E. 

1690. g. he] he sayde £. ascape SN ; pus 
goo E. 

1693. He SN. ful h.] and (om. N) forth he 
gas SN. 

As a m/in, \>at nede has, 

For\> he rood on his way add. SK. 

1694. Ermomy SN. 

1695. ne had S. irC] on N. 

1697. He w, asl.] Slepe him took SN. 

1698. He] ne add. N. wo] om. N. 

1699. to] at S. 

1700. And] He S. \>e] ]>at SN. 

1701. And] om. SN. slep in is] slep {slept S), 
him \>ou^t a SN. 

1702. Him ]>.] pat SN. kinges] his kny^ 

1704. And al sleping SN. him] he(\)8, 

1705. And of SN. ]fat]\>eS, adrad SN. 

1706. HeleptonS; And (I) on his N. 

Towarilo Damas a-gein, Eii>li;t! 
Kow reste we her a lite wi)t, 1708 
& Hpeke we schoUe of Brademoxd. 
Aniorwe, whaji lie it hadJo ifojiiie, 
)]at ISeuQS was ascaped so, 
' III 19 hertte liim was fiil wo. 1712 

]}:it time be comin acent | 

Xydimg IBidand 'S)/ast on hin pal/ray. 
Nmo (ice hmte [haao we N) U^de of B. tmo, 
£tynttcv(Adr«nd().N}an(£;wAi»i!KW.' SN. 

1709. stholU] more SN. </] king «dd. SN. 

1710. Am.] awes *i'l- SN. whan] Jioti N. 
hi—i-f.] B. KOI found SN. 

1711. pa ha tout, '(Oat add. N) he scaped so 

1713. /n yat a. pat l. be] Tliat was in (vnic 

of N. 
17U. iD(M]aiidd. SN. 

1715. ioroKB*] so SN ; tmia A. 

1716. *]oni-SN. amnncdisoMm. 

1717. -JwitoSN. 

-1718. ITovi SN. ittBj soiperf mirf add. SN. 

hem 3. 
1719. hug hem add. SN. 
;l720./«^ B.] help Ai« (0 /eccfc! A«n S ; 
toamr him N. 

dium )k gate hi: lycn hoi 
Jnd 3. outaifc gate tlrooS:; 
ffe rod al fat day so lonye, 
Tyl U VHiTe tyme <fff eiMnio:tgr- 
Be MMM »o gegni in (/or wiilt«n over hi) 
hys htirle, 5 

perffore he was al moei al jneHc ; 
And or )e ran?i<; wente adoun, 
Be can ajenward to (k toKn. 
Slt^Syl soo vpaa hys yje, 
pal Aym toafie, jiat ke scAoIdc di/e. 10 

He ne myjte affooteffHr)ierc goo, 
Or^he hadde Ulepijd \oo. 
poo fai Ttee ijff hys sleep aioook, 
pe ryjte vieyjor]! he took. 
Fort ht goy ryjf on hys way : 15 

Nihb god hym spede, ]»< b^t Tnay ,' 
pM tieea gaylers, pai he hadde slaye, 
Tvoo daya ne w^e )«y ieaye ; 
Sen ffraidys )wr off token gome 
Jnd to |w jireiBun anon \!ey come 20 

AwiffoUTulen hem dede etieri/c/ion, 
Jrtd S. ffrom presoitn ii-as igmt. 
To >B kyng fey wenUn ffid snclle ; 
Ajum ^ey ipntiie hym to telle, 
iTtm *ere B. hadde hem brlrayiid. 2E 

Xyjig BradetHound wax sore aviaijyd I 

par was comin parlemeHt, 

ErJe-s, barowte, lasse & more, 1715 

&, liftene kinges wer samned |)ori;. 

To hem Brademoitd tolile fare, t. ihj4'. 

pat Beues was fro him i-fare. 

And bad help wi|) mi)t & main, 1719 

Far to feche Beues again. 

And sayde to )m kyngys ffyfftene, 
pat homage mere vnmi brifnge hym bedenne : 
To hem he made grelly his moone ; 
pey armyd hem peane eilcrychotie. E. 
1655—1720 : 

Se eye pa^ good anil abull 

And light also oule qf the slabiUl, 

ffe loiyd in at an hole 

And sye one eory there a/ole; 

He smote the ditr xp wyth hisfotc, 5 

That it every dele toshoke ; 

A staff he bUee in his hond ' 

And kylltid all that he there ffimd. 

A stede there fforthe he drmeye. 

Be sadnllid hym veil inouje, 10 

Be sterle vppon the fledis bak 

Andcried: ' Porter,' right, laiih thai, 

'Arise,' he said, 'thoaffeliMii, 

The devUl the hang, fimle gloUm ! 1 i 

Thou mere toorthy, lo be hang and drav:e, 

Sioith the gates were vp thrawe : 

Belies it fro preson brokyn I ' 

The porter said, as he was walcyn : 

'Alas, is Beues aseapud soot' 

Anon the gaics he gan vp throwe. 20 

.Beues is fro prison brokyn, 

Oate at the gatis is Ke redyn. 

Than Beuei hied hym oviefaste, 

And forth his toay he rode in haele. 

The viardem, that kepud Bcves, 25 

Theire wiffea come to the preson, itnis ; 

They fond them dede eueryehone. 

And Beues vias forth igone. 

To the kynge they yode sncll. 

And sone they gan hym tell, 30 

How that Beues ftorf ham betrayd ; 

Then waa Bradmond all dismaid. 

Ne told lo the ffyflene kyngis 

All his soTmef-ail tydin^es, 

And to them he made his mone ; 35 

They armed ham swith euerychone. H. 

Came Jwi (om. O) hedur (to jnoadd. 0) a lytiiU 

For (me beltoueth to {ImxiM O) have ^y rnl'l. 
Or (that add. 0) Bcfyse be (broght to deiid (nl 

dede O) / ' 
That ( Th£ 0) other warden no more {Icngcr 0) 



A king far was swife fer, 
His nam was bote Gva,nder. 
An hors he liadde of gret pris, 


}5at was icleped Trinchefis ; 
For him a jaf seluer wi3t, 
El" he fat hors haue mi3t. 


BtU {by "pe rope down (doume by the rope 0} he 
glode (slode 0) 5 

And ( IVhan he 0) sawe Beuya hole and sounde 

And sawe (om. O) hysfelowe dede on (the add. 
O) grounde, 

He vx)lde haue fledd {vp add. 0) a^eyn \ai 

* Nay 1 ' seyde BefyaCy * ^ou muste dbyde / * 
Befyse wyth hysfelows bronde 10 
JS'inite yn aonder tJwrow godys sonde 

The rope aboiie the sa/rayna Tiedd, 
( TheU he wyth Befyse yn preson abede, 
(And after hym felled starke-dede, 0). 
Then was Befyse glad dsfayne^ 15 

(When he had add. 0) bothe hys wardens 

(hath he (om. 0) slayn^. 
Thre dayes he lay i (nogM he (no thyn^e O) ete, 
He (Hym 0) thoghb hys (that O) lyfe lytull 

(vjonder'O) swete, 
yyt was he (Bcuys 0) wonte before eclie day, 
fVhyll \>aZheyn pryson lay, 20 

Of whyte brawne (to Jume (he had 0) a messe, 
Ther wyth he maked hym well at ese. 
But when hys I J wardens were slayne (for- 
done 0), 
Brede ne (nor 0) brawne had he non^ ; 
Thai penance (^^t he full (was hym to O) 
strange, 25 

He (Hym 0) Ito-^t, he leuyd all to longe, 

* lesu Cryste/ syr Befyse sayde, 

* Helpe me now {lorde 0) a lytull brayde ! 
(Sothly add. 0) the rope may y not rcche. 
But if \>ou Tne wyssc <(? (or 0) teche,* 30 
So hye smote Befyse hyt (the rope 0)yn sondcr, 
Yfhc hyt raght (reche 0), hyt were {great add. 

0) wonder. 
But (noght for \>y \>orow (neuertheles by 0) 

godys grace (myght 0) 
Befyse lepe (skj/pped 0) vp, (full lyght he was 

(he wasful lyght 0), 34 

(And kaght (He gate 0) the rope yn hys honde 
And ( Than O) vphe steyed (cam 0), y vndur- 

When he come vp, he sawe no lyght. 
For (than add. 0) hyt was abowte mydnyght. 
But well (he harde (herde he 0) yna stable 
Oromes synge and make fable. 40 

To the (that 0) stable dore he went 
And smote hyt vp (open 0) at a dynte. 
The (A 0) dore barre he toke yn honde 
And slewe all \>ai he \>erefonde. 44 

A gode stede (forthe he drowe (toke he thare 0) 
And sadulde hym wele ynogh {andfayre 0). 
(Than add. 0) Bifyse rode to \)e gate full euyn 

And callyd \>e portar wyth lowdc (mylde 0) 

steuyn : 
(*Aryse vp, portar* {'Byse, porter T anoneO), 

he sayde, 
*For (om. 0) Befyse of Hampton hath vs be- 

trayed, 50 

{Faste ])at the gatys were on loken. 
For Befyse ys owt of preson broken ! 
Let me faste afiur hym r^fde, 
V schall hym brynge wyth moche pryde I * 
The portar was full euyll payde ; 55 

' Is Befyse of Hampton scapyd f ' Tie sayde. 
The portar set ^ yatys opon, 
And vryth that Befyse ys otvt lopon; 
(That the gates were opened sone : 
Wyth that is Beuys out gone ! O). 60 

( Than add. 0) the portar hys wey toke 
To (Unto 0) the pryson for to loke ; 
He founde (bothe add. 0) the wardeTis slayne, 

And Befyse a wey scapyd ys, 
( Then seyde the portar ( The porter sayde O) : 

* Be my snowte, 65 

Thys ( That 0) was Befyse, that y lete owte ! ' 
Tlie portar went to the kyng dk sayde. 
How that Befyse had hym betrayed 
And slayne hys wardens bothe yn aame 

{fere 0) ; 
The kyng made sorowe d: (lytull game (Tieuy 

chere 0) ; 70 

There were V kynges yn that palays. 
That bro^t (made 0) hym homage, \>e story says. 
To \>em kyng Bradmonde made hys fnoone, 
(And \>ey anon armed them (Than they theyni 

amied 0) euerychone, CQ. 

1721. A — wasi per was a kny^t (kynge M) 
EM ; One of them was bothe O ; ry^t add. E ; 
sw. /.] stov/t and stere SN ; prowde <fe ferse 

1722. His"] ry^te add. E. h>ote] sere E. Grande- 
n^re (!) N. He was clcfiyd syr Ganders 
ywysse C ; He was callid Graundynere M ^ 
Men called hym syr Ghraundyers O. 

1723. He hadde an hors ESNM. qf mucK^m 
prys SN ; hy^te Trencheffys E. 

1724. That men clepyd (called O) CO ; H^^ 
name was hoote (callid M.)^!^}!. Trenehefts^^ 
SC ; Tran/ihcvise'^ \ TrenschJice'M.. ^'— *'"^* 
fyce 0. It was fful ry^t gret off prys E. 

1725. a] om. M. ^af s."] of siluer yaue {oj=^m 
M) his NM. He \aff ffor hym hys moum 
bry^te E. 

1726. haue] bigge N. Er—haue] Cften ti 
he take M. 



He arinede him in yrene wede, 

Seue kni3tes he ga» wif hiw lede 1728 

And prikede forf on Tre?2cbefis 

And wende wenne meche pris ; 

And Beues sone he gsin se, 

Ase he rod to-ward fe cite. 1732 

* A^ilt J)e/ a seide, * Jjow fox welp, 
t>e god scbel Jje nojjing help, 

For her Jjonr^ min ho/ides one, 1735 
For sofe, f ow schelt fe lif for-gon ! ' 

* So me helpe god ! ' quej) Beues ]>o, 

* Hit were no meistri, me to slo, 
For ]>is is fe ferfe dai agon, 

Mete ne drinke ne hot i non : 1740 

Ac na])eles, god it wot, 

?if ich alle nedes mot, 

Jit ich "wile asaie, 

A lite box J>e to paie ! ' 1744 

King Grander was of herte gnin 
& rod to Beues & he to him ; 
And ase ])ei boj^e to gedre mete, 
Wif here lau?ices pel gonne mete, 1748 
)pat hit gonneTZ al to-driue 
Si te-borsten on pises fiue. 
Here swerdes drowe kni3te8 stoute 
And ii3te]) faste, it is no doute ; 1752 
\)Q medwe squau^te of her de;ites, 
\)e for flej out, so spark o flintes ; 

1727. in yr,] on riehe N. 

1 728. Atid VII N. ht — him\ vnih him gan N. 
1727 f. : 

Graundyneee ( !) was the ffirste. 
He rode oute of (ho gaZua juste : M ; om. K 
1725—1728 om. S. 

1729. And\ He S. And p. /.] He leep vp \>oo 
(om. M) EM. 071] or (!) N. on Tr,] in 
jxUwyse S. 

1730. And] He EM. wende] to add. SNM. 
tuenne m,] haue wunne {Jul ffret {the M) 

1731. he gan sone ysee SN. 

1732. \>e] \hU SN. 
1731 f. : 

Also sone as he Beues sye, 

There he rode be the way, M. 

pere no longer he ne abood, 

But hefom he alleffor^ rood ; 

Kyng Bradcmond <£r al hys hoost 

Afftyr comen tin\f gret boost. 

Sere Gfrandeer B. offsey^. 

As he rood on an hyl an hey^ : E. 
He was worthe hys weyght of golde, 
So (ranne he toell {he wolde renne 0) vpon 

the molde, 
Syr Graundiers (Gandere C) was {the add. 0) 

fyrste dyght 
(And vpon {On 0) Trenc?ufyce vp he lyght ; 
An {He 0) sprang for'pe (om. 0) aftur on 

Well he wenyd {thvitght 0) to (haue had 

{wynne 0) ])6 pryce. 
When he was paste (a myle fro (om. 0) 

Damas {Damaske C), 
He sawe Befyce ryde a softe pase, C. 

1733. YeldU. fox]sory^, A^iU-fox] He 
seyde : * Tume the, dogges C. 

1734. For thy M. god] goddes ne E. scfiel] 
may EH, no\>.] noit^t S ; not IS.; ry^trum^t 
E. }^ n.] not the now N. 

1735. For her] om. ESNM. Ixmr^] toith SN. 
one] (ryxt here {here M ; now SN) aiwn 

1736. For «.] Certis SN ; om. EM. lif] now 
add. £. 

1735 f. : 

* Thorow {By 0) )>e y schall gcte (great add. 

O) renoton. 
If \>ofu, be Befyse of Sowthe (om. 0) Hamp- 
ton.* CO. 

1737. god me helpe EM. said M. So — quc\i] 
GertiSy seide SN. Then seyde Befyse : * So 
mote y go^ CO. 

1738. ncrc N ; is ECMO. 

1739. For] om. SN. fer]>e] XL(\) N. ^— 
dai] ffyue (thre M) dayys it is now (om. M) 
EM. gon ES. 

1740. pat mete ESN. ne] and N. neeetE; 
ete N ; had S ; sye M. 

1741. BiU ESNM. neuer\>eles SM. 

1742. ^if ich alle] Whan \>at now I E ; ScUie 
]>at y SNM. alle n.] algatis M. 

1743. ^it] With al my my^t SN. vrile] now 
onys add. E, as.] me defend M. 

1744. lite b. jte] strok or twoofor SN, A — to] 
yiff I mowe on box >»e E. Yf Cryste wylt (I) 
me gra4X send M. 

1745. tDasof]wUhS^. 

1746. cfe] He SN. he] B. SN. 

1748. On her sheldes ]>e strokes sette SN. 

1749. hit] her speres SN. al] om. SN. 

1750. te-b. on p.] to peces brosten on SN. 
1761. Here s. d.] pese twoo SN. 

1752. Andf.] Fou^ten SN. is] was S ; nas N. 

1753. sq. of her] quakyd with Jhj SN. 

1754. so sp. o] as doth of SN. 



J3us f ai leide on in bofe side 
Ee-twene midmorwe & vnderfcide. 1756 
King Grander was agremed strong, 
])at sire Beues him stod so long, 
And wij? is swerd a hitte is sclield, 
A quarter fel in to f e feld, 1760 

Hauberk, plate and aktoun, f. iseaK 

In to Beues forJ>er arsou7i 
Half a fot he karf dou7j ri^t. 
po Beues se^ )?at strok of mijt, 1764 
A seide : * J3at dent was wel iset, 
Fasten y wile anofer bet I ' 
WiJ? fat word Beues smot down 
Grander is scheld wij) is f achoiin, 1 7 68 
And is left hande be )?e wrest. 
Hit flej awei Jjour3 help of Crist. 

j)o Grander hadde his scheld i-lore, 

He fau^t ase he wer wode fer fore ; 

A 3af Beues strokes jrat tide, 1773 

Non ne moste ofer abide. 

Beues fer of was agreued 

And smot of king Grander is heued, 

j)e dede kors in fat frowe 1777 

Fel out ouer \>e sadel bowe. 

\)o kipg Grander was islawe, 

\)e seue kni^tes of hefen lawe 1780 

Beues 8I0U3 fat ilche stoiinde, 

So hit is i n Frens ch y-foiuuie. 

For nou^t Beues nolde be-laue, 

pe beter hors a wolde haue ; 1784 

Beues Trenchefis be-strit. 

And in is weie forf a rit, 

1755. in bo\>e] on euery S ; eithir N. 

1756. 7nidm.] prime S. vndetide (!) A. 

1757. GraTigener (\) N. agreuyd SN. 

1758. hinil om. S. 

1759. hitte\ smot SN. is] i (!) A. 

1761. brestplate N. 

1762. And in SN. B.] is add. S. for SN. 

1763. a] om. N. adoun S. 

1766. And N. sey S. well sore S. 

1767. word] dynt SN. 
1768. /a<^.] acton N. 

1769. left] life (!) N. ?iandc] fast add. SN. 

1770. Mi fii^T^' 

1771. po] om. S. 7ui^ N. scheld] hond 

SN. forlorcB. 

1775. Beues — was] Sore }>erofwas B, S ; Sore 
was B. therfore N. greuyd S. 

1776. And] He S. king] om. SN. Gran- 
den£r (!) N. heued] ed written above the 
Utlc a. 

1777. po^'sN. >a<]aSN. 

1778. oiicr] ofS'N, sadelles S. 

1779. po k.] And }>oo ])at SN. 

1781. })at i,] in a litel SN. 

1782. As SN. Fr.] book S ; bokis N ; fmsch 
(!) A. 

1784. best SN. wolde haue] ^^ou^t hem (him 
N) reue SN. 

I74& — 1784 : Beues tumyd there his stede, 
That his sidus gan to blede, 
And STnote vppon Oraundynere, 
Oute of his sadull a quartere, 
And thorough his stclyn hode, 
That at his breste the dynt stodc, 

And Graundynerefell down lowe 
Dede ouer his sadull bowe. M. 

1785. Betces] The stede SN. Strenchefis (!) A ; 
Trenschfice Beues he M. h^i bestrood SN. 

1786. in] on M. for\i]fasU M. rood SN. 
1745—1786 : 

He took hys scheeld A hys spere. 
As it semyd a good rydere ; 
He prekyd \h>o hys goude stede, 
pat bo]>e hys sydys begunne to blede. 
He svwot out off sere Graunger 
Off hys scheeld a gret quarter. 
Adoun he gan sere GrauTiger bere 
And \rew^ hymflat on grounde ^ere, 
Wol eueU ]>enne sere B, hym herU 
Wi)> hys spere euene to J>« herte. 
He lay ded vpon \>e grounde, • 
And sere B. in \ixt ylke stounde 
Took }>at hors off gret prys, 
pat was ihoten Trencheffys, 
He lepte is the catch-word at the bottom of 
fol. 1386. The following leaf is lost. £. 
1729—1786 : 

For yf thai y slayne bee, 
Hyt ys \)orow hungur 4s not l^orow \>e ; 
But neuer }>e lees y schall {wyl O) assay. 
How )>ou wylt {shalt 0) my dynte apay 

Befyse turned hym well tkfeyre 
And ( They 0) rode to hym (gedcr 0) wyth 

grete yre (ayre O), 
And (om. O) soche a stroke he gqf Gandere 

iThorow owt hclm^ <k hauberk clere. 
Thai thoroughe the helme that was bo 
clere, 0) 
Hed <k body he cU^e yn sotuier. 



And Brademond wif al is ost 
Com after wif meche bost; 1788 

So longe hii han Beues driue, 
)3at liii come to fe cliue, 
I par fe wilde se was. 
Herkne)? now a wonder-cas ! 1792 

In to fe se a moste, iwis, 
0\>ev fi^te a3enes al hej^enes. 

To Ie«ii Crist he bad a bone, 
And he him grauntede wel sone : 1796 
* Lord/ a sede, * heuene king, 
Schepere of erj?e & alle J)ing, 
J)ow madest fisch ase wel alse man, 

)5at noJ)ing of senne ne can, 1800 

Ne nou3t of fisches kenne 

Neuer jet ne dede senne, 

Of fis he]}ene houude, 

))at bests pe and bounde 1804 

And bete J)e body to fe dej)e, f. i86a«. 

)3ar fore ich may alse efe 

To water fle in fis stede. 

To fisch, fat neuer senne dede, 1808 

)3an her daien in londe 

In al ]7is Sarasines honde ! ' 

Beues smot is hors, )?at it lep 
In to fe se, ]7at was wel dep. 1812 

Hym (There 0) halpe no armour ^ ds pat 

was toondur ; 
Myght to \e sttduH, be (my hrayn (hede 

He clafe (yn two ry^t (hym dovme 0)a8a 

(Trenchefyce Befyce bestrydeth 
{Beuys Trunchefyce sone bestrode 0), 
Se (And O) lefte hys (oiim <& (h>ors, than 

0)fortheherydeth(rodeO). CO. 

1787. -471^ KyTig CO ; By ( With 'S)\>atcom 
SN ; om. M. aZ] om. SN. bost (!) A. 

1788. Com] rydyng add. CO ; Com a.] And 
after him rood SN ; After folooyd M. meche] 
greete SNCO. 

1789. \>ey hadden SN. longe — B,] faste they 
haue hym M. 

1790. pat hiq That Ae M ; Tyl he SN. M 
an hye M ; see add. SN. 

1791. wilde] greteSN. wildese] place so depeM.. 

1792. fferk, n.] Now hereth of B. SN ; Now 
is this M. 

1793. That lie in M. a] om. M. 

1794. Or SNM. ageyn M. oj. al h.] with 
al his enemys SN. 

1795. bad a b,] made his mone M. 

1796. wel] swUh SN. he-^wetl to his dere 
Tnoder M. 

1797. a s.] thou arte of M. 

1798. Sehep,] Maker SN. Sdt. of] Thou, 
that mcuiiste M. er^ ds a.] alle skynnes S ; 

1798 put before 1797 M. 

1799. wel] 80 SNM ; om. (!) A. 

1800. nou^ SN. ne] done SN. pa^—nc] 
Now, lord, that I ne swymme M. 

1802. ne] om. SN. 

1803. Cf] BtU SN. howndes S. 

1804. beste] beten SN. pe] me S. bounde] 
yaue me uxmndes S. 

1806. beU] diden SN. jxj body] pe lord SN. 
Jvj] om. N. 

1806. par /.] And now SN. 
1801—1806 : 

Till this day I dyd nevure surymme, 
For I am not offfysshis kynne : 
OlUe of this hethyn houndus ffere 
Chraunte me, to passe this water chlere, 
And, as thou diediste vppon a tree, 
Qeve ine grace, ffro them to fle. M. 

1807. TowfS\ThoM,helpeinehcre^An]ofn^^» 

1808. To] As this M. fisshes SN. 
1808 put before 1807 M. 

1809. -4«SN. That Idye not here on londysM. 

1810. al] om. SM. \>is] om. N. Sar. A.] 
hethyn dogges hondis M. 

1789—1810 : 

And so faste foloufed he. 

That Befyse pey (was 0) dreuyn euyn 

(om. 0) to \>e see, 
Tlien seyde Befyce : * (Now am y schent 

(I shot be slayne 0), 
(For here ys none amendement ; 
Odur behoueth me to take \>e see 
Or fyght ageyne }fem ; y may not fl^ie 

(om. O). 
(And yf( YfthaJt O) yfyyi' so many agayn, 
(For hungur Afebulnes y schall be slayn; 
^yt ys me lever to waturflce, 
( Yet had I leuer to water fle, iwys. 
And lat god worke what his wol is, 0). 
Then to be slayne among ])em all : 
Helpe (me add. 0), lorde, (for nmo (on the 

0)ycalle!* CO. 

1811. B,] He SN. it] he SN. U Up] he can 
sheU (skyp 0) CO. 

1812. was] so SN ; om. (!) A. wel] so SN. 
}>at-dep]ftUl XL fete C ; fourtyfote he lept O. 

1811 f. : He smote the hors with hert good, 

Andforthe herodc in to the flood, M. 



Whan he in to f e se cam, 
Ouer \>e se, y wot, a swam ; 
In a dai and in a ni;t 
A bar ouer fat gentil knijt. 1816 

"Whan he com of fat wilde brok. 
His gode stede him rescde & schok, 
And Beues, for honger in fat stouy^de 
])e hors f rew him domi to grou/ide. 

* Alias r quef Beues, whan he dou» cam, 

* Whilom ichaddift an erl-dam 
And an hors gode and snel, 

)3at men clepedei Arondel ; 1824 

Now ich wolde ^^eue hit kof 
For a schiuer of a lof ! ' 

A restede him f er a lite tide, 

His gode stede he gan be-stride 1828 

And rod ouer dale & donn, 

Til he com to a gret toun ; 

})Q leuedi far of ouer f e castel lai, 

And Beues hire sone of-say 1832 

And wende ben al out of care 

And f oujte wel to spede fare. 

Beues to f e castel gate rit 

And spak to hire, aboue him sit : 1836 

* Dame,* a seide, * fat sit aboue, 

For fat ilche lordes loue, 

On wham fin herte is on iset : 

Jeue me to day a meles met I * 1840 

1813. And whan at., to] om. M. 

1814. Oticr \>e «.] The hors M. y wot] soonc 
SN ; strcight fforthe M. 

1815. i7C\ om. M. 
1813—1815 : 

The Sarsyns behclde {sawe 0), \Kit "aftur 

How \>(U {the 0) hors wyth Brfyce sicome; 
Thorow ^ grace of god almyght CO. 

1816. A] The hors 0. M] tlie M. Twhlc 0. 

1817. of] ouer SNM. wilde] grete SN. Jw^ 
w,] the M. com — hrok] was jhU (ouer tJie 
0) waZur paste CO. 

1818. His g.] pe SCMO ; That N. res.] 
russJted SN. him r. d:] stode still and 
hym M. hors restyd <fc schoke hym faste CO. 

1819. Arid] So'that O. B.f. h.]for febulnes 
CO. in] om. 0. for — }kU] in \>at ilka SN. 

1820. pc — doun] Pel doun {adoimie N) for 
hunger SN ; Syr (om. 0) Befyce of }^ 
hors felle CO. to] Ipe add. S. 

1819 f. : And Beues ffcll down to the ground 
For honger at thai ilkc stound. M. 

1821. Alias — whan] *Lorde,' he said, tho M. 
doun] vp SNM. 

1822. Wh.] Sum tyme SNM. 

1823. And an h.] And (om. S) now \>is hors 
so (om. M) SNM. gode] stronge M. 

1824. pat m, cJ] And pau} y hadde SNM. 

1825. Now] Alle SM ; And N. wolde] right 
nmo add. M. hit k.] als coue N ; als soone 
S ; here M. 

1821—1825 : 
*Lorde,* seyde Befyse, *{th>at add. 0)febull 

am y, 
(But, cfc {If 0) y were kynge of Armony, 
I wolde hyt {the kyngedorne 0) geue, (<& be 

Twt wrotlu! {in dede 0), CO. 

1826. shyue SNpZt«n^ C. a lof] hrownc 
brede 0. 

1827 f. : 

He nustfor hunger, wTuU he do my^t^ 
But lepe to hors anoon ry^t SN. 

1826—1828 : 

Of a lofe to h^aue a shyiier ! * 
He ne wiste, what he do myght, 
BtU lepe vppon his hors right, M. 

1829. And] He M. 

1830. gret] castell M ; om. SN. 

1831. ^ of] om. M. 

Ib32. And] om. M. sone of-s,] beheld and 
ryght well say M. 

1833. And] He M. ben aZ] h^iue be brought M. 

1834. Ancq He M. 

1835. to — rit] rode vnto the yate M. 

1836. spaJc om. (!) M. a&. h, s,] that above 
sate M. 

1831—1836 : 
A castel he seyfast jterby 
And {a tour, jter yn {in a toret N) afaire lady. 
He wende of mete to spede ])ore, 
Butfurst he bou^t it full sore. 
To ^5 castel {B, him dy^t {went the knyght N) 
And spake to \Kit lady bryyt : SN. 

1837. Madame SN. fa«] Ijom N. siUest SN. 

1839. on] moste M. That in heuyn hath his 
seete SN. 

1840. ^eue] to add. M. to] this M. 
1829—1840 : 

(Than add. 0) fforthe yede {rode 0) Srfyse 

wyth grete yre {ayre O), 
Tyll he come to a castell f eyre; 
A lady ouyr the wallys {uhU O) lay: 
* Dame,* seyde Befyce, ' y the pray. 
For hys hrm, thai dyed on tre, 
A melys mete geue thou tml* CO. 

J)n leueili aiiswerde liim jin : 

' Boutt |)o\Y fro Jie gato go, 

J>e wer beter elles whav Jiaii her ; 

Go, or >e tit an euel diner ! 1844 

Me Jord,' jha aeide, 'ia a geaunt 

& leuej) an ftfahoun & TeraagaU7it 

Aud felle(j cristane men to grounds. 

Fur ha hatej) hem aae hoiiwde ! ' 1848 

"Be god!' quepBoues, 'iBwerean ofe: 

Be him lef and be him lofe, ' t. ibw. 

Her ich wile hane fe mete 

Wifi lone or eije, whaper I mai gete ! ' 

}xi leucdi 8ivii>e wroji wi)) idle 1853 

■ ISii. OTMiP.] said to M. Mm.} ora. 0. Jw] 

5842. Soi'fe ]'.] I nde the C. M my C. 
joitis SNMC. gone M. /Vo mj jnfe, I 
rede, fum go 0, 
»4Z. Th'M'SO; II 0. ella>vi.'\ai]KlininS; 
fuma N. riJyi icflere fioWur C. BcUer, that 
r £^u Aen< iDeTY M. 

IS44. Jwu tjrfyst SN. (?!>—(£(] For here ]mi 
gclyste CO ; For the hetidith M. aiieucl A ; 
afoiele N ; ct eoiiie CMO. 
X 8 -15. iPor mu 0. jAe s.] om. CMO. o] om. 

B ; gret add. M. 
|lS*S. poi'S ; .ffe M ; Syi;«e(ft 80. Jtfoft. i] 
<inL 8N0. TennagimiU CO ; JV"''^?'""'' 
8 ; TirmagmlTtt N ; Tiirireajwujite M. 
847. And\ He M. felU)f\ hateth SS ; ;!AfA 

84S, fiw — lus] X>ey ien him lolhcr tmn an 

847 f. : 

T/he Ivxle, tAai {knowt 0) [jou fte eryciyn, 

Hi uijii (rfo (ft« ((ft« «fc loj^Ht O) muehe 

py™.' CO. 

1849. for C. ffiwH »q/ifo CO. Be—Scuesl 

" vide 8N. ij and SNMCO. »wore 

0. onJAitSN. 

ISffl. Aim) A* 0. nmi] or CMO. ftimlfteO. 

■9a ])i(l geiami neuer to wrotke SN. 
1861, vil ISO. >e] ameclyn C ; om. SNM. 

*. ft )»,] my mele eU O. 
1S52 n- e. «,.] ji/' SN. (n>— wA.] To dye 
therfmlnUCO; TfthatVL. mOfJAjrtCO; 
tt add. SN ; eny add. M. 
^nd (om. N) 6iii ioi(A ioiM i/ may it hitbbe, 
I lojil aUk tyie, y leyl no^ gabbe.' add. SN. 
1B53. tu^-\ ^a 8HC0 J oin. II. sor^H 

nbaiOud CO ; (Aere M. 
"S*. JCnifc A. /.] And {Site M) u'cni (/ur 

Wenta liirc Torfi in to Jio hallo 
And tolde hice lord anon foro, 
How a man hadilo iswore, 1856 

J3at he nolde fro ])b jete, 
Er he hadde fer (le mete. 
]3e geaunt was wonder-stioiig, 
Jlomo fretti fote long; 18G0 

He tok a leuour in is liond. 
And forfi to Jie gate he wond. 
Of Boiiea he nam gixle hede, 
Fnl wol a know Beuea ia atedo : 1864 
' }jow ert iionie {lef, y-wis : 
Whar stele Jiow stede Ti-ujjchefia, 

odd. M) doun {adtmn S ; oid. 0) SNCUO. 

■n to] f > 


18B5. And] She 0. (oMb] all odd. M. anon 

/on]byforeSib^ormM;/oreIi; ^wii 

BO aloynU CO. 
18fia. man] erinten kny)i SN ; hnyght M, 

foore SN ; avsome )ier (wt(/i 0) oiale CO. 
1857. Twlde] wyll not M. 
I85S. Or that M. hadde f>. b,] Aoue t^onno 

his 11. 
18B7 f. : 

poi (om. N) fro ^ 3ato hi wyl {nel N) not 

3V' he haae loth (om. N) mete and drmike. 

1859. iBonderlpassiitge H. 

1860. iiome] om. il. /ufe] A« teas add. M. 
And (om. N) ^nr^e tiociUy SN. 

1862, to] of M. }nt<uSN. Ae] am. SN j /oiu^ 

1857—1883 : 

That he vxilde (ete here {there fU 0) liynfylU, 

!0r ellys he violiie |>i» eaelell'i^lle 
Maugre ofbothe theyre wiyl 0). 
' Ye,' teyde pe gyaunt, ' vrytl he soof 
{In. Am hande (ndd. 0) a dnrre barre take 

lie thoo 
{And to {Unto 0) syr Bffyse anon {than 0) 
he yede {brayile 0). CO. 
1864. And/al SN. a] om, N. Soone hu^ce 
heairC. S.]^3\ om.SM.. is] om. 8C. 
And vnto hym ihui' he saide 0. 
1866. nome ^] yname,' he seide SN ; he said, 
takyn M. What art thou tyr nyse {vyse ! ; 
sicyae 0) C. 
1866. hasl thm stolhjn JI. fwiu] |>w add. SN. 
stcdc] om. MCO. 



)3at J?ow ridest vpon here 1 

Hit was me bro)jeres Grawdere ! ' 1868 

* Grander,' que J) Beues, * y ^af hod 
And made him a kroune brod ; 
\)o he was next vnder me fest, 

Wei y wot, ich made him prest, 1872 

And hij dekne ich wile make fe, 

Er ich euer fro J? e te ! ' 

Jjanne seide J?e geaunt : * "Keister aire, 

Slouj jjow me hrofer Grawdere, 1876 

For al \)ia castel ful of golde 

A line lete \)Q ich nolde ! * 

* Ne ich J?e,' que)? Beues, * i trowe 1 ' 
)3us be-ginnef grim to growe. 1880 

\ l^e geaunt, fat ich spak of er, 
J pe staf, ]7at he to fi^te ber, 

"Was twenti fote in leng|»e be tale, 

J3ar to gret & no)?ing smale ; 1884 

To sire Beues a smot jfev wi)? 

A steme strok wi)) outen grij?, 

Ac a failedo of his diuis 

And in fe heu^d smot Tre;tchefis, 1888 

J3at ded to grounde fel f e stede. 

* 0,' que)? Beues, * so god me spede, 

J)ow hauest don gret vileinie, 

Whan fow sparde me bodi 1892 

And for me gilt min hors aqueld, f.i866«. 

))ow witest him, )?at mai noujt weld. 

Be god, i swere fe an of : 

Jjowschelt nou3t, whan we te-goj), 1896 

Lau^ande me wende fram, 

Now f ow hauest mad me gram ! ' 

1867. syUyst MCO. 

1868. ffU] That C ; iTw (!) N ; Ee MO. 
brop,] sir add. SNCO. 

1869. said M. Grander q, BJ\ B. seide SN. 
p,f\ him an add. N ; him on fe add. S. 
^af hod\ orderyd hym M. 

1870. And] I NM. sehofe S ; scTiatte N ; 
gatie M. brod] red so blood S ; of rede 
blode N ; and gryme add. M. 

1871. po] JVhan M. next] laste M. 

1872. }Fel] For sothe U. 
1871 f. : 

/ shofe (schaue N) him a (om. N) prest 

doun {in HI) tope nekke, 
With my swerd y made him bekk, SN. 

1873. And hi^] His M. ich wile] wold I M. 

1874. euer] hens M. from N. te] flee SNM. 

1875. Meister] so S ; master N ; meiff or 

1876. bro^r] sir add. SN". 

1878. A—\je] pe on lyue lete SN. 

1879. pe] om. N. 

1880. pus \>ey gun ttryfto knotoe SN. 

1881. (are of (qf ar N) spoke SN. 

1882. tof ft.] toith him toke SN. 

1883. in I, be] Umge in SN. 

1884. And ^it wel more (grete N) and nmi^t 
so [wel N) smzile SN. 

1885. sire] om. N. 

1886. oiU SN. 

1887. But SN. 

1888. And] Ee S. heued\ heurd (!) A. inr— 
smof] smot of \>e lied of SN. 

1889. M ^ SN. 

1890. 0] po S ; So N. seide SN. 

1891. hast me doon SN. 

1892. Whan f. s,] My hors to slee and spare 

1893] And f. m,] With cute SN. ct-q.] >ott 

kyU S ; to quylt N. 
1894. m>ai n. w.] hath no gvUe SN. 
1875—1894 : 

Thejeaunif with his gret mjoos 

An/m right tJuin in that place 

Faste he Beues asaid : 

* Shame haue thou for thy dede I * 

He STnote the hors on the hede. 

Thai heffell down there dede. 

Now is Beues vppon his fote : - 

God send hym helpe and bote! 

Vp he sterte also right 

As sperkyll oute of fire right (!), 

To the jeaunt wi^ wrethe he said . 

' Shame haue thou ffor thy dede^ 

That thou haste slayn my stede stronge. 

Thou quyte hym all with wronge. 

Yf I stond arid to the speke^ 

Thou sholdiste on me be awreke 

And ru)t wite on hym the giUe ; 

But sithe thou haste hym spiUe, M. 
1895—1898 : 

But y the seye with out othe. 

Now ])ou {hast made me {me luist made N) 
pus wroth : 

^ifany grace wylfaMe or {of N) hap^ 

Iwollfonde to ^eue ])c a cap {knap N)/ SN. 
1896. we te-g.] thou goiste M. 



■Reues is swerd anon vp swapte, 

He and fe geaii?it to-gedre rapte 1900 

And delde strokes mani & fale : 

\)e nombre can i nou^t telle in tale. 

J)e geannt vp is clobbe haf 

And smot to Beues wif is staf, 1904 

J)at his scheld flej fram him fore 

pre akres brede and sumdel more. 

\)o was Beues in strong erur 

And karf ato fe grete leuoiir 1908 

And on pe geauntes brest a wonde, 

)5at ne3 a felde him to fe grounde. 

\)e geaunt )?ou3te jtis bataile hard, 

Anon he drouj to hini a dart, 1912 

j)ouv^ Beues scholder he hit schet, 

pe blod ran doun to Beues fet. 

j)o Beues se3 is owene blod, 

Out of is wit he wex nej wod, 1916 

Vnto fe geaunt ful swij)e he ran 

& kedde )}at he was dou^ti man, 

And smot ato his nekke bon : *^ 

pe geaunt fel to grounde anon. 1920 

1899. anon] his swerd add, (!) S. vp](nU SN. 
whappid N. 

1900. Re and] And to SN. 

1901. Strokes grete and noon smale SN. 

1902. pe — in] pey smete (smote N) to geder 
out of SIS, 

1903. is clobbe] his (\>e S) leucr SN. 

1904. lie S. to] so SN. 

1905. fro N. pore] \k>o S. 

1906. sumdel] om. SN. 

1907. B, was S. erroyur{\) S. 

1908. ffe S. in two N. \Hit SN. strong S. 

1 909. And in IS; Into S, a. w,] it went SN. 
1897—1911 : 

Laughynge wend aweyfro me, 
And that, here I tell it the. 
Thou haste made me grame. 
There thou shalte haue shame ! * 
His sworde anon he otUe drewe 
And on the jeaunt f cute he heioe, 
So that in a litull stound 
He gaue thejeaiint dethis wound, 
Thejeaunt of this th<mght smerte, M. 

1912. And M. to h,] ffoHh M. 

1913. And thorough M ; And in N ; IntoB. 
he h. sch,] he smote M ; hit went SN. 

\9\^. That the ^, blold (\) A. Beu.]hisM.. 
fate M. This line is added at the bottom 
of the page. A. 
1910—1914 ! 

paJt to \e ground \e geaunt glent. 
pcU ( llie N) hataile ]>e geaunt pou^ to sjnert, 
Jf'or teene he wexe (waseid N) al stoert. 
Sir B. he in {to add. N) the shulder shore, 
pat to his foot {fete N) ^ blood ronne ^e, 

1869—1914 : 

' God wote,^ {than add. 0} seyde {syr Befown 

{Beuys 0), 
*I sehofe {shope 0) syr Oraundere {Qan- 

dere 0) a eroume {i/wys add. 0) ; 
When we mette laste yn hatayle, 
{DeJcon y made hym, saunsfayle 

{I wMde hym deken, withaiUfayU 0) ; 
And yf thou wyU ordurs take, 
A preest, * seyde Befyse, * y schall }>e make ! ' 
* Alias,* seyde ]>e gyaunL, *for syr Graun- 

dere {Gandere C), 
{Now he ys dedd, \)ou sehalt {His deth shalt 

thou 0) bye hyt (om. 0)full dere i * 
Tho (om. O) to syr Befyse he smote full 

{ryght 0) sore. 
But of {syr Befyse Jkti fayled he {hym he 

fayled O) thore ; 
He (And 0) hyt gode (om. O) Trenchefyee 

at {in 0) "pat stounde, 
That hefelle dedd (om. O) doum to (the add. 

0) grounde, 
Befyse start vp wyth owt respyte 
{And to (Unto 0) the gyaunt can he smyte, 
Soche (strokes were (a stroke was 0) neuer 

seen yn londe, 
Syth (Sythen 0) Olyuere dyed and Bow- 

The gyaunt sawe pat Befyce woa strongs, 
(And drewe owt (He drewe 0) a darte 

scharpe <k hnge ; 
Thorow Befyce schouldur he can hyt schete 

(shote 0), 
The blode {felle dotvne (ranne 0) to hys 

fete {fate 6). CO. 

1915. When CKO; syr a.dd.0, oioene]om,0. 

1916. is] om. SN. Out — wit] For pewre (yre 
arid 0) tene CO ; With m>ayne and strevCgUh 
M. vmasid NM ; vkls O. nere CO ; om. M. 

1917. And to SN. ful] om. SN. he] om. N. 

1918. kUhe S. was] a add. SN 

1919. He S. 
1917—1920 : 

Vppon thejeauntis heryn panne 
He gave hym a dynt than. 
His sworde so kyndly yode. 
That at the breste the dynt stode ; 
The jeauntfell down to ground. 
Was he never after sound, M. 
1787—1920 are lost in £. 



Beues wente in at castel gate, 
j)e leuedi a mette per ate. 
* Dame ! ' a seide, * go, 3eue me mete, 
j)at euer haue J)ow Cristes hete ! ' 1924 
J)e leuedi, sore adrad wij) alle, 
Ladde Beues in to ]7e halle, 
And of eueriche sonde, 
pat him com to honde, 1928 

A dede hire ete al ))er ferst. 

J3at jhe ne dede him no berst, 
And drinke ferst of pe win, 
)5at no poisoun was ])er in. 
Whan Beues hadde ete inou^, 
A keuerchef to him a drouj 
In ]7at ilche stounde, 
To stope mide is wonde. 
* Dame, dame,* Beues sede, 
' Let sadele me a gode stede. 



1 187o». 

).921. wente] strykip E ; stroke M. a(\\>e add. 
SN ; tJiat add. M. eastel] om. EM. 

1922. And the N. leic] lady sone S. a] 
om. N. mette] ffond stondinge M ; sone 
add. N ; redy add. E. 

1923. Dame a s.] He (And N) seide : * Dame 
SN. go] om. ESNM. ^eiie] jhm add. N. 
7?wj] sum add. E. 

1924. And SN ; As M. hatte "pou euer S. 
goddys ESN ; criston (!) M. 

1925. leu.] was add. ESN. aferd SN. 

1926. ^Tirf to(i SN ; Sc?ie ledde E. K] fforp 
add. E. 

1917—1926 : 
He smote the gyaunt then vntyll 
Wyth all hys my^t <fc all hys wylle, 
Arid (om. 0) so(^ a stroke he hath (there 

0) hym lente, 
That (helTne <fc (th^ 0) hed (yn sondur {fro 

the body 0) wente; 
Breste & body all (om. 0) clafe he downe 
Wyth the dynte of hysffawchon. 
Now seyde Befyse : * Be mone dc sonne, 
Itrowe, y haue my rnete ywonne {wel wonne 

*Dam^f* {Daue (!) (0) seyde Befyse, 'wyth 

owt {oiUen 0) more 
Go (om. O) geu^ me {some add. 0) m^, 

{me hungurth {I hunger 0) sore^ 
And pus {men sehall teche odur by {shal I 

neuer, so mot 1 0) pe^ 
Of m>ete <fc drynke no {negyn to {churle 0) 

Sche ( The lady 0) durste not hym {Beivys O) 

Sche (But 0) ladde (syr Befyse (hym 0) yn 

by pe honde 
And (She 0) seruyd hym furste (om. 0) of 

bredd dk wyne, 
And afturward of (the kechyne (metys fyne 

0). CO. 

1927. And] Bub C ; Sche sette beforn hym E. 
ev>er.] eche kyn E ; a add. C. And of e.] 
Of goddes grace aiid goddcs SN. Of eueinj 
messCf I understande 0. 

1928. him — to] come to syr Befyse CO ; men 

myyte bryngen to here E. pat— to] Diuerse 
mete (metis N) she brou^ him {with Tier (to 

1929. dede] made ENCO. hire] to add. C ; 
aJway to E. al per] per of SN ; at peC; 
om. E. ferst] fyrste whyle C. hire—fei'st] 
the lady therof begyn O. 

1930. pat] Lest EO. ^he] pey E. ne] om. 
ESNCO. deden E ; my^ do C. no] ony 
E ; maner add. SN. l^rst] wrest E ; gyle 
C. dede — berst] had put poyson therin 0. 

1925—1930 : 

The lady lad hym in to the hall^ 

Sore she was adred with all. 

For euermore it is seid 

And in this Bomayn well ileyd : 

More for scathe, that she (!) doutes. 

Many a man to other loiUis. 

Then sat Beues down at the tahulU 

She brought hym vnete, with outeffaimll. 

He m>ade her euer ete beffore. 

That she dyd hym no gUe thore, M. 

1931. And] to add. C. drinke] she dranke 
M. thatM.; euery'K. drinke — pe]feechid 
(fet N) him wel good SN. 

1932. was] were MC. pat — per] Lest per were 
ony poysoun E. 

1931 f. : 

He Tnade hyr drynke fyrst truly, 
Lyst she shulde do hym velanye. O. 

1933. And when pat C; poo ESN. jeeten E ; 
ry^t add. E. 

1934. pe lady a E. A] whyte add. CO. 
kerdier S. to him] of her hod SN ; fforp 
EM. a] sche E. 

1935. In] That he myght at M. ilche om. If. 
In p, i. ] And with yn a SN ; lytyl add. ESN. 

1 936. To— is] For to stoppe {wUh his (sere B, E) 
EM ; He stopped per with his SN. 

1937. dame] sir SN ; poo add. E. BJ] pan 
add. SN. saide SN ; dame — sede] he said 
at this nede M. 

1938. Let 8.] Let do sadull M ; Do lete sadil 
N ; Do sadel S ; Lat brynge E. me] now 
forp add. E. gode] om. ESNM. stede] in 
pis braide add. St 

For hennes icli wile riile, 

I nel no lenger her abide ! ' 1940 

Icuedi seide, jhe wolde fawe ; 
A gode stede jtie let forf) drawe 
And sadeled hit & wel adijt, 
And Beuea, fat hendi koijt, 1944 

Itito [le eadel a lippte, 
)jat no stirop he ne drippte. 

Forfi liim wente siro Bcuouii, 
Ti! he com wiji oute fe toun 1948 

In to a grene mede. 
"Sot, louerd Crist,' a aede. 

im. wfUe S 

JVo lengere (I mole (will I 

lid. wis. mide J. w.J Jkt offima ml E. 

/awe] iiU lynge M, 
!W2. joife] om. M. /orH oui SH. let fori 

'''■■] lijii to B. brynge M. 

%B io«i w. E. i] /Ki ttdd. BN. irfyj* 

lB«.-Jiirf]roK>-iwM. Iwijgocrfadd. SXM. 
iWnfi)] om. H. ]iai h. it.] ic^ on /iffia 

*pi wDifci M. 

IM. *jito C. 7io~-dripplc] ?k nc (om. K) 

Iwda so rfiirpe SH. Or that he the 

^'itnunaU ]k (Aloife a< (bJeil^ngi! in, O) ^ 

^(w (™s» to ('"'*' **« O) stoftie ya/e 
^"d nods to foijuji hym a (ful gode odd, 

"<re ttoirfe A« no lenger dbydn, 
^tSvt 0) Ms hyt leue iiforthc can ryde. 

"«■ A(»] (few M ; oin. C. wtlM nwrf EC ; 
P^t E forji— lire] -iwrf when k <1*M 
*)*i»(fa tni/je 6N. ftim— ^«K.] tftan sj/r 

«*S- rfl] |b( add. E. JVi A« c] Com a Hit/ir- 

8". t«!j.]o6rwA(0. 
"«. n C; tTnto ; EigU in to M ; /J; 

BN, n]/,,p,eadd. CO ; volfayraM.ESy. 

'^] JJOM CO ; way M. 

' Jeue it, Eradeniond, fw king, 
He and al ia of-apring, 
Wer rijt her vpon |>is grene : 
Now ich wolde of me tene 
Swipe wel ben awreke, 
Soholde be ueuer go ne speke : 
Now min honger ia me aset, 
Ne liste me neuer fijten bet ! ' 

Forf a wente te fe strem, 
Til a com to lurisalem ; 
To )iB pati'iurk a, wente cof, 
& al his lif he him schrof 

IBBO. A'ow I.] Lard Icsu ESN ; Lorde H i )k» 
add. E. d]S.K. a s.] auin gaa lie lay il. 
Lorde, {he ecyde {aayde Beaya 0), bUesyd 
be thy grace CO. 

1951. j™^] )i/ 8N ; 17 M ; Wolde now E ; 
(Avd -ao'Bii add. 0) I mtldt CO. if] ^ 
EBNCMO. Jw] om. O. 

1952. He an^ ITere Jure wyth {me aiid add. 
0) CO. m] Bclireteyd add. E. hoijii'yng E ; 
api-ynge 0. 

1 953. J-iji her] ryit noio S ; now EN, on 8 ; 

1964. Fortuiwm. NoiBi. w.] JiwWcAia^ 
E. qZ-J/or N ; a2 add. E. 

1966. AniiH, ryit lAcn E. 

19S6. Ne ar.halde E. go ne s.'i ffflr]KTe reke E. 

1967. mea.-\«ff,etK; (/««i! SN. 

1958. JV'i:] om. ESN. He lest E. n£u<!r] to 

ndd. SN. 
1953— 1B58 : 

On iiyi grene (Jien 3<^u2<^ men (tncn > Au^ 

Wheditr (iAoi add. 0) y (inoitee o fote hyn 

{shuideaumO)fi-ee!' CO. 
TAo* they vKre in the grene imwe. 
And I ihold hem Toell toie ; 
I ehold me venge thi» iike dajf. 
Be hym, that barvie uvm qf a mag ! 
Nome haue I elyn and tortl am dight, 
Litte me never beiter taffyghl.' M. 
1969. vxiiie'\ rode M. a to.] B. rood B ; rode 
Biifyse CO. ]«] twi E ; n C. 

1960. Til] Jm! add. E. leraxilem ESNOM. 

1961. a!f]full aieythe C | blithe U ; truly 0. 
a w. c] menie Bene SN. 

1962. *] (If SNC. ai A. I.] miurUly M. 
iu Av"* he E;he dud (ga/n M) Ai/tn CM. 
aftrffid; SN ; aehryue CM. .^Jid ioirfe Ajm 
ftw hjfs by and by 0. 



And tolde him, how hit was be-go. 

Of is wele and of is wo. 1964 

pe patriark hadde reii)?e 

Of him and ek of is treufe 

And for-bed himvpon his lif, 

)3at he neuer toke wif, 1968 

Boute ^he were clene maide. 

* Kai, for sofe ! * sire Beues saide. 

On a dai scenes \>e eue 

Of J)e patriarke he tok is leiie ; 1972 

Erliche amonve, whan it was dai, 

For]) a wente in is wai ; 

And also a rod him self alone : 

* Lord,' a ))0U3te, * whar mai i gone ? 

Whar ich in to Ingelonde farel 1977 

'Naif* a fou^te, * what scholde i fare, 

Boute jif ichadde ost to gader. 

For to sle me stifader ? ' 1980 

He Jjou3te, ^t he wolde an hie f. i87u«. 

hi to )?e londe of Ermonie, 

To Ermonie, pot was is bane, 

To his lemman losiane. 1984 

1963. ITe M. And t h.] Al to gedere E ; Qf 
al his lif SN. goo ESN. how—be-gd] or he 
wold goo M. 

1964. £o\>e off E ; And of N. wele^is] liffe 
bothe wele and M. 

1963 f. om. CO. 

pere {All M) he tolde al (hym M) his lyf, 
Of hur \>at shuld he his wyf, add. SNM. 
And {There 0) tolde {Jiym also {he 0) wyth 

owt {mUen 0) strtjfe 
Of locyauy "pat schuldc be {haue ben 0) hys 

wyfe. add. CO. 
And off losyan, \fatffayre lyffy 
pat scholde han ben sere B, wyff, add. E. 

1965. haddel hadde ry^t E ; satve hys C ; gret 
add. ESCM. reu\>e] nye C. 

1966. him'\ his liffe M. ek] om. M. ek of is] 
off hys grete ESN. For Befyse he wepyd, 
so tho\t hym rewly, C. 

1965 f. : 

Whan the patryarke that harde, truly, 

He wept for hym and hadpetye, 0. 

{And leet {He made CM ; to add. C ; leehys 

add. M) helcn perc {poo SN ; om. CM) 

{hys {syr Befyse C) wounde {tcoundes S), 
[And made hym {hem S) [Tyll \>at he was C] 

both (om. E) hool {and sounde {in lytyl 

stounde C). add. ESNCM. 
He kept wyth hym Beuys sole, 
Tyl he was botJie sounde and hole. add. 0. 

1967. And:] Than 0; he add. MO. on 

1968. toke] shold take M. neiter t.] ns (om. C) 
scholde take nx) EC ; shulde nxmer wed SNO ; 
a add. 0. ^, 

1969. Boute] yiff add. EO. were] a I add. 
ECMO. maydyn clene CO. 

1970. sire B.] B. panne E. for — saide] said 
Beues, be seynt Martyne ! M. 

1971. Vp on E. On—pe] So it beetle on 
{rppon N) an SN ; Whan it was cmne to M. 

L972. B. of S. he]B.'S^\ om. S. is] om. N. 

1970—1972 : 

* Gladly (Nay, syr, 0),' seyde syr (om. 0) 

Befyse, * {as add. 0) y wen^e ! * 
When hyt (iikm agenste {cam toO) pe nyghl, 
Befyse toke hys (om. 0) leue as a curtes 
{gentyl 0) knyyt, CO. 

1973. And S ; Sone N. a]onpe SCO ; o» E ; 
ofN. a m.] om. M. 

1974. Forp aw,] B, rood {loeni SN) fforp 
ESNCO. He hym dight and went M. in] 
on ENO ; vpo^i C ; om. SM. wai] ioumay 

1975. And] om. CO ; thought add. M. also] 
flwESNCMO. a]J?.SN. rydethC. him 
s.] om. SNM. 

1976; a pou^te] he sayde E ; om. M. whedyr 
E ; whe];ure M. He thenkyth whodur ys 
beste to gone C ; HyTti thought, wheder ^oarde 
he wolde gone ; Lord, pinvit h^, what is to 
doon t SN. 

1977. Wheper ECMO ; 17 SN ; that add. C ; 
shal add. MO. in] om. CO. 

1978. Or nay C ; WJuit M. a p.] quod he 
SN ; he said M ; om. CO. what] om. M. 
i] doo add. ENCMO. 

1979. yf pate ;om. ESM. / myght O. an 
ost SNCO ; gret folke M. men E. to] om. 0. 

1980. For to] That I myght M. 

1981. path£w.]t/) wende al E. He — an] But 
pen he pou^tfor to SN. 

1982. Ill— of] Wend agcyn to M. 

1983. Ermonie] kyUg Ermyn C ; Ermyne N ; 
pal] per NM. 

1984. Arid to E ; And SN ; his] hs (!) A. 
lemman] dou\tyr E. To h, L] But he wold 
speke with M. 

1981—1984 : 

* / toyll,* he seyde, * to Armony, 

{There wyll y wete {To wete the cause 0) 

wherfore <fc why 
Thai pe kyng dud me (om. 0) pys treson 
For my godenes agciiste reson,* CO. 


And also a wento Jedor rijt, 

ie -mp n gentil knijt, 
(at ia )» Jcmde of Ernioiiie 
Hadde bore him gode conipanie ; 1088 
]&i kiste hem anon wip ^at 
And afer aakeiie of ojicres atat. 
^ne eeide Beues and. louj : 

lie fare hard iuoa;, 1902 

Sofred bofie honger & chele 
Aiid ofer peines mani & fele 
)joui3 king Erminee gite : 
Jut ich (lenke to jelde ia while, 1396 
Tor be me aent© to Brademowd, 
Tobaue slawe me pat stonde : 

God be jtanked, n dede nniijt bo, 
Ac in ia priaoiin wijj mcclie wo 2000 
Ichane leie fis seuen ;are, 
Ac now icliam from him ifare 
lionrj f;odi?8 grace & min engyn, 
Ac id ich wite it king Etmyn, 200i 
And, ne wer ia doubter losiane, 
Sertesi, ich wolde ben is bane !' 

' loaiano,' que J) (le knijt, ' ia a wif 
A}en hire wille wifp meche etrif. 2008 
Seue jei hit ia gon and more, 
pat pe riche king Yuore 
To Mombrautit haf hire wedde 
Bo>e to bord and to hedde, 2012 

im. ArtdlatHO; om. SN ; also a td.] as 

*e jwm (o ryde E ; Btfyie roda CO. Jicder] 

Mi ECO ; ihercfarOie M. 
l»8(.s«tfiq hethm m. A—geida\ And 

iy j" vay he ouerioke a C; He wertoke 

MT.pKiBl^ndfou'ardSN. in—i^violde 

je lo CO J hfffon in M. 
IMa. B(iddc--godt\ Hadde br,n qfht/s E ; pqi 

Kf^togaUriiiS^ ; And {Than Q) Befyse 

inVtt {bare O) kym. CO. 

Atd at Iheg ration, at the laale 

Evthtr lefteMe odurfaalt 

Aid efiher orfwr tlien, {of Hum. 0) hnewe, 

^or KBwfyme (wy were fclmiis ireme. ndd. 

lSfi9. hrnii] and elepdm SN. hem anon] both 

togider M. To gedur iey kj/gayd aflar (fs 

ISM- A-«d[ om. 0. ot«r] ft« CO. (Mt.] si/r 

(om, 0) Befm add. CO. otfwn- S ; hys CO. 

1891. po E8N ; C«i tfofe CO. mde\ spalce 

H i aiaaeryd E ; icrs add. EC. 
IMl/iriii M. fare hard\ ufaren. vieU SN ; 

IBS- /n(f«rf SN ; / haw; ai(fryd E ; ^Hrf 

•MftnJiCO. io|K!] om. M. Aims.] thursle 

iW. li. (Acic] co/dc CMC. 
iMi-^wi] WyiA O. oJkt— *] fuony oilier 
,?a!iK«SN. it/jfal/o/rfc CHO. 
}»6. iUal ]mnil (far N) SH ; )« add. EM. 
"*8. At Jii SN ; That M. {Bflitc E ; hooe 

BHM. to] om. S. jefcfc] ftym ad.l. E. 

|«|?. m% «dd. SN. 

1999. /(!«; jorf SN. Jiaiiie S. a rf. n.] it ik 

paj/ma y swfred sore, 
God me dely^cd of \at, tare, a^ld. SN. 

2002. Ae »wm] ^Tui (nw SN, Aem N. 

2003. prntT?] B'itA SN. 

2004. -^c at\ My Tooo SN. t(] om. S. 
1997—2004 : 

I'horovi iresim of kyng Armi/n, 
iyl aelucU y quyte hym all mu pyne (peyne 
C) I CO ; om. EM. 

2006. And] om. E8NCM0. Nere N ; Were 


200*!. skald H. SerUif ieh v.] Thys day 
schulde {woJdi 0) y CO. 
poo spak ^t knyit ^vrt \al lu stood 
To sere B. wij) m-yJde mood : add. E. 

2007. ?i«li Jw jfc.] he aayde ECO. 7o».— in,] 
poo seide [» frnyjt ; losian SN ; TAe bnyght 
said: losyan H. u] timiK add. 0. 

2008. Ayyia E ; Agaate CMO, wij] in S. 
inekyll M. 

2009. ojon* NM. 3011 a. m.] &! TCTmagiMint 

2010. \^ r.] Smt tiKddyd E. ^jrfA (SyiA<!» 0) 
kyag Itigmmr (lour O) cf MombrarU CO. 

2011. locyrm to CO. ,Wo((mim?!rf E ; Fm- 
ini«ii( SN ; Mom^atit C ; AfanbrawU O. 
Aaji A.] ft< {om. S) gan here ESN ; dad 
CO. Ab1= A- w.]ft<rfcrfM. 

2012. Boiic] To Aoiien ftere E. feirii] 6our« 0. 
B!ui] also add, O. (0] ora. E. And ruhely 
he hall, tm- <ircd JI. 



And haj) fe swerd Morgelai 

And Arondel, fe gode palfrai : 

Ac sife ))e time, |)at i was bore, 

Swiche game hadde ich neuer be-fore, ich hadde ])at ilche tide, 2017 

Whan i sej king Yuor ride 

To-ward Mombraunt on Aro/idel ; 

J)e hors was noujt ipaied wel : 2020 

He amede awai wij) fe king 

Jjour^ felde & wode, wif outew lesing, 

And in a mure don him cast, 

Almest he hadde deied in hast. 2024 

Ac er hii wonne fe stede, f. isibK 

Hopes in fe contre fai leide ; 

Ac neuer sife, wif oute fable, 

Ke com J? e stede out of J?e stabZe, 2028 

So sore he was aneied ]}at tide ; 

Sif f e dorste nomsin on him ride ! * 

For J?is tiding Beues was blife, 

His ioie kou|»e he noman kipe. 2032 

* Wer losiane,' a ]70U3te, * ase lele, 
Alse is me stede Arondel, 

Jet scholde ich come out of wo ! ' 
And at ]fe kni^t he askede \>o : 2036 

* Whider-wardes is Mombraunt 1 ' 

* Sere,' a sede, * be Teruagaunt, 
J)ow mi^t noujt fus wewde forf, 

})ow most teme al a^en norf ! ' 2040 

Beues temede his stede 
And rod n6rj) gode spede ; 
Euer a was pasaunt. 
Til a^com to Mombraunt. 204 

Mombraunt is a riche cite, 
In al ]7e londe of Sarsine 

2013. And] He ESNCMO. )?e {^ !>!/)] goode 
add. £SNM. swerd] gode add. 0. 

2014. gode] Twhle E. 
2016. Ac] But SN. 

2016. game] hord N ; a horde S. Jiadde] 
harde(\) S. 

2017. ich h,] was doone S. 

2018. po SN. »] J9. (!) S. 

2020. pat SN. ruis N. paid N. w, n. ip.] 
iiwa^t paide S. 

ThcU \>e king sat on his rigge, 

pe hnrs jtou^t, he shuld abygge ; add. SN. 

2021. ran SN. 

2022. wi^ o,]\tatisno^, 

2024. hadde deied] had bene dede N ; was ded S. 

2025. Ac — \>e] Or pat \>ey wan \)at (the N) good 

2026. In to (om. N) al ]>e coTvtrey roopes SN. 

2027. Neiier S ; And euer N. sethen SN. 

2028. Ne] om. S. Jjc] ^ S. |>ej om. N. 
stabe (!) A. 

2029. agreuyd S ; agramyd N ; ther with 
add. S. 

2030. Si\>\>e d,] That sethen my^b SN. (m] 
om. N. 

2031. For] fff S. II.] glad SN. 

2032. And (om. N) m his hcrt no sorow was 

2033. a ]>.] in hert SN. 

2035. of] my add. SN. 

2036. at] to SN. a^^k,] seide SN. 
2015—2036 om. ECMO. 

2037. Whederwart SN ; Whedyr, quodJB, E. 
Whider-w, is] Whederward is it tH. 

Where ys CO] he seyde add. C. Momhr. ] 
sayde Beuys tho add. 0. 

2038. as,] said he M ; qtiod pat oper E. An^^ 

he seyde : Syr C. he] syde add. ( !) C. Ter 

mAxgaunb ENC ; Tii'TnegaunJt S ; Turma^ - 
gaunte M ; Maiwundef so 0. 

2039. most SNM ; schaU C. n^tC; om. SN] 
pus w.] wynde pus C ; wenden euene ESN 
now ride M. forp] south N. 

2040. BvZ pou EC / A II wey thou M. mvste 
teme] wynde C ; ride M. ay^n] a lyt-^^l 
more £ ; more C, pow — a^i] And taX:^^ 
pe way in tope SN. ^ 

2041. Then syr B, C tern,] pern tumyd H^ ; 
turned pevme SNM. his] goode add. £. 

2042. riduth M. tww'H f<yrth SNCM ; rt^^ 
add. E ; ful add. SN ; a well add. C ; « 
add. M. 

Myles moo pan oon or tufoo. 
Was Tiot his way {so add. N) sooTie yde^*^» 
add. SN. 

2043. Eki&r] om. M. aw.p,]he rood ry^t -^ 
amand E ; m,ore he was rydaunt SN ; ^ 
rode (euer add. M) forthe errande (arauw^-^ 

* Sofarforth may ye not go to day. 
But tume ye agayn£ another way ! * 
Than rode Beuys forth errant^ 0. 

2044. Til] pat add. E. 

2045. is] was CM. pan was VmhraurU j^I** 
a] pe SNC. rychest SN j chefe C. 

2046. In] (y SNM. Sar^iye M. peffayre^ 
pat euere man see E ; Fayre and loudy ^ 
to se 0, 



Nis J)er non f&r to iliche 

Ne be fele parfci so riche. 2048 

And whan ))at hende kni^t Beuou/^ 

Come wij? outen fe toun, 

))ar wif a palmer he mefcto^-^"'^ 

And swi)?e faire he hiin grette : 2052 

* Palmer/ a sede, * whar in pe king ] ' 

* Sire ! ' a seide, * an honfing 

Wif kinges fiftene/ 2055 

* And whar/ a seide, * is fe quene ] * 

* Sire/ a seide, * in hire hour.' 

* Palmer,' a seide, * paramour, 
Jem me fine wede 

For min and for me stede ! ' 2060 

* God 3eue it,* quej) )?e palmar^^ 

* We hadde driue fat chefare ! * ^ 

Beues of is palfrei ali^te 
And schrede f e palmer as a kni^te 20G4 
And 3af him is hoi's', fat he rod ii^ 
For is bordon and is sklaiiin. 
)?e palmer rod forf ase a king, 
Ss Beues wente alse a brefeliug. 2068 
Whan he com to f e castel gate, t is?**. 
Anon he fond far ate 
Mani palmer far stonde 
Of fele kene londe, 2072 

2047. Nis ])€r] JVb is \>er nowTicr E ; JVas 
there none M ; Ther was noon C ; Inal ]>at 
londe was (nas N) noon SN. \>er to il.] it 

2048. Nor C. bef,] in no maner M. jjarte M. 
parties N ; party ys half E ; sithes S ; foldc 

2047 f. om. 0. 

2049. And] om. ESNCM. whan] po \Ka E. 
}>at] >e E ; thys CM. hende] om. EM. 
kn.] sere add. EM. WTian syr Bcuys of 
South ffamptwne 0. 

2050. Come] Was M ; nere add. C ; a litull 
add. M ; "^re a lytyl add. E. wip o.] ffro 
M. oviten '^] in thai ryche 0. >&] cite 
add. SN. 

2051. par] om. ESNCMO. Tie] \ere he SMO ; 
ther him N ; sone heC; B, jtere E. 

2062. And] om. N. smjfe] ry^ E ; well C. 
And sw.] And ffull M ; Ful 0. he him] 
eyther other O. 

2053. is] so ESNMO ; om. (!) A. 

2054. seide] he is add. SM. 

2055. Wi\i] {per be (And CMO) wUh hym 
ECMO ; rj/c^ add. S. kny^ysEK. Wyth 
Tnany hnyghtes stotUe and kene O. 

2056. And] om. SNCMO. whar] Palmer 0. 
wh>ar a s.] Sir, said Bettes M ; where add. 

2057. Sire] om. M. seide] she is add. M. 

2058. as,] said Beues M ; noio add. E. 

2059. J6w] Wylt thou geue CO. me] om. (!) 
S ; now add. EM. thy ECMO ; al ]>y SN ; 
now \>y pore (om. M) EM. 

2060. min] here add. E ; armour add. M. 
min a, f] my cloHiynge and 0. 

2061. ye god IS,, y&ue] wold SNM. it] \>at 

S ; om. ENM. JFolde to (om. Q) god CO, 
seyde CMO. \>e] pore add. C. 

2062. pat we ESNM ; That ye O. dHuc] 
made SNMO. fVe h, dJ] That thou woldyst 
make C ; pat] swych a E. chef] change in 
fere S. 

2063. {Anon add. C) sere (om. M) B, {anon 
add. EM) ESNMO. is] the N. palf] hors 
SN. of — al.] \>o (om. CM) doun ly^te 

2064. And sch,] He cled M. And pe palmere 
{hym vndy^te {yn hys wede dyght C) EC. 

2068 f. om. O. 

2065. And] He ESMO ; Bmys 0. him] om. O. 
is] \>e SM ; an C. stede SN. in] on SNM. 
\>atr—in] hope (om. CO) good <fc (om. 0)fyn 

^2066. bordon] sklauen SNM ; staff EC. is— 
is] the palmers O. ski,] burdon SNM. 
For his burdoun and for (om. N) hM hat, 
Ful glad was sir B, of that, add. SN. 

2067. pe—for]>] po rood \>e palmer SN. 

2068. v^cTvte] om. SN. brotJieling SN. 
2067 f. om. ECMO. 

2069. Whan hec,]He {B, EMO) wente (come 
M ; a doun add. E) ESNCMO. castel] om. 

2070./o7Mf| stonde add. (!) A. An^on he f] 
Falmerysffele stoden {he ineU C) EC ; Many 
palmers he fonde ; T?uin sye he stojid- 
inge M ; And pore men he fonde S ; A7id 
founde pore men N. 

2071. And mony palmers SN ; PcUmers there 
meny M. 

2072. Of f, k,] pat were of mony (om. M) 
diuerse SNM. 

2071 f. om. EC. 



And be askede hem in |)at stede, 
What hii alle far dede. 
Jeanne seide on, fat far stod : 

* We bef icome to haue gode, 2076 
And so f ow ert also I ' 

* Who,' quef Beues, * schel it vs do 1 * 

* pe quene, god hire schilde fro cai-e ! 
Meche 3he louef palmare ; 2080 
Al fat jhe mai finden here, 
Euenche dal in f e ^ere, 

Faire ^he wile hem fede 

And 3eue hem riche wede 2084 

For a kni^tes loue, BeuouT^, 
))at was i-borew at Souf hamtouw ; 
To a riche man jhe wolde hint brings, 
J)at kouf e telle of him tiding 1 ' 2088 
*Whanne,' quef Beues, * schel fis be 

A seide : * Be-tweno middai & noun.' 
Beues, hit ful wel he sai^ 
Hit nas boute 3ong dai ; 2092 

A f ou^te, fat he wolde er fan 
Wende aboute f e barbican, 

2073. ham aaJcyd M. And — Jierril pan seide 
B, SN. 9Ude\ place M. 

2074. fVhat h, a.] And hem asked what }^ey 
SN. hii — dede\ they dyd there in that case 

2073 f. : iS^ Befyse askyd yn \>at stounde. 
Who them all metefounde, C. 
Sere rdbastor (t) to )>e gate go}p 
And ashyd hem, what \>ey \>ere do]>, E. 

2075. on] a palmer SN. panne s, on] One 
answerid M. ^^r] be hym C. 

2076. are come C ; com heder SK. haiie] sum- 
add. SN. 

2075 f. om. K 

2077. And — er€\ Ne {He said M) art thou not 
so (om. C) CM ; And art ]>ou come palmere 
E ; Ne com ]^ou heder {thedir N) \>erfore SN. 

2078. Who] 3«, sere R seyde B. C ; om. M ; 
who add. E. it vs] vs good ESNCM. 

2079. schylde here EM ; pe — schilde] He seyde : 
* God saue the qxi^ne C. god — care] ]>at wel 
mot she fare SN, 

2080. Meche] (For add. M) toel SNM ; om. C. 
lotiejp] euery add. SNCM. Now lesu late 
here well ioffare E. 

2081. there M. 

2082. For euery ESN. in] off E. in ^ y] 

wyth gode chere C. 
2082 put before 2081. ESN. 

2083. Faire — hem] Sche woU (fuUhe M) hem 
(them C ; om. SN) ful (om. CM)/ayrc(A«» 
om. ECM) ESNCM. 

2084. few S. ricJie] ful ryche SN ; wel gode 
C ; gold <b syhier to £ ; othu/re thinges to M. 
wide] mede ECM. 

2085—2088 om. ESNCM. 

2089. Whanne] What tyme C. que)^ B,] sayde 
B. ESNCM. fis] t« M ; JTtw S. 

2090. As.] The tother said M ; om. ESNC. 
Be-t.] the add. C. <fc] )>e add. EC ; ^ong add. 
S. Be-t. m. d:] Before the M. 

2091. Sere B. ESNC. hU] \>anne E ; om. 
SN. fuq tool E. he] U add. SN. hUr- 
he] lifte vp his hede and M ; hit—sai] 
thoght ynfay C. 

2092. pat U was ESNCM. boiOe] om. EM. 
jongG erly CM ; no tym^ off(\) '&; on tla 
add. M. 

2093. fa<] om. SN. fa< — er] anon C. 

2094. Wende] To go C. fe h,] or it bygan 

2093 f. : He ^ede aboute faste vn\> alle 
And beTieeld \>e castel toalle, E. 

2071 ff. : 
Beuys sayde : * Bretherne dere, o f. ss*. 
For what thynge abyde ye here 1 ' 
They answerde hym, that there stode : 
*We stande here, for to haue some 

gode!' 1916 

Beuys sayde : * Who shal vs gode do ] ' 
* The quene,' they sayde, * we byleue so. 
For al that she hathe fonde here, 
Euery day this seuen yere, 1920 

Gode chere she dothe them make 
Onys on a day for goddys sake, 
And also she dothe it, by my crowne. 
For Beuys loue of Hampton.' 192-^ 
Than sayde Beuys : * For Crystes ore, 
Tel me nowe, ye palmers pore. 
Whan this almys shal be done ! ' 
* Syr,* they sayde, * at after-none ! ' 
Beuys sayde : * Yet is it but erly day I ' 
Therfore he went fro them away ; 



Poi to loke & for to se, 
How it mi^te best be, 20J6 

3if he fe castel wolde broke, 
"Whar a mi^te best in reke ; 
And also a com be a touret, 
))at was in fe castel iset, 2100 

•^ A herde wepe and crie ; 
))ederward he gan lii;/i hie. 
*0 alias,' ^he seide, * Beuoun, 
Hende kni^t of Soujhhamtouw, 2104 
]^ow ichaue bide )?at day, 
J3at to J)e treate i ne may : 

))at ilche god, )jat )?ow of speke. 
He is fals & fow ert eke ! * 2108 

In al \)Q seuene jer echo dai 
losiane, )?at faire mai, 
Was woned swich del to make, 
Al for sire Beues sake. 2112 

pe leuedi gan to pe gate te, f. i8tHi>. 
j)e palmeres far to se ; 
And Beues, after anon 
To pe gate he gan gon. 21 1 (> 

pe palmers goTine al in |)reste, 
Beues abod & was pe laste ; 

2096. How] that add. M. mi^te] panne add. 

2097. he] om. M. cast,] that he add. M. As 
he camfor\> be pe strete E. 

2098. And where SN. 
2097 i om. C. 

2 »99. And] om. SM. as SNCM. 

2100. ]>e]th4U^. 

2101. There he SN. herde] one add. M. 
«»?ynflf andC; a woman SN. 

2102. And ped, SN. perf. he] And thedur 

/flwte C. him\ he C ; om. NM. hie] esspye 

pan was U losian^ ]>« quene ; 

_, ^ * P«*,' she seide, * alioeye y weene^ add. SN. 

2108. 0] om. CM. al] om. C. ^he s.] He 
f^ Jw quene sey C ; om. SNC ; alkut, sir 
m. SNC ; for add. M. Beues M. 

2lOiG^iZSNC. Hampton G. Of Hamp- 
«MK^ knyghtfammis M. 

2105. Far now C. haue y SNM. aheden C. 
M >w SN-. 

2106. fo-i] y ^ |,g ^rtwfe C. 
*}0Z. god] promyse C. 

2108. JJe— <fc] Th^rqf, certen, false C. eite] 

om. C. 

2109. In al \)e] All that M ; Tho C. yerys C. 
ew<jr2/ CM. 

2106—2109 om. SN. 

2110. My self losian SN. |w<] the N. 

2111. W^flw «;.] To he wedded SN. rfe?] sorowe 
for 0. «M7ici — 77iaA;e]/or syr Befyse sake C. 

2112. And all M. ^oc^ sorowe for to make 

2113. p. I. g,] And po she wolde SN ; Then 
wolde sche go C ; Than M. te] loold she 
M ; om. C. 

2114. Al \>e SNC. Jwr]/or SN ; allM.; om. 
C. se] }>er ate add. C. 

2115. And] om. SN. ^7u2 B, a.] So than did 
she right M ; \>at tyme add. SN. 

2116. can she M. 
2116 f. om. C. 

2117. And the M ; And Jw }w N. palmer (!) 
M. pe p,] They C. at] om. M. iw] a^<;ns£ 
hur C. gf(wi7i« — Iw.l in at }>e (om. N) jafe 
>rflw« SN. 

2118. ^yr B, C. aftod] «torf SN ; still add. 
M. ^] om. C. 

He thought, lie wolde go spye & se, 

Howe that it myght best be. 

Than, as he cam by a "turret. 

That m the castel wal was set, 

^ herde losian wepe and crye ; 

Theder than went he to espye. 

^as/ she sayde, * for syr Beuys, f. — . 

^gentyl knyght of South-hampton is : 

^eder I shal neuer se that day, 

That I wyth hym speke may 1 

i^ttt lesu Cryste, I the pray, 1941 

Helpe me nowe, as thou best may ! ' 



This seuen yere euery day 

losian, that fayr may. 

Was wont, suche sorowe for to make 

For syr Beuys of Hamptons sake. 

Sone after she went to the gate thore, 

For to let in the palmers pore. 1948 

Beuys hyed fast to the gate, 

Lyst he shulde haue come to late ; 

The palmers presed in fast, 

Beuys abode and was the last. 

Unto the hal she led them than; 1953 

Than vnto Beuys sayde losian : 




And whan ]7e maide sej him J^ar, 

Of Beues jhe nas noting war ; 2120 

* pe semest/ quef jhe, * man of anour, 

)}ow schelt )?is dai be priour 

And be-ginne oure dels : 

'•pe semes t hende and corteis.' 2124 

Mete and drinke ]7ai hadde afyn, 

Bo)?e piment and plente a wyn, 

SwiJ)e wel fai hadde if are ; 2127 

Jjanne seide J)e qiiene to eche palmare : 

* Herde euer eni of 30W telle 
In eni lede or eni spelle, 

Or in feld o)?er in toun, 

Of a kni^t, Beues of Hamtou?£r 2132 

* Nai !.' que]) al, fat far ware. 

* What fowl' ^he seide, *ni we palmarel' 
Jeanne seide Beues and I0U3 : 

* J)at knijt ich knowe wel inoiij ! 213( 
Atom/ a seide, * in is contre 
Icham an erl and also is he ; 

2119. And] om. SNCM. whan \)e m.] ( JFhan 
that (po SN) losian SNM. him\ J»m C. 

2120. <y] ayr add. C. BJ] hym M. nas scho 
N ; she was M ; was she S. nopin-g] not 
well N ; om. C. 

2121. pe] And (Sche C) seide: pmc SNC. 
qiie]> 3.] she said M ; a C ; om. SN. viah] 
om. SN. 

2122. {And add. C) ]>erfore \mt SNCM. pis 
d.] om. SNCM. be] here add. SN. 

2123. And] om. C. owrc] ]Hit ilke SN ; Jxm 
sehalt the C ; to day the M. daysee S. 

2124. jpbr ]>oic SNM. AerM^ a7Mf| om. C. 
cartels] free (!) S. 

2125. >rti] ^ SN. /y?i SNCM. 

2126. Bope] of add. M. plente a] other S ; 
of M ; om. C. 

2127. hadde if] fared there C ; had ffeyre (!) 

2128. seide] askyd C. ]>e q,] she M. to] om. 
C. eche] so SN ; etiery C ; ^^ M ; om. (!) 

2129. fferde — ^ow] Lordynges (Lordlingis N), 
herde je Tieuer SN ; Herde ye euer ought M ; 
ly pey harde euyr C. 

2130. 0\ter in M. cnt^ om. MC. lede] londe 
SM ; londis N ; tot^^n C ; Romans M. (;7it^ 
m M ; yn odur C. or e. «p.] J)cre JcnyY^ 
dwelle SN. 

2131. O^^r M ; Odur C ; Mther S ; uirwi N. 
oper] en- SNCM. 

2132. a kn,] sir M.; pat hy^t (hete N) adcL 

SNC. B, of SoiUhamton SN ; Befoion C. 

2132 put before 2131. C. 

To (om. C ; a add. M) ryche Titan y wol 

(wyll C) him bryng 
pat couth {can N) [m^ (om. C) td of hii 

[of him tel me S] tydyng add. SNCAL 

2133. Nai quep] We can none ! said M. 
seydcy pey cowde Tiot telle pare C. 

They scyde : * Madame, certis, nay. 
We herde neuer of him he (om. N) ni 
nor {ne N) day,* SN. 

2134. seide] thou add. M. pow—niwe] 
aeyde, pm onkowth C. What (om. S), 
new palmer {what add. S), seist pout 

Of hym some tythyng telle me here ! ' 
Then anon he can answere : add. C. 

2135. seide] bespake M ; sir add. SC. B.'J to 
hur add. N. Certes, mjadame, with on^ 
wow^ add. SN. 

8136. ffym y knowe C ; / know sir (om. 3C) 
B. SNM. 

2137. a sJ] om. SNCM. is] owne add. SI^. 

2138. so SNC. avd a, is] as well as M. 
{Leuep me now prouynUe {He louid ^n^ 

moste ouer M) cUle, 
At hoom {y am his {wyth him I am -B^^) 

parmyngalle {paruyngal N ; oryginct^ 

M). add. SNM. 
In hys contre y am hys pere, 
Therfore he louyth me full dere, add. C. 

* Palmer, thou semest best to me, 
Therfore men shal worshyp the : 
Begyn the borde, I the pray, 1957 
Thou semest best, withouten nay ! ' 
Whan the palmers were al set, 

Mete and i-ynke was to them f et ; 
Than dyd losian to Beuys say : 

* Tel me, pahner, by thy fay, t962 
Hardest thou euer tel. 

In any londe, there it befel, 

Eyther in felde or ellys in towne. 
Of syr Beuys of Hampton i 196r « 

I shal make hym ryche, wythoi 
lesynge, i 

That can tel me of hym tg^^dynge !* 

* Ye, dame,* sayde Beuys and loughe, 

* Syr Beuys knowe I wel ynoughe : 
At home in his owne cuntre 197 
I am an Erie and so is he ; 




At Eome he made me a spel 
Of an hors, men clepede Arowdel : 21 40 
"Wide whar ichaue iwent 
And me warisouw ispent, 
I sou3t hit bofe fer & ner, 
Men telle J) me, jjat it is her ; 2144 

3if euer louedestow wel pat kni^t, 
Let me of pat hors haue a si3t ! ' 
y^^^j^That helpej) hit, to make fable ? 


Jhe ladde Beues to pe stable ; 

losian be-held hiw be-fore, 2149 

^he se^ his browe to-tore ; 
After Bonefas 3he gan grede. 
At stable dore to him ^he sedo : 2152 
* Be J>e moder, pat me hap bore, 
I^er jjis mannes browe to-tore, 
Me wolde J>enke be his fasoun, 
)}at hit were Beues of Hamtou/i ! ' 2156 
Whan pat hors herde neuene f. issa*. 
His kende lordes steuene. 

2139. /?i M. At — 7nade] He inade onys to C. 
Trie a] grctc SNM. 

2140. an hJ] hisstede CM. men cZ.] )>a^ higM 
{hete N) SNM. 

2141. whar] in lond M. haiie y C. 

2142. me to.] gret {mekyll M) rauTisom y 
lume SNM ; 7noche golde haue y C. 

2143. And y SN ; And C ; haue hym add. 
M. hi€\ him SN ; yn londys C ; om. M. 
hope] om. SNCM. 

2144. BiU men SN ; And inen C. telleth] sey 
SNCM ; to add. M. tell, me p.] m>e iolde 
C. it] hors SN ; he CM. was C. 

2145. lou. toel] ye louyd C. euer—kni^] \tou 
louyst (love M) B. from {bifore N ; om. M) 
eny wy^ SNM. 

2146. Of pat hors let me SN. hatte of hym 

For he spak of sir Bef 

He was losian fid lefe (li^fS). add. SN. 

2147. fyhat h. h.] Anon ryyt SN ; Also sotic 
M ; Then pe quene C. to m.] imthout 

2148. ^he] om. C. syr B. C; pe palmer N. 

hym led M ; in add. SNCM. 

2149. los.] Sche CM ; (cfe add. N) when she SN. 
him] Beues M.; inpe face add. SN. ctcer- 
more M. 

2150. jAe] And SNCM. se^] pat add. SN. 
hrowe]fa4X C ; was add. SN ; all add. CM. 

2151. poo after SN. gan g.] grad N ; crycd 

2152. A(] (And add. C) before the CM. to 
h,] om. CM. ^he] and M. yede C. And 
al her colour woxe (wexed N) reede SN. 

2153. hap] om. SNC. 

2154. Nor S ; Ne were M. pis m,] his SNM. 
browe] were add. S ; so add. NM. And 
seyde : * Ne were hysfa^ce so ytore C. 

2154 put before 2153. SNC. 

2155. wolde pe.] thynkyth C. his /.] the 
,ftutsion (\) li. 

21 56. hit] he S. pat h. w.] Hyt schulde be C. 

2157. pat h.] Arundel SNM. herde] pe wime 
add. M. ne7nyn SN. 

2158. Of his M. Sir B. namCy his SN. kende] 
own CM ; om. SN. lordes] lorde the M. 

there he loued me wel I-wys, 1973 
ile was my felawe and I was his. 
^t home he gan me moche tel 
Of an horse, called Arundel. 
X haue asked in many a londe 
IPor that horse, I vnderstonde, 1978 
I haue hym sought both farre and nere, 
%ut euer men say, that he is here : 
^yght as ye loue that same knyght, 
Xate me haue of that horse a syght ! ' 
Than the quene, without fable, 
Led Beuys into the stable. 1984 

Tlie quene began Beuys to beholde ; 
Tliau vnto Bouyface she tolde : 
* I trowe,' she sayde, * by my crowne, 
This is syr Beuys of Hampton ; 
But Beuys browe was neuer tome, 
Sythe he was of his moder borne I ' 
Whan Beuys into the stable cam, 
Lyghtly to Arundel he ranne ; 1992 
He sayde : ' Arundel, god the saue. 
Without the towne I wolde the haue ! 
Wyth the come I neuer to Mambraunt, 
But with me thou shuldest to England !' 



His rakenteis he al te-rof 

And wente in to J>c kourt wel kof 2160 

And neide & made miche pride 

Wif gret ioie be ech a side. 

' Alias ! ' po que)) losiane, 

* Wel mani a man is bane 2164 
To dai he worf i-lau^t, 

Er ]>an ])is stede ben icau^t ! ' 
)}anne seide Beues & I0U3 : 

* Ich can take hit wel inou^ : 2168 

Wolde je/ a sede, * jeue me leue, 

Hit ne scholde noma» greue ! ' 

' Take hit ))anne/ jhe sede, 

* And in to stable Jh)w it lede 2172 

And tele it pax it stod, 

And )>ow schelt haue mede god6 ! ' 

Beues to pe hors tej ; 

))o pe hors him knew and se^, 2176 

Hit ne wawede no fot, 

Til Beues hadde pe stirop ; 

2159. rakk C ; sevyn cheynes SN. he] om. 
SN, drove SN ; anone add. N. 

2160. \>e] \> (!) A. In to \Hi castel he went coue 
{sone N) SN ; And owt of pe stabull drofe C. 

2159 f. : 

The cheyn Tie hrdkey the dur also, 
And ran into the yerd right tho, M. 

2161. And] He SCM. made made (I) A. 
gret M. miche p,"] chere proude SN ; grete 
solas C. 

2162. And caste vp the fete on etiery side M. 
And with his ney^ing gred loude SN ; fP'on- 
durly yn that place C. 

2163. pol dUis NO ; om. SM. quc\{\ seyde CM ; 
the quene add. M. 

2164. fVel] He wyll he M ; om. C. man\ 
schall hane C. Now wol pis hors be manncs 
bane SN. 

2165 f. : 

Or he be to day caght, 
Moehe harme schawl be wroght, C. 
Ch-ete harme m,en shul {may N) lacche 
(And grete noycy or men him cacche 
(JSr thei schulle this hors cacche N).* SN. 
Or this hors this day be namen, 
Mekyll shame to vs ys comeni* M. 
Ipan seide pat palmere : 
* Madame, he shot {seid (!) N) no man dere,* 
add. SN. 

2167. poo S. 

2168. can\ wyl SN ; dare M ; hym M. Um 
take SNC. 

2169. W ^^f^^ '^JoiU SN ; WoUiste thou, M.. 
a 8,1 dame M ; om. SNC. 

2170. He ne shal SN ; Shold he this day M ; 
/ shal (wolde C) hym take C ; tk add. C. 

2171. him SNM. ^4\ pe lady SN ; theqaews 

2172. in to] to the SNM. him SNM. 
2171 f. : 

Sche seyde : * Take hym ynfeyre manere 
Into pe stabull A tye hym pere I ' 0. 
2178. And t] Thou brynge M. him SNAC- 
And t, U] Ryght euen C. it] he SC; ihct^ 
hcUL; as he afore N. 
2174. And — haue] And y(Qm,(\)^) wyl (shall 
M) ^cue pe SNM. rnede] mete M ; to med^- 
muclie S ; gyftys C. 
2175—2177 : 

-^71071 syr Befyse to hym can hye. 
And when pe hors can hym see. 
He ne mevydfote nor toppe, C. 
2178. Til] syr add. C. pe] om. (!) C. 
2175—2178 : 
po pe steede (seyxe him (him sye K) aUs tkde% 
He boued dcmn (adoume N) to B, fete ; SN. 
Beues to Arondell is gone. 
And he stode still as eny stone ; 
Whan he sye Beues, he stynt onfote. 
And Beues stode still in the steroppe ; M 

He brast in sender cheynes seuen, f. ssa. 
Whan he harde Beuys steuen ; 
Of the stable ran he out, 1999 

And many one put he in great dout. 

* Alas,' sayde losian tho, 

* For Arundel I am f ul wo. 

For he wyl be many a mannys bane, 
Ere that he agayne be tane ! ' 

* Nay, nay,' sayde Beuys and loughe, 

* I can take hym wel ynoughe ; 

So that ye wyl gyue me leue, 2007 

I shal hym take wythout greue 1 ' 
To take the horse she hym prayde : 

* And lede hym vp ! ' the lady sayde, 

* Let there be no more dystaunce, 
And I shal after the auaunce ! ' 

*I graunt,' sayde Beuys, *by goddys 
dome!' 2013 

Whan Arundel sawe his lorde comei 
He wolde neyther stryke ne lope, 
Tyl Beuys fote was in the styrope. 



Benes in to fe sadel him frew, 

J5ar bi }>at maide him wel knew. 2180 

Anon seide losian wi|) jjan : 

* Beues, gode lemman, 

Let me wij) jje reke 

In J>at maner, we han ispeke, 2184 

And J>enk, J?ow me to wiue tok, 

Whan ich me false godes for-sok : 

Now jjow hast fin hors Arowdel, 

)}e swerd ich pe fette schel, 2188 

And let me wende wi)) fe sippe 
Hom in to fin owene kiffe ! ' 

QueJ) Beues : * Be godes name, 
Ichaue for fe sofred meche schame, 
Lain in prisoun swijje strong : 2193 
3if ich }>e louede, hit were wro?ig ! 
J)e patriark me het vpo?i me lif, 
\)B,t i ne tok nener wif, 2196 

Boute jhe were maide clene ; 
And fow hauest seue ^er hen a qnene, 

2179. Beues] And C ; Than M. to] om. M. 
sad,] he add. M. drewe SN. 

2180. And there 5y M. ^] ^ SNCM. 
maydyn NC. him w»] first him SN ; hym 

2181. Anon] Haue mercy on me C. wip] om. 
C. Anon — wi])] And (om. M) losian seide 
anoon SNM. 

2182. Owe S ; Welcome M ; Sire N ; om. C. 
£.] my add. SNCM. gode] dere SN ; om. 

2183. And let C. me] now add. CM ; now 
awey add. SN. reke] ride M. 

2184. Ttianer] tyme S ; as add. C. haue speke 
SN ; spake C. We haue it spoke or this 
tyde M. 

2185. And] om. SN. l^enk] how add. SN. 
And }). f.] And that ye {thou me Wf to 
wyfe {xvyll me (om. M) CM ; take M. 

2186. fforsake M. In thai maner as we spake 

2187. N(yw] om. SNM. >y SNM ; good add. 

2188. ich — scheZ]ffeche the I wyll M. Morge- 
lay \>ou shalt haue [as snell (also wel N) 

2189. let me wende] lede thou me fforth M. let 

— ]»] lede mCf lemman^ hethen(hens N) SN. 
8i\i}pe] swUhe N ; om. M. 

2190. H(m] WUh ]fe SN. ki\>\xi] contre M. 
2187—2190 : 

2%ou haste Arondellj J>y gode pal/ray, 
Feche y schall ]n/ sioyrde Mordelay^ 
And lede me now wyth the 
Home yn to thy cuntre ! ' C. 

2191. Quep JB,] Syr (om. M) JBefyse seyde 

2192. Ich.] had add. C. s<^red m.] moche 
M ; grete C. 

* GerteSy* (seid B, (B, seid N) )>oo, 

* / haue scthen stiff red muehe wooj SN. 

2193. And {om. M) {yleye {liggcn N ; leyne C) 
SNCM. svji^pe] om. SN. longe CM. 

2194. were] grete add. SNCM. 

2195. Tne h,] had me C ; herd M. lopon] om. 

pe patriark forhede it me, 

In hethenes and (Tie N) in cristiante. 

As y wyl haue {saue N) my lyf, SN. 

2196. ffe bad, thai M. ne t. n.] shulde {shal 
S) neaer wed {take CM) SNCM. 

2197. BouU] yf add. C. were] a add. SNCM. 
maiden NCM. 

2198. byn VII yere CM. a] om. CM. 

Beuys hym selfe in the sadyl threwe, 
And therby losian anon hym knewe ; 
She sayde : * Beuys, loue dere, 2019 
Ryde nat fro me in no manere ! 
Thou promysed, me to wyfe to take, 
Whan I my fals goddys dyd forsake : 
Helpe me, Beuys, at this nede, 
For thou hast Arundel, thyn owne 
stede ; 2024 

I shal the fetche thy swerde Morglay, 

And lede me, Beuys, wyth the away ! * 
Syr Beuys sayde : 'By saynt lame, f.s5«. 
If I the loue, I were to blame : 2028 
For the I lay in pryson stronge 
Seuen yere, and that was longe ; 
Also the patriarke on my lyfe 
Charged me, neuer to take wyfe, 2032 
But if she were a mayden clene. 
And seuen yere thou hast ben queue. 



And eueri ni^t a king be pe : 
How mi3iow ])ann6 maide be 1 ' 2200 
* Merci,' jhe seide/lemman fre, f. i»sia. 
Led me horn to )>e contre, 
And boute pe finde me maide whnmnn, 
Be ]7at eni man saie can, 2204 

Send me a^en to me fon 
Al naked in me smok alon ! ' 
Beues seide : * So i schel, 
In fat for-ward i graunte wel ! * 2208 

Bonefas to sire Beues sede : 
* Sire, pQ is beter do be m^ rede ! 
\)Q king come]) sone fro ho7?ting 
And wij) him mani a riche king, 2212 
Fiftene told al in tale, 
Dukes and erles mani and fale. 
Whan hii fonde vs alle agon, 
J3ai wolde after vs euerichon 2216 

Wij? wonder-gret cheualrie, 
And do vs schame and vileinie ; 

2199. ni^t] had add. SN. 

2200. schouldyst \m(, C. \anvAi\ om. C ; a 
add. SNC. maiden NC. 

2199 f. : 
How shold tJunc a mayden be. 
That haddist ctien/ ny^t a nian toith theV M. 
Her hert wox {wexid N) wonder-colde 
Offchcl contenaunce awi vnbolde : add. SN.. 

2201. A, mercy SN. seide] my add. M. 
lem,/.] swetyjig, nay SN. 

2202. And lede M. to] in to SNC ; in M^ 
coittray SN. 

2203. pou SN \ ye G. me fynde C ; a add. 
SC. maiden NC. wim.] ])an SNC. 

2204. Be] In al SN ; maner add. C. eni m.] 
ye C. saie] assay SN. 

2203 f. : 

And tohan thmo haste me there than, 
BiU thou meffynd a good wQaftatn, M. 

2205. ayM] hedir SNC. to^f,] agayn (Jul 
add. N) soone SN. 

2206. AV\ om. C. Al — me[ In my hare M. 
2207 f. : 

Then seyde Befyse as swell : 

* In that Tnaner graunt y wyll I * C. 
Than said Beues also snell : 

* All this will I graunte the tyll 1 M. 

* In ^ai forward,* seide ]>e kny^t, 

* / ]>e graunte, my (om. N) swete wy^t ; SN. 

[Hye hlyue [Oo (nowfaste {than, he said M), 
CM] avd malce ^ow (the CM) ^are^ 

Yf (}c wyl {thou wilte MC) with me fare!* 
add. SNCM. 

2209. pan B, SN. 

2210. Jxj] U SN. me] my SN ; om. (!) A. 
2209 f. : 

All that {this M) harde Bonefaee, 

That (om. M) euyr hur chaumberleyn {he 

add. M) was : 
'Syr,* {he seyde (om. M), *wyU ye {now 

add. M) h>ere, 
{Ye mjay not do yn thys {I wyU tfou tell a 

better M) manere : CM. 

2211. sone] om. C. hurUynges C. 

2212. mani — king] {comyth add. M) XV 
kyngys CM. 

2213. ytolde SN. in] by SN. 

2214. and] om. SN. 
2213 t om. CM. 

2215. Yf SNC. ]tey^\ he NC. fynde SO ; 
founde N. alle agon] awey goon SN ; gone 
C. And heffynd, thai ye were gon/i M. 

2216. pai] He NCM. wyll C. after vs] w 
folowe M. vs eu.] soone anoon SNCM. 

2217. wonder] al his SNCM. gret] om. M. 

2218. 8cha7ne] grame SN. And take vs all 
with maystrye M. 

And euery nyght a knyght by the ; 
Howe shuldest thou than a mayden be 1 ' 

* Mercy, syr Beuys,' than sayde she, 

* Haue me home to thy cuntre : 2038 
But ye fynde me a true woman 

In al that euer ye say can, 
Sende me hyder to my fo, 
!My selfe naked and no mo ! ' 2042 

* I graunt,* sayde Beuys, *that thou wyth 

me go. 
On that couenaunt, that it be so : 
Hye the fast and make the prest, 

If thou wyth me go lest ! * 20-16 

Bonyface stode a lytel besyde 
And herde theyre counsel in that tyde ; 
* Syr Beuys/ he sayde, * it is peryl ; 
I shal you tel a better skyl : 2050 

The kynge is gone on huntynge, 

And sone wyl he retoume agayne ; 
If he fynde, we be a way, 
He wil pursue bothe nyght and day 
Wyth al his great chyuaJry ; 
Than we for our trechery 2056 



Ac fonneste, sire, wif outew fable, 
Led Arondel in to pe stable, 2220 

And ate fe gate }>ow him abide, 
Til fe king come]) bi f e ride ; 
A wile fe asken at J)e f rome, 
Whider fow schelt & wha/znes J>ow 



Sai, fat J)ow hauest wide i-went, 

And ])ow come be Dabilent, 

]^at is hennes four iume ; 

Sai, men wile f er fe king sle, 2228 

Boute him come help of sum of er ; 

And king Yuor is liis brofer, 

& whan he here)) fat tiding, 

J)eder a wile an hi3ing 2232 

WiJ) al is power and is ost : 

Jjanne mai we wif lite host 

ForJ) in oure wei go ! ' 

Beues seide : * It schel be so T 2236 

And Arondel to stable lad, 

Ase Bonefas him bad ; 

And to fe gate Beues jode 

Wif of er beggers, fat fer stode, 2240 

2219. <nU SN. 

2220. in] a^i SN. ]»] om. S. 
2219 f. : 

(Do now aftur (And thou shalte do be K) 

my rede 
And (om. M) Arondcll yn (om. M) to stahill 

lede, CM. 

2221. gcUe] halle dore CM. ]>ow h.] om. CM. 

2222. Til] om. CM. comel>--^ride] (co^i hoome 
(home come N) ryde SN ; wyll (om. M) coTne 
(he thy (the he M) syde CM. 

2223. flwA?« ])6 SNC. atte (at S)frome (hegyn- 
nynge M) SNM ; hefom C. 

2224. schelt] wilt SNC. whenne S ; fro when 
(whens C) NC. Whens thou come and what 
tydinge M. 

2225. Sat] Seth S. \a£] om. CM. 

2226. And] om. S ; £» add. SNCM. DyableiU 
S ; IHabilent N ; Dyaholent C ; DahaJent M. 

2227. paq Hyt C. fmr] XIIII C ; dayes 
add. SNM ; nyght add. C. 

2228. And sey C ; \>at add. SC. M ])at SN. 
ttfile — kiTig] pe kyng wolde C ; wold his 
brother M. 

2229. BouU] to add. C ; of add. S. of](yrof 
S. »M??i] om. SN. 

2230. AtuI] OfS; Or N ; For C. kynge Y.] 
heO\ ]^ add. SN. his] own add. C. 

2229 f. : 

But he hym helpe and socoure, 

He shall lose both castell and toure, M. 

2231. <fc] om. C. here\>] (/add. N. }>at] this 

2232. ped. aw.] He wyll theder M ; ryde 
add. SN. art] in S. an h.] wyth great 
hastynge M ; for ony thyng C. 

2233. arid] al add, N. 

2234. 1/6 mxiy C. -4rw2 jww tre mow SN. Zifo] 
crn^ SNC ; otUen M. 

2235. i2isr^« forth SN. m] (m SC ; than M. 
yotwc C. goon SN ; toArc CM. 

223t>. pan seide B. SN. so] doon SN. 

2237. TAaTi N. stable] he add. SN. 

2238. And dide as SN. 

2239. And] om. SN. ])e] castd add. SN. 
^.] A« SN. 

2240. Wi^—^er] Amxmge \>e pore mxm }>er 
(om. N) he SN. 

Thoroughe the towne shal drawen be f. sea. 
And after hanged vpon a tre. 2058 
Syr Beuys,' he sayde, * I wyl you rede, 
Ajrundel to stable agayne ye lede, 
And at the gate ye shal abyde, 2061 
For, whan the kynge doth in ryde, 
He wyl of you aske tydynges, I wene, 
In what cuntrees ye haue b^n ; 
Ye shal tel hym redely, 2065 

That ye come out of Surry ; 
Tel, that loude is greatly noyed. 
The townes brent & men destroyed, 
And that kynge Bradwyn is 2069 

In poyntj to lese his londe, I-wys, 
Thoroughe kynge Syracke, wythouteii 
fayle, 2071 

Whyche often tymes doth hym as- 
say le ; 
Loke, ye tel hym none other, 2073 
For kynge Bradwyne is hys broder. 
And whan he hereth this tydynge. 
He wyl go thyder wyth great hastynge 
With al his power and al is oste ; 
Than may we go wyth lytel boste ! * 
Than sayde Beuys : * I holde me payde ! ' 
He led vp the horse as he sayde. 2080 



<fe pyk and skrippe be is side, 

In a sklauin row & wide ; 

•His berd was ^elw, to is brest wax, 

And to his gerdel heng is fax. 2244 

Al ))ai seide, p&t hii ne si^e f. i886>. 

So faire palmer neucr wif ei3e, 

Ne com f er non in jjat contre : 

\)\i8 wondred on him \>at him gan se ; 

And so stod Beues in ])at ])ring, 2249 

Til noun belle be-gan to ring. 

Frara honting com f e king Yuore, 
& fiftene kinges him before, 
Dukes & erles, baronns how fale, 
I can nou^t telle pe ri^te tale. 
Mervaile ])ai hadde of Beues alle. 
Yuor gan Beues to him calle 2256 
.nd seide : * Palmer, f ow comst fro 
f erre : 
Whar is pes and whar is werre ? 
Trewe tales jjow canst me sain.' 
))anne answerde Beues again : 2260 

* Sire, ich come fro lurisaleni 
Fro Nazare|y & fro Be^Igpi, 
Emavns castel & Synaie ; 
Ynde, Erop and Asie, 2264 

Egippte, Grese and Babiloine, 
Tars, Sesile and Sesaoine, 
In Fris, in Sodeiue & in Tire, 
In Aufrik and in mani empire, 2268 
Ac al is pes far ichaue went, 
Saue in pe lond of Dabilent ; 
In pes mai noman come ]7are, 
par is werre, sorwe & care : 2272 

pre kinges and dukes fine 
His cheualrie adouTi ginne)> driue, 
And meche ofer peple ischent, 
Cites itake and tounes i-brent ; 2276 
Him to a castel ])ai hein idriue, 
pat stant be ))e se vpon a cliue. 
And al ])e ost li]) him about *, 
Be ))is to dale a is in doute.' 2280 

2241. «fc] om. SN. aenpte (!) N. 

2242. In] And SN. 

2243. was was (!) S. ^elw] waxen SN. toax] 
boon S ; om. N. 

2244. Als feire a man as {thei add. N) my^t 
goon {gest N) SN. 

2245. }pai\ om. SN. Mi nes.'l him seyen S ; 
thei seen N. 

2246. palmer] a man seye pey (om. N) SN. 
eyyM S ; yen N. 

2247. no7i] tieuer seth (stcche N) SN. 

2248. ptis] pey add. S. gan se] see S ; sey 

2250. noun] vndem SN. 

2251. Fro SN. M om. SN. 

2253. &] om. SN. erles] and add. SN. how] 
om. SN. 

2254. How mony y can (ken hem. N) ivo^t {hem 
add. S) hy taU SN. 

2257. fro] om. SN. 

2259. mc] ne (!) N. 

2260. B. answered Jxj king ay,yn SN. 

2262. Naftireth (!) N. fro] om. SN. 

2263. Sinary S. 

2264. Erop] Arabie SN. and] eke add. '^^ 
Assy SN. 

2266. TJiares S. Sesoyn S ; Sessoyn N. 

2267. Fryslond S. in] om. S. Sidon S; 
Sydoyn N. in] om. S. 

2268. Afryke S. in] cm. S. mani] anol^ 
add. S.. 

2269. Ac] om. SN. 

2270. But SN. 

2271. come] goo SN. 

2272. For ]>ere SN. 

pe kyng of pat londe, veram^fiU, 

By pis tyme y trow he shent ; add. S. ^ 

2274. adotcn g.] for to doun S ; thei ^ 
todryve N. 

2275. mecJie] of add. N. oper] om. S. pepl^l 
pere ben add. S. sh>ent SN. 

2276. His cites ben taJce SN. and] om. !« 5 
hU add. SN. brent SN. 

2277. Him] In SN. han idr.] gan him dryf^ 

2278. stondep SN. vpon a] om. SN* 

2279. pe] pat SN. lip] w SN. . 

2280. tod.] day SN. 

Sone after cam the kynge from hunt- 
ynge, 2081 

And at Beuys he asked tydynge j 

Vnto the kynge tolde Beuys there, 
As Bonyface tolde hym before. 2(^* 




ing Tuor seide : * Alias, alias, 

Lordinges, fis is a son cas ! 
))at is me brof er, je witen wel, 
J5at lip be-seged in fat castel : 2284 
To bors and armes, lasse & more, 
In baste swijje, j>at toe wer fore I ' 
J5ai armede bem anon bedene, 
Yuor and bis kinges fiftene, 2288 

And to fe Cite of Diablent s f. lu. 

Alle sameii) fortb J>ey went. 
But an old king*, fat bigbt Garcy, 
At borne be lefte to kepe fe lady. 2292 

j3oo seid B. : * Make 30W jare, 2293 

5 if fat 30 wille with me fare ! ' 

Sir Bonefas answered foo : 

* 3if 3© wil by my cowsaile do : f. 7Sa. 

Here is an olde king Garcy, 2297 

J)at mucbe can of Nygremancy ; 

He may see in bis goldryng, 

Wbat any man dootb in alle f ing*. 2300 

I know an Erbe in f e forest*, 

Now wille y sende per after prest* 

And let brocben) reynessb wyne 

And do fat jerbe anoon) ferynne, 2304 

2282. Lordlingis N. 

2286. we] so N ; }c S ; om. (!) A. 

2236—2288 : 

* When he ys forthe {wyih his men add. M) 

{Hyt vjos (And thus they dyd M), as Bane- 
face (they M) sayde : 
The kyng hath (om. M) hys cost rayed {gan 
otUe braid M). CM. 

2289. ATid — of] To socour hys brodur at C ; 
ffis brother to socoicre cit M. 

2290. mrnen] in fere N. Alle — ]«y] Thedur 
are they all 0; And theder they be all M. 

2291. Jc%ng\ knyjt CM. Jiete N. Oryssy C. 
hig?U &,] Garsye they clepe M. 

2292. he] /(!) N. At—L] He UfU at home 
CM ; to — lady] the qiiene to kepe M ; for hys 
amy C. 

2293. poo] Sone N. 
2296. ThowwoW^, 
2293—2296 : 

Then (They M) covne to gedur at that ease 
(Befyce, locyan and (And said than to (!) 
M) Bonyface ; 

Then seyde syr (om. M.) Brfyse, the (knyght 

A? add. W)free: 
* Wyll ye now wynde (forth add. M) wyth 

(And yyt (om. M) BoTieface (to Befyse (spake 

and M) seyde : 
(* Abyde d; do (Syr, do ye M) (tftur my rede! 


2297. king] kny^t CM. 

2298. pat m,] Moche he M. 

2299. m/iy] can CM. ryn^ CM. 

2300. any man dooth] men do CM. iw] of M. 

2302. wol we N. 

2801 f. : Iknowe a grase yn an arbere ; 

Y wyll brynge hyt to yow h&re ; C. 

2303. rimysch (!) N. And — reynessh] Do hyt 
stampe <6 take gode C. 

2304. ^] ]>e N. do— anoon] take \>e gyste tk 
put C. 

2301—2304 .- 

/ kmnoe a grasse in this wood, 
I wyll it seche, be my hood^ 
Avd stronge wyn^ loyll I take, 
ThejtLse there wyth wyll I make, M. 

* I baue great wonder,' sayde kynge lour, 
' Tbat be sendetb nat byder for socour I ' 
*The messangers were taken fyue,' tub. 
Syr Beuys sayde, * by my lyue, 2088 
Tbat cam from kynge Brad wyne ; 

I tbe tel by goddys pyne : 

Kynge Syracke batbe tbem in bolde, 

I trowe, it be nat to Bradmonde tolde I ' 

* Certaynly,* sayde kynge lour, 2093 

* I wyl baste me to tbat stoure, 
For to belpe to venge my broder 
In bis rygbt agaynst tbat otber ! ' 

Tban kynge lour witbe al bis cbyualry 
Fortbe went vnto Surry, 2098 

But bis stywarde, syr Grassy, 
He left at borne f ul redely. 
Than cam togeder in that case 
Beuys, losian and Bonyface : 2102 

* Nowe is tyme,' sayde Beuys, * to go ! ' 

* Nay,' sayde Boniface, * ye sbal nat so : 
Tbe kynges stywarde, syr Gr^^ssy, 
Is made kepar of ray lady ; 2106 
I kiiowe a grasse,' be sayde, * I-wys, 
That of suche vertue is, 



And what he be, fat f er of dof drynke, 
He shal leme for to wynke 
And slepe anon) after ry3t 
A\ a day and al a ny3t.' 2308 

Sir Bonefas dide al f is Jring* ; 
j)ej resen vp in J>e dawnyng* ; 
Inow^ ))ey toke what fey wolde, 
Both of sihier and of golde, 2312 

And other tresoure fey toke also, 
And in hiir way fey gunne goo. 
And when) fey were went away, 
Garcy awaked a niorow day 2316 

And had wonder swith stronge, 


\)sit he hadde slept so longe. 

His ryng he gan to him tee, 

For to loke and for to see ; 

And in his ryng* say he fare, 

The queene awey with f e palmar was 

To his men he grad ryjt : 
'As armes, lordinges, for to fy^f ! ' 2324 
And tolde his folke, verament, 
How f e Queene was a wey wonf . 
J5ey armed hem in ryche wede 
And euery kny;t lep on his stede, 2328 

2305. wha£\ ]xU add. N. what he be] all C ; 
the (!) M. do\>] om. NC. 

2306. He] They C ; om. M. leme] ren (!) M. 
aivynke M. 

2307. And] This grasse ahal make them 0. 
arum a.] faste anon C ; faste with all his 
M ; a add. N. my^t M. 

2308. al a] a C. 

2309. Sir] Whan M ; om. C dide al] haddo'M, 

2311. In. — what] And rayed (dressed M) \>em 
(ham M) as CM. Ipey] beste add. C. 

2312. Both] Inough they toke M. of] wyth 
C ; om. M. of] wyth C. 

2313. tres. — also] thingis mcny moo M. 

2314. JVhM them likid ellis there to M. 
2313 f. om. C. 

2315] And] They M. when — aw.] went (did 
'M)forthe (on \>er (ride in the M) way CM. 

2316. And G. M. awoke NM. a] the N ; 
on C ; om. M. m,or.] that o\ure M ; the 
IIP' C. 

2317. And h. w.] He wonderyd than M. 
swUh] om. C. 

2318. pat] Why G. slepe N. 

2319. Then hys rynge he to hym toke C ; The 
rynge he toke to hym then M. 

2320. loke] see C. sene M ; loke C. 

2321. And] he sawe add. C. he sey NM ; 
om. C. there CM. 

2322. That ]>e C. avey] was gone {forth M) 
CM. was] om. NCM. fare] om. CM. 

2323. men] oost C. grad r.] seyde tyte C. 

2324. lordlingis'S, Asa.l,]MakeyowredyC 
2323 f. : 

To all his hoste he cryed on hye : 

* Arme you anon, I hyd trewly ! * M. 

2325. And] He M. his f. v,] {ham all (om. 
C), ?ww hyt was (can M)fare CM. 

2326. Of (the quene (losian U) d: of (cm. M) 
]>e palmare CM. 

2327. hem — wede] jtem well ynogh C. 

2328. eche N. tept N. eitery — stede} aftur 
them they droghe C. 

2327 f. : 1 

All the land after 7v(ht drowse, 
Armyd with good Mm^ inou^e, M. 

That who euer therof do drynke. 
It wyl make theyr iyen to wynke. 
This grasse shal make them slepe by 

Al a day and al a nyght : 2112 

Had Grassy dronke this grasse in wyne. 
Than myght we go wyth counsel myn ! ' 
Whan Bonyface had done that thynge, 
Up they rose, wythout lesynge, 
On the morowe, wythouten mys, f. 87o. 
losian, Bonyface arid Beuys, 2118 

They purueyed them as they wolde, 

Bothe of syluer and of golde ; 2120 
They hyed them forthe on theyr way. 
Svr Grassy a-woke on the other day; 
VVban he wyst, the quene was gone 
Wyth the palmer, he made great inone. 
He made his men them to dyght, 
And gadred great power for to fyght 
Than he rode forthe al by-dene 2127 
After the palmer and the queue ; 
Al Mambraunt after them droughe, 
Wepened and armed wel ynoughe ; 
2125. myde 0. 



And after went al )>at route 

And besette hem al aboute. 

))enne seide B. to Bouefas : 

' Kepe wel losian) at ])is cas, 2332 

And y wil wynde to bataile, 

Garcy and his osf to assaile. 

I wil fonde^ what y do may, 

I haue rested me moony a day. 2336 

Fy^t y vn3i now my fylle f. 7S6. 

And htm ouercom) by goddes wille ! ' 

Jpo Bonefas to hym saide : 2339 

* Sir, jow is better do by my rcotlf : 
3e shal be in )>e lasse dout, 
For y know f e cotitre al a-bout ; 
I can bryng jow in to a caue, 
J3ere a sheparde vfith a staue, 2344 
They^e men hadden his deth sworn). 
He myjt him kepe wel J>erforn) ! ' 
Into f e caue he hath hem brou^t ; 2347 
Garcy, }>e kyng*, hem) couth fynde nou3t. 

2329. And a. w,] Of all \>at (the M) tonde 
pere (om. M) come CM. al >.] the {a M ; 
om. C) ffrete NCM. 

2330. And] They M ; were add. M. hem] 
them C ; om. M. 

2332. toel I,] thowe wel N. 
2334. and:] al add. N. 
2331—2334 : 

Syr Befyse hchelde all that case 

And seyde to Boneface : 

* locyan thou take.wyth the yn hyght^ 

And y schall ageyn them/yght,* C. 
2385. I— do] Fonde y wyll, yfthat y C. 

2336. a] om. N. I— a] To alee them thys C. 

2337. will] schall C. 

2338. \>em C. by] wyth C. 

/ hatie me rested many a day^ 

On "pern my myghb y sckall assay, add. C. 

2339. po] come add. N. Bon] and add. N. 
Then seyde Bonefaee yn pat stede C. 

2340. Sir— by] Abyde de do aftur C. 
2331—2340 : 

Beues, he sye sone that caas 
And said than to Bonyfcux : 
' losyan beteche I the 

And ageyn I wyll tume me ; 
With Morglay, my good sworde, 
Ageyn all this gret herd 
Fyght I toyll, yf I may, 
To ouercome hem all this day ! * 
* Sir,* said Boniiface, 
' Do be my rede in this case, M. 

2341. 5« s. be] Thow schalt thedo "S ; And I 
shall yoji doM.; J wyll, ye stonde C. \>c] 
om. NCM. 

2342. For] om. NCM. \>e] this NM. 

2343. can] schaU C. ^ow] the N. you brynge 
M ; the brynge C. 

2344. There as M ; That N. herd M. a] 
his M. Th^re as ye schall be safe C. 

2345. Theyy:\ Ther N ; all add. M ; \fey all 
add. C. his (owre C) deth had CM. swore 

2346. Myght hym defend euermore M ; Ve 
myght be therefor euyrmore C. 

2346 put before 2345 M. 

2347. \>e] a CM. hath h.] pem C. 

2348. \>e k.] om. CM. \>em C ; he (!) N. 
fynde cowde C. hem c. /.] can ffynd 
hem M. 

On euery syde a great rout. 2131 

They beset Beuys rounde about. 
Than payde Beuys to Bonyface : 
* Thou seest, we be in straunpje case : 
TTiou shalt wyth losian abyde here 
styl, 2136 

Tyl I go fyght wyth them my fyl ; 
They shal abye, tf that I may, 
For I haue rested me many a day ; 
Had ye neuer so gode gamynge, 
As ye shal sc, whan we ar samynge ! ' 

* Nay,' sayde Bonyface tho, 2141 

* Forsothe, it shal nat be so, 

I shal brynge you in lesse dout : 
We ar beset rounde about ; 
A lytel space besyde vs here 
Is a caue in a roche nere ; 2146 

Were we onys therin brought, f.»76. 
For them al I care ryght nought ! ' 
To the caue nowe haue they thought. 
Grassy sought and fonde them nought. 

2139. euer 0. 




jjerfore hiiii was swith woo ; 
He and his osf be-f ou^t hem thoo, 
Hooni) ajeyn) for to wende 2351 

And sonde Ascopar/ hem to shende. 
In J>e Caue fey were al nyjt 
With oute mete or drynke, aplyjt. 
Twoo dayes it was goon), 2355 

J5at mete ne drynke had fey noon), 
losian) was a-fyngered soore 
And told anoon) B. perfore, 
B. seid : ' How darst pou of me meetc 
crane 1 2359 

Wei pou wotest, fat noon) y haue.' 
losian) answered sone anoon) 
And bade sir B. to wood ^oon) : 

* I haue herde of sauagenes, 2363 
Whenne jonge men) were in wyldernes, 
])9Lt fey toke hert and hinde 

And other bestes, fat fey my3t fynde ; 
J3ey slowen) hem and soden) hem in "her 

)3us doon) men), fat in wood abyde. 2368 
Sir, f OM myjtest bestes lyjtly tiike, 
For sause good y wyl f e make ! ' 
B. seide to Bonefas fan : 

* I pray f e kepe wel losian), 2372 
J)e while y wynde into f e forest*. 

For to take sum wylde beesf ! ' 

Forth went B. in fat forest, 

Beestes to sheete he was f ul prest. 2376 

2349. him] he NC. swith] om. C. 

2350. he\>, hJ] hem thcnight N. 
2351. /or to] <^«idirfN. 

2352. Asc,] so N ; a sooper (!) S. 

2350 — 2352. He and hys men can home goo C. 

2349—2352 : 

JAere he ganffor to mxme, 

His Jioate he canffor to iume, M. 

2353. \>el that C. 

2354. WUh 0.] om. M. mete\ so NCM ; 
om. (!) S. or] ne M. apL] they ne gete 
myght M. or dr. a,] arayed or dyght C. 

2355. agone NM. 

2356. pat] Sith M. ne] nor C. ne dr,] om. 
M. had] ete C. 

2357. anhungrid N ; hwngurde C. 

2358. B. aiwM N. toldr—}perf,] so seyde to 
Befyse thore C. 

2359. How— me] Dar the Tne no (!) N. 

2360. wote N. \>at] om. N. 

2361. 8one a.] with mylde tnxme N. 
2363. of] in N. 

2367. pey] om. N. hem] om. N. hidis N. 

2368. ahidia N. 

2369. myght N. 
2359—2370. om. C. 

2371. Syr Bffyse C. \>an] 6m. C. 

2372. / p. jpe] om. C. los.] yn jyys case 
add. C. 

2374. sum] sone (!) N. 

2378 f. : 

/ wyU wynde vpon }^e ymdur hylle. 
Some venesonfor to take ds kylle. 
And cotne ageyn awm tyght^ 
And Y&u, schalt owre Tnde dyght. C. 

2357—2374 : 

AlaSf that Bonjifaee had bred than, 
Sylver and gold whan that he wan ! 
losyan said, that she wold ete. 
She bad Beues go gete some mete, M. ' 

2376. Beestes] For N. 

2375 f. : 
(Befyse wentfortJie {Forth he went M) yn j^ 

( Wyth bowe bent A arows grounde, 
( With rachis and with greho^tndcs M) CM. 

And therfore he was ful wo ; 2151 
Therfore agayne home-warde dyd he 

In that caue they were al nyght 

Wythout mete or drynke, I you plyght j 

losian on the morowe hungred sore 

And vnto Beuys complayned therfore. 

Bcuys sayde to Bony face : 2157 

* Kepe here losian in this place, 
And I wol on this hyl go, ^ 

If I may any beste slo, 2160 

That we may on the coles cast. 
For losyan may nat wel fast ! ' 
Forthe went Beuys in that stounde 
AVyth hym he led a gode grehounde* 

aono as he was fortli y-fitre, f. 7*0, 
o lyouns fee com) yn fare, 
Grennand snrt rampand with her feet. 

I Sir Bonefas |)oii als ekect 2380 

His hors to hira |)oo he drowj 
Aad arm yd him wet y-nowj 
And jaue |)e lyouiw hataile to fyjt ; 

• AI to lytal was his niyjt. 2384 

J)e twoo lyouna sone had sloon) 
J^flt ODii) hia hors, ^at other ])e man), 
losiiui) into ))e caue gan shiite, 
And fe twoo lyouns at hut feete, 2388 

2317- ^ii s. iw] H^» C ; And whan M. 

2373. lier] (Aan M ; om. C. yit] om. CM. 
In to (am. H) the cave, there he (loayan M) 

' IIAMTOUM, 115 

(irennand on hur yrilJi ninche grame. 

But pey aa luyjt do hur no shame, 

VuT J)e kind of Lyouns, y-wys, 

A kyn^es doujttr, fnt maide is, 2392 

Kinges doujter, quene and maide hoth, 

jaa lyouns myjt do hur 1100 wroth, 

B. com) Bone fro huntysg' 

Wiih Jjree hertes, with out Icsyngi, 2396 

And fonde an hors gnawe to Jie boon>, 

And losian) a-wey was goon). 

Ho sowneil soono for sorow and foii^t, 

Fro caue to caua he her soujt, 2400 

2380. Siri And CM ; )>«» a. a.] la tyte V ; 
viilk o'Ue leltj/nge M. 

2381. Fito haia kit hors M. fioo] om. CM. 

M OIH. M. 

2383. Ij/ouTia} so N" ; lyoun (!) S. the i.] fjcm 
C. And—6ai.l m began aaan M. 

23S1. Bui aU OM. 

2385- tmoo] om. CM. had] haae hym IL 
had hym none C. ilayne CM. 

2386. TkeC. his] the 'SC. \>al]l}uiC. man] 
rwayneC. SnthehorsandmanwithmaynM. 

2387. (0 M, («] o N ; anodur CM. caue] 
plaetU. Kte V : ffiiie K. 

2388. AniH om. :NM. twoo] om. CM. ly.] 
lag idd. C ; laid ham, add. M. 

S389. Gir. on Aur] >4ni2 on Aur JK^ (oin. M) 
jrenBi/i CM. wUK\ gor M. mi«A«] om. 

M. gnunx M. 
2390. ?w] om. NCM. 
23B1. F(rr] om. C. of] (A* add. M. lyov. M ; 

|)em C. y-wys^foT io^he ya C ; 010. M, 
2392. ToaM. mniift^n N. |mf m. ij] may f£o 
vo diitruceiim M. Tftc maydc, a kyngys 
doghtar ys, C. 
2383, mnitfeii N. 
2B94. wratA] loth N. 
3393—2398 : 

T^e^ myghi do hur ho lofftf, 
Bitt lay be Aiw 6o(ft«, 
NoiD ya Bufyse/ro hurUyrtg cone 
Aitd yii fw cave he aawe b^ome, C. 
They lay 30 and myghl do her tio lothr. 
She loas atnmge inoagh£or hem bathe, 
Bnaex ganffro huTtlytigt ffare 
And in the cave he aye (hare K. 

2397. And/onde] om. CM. /lors] kkh add, C. 

2398. a-10,] om. M, agone M. Fro cave la 
cave he can gone sdd. (t) M, 

2399. sotv.—and] fell in aaum in ^etl M, 
aoone — jjouif ] aa he well moght C. 

2400. caue to] thai C. he her]/orl/ui he C. 

Than, whau syr Beuys went them fro, 
Into the caue cam lyons two, 2166 
Gtonnynge and rampyngo wyth tlieyr 

Anilbothe on Bouyface gan theylepe; 
Hiahnra vuto liym he dioughe 
And armed hym wel ynonghe ; 
Hfl gaaa them batayJe for to fyght, 
But al to lytel wiis hia rayght, 
Fur iiaone they hym slewe 2173 

And hym and his hoi's al to-gnewe. 
Wlmn they had etou of tliat man 

They went bothe vnto lofiian 2176 
'And laydo theyr hodea in hyr banne, 
But.they wolde do liyr no harmo. 
For it is the lyons kynde, I-wys, 
A kyngcH doughter, that maydeii is, 
Hurt nor harrne none to do ; 
Tlierforo lay these lyons so. 2182 

Whan Beuys cam from huntynge, 
In the caue, at the Iwsynnyiige, 
As ho went in-warde for the nonya, 
He sawe a man gnawen al to tho bones ; 
2184, begynnygf, (1) 0. ' r, »*«, 



To wete^how fat cas iny3t be, 
And in a caue he gan) to see, 
Where losian) sate in grete doute 
And twoo lions hur a-bouf. 2404 

Too sir B. gan she speke : 
' Sir, J>yn) help, me to awreke 
Of f ese two Liou^zs, fat fy charaberleyn), 
Ry3t now han) him slayn) ! ' 2408 

She seide, she wolde J>at oon) hoolde, 
While pat he fat other quelde. 
A-boutd f e nekke she hent pat oon). 

And B. bade lot him goon). 


And seido : * Dame, forsoth, y-wys, 

I my3t 3elp of lytel prys, 

There y had a lyon) quelde, 

Jpe while a woman a nother helde ! 241 6 

2401. To w. h.] IVhab G. 

2402. AtuII om. C. t6\ there C. 
2400—2402 : 

How that the case he motight. 

Fro cave to cave gan he see. 

There losyan sat, he come, trewly, M. 

2403. Wherel om. C. aytte C. drede C. 

2404. hur a.] at hur fete 0. 

2405. sir"] om. M. scJie can CM. 

2406. Sir — to] Come hedur and he C ; Sir, 
she said, come and M. 

2407. ^ese «.] the M. \>aC\ om. NM. Cf—\>at] 
B(mefajee C. py\ oure M. 

2408. That right M. Jiy^t note] Thes two 
lyons C ; thei add. NM. him] om. M. 

2409. aihe w.] I wyll M. / schall holde the 
oon, so mote y goo 0. 

2410. \>at] om. M. ?ie] ye CM ; make add. 
M. \fat] the C. the tother M. quelde'] sloo 
C ; colde M. 



Thow shalf neuer vmbraide me,-* f. 746. 

When pou comest hoora) to my contre : 

Uut pou let hem goo both twoo, 

Haue good day, fro pe y goo ! ' 

She let hem skip vp and doun), 

And B. assailed J>e lyoun). 

Strenger bataile ne strenger fy3t 

Herde je neucr of no kny^t 

Byfore fis in romaunce telle, 

]pan B. had of beestes felle. 

Al fat herkenef word_and_ende, 

To heuyn) mot her sowles wende ! 2428 

J5at oon) was a Lionesse, 

J3at sir B. dide grete distressc ; 

At f e first begynnyng* 

To B. hondes she gan spryng* 2432 

2411. hen(] toke CM. \at] the C. 

2412. B,] he M. hade] hur add. CM. 

2413. Dame f.] to hur C. Awl—fors.] For 
sothe, he said M ; than a<M. CM. 

2414. i^elp] speke C ; he hold M. lyteT] grete C. 

2415. That CM. a I, q.] slayn a lyon C ; 
gryme add. M. 

2416. WTiyll C. an. h,] hold hym M ; lay 
hym vpon C. 

2417. Thow] ne add. N. vphraid N. 
2417 f. om. CM. 

2419. l>ou] ye CM. hem — twoo] hym com 
anon {to me M) CM. 

2420. fro — goo] for y wyll goon C; I go ffro 
the M. 

2421. Ii&m sk.] ham {them C) go CM. 

2422. as. 'pe] asaid that one M. \e I.] )fein 
full soone C. 

2423. Stronge (!) N. ne st.] and stronge N*. 

Into the caue than went he, 2187 

To se, what case there myght be ; 
losian sat in moclie dout 
And two lyons hyr about 

* Gode syr,' sayde losian tho, 2191 

* Come venge me of these lyons two, 
For ryght nowe haue they slayne 
Bonyface, my chamberlayne ; 

The one lyon wyl I holde, 21^95 

Whyle ye make the other colde ! ' 
About the necke she toke the one. 

But Beuys bad hyr lat hym gone : 
* I say, losian, let them ben ! 21 ^^ 
I se, thou art a mayden clone : 
What maystry is it, them to slo, . 
In bondes whan thou boldest them s^ » 
Late them come to me both, 2303 

Or ellys, forsothe, I wol be lothe ! * 
She lete go the lyon, wythout mys« 
And bothe they assayled syr Beuys- 
^ Stronge and perylous was that fygh* 
Bytwene the lyons and the knyght; 

If. 886. 



And al to peces rent heni) yere, 
Or B. my^t per of be werre. 
)?at other lyon), ))at losian) gan holde, 
To fi3t with B. was f ul bold^ ; 2436 
He ran to him with grete randon) 
And \Yith his pawes he rent adouii) 
His Armo7ir almost to ground, 
And in his thyje a wel grete wound. 
Tho was B. in hert grame, 2441 

!For ))e lioun) had do him shame ; 
As he were wood, he gan) to fy^t ; 
f)e lionesse sey^e fat sight* 2444 

And rau3t to B., with out faile, 
Bo]) at ooncs pej gan) him assaile. 
Jjoo was B. in strong* tempeste», 2447 
So strong and egre were ])ese beesterf, 
JXit nyje fey hadde him fere queklf ; 
Vn'nethe he kept him with his shelde. 
With Morgelay, fat wel woldf byte. 
To f e lioun) he gan) smyte ; 2452 

His ry^t foot he shore asonder, 
Sir B. shilde fe Lyoun) ranne vnder 
And with his teef with sory happe 
He kitte a pece of his lappe, 2456 

And B. fat ilke stounde f.75a. 

For anguysse fel to f e grounde, 

And hastely B. fan vp stert*, 

For he was greuyd in his hert ; 2460 

He kyd wel f o, he was agreuydf, 

And clef a twoo f e lyon is heuyd'. 

And to his hert f e poynt f rasf ; 

J>U8 fe lioun) died at fc last*. 2464 

Stoutliche fe liounesse fan Af.i89a». 
Asailede Beues, fat dou3ti man, 
And wif hire mouf is scheld tok [2291] 
So stemeliche, saif fe bok, 2468 

J5at doun it fel of is left bond. 
\)o losian gan vnder-stonde, 
J)at hire lord scholde bew slawe ; [2295] 
Helpe him ^he wolde fa we. 2472 

Anon 3he hente fat lioun : 
-Beues bad hire go sitte adoun, 
And swor be god in trinite, 
Boute jhe lete fat lioun be, 2476 

A wolde hire sle in fat destresse [2301] 
Ase fain ase f e liounesse. 

\)o ^he ne moste him nou3t helpe 

fi3te, 2479 

His «cheld 3he brou3te him anon ri3te 

Ss 3cde hire sitte adoun, saxin faile, 

And let him worf e in fat bataile. [2306] 


peces] 8cha add. N. hym thare N. 

toare N. 

hert] grete N. 

|w] that N. 

rau^t] ranne N. 

f^npcitt N. 

biist X. 

aqucld N. 

wol N. 

lyons (!) N. 

pece] out add. N. 

B.] in add. N. 

to \>e]on kne to N. 

Jwh] gan N. 

And smote Jxj lyon ]^row lyucr A ?^rt N. 

tho wel N. 

And] He N. 

And] In N. 

2289—2464. So S ; lost in A. 
2465. Dm^telicJie SN. 

2467. is] ]Hi SN. 

2468. stem.] so add. N. 

2469. /cq otU add. SN. left] om. SN. 
2470. gav] hit add. N. 

2472. wolde she SN ; wel add. SN. 

2473. Anon] In her handcs SN. ^] \>e SN. 

2474. And B, SN. go] om. SN. siUc ad.] 
him doun S. 

2476. ^] thowe N. |>a<] ^ SN. lioytesse S. 

2479. moste] my^t SN. nouit] om. SN. help 
him N ; to add. SN. 

2480. him hrou\t SN. anori] a S. 

2481. And — adotm] She sUtctli {sctte N) hur 
doun SN. 

2482. him] hem (!) S. 

They gaue hym woundes longe & wyde 
And tare his armour on cuery syde. 

Beuys loked on losian, 2211 

And suche a contort toke he |h^in. 



J3e liounesse was stout & ateme, 

A^en to Beues ^he gan erne 2484 

And be J>e ri^t leg 3he him grep, 

Ase fe wolf do J) }>e schep, [2310J 

]pat ne3 ^he braide out is sparlire ; 

J)o was Beues in gret yre, 2488 

And in ))at Uche selue veneu 

)}our3 godes grace and is vertu 

\)Q liounesse so harde he sniot [2315] 

Wij? Morgelai, fat biter bot, 2492 

Euene vpon fe regge an hij, 

)}at Morgelai in )>er]7e fli^. 

j)o was losian ful fain, 

j)o ]>at hii were bo)>e slain, 2496 

And Beues was glad & blife, [2321] 
His ioie ne koufe he noman kife, 

-And ofte he fankede jje king in gloii 
Of is grace & is viktori ; 2500 

Ac wo him was for Bonefas, [2325] 
And \>o he se3, non opei it nas, 
A sette losian vpon a mule 
And ride forj) a lite while, 2604 

And metten wif a geaunt [2329] 

Wif a loJ>eliche semlaunt. 
He was wonderliche strong, 
'Home jjretti fote long ; 2508 

-His herd was bofe gret & rowe ; f. i89a«. 
A space of a f ot be-twene is browe ; 

2483. stoiU] Strang SN. 

2484. to] om. S. gan] Gome N. jcme SN. 

2485. ^he]he{\)k. 

2486. )?«].« SN. MaSN. 

2487. neTJ] otU SN. out] om. SN. aparlith 

(!) S. 
2489. sehie] first Ql^, 
2494. \>er\>e] to \>e erthe SN ; gan add. N. 

2496. po] Fo (!) A ; om. SN. hii] Jxj lions 
SN. bo]>e] om. SN. 

2497. And] sir add. SN. was] om. SN. 
2498^ ne] om. SN. he] om. SN. 

2499. in] of SN. 

2500. Of—is] pat him ^atce the SN. 
2423—2600 : 

Strong was the {to se that M) hatayle : 
Betwene them {ham M) thre, sauns {with- 

oute }&)fayle; 
Full (om. M) ofte {the lyons {they M) made 

hym {Bei(£s M) wroth, 
BtU {And M) at \>e laste he slewe them 

(Jiem M) hothe, OM. 

2501. Ac] Wei SN ; om. C. he was C ; ioas 
B. SN. 

2502. And—se:^] But seth U SN. U] om. SN. 
was N. Biit he sawe no hettur case C. 

2501 f. om. M. 

2503. vpon a] on hur CM. inojfle (!) M. 

2504. He M. ride — lite] rode down {fforth by 
M) te hylle a CM. 

2503 i : 
losian vp {on N) her mule he sett 
And forth jtey went {rode N) vrith- out let, 

2505. And m, un\>] On an huUe they met SN ; 
There he {they M) Tnett CM. 

2506. Wi^ a]pathad a^^; wel add. N ; 
full add. M. fo>.] s(yry SNC. 

2507. He] Thisgeant O ; wondurC ; hou^gely'M.. 

2508. Borne] om. M. Bom^ )>.] JETe tDos 
XXIIII C. foU] he was add. M. 

2507 f. om. SN. 
2509 f. : 

Hys heere was as "pe hrystels of a sowey 

Two fote hetwene hys browe; C. 

His berd ferd as brusteles of a (om. N) 

Aboue {Apon N) his tnoiUheawel grete gryn, 

Twoofoot bytwens his browe, 

A span long \)ey were, wel {fulle N) rmoe. 

His berde like bHstullis of a sioyne 

And two fote bctwexte his eyn. M. 

That, thoughe the lyons were grym and 
lothe, 2213 

At one stroke he slewe them both. 
For Bonyface ful wo was he, f. 89a. 

]^>ut whan he sawe, no bote wolde be. 
He toke vp losian in that tyde 
And on his way forth gan ryde. 2218 
They had nat ryden but a whyle. 

Nat the mouutenaunce of a myle, 
But tl.ej met wyth a geant 2221 

Wythml ^ory semblant. 
This geant was bothe myghty & stronge 
And fully thrytty fote longe ; 
He was brysteled lyke a sowe, 222S 
A fote he had bytwene eche browe, 
2224. Umge 0. 

His dob waa, to jeue a atrok, [3335] 
A lite bodi of an ok. 2o 1 2 

Belies budde of him wondeT gret 
And astcede bint, wlmt a. Iiet, 
And jef men of hia eoiitre [2339] 

Were aae nieche aae was Jie. SJJlC 

name/ a sede, ' ia Ascopard ; 
;i nie sente hiderward, 
For to bringe Jiis qiiene ajeu 
And ^e, Benes, her of-sicn. 2520 

Icham Gflrci is chaumpioun [2315] 
And was idriue oat of me toun ; 

^ HAMTUUN, 119 

Al for fat ich was ao lite, 

Eueri man me woldc sniiic ; 2524 

Ich was BO lite & so meruj, 

Eueri man me clepede dwuru^, [2350] 

And now icham in fis londe, 

I-woxe mnr, ich vndprstondc, 2528 

And strengere fan ofer teno, 

And fat achcl on vs be acne ; 

I schel fo sle her, jif t mai ! ' [2355] 

' jjourj godea help,' quef Beuca, ' nai ! ' 

BeueB prikeda Arondel a aide, 2533 
Ajen Ascopard he gan rido 

2511. ffil c w.] Se bare a bat (ataffe M) 

2512. A lUe] Al fe SNC ; Hit toai a M. 
S51S. had urmviur of kgm C. 
S.111. hpffM C. 

2515. yf\ the ail<L M; nll)K add. C. 


aSlB. Werei all add. M. 



3317. Me n.] / higU M. w] om. M. Aiia- 

parl C ; a acopard M. 
2.'>I8. Sttsghl Gry»y C. amt me SNC. 
2.'>I8. F^l ]k cm. aidjn fw qiieene SN'. 
2520. B.—sleii] to alee at bydetm 8N. Aitd 

ynt hart schali be alayne C ; Aiid Acre for 

to leve lie altt^ H. 
I SB21. 0.ia]the kyngyt C. 
1 2523. Aii^ T 8N. dreuyn y wtw CM. mc\ 

)« C ; fl! M. 
2528. Al\ om. SNCM. Jni] om. SNCM. 

s6\ at Kmrm an SN ; so inondur C ; there ao 

H. lygU C. 
SE24. &M SN. «te vj. s.] void me amyle 

M ; dud Tite smygU (t) C ; had of me 

despite SN. 
252B. 30] om. N. lylall CM. merui] naroo 

2628. That eaery {,cche N) SKM. callyd me 

CM. rfw,] a aparoo M. 

2627. in pis] here in M. ewnim C. 

2628. /-«-. vior] I am more C ; fTeB mors M ; 
More Ihan (imoe N. ieh v, ] tiiea odur thrc C. 

2529. tan] nor C; poa and add. 8N. tcnc] 
thre CHi; twoC. 

2530. on vs be\ here be v>el SN ; thou bolk 
fele and M. tee M. achct~^aene] fiimschaU 
wetc, or ^ jiDti go C. 

2631. schel] inyl SNCM. her] om. SNCM. 
^lfthlU C;andK. 

2632. Be C. pmn-j g.] So god me SN. fi-^ip] 
griux M. ji«)j i.] ssj^ B. C ; ^ckcb 
sttuJ M. 

2533. Syr B. C. pr.] rode C. ^r.] Jj/s 
sUde SNC ; mb« add. M. a] be Q. as.] 
in [om. N) >a( ei/rf« SN. 

2634. A\.] And to SNC ; Aiid on M. ^a;.] 
J« acopard { !) S. 

Ilia lyppes were greiit & hanged sydB, 
Hia iyen were holowe, bis mouth was 
wjde. 2228 

Lothely he wna to loke on than 
I Anil lyker a deuyl than a man. 
^ Hia ataf waa a yonge oke, 
K Huda and heuy waa his stroke. 3232 
H Benjrs wondred on hyra ryghl 
^1 And hym enquyred, what ho bygbt, 
■ And if al the men of his cuiitre 
^M ^«[e aa myKhty and great as hi;. 
^H "y name,' he tiayde, ' is Aacnpurdc, 

Syr Gr;isay aunt me liyder-wardc, 

For to brynge you home agaync. 

And nowe I am very fayne, 2240 

That I haue yon beta fnunde, 

For botha togeder ye shnl be hounde ; 

Than sJial I lede you to Manibravmt 

Wyth a f ul sory semblaunt ! ' 2244 

"Yet,' aayde Beuya, ' tliou mayst fayli^ : 

I shal fyrat sle the in batnyle ! ' 

Of Arnndel downe he lyglit 

And take hym to loaian the bryght; 



And smot him on the scholdo* an hi^, 
)3at his spere al to-flij, 2536 

And Ascopard wif a retret [2361] 
Smot after Beues a dent gret, 
And wip is o fot a slintte 
And fel wij) is owene dentte. 2o40 
Beues of is palfrai alijte [^'^^^] 

& drou3 his swerd anon rijte 
And wolde haue smite?^ of is hcued ; 
losian be-sou^te him, it were beleued : 
* Sire/ 3|he seide, * so god fe saue, 2545 
Let him liuen & ben our knane ! ' 

* Dame, a wile vs be-trai ! * [2371] 

* Sire, ich toil ben is bourj, nai 1 ' 2548 
)?ar a dede Beues omage 

And be-com is owene page. 

Forf fai wenten alle Jjre, [2375] 

Til pat hii come to ))e se ; 2552 

A dromond hii fonde per, t mbi 

))at wolde in to hefene londe, 

WiJ) Sarasines stout & fer, 

Boute ))ai nadde no maroner. 2556 

))o hii si^e Ascopard come, [2381] 

Hii |)ou3ten wel, alle & some, 

2535. And] He CM. him on pe] on his SN. 
sch."] sheld SNM. an] in N. 

2537. And] om. C. pe scopard (1) S. a] 
oute M. a r,] yre trete SN ; hys staffe 
omneete C. 

2538. after] to S ; om. M. B,] hyin C, strok 

2539. Th€U his own (\)fote toslynte M ; That 
a fotc ynto ^ erthe hyt sclent C ; His foot 
stood, so hard he mynt SN. 

2540. And] he add. SNM. fel] doun add. S. 
And — owene] Sir B, folowyd at that C. 

2541. B.] ys add. C. palf] hors CM ; so add. 
S. ly^t SCM. 

2544. But I, CM. hes.] prayde SNCM. him] 
om. C ; thM add. M. it were beL] ])al he 
belevid {leuyde S) SN ; hyt rny^ be leuydd C. 

2545. She said: Sir M. Ipe] me SNC. 

2546. our] yowre C ; thy M. 

2547. Dame] he seide add. NC. shall M. 

2548. Sire] om. SNCM ; ^ add. (!) A. wil] 
so SNCM ; om. (!) A. is] om. SNC. Jotti^j 
she seide add. SNC. 

2549. po SNM. a] Ascopart NCM ; ^ seo- 
parae seide and S. dede B.] to B, dyd M. 

2550. And] that tyme add. M. bee.] ys he- 
come there C. w] ^. S ; sir B. N. ow,] 
om. SNCM. 

2551. a//e]aiy(!)N. 

2552.*>rt^om. SNCM. >cy SNCM. tm/oM. 

2553. hiif] ])cy»eySNM. There they founde 
a dromonde stonde C. 

2554. wolde in to] was toward {in N) SN. 
he^,] a nodur CM. 

2555. Wi]>] And N. prowde C. ferse CM. 

2556. ))ai] ^ M. A^SNCM. maryners Cli. 

2557. Than M. \>ey SNM. 

2558. ffem ]>mi^t SN ; They wend M. 

Than Beuys wyth a bolde hart 2249 
Wyth Morglay assayled Ascaparde ; 
Bytwene them two was great fyght, 
Syr Beuys was bothe nemble and wyght 
And start away from his dynt, 
Whan Ascaparde at hym dyd mynt. 
If his hart shulde haue brast, 2255 
He coude no stroke on Ikuys fast. 
For, had he hyt syr Beuys onys, 
He wolde haue broken al his bony.s, 
Beuys skypped here and thore 2259 
And gaue hym woundes \YydG and sore; 
Than Ascaparde was ful wo 
And smote at syr Beuys tho. 
He smote, to hyt syr Beuys crowne, 
His fote fayled and he fel downe, 

And or that he aryse myght, 2265 
Beuys was redy wyth his swerde biyght, 
To haue smyten of his hede, 
But loayan dyd it forbede : 2268 

* Syr,' she sayde, * ye shal hym saue ^ 
And late hym ly uc and be your knane ! ' 

* Dame/ he sayde, * he wyl vs betray !' 

* I wyl be borowe,' she sayde, ' nay ! ' 
Ascaparde made Beuys homage 2273 
And i n that place becam his page. 



Than went they forthe al thre, 
Tyl they cam to the se ; 
A dromonde fonde they redy tharfe, 
Into crystendome for to fare ; 2278 ^ 
There were Sarazyns great plente, 
That letted Beuys therin to be. 

2258. hi3his{\)0. 



He wolde hem surliche hetn lede, 

For he was maroner god at iiede. 2560 

Whan he in to J)e schipe cam, [2385J 

His gode bat an honde he nam, 

A drof hem out and dede hem harm, 

Arondel a bar to schip in is arm, 2564 

And after in a lite while 

losian and hire mule, [2390] 

And drowe?i vp saile al so snel 

And sailede forf faire & wel, 2568 

]}at hii come wi)> onten ensoine 

To J)e hauen of Coloine. [2394] 

Whan he to londe kern. 
Men tolde, fe bischop was is em, 2572 
A noble man wis afin, 
& hi^te Saber Florentin. 
Beues grete him at )>at cas 
And tolde him what he was. 2576 

)3e beschop was glad afin [2401] 

And seide : * Wolkomo, Icue cosin 1 
Gladder I nas, sefe ich was bore, 
Ich wende, fow haddest be forlore. 2580 
-Who is fis leuedi schene 1 ' [2405] "^ 
* Sire, of heJHjnesse a queue, 

2559. pcU he SNM. he^n] om. M. sekerly 
SNM. heTri] om. SNM. 

2560. mar. — n^idc] sley^ (om. M) of \)af. Uuch 
M) dede, SNM. 

2557—2560. om. C. 

2561. he\ Asc. SNC. in] om. CM. Jw] om. 
NC. 8ch,'\ see M. 

2562. gode\ om. C. he on hand N ; vpheC 
His — honde] A gret staff sone M. 

2563. A] And NC. ham M ; pern C. hem] 
gret M. and d. h.] wyth moche C. 

2564. Ar, — schip] And (om. N) to ship bare 
Ar. SN ; And bare yn Ar, C ; A^id he toke 
Ar, M. in] vnder SN. 

2565. after] also C. lytel SNC. 

2566. He bare in {y (!) S) /. SNC. and] on S. 
2566 f. : He bare hym in to the shippe thoOj 

Tosyan with her love also, M. 

2567. And] pey SNC. vp]theU\ om. C. 
at] a (!) A. al so s,] os swclle (!) C ; 
ffeire and wdl M. 

2568. Forthe tJiey saihid also snell M. 

2569. Tyl ^y come \nvuygoddes my^t SN ; 
Tyll they come in to Myssyn M ; They 
saylydforthfi yn the see C. 

2570. In to M. h^atoen] Umd M. Colene C ; 
Colyn M. In to Coleyn hauyn ryyt SN. 

2571. Men tolde when SN ; Be\f^ seid whan 
M. to l] \cre SN. 

2572. Menu] prt< SNM. 

2573. An,]Andwa»^lS^, afin]indyicyneSl^, 
2573 f. om. CM. 

(po sir B. com (B. dud hym C) to lend 
(And add. C) at Coleyn }>e bisshop hejondc, 

add. SNC. 
In Colyne the b^fsshcpp heffond^ 
He gret hym ffeire at the hond ; add. M. 

2575. He C. him] well add. C. B, gr. h.] 
And (he add. N) him tolde SN. at] al S. 
Beties — \>at] He met hym ffeire in the M. 

2576. Aiui t, h.] Al to geder SN. what Ac] 
all how it M. 

2577. beschop] ^r of add. SN ; of hym add. 
M. and fyn (fayn M) SNM. was g. a.] 
rcsseytiyd hjfmfayne C. 

2578. A'iid] He S : hym kyssud and add. M. 
leue] my dere SN ; om. CM. 

2579. ne was M. / was n/yncr (so glad (glad- 
der N) SNC. sg)>c] \>at add. C. 

2580. Cosyny y SN ; For y C. ]»ow h.]\)atye 
had CM. lore SN. 

2581. IVhat SNCM ; is] she add. SNM ; he 
seyde add. C. \is] pat SN. 

2582. hep.] she is add. M. 

Whan Ascaparde harde of that, 
Anone he toke hym to his bat 2282 
^ And drone them out wyth moche harme 
And bare Arundel vnder his arme ; 
Beuys and losian to shyp he bare 
And drewe vp the sayle & made them 
farei 2286 

They sayled forth, soth to sayne. 
Unto the hauen of Coleyne. 
Beuys went into the londe, 
i\jid soue a frende there he fonde : 

Tiie bysshop of that towne, parcas, 
To syr Beuys besyb was. 2292 

Syr Beuys gret wel the bysshop bolde, 
And, what he was, to hym he tolde. 
Than was the bysshop wel apayde : 

* My dere cosyn, welcome 1 ' he sayde ; 

* That I you se, I am ful fayne : 2297 
Sothly, I wende, ye had ben slayne ! 
Whens,' he sayde, * is this lady shene ? * 
Beuys sayde : * Of hethenes a queue ; 



And 3I10 wile, for me sake, 

Cristendome at fe take.* 2584 

' Who is fis wij) pe grete visage 1 ' 

* Sire,' a sede, * hit is me page [2410] 

And wile ben icristnede also. 

And ich bidde, fat 30 hit do ! ' 2588 

pe nexste dai after pan 
J?e beschop cristnede losian. 
For Ascopard was mad a koue; [2415] 
Whan J)e beschop him scholde i?* schoue, 
A lep anon vpon J)e benche - 2593 

And seide : ' Prest, wiltow me drewche 1 
pe deuel ^eue pQ helle pine, 2595 

Icham to meche te be cri»tine ! ' [2420] 

After losian is cristing f. i89/a 

Beues dede a gret fitting, 
Swich bataile dede neue?* iion 
■-Cristene man of flesch ne bow, 2600 
Of a dragoun pev be side, [2425] 

psit Beues slou^ ]^r in ]7at tide, 
-Saue sire Launcelet de Lake, 
He faujt wiJ) a fur drake, 2604 

2583. And] here add.C. wile] now add. M. 

2584. (Ulpe] of ^ow SN ; now C ; om. M ; to 
add. N. widertctke M. 

2585. fVhat SNCM. pis] he SNCM. jw] 
]hU SM. grete] hrode C. 

2586. as.] said B&iies M ; om. C. hU] he NCM. 

2587. And] om. CM. wUe b, i.] ^e mrist 
cristen him SNCM. 

2588. And] so add. SN. ich] yow add. N. 
pray SNCM ; 30W add. SCM. hU] so CM ; 
om. SN. 

2589. pe n/ixste] pat other SN. 

2589 f. : The hysehopp crystenyd locyan 
And aftur weddud th/nn. C. 

2591. For] om. SN. a tonne CM ; \>ere {yare 
'^)f%vUoone SN. 

2592. Whan] om. SNM. him — schoue] {wold 
him (om. N) in to ))e water {him wold haue 
add. N) schon^ SN ; to crysten hym hegon/ne 
C ; piU in toater sone M. 

2593. lep a,] lepyd ahowte C ; lepud on hye 
M ; skipped fro him S. Fro him he skippid 
N. vpon ]>e]ona SN. 

2594. Prest] Schepard C ; Besshoppe M. Shq>- 
herd, he seide SN. 

2595. helle] moche M. ^etce pe h.] of helle 
yAie pe SN. 

2595 f. om. C. 

They^ (om. N) Ascopard had grete grame, 
A lie pey loti^ and hed {made grete N) game, 

add. SN. 
They lough all and had good game. 
Of hym to make a criston man, add. M. 

2597 f. : 
Now {losian hath {h, I, N) hir (om. S)/a& 

goddes forsake 
And B, hap a grete bataile take, SN. 

2599. ^t^;.] Soo grete a SN. dede] seye S. 
neuer] man add. S. man neuer non N. 

2600. pat cr, S ; That crittened N. man] 
om. N ; was add. SN. flesch nc] blood and 

2602. per] om. SN. pat] a lytel SN. 
2597—2602 : 

Now ys Befyse yn (to M) Coleyn Umde 

{gone M) 
Thorow lesu {the myght of M) Crystes 

(goddus M) sonde {son M), 
And (om. M) pere {than add. M) syr Bffp^ 

of HampUm 
Faght toyth afowle dragon, CM. 

2603. Saue] And CM ; om. S. sire] om. N. 
de] the M. 

2604. He] om. CM. fur] brennynge M. 

For hyr I suffred moche peyne, 2301 
And she wolde become crysten fayne ! ' 

* What is,' sayde he, * this bad vysage 1 ' 

* Syr,' sayde Beuys, * he is my page : 

I pray you crysten hym also, 2305 
Thoughe he be bothe blacke and bio ! ' 
The bysshop cry stened losian. 
That was as whyte as any swan ; 
For Ascaparde was made a tonne, 
And whan he shulde therin be done, 
He lept out vpon the brenche 2311 
And sayde ; * Churle, wylt thou me 

drench e 1 
The deuyl of hel mot fetche the : f.*^'*- 
1 am to moche, crystened to be ! ' 
The folke had gode game and loughe, 
But the bysshop was wrothe ynoughe. 

Beuys is nowe in Coleyne londe 
Thoroughe myght of Crystes 
honde ; 2318 

There he gate great renowne 
For the sleynge of a dragowne ; 
For whan syr Launcelot du Lake 2321 
Faught wyth the brennynge drake, 



And Wade dede also, 
& neuer kni^tes boute pai to, [2430] 
& Gij a Warwik, ich vnder-stonde, 
SI0U3 a dragouw in Norf-Homberlowde. 
How fat ilche dragouw com fer, 2609 
Ich wile 30 w telle, in what maner. 

Jjar was a king in Poyle londe [2435] 
And anofer in Calabre, ich v?2dersto?*de ; 
J)is twe kinge fou^te ifere 2613 

More Jjan foure and twe?iti 3018, 

)?at hii neuer pes nolde, 

Naifer for seluer ne for golde, [2440] 

And al ))e contre, saundoute, 261 7 

))ai distruede hit al aboute ; 

J^ai hadde mani mannes kours, 

Whar Jjour3 hii ferden wel Jje wors ; 

))ar fore hii deide in dedli sinne [2 445] 

And helle pine ]7ai gan he??^ winne. 

After in a lite while 

))ai be-come dragouns vile, 2624 

2605. And] Sir M ; syr add. C. dede] om. 
C ; ry^ add. SN. soo S* 

2606. kny^ SN ; man M. Tieucr k.]'none C. 

2607. <fe] BtU CM. 

2608. SI] Faght toyth CM. 

But (om. M) soche a dragon, as Tie (t?uU M) 

was oon, 
{But \>o ajore seyde ( With otUen hym) was 

neuyr none, add. CM. 

2609. ikhe] om. SN. \ 
2609 f. : / tvyll yow telle yn a whyle, 

How )>ey bedome dragonys euyll. C. 
As syr Beues with hym canffyght. 
He slo^oe hypn thorou^e goddus myght. 
What mxiner dragon that he was, 
I shall you tell ail the case. M. 

2611. Sober londe C ; Colyn Umd M ; Cala- 
here SN. 

2612. Avd] om. SNM. Cal] PoyU SNCM. 
ich vJ] with outefahle {faiU N) SN. 

2613. ky^vges SN. pis— i.] They (That M) 
warryd {to geder add. M) in CM. 

2614. tw.] fyfty SN. More — tw,] As {men 
say {the romayns seith M) XXX** CM. 

2615. ^ey SNCM. pecs neiier S ; netier acorde 
CM ; hatce add. SN. tix)lde CM. 

2616. ne] neithir N ; nor C. 

2617. pe contrcy of hem hodden {had N) greU 
doute SN. 

2618. For >ey SN. 

2619. m4ini] a add. SN. 

2620. \>our^ hii] fore ^&N, ioel]mticheSN. 
2617—2620 : 

( They faght ( That M) VII yere yn batayle, 
{As seyth the romans {The romans said M), 

wyOi owtfayUf 
{Many of ther {On bothe partyes M) 7nen 

were slawe 
And hroght (om. M) owt of ther {theire M) 

lyfe dawe {drawe M) ; 
( TJu) two { The M ) hynges were fvXl of felony e 
{And add. M) eydur to odur had grete {om^ 

M) envye ; 
Bothe they can to gcdur ryde 
And eche {cyther M) smote odur vndtvr 

{thorou^e M) \>e syde, CM. 

2621. }>ey SN. par— dedli] Tlianfor (ffrotm 
M) thatfowle {ylke M) CM. 

2622. ATid] to add. N. peyn S. TJuU Jw two 
kynges dyed ynne CM. 

2623. And sone \>er after SN ; They become 
{be-comthe (!) M ; bothe add. M. lite] om. 

2624. pai b,] Two CM. mlc] euyll C ; tluU 
were toyld M. 

Guy of "VVarwycke, I vnderstonde, 

Slewe a dragon in North umberlonde ; 

But suche a dragon was neuer sene, 

As syr Beuys slewe, I wone. 2326 

Beuys went to bed a nyght 

With moche ioy and torches bryght, 

And after hys fyrst slepynge 

He herde a ruful cryenge ; 2330 

The voyce sayde in his crye : 

* Lorde lesu, haue on me mercy ! 

I rotte,' he sayde, * bone by bone, 

My deth is comynge me vpon ! ' 2334 
Beuys had therof great sorowe 
And asked men there on the morowe. 
He askec? them, what was that crye. 
They answered and tolde hym why ; 
They sayde, it was a noble knyght, 
That was stronge and bolde in fyght. 
And as he rode out of the towne. 
He met wyth a fel dragon, 2342 

^That hath venym vpon hym throwe, 
There lyeth the knyght al to-blowe ; 

2337. aske 0. 

1 t 416. 



And 80 Jjai foujte dragouns ifere 

Mor fan foure & J)retti 3ere. [2450] 

An ermite was in ]7at londe, 

p&t was feld of godes sonde ; 2628 

To le^m Crist a bed a bone, 

f)at he diliure ^e dragouns sone 

Out of J)at ilche stede, [2455] 

))at hii namore hsvmi ne dede. 2632 

And le^u Crist, )>at sit in heuene, 

Wei herde ))at ermites steuene 

And grauntede him is praiere. 2635 

Anon pe dragouns bofe i fere [2460] 

To/i*e liei-e flijt and flowe awai, 

f)&T neuer eft man hem ne sai. 

)?at on flej anon vrlp ]7an, 

Til a com to Toscan. 2640 

))at o))er dragoun is fii^t nonie f. i90ai. 

To seinte Peter is brige of Eome j 

))ar lie schel leggen ay, 

Til hit come domes daL 2644 

2625. . And] om. SN. And — dr. ] In {two add. 
M.) dragons forme \fey faght CM. drag, 
if.] VII yere M. 

2626. \)rcU^ twenUy SN. As men sey, odur 
VII ycre C ; And so wtUen/iwd hothe in 
ffcre M. 

Greie hamic \fey dide {al about {with out 

To man and best {wUh otUe dovt {al abotU 

N). add. SN. 
And destroyed hccstys {bothe bcste M) and 

m^n {man M), 
And all ^at ]>ey myght kenne (com rppon 

No man durste (come add. M) yn jkU 

cuntre rowte (om. M) 
(£e hoole XX (AbmUe ham XXX'' M) 

myle ahowte (and thre M). add. CM. 

2627. An e. w,] Ther was C ; / wenc, there 
was than M ; po was a man SN. 

2628. pat w. f] Ful of grace SN ; A man 
full C ; ffylhid add. M. of] with M. godes] 
lesu Crystys C. 

2629. He bade a bone to god above NCM. 

2630. dil, — sone] for his rrwder is (om. C) love 

2631 f. : 
Shulde (That he wold M) delyuer throwe 
{wyth C) his sonde {honde C) 

The { Tho C) tioo dragons out qf tluU (Jw CM) 
Irnide, NCM. 
2629—2632. om. S. 
2637. To (1) A. 
2633—2644 : 
Certeynly (prov/^e his prayers S), a« y yow 
(the N) telU, 

Be dragons my^ no lenger dwelle, 
3ut flovjen in to a nother londe 
And deden muche shame and shonde ; 
[But Ifcyflewe (a way (om. M) to Tuskayn 
And (wroght ^e (there theyd (!) dyd M) 

moche payne CM] ; 
(Arid add. C) fro Tuskan in (om. 0) to 

(pere dide ^y (And did there N ; And there 

\>ey dud CM) inuche (grete CM) viUmy; 
pai { The C ; And M) oo dragon swythe 

Fle^iy. into pe court (contrey S ; borough 3f ) 

of Roome^ 
[There he distroyed beste and man 
And all that euer he myght tane. 
Where in a while he was so grette. 
He myght nother go no lepe, add. M.] 
And (Bvi M) fU^ (lay C ; %oent M) vndn 

(seynt add. CM) Petyrs brvgge, 
And (om. C) pere he lithe (lyght (!) C), as 

y ^ow sygge, SNCM. 

And 1 slial tel you al the cas, 
Howe of the dragon the comynge was. 
In Calaber, as men tel, 2347 

Were two dragons great and fel. 
These two drajjons there dyd fyght 
Seuen yere bothe day and nyght. 
They destroyed both man and bcste 
On euery syde, bothe west and este. 
'J'here was a man in that londe, 2353 
That was ful of goddys sonde ; 
He prayed viito god aboue, 

That he wolde for his moders loue 
Delyuer out by his holy grace 23^*/ 
These two dragons out of that place. 
Than these two dragons downe fel, 
They had no power there to dwel. 
Than flewe they to Tuskayne, 23^ ^ 
Many men there haue they slayne, 
From Tuskayne vnto Lumbardye, 
There they dyd great velany. 
The one dragon, by goddys dome, 
Flewe vnto the court of Kome; 23< 


Whan |)e dragnun moweji is bones, 
Jjan comeji a rake & a stink [^*7l] 
Out of fe wfttor vniier >e brink, 2G48 
J^at men per of take^ pe fcucre, 
Jiat neiier after iiiai lie kevitrc; 
And who Jiat net iiou;t Imie me, [2475] 
_iWitB at [liigrimes, Jjat fer lia]) be, 2G52 
Ifor Jai can teUe )ow, i«ia, 
^Of (lat dragoun how it is. 
IJXtt oper >anne tie; an hije 2655 

Jjourj Toakan and LombariUe, [2430] 
^ar; Piwuiiice, v'lp outeii wfsoine, 
Into fe londa of Coloyno ; 
|>ar )ie draj;oun gan ariue 
At Coloyne vnder a cliue. 26C0 

His eren were rowe & ek lon^'. 
His fromit be-fore hard & stroj'g ; 
£ijte tosfees at is moxip stod out. 

SMS. Ami] Wmirt M. Attd—ier\ irWi 

ynne pe cilee/or solke SN. 
2846. muln—mmae]!] The {T/iiU M) curxil 
hal (gtosi C) reis<:d (reyayih C : tlarU/i, Mj 
aS47. pa-Ti] ponfe (I) A. 
U647— 86SD : 

Than in (1) iAni co)i(re it in qjiakynge. 
Of iynt comyth Ihe foule itytOcynge, 
That men cache moche maladyf. 
And tiumy of hem. dyt, aekerly. M. 
I Sesi. AtuI u>,] He M. wl n. 2.1 tvyll not 
\ h<UveN. . 
f 2652. Wile at] Aake of U. 

2647—266* ; 

Thaa teas >e coiUre nl in doitt 
Avd of him foKleyahcnl about. SN. 
Then ya the cuntrefnll ofstynche 
Ami for kym lyie to drenche. C, 
W^B, (king (!) A. 

()o leste was sciioiitenc cucli iihout, 2604 
)]e her, jie cholle vnder ^e chin, 
He was bofe leif and grim ; [2490] 
A was i-nianed ase a stede ; 
J5e heued a bar wif meche priile, 2668 
Be-t\vene J)o schuliler &■ pe taile 
Fours .ind tweuti fot, aiiuiifailo. 
His taile was of grut stringnfe, [2405] 
Sextene fot a was a lingfie ; 2G72 

His budi aee a wintonne. 
Whan hit schon pe brijte soniie. 
His wingges schon so f e ^las. 
His sides wer hard ase eni bras. 2071) 
His brest was hard ase eni ston; [3501] 
A foulere fing naa neuer non. 
Jo, pat wile a atounde dwells. 
Of his stringepe i mai 30W telle. 2680 
Beues jede to beddo a nijt [2505] 
Wip torges and wip candel lijt. 


pat ( The C) other dragon, y vnderstond, 

Fieyfe in to Coleyn load. 

Vnder {And ynC; In Wj an hille (ylc W) 

[\an lay (lyght C) he [can he lye M], 
Bi-nide Coleyn eitte. 
[No man. ne dur/t com Jwr out, 
Of (k dragon ]iey had siicha doid. 
[T/uU (om. M) no man durnle rotate {for 

hym come oute M), 
{In alt {Of M) that eunin {cite to go N) 

ahowte CM.] 
p» {Tyll CM) sir {that M) B. ims (om. II) 

iieder ycoom {arme CM) 
pre"} pe grace ofgodd^ sooa. SSCM. 
2flRl. i'lr Jl. 8NC, )C(fc] icas broud SNC. 
to balde] oui. (!) 9. Bcnai-~b'<lil4 Jn his 
bed he wot bmughl M. a] at SCM. 
2682. frip] fele add. SN ; many add, CSI. 
and w. e.] hrennand S ; brennyng N ; OhU 

He there rested his cursed bonys. 
In senen yere lie styreth iiat onjs 
Men say, he in there yet, f 

Enclosed wyth clerkes wyt. 
I >ne other dragon, 1 vndersiondr, 
■ ■*'<'Wo hyder to Coleyne hjiulo ; 
hiu a clyue there lytth he. 


But a niyle from tlie se ; 2374 

In Coleyne lotide al about 
They haue of hym great dont. 
Thnt dragon was here this nyght 
And hath destroyed the foresayde 
knyght. 2378 

2373. dyue] myk 0. 




Whan he was in bedde ibrou^t, 
On lesvL Crist was al is })0U3t. 2684 
llini foujte, a king, fat was wod, f. iooa«. 
Hadde wonded him per a stod ; [2510] 
He hadde wonded him biter Si sore, 
A wende, a mi^te leue namore, 2G88 
And 3et him foujte, a virgine 
Him brou3te out of al is pine. 
Whan he of is slepe abraid, [2515] 
Of is sweuene he was afraid. 2692 

))anne a herde a reuli cri, 
And be-sou3te Ie«u merci : 
* For fe venim is on me frowe, 
Her I legge al to-blowe, 2696 

And rotejj me flesch fro fe bon, [2521] 
Bote ne tit me ncuer non ! ' 
And in is cri a seide : ' Alias, 

J5at euer jet I maked was ! ' 2700 

Anon whan hit was dai lijt, [2525] 

Beues awakede & askede rijt, 

What al fat cri mijte ben. 

His men him answerde ajen 2704 

And seide, fat he was a knijt, 

In bataile he was holden wijt ; [2530] 

Alse a wente him to plaie 

Aboute her in f is contrai, 2708 

In f is contre aviroun 

A mette wif a vile dragouw, [2534] 

And venim he haf on hhn frowe : 

pSLV a lif al to-blowe ! 2712 

* Lord Crist,' quef Beues fo, 

' Mai eni man f e dragouw slo ? ' 

His men answerde, wif outen lesing : 

' pSLV nis neifcr emperur ne king, 2716 

2698. non] mo (!) A. 
2683—2704 : 
And (in his first {as lie was all in M) 

He herde a rewful (dooJful SM) gronyng, 
pe {That M) gronyng seide in {^e citee {hys 

crye CM) : 
[* lesu Cristj {rnercy and pitee {loi'de^ mercy 

[Thou Jiaue, lesUy on me mercy M] ! * 
*/ roote,* he seide, *{boon fro {bone by M ; 

fro the 0) boon : 
lesu Crist f what shal I doon t * 
{Syr add. C) B, \>erof hadde grete (om. S) 

[{And aidd. N) his men he clepid at {a N) 

[And {tolde hyt men {toke his men M) on the 

morowe CM] ; 
And {He M) a^ked {them add. C ; hem add. 

M), {wha>t was {of C) l>at {the M ; ylke 

add. S) cry. 
And men (they CM) (him told (told ht/m 

M) haMely (sone yn hye C ; on hye M ; 

tlie pareye (?) N) SNCM. 

2705. And\ They M. \>at — a] it wa^ a 
SNCM ; dou^ty add. SNC. 

2706. pat in SNCM. he w. h.] had ben 
SNCM ; wel add. SN. riifht N. 

2707 f. om. SNCM. 

2709. And (om. C) as h^i com {wefU M) (mm^ 
\>e toun SN ; om. C. 

2710. And he C. fowle SNCM. 

2711. And] And had SN ; Thai had iL he 
ha]>] om. SNM. 

2712. par a l] pat (And N ; om. M) |» 
kny^t lay SNM. to lotve M. 

2711 f. : 

And had caste on hym venoms, 
And the hnyght all to-sloon. C. 
And roted boon fro boon. 
And his dede (was him oon (Jiim MU 

vppon N). add. SN. 
Bote he schallflesche and boon; 
Hys lyfe save no man can.* add. C. 
He lieth and rotUh bone ff or bone. 
And thtbs he makyth his nwM : add. M • 

2713. L(yrd\ lesu SNC. Crist] merqf CM-- 
seide SNC. than C. ^ 

2714. enq no SNM ; pernoC. \>e]ihat C^^ 
]>e d,] him SN. 

2715 2720 : 

* Nay, (No CM), for soY (than add. 

seide he {\>e (!) S ; tho add. C), ^ 

pau^ {Not M) al \)e men in (of S) erisHa^^^ 
{ That are bolde and hardyest bee add. C)^ 
(And they add. M) com wUh (a^yn S) ^ 

{\)atC) dragon tofy^t, _ ^ ^ 

He wolde hem (ham "Sid. ; \>em C) slee anc^^"^ 

ry^t! SNCM. 


* Lorde lesu Cryst,' sayde Beuys tho, 

* May no man that dragon slo ? ' 2380 

* Nay,' they sayde, * wythout fable, 
Al crystendome were nat able ; 

L,))ftt como ))ar fic dmgoiiii wore, [2541] 
I All hoiiUrod fioaend mew & more, 
Vj}at he noMe sleii hens euetichoii, 
1 2fe Bcholile hii notiep (jannea gon.' 2720 
* AscopartI,' a seide, 'wbar ertnwT 
•Icham her; what wilte now?' [2,546] 
' Wile we to fe dragoun gon t 
• Jj'iurj godes help we acholle him. slit ! ' 
'Ja, sire, ao mot I fe, 2725 

Ble(wlichewilelwendeivi))))e!' [2550] 
Belies armeile him ful wel, 
liojje in jrene and in atel, 2728 

And gerte him wi{i a gode bronde f. imi>. 
And tok a spere in ia hondc. 

Out ate gate lie gnn ride, [2555] 

And Aacopard be his aide. 2732 

Alse hii wento in here plcjing, 

Hii speke of mani selkouj) Jjing. 

Jjat dragoiin loi in ia den 

And sej come |?e twei men ; 2736 

A made a cti and a wonder, [2561] 

Aae hit were a dent of ftonder 

Aacopard waa adrad ao aoi'e, 

Forjjer dorsto he go namoTe ; 2740 

A seide to Eenea, Jjat was ia fere : 

' A wouder-fiing jc mai here ! ' [2566] 

Beuea aeide : ' Hauo pmv no doute, 

J)e dragoun lif her abouto ; 274i 

2!21. Tko Mi«k Btfyst; • A. C. a s.] Juirf 
Beaa M ; am. 3HC. erto«i\ «swe add. N. 
S72a. leham fc^-J io JIM ft«re twiu SJf ; Wm-r., 
ayr C. icyll ye C. Ick. — wiite] Cimie 
heder,' he ttiid, ' to me nmoe I M. 
27S3. UK] too add. C. Wile vx\ WiU frni 

■noa amd y S. goo S. 
2721. ■ JB, forto'^!' mide he fn) SNCM. 
3098—3724 aro lost in E. 

Bm^'^laJte {Soldel}/ SN ; Gladly C) wylln 

VK {tee wol N ; ten acliola E) to hym goo 
AxdXaia. SN) ]!onej (wylh C) (le (om. SN) 
,^riKa of pmi (ipe acioie («« looi N ; om. 
C) ftj™ sioo / adiL E3NC, 
2726—2780. am. ESNCM. 
27S1, Out— tie] (Sere add. E) B. t>crfy™nrrf 

(iierfur C) E3HCM. gan] ta add. E. 
2732. .4«.],yji add. K 

3'**y fiatJ Tcdyn biit a vrhyU, , 

Tlic inou'ntailjwi! o/ a mpie, 

The dTogon aale vp a yclJt, 
Alt hyt had be a deuyll i^ helle. C. 
JUian they had genu a while. 
With mUc the town ho^e a myle. 
The dragon had of ham a MneU 
And he kexle vp a grct yell. 
Thai fra.1 gristlye an a tAojuUr, 
And Aacaparte had grct wonder, M ; om. 

2741. (Tho seyde Brfyse : add. C) HcryeH-on, 
(he aayde (now, idr S ; nmight N ; maittT 
M ; om. C), W (what SS) I herel ESN 

2742. [(/ ne (om. C) hardu nemr [Neuen ni 
herds I E) a ffoalere (to finale a N ; fuehe a 
S) bcre ESNC ; Me Ihinkylh, iiis a ioOely 

2744. lif-] ie E. her] nye aJd. SN. 

T^ut iCMyghel from heuen come downe, 
Shul no man sle that dragon I ' 2384 
Heujg called Aacajmrde hym to 
And aaked hym, what waa beat to do ; 
^e aayde : ' Wylt thon wyth mo go 
And oasay, that drt^oa for to alol 
1 iitchannoe, if wo wyth hym fyght, 
" e ahal hym ale wyth goddya myght ! ' 
I iiiG redy,' eayde Aacaiiarde, 'I tlio 
hjyht: 2391 

•"ino do and go we thyder ryglit 1 ' 

Beuya hym armed and forth gan ryde 
And Aacapardo by hia syde. 23!)4 

Whan they were out of the cyto 
And nerethe place, where they sbuldo be, 
The dragon keat vp a yelle, 
That it wolde bane fr.iyed the deuyl 
of hel. 2398 

Ascnpatde sayde wyth heuy chere : 
' Merest thou, mayater, what I heret' 
' Yes,' aayde lleuya, ' haue no duut, 
The dragon ia iiore here about; 2402 



Hadde we J)e dragoun wonne, 

We hadde ^e feireste pris V72der sonne !* 

Ascopard svvor, be sein Ion, [2571] 

A fot ne dorste he forfer gon. 2748 

Beues answerde and seide fo : 

' Aacopard, whi seistow so 1 

"Whi schelt fow afered be [2575] 

Of ping fat J)ow mi^t nou^t sen 1 ' 2752 

A swor, alse he moste fen, 

He nolde him neifer hire ne sen : 

' Icham weri, ich mot haue reste ; 

Go now forj) and do pe beste ! * 2756 

))anne seide Beues fis wordes f re : 

' Schame hit is, to terne aje 1 ' 

A smot his stede be J>e side, 

A^en fe dragoun he gan ride, 2760 

pe dragoun se3, |>at he cam [2585] 

Jenande a^enes him anan, 

3enande & gapande on him so, 

Ase he wolde him swolwe fo. 2764 

Whan Beues se3 fat ilche si^t, 

})e dragoun of so meche nii3t, [2590] 

Hadde ferjje opnede anon. 

For drede a wolde per in han gon ; 

A spere he let to him glide 2769 

And smot pe dragoun on fo side ; 

pe spere sterte ajen anon, [2595] 

So pe hail vpon fe stnn, 2772 

And to-barst on pices fine. f. i90i»». 

His swerd he drouj alse bliue ; 

2745 f. : 
[{BoldelicTie we scholc {B, we wyl SN ; We 

schall h, C) to (tyl S) hym [Boldely to 

hym we shall M] goo 
And (om. SN) porw^ (wyth C) pe (om. SN) 

{g^ace off god (we shul add. SN) hym 

sloo. ESNCM. 
Sere B. {pedynoard began to {forth>e can C) 

And Ascopard {by hys syde (can abyde C). 

add. EC. 2749. answede (!) A. 

2747—2750 : 

*Nay (Then C ; sir add. N)/or sope^'' quod 

(seyde CM) Ascopard^ 

* / wole (turne a^en (a^eyn SM ; go Tunne 

N ; go C) hoinward (ayenward N) : 
/ nolde (ne wolde NM ; toolde not C) ffor al 

ffaice (a sy^te off hym (of him a sigJU SNM), 

iwysse ! ' 
(poo seyde {* Ascaparte^* quod M) sere (om. 

CM) B. (staytJie add. C) pan : 

* / wende^ (}^ add. C) )>ow were (had he M. 

(a dou^ty {an hardy EM) tnan: ESNCM) 

2751. Whi sch.] Wilt SNCM ; WoMyst E. 
poio\ 80 add. SNCM. af.] now. add, E. 

2752. Of] For S; a add. EC. pat] ar EC. 
maiste not M ; hym E ; hyt C ; neucr SN. 

Boldly to hym slial we go, f. 426. 2403 
Wyth goddys grace we shal hym slo ! ' 
Beuys rode forth a fast pase. 
Where he thought the dragoil was. 
' Forsoth, syr,' sayde Ascaparde tho, 

* I wyl agayne home-warde go, 2408 
For I wolde not for al pany 

Se the deuyl, that made that crye ! ' 

* What deny V sayde Beuys, * art thou 

so mad 1 2411 

I wende, no thynge myght make the 

adrad ; 
For shame shalt thou aferde be 
Of any thynge, or thou it se 1 ' 

* Syr,' he sayde with heuy chere, 2415 

* I wyl hym neyther se nor here ! ' 

* Wei,' sayde Beuys, * wylt thou so, 

I shal hym sle, or that I go ! ' 2418 
Ascaparde ferther wolde nought, 
But Beuys rode forthe and sought, 
And whan the dragon, that foule is. 
Had a syght of syr Beuys, 
He cast vp a loude crye. 
As it had thundred in the skye ; 2424 
He tounied his bely agaynst the sonne, 
Whyche was as great as any tonne; 
His skales bryghter were than glasse 
And moche harder than any brjisse; 
Bytwene his shulders and his tayle 
Was XL fote, wythouten fayle. 2430 
He weltred out of his denne, 
Beuys pryked his stede then 
And to hym a spere he thrast, t o^- 
That al to sheuers it brast, 2434 


|)u^i foujtc, alse i ;oiv eai, 
TU it was hi^ noun of Jie dai. 2770 
J» dragoun was atened strongc, [2601] 
Jliit Toan him Bcholdo atovide su 

Jk dragoon harde him gan asaile 

And smot hia hora vip fie taile 2780 

Eijt araideward f e hed, [2605] 

Jjat liB fel to gtounde dcd. 

How is Beues to grounds bioujt, 

Helpe him god, fiat alle f)L(g wroujt ! 

Beues was hardi and of gode hurt, 

Ajen fe dragoun anon a start [2610] 

And harde him a gan asaile, 

And he agen wij) strong hu,t.ii!e ; 2788 

8o be-twene hem leate f)at fijt. 

Til it was Je ferke nijt. 

Beues haJde ^anne swich frast, [2615] 

Him foujte, his herte to-bnist ; 2792 

(tome se) he a water him In; side, 

8o hit mijte wel he-tide, [2618] 

FaiuB wolde fpeiler flen, 

Hb ne dorale fio f e draHouH ten ; 2796 

]3e dragoun asailcdo him fot liot, 
Wiji is tiilo on his scheld a smot, 
))at hit cleucde heueue ato, 
Hia left scholder dede also. 2800 

Beues was harJi & of godo hert, [2i)2u] 
Into fe welle anon a stert. 

Lordinftes, horkncfi to me now : H, 
}3e welle was of swich vertu ; 
A vii^ne wonede m fat londe, 2805 
HiMid(i bafiedo fer in, ich vnderstonde ; 
)3at water was 60 hoU, [2631] 

Jjat fie dragoun, sikerli, 2808 

Ne dotate neje \a welle aboute 
Be fourti fote, aaundoutc. 
\Vhan Beues paraeuede fiia, [3635] 
Wel glad a was in hertte, i-wjs ; 2812 
A dede of is helm of stel 
And eolede him fier m fraicho wel, 
And of ia helm a drank fiore 
A large galon ofer more. 2816 

A nemouede seiit Gorge, our leuedi 
knijt, neiai. [2641] 

And eete on his helm, fat was brijt ; 

2302. After anon follows as Up, Expunctud. 

■jhMi dyd the drt^^on Beuya assaylc 
jjUid 60 sore amotc hym wyth hjs tayle, 
*l»at to the grounde he hym cast 
^d two of hia rybbes he brast. 2i38 
Jj'p Btert Benys wyth gode wyl 
**d after lanne the dragon tyl ; 
■iaan gode Morglay out he braydo 
^d oa the dragon fast he layde, 
:^t for no stroke, that he dyd amyte, 
^olde nat Morglay on hym byte. 


;^d amote at Beuya more and more ; 
■Jhere had he many a great wounde 
:^nd. often was felled to the grounde ; 
^''Tittt for wery and what for faynt, 
^yv Beuya was nereliande attayut. 2450 
,^he dr^n aued on Beuys so hnvde, 
i^t, aa ho shulde hane lied hacwavde, 
■"■hBTB was a wel, so haue I Wynne, 


And Eeuys stumbled ryght therin ; 
Than waa Eeuys aferde and wo, 2455 
Leat the dragon wolde hym alo, 
Or tliat he myght away pas. 
Whan he in that wel was, 2458 

Than was that wel of suche vertue 
Thoi-oughe the myght of Cryste lesu, 
For som tymo dwelleil in that londe 
A vyi^yn full of goddya sonde, 2462 
That had ben bathed in that wel, f. *a*- 
That nouer after, aa men tel, 
Myght venymoua beste com therin. 
By the vertue of that vyrgyn, 2466 
N"or nere it by aeuen fote and more ; 
Than waa Beuys glad wythout sore. 
Whan Eeuys sawe, the dragon fel 
Had no myght, to come nere that wel, 
Than was he glad, wythout fayle, 2471 
And rested hym there for hya auuylo. 



And Beues wij) eger mode 

Out of Jje welle sone a 3ode ; 2820 

pe dragoun harde him asaile gan, [2645] 

He him defende]) ase a man. 

So be-twene Item leste )>e fijt, 

Til hit sprong fe dai lijt 2824 

Whan Bcues mi3te aboute sen, 

Bli))e he gan Jeanne ben ; [2650] 

Beues on fe dragoun hew, 

pQ dragoun on him venim J^reAv ; 2828 

Al ferdo Beues bodi }>ere, 

A foule mesel alse ^if a were ; 

)par ]>e venim on him felle, [2655] 

His flesch gan ranclen & tebelle, 2832 

par pe venim was icast, 

His armes gan al to-brast ; 

Al to-brosten is ventaile, [2659] 

And of his hauberk a posend maile. 

Jeanne Beues, sone an hi3e 2837 

Wei loudo he gan to Ie«u crije : 

* Lord, fat rerede fe Lazaroun, 

Diliure me fro ))is fend dragou72 ! ' 2840 

])o he se^ his hauberk toren, [2665] 

* I^rd ! * a seide, ' fat I was boren I * 
pa,t seide Beues,. far a stod, 

And leide on, ase he wer wod ; 2844 

pe dragouTi harde him gan asaile 

<fe smot on fe helm wif is taile, [2670^ 

poX his helm cleuede ato, 

And his bacinet dede also. 284^ 

Tweies a ros and tweies a fel, 

pe f redde tim oi^er-frew m fe wel ; 

)3ar inne a lai vp rijt, [267 S 

A neste, whafer hit was dai oper nijt. 

Whan ouet-gon was his smerte 2853 

And rekeured was of is hertte, 

Beues set him vp anon ; 

pe venim was awei igon, 2856 

He was ase hoi a man, [2681J 

Ase he was, whan he f eder cam. 

On is knes he gan to falle. 

To le^u Crist he gan to calle : 2860 

* Help,* a seide, * godes sone, f.i9U». 
))at f is dragoun wer ouer-come ! [2685J 
Boute ich mowe pe dvagoxin bIoji, 

Er fan ich hennes gon, 2864 

2852. oper] \>e A. 

Than of that water he dranke his fyl 
And than lept out wyth gode wyl, 
And wyth Morglay, his bryght bronde, 
He assayled the dragon, I vnderstonde. 
Upon the dragon he smote so fast, 
Where euer he hyt, the skales brast. 
The dragon was ataynt sore 2479 

And cast a galon and more 
Out of his mouthe of venym stronge. 
And on Beuys he it flonge ; 
It was so venymous, I-wys, 2483 

That, whan it was on syr Beuys, 
Al his armour brake, that stounde. 
And Beuys fel dede to the grounde ; 
There was no lyfe in hym sene, 
But lay as dede vpbn the grene. 2488 
The dragon smote Beuys, wy thout fayle, 
That he turned hym top ouer tayle. 
But therof toke he no kepe, 

He lay as dede man on slepe ; 2492 
He smote Beuys, as I you tel, fc**** 
That he tumbled into the wel ; 
That was of great vertue that tyme. 
For it wolde suffer no venyme, 2496 
Thorouglie vertue of that vyrgyn 
That somtyme was bath«*d therin. 
Whan Beuys was at the wellys grounde, 
The water made hym hole and sounde 
And quenched the venym away, 2501 
That wel saued hym that day. 
Whan Beuys felt hym hole and lygl^t 
And wyst that wel of so great my^i 
Than was he a ioyful man 2505 

And was as f resshe, as whan he began. 
Than kneled he downe, the sothe to say, 
To lesu Cryste gan he pray, 
That he wolde sende hym myght^ 
To sle the dragon in that fyght 2510 



Schel hit neuer aslawe be 

For noman in cristente 1 ' [2690] 

To god he made his praiere 

And to Marie, his moder dere ; 2868 

\)at herde ))e dragoun, per a stod, 

And flej awei, ase he wer wod. 

Beues ran after, wij) outen faile, [2695] 

And Jje dragoun he gan asaile ; 2872 

WiJ) is swerd, fat he out braide,' 

On Jje dragoun wel hard a laide. 

And so harde a hew liim |)an, 

A karf ato his heued pan, [2700] 

And hondred dentes a smot pat stonde, 

Er he mi^te keuren a wonde, 2878 

A hitte him so on )>e cholle 

And karf ato pe J)rote boUe. 2880 

])e dragoun lai on is side, [2705] 

On him a ^enede swife wide. 

Beues paxme wip strokes smerte 

Smot J)e dragoun to fe herte, 2884 

An hondred dentes a smot in on, 

Er Jje heued wolde fro fe bodi go;*, 

2897. >a<] 

And Jje gode knijt Benoun [2711] 

pe tonge karf of Jje dragon;* ; 2888 

Vpon Jje tronsoun of is spere 

\)e tonge a stikede for to here. 

A wente fo wiJ) outen ewsoiue [2715] 

To- ward J)e toun of Coloine. - 2892 

)?anne herde he belles ringe, 

Prestes, clerkes loude singe ; 

A man fer he haj? imet. 

And swife faire he haf him gret, [2720] 

i^ asked fat ilche man fo, 2897 

VVhi Jjai ronge & songe so. 

* Sire,' a seide, ' wiJ) outew faile, 
Beues is ded in bataile ; 2900 
J3ar fore, for sofe I saie fe : [2725] 
Hit is Beues dirige ! * 

* Nai,' que)) Beues, * be sein Martin ! ' 
And wente to bischop Florentin. 2904 
\)o J)e bischop hadde of him a sijt, f. wifti. 
A fankede lesw ful of mijt [2730] 
And brou^te Beues in to ]>e toun 
Wif a faire prosesioun ; 2908 
at (!) A. 

Beuys blessyd hym & forthe rode, 
He lept forth wyth hart ful gode. 
Than to the dragon he hyed is, 2513 
And also the drs^on to syr Beuys ; 
Longe and harde was the fyght 
Bytwene the dragon and the knyght. 
But whan syr Beuys was hurt sore, 
He went to the wel & wesshed hym 
thore; 2518 

He was as hole and sound e than 
As he was, when he began. 
The dragon sawe, it myght nat auayle, 
Besyde that wel to holde batayle ; 
He thought, he wolde by some wyle ^ 
Of that place Beuys begyle ; » f. 44a. 

He wolde haue flowen than away, 2525 
Out Beuys lept after wyth gode Morglay 
And hyt the dragon vnder the wynge, 
Eyght as he%ras fleynge. 2528 

There was he tender wythout skale. 
So Beuys thought, to be his bale : 

He smote after, as I you say, 
Wyth his swerde, gode Morglay, 2532 
That in vnto the hyltes it yode, 
Thoroughe hert, lyuer, bone and blode, 
That to the grounde the dragon fel. 
Than gladder was Beuys, than tunge 

coude tel. 2536 

Under the skale al on hyght 
The dragons hede he smote of ryght. 
And stake it vpon his spere. 
Out vnethys he myght it here. 2540 
Than towarde Coleyne he went that 

Wyth moche ioy, myrthe and pryde. 
Whan they of the cyte sawe Beuys 
Come wyth the dragons hede, I-wys, 
Al the bellys gan they rynge. 2546 
Prestes & clerkes agayne hym dyd 

They brought Beuys so into the towne 
Wythfayre processyon^ great renowne. 

IT 9 


ts, i )3»nkiHlc lesu. of fat gros. 

FauHyffMtiBai, taimfayle; ir.Ml 

Be tiHooi B. \oilli hyi tayt anott, 

pai of hya ryhhyi lU tobrak on. ' 

poo B. WIS to jnjuwfe fialle, 

Vp he aterU seone wi]! aiU, 

A good itwerd he gan out breyde 

And on pe dragottn ffasU he Icj/de; 

fbr id JKil aure aere B. myjtt mtyt» ' 

Hy> iwerd wolde noujt in l^m byU. 

pe drngoiin ffclyd hym tmylt tore 

And gan hym neyicTi mim it mart, 

Tyl he cam aire B. w Ry), 

pal td bakieard B. '^oojiyi. ', 

He tie my]U no vjhedyr bteiuhe, 

pa dragoun anede Kto many a virenehe. 

JtyH t>ere in ]ial yike plaa. 

As Uffyl be goddys jraa. 

J:atmQ. al f e folk Jmt (lar 

2753—2910 ; 

Aacopitrd aaydt u>»)> mne/ul eA<r< ; E I uit 

■ faro wkI, ffor I woU nouji eoiiix pere ! ' 

Sifn B. aaydt anon ry^t )>0O ; 

' I lOoU Itym nen, ar ^at I goo I 

I liope, iioio Isee hym Iters, 

Mi ^ttki\, 1 hen a reiaful ckere ! ' 

panne pnjcyd aere B. h)i» stcede. 

To ]k dragimn he gan to reds. 

maiine ]Krf Jou/e cursyd dragoun 

Badde n lyile offaen Bfffaim, V 

'He gnn aaaUn vp a istle, 

Ileit myjfeti hma hytii in to heltt. 

He tttmyd hym vpieard in lo ^ surtnc, 

Eyi m^dyl was gnt at a tv/nne, 

j^ eytn utn hryile ta any glut, 1 

Sys hed aa hard am any braa. 

Be tieeat hyg hed and hya tayU 
1. / iepc jio)( {nodur C) him {to add. Q) aerie [nor C) here NC ; / kepe noj{ to set him i 
^nanere S. f. oni. M ; Ue fpi^i il it a loathly bere, pe daivl of hell ]hvi hit were. add. 
8N. 3. %ra]om. C. rl^om. C. pa.naeide(be»pake'!A)airB.^SS1A. 4. wok] a&U SNM. 
)ia< r] / H 1 y henna SN. 6 f. mii. SNOM. 7. nra] am. M. sjrr Bifyae preJqfd C. sttede\ 
he fide add. M. 8. Ri^ lo SN ; Ajid lo M. lo] om, M. he— rede] forth he lede 8" 
gode apede C. 9. And Khen C. ]iai\ the CH ; ilke add. SN. ^oule] om. M. cii 
SNCM. dmn.] iiere vms odd. IS. 10. And had M. Beaea M. II. gan] to add. SNH. 
gan c] eaeteC. eaut vp a] eryeand (fa add. N) SN. 12. Men — hym] Bia voyi v>a» kerde SS ; 
Be myght be hard M. Men — Id] Aa hyl had be a deuyll ^ C. 13. Bt] And 8. vpa.] om. 
SNC. in] urn. M. 14. myd.] body SNC. aa gret S ; gretter C, an} >*n C. a] eny N. 
16. Arid hya C. eyen] uryngfs 8NC ; gcalia M. vw«] aho i/L ; oni. C. biT/ghier C. aa] );en C. 
any] 1» C ; om. NM. 18, And hya CM. ft«q aydtia M. <w] om. SN. aoo] aa 8NCM. oiwJ 
om. M. 17. hed] »h>adrea 8N ; tholder M. 18. Were/. 8N ; JVaa XL CM. foole SNCM. 
■ami] om. SNCM. taim] wia oute 8NM. Be (meuyd Mm poo (wnie C ; gan come M) out 
of hia denne And {SyrC) B.pi-yhsdhkatcde pirane; (BirB. (And M) (In him aapere {a^ere 
to hym C ; he add. H) bare, [Al to (In XX C; In ffovrty M) pecea hU braat (brake CH) para 
(•b mora C} ; Be alood [atjif a^eyn )e (itylU ogenMe fat C) dynt, (Bia body (Hya hedd C ; Be 
M) wa (aa hard aa (h^d m If ; harder \en CM) Bte (om. S) fiwi- {Than ndd. M) )w 
dragon ^(anonC; om. M.){ii!ilhoiU(aauniC)faiilSmot air (om. M) B. vriihhia tayU,ii\d. 
SNCU. 19. pn^ his slede (to ground gan (ia to ground U) goon SNCM. SO. pai] And C. 
he lobr. on\ |>ere braise II C. Sir B. rybbea breken a/imon (aone N) SN ; And in Bmea bra^ 
ribbua Uoo M. tVhon thai Aaeaparte aye this, Home he ran avrithe, iwya, Vnto the byaiAei^ 
there he atode, Aa a man, that icaa ny wood. And he aaid : ' The dragon, imyi. Rathe ilayn sit 
Beuea I ' The byahoppn was iu aory case, Fur thai he Beuea erne waa ; All the preeilis «/ 
Colyn, iu/ya. Me made ham lynge for air Beuea. add. M. 21. poo] Jfhen C ; pe!/]<i SSM 
ittere SNM. 22. alerte] roae C. S3, And hia neord oute he braid M, S4. faale] hard N< 
25. euere] om. C. acre B.] he 8CM. myjt he N. 26. in] on SH ; om. C. 27. ThalheV. 
Ai/m. BTn.] Tto vmlndya C ; no HM ; ]» 8. 28. And] Be SM. aeyjen] mare 8. And—w>i\ 
Bvt ever he nyghed C, 29. ao] fvMe 8N ; om. CM. 30, And pan a bakward gan he fiy^ SS I 
ThanayrBefge bakward Jley C ; Bella than baeward dyd fflee M. 31. He n«] AndtytS. 
SN ; mi/jfc] rfuTste M. wliedertmrd M ; ferthcr C ; iceyes S ; icey N. eleneJie S. 33. •") 
" e82SN. f" " "~ ' 

a] 01 

le SNCM ; V.1U add. M. H 

ayr Be/yse C. ylke] om. SNCM. 34. byfelle SN. be] fwouj SKM. 

Than was Beiiya in great honoure, I And welcomed to euery place. 

Euery man had hym in fauour; 2550 Fayne was the bysshop tho, ti 

In euery lonilo he praysed w.ia | Tliat syr Beuya had Iwme hym so. 

'.lie tier icas off laalyr clccr, 35 

■H« ffyl fc inne ar he ware mer. 
WJienns ^ Mre B. wyaU ]>u, 
Jit hyi he/ie he wat inoo, iwis. 
For, ffar Jrojie, he ujCTufc Jwo, 
Jjal (j« rfrojoun acholde kym Jiaiie sloo. id 
J}en«e vxa )» welle qff grel veria 
perui} te ni!(}( of «u>sle JAom ; 
jl vyrgjfTie hadde «xmyd in ]int londe, 
'lot fcaaffui offgoddya sonde ; 

'a]i^ here tche /uidde iii int wallr nj^, 4S 
"perffare |b dragoan hadde no vtyit. 
be vxlle UHU nmne al aboate, 
FoKriyffeet it vxa, sauna doiUe ; 
tVhanne acre B. parceyayd Jjis, 
In hys herl^, he woeful glad, iieya; 50 
Sc a-OMiyd Ayn arcniayU 
And droun afkyi hdnt, sawt/nyle. 
And cp he eterle ry^t aootie anon. 
Out off Jw ^Belle he gan to goii, 
Hya awerd he gan out to bmyde t.Hia. G5 

And on tin deagoan ffaate he Icydf, 
pe dragoon ffelte hya vtonndya smcrle 
And hym. wray^de at hya herte : 
Out off hys moup he eaata ^ore 
A largs galoun aiid wcl more, 
pat was venym strong v>ip alU, gau daanffrdU. 
poo \cdffoale lo^y dragmat 
Hndde toA wni/m OJi eere. Bfffown, 
Mya arvmre, it lebraat laume 
Attd to Ik ifrounde B. ffyl fful aotie ; 
On liyiii ne woe no lyffiaene. 
He semyd ded upon ]» grene. 
pa ]ie dragoon, saunffayle 
Smool acre B. tci]i hya tayle ; 
Sere B. took ^r off no hcpe. 
Bat lay as man, )iat scholde alepc. 
AitoiKr tyme, an I joio telle. 
He kastt aere B. inioiie nie!le, 
pat wal Jjcre m Jjot ylki: plaa; ; 
pat VMS \ai\ne a wolffayr grace. 

I. Waa a SN ; Tliere toaxaC. Jiw w.}fiill CM ; om. SN. Atui B. tciat no toelle fere. As 
ie {meat a {went N ; Jlew M) bakward ^re. add. SNH ; And he wysie no toelle there. Awl 
SifyaebakipaTdfel^niA. C 33. ]>i!ri,]in]]e wn^er(v«IIM)SNM. wereviarrB M; vtaaviare 
ftS. Aa god wide, ynlothe laelle C. 37. [nK] on'- SM- *»«} om. 8N. sere 5.] he M. >i»] 
OatUiBossooti. SS.he]him8. i«).]oa.M. 39. jrtf;-*.]om.SNM. iMTirfe] r^ add. SN ; 
tight veU add. M. then M. *0. faiKc] ora. SN. In that place he skold be aleyn M. 37— 
i/). Tlien vaa he leo begoon, Se vxmde, ^ drngon Isolde hym haue aloon. C. Or he oule ijf the 
mUmme, To leauCryslehefoadeabane. adii. M. 11. iK]ihatU. grei]aocJieCH[. 42. myit] 
inuC. »uiele]Criate lit ; om.C. i3. vyrg.h.w.'lmaydyndwellydC. |iajr|om. SN. J4. pn^ 
m, SN- /fiJl ffylltul add. H. of] loUh II ; grace of add. SN. wtddya] leiu Crystea C. 
K. Sa^y£—?iadde] She had baihud her li; And Itad hur bathed S'S ; Sehe had Uyde C. Jwj] 
Aa a it. per /.] pat SNCM. 47. pe—al\ (For add. M) to some {be weile (that wreU M ; 
OtnOnyi (om. CM) SNCM. 48. By fourly SNCM. foote SGM. it «.J om. SNCM. 
«*»] teithout SN. smina d.] ouie and oate M. 49. aere\ om. M. pare.] loas war qf SN. 
WrfllWeC. pare. ]i.'i that jiarcemd had U. 50. fal} om. SSti. ivi.] om.M. uras— tw.] 
miegrtle blyaae C. 51. He] And SNM. wlased SNCM. ventaile SNCM. SS. drowj 
^tm. C. aaun] with euieU. GS. And] ora. SN. ryjl s. a.] (niwn add. li)]iennefull 
««Bi SN. G4. Swithe sone ovtif^ welU SN. 53 f. Whan he had dronliyn hie ffyll, Vp he 
■t^ tiotih well M ; And dratike iff ^at watiir clere Wyth a fall gode ehere. And icAcit he liad 
i^tlkthiafyUe, Vp he rose oiotqf the welle. C. 55. poo hia SN ; And his M. he gan] om. 
'L mii]TpS. to] om. SNCM. 5S. ffaalc] horde SN. 57. hya] Ik S ; om. NCM. waun.] 
•Ww SNCM. 68. he CM. wra]>.] wrathed CM ; grcuid SN ; at] in SNCM. flO. and w.] 
«« BO ; other NM, 62. AC] A^td SNCM. on] ayr add. C. dotin] om. SNCM. 63. poo] 
■HTmSNU.; AndiohenO. ]iai] the C ; fende '^ add. SN . foW!fl om. SNCM. drag.]had 
'<kUjiadd.H. ei. Hadde] om.M. ouf] ]>af add. S ; fAosdd. NM. Bc^ua M. tS.Alhis 
8KC. it] om. SNCM. lobr.] Iraate M ; imfe C ; tone add. M. fitl. M oni. SN. B.~~ 
tli^hU body gan goon 8ii; can he goon C: heiagoneU. 67. ne] ora. SNC. neli^eiBasC. 
. Vtvumer liffe waa on hym sene M. 6S. Be a.] But lay eu {aa a'S ; him S ; alt M) SNCM. 
*ii]m<w»dd. N. on SNCM. 69. po] )« SN ; TAaa M ; JPa«n C ; )wi add. (I) K M 
WrS. KWMil teylh owt CM. 70. sore] rfte to M. 71. Sere\ om. M. \ir ^f {to U) toke SNCM. 
n JWl oil. M ; Itylle iM. C. aa] a aiU. NM. Ixif <kA.1 |ia( N ; it C ; tiui; (I) S ; wert m 
■*(ie M. 73. piK l*4er 8N. An. t.] At a noditr alroke C. jow] icyH M. 7*. sere] om. M. 
fc] om. M. 76. ««/ I-.] lowr CM ; ftiHt 6!jf««^ ™ SN, in] om. M. j/te] om. SNC. 76. ^nrf 
" " "M, jMniw] to ftym M ; om. C. woQ om. CM, ptrf— /«^1 Iwys, il vacs (tokj goildea 




Ful WOO was B, pat ylJce stounde. 

He gan to loken vpon hys wounde, 

He lohyd hys body soone anon : 

poo was pe venymfrom hym al gon, 80 

He was al soo hool a man^ 

As heffyrst to bcUayle catn. 

Whan he hadde parseyuyd piSy 

Sere B. wcufful glad, iwis, 

Hese layuerys he took anon 85 

Andfastenyd hys hawberk hym vpon. 

And hys Jielme, was al toreuyd, 

To gedere heffastnyd on hys heuyd, 

And sette hym doun in \>at stede. 

To god almy\ty he had a bede, 

pat he my^te \>at dragoun sloo, 

Ar palhe passyd hymffroo; 

He blessyd hym wip good herte, 

Out off \>e watyr he gan to sterte, 

Hys swerd he gan oiUfor to breyde 95 

And on jfe dragoun faste he leyde, 

pe dragoun tumcde A woldefflee, 

And sere B. afftyr gan tee ; 

Aboue \fe taylffyueffoot tk more 


f. Uih. 

He hew ffrom pe body \>ore, 100 

And sippen he wente to pe scolle 

And hew a twoo hys prote bolle, 

On a trunchoun off hys spere 

Hys hed he sette per on to bere. 

He pankyd god unp deuocyoun 105 

And wente in to Coloyne toun ; 

Bellys he herde merye rynge 

Arid prestys & clerkes faste synge. 

Sere B, sayde : ' What may pis beet* 

AlU pcy sayden : *ltis for pee; 110 

We wenden, pe dragoun pe hadde slon, 

per fore wee syngen euerychon I * 

penne sayde B, al so snel : 

* Hadde I dynydj ifferde wel ! * 

Whenne pe bysschop herde al pis, 115 

pa^ hys cosyn icoinen is. 

He wente a^en sere Beffoun 

Wip a wol solempne processyotm. 

Alls men wol merye syngynde 

And god off hsuene ffaste pankyvdc. 120 

AlU, pat weren in Coloyne toun, 

Blyssyd ryy> ffaste sere Beffoun, 

77 f. : Of his swon sir B, atvooke And of his body good hede tooke SN ; Now ys syr (om. M) 
Befyse harde ybovmde And (depe at the (in the depe M) wellys grounde; The watur hym 
freschyd, pat was colde, (Syr Btfyse {And he "M.) scUe (vp & dud (still to M) beholde, CM. 
79. soons a,] vpon CM. 80. poo] Then CM. from h,]ofhym'M; om. C. aZ] om. M. 79 f. ; 
pan was pal venym fro him gon And him felcde al (hool moon (hele anon N). SN. 81. And 
he M ; And C. als.]as C. Als hoole he f eld him pan SN. 82. As] whenne add. SN. Ai 
ffurste whan he M. 83. he] sir B, SNC. hadde] om. SNCM. 84. Sere B.] He SN. Than 
he WMde yoye & blys C ; In herte he had mekyll blis M. 85. layu,] harnss M ; poyntyt C. 
toke] soone add. SN. 86. fast.] dressed S ; lasid N. haw. h.] armour C. 87. And] om. SK. 
helms] pat add. SNCM. at]soC; om. M. todryued S ; todryve N ; reuydd C ; raid (!) M. 
88. ffast, on] bounds about S. To — on] He sett hyt vpon C. he — heu,] on his hed bound hit 
ful sure N. 89. And] He N. sette — pai] on knees he set hym on his M. 90. And to M. aim.] 
of heuyn SNCM. bad] made M. 91. pat] the CM, 92. pat he] he penncs SNM. pauyd 
h, f] shold goo M. 94. And out SNC ; And swith oute M. off] om. (!) M. he] om. CM. 
gan] om. SCM. to] om. SNCM. 96. Sone his SN ; Tho his M. he — to] anon he ounod 
C ; oute heM ; he forth SN. 96. faste] hard N. Euery dyntte after other. Also hevy ai a 
f other, add. M. 97. turn.] him add. SN. fflee] hauefledd C. 98. And] But C. sere] om* 
SNM. B.] fast add. SN. gan t.] hym sterte C ; hy^n wold be M. 99. And ah. C. 100. 
hew] smot SNC. fro SCM. 101. And] om. NCM. stolle] pdlk SN ; skulle CM ; stoUe K! 

102. a two] in twoo M ; him in (to add. N) SN ; a sonder C. hys] the SNCM. goJUiS)^' 

103. Vppon SNCM. hys] a CM. 104. Hys—sette] He set the hcdd C ; He py^t pathedSS] 
The hede he stekyd M. per on] for SNCM. 104 put before 103 M. 105. He] And SNC 
wip] good add. M. icip d.] in heuyn on hye SN. 106. in] om. C. wente in] bare itfor(h 
M. pat him yiue pe victory SN. He wevjt him in to Coleyn toun, pe men him ^(me grtk 
renoun. add. SN. 107. herd he M. merely S ; faste CM. 108. And] om. SNM. fade] 
loude SN ; msryly C ; meny M. 109. Sere] om. M, Tho seyde sir Befyse C. 111. hoA 
tlie M. 112. wee s. e.] thys ryngyng ys done C. 118. penne] Nay M. sayde] syr add. C. 
al s. s.] OS swelle C. 114. dynyd] dronken SN. fferde] were C. 115. al\ om. SNCM. 
118. aw.s.] afcire SN ; grete CM. 119. With Te deum syngand (meryly syngyng C) SNC ; 
Te deum laudamus lowde sy7tgyn{f M. 120. And] om. SN. off^ in SN. ffaste] moche}i\ 
om. SNC. thanJcyng CM ; herryand SN. 121. Alle] For thsy M. toun] burges M. 12^ Bl* 
r. ff.] Alle pcy blessed SNM ; Blessyd <fc thanked C, Beucs M. 

aire Beues scilo L [2735] 
em, what is to redB 2912 
Of me atifader Deuoun, 
pat holile^ me loudes at Ilaintouii 1 ' 
pe beacliop seide anon ri}t : 
'Kosin, Salter, fin em, is in Wijt, 
' & eueri jer on a, dai certaiiie 
"Vpon Jiemiieriir of Aliiiaine 

p gret liatiiile take, 
Beuo8, al for Jiiiio sake ; 
He wenef wel, f at |)ow be ded ; [2745] 
|)iir fore, kosin, be uie red. 
An hoiidred men ich jeue fe wi}te, 
Ajen ])em[jenir to fijte, 292-1 

2917 |-Btalworde men aijd fer, 

And f ow sclielt wende te Saber : [2750] 

2911. Vpm C. tilt] tlum M. laUtc SNCM ; 

keem E, 
S912. if] om. 0) A. to] yonr C ; thy M. As 

a man ^at vrtre diamaidi SN ; Ta ]>■■■ 

bytaehop ]fal mu kya eem E. 
2B13 f. ; 

Schmui hym aihyd at ]inl ffrmm 

Off hya lo/id, M wn) ftyi/i heiiani" ; 

Hrmydt: ' ily ffaUf. sieffadifr Deamm 

Hcldi^ my limd vii^ffabe trtiouM 

And myffadyr hay Ulaux 
(Here finislies fol. 112. The rollowing leaves 

are lost.) E. 

Lean {erne, nowe (jciie mo lun? and S) real 

Of HIV sti-ffader Kliat it to daya, 

pai tloaj my fader wilh his hoiid 

And me vfUhkall al my loud t 

m i$ my atrfader wilhfals r«ow», 

Ht {Aiid N) hall my loade Kith grett 

trtaouit (ramm (I) N), 
And my fader An> yftavx : 
Jmxildt be vmike 'ted (fulle N^/dtfe/ 
Til vu TtotB (am. !N), air, with nun gj/n 
BuSfmagmynherutagtieyit! SN. 
Qfwiltiierifad'ur (luMi hym add. M) to dtmf, 
(That hcldyth {He hath M) my hmdc tnyth 

(grvit add. M) tremn. 
And also he (oiB, II) W* my fadur tlayve : 
(llure of aAA. ti) Ivtolde be atnrctefayne, 
Yfy myitht MJyth any gyniie 

( The tjidoryt ^ hym {Myiie lie-rilage ageyit 
lo M) iry»»c. CM. 

2918. Thy coaya^ ; om. SNC. Jiim cm] om. 
M. in] 1« ile i^ add. SN. in ir.] a 
l-nyyht CM. 

2917. Aml\ om. 3NM. eelte S. oji] om. 

SCM. a d.] one tyme H. 
2B18. On SNC. [urap.] the em^roiava broiler 


2919. ginneii] friyll M ; camyfi to him SN. 
ifeei] om. .'NCM. bat.] lo add. SNO ; 
theii add. M. 

2920. Bew] Coayn SNC ; M ia add. 8K. 
o/] om. R] And hold U there M. 

{He tomjij. (om. CM) witt l/w/i add. CM) 

gr^ barmidge, 
(And add. N) ni tjw CM) (p cha}a-«<ie 
{wyiine CM) ^ijii hurytmf. add. SNCM. 
2021. ful vtel SN ; om. C. Ml o'". 8. 
2922. fore] Sews add. M. jUw.] do add. SN. 

be me] 1 the U. 
2928. iek] myll add. C. wijte] tight M j 
pi-ofilnble SN. 

2921. fiKerycAe (J&Mrtw'ii™ N) sfnwifl anii 
s((iife (pn^li^lt (1) N) SN ; £cfe qf ttiem 
viorthe a Icnyght C ; Eueryche pure to a 
tnyght M. 

2995. wiffli] bold add. SN ; Anrrfv add. M ; 

/«■*! add. 0. fer] fin M ; i«/(fo C. 
aS2fl. ^fl(<] om. SN. te"] air add. SNCM. 

Siifers M ; haldi add. C. 

Beuya went vpon a day 2555 

To tlie byssliops chamber, where 

And sayde : ' Syr, wliat ia your rede t 
.1 wolde go veiige my fadera dede 
■Of that wyckeJ felon, 3.^59 

Tlmt slewe my fader wyth treiisun ; 
If I mygbt fynde aiiauiitage, 
To wyn ngayne myn herytuge : 2502 
Syr, ye be my faders broder, 
Jjid syp Saljere is the other ; 
Of yoQ two woldc I haue tuuuanylf , 

For, cevtys, that thefe wyl I asaayle ! ' 
■ Syr,' sayde tlie bysahop anon ryght, 
' Syr Saber w a doughty knyght ; 
For euery yere a day certayne 25C9 
He fygliteth thy stepfaiJer agayne 
\\'yth great baronage, 
For to Wynne thyn herytage. 2572 
An hundreth men ehalt thou haueof mv, 
At thy nede for to socour the. 
Theiiore go thou to Sahere ryjjht. 
For ho is in the yle of Wjght ! ' 



Sai, ich grette him wel ilome ! 

3if 36 han nede, sende)) to me, 2928 

Ich wile 30W helpe wip al me mijt, 

A^en l^emperur to fi^t. 

While fow dost J)is ilche toume, [2755] 

\)e leuedi schel wi]) me soiurne, 2932 

And l^e page Ascopard 

Schel hire bofe wite and ward/ 

YoTp weute Beues vnp ])an 

To his lemman losian : [2760] 

' Lemman/ a seide, ' ich wile go 2937 

And avenge me of me fo, 

3if ich mijte wif eni ginne 

Me kende eritage to winne ! ' 2940 

* Swete lemman/ losian sede, [2765] 

' Who schel me ))anne wisse & rede ? * 

Beues sede : ' Lemman min, 

Min em, fe bischop Flore-wtin, 294- 

And Ascopard, me gode page, 

Schel J)e warde fro damage.' [277031 

* Je, haue ich Ascopard,' jhe sede, 

* Of noman ne stant me drede ; » f. i9i&«. 
^ Ich take )?e god & seinte Marie : 
Sone so J)OW mi^t, to me fo w hi3e ! ' 

Beues wente forj) anon [2776] 

WiJ) is men euerichon, 295^ 
)?at pe bischop him hadde ^eue. 
So longe ))ai hadde here wei idriue, 
]^at hil come vpon a done, 
A mile out of SouJ)hamtone. [2780] 

2927. And say M. il.] in lond M. 

2928. sende\> to me] send me your sond M. 
2927 f. om. SNC. 

2929. AndlM. ; He SN. ^ow] \>e S ; om. M. 
help the N. nie\ his SN. 

2930. \>emp,] the emperours broder M. 

2931. The wUie ( !) M. yis\ that M. Unime] 
stoure M. 

2932. schel] may M. soioure M. 

2933. page] hnave M. 

2934. Her may kepe well in warde M. 
2931—2934 om. SNC. 

2935. F<yr]>—wi\i] Sir (And M) B. (werU forth 
(anon right M) SNCM. 

2936. To his L] TU he com to SNC. Comyn 
is to his love M. 

2937. And seide: X<jmo7iSNC. 

2938. And a,] For to venge (wreJce S ; avrreke 
N ; speke C) SNM. me of] ma vpon S ; 
wytJi C. foon SN. 

2939. ^if] \>at add. C. 7my SNC. 

2940. Me k,] Myn SNC. f<yr to Q\ y wyll 

2939—2946 : 

And myne heritage to wynne, 

Brynge I wyll the there in ! * 

losyan said than also tite : 

* Who shall kepe me and vjyte f * 

' Lemany' he said, ' as that I hope, 

Myne erne, that is the hysshoppe. 

And my knave Ascaparte, 

He the toell shall kepe in warde ! ' M. 

2947. 30] om. M. ^he «.] said she M. 

2948. nom, — drede] no thinge drede I me M. 

2949. Ich t. \>e] She hym bdattght M. 

2950. Sone — mi^f] And said . Whan thou 
maiste M. \Kyw] om. M. 

2941—2950 om. SNC. 

2951. Forth (hym add. M) went sir (om. K] 
(B. anone {Beuoon S) SNCM. 

2952. Tnen] m/iyne M. 

2953. had him NCM. 

2954. And so M. hauyth N. he hath his VL 

2955. pat hil] Tyl they SNC ; TUlhe M. a] 

2956. Ttoo SNC; But two M. oirf of] fro 
SNC ; it was fro M. 

* I thanke you,' sayde Beuys, * verely. 

But late these men be sone redy ! ' 

Syr Beuys anon rode than 2579 

And toke his leue at losyan ; 

He sayde : ' My lady, I must go. 

To be auenged on my fo, 2582 

For to wyn into my honde f. 466. 

Myn herytage and my londe, 

And here styl shalt thou be. 

And Ascaparde shal byde wyth the. 

Ye shal haue, or I wende, 2587 

Money ynoughe for to spende ! ' 
losyan sawe, it wolde be so, 
She kyssed hym and forth gan go, 
Forth went Beuys wyth his route 
Of hardy men hym about, 2592 

That the bysshop hym gaue, 
"Bo longe on the se they draue, 
Tyl they, cam to a towne, 2595 

But two myle from South-hampton. 



* Lordinges,' to his men a sede, 29^57 

* 3e scholle do be mine rede I 
Uaue ich eni so hardi on, 

J^at dorre to Hamtoun gow, 2960 

To femperur of Almaine, [2785] 

And sai : ber come]) a vintaine, 

Al prest an bondred km3te, 

)3at fore bis loue wilew fi^te 2964 

BoJ)e wif spere & ynp lauwce, 

Al frescb icome out of Fraunce ! [2790] 

Ac euer, an emeste & a rage, 

Eiier speke]) frenscbe lau72gage, 2968 

And sai, icb batte Gerard, 

And fi^te icb wile be forward, 

And of J)e meistri icbam sure, [2795] 

Jif be wile ^ilde min bure ] ' 2972 

ForJ) J)er com on redi reke, 

]jat renablicbe koufe frewscb speke ; 

* Sire,' a seide, ' icb wile gon, 

pe mesage for to don anon ! * [2800] 

ForJ) a wente to J)e castel gate 2977 

j)e porter a mette per ate, 

To ])emperur be ba]) bim lad, 

Al a seide, ase Beues bim bad. 2980 

2957. LordliTigis N ; Lordis M. hiam, ] hem SN. 

2958. 3« schJl Wyll ye C ; nmoe add. M. fee] 
aftur C. my SNCM. 

2959. Haue ich] Is ])er (here CM) SNCM. on] 
a (om. S) man SNCM. 

2960. d(ir SNC ; yn add. CM. 

2961. \>evip.] \>e emperoures broder M. 

2962. Aer] jir C. camep] is M. virU,] cheff- 
teyn M ; doghty swayn C. 

2963. ^est] vnp add. SN. knyytes S. an — 
kn, ] and redy dight M. Wyth an C knyghtys 
tyght C. 

2964. his I. w.] him woJden SN. fyy;rs (!) S. 
And he hath wyll for to ffyghJt M^; All 
preste toyth hym tofyght C. 

2965. spere] sheld M. 

2966. Alfr,]As^C\ /jfN; om. C. Alfr, ic.] 
All comyn late M. of] \>e reme ofnAd, NC. 

2967. Ac euer] Both M. ra>ge] game M. 

2968. Suer sp.] Speke in M. freschc (!) A. 
laung,] and sey the same M. 

2967 f. ora. SNC. . 

2969. And] om. SNCM. sa,i] him add. S ; 
to him add. N ; \>at add. SNM. ich] he C. 
hi^t SCM ; syr add. C. 

2970. To N ; And to M. wile he] hmte made 
M. And--be] That wyll mnke that C. 

2971. And] om. SNC. icham] I wyll he M. 
scvjre C ; a (<m N ; om. M) sire SNM. 

2972. yif] And M. yiMe] geue C ; me add. 
SNCM. my {myn NM) hire SNM ; gode 
armour C. 

2973. Forthe ther ys oon yreke (irede M) CM ; 
Byfore sir B, {gan forth (furthe gan N) 
reke SN. 

2974. \)at r, k,] pat can well C ; A man re- 
sonahle {renable N) SN. frJ] to add. SN. 
That in ffrenche dmth hym selfe guyde M. 

2976. pe m. /.] Thyne erand M. to] so M ; 
om. (!) A. 

2975 f. om. SNC. 

2977. For]i] When SNC. wente] com SNCM. 
castel] om. M. 

2978. a m,] sone (om. M) he fonde SNCM. 
He fond the porter ther ate C. 

2979. hap h.] was C. To—ha]>] TluU to the 
lord M. he — lad] ]>e porter wende SN. 

2980. Al] And SNCM. a] om. SNC. seide] 
to (til N) hi7n add. SN. ase] sir add..C. 
him] 0111. C. had] kende SN. 

pe emperoure {lord M) was glad of \>at 

{this M) tydynge 
And made {sir add. N) B, {good gcstcnyng 

{ffcire grctynge M). add. SNCM. 

Beuys sayde to bis men tbo : 

* Is bere any, tbat wyl go 

Unto syr Murdour of AJmayne, 2599 

And say, bere is come a Brytayne, 

And dougbty knygbtes, wytbout dis- 

Tbe best of al tbe royalme of Fraunce, 
And say, we come into tbis londe, 
For we be done to vnderstande, 2604 
Tbat tbere sbulde be great warre and 


Bytwene bym and anotber knygbt ; 
And if be wol vs wytb bym bolde, 
We wol defende hym as barons bolde, 
And if be wol nat do so, 2609 

We wol to tbe otber ga 1 * 
A knygbt went fortb on tbat message, 
Tbat gentel was of bis langage ; 2612 
Wban he cam to the castel gate,~" f. 46a. 
The porter lete bym in therat ; 2614 
Wnto syr Murdour was be lad, 
He tolde bym, as syr Beuys bad. 
2616. He] And 0. 



Jjemperur & Beues sete if ere [2805] 
]}at ilche iii3t at pe sopere ; 
Jjemperur askede him, what a het ; 
' Gerard ! ' a seide alse sket. 2984 

* Gerard/ a seide, * for 8oJ> iwis, 
Jjis leuedi hadde her er fis [2810] 

An erl to lord, er ich hire wedde, 
A sone he-twene hem to ))ai hadde, 
A proud wreche and a ^ing, 2989 

And for so])e a lite gadling ; 
So was is fader of proud mode, [2815] 

2981. <fc] sir add. C. sete] om. C. in fere 

2982. Sate jxU C. ilche'] om. SXC. \>e] ther 
C ; om. SX. 

And his moder {sate add. N) {hyfore him 
(hifore N ; om. C) in a cheyere, 

(She him ( T/i^y C) hmumrcd {him add. C) 
swith {full C)feire, add. SXC. 

His modcr in a eheyre beffore 

And Jwnowrcd hyrn ffull ffeire thore, 
add. M. 

2983. pemp.] Than the emperoures bivder M. 
him om. SM. hi^n ctxid N. higlU SNCM. 

2984. aJse sk,] as tygfU C ; y ^ow plyyt S ; / 
am a knyght M. 

2985. as,] seyde |w emperaiir C. Ger, as,] 
The emperaui'e said to Beues M. for s,] 
\>er unth SN ; om. CM. 

2986. leu,] she add. M. her] om. M. hadde- 
— |)w] my tvyf is SN ; that here ys C. 

2987. Had an C. to I,] was her lord SN. 

2988. ehUde SNC. them C. to] om. SNC. 
2990. Andf, s,] Ivrys, it was SN ; ffe was M ; 

Icomen of sura lej?er blode ; 2992 

^His sone, ))at was a proud garsoun, 
Men him clepede Beuoun ; > f. iwa'. 

Sone he was of age, 
A solde me his eritage [2820] 

And spente his panes in schani & 
scho/de, 2997 

And sife fle^ out of Ingelonde. 
N"dw haj) he her an em in 'Wi3t, 
Sire Saber, a wel strong kni3t, 3000 

And C. lythe (I) S ; lethir N ; lither M ; 
lether or lecher C. 

2991. of] a S. proucC] lyther SN. 

2992. And yc, SN ; They cotne CM. lether] 
lechur C ; provde SNAI. 

2993. Her SNCM. W\ om. SNC. prmS] 
letlier M. 

2994. clepcd him SN ; callid hym M ; syr 
add. C. Beu,] Beves of HamJUm M. 

995. ^««m«a« SNCM. t(7a«] coTTien add. (!) M. 

2997. panes] lyvelood M. insch, <£;] tcithSS. 
And spcndyd hyt all saine C. 

2998. sithen SNC ; he add. M. wetU CM. 
of Ing,] of pis (the M) lond SNM ; |>e londe 
withs<Aame C. 

To vie coTtie word after ioell sone, 
I'hat he tvas hangid with moche shorMj 
add. M. 

2999. A7id now M. her] om. SNCM. in] 
om. C. 

3000. Sire] That hight M. toel strong/] hardy 
SNC ; doughty M. 

Syr Murdour than was ful fayne, 2617 
He rose vp and went hym agayne, 
And brought syr Beuys into the hal 
And ful foyre w« loomed them aL 
Beuys was syr !Murdours fere, 
Forsoth, that nyght at soupere ; 2622 
His owue moder, wythout lesynge. 
Made syr Beuys great festynge. 
Murdour asked hym, what he hyght ; 
'larrarde,' he sayde, *syr, I you plyght !' 
* larrarde/ he sayde, * I-wys, 2627 

This countes had I or thys, 
An Eric hyr had, or I hyr wed, 

He gate a chylde on hyr in bed. 2630 
Whan the erle to dethe was brought, 
The boy anon wexed ryght nought ; 
For his fader was of symple blodc, 
The boy neuer drewe to gode. 2634 
So whan the boy cam to age, 
He solde to me his heritage. 
He spent the syluer with moche blame 
And went out of this londe for shame. 
Nowe cometh his eame, an hardy 
knyght, 2639 

Tliat dwelleth in the yle of VVyght, 

L Auil comeji wij) gret baniage [iiS:!.j] 

I And cleinieti iiis eritage, 

I & ofte me do)i her gret gile, 

[ And pow tni^t ^ilden ia wliile, 3004 

Bini to ale wijj award in feldo. 

Wei ich woIJe Jiia here jelJe ! ' [2830] 
' Sire,' que); Boues anon rijt, 
" ' Icbaue knijtes of meche iiiijt, 3008 

pai be^ Tnarmed her of wede, 

3001. And e.] Jiiii ccKe a i/ere C ; Eaeilf yen: 
M : Aad<He?,)waji.yh^ereSS. ffrtfl oni. 

3009. Ani{\ Be SCM. cSialangnlh SNCII ; 
A«™ add. SN. 

30O3. *] full add. II. im d. A.] rfoj/rt inc 

C ; doth ha SI. di—lttr\ He woUle be my 

deth Kilh SN. gHe gntt M. 
SD04. ^luj— tild] .tTi'itrgf )iuii qayle (j/elde 

N) Aim SNC. Woldiile lliaa gave hyiH a 

hmU it 
3006. Eim—feUe^ To ila Ai/ro jra /yjAi en 

C ; 7n R^]^ Ayni (2o witA .^yAt in il ; 

With him to/yil on Jie SN. 

3006. JWf uwll C M. teolii y SN ; ^| xhulde 
C. (v •''''*'* SN ; (ft«t C. vJi — herc\ thy 
mede I shail the M. 

3007. urida SNCH. 

SOiB. Aero/JqfsreitS; of (Aeyre M : o/C. 

3010. ne] om. SKC, oiK] armoai- SN ; oin. 
C That hauc wPixr hars ne steds M. 

For vx myghi no aiinoilr bere. 

We had with vs to moehe gere tidd. M. 

soil. Ounr'] On M.. out SNC. n».] '«?/(.■ M ; 
lye SN ; fyght C. 

8012. iw"i->] Afl mwi M. pirr—mi] pwi «fc 

? HAMTOU:*. 139 

For we lie mijte non out lede 
Oucr Jie aa wiji oiiten aneiju ; [2a33] 
tJar fore, sire, swife an luje 3012 

Let artue me knijtes oclion, 
And )ef liein goJe hors forj) eni>«, 
An liondred men sent fow fe self, 
Ase mani ichane be niin helf, 30IG 
Dijt me Jie scbip & fin mwi bofe, 
And y schel awero fe an o>e, [2842] 
an A,] blyttc tyglil C. 

B. with yrui S 
3013. Ut\ tkem. odd. C. 

fcn.] his men SN ; »H my mea M ; (ieni C, 

eucrye/ian SNC ; oni. M. 
aoii. y/] tote SS. iKiiiC. ^?m( J. A.] Trtti) 

m« M. homy gode C. /«■>] ora. SNC. 

fory «.] an4 Ittnteso A^» ^■ 

.^n>4 (/i!f di^l atuo (do th^m iKAyppe C) saunz 

la to (>r! ship (the thlppis N ; a tchyjipe C) 
good (loyth 0) nitoifc, add. SNC. 

Zct digit OT ahippiti ttith good fjirayll. 

And two good 'hippo vrilh velaylt, odd. M. 
Wi5.A«danCG. men] knyghtes Hi. thou 

Knd M. fowl om. SNC. be *.] lo me 

:iOI8. So CM. on my hi^e (hekalfe M) CM. 
:I017. )K] n M ; yi C. (««] yourM ; mp C. 
a018. BcAeO (Ac M ; om. C. mreii!] mtK C. 

\e an] m^fA oiof (outen H) CM. 
3016—3018 : 

For (tfc N) y ira! {?io( fojij/ (no Uagcr N) 
(iw«I uitfA ^ 

FFifA in« in sAip hastelyt. 

And y (om. N) Uie siecr {y add. N) by 
s^iat Marye, SN, 

And chalangetli bis lieritagi 2641 

"Wyth ful great baronage 
And oft tymes wytb hia rout r. Mt. 
I)estroyetb our londe al about. 2G44 
This ia the cauRe, Syr larrardc, 
That we wurre tojjeiler so barde.' 
TFhan ayr Munb)ur had al sayile, 
Bcuya sate atyl &i was enyl npaydi; ; 
He aafde : ' Lorde, whetber slml I alo 
This faU traytour, or I go ! ' 2650 

' Nay,' be aayde, ■ and reason, wby : 
It wolde turne me to velany, 
Tot men myght wene be reasoTi, 
That I bjm slewe by gyle and tiCiiHon ; 
It wolde turne me to cowardyse, 
If I slewo bym in tbia wjau ; 2C5C 

I wyl bym nat here asaayle. 

But I abal bym sic in playne batayle.' 

Whan Benys a wliyle luul sylfoii atyl, 

' Syr,' he sayde, ' wol ye here my akyl ) 

I liaue hyder company brought, 

But in armour be they nought ; 2663 

They njygbt none armour wyth them 

But if it noyed them, as they yede ; 

And ffwe huraKS, I-wys, haue we. 

We lete for catiage of the se : 2666 

Lene me horse &, armour tht^ii, 

Bolhe for me & al my men, 

Let vs bane aliy[i]iynge to. 

And we slial to that yle go ; 3670 



pai i schel jeue swiche adaut 
On fat ilche Sabaaut, 3020 

J?at wij) iime a lite while [2845] 

J)ow sclielt here of a quei/2te gile ! * 

Al J)U8 J)emperur haj) him dijt 
BoJ>e hors, arines and kni3t, 
J?ar to scliipes wi|) gode vitaile ; 3025 
ForJ) fai wente & drowe saile. [2850] 
In f e schipe J^e knijtes setew, y-wis, 
On of here, anofer of his. 3028 

Whan J)ai come amidde J)e forde, 

£ch ]>rew is felawe ouer pe bord ; 

Of femperures k]ii3tes euerichon [2855] 

Wi)) inne bord ne leuede non. 3032 

Saber hem f ul wel y-say, 
Ase he vpon is toure lay, 
Maiii baner he sej arered. 
po was Saber sumdel afered, 3036 
J?at J)emperur wij) is ost come, f. i92a». 
Biker he made wel y-lome. [2862] 

Beues wiste wel and sede, 
j)2Lt Saber him wolde drede ; 3040 

3019. ^ue] speke SNCM. 8\o, a*.] loUh hym 
full fferes (!) M ; also hoU (whoot (!) S) 
SN ; tygJU C. 

8020. On] WUh SNC ; To M. iUhe S,] same 
(old M) knyght SCM ; Sabers add. M. 

3021. Xiat] And SNC. mH om. C. lytel 

3022. o/] om. SNC. 

3023. Al >.] Al SN ; Anon C\ AsVL, \emp.] 
the emperoures hroder M. hym hath M ; 
h4id SN ; om. C. 

8024. armes] man M. arm£8 a. k.1 and 
avTuour bry^t SN. fforsys, armour A an 
G knyghtes C. 

8025. par to] And her SN ; And thre M. 
Ana a schyppe C. gode] om. M. 

3026. For\h--drowe] cfc (om. N) forth on Jw 
water ]!ay gon SN ; theire add. M. 

3027. Jw — seten] jxxw (that N) shippes B, set 
SN ; ])e schyppe sir Befyse sett C ; yche 
shippe he sett M. 

3028. On] (Euer add. M) a knyght SNM. 
Tiere] \>e emperours (m^n add. C) and SNC ; 
and M. ati.] oon SM. 

8029. -<4?Mi )w SN. amydls N ; j/Jt myddys 

C. forth S;flode IS, 
3030. JScA] T^y C. J?e] om. N. is—\>e] jtem 

ouyr the schyppe C. 
3029 t : ^Tic^ whan tliay had sayled a throwe, 
Echone threwe ouer hisfelowe. M. 

3081. Cf] om. CM. ^emp,] Sir Mordoure is 
M. e^wn N. 

3082. There wUh M. in.] jw add. SNC; 
shippes add. SN. 9i6 Z.] ^ lefte CM ; //ll 
SN. non] not (n>euyr C) oon SNC, 
i^or^ ]n^ MTt^ (anoon ryyt (tyght C ; that 

Uke ny^t M), 
TyZfo )wy com to ^ He ^f Wyxt, add. 

3033. /S'after ^/.] poo Saher SN ; u4nrf <^ 
syr Saher C ; TAa< Sabers men M. 

3034. iT^t isL]in'^ castel SN. Ascr—t.] In 
hys towre there he C ; Ouer the castell as 
they M. 

[ffe sey^e muche (there M) [ When he stm 
C] armour bry^t, 

[He (Hym N) drad \>an (hym C) [^«rrf A« 
t(;aa M], wJuU it be my^t, add. SNCM. 
3036—38 : 

Mony a baroun there was araid 
And Sabere was there of adrad. 
Thai sir Mordoure is oste was comandf 
For to mjake war in thai lond, M ; om. 

3039. Sir B. C. low^;] knew M. and *.] P- 
dede CM ; y rede add. SN. 

3040. pa£] sir add. C. wolde hym CM. p(^ 
— wolde] Put vp a pensell, lest Saber « 

This nyght I wyl lyue and dye 
On hym, that is thyn ennemye, 
And so wythin a lytel whyle foi. 47a. 
Ye shal here a quaynt gyle ! ' 2674 
Syr Murdour dyd, as Beuys hym bede, 
And lent his men armour and stede ; 
He ordeyned them shyppynge gode 
And than brought Beuys vnto the flode. 

Than sayled they forth ryght, 2679 
Tyl they cam to the yle of Wyglit 
Sabere out of his castel lay 
And harde moche noyse & great arayy 
He sawe, a shyp to londe was pyght 
Wyth an hundre<i hedes wyth helmes 
bryght ; 2684 

Tpon Jjo hijeste mast ia top pare [28CS] 

He let aette vp a Btreraere 

Of his fader arniure. 

Saber fe ra|)er to make sure, 3044 

For mani a time far be-forcn 

He badde hit in to bataile bore». [2870] 

■J>o fe Hcldp to londe drouj, 

■Saber hit knew wel inouj 3048 

And (lonjte and gan to vndersto^de, 

,|iat Eeues Wiis come inte Ingelonde. 

' Lonl,' a aeJo, ' heied fnw be, [3875J 
)}at icti mai me kende lord se : 3052 
J3at he wer de<i, ich was of^ltad, 
Mecho sorwe icliaiie for him had,' 
A wente wifi is kiiijtea bline, 
(3ar fie schipes acholde ariiie; 3056 
-Sfjer ofer gan to kias", [2881] 

And made mecho ioie & blisee, 
And Iteues tolde him iita while, 
He hadde do ])emperai a gile^ 3060 

8041. ^Tui on U. u f. >.] there C ; that waa 

there M ; vkcIc SN. 
S042. leti om. C. d}i] om. U. ffe {pey 3) 

idte ^e afeire penacll SN. 
Ki3. Qf]AndS. his] otim add. U. ana.] 

armea M ; d«« armaar SN ; army) bryghl 

S044. Ik r.] ia hert M. Safor— jimfo] Sir 

SnicT la knoui aitd be SN. mrea (t) M. 

That Saber had bom yn many afyght. C. 
SIMS, timei day M. 
SD4fl. He—bai.] In to haiaile he had U SNC i 

m in haUiyll UhadU. 
VH7. pol Whan 8SM ; Sa C. drewe M. 
'8048. {And aJd. C) Sabur >e 5on«- (armjw C) 

wtl hneuie SNC ; &(£i!re U right ueZI itneuK 

8049. Jnd ]i.] om. C ; w(I add. SN. And— 
I ffon] 2%[(n gan A« uieU M. Ic] om. SNCU. 
S060. poi] rir add. SNC. was c.l cmn N. 
I iida]lo SC. foruf SNC. 
f S051. .d, lonfe C; OodM.. blcssyd CNH. 
S0fi2. ibmifel om. M. i£h — loi-dl my lords y 

M51 £ ; ' 
And fiiTthennmc, v:hen, he idler nan la, b. 

8055. A—kni}le»] IFilh all hie l-uygkten he 

wiU M ; And -wenl him forth tUeo SN ; 

And wsiU down as C. bli^ M. 
3066. There as C ; Title |m keye ^ere SN. 

ship SN. leholde] gan N. ryue SNC. 

Jnij m Ihe load met hymffiill blyve M. 

3057. And either SN. i/an oOieT 8CM ; {fan 
ga athir N. lo] Aob and M ; ooi. 8C. 

3058. Amd {pey SNM) loqJi bolhe (om. C)/m- 
ioT^ onrf Uya 8NCM. 

T/if y uienf MA hand in hand. 
And caste the velayll on the lowi, 
IfiiA ( !) meh/tl joy, than Beues made, 
They etc and dranke and made ham glad. 
add. M. 

3059. -Jntq Sir SNC. Aim] Aw erne SN ; 
wUh M ; om. C. 

3060. Bom {he dide \e emperoare (ihe e. h. d. 
N) begyle SN ; Of the empcrour and hyi 
gi/U C ; To Sabere (^ sir Mordaure is giSs 

He had great wonder, what they were, 
fnt Benjs displayed his baner there, 
For to make syr Sabere chere 2687 
Of hya fader, syr Gnyes, armere. 
For many a tyme there beforne 
Were those armea in batayle borne. 
Sabere knewe the conyaaunt, 2G91 
And tberfore made he gode semblaunt, 
He sayde : ' Certys, I ynderstande, 
That yonder is Boiiya come to lande 

Sabei'o went tUyder in haste, 2695 
There as the shyp was made fast ; 
He welcomed Beuye, I-wys, 
And eyther gan other kysse. 
He thanked god of his gittce, 2699 
That Benya was come into that place. 
Than forth went Benys and Sabers 
Wyth theyre men nl in fere ; 2702 
Beiiys ciyd his same to wete, t nt. 

Howe his stopfader and he dyd meto, 

28BB. dy]>luyd[\)0. 




po seide Beues wif fan : [2885] 
* Haue ich eni so hardi man, 
|)at don*e to HamtouTi gon 
Ouer fe water sone anon, 3064 

And sai J^emperur anon ri3t, 
J)at i nam no Frensche kni^t, [2890] 
"Ne ))at i ne hatte nou3t Gerard, 
paX made wi]) him pe forward, 30G8 
And sai him, ich hatte Beuou?;, 
& cleyniej) pe seinori of Hamtoun, 
& pat is wif is me dame, [2895] 

pi\l schel hem bofe teme te grarae ; 
Now of hem bofe to gadre 3073 

I schel fonde wreke me fadre 1 ' 

Vp far sterte an hardi on : 
* Sire,' a seide, * ich wUe gon, 3076 
Jje mesage for-dof hem bofe, [2901] 
And maken hem sori & wrojje/ 
Forf a wente ase hot 
Ouer fe water in a bot, 3080 

Forf a wente also whate f. i926>. 

In at f e castel gate ; [2906] 

8061. po] Theii C; And there M. seida] sir 
add. 0. po s. £.] Sir B. seide to his erne 
SN. win ¥^ur C ; om. SNM. 

8062. ffaue ich] Hast ^u here SX ; Is ther 
C. hard%\ a add. CM. 

Viot dar (wyll C) wende also Iwte {whoot 

(!) S) 
To (South- add. M) hampton in aflet (flote 
N ; om. CM) boot SNCM. 
3065. sai] to add. C ; ye {\) add. M. \)emp. 
anon] the emperoicre is bro\>ure M. 

8066. i nam] he {it M) was SNCM. 

8067. Nodur C ; Atid sey M. i — tiwaj^ he ne 
higM M ; he hi^ not (om. C) SNC. 

3068. pa£] there add. M. M )w^ SNCM. 

wi^ h, )).] his M. 
3068 put before 3067 M. 
8069. And—hatte] Sey (But M ; that add. NM) 

my Tvame is SNSI ; But that he hyglU sir C. 

Beues M. 
3070. <fc — sein.] (pat was add. N) Gyes son 

SN ; That is lorde C. Southampton N. 

And lorde of So^Uhampton ys M. 

8071. ^] om. M. 

8072. hem h,] \fe7ii C ; hym M. te] meche 
add. CM. schume C. And I hem shal doo 
booth shame SN. 

3073. Jifow] om. C ; wyll I add. M. of] on 

M. \>em CM. gadre] there add. C. And 
sey (on add. N) Jievi both y wylle (Ji^t add. 
N) to geder SN. 

3074. Isch.] pe dee}> SN. fonde w.] (to add. 
N) awreke of (om. C) SNC. / — wreke] 
IVreke the dethe of^, fad.] dere add. C. 

3075. Fp l>. St.] Vp there rose M ; poo stood 
vp SN. <m] man M ; kny^t SNC. 

3076. pai message y woll do a plyit SN. 
Andseyde : * Ywyll ])y message do ary^t * C. 

8077. On thy M. for d, h.]to th^m M. 
3077 f. om. SNC. 

3079. Forp aw,] And (He CM) a7-med him 
SNCM. ase] foot SN. 

3080. Ouer \>e w,] And manned (him weUe 
(om. C) SNC ; And he irutde redy M. in 
thel^; hysGK. 

3081. also wh.] on the ny^t M. 

3082. And he come to Hampton right VL 
8081 f. om. SNCM. 

(Tho add. N) (the emperoure (sir Mordoure 

M) loa^ at (hys add. CM) sopere, 
(And add. M) he dro^ to ((m M ; aC) hndfi 

his destrere. add. SNCM. 
He bad, n^mefro the bote they yede. 
But mete hym there, yf he had nede. 
Then went he, forth on his gate, 
Tyll he com^ to the eastell yate. add. M. 

And Beuys asked forth wyth than, 

If thut there were any man, 2706 

That durst go as bote 

Unto QEimpton in a bote 

* And tekto syr Murdour ryght, 

That I am no frenche knyght, 2710 

Nor he hyght nat syr larrarde. 

That made wyth hym that forwarde, 

But say, it was Beuys of renowne, 

The ryght heyre of South-hampton, 

And say, his countesse is my dame : 

The deuyl gyue them bothe shame ! 
And say, I wyl auenged be 2717 

Of that they dyd to my fader and me ; 
And who so wyl this for me do, 
Wythout rewarde he shal nat go I ' 
Up start a knyght wyth bolde vysage 
And vndertoke that same message ; 
He armed hym also hot 2723 

And was brought ouer in a bote. 
Whan he cam to the other syde, 
Unto the castel gan he ryde ; 2726 


J At ^e snper alse a set, 

» J>emperur he gan Jius gret : 30S4 

' Sire etnperur, i fe hringe 

I, A swife aertaiiie tiding : [3910] 

[ Wei fe grete pat ilche kiiijt, 

I J)at aopede wi(j pe 3eKtene nijt; 3088 
A saijj, a hatte noiijt Gerard, 
J)at made wif f e Jie foi'-ward, 
A saip, Jjat lie hatte BeuoK« [2915] 
And cilejniiefi fie aeinori of Hamtou!?, 
And 13 icome wi{i (lu to speke, 3093 
Of his fader defi to ben awreke, 


]7e te sle will suhaiiie & achonde 

And for to winne is owene londe.' 3093 

Jjemperur hertle of Lira fat word, 
His soiie stod be-fore (le bord ; [2923] 
He >oujte wijj is longo knif 
Re-reue ftat niesagei'ea lif ; 3100 

A (irew is knif & kou|)e noujt redi 
And amot his sone ^ourj pe bodi. 
]7e mesager spak a gainli word [2927] 
Be-fore Jieiaperur is liotd : 3104 

' J)oiv gropedeat J»b wif aiiijt to lowe, 
jjow mijt noujt sen avijt to frowe ; 

83. {«] ora, NC. OS NC i Ji«r« S. o] f^y 

13 f.: 

Sir Mardmtre Kaaihi$ iiutc, 
Aiid ffali £eyre he gan, kym grete. M. 
SOSn. mip.'\ Mordoure M. 
3089. A\ am. SNCM. 
!0S7. Wei J*! ff.] Fro M. iicA*] vrwmth add. 

3088. Jwrf.]ttiiojHireM. 
3087 1 ora. SNC. 
8089. J— ?w«J(l rxtt (>! kny-it (lie M) Asj( 

[kali m not SNCM. 
3091). mad w. M Uioa ToadisU M. J^e] thy 

H i tot SNO i n(eA« N. 
8091. S»ua he hat /i( Hampioit SN ; £ul 

(oni. M) fc AigW (y» C) i(«/'iwu «/ Hampton 

3092. 'tMJ f« H/n o"^ l^y 'OOK- SXCM. 

3093. ^wq ffe C. ^lui w ».] Also he ftn> 
8. un'ti )<e] <A^ M. ^bo icilft the he hath 

SOCi. Of] IliU N ; oin. SCM. his] oim ailJ. 

C. (feMom. C. (o5.]A«w»//fiSN;(oCM. 
3095. pe] ^tuf N SN ; And M. 
3098. -Jniq om. SN. And/, to] 7^ oiui M. 

M ojn.] ajcyif Am SNCM. 

3097. pern?). A.J ^wm air Mordoilrc M, o/ 
A.] with M ; om. SNC. >fti] >m 8N. 

3098. tx:] his S. 

3099. (laujfe] jircw SN. 

8100. To rflue M ; To ftcHj/,ii 9N ; To haiie 

benoiiie C. ^ai] pe SNC&I. mesivnger is 

(Ais M) HCM. 
3101 f. : 

[(ffe siiwt (Tho sirwle U N) his s«n» [Sys 
nolle he smote C] t'nrug |ic bwiijr, 

( TAol add. C) he fel doan ai idedd & C) 
hl«ody. SON. 

Mt th,r&i!e at tA( -iM^ingen 

Aiui tmolt his son in the body there. M. 
31 03. a gainli] a game C ; ageya a M. 
310*. ffenip. is] t/ie emperottrs C ; sirMordoure 


3105. an.] this wygj M. gr. — aniit] grepyst to 
ny%l py wyfe G. 

3106. That |>oii my\l {may C) not CM. aritl] 
hi tnyft C ; om. M. 

Be fonda eyr Murdour at his soupere 
^jth gode semblant and great chera 
The knyght vpon his kne hym set. 
And ourtealy syr Murdour he gret. 
He sayde : ' Syr Murdour, I the brynge 
Suche a eertayne tydynge, • i. tsa. 2732 
^That the knyght hygiit nat larrarde, 
That made wyth the that forwards, 
But he hyght BouyB of Hampton, 
j He is thy ladyes owne sonne : 273G 
1 1 harde hym so to Sabore speke. 

His fadera detli he wyl awreke 
And wyn agayne hys heritage 
Of them, that haue doDB hym outrage ! ' 
"WTian syr Murdour herde that worde. 
He cast his knyfe oner the horde, 
To haue hit the messangere, 37+3 

Bvit he fayled, as ye may here. 
And smote his owne son in the brest. 
That he spake neuer wyth clorke nor 
proste. 27i(J 



j)ow hauest so swonke on hire to m3t, 

J30W hauest ne3 for-lore fe si^t : 3108 

Her ))ow hauest li])er haunsel, 

A worse fe be-tide schel ! ' 

And smot is hors wi)? \>e spore [2935] 

And amde out at halle dore ; 3112 

Wei and faire he haf him di^t 

& com a^en to Beues in Wi3t 

And tolde, a slou^ is sone for grame ; 

Beues I0U3 and hadde gode game. 3116 


Lete we sire Beues ))anno [2941] 
& speke of losiane, 
pat in Coloine was wi]? Beues em, 
Til ])at he a3en ))eder kem. 3120 

In ]7at londe ])at ilche while [2945] 
])ar wonede an erl, l^at hi^te Mile ; 
To losian he hadde his loue cast 
& gan hire to wo wen fast, 3124 

Faire a spak to teme hire J^oujt, f. 1926*. 
& 3he seide, a was aboute nou3t. 

3107. so] om. C. on hire] so sore C ; om. M. 
8108. That (]xm haste lorne thy {losU thou, 

hast (thyne eye M ) syght CM. 
3109. Uer\ Th&rfore C. l%^r\fehU C. 

8110. Amd C. A w."] Wors, I wene M. be- 
tyde the C. wyll M. 

8103—3110. om. SN. 

8111. And] He CM ; pe messengere SN. is] 
the C. spere S. 

8112. amde] rode NCM ; he rood S. at] \>e 
add. SNCM. 

3113. Feirc and wette SNC ; In the bote M. 
ha]i] om SN. 

3114. To B, he come {went S) m to )>e ile of 
Wy-^t SN ; And to {sir add. C) Beiies he 
conie to Wyght {right M) CM. 

3115. Atid] He M. seyde C ; howe add. N. 
a] \>e emperour C. 

3116. And B, SM. hadde] ful add. N. 

3117. we sire B.]we he stille of pis SN ; vs 
now speke M. sire B. )>.] nmo them bee C. 

8118. speke] tell M ; we add. SNM. of] maide 

add. SN. And of locyan speke we C. 
8119. pat] was Ufte add. C. wa>s] is SN ; 
om. C. is in Colyn M. B,] his M. B. 
em] Ascopard SN. 

3120. Tyl B, com ay,yn thedir (om. S) %oard 
SN ; To soiorne there, till he com ageyn M ; 
What sorowe pat to hur caTne C. 

3121. pat] yn that C. iUhe] om. C. 

3122. Dwellid M. An erle per toas C. pcd] 
men add. M. hi^] caUid M. 

pere wonyd an erle pere beside, 

In pat lond, pat is so {ful N) toyde, SN. 

3123. hadde] om. M. he — Unie] his Imie he 

3124. gan — tcowen] %oowyd hur full C ; heher 
wooyd svnth M. And wende to haue had 
(om. N) Tier loue stedfast SN. 

8125. Faire] FasU M. 

3126. And] Let sir S ; Lete be, sir N ; For 

sothe C ; om. M. a w, a,] hyt ysfor C ; it 

helpeth SN. 

Than arose a noys and a crye, 
The messanger dyd hym thens hye, 
For it was nat gode, to byde there 

lonse, 2749 

Therfpre he lept out them amonge. 
Than/fayre and wel he gan hym dyght, 
Tyl jie come to the yle of Wyght ; 
He ^Ide syr Beuys and syr Sabere, 
Ho-^e syr Murdour sat at soupere, 
An4 his owne son for Ire he sloughe ; 
Beiiys therat had game and loughe, 
Ajid gaue the messangere for his ty- 

dynge 2757 

Syxty florens of rede golde shynynga 
Late we of Beuys be styl than . f. 486. 
And speke we nowe of losyan, 2760 
That in Coleyne dwelled styl ; 
There she had nat al hyr wyL 2762 
There dwelled an erle, called Myle, 
In the londe of Coleyne that whyle ; 
To losyan his loue he cast 
And wowed hyr wonder-fast, 2766 
But al his speche turned to nought. 
For he coude nat chaunge hyr thought 

2766. wondr 0. 



I m 

€xtrB i$me8, |To. xlviii. 













PART 11. 






[Heprinied 1893, 189S.] 






|5at erl was wroj) m is manere, [2951] 
For losian him nolde here, 3128 

& spak to hire wij) loude gret : 
*Eor wham,' a seide, 'scholde ich it 

JBoute ich mai haue of ))e me wille ? 
Ich wile,' a seide, ' who fat nille ! * 
3he seide : * While ichaue Ascopard, 
Of ))e nam ich no[)ing afard, 
!For fe wreffe ne for fin ost, 
:Ne for J?e ne for fine host ! ' [3960] 
And fo foujte fat erl Mile 3137 

To do lostan a gile : 

A leter he let for to write, 

In fis maner he dedc it adite, 3140 

peit Ascopard come scholde [2965] 

To Beues, far fe letter him tolde. 

In to a castel in an yle, 

)>e hrede of fe water fre mile ; 3144 

To Ascopard f ai come snel \ 

)pai seide, Beues him grette wel [2970] 

& he-sou3te, for is loue 

In haste a scholde to him come. 3148 

3127. pe SNCM. m] on N. 

3128. For] pat SNO. nolde him S ; wolde 
hym not C ; hym tvold not M. here] hdbbe 
to fere SN. 

3129. <£r] poo SN ; ffe M. seide SNOM. 
to h.] he SN. Umde] hert SNCM. 

3130. as.] is it that I M. uiham a s.] whoos 
ey^e SN. schall C. i£\ om. SNC. ich U] 
om. M. 

3131. haiie — ms] wUh thy good M. ich — vne] 
\yef add. NC) (Jxw* wih me loite (y may 
C) wUh good SNC. 

3132. a s.] \>e hatie SN ; om. C. who pat] 
wiU pou or SN ; whedur thou wyU or CM. 

3133. Nay, she seide SN ; om. C. 

3134. n/im ich n.] I am no thinge "M.; am y 
nou}t SN ; y am not C. 

3136. For] Qf C. tw.] bragge SN. for] of 

C. thy host SNCM. 
8136. Neither SN ; iVodtw C ; om. M. for] 

of C. nefor] nor of C. ost SNCM. 

3137. And] All M ; om. SNC. ]>o] than CM. 
\fat] pe SNC ; om. M. erV] sir add. SN. 

3138. F(n- to CM. los,] hur C. To do I.] 
ffur to haue wUh (throw N) SN. a] snm 

3139. he — to] sofie ?ieletS; he lete sons N ; /«« 
Tnade sone M ; ?ie dud C. 

3140. In >. m.] And \nis SNCM. dede] gan SN 
CM. crirfiteSNM. he — ad:]hyt8nyde(\)C. 

3142. To]?ielpeaLdd,U, bar] as SNCM. him] 
om. SNCM. wolde SN. 

3143. In to] Tyll M. 

3144. of —pre] iherof ys two C. wai,] was 
add. M. pe — pre] ()uer pe brood waiter a SN. 

3145. pai\ one M. 

3146. pai] And M. seide] that add. M. gret 
hym M. 

3147 f. om. M. 
3145—3148. om. SNC. 

The erle was wroth in his manere, 
For she made hym no better chore ; 
Than in ire downe he hym set 2771 
And to losian spake wordes gret : 
* I wyl do wyth the my wyl, 
Wheder it lyke the wel or yl ! ' 
*Syr,* sayde losyan: Hhy hoste late 

I drede the nat, so mot I the, 2776 
For if thou go to the harde, 
I affye me in Ascaparde ! ' 
' Certys,' than thought the erle Myle : 


* I shal Ascaparde begyle ! ' 2780 

Whan he sawe, he myght nat spede, 
Up he rose and forthe he yede ; 
He made a letter be wryten ryght, 
On this maner it was dyght, 
From Beuys, as the letter wolde, 
That Ascaparde come sholde 2786 
Unto a castel, that stode in an yle ; 
It was from Coleyne but a myle. 
^Whan Ascaparde herde that sonde, 
He toke his great staf in his honde 

1 f . 49a. 



Forj) wente Ascopard ase hot 
Ouer pe water in a bot ; 
Whan he was ouer fe water come, [2975] 
Hii vn-lek pe ^ate at fe frome ; 3152 
& whan he was comen wip inne, 
J)ai sperede him faste wip ginne. 
Ajen to losiane Miles gan teme : 3155 

'For wham,* a seide, 'schel ich it 
werne 1 ' [2980] 

Jhe pou3te for to kepe hire, apli3t, 
3he sente a masager to Wi3t, 
To Beues, be letter & tolde fore 
Al to gedre lasse & more. 3160 

Miles wolde haue is wille [2985] 
And 3he bed him holde stiUe : 

3149. Forp w. A.] He had, he ahold M. 

3150. Otier pe w,] To the castell com M. 
This letter he send to the, he said 
And had, that thou it rede, 

Eche word to the e7id.* 

That it were aolh, %oell he wend, add. M. 
3149 f.: 

(To geder pey went ( There Tie hroght hym C) 
favre and welle 

Ouer ^ water to }>at {the C) castelle, SNC. 

In to the hote he toent snell 

And went with hym to the castell. M. 
3161. JVh>an — water] And (om. N) wTien \>ey 

were ouer (peder SN) SNC. come] ynome C. 

3152. ffe vntoked {vnloke N) SN ; In to C. 
^ate] castel SNC. pe] om. SN. at pe f,] 
soon they cf/tne C. 

3151 f. om. M. 

3153. <t — was\ Whan that they were M. wiY\ 
om. M. 

3154. Paste the gale they sparud to hym M. 
3153 f. : . 

And put Ascopard (hyon C) in lether (with 

a C) gynne, 
And loked (loke N) \>e (^ates ]>oo (gate when C) 

he was ynne. SNC. 

3155. Miles g,] pe erl gan SN ; can he C. 
A^en — MUes] Erie Myle to losyan M, 

3156. For wh.] Who M. ich it\7ne now M. 
Aind seid : * Now (maist not me (may pou 
m£ not 'N) werne SN. And seyde : * Who 
schall me wame C. 

(The add. C)/(w to he my lefman. 
Now Ascopard is (fro pe (om. C) goon, add. 

3157. /or] om. M. apt.] as hrufeasshe myght 
M. losian as hastely as she my^t SN ; 
T?ian locyanforfyght C. 

3158. ^e] om. SNC. A messingere she sent 
M. in to SN ; >? ile of add. SO. 

To Beues that he shold hye. 

To kepe herffro velony, add. M. 

3159. To] And N. he] imth a C. To B. ht\ 
How the M, d!L] pat tolde C ; tolde him 
N ; told he M ; and sent him S. fore] pore C. 

3160. ?ior6(!) A. 
3161 f. : 

On (Vppon NM) a day peerlto her cam 
And in his armes he her nam. SNCM. 
Wei he pou^t to (om. N) h>aue doon his dede. 
* For charite, (mercy y sir (s, m, N) ! * sfie 

And went forth with that messangere 
In great haste, tyl he cam there. 
"Whan Ascaparde was within, 2793 
The messangere was quaynt of gynne ; 
Wythin he left Ascaparde 
And locked the gates after hym harde ; 
Than rowed he to londe agayne 2797 
And tolde syr Myle of that trayne. 
Than had erle Myle of no thynge drede. 
To losian agayne he yede ; 2800 

He sayde : * losian, make no mone. 
For Ascaparde is fro the gone : 
In a castel within the se 
Locked fast, forsoth, is he 1 ' 2804 

Than was losian nat wel apayde, 

She called a messanger & to hym sayde: 

* Go thou to shyp this same nyght 
And passe f orthe to the yle of Wyght, 
And byd syr Beuys, for any thynge 
Come to me wythout lettyng, 2810 
If he vryl haue me on lyue : 
Wherf ore I pray the, go belyue ; 
Thy rewarde I shal the pay, 

Spede the thyder wythout delay !' 
The messanger went on his way. 
There was no more to say. 2816 

So Myles sone after than 
Cam agayne to losian *'•**• 

1 And fyrst wolde haue lyne hyr by; 

* I pray the, syr,' she sayde, * mercy, 



' ^ou3t, fej i scholde lese me lif, 
Boute ich were pe weddede wif ; 3164 
3 if eni man me scholde wedde, 
|3anne mot ich go wip him to bedde : 
I trowe, he is nou3t now here, [2991] 
j?at schel be me wedde-fere ! ' 3168 
^ • Y schel fe wedde ajenes J?e wille, 
To morwe y schel hit ful-fille ! ' ^ f. i9Sai. 
And kiste hire anon ri3t [2995] 

And sente after baroun & km3t 3172 

And bed hem come leste & meste, 

To arioure fat meri feste. 

"Ke ni3t is gon, pat dai comew is, 

y )?e spusaile don hit is [3000] 

Wip merpe in pat toun 3177 

& ioie of erl and baroun. 

And whan hit drou3 toward pe ni3t, 

Here soper wa« per redi di3t, 3180 

* / "haue stoom, certis, myn othe, 

pat y ne shalfor l^ne iothe, add. SN". 
For he wolde haue do that dede. 

* Mercy i ache seyde avd can grUe, 
' / haue an othe stoore. 

That yforlayn schcUl be nomore, add. C. 
Thai he wold with her ly on slepe, 
For no thing wold he lett, 
She said : * Sir, I haue sufore. 
Though I shold he dede there fore, add. M. 

3163. Nouit'\ om. SNC. schalle N ; \>erfore 
add. 0. Nou^t — Zese] To haue no man 
in M. 

3164. Boute] Er thai M ; j^add. C. were] he 
M. ])e] a SNC ; his M. wed.] spoused SN. 

3165. eni — scholde] \>ou wHt (me spouse and 
(take me to C) SNCM. 

3166. panne — Aim] Ivnlle with the go SNC ; 
/ xjoyll than go M. to] thy add. M. 

3167—3170 : 

*Ble^lyi he seide, 'as (so C) (mot y (y mote 

To morow (mome C) [schal thow spovjsid 

(iveddyd C) [spoused shaU ^ou S] be!* 

To morowe I shall spouse the. 
For thou shaUe not forsworns he : 
I wyll not, thai thou theforswere. 

This day I wyll the fforhere ! * M. 

3171. And\He^^O}li, herkyssudK. aiton] 
and partid M. ry^tes SC. 

3172. And] He H. harons and kny^tes SC. 

3173. And b. h.] That they shold M. 

3174. To — meri] He thought to hold a gret M. 
3173 f. om. SNC. 

(For to com (All he had M) to his gestenyng 

(gestynge M) 
And (om. NM) for to Jionoure his spousyna 

(weddyng C). add. SNCM. 
3176. is] was C. The— -gon] Sone aftvr SN. 
Jjo^] Jj6 SNC. cmnen is] was come C ; com 
SN. T?ie day yode, the nyyt come M. 

3176. [At (That 0) \>e (om. NM) mor(m [Thai 
C] \>e spousing wcut don SNCM. 

3177. ^t>] muche add. SN ; mekuU add. C ; 
grett add. M. yoye CM. in] he side M. 
\>at] \»e SNCM. 

3178. <fc — and] And grete ioy of (alle add. N) 
SN ; And with hmoure of M ; Bothe with 
knyghtes and C. 

3179. And wh.] Whan M ; poo SNC. drou^ 
tow^ come at M. 

3180. Here] Theire M ; A ryche SNC. was 
per] wer (!) A. was per redi] was well M ; 
pere was SNC. 

For I haue sworne by goddys payne, 
That I ahal neuer be belayne, 
Thoughe I therfore shulde lese my lyfe, 
Tyl I be a wedded wyfe : 2*824 

If thou wylt me spouse & wed, 
I wyl go wyth the to bed ! ' 

* Gladly, losyan ! ' than sayde he, 

* To morowe shal we wedded be ! ' 
He kyssed hyr anon, as ryght is, 
And sende after barons & knyghtes, 
That were of his pryuyte, 2831 
At his weddynge for to be. 

For he wolde wed hyr pryuely, 
2S2S, he] de (\) O, 

In the mornynge erly. 2834 

Erly on the mornynge he forgat nought, 

Bothe they were to the churche brought; 

The erle gan losian wed 

Both to horde aiid to bed. 2838 

Whan the weddynge was al done, 

By than it was hye none ; 

Fries and barons sone were set 2841 

And ryche metes forthe were fet, 

Ther lacked none, verely, 

Of ryche metes and mynstrelsy. 

Whan it drewe towarde nyght, 

A ryche souper there was dyght, 2846 

L 2 

14? Bin HEUEa 

And Jjej fai riclelieli wcren ifcd, [3005] 
J3at erl wolJe ben a be J. 
Ii>sian ho het lede to tour, 
To haae hire viider cauertour ; 3184 
Vpon hire bedde far jhe sat, 
J3at erl com to hire wi(i {at, [3010] 
Wif knijtfjB gret compainie 
Wif pyment and wif episorie, 3188 
Wijr al |>e gamen fat hii hedde, 
For to make hire dronke a bedde : 
Ao al anojier was hire poujt, [3015] 
Ne gamnede hire fat gle rijt noujt. 
' Sire,' jhe seide to fat erl sons, 

' Ich bidde, fow granute me a bone, 
And boute fow graimte me fia one, 
I ne Bchel fe neuer bedde unne : [3020] 
Ich bidde fie at fe ferste frome, 3197 
);at man ne wimman her in come; 
Be-lok hem far onte for lone o me, 
J5at noman ae our priuite I 3200 

Winimen bef scharafast in dede [3025] 
And namliche maidene?,' ^he aede. 
J3at erl aeide, a wolde faine. 
A drof out bofe knijt & awaine, 3204 
Leuediea, maidenea & grome, 
J)at noa ne moate per in come, [3030] 

3181. Ami] BiU M. were riehely M. 

3182. The M. n] in Ait M. 
3181 f. om. SNC. 

Sl«3. Iof.—lede\EeliadladlosyanT&; Soon 

he had har wa C ; WAm tyme was, he incitt 

3185. Atr«] Ail M ; tAe a t"»'j "^ SNC. )>ar 

ih4\ she dmim H. 
31SS. pe SNCM. to Mre] inlL to hur am 


3187. tn.] barons SNCM ; a add. CM. 

3188. spin.] Oarry C. 

3189. JCiH^nrfM. IheyM.. 

3190. ^i-j om. M. dr. a] drinke in her M. 

3191. Ac a!] Bat M. 100* hire] ahe hath 

3192. jVe] ForUJIf. iat gle] om. M. 
3188—3192. om. SXC. 

3198. Sire} There C ; om. M. imto M. fiat] 

the CM. ihe—erl] la ]m erl she xiile SS. 

sone] nium M. 
3194. Sir yS; Sir M. pray 8NC ; om. M, 

jouf SC. gr. nw] 0/ S. [buj— ton*] the 

3195 f. ; 

Eim wryll I none aake of the, 

But thoUi viyUe graunte it inc. M ; om. SUC. 
3197. / beaeche yow at my/onite C ; om, SN. 

in] 7U add, N. 

3198. «*] TkB- C ; 
3197 f. T 

T/uit Tuan ne, vntaum earn here in: 
I pray it thegor seynt ifnrtyne ! VL 
319S. Bel] Sparre CM. Jw/] om. CM. fa>] 
^ add. C. 

3200, noman ae] they w not M. 

3201. For women be CM. in] theyre add. M. 
3199—3202 : 

Bwt ^at^dar {fait ythut {yaehiOcfast NJ be. 

Da (Dothe N) jHi/or Jw laae of me. 

For at (om. N) my first priuiie 

I kepi:, |)a( no man dide me tee. 

For teymmen ben font (om. S) douiyTig 

And namly (maineliehe N) maydem at (in 

N) herfirtt (om. N} teeddyng, 
Wei nyae rU [alle in N] fe first ny^. 
Namely a wayde leilh a knyjl, SN. 

3203. pof — Isolde] Leman, he xyde, y teyll 
CM ; Lemaii, y do Jij/h heet vtel {um. N) 
SN. /nn(n(!)M. 

3204. A] And he M. dr<f] piit C. 60M 
baron G ; om. M. A—bo\ie] Oolh {Go N) 
hentiei, haroans SN. knyitis N, itc.] 
baroun M. 

3205. maid.] also add. M. A} eke add. SN. 

3206. \er] here S. non— tn] nan ^ yK VLyc^t 
C ; there in inyght none M. 

And after that, verament, 2847 

The knyght and she to chamber went. 
' Uppon her bedde where as she eat. 
The erle came to her with that, 'f-&" 
With barons a great company, 2rf51 
With pimente and with spisery ; 
AVhiUi they had dronkun tbe wyne. 

Letn _ 
Thia night to here onr preuite, 
Neyther knight, mayden nor swayne; 
My aelfe ahalbe your chambeilaynB I ' 
Hesayd: 'Lemman, it shalbe aol* 
lioth man & maiden he made ont go, 



And schette ]>e dore wi)y pe keie : 

Litel a wende haue be so vei«. 3208 

losian he com a^en to : 

' Lemman,' a seide, ' ichaue ido, 

pQ bone ichaue do wip lawe, [3035] 

Me schon i mot me self of drawe> 3212 

Ase y neuer ^et ne dede.' t i9Sa«. 

Adoun a set him in ])at stede ; 

Jeanne was be-fore his bed iti^t, 3215 

Ase fele han of fia gentil kni3t, [3040] 

A couertine on raile tre, 

For noman scholde on bed ise. 

losian be-Jyou^te on hiding, 3219 

On a towaile ^he made knotte riding, 
Aboute his nekke ^he hit ]7rew [3045] 
And on pe raile tre ^he drew ; 
Be fe nekke jhe ha^ him vp ti3t 
& let him so ride al pe nijt 3224 

jCTosian ki in hire bed : 
M No wonder, Jjouj }he wer adred. 
Dai is come in alle wise, [^^^^] 

A morwe fe barouns gonne arise- 3228 
Sum to honten and sum to cherche, 
And werk men gonne for to werche. 

3207. And seh.} He loked {lake N) SNC ; 
He sparid M. ^k,]ak, SNC. 

3208. toende] wysU M. LUel — w] It was a 
si^tne, \e erl teas SN. haue — veie] {for to 
{that he ahold M) dye CM. 

3209. he c. a.] swUhe (sythen C ; then M) he 
com NCM ; her add. M. om. S. 

3210. And aeyde: *Lemman C. 

3211. hoTie] heste C. latoe] all C. I haue 
jfitllffyllyd youre sawe M ; pus y^hat» ydo 
well/awe SN. 

3212. i — self] myself y wol {schalt C ; nwst 

3213. ^ ne] ere M. 

3214. And doum M. 

3215. That M. dighi M. 

3216. As he hath meny anyght M. 

3217. A curten draioen wUh gret riaUe 2|. 

3218. <m] hem in M. 
3213—3218 : 

Adoun he {set him {sate N) in pat stede. 
His shon him self he of deck. 
A curtayn, so it was ^ laws, 
Byfore her bed it icas ydranoe, 
losian yiue {brou^ N) him suche a drynke, 
pat it {he N) lemed him {for add. N) to 
toyrike, SN ; om. C. 

3219. Jos. be-\>,] And ^nne sone SN ; Then 
anon loeyan C. on} in SNC. 

3220. Made on C. a Umv,1 hur gurdul SNC. 

^he m.] om. C ; a add. SNC. kn, rid,} 
knyttyng SN. 
3219 f. : 

There Issyan made with her hond 
On her gurdill a knott rennand; M. 

3221. PrewJ east SM. 

3222. on — jAeJ vpon {ouer M) a rayle {raylcr 
M) sehe hym (U M) CM. Him to honge 
hird amdfaet SN. 

3223. Be jte n.J Vppon a heme SN. hop — 
ti^ {him vp {vp hym M ; him C) twigkt 
NCM ; U knytU S. 

3224. <fe] She S. so r.] ride there M ; ryde 
and hwng SN ; hjange C. aX\ om. M. )>e] 
ihat lA \ om, SNC. 

i 3225. los,] she add. M. • 

3225 f. om. SNC. 
She lay amd sy^ all that ny^ : 
*Alds, that Beues were com fro Wight!* 
add. M. . 

3227. Dai is c] pe nyyt was (om. C) passed 
SNC; The nyght it yode M. onSC. 

3228. At moraw "M.; On ^ mome C. arise] 
vp ryse SN ; ryse C ; to rise M. 

3229. Sum\ yede add. M. hunJtyng SNCM. 

3230. And] the add. M. werk] laboryng C. 
gonne] yode M ; om. C. werk m, g,] som 
to werk S. for to] to ther C ; to M. om. N. 

2915—3232 are lost in £. 

He shet the dore well .and fast, 2861 
And set hym downe at the last. 
There was a curtayne, as it was lawe. 
Before the bed it was drawe ; 
Than on her gyrdel, withouten lesinge, 
Se made a knot rydyng, 2866 

About his necke she drewe it thore 

And strangled him, "vtdthouten more. 
Than on a heme she hanged him hye, 
And let him ther fore his fole. 2870 
The night passed in that wyse, 
The barons began for to ryse. 
Some on hunting & some to pe church, 
An workemen rose to worche. 2874 



j3o Sonne schon, hit drou3 to vnder, 
j>Q barouns par of hadde wonder ; 3232 
)?at perl lai so longe a bed, [3057] 

Gret wonder far of he hedde. 
Quep sum : ' Let him lie stille ! 
Of losian he haf al is wille.' [3060] 
Middai com, hit drou^ te noune, 3237 
Jje barouns speke per eft soiine ; 
Quep pe boldeste : * How mai pis be ? 
Wende ich wile vp and ise ! ' 3240 
Jjat baroun dorste wel speke, [3065] 

To pe chaumber he gan reke 
And smot pe dore wip is honde, 
J)at al wide optm it wonde. 3244 

* Awake,' a seide, * sire erl Mile, 
])ow hauest sleped so longe while, 
)?in heued owep to ake wel : [3071] 
Dame, let make him a caudel !' 3248 

' Nai,' quep losian at pat sake, 
' iN'euer eft ne schel his heued ake ! 
Ichaue so tyled him for pat sore, [3075] 
Schel hit neuer eft ake more, 3252 

8231. hit] and M. hit — vnder] ^ had won- 

dur C. 
8282. per of(\e harom {alle N) SNM. hadde] 

gret add. M. wondir hadde SN. For hyt 

dretue to the vndur C. 
3233. pai] Why ESNM. so longe lay E. a] 

in EM.. 

8234. Ghret — ?ie] po \>ey cUle loundyr E; 
There of they moche wonder M. 

8238 f. : 
{per of al (All the barons C) wontder hadde j 
Why {For C) J)e erl lay so long a bed. SNC. 

8235. sunn (!) A. Summe sayden ESNCM. 
lie] he NM. 

3236. For of CM. he] she (!) S. he Aa)>] laZ 
hym Turn E. al] om. ECM. fylle C. 

3237. com] yode M. drou^] co7n M. te] om. C. 

3238. speke ]>. e.] ther of spoke C. eft s.] of 
sons M ; soon C ; of echoon SN. om. E. 

3239. pe boldeste {eldest 0) sayde ESNC ; 
Lady and baroun M. be] gon E. S^ow — 
be] So mote y the C. 

3240. / wyll wend M. vp] myselff EM ; om. 
N. and] to M. see EM. / wol goo and 
ysee S ; Ivryll wete, he seyde, perde C. Hou 
it may \>er off ibee add. E. 

3241. baroun M. dorste] ffull add. M. 

3242. And to M. 3241 f. om. ESNC. 

3243. And:] He ESNC. honde] foot SN. 
8244. al w.] om. C. al w. op.] in to \>eflore 

M ; soon^} add. E. vpon (!) A. pat it gan 

vyyde vp {opun N) sJioot SN. 

8245. Aw.] atoake add. E. sire] om. C. ert] 
om. E. 

8246. islepen K so longe] a long ECM; a 
wel good {grete N) SN. 

8247. pin] Hys C. owe^ to a.] akip {weU 
add. M) / wa {ry^ add. E) ESNCM. 
wel] om. M. 

8248. le^] (2o C ; om. E. Thou haste nede qf a ^ 
cawdell hote M. 

3249. quod C ; seide SN. Nai q. /.] losyan .^k 
sayde E. at] for C. 

3250. eft] om. C. nej om. ESNC. net K ; .^ ; 
wole E ; vrUle S. 

3249 f. om. M. 

3251. Ich.] He ys C. so] om. ESNC. telyd:^k=:^ 
hym E ; him heled SN ; helyd C. for]fr(K:^ — o 
SN ; o/EC. the SN. Nay, said losyan, ftc^^gg 
goddus ore M. 

8252. Hys hed wole {nel N) ake n£uere {no M ^^^if) 
more ESNM ; Neuyr wyll hys hed ake iruyre^ 

A I ny\t he ha]> reden ydyl {with euyl wylle t ^C) 
Wip outen {an (!) C) haltyr, wip outes^^^^Zen 

{owt C) brydyl. add. EC. 
/ Jmvs lullid hym so toell. 
Thai it dkyth never a dele ; 

All nyght he hath redyn toell, 

With oiUe eny sad/all or bryduU. add. M- t. 

Al ny^t he honged, y sey yno soth. 
With my gurdel, and ^it doth. add. SN. 

The halfe day passed, withouten fayle. 

The barons had of him maruayle. 

Some said : * Let him be styll. 

Of losian he hath his will ! ' 2878 

The mydday went, it drew to none, 

A baron spake then sone : 

* 1 maruyle,' he sayd, * how may this be 1 

I wyll go to the chamber and se I ' 

He smote the dore with his f ot so fast, 

That all to peces he it brast ; 28 

* Aryse,' he sayde, * thou erle Myle, 
For thou hast slept a great whyle : 
Thy head aketh, wot I well. 
Thou hast node of a caudell I ' 21 

* Nay,' sayd losian, * I vndertake, 
His head shall neuer more ake : 

I haue charmed him from that sore 
That his head shall ake no more ; 




Jerstendai he me wedded wip wrowg 

& to ni3t ichaue him honge : 

Dop be me al ^oure wille, 3255 

Schel he neuer eft wiwmaw spille ! ' 

Al hii made meche sorwe ; f. i9s»i. 

Anon ri^tes in pat morwe [3082] 

Sum hire demte panne 

In & tonne for to branne. 3260 

Wip oute pe toun hii pi^te a s^ake, 

j)ar pe fur was i-make, [3086] 

J3e tonne pai hadde per iset, 

Jjai fette wode and elet 3264 

Ascopard wip inne pe castel lay, 
pQ tonne and al pe folk he say ; [3090] 
Ful wel him pou3te pat while, 
Jjat him trokede a gi^et gile, 3268 

For he was in pe castel be-loke, 
pe castel wal he hap to-broken ; 
He was maroner wel gode, [3095] 

A stertte in to pe salte flode, 3272 

3253. weddyd me £CM. wi\i\ muche add. SN. 

3254. to] this M. ichaue\ I dede K This 
ny^ y him h>onged with my aurdel strong 


3255. Do]> he me\ Now do}> wi^ m^ "K; Do 
with me now S ; Dot?ie hi me ruiwe N ; 
Do now (om. M) toith me CM ; al ), to.] 
what he(\) ioyll M. 

3256. eft] om. M. Schel— eft] Neuere eft 
(more C ; ne add. SN) achat he ESNC. 
spjlle] 80 ESNCM ; soille (I) A. 

3256 put after 3256 ESNCM. 

3257. penne \>ey maden EC ; po made \ey 
alle SN ; The maiden all to M. machyl £. 

3258. Anon ry\t E ; S&m arvoon SN ; Anon 
C. in ]w<] vpon^ ESN. Anon — }pai] All 
that day till the M. 

3259. demed hur C ; for so^ add. E. Swr 
to demefast gon \>ey renne SN. 

3260. a toun 8; to the toume N. for] om. C. 
3259 f. : 

And ail they her haibe dampned there. 
In a tun to hrenne all inffere, M. 

3261. peypy^t SN ; pey jnUten E ; they set M ; 
was C. stake] so ESNCM ; wake (!) A 

3262. {And add. M) }>ere J)ey wolden {can M) 
\>at (a M) ffyr mxike ECM ; There \aJb ]>ey \>e 
fyre schulde make C ; pere hur to hrenne 
and {a add. N) fire make SN. 

3263. \)ai — iset]];>er yn was sett C; ]yeyhrou^n 

\>edyr ]>enne E ; Jwy hadde thedir (perforc S) 
hrou^t SN. 

3264. pai] And ESNC. fecched NC. and e,] 
and hyt hett C ; <k maden it hrenne fi ; alfor 
nou^ SN. 

3268 f. : 

And hroughtffire with oyle swete, 
There they had the tttmn (!) sett, M. 

3265. And A. \>at E. wip in,] in ESNC. 
castel] toure M. 

3266. twine] ffire M. al] om. ESC. folk] 
pere add. 0. 

3267. him] he SNCM. pota^] in add. ECM. 

3268. him — gret] pere was don (om. SC) sum 
queynte {maner C ; om. M) ESCM ; tJiere 
crochid sum N. 

3269. X^ere pat (om. S) he was inne {fast in N ; 
fast S) iloke ESN; Thai ther yn he loas 
loke C. 

3270. wal\ soone ESNC. he hadde EN ; had 
^ S ; heO, ibroke EN ; hroke SC. 

3269 put after 3270 ESNC. 
3269 f. : 

For they had hym so hesteke ; 

The castell anon he can tohreke, M. 

3271. was] a add. ESNC. A marynere he urns 
M. wel] fful ESNM ; om. C. 

3272. Zcjt»NM; ZepfeE; fop^SC; hym forth 
add. M. salte] om. M. 

Nowe haue I quitte his weddinge, 

Yonder mayst thou se him hinge. 

He shall neuer woman spyll : 2895 

Do with me what soeuer ye wyll ! ' 

All they made great sorowe ; 

That other day on the morowe 

Se was dight, verament. 

In a tonne to be brente. 2900 

Without the towne was set a stake, 

A great fyre gan they make. 

In a castel lay Ascaparte, 2903 

And oner pe wal loked thederwarte, 
And had great wonder, truely, 
What that fyre might signify. 2906 
Than he thought him in his hert tho, 
That losiaro was brought in some wo. 
^Of the castel, that he was in loken, 
A turret he had al to-broken ; » f. 49*a. 
He was so wo and so wode, 
That he lept into the flode, 2912 



A flsdier he sej fot hot, 

Euer a swam toward ^e bot. 

Jje flacher wende, sum fend it were, 

Out of 18 bot he flej for fere. 3276 

Ascopard hente fie bot an honde [3101] 

And rew him self to )» londe, 

To-ward pe fur faste a schok, 

Beucs com and him of-tok : 3280 

' Treitour,' a seide, ' whar hastow be 1 

Jjis dai {row hauest be-traied me ! ' 

' Nai, sire I ' Aecopard seide, [3107] 

& tolde, Miles him hadde be-traide. 
To-ward fe fur fai wente bliue : 3286 
J)e preat, pat hire acholde echriue, 
Godea blessing mote he fonge, [3111] 
For ))at he held losiane so longa 1 3288 
In hire smok jhe stod naked, 
])ar [lo fur was imaked ; 
Aee men scholde hire for-brenne, [31 16] 
Beues on Arondel com renne 3292 
Wip is Bwerd Morgelay ; 
Ascopard com be anofier way, 

3273. Fymhtra C, fot] a.l m ESN ; that was 

m M. /. fe.] yti a. boot C. 
3271. AikL euere E ; And euF' SN ; AmtN; 

om. C. tow.] mUo SN ; to M. H >*y> ^M. 

tote. ]w h.] lo them <w hole C. 
S275./yKhtrsC. «Mn] a SN. deugl ESNC. 
S2T0. u] )k 8C. (he}f Jleioe C. A-tul fied 

tmUofhithotetS.. /or/'-] t«« SN, 
3277. hente] tola CM. be] bat SN. bot] are 

M. an] in. SNCH. 
3378. moid CM. him t.] there with M. 

reio — »clf] iter wij ht (om. SN) roKyd 

(fast add. SN) ESN. jx] om. ESNC. 

3279. Toia.—foite] FatU to tltefyn C. 

3280. Ser B. ESNC. com] after add. SN. 
com a.] on Arundel E ; (Aem hym M. 
miVc took ESCM ; aioke N. 

8281. TAfl/'SNM. 

3282. pit] To M. fie^^JecJ SNM. 

3281 f. : {And Beyde (om. K) : Ta day jnu 
hast me betrayde EC. 

3283. Nai aire] Sir, nay M ; A'ni, /w solhe 
C ; >oo add. E ; thnrt ndd. M. Jm. »,] ^e 

Miifc, *o (iM N) mo( J tt* SN. 
S284. dr] f e M. Miles h. h.} hme Oe crle hym 

M. pe eerl kadde betrayyd me E ; if«t 

(Ac N) Jw er! MyU betraide m« SN ; om. C. 
32SE. JKii UT.] fte conui M. vieiUe bl.] nmua 

blyut SN ; come svn/Ute C ; gtiittu loleeE. 

Toieard Jw J?yr ^ rarfm Siyue add. E. 
328S. hire ach.] aeholde loiyan ESNCM. 

3287. Cryityi ESNCU. most S ; m}ighl M. 

3288. bat] om. ESNCH. held] taryyd EC. 

3289. ftire Ai« (!) A. jfc st] |«n {that H) 
irfiKVl sAe SN ; at add. M. 

3290. par) Wfe™ 8 ; jMi add. E ; a* add. C. 
t«] [mi SN. 

3291. iH}( OS SNCM ; And aa E mem] Oity 
M. imiifo™ ESNM. brenru ESNCM. 

3292. on] wi> ESNH. mm] gaa M ; bigan 
loE ; on Aim (Wm N) gan SN. B. — com] 
Syr Befye made Armdell hi C. 

3203. ii\ goods add. ESNH. Mordeiny C. 
3294. And A. ESNCM. earn] om. ESNCM. 

And fast hy hym also liote 2913 

Cam a fyeshor wjth his bofce. 
Than Ascaparde toke the bote in hande 
And rowed hym selfo to the londe ; 
Towarde the fotke fast gan he loke, 
lieuys cam after and hym ouertoke ; 
He aayde : ' Thefe, where baste thou 
bene* 2919 

Why kepeat thou no better my quone 1 ' 
' Syr Beuys, lorde, mercy,' he sayde, 
' The Erie Myle had me betrayde I ' 

Towarde the fyro they hyed them biyue, 
The preate, that dyd losyon ahryne, 
Cry sty B blessynge bane he amonge, 
For that he turyed hyr so longe ! 
Whan the ^yre was al redy, 2927 

In hyr smocke she stode therby. 
Eyght as they shulde hyr brenne, 
On Arundel Eeuya gan renne, 2930 
And in his hande gode Morglay, 
But Ascaparde went by another way, 



And slowen in J)at ilche stoiinde 
Al fat hii aboute fe fur founde, 3296 
And fat he hadde for is while, [3121] 
Jjat proude erl, sire Mile. 

A sette Ionian on is palfrai, 
And wente f orf in here wai ; 3300 
)^ai wente to schip anon ri^te t los^s. 
And sailede forf in to Wi3te. [3126] 

VVel was Saber paid wip fan 

Of Ascopard & of losian. 3304 

Beues & Saber sente here sonde 
Wide in to fele londe, [3130] 
And hii sente an hie 
After gret cheualrie, 3308 

Of al pe londe fe stringeste knijte, 
])at hii owhar finde mi3te. 

3295 f. : 

pey slowen \>en jxU \ere sUmden, 

AlU \>(U \>ey (om. N) aboute fe fire {thei 

add. Ii)fonden SN ; 
pey slowen alle "pat p^ \fereffonde 
JVi]> hys swerd <fc vnj;) hys honde ; £ ; 
All jHiU l>ey abowte pefyre founde. 
They shwe them yn thai sUmnde ; C. 
They slowe all that they ffound, 
And they, that aboiUe theffyre dyd stond, M. 

3297. And] om. SNCM. hadde] ujan C. ?ie 
K] Jujul they all M. is] theire M. gyle 

3298. pe ESNC ; Of the U. vrotOe S ; 
prmode M ; ryche £. erl] ]>oo add. £. sire] 
om. M. 

3299—3302 : 
iSere (om. M) B. took losyan (with him SNC ; 

b^ore hym M) ^ {his SN ; this M) may 
(And sette here (om. M ; byfore add. SNCM ; 

him add. SM) on hys (hur (!) C ; owns 

add. Wipalffray^ 
Al so blyue (dunth M) as ^ (he SNM) 

[(Tyl jMt (Tyll C ; om. M) fey coTnen [And 

(Ee N) wemte SN] in (jageyn horn M ; 

om. C) to {\>e yle of add. SNC) Wy^. 


3303. was] sere add. £. paid w.] apayde 
SNM ; om. E. 

3304. Of] WUh M. A of] and ESNCM. 
3303 f. om. C. 

Here begynnip a newe poos : 

Lystnip, lordyngys, hout (!) it was! add. E. 

3305. Now (pan SC ; om. M) Saheer <fc B, 
ESNCM. fer C ; theire M. smvdys C. 

8306. Wide] Far 0\ All U\ ahotUen add. 
ESNM. to]om.ENM. /efc] eMfiry ESN ; 
dytters C ; theire M. Umdys C. 

8307. And] also add. SN. \>ey SNC. swythe 
on hye C ; hastely SN. They haue sent all 
in hye M. 

3307 f. om. £. 

3309. Of] In M. al \>e] euerfj ESM ; eehe N. 
dou^tiest SNC ; staltour^ EM. knyxtys 

3310. That ^i ott^ where afynde myght N ; 
Thai they etter jfynd myghtes (!) M. pai 
yey ow^har my^t fynd to fy\t S ; pai fx^f 
my^ ffynde bolde inffy^tys E ; Com^ to hym 
anon ryghtys C. 

pey (ne add. SN) sparyd ney'per (om. SN) 

for syhcyr ne (nor C) golde, 
[(pen of (For C) \>e best (haue pey (thei haue 

N) wolde 
[pat pey pe beste haue wolde £]. add. ESNC. 

Than al, that Beuys about hyr founde, 
He slewe and felled to the grounde. 
There was neyther knyght nor swayne, 
That passed away that tyme vnslayne. 
And al made the fals erle Myle 
By his treason and his gyle. 2938 

Beuys toke wyth hym than 1 49»ft. 

Bothe Ascaparde and losian 
And went forth anone ryght, 2941 
Tyl they cam to the ile of Wyght. 
Syr Sabere welcomed wyth gode hert 
Both Beuys, losyan and Ascaparde. 
Than Beuys and Sabere sonde theyr 

S072de 1 50a. 

Wyde about in euery londe. 2946 

After great chyualry 
Of stalworth knyghtes and hardy, 
That they myght fynde then 
Of euery londe the doughtyest men. 
They spared neyther syluer nor golde, 
For the best men haue they wolde. 
Beuys was curtes and fre 2953 

To euery man in his degre ; 
There cam erles and barons, I-wys, 
For to socour syr Beuys ; 2956 

There came knyghtes, squyers'& pages, 
Echone had of hym gode wages 



J3at emperur ne^ daiilc, [^^^^l 

His wif confortede him & saide : 3312 
* Sire/ ^he seide, * doute jow noujt 1 
Of gode consaile icham be-J)0U3t : 
Je schoUe sende, for sertaine, 3315 
After 3our ost in to Almaine, [3140] 
And whan 3our ost is come to gadre, 
Sewd to fe king of Scotloude, me 

fadre ; 
Ho wile come to ]ye an hije 

Wif wonder-gret cheualrie, 3320 

pat pow derst haue no sore [3145] 
"^Of fat pef, Saber pe hore, 
Ne of Beues, fat is me lof e : 
3it 30 schollen hem hange/i bofe ! ' 3324 
]?o f e letters were 3are, 
pe masegers wer fogrf if are. [3150] 

In Mai, whan lef & gras ginf springe, 
Ajid f e foules merie to singe, 3328 

3311. pe SNC. evip,] for sorow add. SNC. 
For sorwe }>e emparour EM. iicre C. ny 
for sorotoe N. gan {can C) dye SNC ; wexid 
wood M. 

3312. His to.] Sche C. coi\f. — saide] {comfort 
hym {h. e, SN ; soon add. 0) in {grete add. 
S) hygh SNC ; hym hejfore stode M. 

3313. seide] ne add. £. drede SNC ; dismay 
M. ye C ; the NM. 

3314. For of M. 

3316. p<m Shalt SNCM. for] on (om. SNM) 
a day ESNM ; om. C. 

3316. joftr] ]tyn SNM ; thy C. to] om. M. 

3317. {And add. CM) tohenne ])ou hast yyn 
oat {to geder {gadered C) SNCM. 

3318. Send to] pen setid after SN. Scottes 
M. \>c — Sc] Scotlonde to C. 

3317 f. : 
Aitd wha/nne }e han to gedere ^oure hoost^ 
Se'ndi\> to myfadyr wip outen boost : 
KyTig he is off Scollonde, 
A dou^ty mun^ I vndyrstonde ; E. 

3319. And he SNC ; For hcM.. jw] ^ow E ; 
vs SN. an] in NC. 

3320. wonder] wol E ; full CM. 

8321 f. : 

panne thar yow nou^t ben afferde 

Off Saheer vn\> hys whyte berde £ ; 

And pou ne darst haue no fere 

OfB. ne of {sir add. N) Sab&re.' SN ; 

And \>at ye haue Twfccre 

Of the thefe, syr Sabere C. 

That ye thare not drede than 

Of Sabere, that grey-herud man, M. 

3323. Bffiies] om. C ; my sone add. £CM. 
me] so C. 

3324. ^yt {But M) ^ schall C ; pey acholen 
^it E. hem h,] be hongyd £CM. 

3323 f. om. SN. 

3325. po \>e] Here ESN ; Theire M ; Then 
C. were] \>ey mdkyd SNM ; m4xde they C ; 
'^V dy^en soryfviL E. w,re\ there M. 

3326. pe] And the M ; Eer SN ; Avd C. 
wcr] ben ENM ; am SC. 

3327. whan] \>e N. leues A £ ; om. CM. 
gan SN ; can CM. 

3328. )>e — to]byrdy8 80 meryly Q, ToEdmp- 
tone ^r cam \>e hynge £ ; To Hampton 
com both prynce {knyght M) and king SNM. 

And ryche gyftes more and lesse, 
Eche man after his doughtynesse. 
U'herfore eche man vnto hym sought, 
He toke and left, what hym best 

thought; 2962 

Euer he chase hym of the beste. 
That he coude fynde ey ther este or west. 
Syr Murdour, moche sorowe made he. 
Whan he sawe, Beuys had suche a 

meyne; 2966 

The countesse sayde : 'Drede ye nought. 
Of gode counsel I am bethought : 
Ye shal sende, in certayne 
After the power of Almayne, 2970 

Also ye shal sende your sonde 
After my fader into Skotlonde, 
He wyl come to you redely 
Wyth a ful great company, 2974 

And we may haue many mo c 6O6. 

Out of Englonde and Wales also : 
Wherfore shulde ye drede then, 
Whyle ye may haue so many men 1 
If Beuys se, you haue suche a rout, 
He wyl fle away for dout I ' 2980 

Syr Murdour dyd by hyr counsayle, 
The messanger went, wythout fayle. 
Than afterwarde, without lesynge, 
To Hampton cam both prynce & kynge ; 



j)e king of Scotlonde com to fi3te 
WiJ) pretti posend of hardi kni^te 
Of Almaine, is owene barouny, [3155] 
Wip wonder-gret cheualry. 3332 

* Lordinges,' a seide, * ^e witej? alle,' 
Wh&n hii were be-fore lii?^ in fe halle, 

* j)at ofte pis pef, Saber pe hore, 

Me hap aneied swipe sore. 3336 

Now is him come help to fi3te, [3161] 
Beues of Hamtoun, an hardi kni3te, 

To Sarasins was solde gon longe, 
Ich wende, he hadde ben anhowge ; 
He me pretep for to slen 3341 

& for to winne is londe Si^en ; [3166] 
Wip him he hap a geaunt broujt : 
Erpliche man semep he nou3t, 3344 
^Ne noman of flesch ne felle, f. i94tt«. 

Boute a fend stolen out of helle ; [3170 
Ascopart mew clepep him per oute, 
Of him ichaue swipe gret doute. 3348 

3329. And ]>e S. earn prest to E ; /or to S ; 
to N. fy^tes E. 

3330. \>osetui] hundryd £. ]>r, p.] ineny an 
other M. of'\ om. NM. doughty M. 
kny^tes EC. 

3331. And off EC. oioene] om. SN. baron- 
age M. is 0. b,] grete cheualrye C. 

3332. Wi^ «?.] Cam ry^ wi]> E; And of 
Almayn C. And all thai tvere of hys 
baroune C ; And many knyghtes, squiers 
and page M. 

3333 f. : 
[pe emperour ladde hem {pern C) in [Sir 

Mordoure hem led] to pe halle : 
{Lordynges, he sayde {And seid : L. SN), 3a 

[weten {wot CM) weel [ben welcome SN] 

alle, ESNCM. 

3335. pat— pef) Ofte sir SN ; Thai often tyme 
C ; Thai the traytowr M. pis — pe\ Sc^eer 
paipeeffso E. 

3336. agreuyd E ; greivyd SN. Hath me 
greityd C ; Often me hath anoyed M. 
stoipejfull C ; Trnrde and £ ; om. M. 

3337. help] more ffolk E ; him c,h,] com {he 
eomyn C) to help him SNC. 

3338. an h,]a strong SN ; a wol starimg E ; 


a doitgTUy M ; pat noble C. 
3337 put before 3338 SN. 

3339. Tyll M. Sar.] he add. SNCM. gon 
L] ago longe M ; agoo it is ful long S ; 
sypen go C ; longe N ; infer ciiutree E. 

3340. he hadde ben] thai he had ben CM. he 
om. (!) A. anh.] honge CM ; hem among 
S. / woldc, he hadde deyyd on galewetre E. 

3341. thretenyd N ; thretyth me C. for to] 
to ben SC ; to brenne and E. sloTie M. 

3342. a^en] anon M. ora. £. 

3343. A {stronge add. M) geatini {he hap toip 
hym {with hym he hath C) brou^t ESNCM. 

8344. man] ne add. E. he semyth N. 
3346. Ne] Nodtcr C ; om. SN. of] om. M. 
ne] nor C ; of add. N. 

3346. Boute] He is S^ ; Hyt ys C. stolen] 
brotii^t SN. Old of] fro C. £otUe—<mt] I 
trowCf he be a deuyl E. Bouie — of] He 
semyth a devill com ffro M. 

3347. cl.] callen E. they clepe C. him p. 0,] 
paifr&iit S ; paifreke N. 

3348. sw. gr.] wol {ful S) gret ES ; mekyll 
C. ich, — doute] many one dothe speke N. 

3347 f. ; Ascaparte his name men rede. 
Of hym I haiie moche drede, M. 

Ther cam wyth the kynge of Skotlande 

The noumber of seuen thousande, 

There cam out of Almayne 2987 

Wyth syr Moryce of Vyayne 

Syx thousande wyth helmes bryght 

And wel armed for to fyght, 

And syr Murdour had sjso 2991 

Thre thousande hym selfe and mp. 

* Nowe, lordynges,' sayd syr Murdour, 

* That hyther be come me to socour, 
Oft ye have herde speke, parde, 2995 
Of the stryfe bytwene Sabere and me. 
Nowe is come to helpe hym to fyght 

Syr Beuys of Hampton, a noble knyght; 
Wel I wenfle, he had ben dede : 2999 
What is therfore your best rede ? 
He threteneth me to be slayne 
And that he wyl wynne his londe 
agayne ; 3002 

A geant wyth hym hathe he brought, 
Erthely man semeth he nought, 
Neyther of flesshe nor of fel, f. sia. 

For he is lyke the deuyl of hel ; 
Men cal hym Ascaparde about, 3007 
Of hym, forsoth, I haue great dout. 

Ac, loixlingcs,' a scide, ' armo )o wei, 

We acliolle tesuye hem in here caste] ; 

J)e Asoopard be strong & atork, [3175] 

Maui houdeg makeji lijt werk I ' 3353 

Forf fai wenten ase anel, 

Til (lai come to )ie castel, 

)}ar Saber and lieues wcii^tt innc, 

jTai pi^te paullouns fi bente f*inne. 3356 
Saber atod on is tour an bi;, [3181] 
Al ^t gretQ OBt a sij ; 
Gret wonder ))er of he bade, 
}}e holi croia before him he made 3360 
■And swor be bia bcrde hore, [3185] 
Hit scholdc Bome of hetii rewe aoie. 

33&D. mole E ; ayll M. hym bmege W, 
hen] his M. £o& in ircK atid in lUU 


Tlufn UK wiyll do Aj/vi modie woo. 

And tailh hoiujer Ikrre ham aloo, mU\. M. 

3351. pe] And t/wgk C ; Hf SN. ilr. <t] 

3352. iyl many C. 
33G1 f. : 

And mak jours armure rcdy Ihare, 

Wip Bpere it acheeld redy to fart. 

Sapely were ^ ndy dyH, 

Manye a faiuiiaid off viol hardy' kny^. K. 
33B3. Ji»-(1)A. 
3353 f. : 

In to {a ftdd. C) achyppc (ahippin N) ((ep 
■aeiUen (he dide hem 8N ; Oiey dud Uisin 

And rymden (rynen 8 ; aryvid N ; armyd 
tNm C) imdyT (at SS) )k caakl walk, 

WUh theire ahipput Ihey e/mtya all 

ArntAi mtder ike awtetl vxill, HI. 
8365. paT—Beuai] pat lere (om. CM) B. and 

Saber ECM. 
3356. pifle] here Rdd. E. paw.] logyj SN ; 

tcTiiys C. beadj/a SN ; made C. ib b.] 

^e loai neuere man in toun ne ffeclde, 
pat so moche ffoU: *oioj m^ apere & schelde 
A'e Tnen Jxtf blewm so mocAe looit ; 
Abouten fie castel fey apradden htre hooal, 

add. E. 
A"* seij >mt neucT in no lege 
So greie mtt (a odd. S) eaalet (ic idd. N) 

hetege. add. SS, 
Titer sauje ncncr man, as y yoin telle, 
A 'jretter hoost besege a eastdl, odd. C. 
Nc lya H>n»r men, as I kerd say. 
So gret an ho^, asattht castell lay, add. M. 
[{AndaAi. E) sere [At than had M] B, and 

sere Saber 
[Al {om. SN) here hoost kaddo {^ SN) 

[Oaderyd ther oosl tti gedttr C ; 
All Iheirt/alke to geder there MJ 
Off [Alemayne {Frensh S ; FrmiJiee H; 

Colyn M) <b [^r frendys C] off ojiir 

{eaery SS ; yche M ; many a C) Umit 
Euere {Of M) ]i« bate )iat {men myiltn (|k« 

SNM ; myght be C)fonde. add. ESNCH. 
Ten off poa wt> inne (e caiid 
irolde Mtyrcome J&arly ffayre i mL add. 

patois wold Jwy in ^ eaatel 
Ouercoin him {ham H) wUk out fid wcl. 

add. SN. 
The myghi them (r. here \) in the cailell 
Euer come oiiU {meny vkU (r. manganei t). 
St^iere hard wUA oute grtt ban^, 
UatyTtg loggei a mygMy hooste. add. H. 
33S7. on] in ESNC. m] a SN. Saber— lo«r] 
fppon the tonre he vias 1/L an} yn C ; fill X. 
335S. Al pal] And ol |ru E ; Arid aU bU M j 
And pat 8 ; And tht C. 

3359. SreOer M. 

3360. holi] am. S. be-fore\ an ENCH ; upon 
8. hade's. 

3361. moor] tioord (!) M. berdc] soo add. E. 

3362. {That add. M) it tcholde {shot SK) 
reinea hem («oin SN) ffal (om. M) w« 
ESNM; Thai same of pern schuldereuie sort 
C. hem] om. (!) A. r<uw] it add. (I) A. 

Jjordynges,' be aayde, 'arme you wele 
Both in iren and in stele : 3010 

Tboughe Aacapanle bo ueuer so starke, 
Many liandes make lypbt warke ! ' 
Whau they weiu al armed and dyylit, 

They sbypped to the Oe of Wyght 
Al the yle was bespred 3015 

Wyth the power, that ayr Murdouc led 
Syr Saliere loked out at a tonre 
And sawe the oate of ayr Mutdonr ; 



Saber doun of his tour went, 
After al k knijtoa a. sent : 33G4 

' lias aimes, lordingBB ! ' he gan scggc, 
JJeBopetiir f er oute va ■wile he-legge ; 
Make we |)re Tiotaine, [3191] 

pat he gode and certaine ! 3368 

\ie ferste ich wile me self out lede, 
Si l)ow fiat D^er, Beuea I ' a aede, 

3313—86 : 

'W %* C^ ^) '™'" ** "wite adotin {dovme 

CM ; iw]/3 add. M), 
Ami lolde ]»u (if <!^ 8N ; A^ CM) to Kn 

B^om, {Belies M), 
[To (Sir 8N) S, {Sahere M) sn^ ^atecr 
(.Beitflj M) [Then, aeydc Befyse C] sa-an- 
fayle .- 
' Arau tee va (now add. M) (d (mia 8 ; oi 
««I in to N) iai«sZii! / ' ESNCSI. 
8387. we] ™ add. EM. >re o.] ii(ft«r jiKyn- 

3366. iw] Me ^^ & pot— an<il .^nil ^( god 

loyrke in M. 
3367 f. om. SNC 
3S6e. /crsfd] os( add. SNC. icA— «eJ/] scj/rfe 

SaAw, wyU yC. otUl om. SHC. 
S370. l«w] om. M. otwr] mre add. ESN. 
£.] &iAer« M. r] om. E. .^fu2 ^c \e ncii, 
•a jpMJ me aptde C. 

3371. ^i«q om, SNM. 

3372. godf gr.'\ loage C. 
8373. j>n!l brtneft ESNM, 

837*. ne] / E. a?«i «. n*] wtti o«< 8H. 

Th/U oare game shall be sene M. 
3375. mrm\ om. SNM ; ]nt add. ESNM. m] 

kn SN ; are M. )»i-] u^ft S. ]m- oiUe] 

' And Ascopard fe f redde scliel haue 
Wifi is gode, grete ataue. 3372 

Be we fre vpon fe grene, [3197] 

Wei ich wot and noujt ne wene : 
Maui man is |)ar oute kcte, 
)3i8 dai schol is lif for-lote I ' 3376 

Saber is Lorn be-gan to blowe, [3201] 
J)at his ost him scholde kuowe. 

TMw M. hcte] fu.1 kele E ; wd shseU SN 
futlsccieU ; geU ('.) A. 
3378. Schal (Sduil N) bia (to M) daf *"r. 
(theire Ml ESNM. lyvm M. icote SNM. 
3373—78 : 

Bifyae leyde : ' Hyt Khali bt aene : 
Well y viol, vftm the grcne 
That many be nowfiUl lusty, 
Sehail to day del^ully dye. C. 
3377. anAOTnSN ; tooneC. ^nSNM. 


3378. pttJl For SNC ; Far thai M. oal\ men 
E ; folk SN. scftoMe kym E8NCM ; wd 
add. N. 

' Arme Jew, tordyngea I ' fw aayde Sabeer, 
' pe emperour is eo'iacn iriji bry^ baner 
And many a knyjl wi^ apere it scheid. 
He ha'^ baegyd vs in ^effeeld ; add. E. 
'As anaca, lordyjigesl ' he (Saier N) gaii 

*pe emperow ^ out doji m bescgc; add. 

' Anae yoa, lordia I ' Sabere can say, 
' The emperoure viyU vs b&unay ; add. M. 
' Lordynges,' he seyde, ' arme yoif well : 
pc emjienmr ys inujiir ]« eastell ;' add. C. 

Then aniartly tlowne gan he go, 
For to tel ayr Beuya so ; 3020 

He sayde ; ' Benya, by my eounaayle 
1 trowe, it sliulde vs heat auajle. 
Within this castel to holde vs styl 
And to defende vs from al yl ; 3024 
For Buche an oste aa hath Murdonr, 
Sawe I neuer in no stour ! ' 
'Do way, Sabere," sayde Beuya tho, 
' For if they wera aa many mo, 3028 
Agaynst va ahulde they haue no myght : 
Theyhaue thewronge.and we theryght, 
Haste you, lordynges,' Beuya gan ciye, 
' That ye were armed hasti^ly, 3032 
And ye shal haue, ayr Sabere, 

Thre tliouaande vnder your baiiere, 
Aud as many shal I lede i-nii. 3035 
Of doughty men and gode at node, 
For I wyl haue the forewarde.' 
And than he sayde to Asoapaide : 
'Thoit shall byde behynde, truly, 
Wyth thro thousande of men hardy. 
And whan wo haue medled a atouiide 
And echoae brought other to grounde, 
Whan the hatayle ia moate atronge, 
Hye he thyder and dwel nat longe, 
For thre thousande of freashe 
Gode dedya shal do then ! ' 304() 

Than Benya gan his horno blowe. 
That hia luen myglit hym knuwe 





* Lordinges/ a aeide, * ne doute jow 

3e scholle ))is dai be holde so dou^t, 
J^at hem were beter at Home, 3381 
]^anne hii hadde hider icome.' [3206] 

j)o ])empenir herde in castel blowe, 
pax bi he gan to knowe, 3384 

J)at hii armede he7n in pe castel ; 
His knitted he het ase snel : [3210] 

* Has armes, lordinges, to bataile ! 

Out hii comej), vs to asaile.' 3388 

Twei ostes J?ai gonne make, tvna*. 

He of Scotlonde haf on itake, 
Jjemperur fat of er ladde : [3215] 

His de\> fat dai f er he hadde. 3392 

Out of pe castel cam before 
Saber wif is berde hore, 
And in is compainie 
j)TQ hondred kni3tes hardie. 3396 

3379. Lord, as.] Beep (Be NM) glad (good 
SNM) off Jierte ESNM ; Be of gode hart C. 
lie] and SC ; om. M. drede E. jom;] jc 
SN ; ^A« M ; om. C. 

8880. We acholcn hem sice as we han \>ou^t E ; 
We shul heia belede so tmi^t SN ; We schall 
(Jiym meete^ as y hatce {ham teehe, so haue 
I M) ]W3^ CM. 

8881. hem «;.] hem had S ; they were M ; 
thei had hen N ; he were C. heter] he add. 
^; tohe add. ; haue he add. M. 

3382. hii\ )>ey SN. hii — ic.] hedur for to 
coTti/e C ; hederward to haue come M. 

8381 f. : 
pey were wol hetere at horn haue hen, 
pan hedyr haue comen^ so mx)ot I then ! E. 
Whan ye haue ham all slayn, 
Youre seruice I wyll well payn ! ' add. M. 

3383. po] When C ; om. SNM. \>m>p.'\ The 
hoste M. in {on M) \>e castel EM ; him 

8384. And there M. he] wyste A add. E. 
to^ful wel SN. he g. to] they well can M. 
he^-hn.] well he kn&voe C. 

3385. |>cy ESNM. hem armyd SN ; were 
armyd E. 

3386. kn.] hoost E. he het] he callede E ; 
hem armed SN. ffis — het] Than said 
Mordoure M. snel] well SN. 

3385 f. : The lordyngys as swelle 

Armyd \fem yn \>e castell, C. 

3387. lo7'dlingis N ; lordys E. JETas — lord.] 
All ar \)e lordynges yn C ; That they them, 
armed M. 

3388. Out] TheyM ; o/|?gaMfoZfoadd.SNCM. 
hii] ]>ey SN ; om. CM. com SN. vs to] 
om. C. Out — to] pey in \)e castel wole vs 

3389. Tweyne E ; Twoo SNCM. ]>ai] the em- 
perour C. gunne E ; gan SN ; can CM. 
take E. 

3390. He] pe kyng ESNCM. hap on] pe oon 
hap C ; pat oon gan take SN ; ad one take M. 
hap — itake] ffor hys sake E. 

8391. pcm;?.]A?/m 5c{/ij add. C. ope{\y^ pe 
todur C. Aind Mordoure hym, the second 
than did awake M. 

3392. His — per] There as pat day hys dethe 
C ; pat ylke day hys dep E ; At pat bataile 
his deeth SN. om. (!) M. 

3393. Out] om. M. pe] pat £. castel] per add. 
C. comyp C ; him add. S ; oute add. M. 

8394. Sere S. EC. berde] hed so E. 

3395. And] eke add. SN ; he brought add. M. 
in is] wip hym in E. 

3396. Fyue pousand ESNC ; of add. SN. 
pre h. kn.] With (!) knyghtes, that were 
M ; ryyt add. E ; ful add. NM. 

By that blowynge knewe syr Murdour, 

That they gadred to that stour ; 

He sayde : * Lordynges, wy thou ten 

fayle, 3051 

jN"owe come oure ennemyes to batayle : 
Be ye hardy and stout also, 
For we be as many mo 1 ' 
Tt\ro batayles gan they make, 3055 
The kynge of Skotlonde the one gan 


Syr Murdour the other lad, 3057 

Evther of them X thousande had. 
The fyrste, that of the castel cam 

Was syr Beuys wyth his rout, 3060 
And Sabere wyth his company 
Cam after ful boldly ; 
Eyther oste gan other defye, 
Than medled they ful cruelly. 3064 


Sire Mnricc of Moiinclore [''221] 

His stede smot ojeues Babere ; 

His spere was samdel kene. 

And Saber rod him ajene ; 3400 

3)01^ is spera wet scharp igronwde, 

Saber slouj him in fat atounJe. [3226] 

3397. Sire Merea ]« nwilncheT so ffeer E ; 
Slon (Morii S) of Mochalray {Malaehry 
N) l^/era 8N ; iiora of Moageray Ihai/ers 
C ; Morm of PuneuUr theffen M. 

SSeS: aUde\ he add. ESNCM. amoi\ pnhyd 
EM ; sett C. aym EN ; agemte C; lo air 
M. Sahers SN. 

3398. uxis] long ife add. E ; greet and 8N ; 
aoluirpe and C. lumji. J also S ; om. C. 
And he had a aherpi sperr, M. 

Zi(ia.A-nd]nriAA.SS. himroodS; prekyd 
lo hym M, dj,] in ffere M. Saier hym 
mette •£ ^at vma atne E ; Agenste hym, rode 
air Saber, jl wene C. 

3101. Aiul )wuj E ; Sia thtnif M.. gro<in<te 
C ; ifr milnd N. aiharp igr. ] l»n<! t/uil 
alound M. 

3402. 5r!T« iS. E. iZriii;— ^eounife] Ajnn }af 
iI«U^ vxiindc E ; Aim ktrrs {b. h. M.) to ]ie 
grua-ad SNM ; tmetc hym dedd to grounds C. 

S403. Ottl on] 0« SNM ; And vpon C. M 
tt^n M ; am. SNC. com] air add. SN. 

Out oil Arondol fo com BoQOun 
And mette wif is stifader Deuoim, 
And wifp a. dent of gret i'ora 3i05 

A bar him doun of his hora ; [3330] 
Wifi Moi^Iay, Jiat woldo wel bite. 
He hndJe ment is hsued of smite ; 

Befon C. Beues M. 
8*0*. Ihu.] ivrya M. is at. J).] ^ emperour 
of greU rsnoim SN. iVyth hys fadttr he 

3406. AwQ om. SSC. n] hia 8NC. qfgrei] 

and with his SNC. 
3*06. A — doiiii} He amole llm empcrotir C ; pe 

emperour he eaal SN. 
3405 f. : 

Tftcy tmoie to geder viith ^nodie §ora. 

And Mardoiirefdl to growtd with hia hors. 
3*07. And ibUK ifordetay C. cowde viol C ; 

tael wold {wol N) SN. 
SiOa. ^neni] ^oujt SN. of] to add. SNC. 

He h. m.] And Beaea wold M. of] to mid. 


panne cam B. out off J» castd 
ffarde precande on Arandel ; 
pc emperour ^lU aoone he metle 
And iciti hya apere he hyin grctlc ; 

Than syr Morys oE Vyayne f. sia. 

Fast rode syr Saberc agayue ; 
Syr Ssbere defended hym, I-wys, 
And Buche a stroke he ^auc Morys, 
Tliat qayte away gan he cleue, 3069 
Fro the shulder, atme and sleuo. 
Afore the preaa went syr Eeiiys, 
On eche ayde he felled thom downe, 

Tliere myght none armoure agaynst 
hym Btonde. 3073 

That Bawe the kynge of Skotlonde, 
He preaaed forth wyth his rout 
And beset syr Beuys rounde about ; 
Than began Beuys to play 3077 

And to get hym rowme wyth godo 

Moiglay ; 
Yat wolde he nat stynt ao, 
Tyl hn wnnt the kynge vnto, 
And suuho a stroke he hym lent, 3081 

3003. haiK(l) 0. 

That his hors on the gtonnde went. 
But suche aocour cam tho, 
That Benys must thena go, 
But or he was horsed agayne, 3085 
Many of hia men had Beuys slayne ; 
Deuys thoroughe the preas dyd ryde 
And them onerthrewe on euery ayde, 
He wolile nat stynt ia tli«t stoiir, 
Tyl he cam to syr Mucdour; 3090 

' Tray tour,' he savde -wyth great enuyc, 
'Turne the nowe) 1 the defye ! ' 
Whan Murdouv sawe, he was so bested , 
He tourned his backe and wolde hinio 
fled, 'f.52t. 3013-1 

He fayled of hyra, & that was p,yte. 
For by hia haoko the stroke fel downo 
And hyt vpoii hys sadyl eropowiie ; 
Yiit wj-th his stroke in that stoundo 
Hn f^iiioto his hora vnto tho groiiudo, 

3070. Fur{'.)0. 



Hia ost cam riilin^ him to, 

Wei ten JjosenJ of er mo ; 

So Btronge were fo hii come : [32^5] 

Jjemperur Eeuea liii benome 311'2 

And broujte him an horae fo ; 

Jjar fore was Beuea awifiis wo. 

J3ar com in (le fredile part 3115 

■\ViJ) is batte Aacoijard ; [3240] 

3409. But hys EC. rid.'] rrdy E. Hit o. e.\ 
Thm, coma hia kikyghta M. aim r. 7(.] him 
Tood (gan ride N) SN. rid. h. L] aiion, the 

3110, ten| two C. Dlx»'] and C ; atul mcny 
M i of men i- E. 

3111. itfimgc] fane \iey SNCM. |>o hii] mhcn SNCM; were ftUd. M. ilr.~ldi\ 
manye <h mftU to hyin E. 

3412. peiap.] pai ]it c. EC; That Saltrre 
frovu H ; sir add. SN ; Aaf> sere add. E ; 
fro hyia add. E. Ati] tv^ CM ; otn. ESN. 

immte E ; name CM. 

3413. ..Inii {Agejpi SN ; om. C) cm hy (om. 
SN) «tei& )k)/ {hym. M) kU (Atou]2 SNM) 
hyin. (om. M) (w E8NCM. 

3414. Thercif CM. hmi i'aietr I.; B. vms 
NCM. «io.l/iiIEM. 

3415. pc»™ EC. com\ i'ere add. EC. in] 
en M ; om. E, ]e )»-.] fAot hynder M. 


Euer alse he com fan, 

A felJe bofe hors & man, 

pur wi|) was Beues wel apaide, 34 1 

A clepede Ascopard i^ to htm aaide : 

' Aacopard, tak lijt gode hcde : [32j5l 

Ijeiuperur tit on a whit stedo ; 

)3in hurc i schel {.e jilde wel, 3i23*. 

Wi)! fat pow bringe him to me casU" 

3416. bal.] clabbe t>enne E ; bainUk SNC. 

3417. J^ibsr] fiLTth add. SNC; the farther 
add. M ; fori- rj/jl add. E. he] tki N. 
Ml] om. ESNM. 

B4I8./0f(i!] iareC; diiun add. ECM. ii:(>e] 


3420. A] Asd 8N. A cl. A.] ffc eallyd B 
kym A. C; B. hfm clepyd X.; lie then 
Cold a. to A.] om. SNC. 

3421. ^M.] mnii a<IJ. £ ; he laid &dd. U. 
(«il«™(mif(!)S)SN. riu!] ora. ESKCll. 

3423. schel] woU ESNH. pc] om. KSN. 
jtMe] fiiyit M ; ryjl add- E. 

3424. fri(7 Kl !if E ; And SNC; om, M. 
tinw]om. CM. hytn bryrt^ E3. tom]s» 

But than cam liastely eocour 3101 

And horsed af^yue eyr Mordour, 

Than boldly dyd he abyde, 

The people were alayne on euery Byde. 

Beuya rode forth on Arundel, 3105 

On euery ayde he dyd them t'el, 

Some lay bledynge as a bore, 

Some were so hjt, that they spnke no 

more, 3108 

Of some the lyppes he dyd so pave, 
Tliat men myght ac thoyre tetlio bare, 
None went vnmarked away. 
That Beuys hyt wyth Morglay, 3112 
For sore agreued waa he. 
Where Beuya had one, MuiTlour liad 

But Beuya and Sabere bare them so, 
That agayjie one they aiewe two. 31 1 6 
Whan tlie thronge whb moste hardc, 
Than cam ia Aacaparde, 
Al on fote, as I you swere, 

For there myght no hors hyni liere ; 
Wyth a great ataffe in hia hnnde 31^1 
He ale we al downe, that he foiide, 
Wlian Ascaparde cam wyth hya routi 
Than was syr Murdour in great dont, 
For he brought wyth hym then ""■ 
Thre thousaiide of fresehe man 3126 
And felled downe on euery ayde 
And slewe al that wolde abyde. 
Great pyte it was, certayne. 
So many men as there were alayna 
Aferde thay were of Aacaparde, 313' 
For he amote so aore and haide. 
That thre thousand of them dyd fle 
And drowned them aelfe in thf se. 
lienya called Aacaparde hym tyl 3135 
Audsayde; 'Felawe, here my akyl: 
Loke, iJiat thou take gode hede 
Of hym, that rydeth on the whyte atede, 
And here hym alyue into the tour, 
For that aame ia ayr Mrirdonr 1 ' 3140 



' Sire/ a seide, * I schel for sofe 
In to fe castel bringe him to fe ! ' [3250] 
Ascopard leide on wel inou3, 
Bo)>e man & hors he SI0U3 ; 3428 

Jjar nas non armur in fat lowde, 
Jjat mi3te fe geauntes strok asto7ide. 
J3e king of Scotlonde, wij) is bat [3255] 
A 3af him si^iche a sori flat 3432 

Vpon pe helm in fat stounde, f. luiA. 
Jjftt man and hors fel ded to grou^de. 
Jeanne anon, wif oute soiur, 3435 

A wente to fat emperur, [3260] 

} And hasteliche wif mi3t and main 
A hente fe hors be fe rain ; 
Wolde he, nolde he, faire & wel 
He bar hors and man to fe castel. 3440 
Of al fat of er, siker apli3te, [3265] 
J)at were ensemled in fat fi3te, 
Of Scotlonde and of Al-niaine, 3443 
Beues and Saber wif mi3t and maino 
Wif def is dentes gonne doun driue, 
Jjat far ne scapede non aliue. [3270] 
And f us sire Beues wan f e pris 
And vengede him of is enemis, 3448 

3425. * Sir, for sotJie,* said he^ M. 
8426. Irv—castell Theder Itoyll M. 
3425 f. om. ESNC. 
3427. weljfaste M ; wode C ; om. SN. 
8428. Bo\>e] om. SNC. hors and man SNCM ; 
bothe add. C ; cuer add. SM ; ther add. N. 
3429—3436 om. SNCM. 

3437. And — and] To the emperour ho went 
{come M) wUh CM. 

3438. And C. h^mte] caght C. hors"} stcda C. 
A — hors] His stede he toke M. 

3437 f. : 

To ]fe emperoure he him spede, 

He {And N) henJt {his steeds {the hors N) by 
pe hede SN. 

3439. And wold SN. nolde he] nolde N ; 
or nM 0* faire &] also SNM ; aa C. wel] 
snelle M ; swelle C. 

3440. bar] brought M. hors a. m.] ^m bothe 
C ; hym M ; m add. SNCM. 

3427—40 : 

Ascopard ]>ooffor\) hym dy^t 
And bo\>e he slow^ hors and kny^t, 
And soone he took \>at emperour 
And brou^te hym 8wy]>e to \>e tour, £. 

* Yes, syr,' sayde Ascaparde tho, 

* We shal hym shryue, or we go ! ' 
Ascaparde, wyth his staue 

!Many one his deth he gaue 3144 

Wyth great strength and moche payne. 
He cam to syr Murdour of Almayne, 
And euen on his horse as he sat there. 
Under his arme he gan hym here. 
Than began Murdoures men to hye. 
To rescue hym, that he shulde nat dye. 
The kynge of Skotlande with his rout 
Beset Ascaparde rounde about ; 3152 
Than syr Beuys and syr Sabere 
Cam to helpe hym wyth theyre power 
And slewe al that wolde stande, f. 5.%. 
The noumber of thre thousande, 3156 
And, maugre if they had swome, 
^f urdour was to the castel borne. 
The kynge of Skotlande sore dyd 


moume, 3159 

Whan Murdour was to the castel borne 
And many of his men were cast to 

He tourned his backe in that stounde. 
Than they wolde no lenger abyde. 
But slewe them downe on euery syde. 
Syr Beuys and syr Sabere 3165 

Enchased them wyth theyre power, 
And so fast folowed he. 
That many were dryuen into the se. 
And al that euer stode them agayne, 
Wythout mercy they were slayne ; 
Some lacked theyr shankes fro the kne, 
Some theyr hedes quartered in thre, 
Some into the se dyd skyp ; 3173 

The kynge of Skotlonde toke a shyp 
And fled away forthe by the west. 
There as it hym pleased best. 3176 



And to )>e castel pa.i wente isaine 

Wij) gret solas, gle and game, 

And )>at his stifader wer ded, [3275] 

Ase tit he let felle a led 3452 

yul of pich and of bremston, 

And hot led let falle fer on ; 

Whan hit alfer swifer sej), 3455 

)5emperur far in a def ; [3280] 

)5aT a lay atenende : 

Wende his saule, whider it wende ! 

His moder oner fe castel lai, 
Hire lord sefen in fe pich 3he sai ; 3460 
So swife wo hire was for sore, [3285^ 
Jhe fel and brak hire nekke Jjer fore. 
Alse glad he was of hire, - — . 

Of his damme, ase of is stipsire, 3464 
And seide: * Damme, for-3eue me pU 

I ne 3af fe noper dent ne pilt ! ' [3290] 

8441—50 om. ESNCM. 

3451. Sere B, rood sioy^ gret randoun E ; 
Now we him havs in oure (his (!) N) ftan- 
don SN ; Then anon sir Brfyse with owt \>e 
towne C ; Artd Beti£S anon light adoum M. 

3452. Ase— felle] Let {Made to C) set ouer 
SNC ; Lot hoylen, he sayde EC \ And he 
let ffech M. lcd\ gret (om. C) cawdroun 

3453. pichi so ESNCM ; hich (!) A. of] om. 

3454. And\ om. M. hot] molten SC. ; molte 
N. Ut /.] {and add. N) cast ESNC ; Tnade 
he caste M. vpon EC. 

3455. And when CM ; poo ESN. aZ}). ».] al 
\>er {\>e S) hottest SN ; moost fastest C. 
sethyd C. al\>er — se\)] dede se)>e & playde 
ffaste E ; hoyUd dither fa^te M. 

3456. a] )>62/ E ; was M. dooth SN ; dvd C ; 
caste EM. 

3457. lay] died M. pere he deyde <£; made 
hys ende E ; pere he had his endyng day 
SN ; TTiere he dyed at thai stounde C. 

3458. Wende h, «.] Hys soule to helle E. 
vjhider] where SN ; so moot E. it] he{\) 
S. Wende — it] God wot whodur hys sowle 
C ; Whether that euer the soule M. wende] 
Toay SN. 

Eowndys hym gnowen to \>e bon : 

Soo wreke vs god off alle oure ffoon I add. E. 
3469. His m.] pe lady ESNCM. ouer] on 
SC ; in M. fe] her M. 

3460. sethyTig € ; om. SN. J»] om. E. Ein 
— \>e] In sethyng (!) M. pich] cawdron C. 

3461. So] om. C. svri^] om. SNCM. m] 
for sothe add. M. she was M ; was sche C. 
for s.] \>e7fore SNCM. 

3462. ^he /. and] That she M. l>er'f.] \>oore 

3461 f. : 

perffore ]>e lady sory was, 
Sche drow^ here h>ber and sayde: 'Alias!' 
Doun scheffyl ouer j)6 wal off sUm 
And \ere sche brak here nekke bon. E. 

3463. Alse] om. SN. he— hire] was B. to 
here M ; was B. and sir Sabere SN. 

3464. ase] and SNM. of] om. M. sire SN ; 
stepfader M. 

3463 f. : 
Glad was B. ffor \ai tydyng 
And thankyd god off alle \>yng E ; om. C 

3465. And s.] Now E ; om. C. damm] god 
EC. me] scyde Bcfyse add. C. \at C. 

3466. ponv^ me off \>e was sche was (!) wni^ 
pijlt E ; Thaiie \>e nodur dreynt nor spyU^ C 

3465 f. om. SNM. 
Bffyse was as glculd or gladder 
Of hys dame as of hys stepfadnr. add. C. 

Beuys and Sabere tounied agayne 
Into the castel glad and fayne ; 3178 
Syr Beuys, wythout any let, 
Made a caudron on the fyre be set 
Ful of pytche and of brymstone : 
A wors deth was neuer none. 3182 
Whan the caudron boyled harde, 
Murdour was cast in the myd-warde. 
That deth dyed he, sykerly, f. 54a. 

For the deth of gode ayr Guy. 
Therof harde the countasse, 3187 

That syr Murdour dede was ; 
She stode aboue in a toure. 
So wo she was for syr Murdour, 3190 
That she fel downe & brake hyr necke: 
I beshrewe hym, that therfore doth 

Whan syr Beuys tydjiiges herde 
Of his moder, howe she fared, 31"* 
As sory was he for hyr. 
As he was for his stepfader. 



JJanne al J)e lordes of Hamteschire 

Made Beues lord and sire 3468 

And dede him feute & omage, 

Ase hit was lawe & ri3t vsage. 

]>o was Beues glad and blife [3295] 

And fankede god ful mani a sife, 3472 

3467—3472 : 
\)oo(When SNC ; om. N) ]Kii (\>e SNCM) 

emperour was Qms add. SNM) islawe 

{sloo S ; slayn M), 
And (Al SNC ; om. M) ]>at {his SNM ; the 

C) hoost (away gan (can wyth C ; tian hem 

with N ; hem with S ; come them M) 

drawe (droo S ; ageyn M), 
(A way \>ey gunrve ffaste to (Atid westward 

gun SN ; And can w, aiocy C ; Aiid awey 

them to M) fflee. 
And (But M ; om. SN ; all add. CM) ]>e 

hurgeyses (burgeyce S ; burges CM) off ]!at 

cyte (con^re C) 
Wi\> ioye & (mertlie and- (with SNCM) 

gretc (muche SNM) prydc, 
A^ens (A^en SNCM) sere (om. SNM) B. 

(]>ey g%mne to (gonne SN ; can they CM) 

Off JTamptoun al (om. C) ]>at (\>e SNCM) 

(Al add. SN) \>ey comen (and deden (to do 

SN ; sir add. C) B. homage ; 
[pey (And SNM) vndyrfongyd (vnderfong 

SNM) hym [Agayne hym ];>ey went CJ 

fayre <fc wel 
And brou^ten hym (in add. SN) to hys own£ 

(om. C) cartel. 
• Lord god (GtHst N ; lesu C ; om. ^),* quod 

(seyde CM) sere (om. NCM) B. boo (thanne 

Swy)>e (Full C ; Right M) weel me is (is me 

NCM) hegoo (begone M), ESNCM. 
3473. he was'] lam ESNCM. awreke SNC ; 
vengid M ; ry}t add. E. wel i.] nowe 

put he was wreke wel inouj 

Of him, fat his fader SI0U3. 

Wel hasteliche 3he let sende 3475 

To Coloine after pe bischop hew-de, 

And spusede Beues & losiane. f. i9iiA, 

Of no ioie nas fer wane ; [3302j 

3474. his] my ESNCM. 
3475—3478 : 

[losyan he (off sente (seide SN) wij;> (oicten 

ensoyne (a^oyn SN) 
[He sende aftur locyan, \>e so]>e to sayne C] 
And (Sende we SN) afftyr \>e erchebysschop 

(bisshop SNC) of Coloyn^t 
For (om. SNC) pat he (om. SNC) (was sere 

B. (is myn ovme SN) eeorif 
[And tool swy]>e he pedyr kem 
[And he (y N) vjyl sone heder (thedir N) 

coom SN ; 
And thedur soone he come C] 
And weddyd (spoused SN ; maryed to gedur 

C) B. and losyan 
[ Wip mer]pe and ioye and many a man 
[pere was ioye and muche game SN ; 
Moche yoye \>ere was than C]. ESNC. 
losyan he weni after sone 
And after the bysshopp, as was to done, 
After the besschoppe of Colyn, 
that was sir Beues eme ; 
Full smertely h-e theder cam 
And 80 dydffeire losyan. 
Then the bysshoppc spoused losian. 
The joy, thai there was, can tell na man. M. 
3479—3482 : 
Ey^t gret ffeste pere was holde 
Off eerlyst barouns and kny^tes bolde^ 
Off ladyys and mayde, I vndyrstonde, 
Alle ]>effayreste off pat londe, 
pat al pe castel donyd and rong 
Off here m^rpe and off Mre song. E ; 
There was joy e andfcste amonge, 
Ellis it had be mocJie wronge. M ; om. SNC. 

f^oiie after syr Beuys 
Come to South -hampton is, 3198 

To take possession of his londes, 
That had ben longe out of his hondes ; 
The hurgeyses, wyth moche pryde 
Agaynst syr Beuys gan they ryde 
•And brought syr Beuys fayre and wel 
To Hampton to his owne castel. 3204 
Of Hampton al the baronage 
Cam and dyd Beuys homai^e. 
Than was Beuys glad and fayne, 

That he had his enneniyes slayne. 
Than Beuys, the sotli to sayne, 3209 
Sende after the byssliop of Coleyne, 
That he wolde for any thynge 
Come and be at his weddynge. 
Whan the bysshop was thyder come. 
Two knyghtes had losian nome ; 3214 
Unto the churche they hyr led, f. 546. 
The bysshop on the boke redde 
And to Benys liyr wedded blyue 
Unto the endynge of hyr lyue. 3218 





j)oxi^ ich discriue nou3t pe bredalo, 
Je mai wel wite, hit was riale, 3480 
J5at fer was in alle wise [3305] 

!Mete and drinke & riche seruise. 

Now h&p Beues al is stat ; 3483 
Tweie children on hir he be^at 
In fe formeste ^ere, 
Whiles fat hii were ifere. [3310] 

And Saber him redde par 
Wende to fe king Edgar ; 3488 

j)o wij) inne a lite stounde 
})e king a fond at Lounde. 

Beues a knes doun him set, [33151 
Jje king hendeliche a gret ; 349:^ 

J)e king askede him, what he were 
And what nedes a wolde fere. 
pSLune answerde Beuoun : 34i> . 

• Ichatte Beues of Hamtoun ; [3320 
Me fader was fer ferl Gii ; 
Jjemperur for is leuedi 
Out of Almaine com & him SI0U3 : 
Ichaue wreke him wel inou3 ; 3500 
Ich bidde be-fore 30ur bamage, [3325] 
)?at 3e me graunte min eritage ! ' 

3483. Now] Tlian SN. had SN. 8tat\ stage 
M. Of Hampton all the harormge add. M. 

3484. T^(;ooESNCM, (wi]o/M. hir]Jo8i/an 
EM.; his ivyf SNC ; him (!) A. goat ESN 
CM. Feire they were and grett of state add. 

3485. Whyl ( IFhiles SN ; Tlie whilis M ; 
\)at add. C) ]>ey weren to gedere (in ffcre 
{there SM) ESNCM. 

3486. In \>(U ylke formeste ^ere E ; ffyt was 
in the ffurste yere M ; In that contre there 
C ; And in pat castel dtvelled yfere {there 

3487. And:\ Sir S ; om. NCM. Sab,] his erne 
add. NC. him r.] B, rod S ; avysyd hym 
C. thar him radde N. 

3488. To w, SNCM ; tJuin add. M. ]>e] om. 
SNCM. Edgard N. 

3489. po — lite] Tho wende he forth in a SN ; 
Then at tJiat C ; Anon right in that M. 

3490. At Londe {London NC) J)e king he {\>ey 
C) found SNC ; The kynge at London they 
ffound M. 

3487—3490 : 

poo he wente vn]> otUen lettyng 
To Lundone ry^t vnto \>e kyng. 

Whantie he toas to Lundone eome, 
He was welcome wip alle and some. E. 

3491. Beiies} Before \>e kyng he E. dmn] 
om. E. 

3492. pe — a] And curteysly he hym K 
3491 f. om. SNCM. 

3493. king] him add. SN. panne askyd ^ 
kyng E. him] om. ESNCM. he] tk^ 

3494. nedes] \nfng ESNM \ \ai C, a])e^ 
CM. wolde] sou^e ESNCM. 

3495. ans,] sere add. ESNCM. Beues M. 

3496. / hy^te E ; My Tiame is SNC. The erU 
of Hampton ivrys M. 

3497. was] is S. J^r >.] eerl ESNM ; \e erh 
C ; ]>er off sere add. E ; and hight (hde N) 
add. SN ; sir add. CM. 

3498. pat pee, EC; That Mordmre M. 

3499. Out of] Of S ; Froms M. 

3500. And y haue S. him. wroke (vengmA C) 
SNC. Ich. wr. h.] Now I am wrokt t 
Ich. — weT] And noio I am vengid M. 

3601. bidde^ aske ESNCM. be-f.] \>e gmet 
of SN. 3<WAr] thy C ; my N ; om. S. 

3502. 3«] ])ou SN. pat jc me] For to C. gr] 
geve M ; haiie C. •- 

^owe hath Beuys couered hys estiite ; 
Two chyldren by hyr he gate 3220 
The fyrst nyght togeder in fere, 
As ye shal hereafter here. 
Saber counsayled hym thare, 3223 
To wende to London to kynge Ed^are, 
For to make homage, as ryght wolde, 
For his londes to chalange and holde. 
Syr Beuys dyd after counsaylynge 
And went hym forthe before the kyngo 
And profered, to do hym homage, 

As ryght wiis, for his heritage. 3i«^^ 
Kynge Edgare asked hym, what h« 

And what he claymed for his ryght ; 
* Syr,* he sayde, * my name is Beuys » 
Tlierldom of Hampton it is, ^^^ 

After my faders deth syr Guy, 
That was slayne for his lady 
Wyth syr Murdoure of Almayne ; 
But thanked be god,nowe is he slay^^ 

3224. Edare 0. 



* BIe)jeliche/ a seide, * sone miu, 

Ich grauwte fe, be sein Martin ! * 3504 

His marchal he gau be-holde : 

' Fet me,* a seide, * me ^erde of golde ! 

Gii, is fader, was me marchal^ [3331] 

Also Beues, is sone, schal.* 3508 

His ^erd he gan him per take ; 

So fai atouede wij? oute sake. 

In somer aboute whit-sontide, [3335] 
Whan kni3tes mest an horse ride, 
A gret kours far was do grede. 
For to saien here alfer stede, 3514 
Whiche were swift & strong. 
J3e kours was seue mile long ; [3340] 
Who fat come ferst feder, han scholde 
A fosand pound of rede golde. 3518 

3503. BMy E. Bl, a] The king SNC. 
Zm.Ich]U add. M. gr.] U add. E. the 
gmunb CM. he s. M.'\ heritage Yyn S ; }pi 
eritnge, hi seint Austyne N. 
He hym keste and took he ]>e hand 
And toolcomyd hym d; to (!) ^ lond. add. E. 
He hym. kyate and toke hy the Jiondf 
And thtis to hym said with oute ahond : 
add. M. 
3506. Hit] The SN. His m.] pe kyng E ; 
My chcmhherlayn M ; sone add. SNC. he\ 
-sere B. E. gan\ dud C ; hath M. gan hj] 
hehelde SN. 

3506. And seyde: 'F. C; Feche SNM ; >ow 
add. SN. J. (/ gJ\ golden y^rde SN. 

3507. Sere Oy ESNM. isfJ\he seyde O ; om. 

3508. Arhd also ESN ; And so M. BJ\ now 
EM ; om. SNC. sone] with me he add. SN. 

3509. pe SNCM. he] \>e king SNC. him] 
Beiuss M. \>er] om* SNCM. pe kyng. \>at 
]erde B. hetook E. 

3510. /S'o] Thta M. at^w.Oi.] acordidffor his 
M. And sere B, vt rwti^t ^fTorsook E ; Soche 
a cordement ca^h pey rnake C ; And inade 
him marshal for hisfaders sake SN. 

panne was sere B. war and wys, 
In Vn^lond he har ]>e prys, add. E. 

3511. some7'] it wa>s add. E. ah.] at EC : 
a^eyn SNM ; ]>e add. NM. whissonday S. 

3512. WTian] erls and add. SN. kn.] princes 
S. 'tneM] per C. an] om. SNC. h^rsys C ; 
om. SN ; gon add. SN ; can add. C. ride] 
play S. 

3513. A gr.] At a M. A — do] pe kyng a 
cours he dede E ; A cors ther (om. S) wa^ 
lot SN ; A loager there was leyde C. grcdi] 
gret O ; crye M. 

3514. For] Ftcery kny^t SN. asayen ESNC. 
?iere a.] \>e heste E ; his SN ; per C. strdys 
with owt lett C. For to preve theire stcdas 
hje M. 

3515. were] was SNCM ; hope add. E. swiff t- 
ist N ; toyghtest C ; worthiest M ; styff E ; 
steffest S. ik] most add. SN. 

3516. pe] pat SN. 

3517. pat] so ESNM ; om. C. fferst com E. 
fevst p^ there furste M. peder] om. SNC. 
han] hyt add. C. 

3518. pos,] hundred ESNCM. rede] syluyr 

3517 put after 3518 C. 

The kynge sayde : * Beuys, I holde me 
payed, 3239 

I j:;raunt to al, that thou hast sayde ! ' 
The kypge toke his marchal by the 

And sayde : ' Delyuer me thy wande, 
For Guy, his fader, was my marchal, 
And so syr Beuys, hys son, shal ! ' 
The yerde to Beuys he taketh f. 55a. 3245 
And his marchal he hym maketh. 

Beuys is nowe of great myght 
And loued both of kynge and 
'•^yth euery knyght, squyer and 

Jjeviyg ^ag loued vp and downe^ 

*'^i' largely wolde he spende 


And gyftes both gyue and sende 3252 
To euery man after his estate ; 
Had no man cause, hym to hate ; 
So curteys was he and so hende. 
That euery inau was his frende, 
Saue syr Bryan of Cornewayle, 3257 
He hated Beuys, wythou^en fayle. 
For those offyces had Beuys, 
That sometyme were hys. 
In somer about wytsontyde, 3261 

Whan knyghtes moste on hors ryde, 
A cours they cryed on a day, 
Stedes and palfrayes to assay. 
What hors that best myght ren ; 
Thre myle the cours was then. 3266 
Wlio fyrst cam to the ende, sholde 
Haue twenty pounde of redy guide. 



J5ar wij) was Beues paied wel ; 

Meche a treste to Arondel. 3520 

A morwe, whan hit was dai cler, f. looav 

Arise)) bofe kni3t and squier [3346] 

And lete sadlen here fole. 

Twei kni3tes /rndde fe kours istole, 3524 

Jjat hii were to mile be-fore, 

Er eni man hit wiste y-bore. [3350] 

Whan Beues wiste fis, fot hot 

Arondel wif is spures a smot 3528 

& is bridel faste a schok ; 

A mide fe kours he he?>i of-tok. 

* Arondel/ que)? Beues ))(^, [3355] 

* For me loue go bet, go, 3532 
And i schel do faire and wel 

For fe loue reren a castel ! ' 

Whan Arondel herde, what he spak, 
Be-fore )?e twei kni3tes he rak, [3360] 
J?at he com ra))er to pe tresore, 3537 
))an hii be half and more. 

3619. apaide SN. par— paied] Payd there of 
Beues was M. 

3520. Meche a tr.] He {trust him (trustid M) 
moche (wel S) SNM ; Hys truste was vp C. 
to] 071 SNC. 

3519 f. om. E. 

3521. A] At S; On the C. whan] \)oo SN. 
hit w. d.]]>e (om. C) day was EC. 

3522. Ar.] Vp arcs E ; Vp roos SNC. ho]>e] 
om. SNC. 

3523. Arid] pey E. lete s,] sadulled SNC. 
h>ere] bo\>e stede and E. here/.] her {per C) 
stedes anoon SNC. And {gan to {canfarthe 
C) ryde and (gan to add. S) goon add. SNC. 

3524. Ten SN. hadde] han E ; badde (!) A. 
h£r cours hodden SN. 

3521 — 3524. At morow the Jcnyghtes had forth 
stole (!) M. 

3525. pat] And SN. >C2/ EN ; jw S. to] a 
SN. pat — to] Well nere thre M. 

3526. Er — wiste] Ar it wyste ony man E. 
om. SNM. 

3527. poo SN. wist hit NM ; \>at wyste E. 
fot] al so ESNM. 

3528. wip w ».] in j)6 syde ESNM. 
3524—3528 : 

Mcery man, the sothe to say^ 
Had take two myle yn ther way, 
Or Befyse vyyste ony whyty 
And tho Befyse anmi ryght 
Arondell yn the syde he smot 
And rodeforthqfote hoot. C. 

3529. faste] so N. faste a sh.] he toshoke M. 

pe stede felte sere B, strook E. 

3530. Am.] And (om. N) in \e myd (myddis 
of N) EN ; In myddtis M. >6] om. K 
ouyr took EM ; toke N. 

3529 f. om. SC. 

Tha,n began tkey better to ride. 
The space of two myle side be side. 
That they to the end had but a myle : 
Beues was aferd of gile. add. M. 

3531. Now Ar, E. sayde ESCM. 

3532. loue] now add. E. bet] now ESM. 

3533. And] om. S. do] make C; ry^t E; 
make add. S. 

3534. \>e I.] thy sake S ; j)6 E. reren] maJcen 
E; om. SC. a]/ayradd. ESC. ehapelH\)C. 

3533 f. om. M. 
And the brydull faste he schoke. 
And yn mydwarde pe wey he pern ouertoke. 
add. C. 

3535. WTian] poo E ; om. SCM. what] \ai 
S ; h>ow C. he] B. ES. spak] said M. 

3536. Before them all he brake C ; Before hm 
all forth he braid M ; Byfore hem al a cam 
he tooke S ; panne fforp he bar hym on hys 
bak E. 

3531—3536 om. N. 

3537. Than C. ra])ir he cam E. raper] om. 
CM. pat E. He come (o pe tresour fvi 
(wel N) ^ore SN. 

3538. Or C. hii] pey EC. pan h.] om. SN. 
pan h. b.] Before hem M. h^ilf] twoo myl6 
£ ; a myle add. SNCM. and] or ESNM. 

Syr Beuys was apayde wel, 3269 

For moche he trusted in Arundel. 
On the morne, whan it was lyght, 
Theder cam bothe baron and knyght 
Wyth fayre stedes and moche pryde, 
That on that cours wolde ryde. 3274 
Two knyghtes were stolen before, f. 55*. 
A large halfe myle and more, 

That none of theyre f elawes jt wote ; 
But Beuys wyth his sporys his hors 
smote, 3278 

On Arundel, so sayth the boke, 
In the myd way he them ouertoke. 
He had ryden the cours within a whyle, 
Or they thought, he had ryden a myle. 
3277. yt] dyd (!) 0. 



Beues of his palfrai ali^fce 
<fe tok fe tresore anon ri3te : 3540 

WiJ) fat and wij) raor catel [3365] 
He made ))e castel of Arondel. 

Meche men preisede is stede fo, 
For he hadde so wel igo ; 3544 
)5e prince bad, a scholde it him ^eue : 
* Nay,* quej) Beues, * so mot y leii«, 

))ou3 fow wost me take an hojzde 

Al fe hors of Ingelonde ! ' 3548 

Sifjje fat he him 3eue nele, 

A J)ou3te, fat he it wolde stele. 

Hit is lawe of kinges alle, [3375] 

At mete were croune in halle, 3552 

& fanne eueriche marchal 

His 3erde an honde here schal. 

3539. Sir B. SNC. palf,^ stede ESNC ; \>o 
doun add. E ; he add. S. of his p.] than 
gan M. ly^ ESC. 

3540. tok] vp add. M. tres. a,] gold as it 
was E. 

3541. And with C. ]>a£] gold add. E ; gode 
add. C. wi]>] om. NC. cat,] so EC ; 
gatel (!) A. attelle (!) N ; a castel (!) S. 

3542. Jfe — of] He lei make and called it 
castel S. 

3543. Mochyl EC. is] \>at EC. menr—stede] 
{\fat stede {his hors M) was {he NM) preiscd 
SNM. Jjo] then M. 

3544. ydo N ; iren M. pe kynges sone {\>at 
was al {wex wel SN ; was nere C) mad 
add. ESNC ; The knyghtis, they were all 
m£td add. M. — To sere B. a hone he had 
add. E ; Sir B, of pfte of (om. N) Arundel 
he had add. SN ; Of sir Befyse \>e stede 
wolde he haue had add. C ; That they ne 
Beues hors had add. M. 

3545. {Hys stede { They had Beues lA) \>at ?ie 
scholde EM. ith.] ham M. 

3546. Arondelly that loas hym leffe M. 
3545 f. om. SNC. 

3547—3564 : 
^Iwyll Tioty tTuju^ ye toold geve me in my hond 
All the hors, that he in Enghnd ! * 
Whan Beues hym Tie geve ham wold, 
They thought, that they stele hym shold. 
It is wonnyd in the kynges hall. 
Whan (!) that he his crowne here shall. M. 
pe kyngys sone vdp B. was wro\> 
And euere more afftyr he was hym lo]> 

And SWOT hys o\ffoT woo or wele, 

"pat he scholde \aZ stede stele. 

Whan }pat rydyng was al don, 

To ]>e kynges court ]>ey comen anon, 

Boye duke, eerl, haroun and kny^t. 

To afeste, pai wel was dy^. 

It was soo he eldere dawe 

And woA a custum in ]>e lawe, 

pat euery kyn^g at m£te in halle 

Sat coroumyd hefom hem alle. 

And ]>at euery marchal scholde 

Beren hefom hym a ^erde off golde, 

Beffs took \>e ^erde in hys Tiond, 

Marchal he was off Yngehnd, 

And seruyd pe kyng weel to pay 

And al pe harounnxige pat ylke day. E ; 

Sir B. seide : * Y vnderstonde, 

He wil he with no man in londe, 

BiU with pe marshal of pe kinges halle : 

It is his woon to suche men alle, 

{And with euery marchalle, 

Thedur his yerde here schalle ; add. N) 

Sir, he nyl suffer, ywis. 

No Tnan him touche, per he is, 

Bui his maister certenly ; 

It is greet {a T^Jfooly, to com him nyef* SN ; 

Befyse seyde : * V vndtcrstonde. 

For all the horsys yn Vnglonde 

I wolde not get^ Arondell, 

That yn many a hatell Tiap seruyd m^ well ! ' 

That day, as y telle schall. 

The kyng sate crownyd yn the halle, 

And euery marschall, as y yow say. 

In Tumde achall here hys ^erde pat day, C. 

Kowe hath Beuys the golde wonne 
Thoroiighe Arundel, that wel had ronne, 
Th erf ore wyth that & another del 
He made the castel of Arundel. 3286 
They praysed the hors in that cas. 
For he so swyft and lusty was. 
Tlie kynges sonne and his ayre 
Tliought the hors both gode and fayre, 
Unto syr Beuys anon he yede 3291 

And sayde : * 1 pray the, gyue nie thy 
stede!' 3292 

* Nay,* sayde Beuys, * nat for no golde ; 
But aske me ellys what ye wolde, 
At thy wyl thou shalt it haue, 
But Arundel do thou nat craue : 32 9 G 
For any prayer, that man may pray, 
Shal I neuer gyue Arundel away ! ' 



While Beues was in fat office, 

\)e kinges sone, fat was so nice, [3380] 

What helpej) for to make fable] 3557 

A ^ede to Beues stable 

And ^ede Arondel to ni3e, 

And also a wolde him vwti3e, 3560 

And ))0 Arondel, fot hot [3385] 

WiJ? his hint fot he him smot 

And to-daschte al is brain. 

])us was \>e kinges sone slain. 3564 

— Men made del & gret weping f. i96a». 
For sorwe of fat ilche fing ; [3390] 
])e king swor, for fat wronge 
Jjat Beues scholde bew an-ha/ige 3568 
& to-drawe wif wilde fole. 
\)e bamage it nolde nou3t fole 
& seide, hii mi^te do hi?n no wore, 
Bouto lete hongen is hors ; [3396] 

Hii mi3te don him nauiore, 3573 

For he seruede f o f e king be-fore. 

3555. T?ie while M ; ]kU add. C. was] scruyd 
\>e king SN. >a^] hys ESNC ; om. M. 

3556. ^pai^he^ j om. SN. «)]/i*ZSN ; om. M. 

3557. Wh4U h.] Thoght C ; om. E. IVhat— 
to] Where to ahold I M. ^naJce] scorn <k 
add. E. Whai — mdke] pe kinges son with 

3558. pde] went ESNCM ; in add. ECM. to] 
sire add. ESNCM. istable (!) A. 

3559. ^ede] vwnt N. Atid 3. A.] Sir B, stede 
he com S ; all add. C. 

3560. And] om. SN. aa SN. also aw.] 
wolde haue C. 3559 put after 3560 S. 

3559 f. : 

For to haue stole sere B, stede. 

And he quytte hym euele hys mede. E. 

And toke Arondell in hond^ 

Fqr he wold haiie losvd his bond. M. 

3561. \>o] om. C. And] Jw om. ESNM. fot] 
ry^t al so EM ; ]h)o als SN ; as C. 

3562. his] pe S. hinder SN ; after M ; om. 
EC. heh.]\>e prynce Tie E ; him SNCM. 

3563. And] And al 8 ; pat he al ENCM. 
tobrast E ; tosquat N ; toquast (!) S. al] om. 

3564. pere EM ; Tho C. 

pey token hem alle to gedere inffere 

And before pe kyng brou^ hym on bere. 

add. E. 
They toke theire rede, that there were, 
Toffore the kyng hym to bere. add. M. 

3565. M&ii m.] pere was ESCM ; Tho was IS. 
del] sorwe E. gret] muche SNCM. 

3566. And {moche sorowe {sorow^ inou^ M)/(W 
that thynge CM ; And care inow^ for jxU 
endyng E ; And (om. N) as y ^ow tel wik 
out lesyng SN. 

3567. swor] poo add. E. for pa£\ and pat wUh 
(was N) SN. 

3568. pat] sir add. M. an-h,] hey^e ihonge 
E ; hon^e CM. 

3569. Or be brent all to cold M. 

3570. But pe EM. barouns K But sir B. 
(!)SN. wolde E. Un.n,]woldiUnot}IL; 
nolde hits ; hit nolde N. h^ld (!) M. 

3569 f. : And be dedd with moche woo, 

And hys barons wolde not soo C ; 
pan seide a lord in his sawe : 
* Sir king, pat may (om. ( ! ) S) rurf 5«» 
don with {bi N) lia,vje SN. 

3571. ds s.] om. SNM. hii m. do] ye may do 
toC; Yene may do M. hii — him] ToUm 
^e mow do SN. 

3572. Icte h.] for to hange C; let do hmg H. 
patjugement ^ue SN. 

3574. seuede{\) A. 

3573 f. om. SNCM. 

3571—3574 : 

pe barouns sayde eueryehon : 
* Wers may no man hym don 
pan hongen hym, pat dede pat deds, 
And pat was Arundel, hys stede.* E. 

The kynges son sawe, it coude nat 
auayle, 3299 

To aske the stede, wythout fayle ; 
Wythout any more fable. 
He went into syr Beuys stable," 
For he wolde the hors vntye, 
And cam a lytel ouer-nye, 3304 

And Arundel also bote f. 56o. 

Wyth his hynder fote he smote. 
That he al to-brake his brayne : 
Thus was the kyn^^es son slayne. 3308 
There was dole and great wepynge ; 

Whan tydynges cam vnto the kynge ; 
Than the kynge, verament, 3311 

Made to be set his parlament 
And began to ordayne. 
That syr Beuys shulde be slayne 33 U 
And wyth wylde bestes be diawe ; 
But his barons wythstode that lawo, 
They sayde : ' To sle Beuys, it were no 

But Arundel shal be at thy wyl, . 33lo 
For he slewe thy son so. 
But nought to Beuys may we do ! * 



* Nai/'qneJ) Beues, * for no catele 

Nel ich lese min hors Arondela, [3400] 

Ac min hors for to were 3577 

iDgelonde ich wile for-swere ; 

Min eir ich wile make her 

Jjis gode kni3t, min em Saber.' 3580 

In fat maner hii wer at one, [3405] 

And Beues is to Haratoiin gone ; 

A tolde losian & Ascopard fore 

Al to gedre, lasse and more. 3584 

Beues lep on is rounci 

And made is swein Terri, [3410] 

)5at Saber is sone is ; 

And whan Ascopard wiste fis, 3588 

3575. sayde ESNCM. 

3576. Nel ich] Ne wolde I E ; JFold / M ; / 
wolde not C ; Wille y S. lese\ Ictt hongc 
M. min hJ] so N ; om. ESCM. 

3577. Ac\ BtU certis SN. Or I shold my h^ors 
ffoi'bere M ; But to me hettur hyt were C. 

3578. All Ynglonde C ; seuen teres add. S. 
ich W.I to C ; rather I shold M. 

3577 f. : 

My stedCf* he sayde, 'graunte ^e m^e. 
And Vngelond now wole Iffiee, E. 

3579. wile m. h,] make myn (I) iSaber E. 

3580. pis — em] Myn erne, {\>at hight (om. C) 
sir (om. S) SNC ; Myn own son sir 'Ml, A 
curteys kny^t hardy andffeer E. 

3581. mamyrl comenand M. hii\ pey ESNCM. 
are C. 

3582. is] now add. E. to Hampton is SN ; 
of H, gan M. 

8583. Aiid tolde C ; om. ESN. Asc] Sabeer 
E ; he tolde add. ESN. before E ; ]>ore C. 

3584. Al to g.] Whi i« tma SN ; bo]te add. E. 
And soone afftyr vpon a day 
He took leue <& wente hys way ; 
On horse he sette losyan so mylde, 

For sche was gret vxh\> chylde ; add. E ; 
He seet losian on a {hur C) mitle 
And [{redcn (rode N) forth on [forthe they 
rock C] a while, add. SNC. 

3585. Stjr B. C ; Hym selfflS, ; Aiid S. Upte 
E ; l&pyd C ; vp add. N. 

3586. swein] squycr SN. w.ade is s.] took loip 
hym yungge E ; wyth hum, 7t,ys cosyn C ; sir 
add. SNC. 

3587. S. is] syr Saber C. 
3587 f. : 

poo Askopart wist ywys, 
pat Tirry Saberes soon is, SN ; 
Sere Saberes sone he was, I ply^t, 
Dou^ty in dede, hardy infpf/^t. 
pey wenienforp in here ioumay : 
Now helpe hem god, pat best may I 
As soone as Ascopard wyste pis, 
In hys herte he pouite amis, £. 
3583—3688 : 

To the contre, there they come ffroo ; 

Beues weni on hisjumey, 

His squier he made Terry, in ffey. 

That sir Sabers son was. 

Whan Ascaparte wiste that case, M. 

* Nay,' sayde Beuys, * for no catel 
Wolde I let sle Arundel, 3322 
For he is gode in euery were ; 

Yet had I leuer Englonde forswere ! ' 
Than spake syr 'Bryan of Cornewayle : 

* Syr, this is our counsayle, 3326 
That ye do one of the two ! * 

' I assent,' sayde Beuys tho, 

* Before you al I gyue here 

Myn herytage to syr Sabere ! ' 3330 

Syr Beuys delyuered vp the wande 

And so forsware Englande ; 

A fortnyght respyte had he, 

For to passe out of the cuntre ; 3334 

And afterwarde myght be founde, f. 56/;. 

lie shuld be take & fast be boUnde. 

On thys maner they were al one. 
And to Hampton he rode anone, 
And al togeder tolde he thore 3339 
Of his case, bo the lesse and more : 
* It is no lenger but hens to morne, 
For here may we no lenger soiourne ! ' 
Beuys and losian made them redy 
And toke theyre leue for to ferry. 
Sabers sonne, that hyght syr Terry, 
Beuys toke wyth hym for company. 
Ascaparde, that fals thefe, 3347 

For hym was Beuys in moche grefe ; 
He thought : * If I dwei here, wythout 

I gete nought ellys bi^graS trauayle ; 



Whiche wei hii wolde take, 

A3eii to Mombraunt he ga?^ schake, 

To be-traie Beues, as 30 mai se, 

For he was falle in pouerte, 3592 

For, whan a maw is in pouerte falle, 

He ha)j fewe frendes wij) alle. 

To him seide king Yuore : 3595 
*Treitour, whar hastow be fiis 
3orer [3420] 

* Sire,' a seide, * haue sou3t fe quene, 
& haue had for hire miche teue ! 
Sire,* a seide, * certeine for sofe, 

Jet ich koufe bringe hire to J?e ! ' 3fi00 

* Ich wile pe 3eue a kingdom ri3t, [3425] 

-Bring ))ow me fat leuedi bri3t ! * 
Quef Ascopart : * p&r to i graunt, 
Be Mahoun & be Tervagauut, 3604 
So fat ichaue fourti kni3tes, [3429] 
Stout in armes & strong in fi3tes ; 
For Beues is ful steme & stoute. 
Of him ichaue swife gret doute ; 3608 
He ouer-com me ones in bataile : f. i»5&'. 
Me be-houej) help, him to asaile.' 
King Yuor grauntede anon ri3te8 ; 
He let him cliese fourti kni3tes 3612 
And armede hem in yrene wede, [3437J 
& forf wij) Aflcopard fai 3ede. 

3589. And wh. S. wei\ \>cU add. E. hii] \>ey 
ESM ; ?ie NC. schulde C. 

3590. can he C; to add. E. JTe (And N) 
\>mi^t Tier company {to add. '^) forsake SN. 

Agayn to tume to Vmhrautit 
(And add. S) (]K)u'^t Ascopard (A. J). N), 
])at long geauntj add. SN. 

3591. B. to betray S ; And B, he traide (!) N'; 
He betrayed sir Befyse C. 3c m. ».] y telle 

3593. For] om. SNC. a man is] men ben 
(are C) SNC. 

3594. pey ha^ce SNC; btU add. C. wi]j] 
om. C. 

3591—3594 om. M. 

3595. To h. 8,] Tyll Tie come to M. 
3591—3595 : 

Now is he to Mounbrauni went. 
For he wolde losyan havs schent^ 
And sere B. he wolde haite slawe 
And brou^t hem bo\>e off here lyff dawe» 
^eme he %oente wi\> outen lettyng, 
Tyl }>at he come to ]>e kyng ; 
Doun on knees he hym sette 
And \te kyng ffayre he grctte. 
pe kyng spak to hym per : E. 

3596. Tr.] om. E. yus 3.] mxiny a ^er E. 
Where hast thou be, thoufals trayUmrl M. 

3597. haue] om. M. thy M. 

3598. <C?] / M. /<w her had M. 

3599—3614 : 

Yff thou wilte do after me, 
I vyyll yet her brynge to the!* 

* / shall geve the moche of my gold, 
Yff thou brynge her to my fold ! * 
With thritty Sarzins, that wc7'e strange, 
Ageyn her they gan gauge, 

For he wiste at tJte end, 
Whederward she wold wend, M. 
J vmlde ry^tffayn haue brou^t here fl^; 
Wylt ]>oio ^elde me my traitayle. 
And I brynge here \>e, wip otUenffaylel 
*^is\* sayde pe kyng ^nne and low^, 

* I schal ])e ^elde weel inx)w^, 

I wole 'pe ^euen mochyl off my lond, 
So pat pou brynge here to myn hoTvd, 
And XXX^ Sare^ynys, pat ben fful toy^t, 
With pe schole gonfor toffy^t I * 

* Sere,* he sayde, hauip good day, 
Forp we wole wenden in mere way, 
We wolen vs rapen to pat hende : 

Ful weel I woot, hou pey wole wendef K 
3595—3614 om. SNC. 
3615—3618 : 

Forp rod losyan ds Brffoun, 
porw^ feeld (<& fen A many a (and proii] 

SN ; and C) Umn, ESNC. 
Forthe Vode Beues and losyan 
Thorow^feld and thorou^ffen, M. 

If that I myght, by Tarmagant, 
Brynge losian to Mambraunt, 3352 
Ryght welcome shulde I be it tyl 
And haue I-nough of my wyl I ' 

This Ascaparde, fals was he, 3355 

For Beuys was fallen in pouerte : 
Whan a man in pouertye is fal, 
Fewe frendys metetli he wythal. 3358 



Now lete we be fis Ascopard 
& speke of Beues, J)at rit for)? ward 
In is wei til Ermonie [3441] 

)5our3 Fraunce & four^ Normo^idie ; 
And losiane, Crist here be railde ! 
In a wode was be-stonde of chUde. 36 20 
Beues and Terri doun li3te [3445] 

And wijj here swerdes a logge pi3te ; 
J?ai brou3te losiane fer inne, 
For hii ne koufe no beter ginne. 3624 
Beues is seruise gan hire bede, 

To helpe hire at fat nede. [3450] 

* For godes loue,* 3he seide, ' nai, 

Leue sire, fow go fe wai, 3628 

God for-bede for is pite, 

)5at no wimman is priuite 

To noman J)our3 me be koufe : [3455] 

Go)? and wendej? hennes noufe, 3632 

j5ow and pe swain Terry, 

And let me worfe & oure leuedy ! ' 

For J) ))ai wente bofe ifere, 

For hii ne mi3te hire paines here. [3460] 

3619. ^rwfj om. SN. AndLlom.C. be here 
K. Or. h^,re he'\ Or, of heayn he hur C ; thnt 
icas M. here he m. ]fro shame hur shelde SN. 

3620. a] om. SN. Was in the wood M. 
hestad SNM ; stad E. In — best.'] There sche 
trauaylcd C. o/j vji^ EM. 

Crystj now ^eue Jiere tyTne good 

For vertu off \>y swete blood ! add. E. 

Ood {hur help and ^aue {geue C ; send' M) 

hur (om. N ; full add. M) good tymet 
{For ry^t {Eight M ; om. C) vnder ]>e loood 

ryne {ryme C ; lyne M) add. SNCM. 

3621. ii'ere B. E. dounl adoun NC ; doun ]>ey 
E ; adoun gon S. 

3622. And] om. SN. here] ]>er C. a so 
ESNM ; om. (!) A. logge] om. C ; \)ey add. 
E ; gon add. SN. a pyghte (!) C; dy^te 

Made hur a logge with bowes 
And preyed for hur to ovore lady ds all 
hahwcs. add. C. 

3623. pai] And ESNC ; And they M. los.] 
hur CM. 

3624. For h.] pey SNC. ne] om. C. For— 
koic\>c] Cowde \>ey doo E ; Ne couth they M. 

3625. Sore B. ESNC. is] her M. seru.] he 
add. E. hire] om. SNM. is — hire] can 

hur seruyse C. 

3626. For to M. ffur to help S. ai] in E. 
]>at] her M ; om. C. 

3627. For g. I.] Gh'o mercy, sere (om. C) ESN 

3628. Leue s. \>.] For goddys {Crystes C) loir^ 
ESNCM ; sir add. M. go]f E; wyndo C. 
\)e] ^oure ECM. 

3629. God] 80 SNCM ; Crist E ; For{\) A. 

3630. no] any SN ; eitere M ; euere ony E ; 
man schiUde see C. 

3631. man E ; any Tnan SN. ]xw*7^ me] \>at 
it SN. be] were ESN. iknowe E ; \>ouri 
— koupe] be wraidffor me M. 

3632. ioend. h.] wondrep fro me SN. and — 
noulpe^ cfe ro7ni]> (?) ^ow a ]>rowe E. Bat 
goo to the wood arid play the M. 

3631 f. om. C. 

3633. pe ( ! ) E. M ^mre E. sw, ] squier M : 
kny^t SN ; ^ungge add. E. pow — sw.] 

Wynde yeforthe and C. 

3634. Aiid] om. M. wor\fe] alone E. <t*] 
on C. 

3635. inffere ESNCM. 

3636. For] pat SC ; om. N. ]>ey ESNCM. 
ne m.] my^t not SN ; ne wolden E. payn 
M. ne — paines] hur peynys my^ nx>t C. 

1 Forth dyd Beuys and losian ryde, 
Tyl they cam to a forest syde, ^ f. 57a. 
And losyan, that was so mylde, 3361 
In that wode trauayled of chylde. 
I^euys and Terry downe gan lyght 
And vvyth theyre swerdes a lodge they 

dyght 3364 

And brought losian therin, 
i'or they coude no better gyn. 
Syr Beuys dyd hyr seruyce bede, 

For to helpe hyr at hyr nede; 3368 

* Gramarcy, syr,' she sayde, * nay,' 

For goddys loue go hens away, 

Go and sport you wyth Terry f. 576. 

And late me worke and our lady : 

Shal neuer womaiis pryuete 

To man be shewed for me ! ' 3374 

Beuys and Terry forth went there, 

For they wolde nat hyr peynes here, 



Alias, fat ilche cherre 3637 

Hii wente fro hire alto ferre ! 

Alse hii wer out of fe weie, 

Jhe hadde knaue children* tweie. 3640 

Also 3he diliuered was, [3465] 

J)ar com Ascopard go-ande a pas 

& fourti Sarasins, fe Frensch sef, 

Al iarmede to pe tef. 3644 

For al hire sorwe & hire wo 

J)ai made hire wi)j hem te go, [3470] 

And gret scorning of hire fai maked 

And bete hire wij) swerdes naked. 3648 

Wo was pe leuedi in fat stounde, 

)5at was so beten & ibounde ; 

& in here wei ase fai gowne wende, 

Jhe seide : * Ascopard, freli frende. 

For bou7ite, ich dede pe while f. i956«. 

And sauede pa fro perile, 3654 

\)o Beues pe wolde haw slawe 

Andy^i-brou3t of pe lif dawe, [3480] 

Ich was pe boui*3, pe schost be trewe : 

))ar fore i praie, on me pe rewe 

And 3eue me space a lite wijt, 

For wende out of p\a folkes si3t, 3660 

To do me nedes in priuite, [3485] 

For kende hit is, wimmaw te be 

Schamfaste and ful of corteisie, 

& hate dedes of fileinie.' 3664 

Ascopard answerde hire fo : 
' Whider fow wilt, dame, fow schelt go, 
So ichaue of pe a 8i3t ! * [3491] 

panne losiane, anon ri3t 3668 

Out of pe way 3he gan tenie, 
Ase 3he wolde do hire dedes derne. 

While 3he was in Ermouie, 3671 
Bofe fysik and sirgirie [3496] 
Jhe hadde lerned of meisters grete 
Of Boloyne pe gras and of Tulete, 
Jjat 3he knew erbes mani & fale. 
To make bofe boute & l^ale. [3500] 
On 3he tok vp of pe grouwde, 3677 
Jjat was an erbe of meche mou?ede, 
To make a man in semlaunt fere, 
A foule mesel alse 3if a were. 3680 

8637. BiU alias and weylaway £ ; Alias, hyt 
schulde he so that day C. 

3638. Hill pey SNC ; pat \>ey E. wente] 
were C. fro h.] om. E. altd] to SNC ; so 
E. ferre\ away add. EC. 

3639. Alse hii\ Whyl \>ey ESNC. out^-weie] 
soffer a stray E ; a way thoo C. 

3637—3639 : 

AUts, she was there alone. 
They were allffrmne her gone; 
The whilis they went for to play, M. 

3640. 3^] pe lady SN. knaue] men M. 
Man chyldur had sche two C. 

3641. Also] And (om. SNC) ry^ a^ ESNCM. 

3642. par] Forth SN. Ase. cam E. go.] to 
here E ; om. M. a] om. E ; gret add. ESC ; 
good add. M ; wel good add. N. 

3643 f. om. ESNCM. 

3645. hire] \>e ESNCM. sorwe] woo M. <t 
h. w,]\fat (om. E) sche hadde jfoo ESNCM. 

3646. pai m. h,] losyan he dede {made N) 
ESN ; They {He C) mMe locyan C. hpi 
ESNC. te] om. E. 

3647—3710 : 
And leet }>e chyldryn hen ry\t ]>ore : 
No wundyr, \>ou^ here herte wel sore.- E ; 
Th£ {Hur N) children \ey lefte \>oore : 
Wonder, ]>at hur hert {ne hrast jtcrfore {barst 

not for sore N) ! SN ; 
And drove hur the wode thorowe : 
No wondur, yfhur hert hrastefor sorowel C. 
Som dyd her drive and somt dydfolowe : 
No wonder, thou^ her hert had sorowe ! M- 

But Ascaparde toke another way, 3377 
On treason thought the thefe ay. 
After that Beuys was gone hyr fro. 
She was delyuered of chyldren two. 
Whan Ascaparde harde this cas. 
That losyan delyuered was, 3382 

To the lodge went he there, 3383 

And losyan away dyd he here. 
There myght no prayer hyr borowe ; 
I wonder, hyr hert brast nat for sorowe, 
For he sware by Tarmagant, 
He wolde hyr lede to Mambrant. 3388 



Whan 3ho hadde ete fat erbe, anow 
To fe Sarasines 3he gan gon, [3506] 
And wente hem forf wij) oute targing 
To-ward Yuore, fe riche king. 3684 
)3ai nadde ride in here way 
Boute fif mile of fat contray, [3510] 
3he was in semlaunt & in ble 
^ A foule niesel on to se. 3688 

))') }he was bpou3t to kiwg Yuore, 
To Ascopard a seide fore : 
'Who is fis wiiTiman, fow hast me 
brou^t?^ [3515] 

' What/ a seide, * knowest hire nou3t 1 
5Iie is losiane, pe quene : 3693 

Ichaue had for hire meche tene.' 
Jeanne seide Yuor : * I praie Mahoim 
J^ar fore 3eue pe is malisouii, [3520] 
Swiche a leuedi me to bringe, f. loea. 
So foule of 8i3t in alle pinge ! 3698 
^d hire awai, god ^eue 30W schame, 
J^e and hire, hope isame ! ' 3700 

A castel hadde king Yuor [3525] 

Fro his paloise fif mile & mor ; 
jjeder Yuor bad hire lede 
And finde hire pat hire wer nede. 3704 
\)o Ascopard wip outen dwelling 
In to pat castel gan hire bring, [3530] 
In wildernesse vpon a plaine. 
And half a 3er a was hire wardaine. 
VT^Tow leto we be of pis leuedi 
±\ And speke of Beues & of Terri. 
Beues, a3en is wei he nam, [3535] 

In to pe logge pat he cam ; 3712 

Fond he per noper 3ong ne elder, 
Boute twei hepene knaue childer, 
Swipe faire children wip alle, 
Alse hii were fro pe moder falle. [3540] 
Beues fel par doun and SW0U3 ; 3717 
Terri wep and him vp drou3, 
And koursede biter pat while 
Ascopard is tresoun & is gile. 3720 
pei kottede here forers of ermin, [3545] 
)5e 3onge children wonde per in. 

^^11. Sere B. E. a^enward ESN. wr] pe E. 
^] om. ESNM. is — nam] coine tho C. 
'^"I^. In] And EM ; om. SNC. \xU] soonc 

is ; av/m M ; \>ere C. cam] fro cawAi N ; 

com f ram {fro C) SC. 
^7l3. Ne {There C) fonde he SNC. per] om. 

SNCM. nor C. olde SM. 
"*« X4. hep.] yong'N ; Jfeire M ; om. S. knaiie 
' ch.] man ch. C ; childer M ; {fcire on {on 
^ the M) molde add. SM. 
^^13 f. : 

Jn pat logge no pyng he say^ 

SiU tweye chyldryn, were bore pat day ; E. 
^^16. Swipe] And pasainge'K; TwoC. knaue 

childir N ; pey weren ESN. 
^7l6. By^t as E. pey ESNM. Alse h, w.] 

Newe C. from EN. pe] hur SN. 
^7 17. Sere B, E. par] om. ESNC. doun] 

om. C. and] in SNC ; ri/3^ *w « E. 

3718. wept SNC. vp him N. 

3717 f. : 
For sorowe Beues soumed that tide, 
Terry wepte sorCf thai loas there be side, M. 

3719 f. I 
Befs wyste weel in pat whyle, 
pat Ascopard hadde don hym gyU, E. 
And sore they warri/cd tho lohiU, 
Of Ascaparte and of his gile. M ; om. SNC. 

3721. pci] so ENCM; pe (!) A; And S. 
aiUtyn E ; kytte SNM ; toke C. theire M ; 
pe SN ; a C. ffun'ours E ; furres SNM ; 

Jfurre C. of] good add. E. 

3722. ^onge] hethen SN. chil.] they add. N ; 
he add. S. pe — wonde] And wounden 
{wrapped C) pe {two add. M) chyldren weel 
(om. CM) ECM. 

W'han Beuys had longe taryed, 3389 
A.<fayne to the lodge he hym hyed ; 
-* ii the lodge foude he no mo, 
-I^ut yonge male chyldren two ; 
lie wyst nat, what to do nor say, 3393 

vVhan he sowe, losyan was away ; 

* Alas,* than sayde syr Beuys, 

* Ascaparde hathe done treason, I-wys!' 
Syr Beuys fel downe in a traunce, 
But Terry dyd hym vp enhaunce. 
Whan Beuys sawo, no better wolde ])e, 
His ryche mantel than toke he 3400 
^ And wrapped the two chyldren theria, 
For they were somdel of his kynne. 

1 f KSn 



par nolde hii no long abide, 

pei lope to horse & gonne ride ; 3724 

In ]>G wode a forster fai mette 

And avripe faire J?ai him grette : [3550] 

* God fe blesse, sire ! ' Beues sede, 

* Si3e fe eni leuedi her forj) lede 3728 
Owhar be fis ilche way 1 ' 

* Sire, for gode,' a seide, * nay ! * 

* What dones man ertow, bachelerV 

* Sire,* a seide, * a forster ! * 3732 
' Forster, so Crist fe be niilde, 
Wiltow leto cristen fis hefew childet 
Ei3t, lo, now hit was ibore [3559] 
And 3ong hit haj) is moder for-lore : 
Wilt fow kep it for to min,' a sede, 

* And i schel quite wel \>e mede 1 ' 
pe forster him grauntede fer, 

To kepe hit al fe seuen ^er. 3740 

3723. wolde pey C. lenger C. par — long] {And 
add. SN) wo lengere (wolde pcy (they wold 
M ; nolde he S ; nolde N) ESNM. byde C. 

3724. pci] But ESNCM. lept SN. to] on 
EM. lope to h.] toke \>er horsys C. <fe] 
forpe add. CM. can CM. tb g.] for S ; to 

add. ESN. 

3725. wode]fforeste C. a] om. (!) E. forster] 
man C. 

3726. And] om. N. 8wi\>e — pai] sir B. (wel 
add. N) feire SN ; feyre sir Befyse C. 
8ioi\>e — him] Beues hym ffull ffeyre M. 

3727. And sayden to hym : * So god ]}e spede 
E ; * Crist pe blesse^* he seide pan SN ; 
* Cryste mvst the hlesse,* he said M ; Orystys 
blessyn^ mote pe betyde C. 

3728. en^ owher a E ; man a add. M. wum- 
mxin ESNCM. her /.] pys way C ; om. 
EM. lede] gon SN ; ryde C. 

3729. Owh. be] In M. Ow.— ilche] {Or add. 
C) here a^out by ami SNC ; Eypir be pap 
eypir be E ; deme add. M. 

3730. he sayde, ffor gode EC. 

3731. dones] maner of C ; om. ESNM. man] 
om. M. ertow] he sayde add. E. bach,] 
here C. 

3732. a s.] om. C ; lam add. EC. 

Z7SS. Forster] Wylt pou ECM ; om. SN ; he 

sayde add. E. be peE, pe be m.] be thy 
shild M ; pe fro shame shilde SN. 

3734. WiU.] om. ESNCM. lete] Doo ESNC. 
crist.] me add. M. pis] here an E; ilkc 
add. SN. hepen] om. M. 

And kepen it wip mete and wede. 

And I schal quyte pe weel py mede. add. E. 

3735. For ry^t E. h] om. ESN. noio] ywys 
add. SN. hit] he N. wa^] yn pe wode add. C. 

3736. And] To C ; om. N. hU] he N. is] 
pe. C. pe modyr it hap to pcng E. lore 

' NC. om. S. 
3735 f. om. M. 

3737. fViU p.] And M. to] of (!) A. min] 
me M. 

3738. <fe — pe] I wyll the well yeld thy M. 
3737 f. om. ESNC. 

This same day it was borne. 

To yonge the moder hath it lome. * add. M. 

3739. grauntyd hym C ; grauntyd B, ry^ E. 
pore S. 

3740. For to SNCM. hU] him N ; hem (!) S ; 
pe chyld E. al pe]fulle E ; om. SNCM. 

And opere VII' {yere add. NC), yiff pat 
(om. SNCM) he wolde {sholde SNM), 

Wip Olden syluyr {and add. S) (wip 9uim 
{or G\ or eny M) golde, add. ESNCM ; 
the second hne put before the fii-st SK. 

Xo lenger there wolde he abyde, 
But toke his chyldren and fortlie gan 
ryde. 3404 

A foster in the wode he met, 
And syr Beuys fay re hym gret : 

* Felawe,' sayde he to hym than, 

* Sawest thou ought of suchn a man 
Lede a woman by any way % ' 

* Syr,' sayde the foster, * nay ! ' 3410 

* What maner of man art thou, baclie- 


* Syr,' he sayde, * I am a foster ! ' 
'Wylt thou,' sayde Beuys, *so Cryst 

theshylde, 3413 

Do crysten here an hethen chyLle? 
But ryght no we was it borne, 
Ful erly it hathe the moder lorne, 
And kepe it but this seuen yere, 3417 
For X niarke, and haue it here % ' 

* Gladly ! ' sayde the foster tho ; 

He toke the chylde & the goldo also. 



* Sire, what schel it hote 3etr f. loca^, 

* Gii,' a sede, * ase me fader het. 
Ili3t sone so he is of elde, 

Tech him here spere & schelde ! ' 3744 

J)at child fe forster he be-tok 

And for)) in is wei a schok. [3570] 

Anojjer man a mette )?ere, 

)3at seide, a was a fischere ; 3748 

Ten mark Beues hfm betok, 

And fat ofer child to lok, 

And he him self, at f e cherche stile 

He let neuene fe child Mile. 3752 

J)ar nolden lengere abide, 

)5ai lope to hors & gonne ride 

Oner dale and ouer doun, 

Til fai come to a gret toun, [3580] 


3741. Sire\ om. ESNC. Aofo] U clepyd, he 
seyde C. Je^] telle me ry^t E; myn ovm 
swete S ; he seid als (!) N. 

3742. a s.] om. SNC. hyjt EC. 
3741 f. : 

* fFh>at sJiall it hight f * said thefostere ; 

* GyCy* said Beiies, * so dyd my ffader,* M. 

3743. Ri^t s. 8.] Also sone as M ; And whanne 
(ye/N) ESNC. he] ])at childe SN ; it M. 
is] be "N ; was (!) M. of] ony add. E ; 
VII yere add. C. 

3744. Doo E. him] to add. SNCM. here] 
bo\>e add. EM. 

3745. The M. he the foster M. pen {Tho 
N ; To C) ])e fforster >e child {he add. C) 
take SNC. 

3746. Aiid in {on C) his way forth {ffaste C) 
SNCM. a] they M. 

3747. m>ette] (mertoke SNM, 

3748. He C. 
3745—3748 : 

pe foster he betook \>at chyld ryyt })are, 

And B. rodfor^ in sorwe and care, 

Soone aftyrward he oicertook ]>an 

In pat wode ano]dr man ; 

Sere B, hym askede, what he was : 

*Affysschere,* he sayde, * be goddys gras,* E. 

3749. Twenty M. Bettes] he E. toke M. 

3750. And] With M ; om. E. \>at] the M. 
child] for add. EM. 

There he toke hym that other 
And said J theffoster hath his broder, add. 

3751. And—self](Afftyr\>at(T?ie'M.)ffysschere 

3752. He — child] He dcde pe chyld be clepyd 
E ; After hym selfe callid it M. 

3749—52 : 

He {And N) Icte him cristen and clepe 
{clepid N) him Myle 

After him self {in a {thai N) while. SN ; 

* Syr^* he seyde, * tuylt poti \>ys chylde take 

Arid crysten hi/tfor my sake ? * 

The ffyscher grauntyd well per tyll. 

And toke hyt of hym with gode wylle, 

Thefyschers name was Myle, 

Certenly, wyth owt gyle ; 

Then aftur hym selfe yn a whyle 

He clepyd pe seyde chylde Myle. C. 
3753 f. om. ESNCM. 

3755. For]> pey ^eden {redyn C ; rode NM) 
ouer ESNCM. omr] om. ESNCM. 

3756. Til] pat add. E. gret] good E ; feire 
M ; castell C. 

He sayde : * What shal I cal hym, syr 
knyghtr 3421 

Beuys sayde : *Guy, as my fader hyght; 
And whan he is of seuen yere, 
In eche londe do thou enquere 
After syr Beuys of Hamptowne : 
My name is so, by my crowne, 3426 
And brynge the chylde than to me. 
And wel rewarded shalt thou be ! ' 
* Gladly, syr,* sayde he, ' I-wys ! ' 
He went his way & Beuys his. > f. 586. 
^ Forthe they rode, so say th the boke ; 
Another man they ouertoke ; 3432 

They asked, what maner a man was he ; 
He sayde : * A fyssher of the se ! ' 
Than Beuys wyth glad semblaunt 3435 
Made wyth hym the same couenaunt, 
That he shulde in the same maner 
His other son kepe seuen yere. 3438 
The fyssher graunted as Beuys sayde ; 
He toke the chylde and helde liym 
apayde. 3440 

After hym selfe in that whyle 
He crystened the chylde Myle. 
Forth rode Beuys hi dale and downe, 
Tyl he cam to a castel towne ; 3444 




& at a faire in fai li3te, 3757 

& riche soper fai gonne hem di3te. 
Eeues at a wendowe lokede out 
And 863 P^ strete ful aboute 3760 

Of stedes wrien and armes bri3t : [3585] 
A wonder him )?ou3te, whajj it be nii3t ; 
At here ostesse he askede fere, 
What al J)e stoute stedes were. 3764 

* Sire/ a seide, ' veraiment, 
Jjai ben come for a tornement, [3690] 
-Jjat is cride for a maide faire, 
A kinges doi^ter and is air. 3768 

Who fat far be beste kni3t 
And stiref him stoutliche in fat fi3t, 
He schel haue fat maide fre [3595] 
And Aumbeforce, f e faire contre.' 3772 

3757. d:—in] AlU both fcire SN. <S:—\)ai\ 
Ther yn they downe C. alight N. pere 
\>ey token here in at ny^t E. 

3758. riche] to ESNCM ; here add. E. gonne] 
om. ESNCM. th&tn C. 

3759. Beues — toend.] At a wyncUyijoo {sir add. 
C) B. SNCM ; On a soleer as B. E. 

3760. And] om. ES ; he add. M. se^^] yn 
add. CM. se^ \>e s.] in ]>e strete he seye ]>6re 
SN ; At a wyndowe E. fuZ] al E ; om. 
SNCM. ab.] with owte CM. 

3761. Cf] om. SNCM. wrien] ytrapped SN ; 
armyd C ; hillud M. and] yn C ; wUh M. 
armofwr SCM. Of — annes] HeVmes lie saw^ 
and brynyys E. 

3762. A^po^i^te] And (ora. CM) B. asked 
SNCM. it] \>at SN. He hadde gret toun- 
dyr of ]>at sy^te E. 

3763 f. : 

Afftyr hys hoost he senie on hy. 

And \>ey comen to hymfful hastyly ; 

* Sere^* sayde B., * I pray now \>c : 

Whai is ^ gaderyn^, tel ]>ou me, 

Of kny^tes bolde ds armys bry^t^ 

Speres <& seheldvs al redy dy^tf* E; om. 

3765 f. : 

'Sere,* (Sims M) [sayde hys (theire M) h^st 
[quod \>e ostelere SN ; they seyde C], * wost 
]>oit (woot p SNCM) 7w \>yng 

Off yis ylke (om. SNCM) grete justenyng 
(Justyng SNCM) ? ESNCM. 

3767. pat isc.]Itisii\ om. SNCM. maydyn 
E ; sioy]>e add. ESNM ; fiUl add. C. 

3768. A] The SC. dickys ESNCM. 
3769—72 : 

A tumement sche ha\> don crye, 
A vmndyr-gretfor ]fe maystrye. 
For to token and for to see. 
What kny^t ys to han }pe gree. 
He \>at }>ere best may begynne, 6 

pat maydenys loue he scJial ivynne. 
And par aueTvture al hys lyue 
That louely may schal han to toyue.* E. 
1. sche] he SNCM. 2. A] om. SNCAf. 
wuvd.] SwUhe SNM ; Full C. 8. For to] 
And ffor she wold M. for to] om. M. 4. 
Which CM. kny^t ys] knyyty (!) E. yit— 
gree] {to her add. M) beste schulde {may M) bee 
CM. 3 f. : Whiche kny}t \fat best ryde can, 
He shal haue "patfeire VHtman, SN. 5. peire 
b. m.] beste there can M. He — may] Who so 
\>at game can best S ; Wlio so can best l>at game 
N. 6. pat] The S. pat 7/i.] Her M. low] 
than add. M. shal he SN ; may he there M. 
5 f . : He that ys beste at that justyng^ He wyn- 
nyth hur loue with a rynge C. 7. al h. l] 
as.blyue C ; also swUhe M. 8. Hiat — to] 
{He mail hur {Her may he M) loedde CM. 
7 f. om. SN. 

He toke his Inne as a curteys knyglit, 
And vnto souper he hym dyght. 3446 
Than at a wyndowe as he loked out, 
He sawe in the strete rounde about 
Stedes trapped fayre and bryght, 3449 
Dukes and erles and many a knyght, 
Out at the wyndowes on euery syde 
Armes were hanged fayre and wyde. 
Herodes gan the armes escrye, 3453 
And therof Beuys raaruayled greatly ; 
He asked his oste therof tydynge ; 

* Syr,' he sayde, * harde you no thynge 
Of the great lustynge, that shal be 
Tomorowe here in this cytel 3468 
The dukes doughter and his eyre, 
She is a mayden gode and fayre, 
Hyr fader is no we nere dede, f. ma. 3461 
Therfore it is gyuen hyr to rede, 
A great iustynge for to crye, 
And he, that may haue the maystry, 
Shal thys mayden haue to wyfe 3465 
And al hyr londe wy thou ten stryfe ! 



)3anne seide Beues vnto Terry : 
*Wile we tornaie for fat leuedy ?' 
*Je, sire/ a sede, 'be sein Thomas of 

Whan wer^re woned be by-hinde 1 [3600] 
We schoUe lete for non nede, 3777 
))at we ne scholle maraliche for]> vs 


A morwe fe lauerkes songe, 

Whan fat pe li3te day was spronge ; 
Beues and Terry gonne arise \ [3605] 
& greifede hem in faire queintise. 
Here armes were riale of si3t, 
WiJ) fre eglen of asur bri3t ; 3784 

Jje chaumpeof goldful faire tolede, f. i966i. 
Portraid al wij) rosen rede. [3610] 

And Terri, Saberes sone of \Vi3t, 
In riche armes also was di3t. 3788 

3773. po ESNM. spaJk E ; seide NM ; to 

add. M. vnto] to ESNC. vrUo] om. M ; 

sir add. SM. 
8774. torn. — leu.] to morwe justy (JiLsteny 

E) ESNCM ; sekerly add. M. 
3775. jflw S. sire] om. CM. as.] said Beues 

M ; om. SNC. seynt SCM ; seid (?) N. 

jdn^Ynde] gode ys mynde E. 

8776. toe] om. (!) A. wened (!) A. WTum— 
^] W^ee be noti^t rmirU to be E; We ne 
^ rwt Uue SN ; We wyll not leve it thus 
M. Jf yjQ jfiay (yfiy queyntys fynde C. 

8777. sekoUe I.] wyll not leve M. mede 

3778. But we wall vs forth spede M. 
3777-^826: ^ -^ ^'^ 

^ ]>8 morwef whan ]fe day was cUer^ 1 

^ji^ knyyt and hys squyer 

^yre queyntyse on hem gunne \)rowe, 

•w no man seholde hem knowe. 

wr« £, dysgysyd aZ here wede 5 

Q^ Uak sendel and off rede, 

^orysschyd tDi]> rosys off syluyr bry^t, 

•^nd )piU was \>yng offfful gret sy^t. 

P*y comen rydyng in ]>e weye, 

■»«/« and Terry togedere ]>ey tweye, 10 

-« kny^ was redy in "pott grene, 

•^^ B. prekyd to hym^ as I wene^ ' 

^wd smM hym soo in \>e schelde^ 

Pflrf doun he ffel in to ]>e ffelde ; 

*^rrp smoot on soo toi^ hys spere, 15 

Pat doun to grounde he gan hym bere. 

•^ men \>€U were \>ere, 

Sodde gret wundyr^ what Jvjy were^ 

For alle pat ^eden hem a^cne, 

Doun peyffeld hem on pe grene. E. 20 

1. On]te]AS^ ; AtM.. i^^^aw] jw N. pnd.w] 
it was day SNM. 2. Eche N. hys] eitery S ; 
echs N ; e/be M ; om. C. 8. ]fem C. dydonhem 
M. 4. That M. no man] the maiden SNM. 
myght M. pern C ; him S ; om. N ; not add. 
C, Whan they justed on that day^ As the 
maide in the toure lay, add. M. 5. Sere] 
om. M. dysg. aZ] dcuysede SN ; died on C ; 
visud hym of M. here] hys CM. 6. of] 
om. S. rede] stede (!) M. 7. Vemysched C ; 
Stencellcd S ; And ta^xllid (!) N. Steyned 
all M. rosys] crosses N. off s.] om. SNCM. 
rosys — br.] russet C. 8. And] om. SNCM. 
u)as] a add. SNCM. ]n/ng off] om. SM. 
fful gr.] mekull C ; faire SNM. 9 f. : And 
whan he come in to thefelde, Mcny a knyght he 
beheld ; They sye in the grene way Knyghtis grett aray. M ; om. SNC. 11. A — 
redy] On prikede Si( ; Then oon prekyd foHhe 
C ; One there smote M. in] on C ; to add. 
SNM. ]>at] \>e SNCM. 12. And sir (om. M) 
B. rood {went C ; prekyd M) him ay^ne SNCM. 
13. And — soo] Beues hym smote M. in] on 
M ; vppou S ; apon N. 14. doun — to] he fell 
down in. M. 15. Terry — soo] Another Terry 
smote M. hys] a M. 16. doun to] to the M. 
gan] dyd M. 17 f. : All that sye hym in 
that pla4X, Mervelid sore of that caas. M. 
15—18 om. SN. 19. For] And S ; om. 
NM. ryden him SN ; (nter hym rode M. 
20. Adofun {Dovm M) lie SNM. playn SN. 
13—20 om. C. 

•*-'»an sayde Beuys to Terry : 
I Shal we inst for that lady % ' 3468 
*Yes/ sayde Terry, *god forbede ellys, 
H it be soth, that he vs tellys ! ' 
"feuys gaue that man for his tydynge 
Of grotes twenty shelynge. 3472 

On the morowe, whan it was day clere, 
Than arose bothe knyght and squyer ; 


Fayre tokens dyd they on them throwe, 
Wherby the lady shulde them knowe. 
Syr Beuys and syr Terry 3477 

Armed them ful hastely ; 
Syr Beuys bare of colour poymant (!) 
A rede lyon of golde rampant. 
Than forthe rode Terry and he 3481 
Thyder, where the iustynge shuld be, 




Aso fai com ride four^ fo toun, 

Erles, barouns of renoun [3614] 

Hadde wonder of here armes slie, ' 

In })at londe neuer swich pai sie. 3792 

T^e trompes gonne here hemes blowe ; 

y Jje knijtes riden out m a rowe, 

ife J)0 f e tornement be-gan, 

)?ar was samned mani a man, [3620] 

J)e tornement to be-holde, 3797 

To se ])e knijtes stout and holde. 

J5ai leide on ase hii were wode 

Wi}) swerdes and wif maces gode ; 3800 

J5ar nolde noman ofer knowe, [3625] 

J5ar men mi3te se in Kte frowe 

Kni^tes out of sadel ihoren, 

Stedes wonne and stedes loren. 3804 

]}e kinges sone of Asie 

))ou^te wenne fe meistrie : [3630] 

Out of Jje renge he com ride, 

& Beues nolde no leng abide ; 3808 
He rod to him wi}) gret randou?i, 
& wij) Morgelai, is fauchoun, 
))e prince a felde in fe feld ; [3635] 
He was boren hom vpon is scheld. 3812 
And also Beues adou?i bar 
A noble diik, fat was })ar : 
In Aumbeforce cleped a wes 3815 

Balam of Nuby, wi}) outeji les ; [3640] 
Taile ouer top he made him stoupe 
& felde him ouer is horses croupe, 
And seuen erles he gan doun. J>rawe, 
Sum iwonded and sum y-slawe. 3820 
Saber is sone, J>at hijte Terry, [3645] 
Kedde, )>at he was knijt hardy ; 
He leide on, also he wolde awede, 
And wan his lord mani gode stede. 
Alle \o )7at hii mi^te hitte, 3825 

Noman mijte here strokes sitte. [3650] 

The fayre lady Helyanour 
Ouer the castel lay that houre, 3484 
And al the iustynge she bebelde, 
What knyght hym bare best in the 

Than these knyghtes began to ryde, 
Eche at other on euery syde. 3488 
The fyrst knyght, that Beuys rode 

Was themperonrs son of Almayne, 
And Beuys at hym bare so fast, f. m>. 
That hors and man to grounde he cast. 
The erle Florens forth gan thrynge 
Agaynst Beuys wyth great hastynge ; 
Beuys met hym in the felde 3495 

And hyt hym in myddes of the shelde, 
That two londe brede and more. 
He cast hym from his hors thore. 
Than rode forth the duke Antoyne, 
That than was duke of Burgoyne ; 
He was stronge and great of pryce, 
And thus he sayde to syr Beuys : 3502 
* Turno the, knyght, and make defence, 
For I wol venge the erle Florence ! ' 
Thau woldo Beuys no lenger abyde, 

But smote Arundel vnder the syde ; 
So harde eyther to other droue, 3507 
That theyr speres al to-roue. 
But Beuys so harde to hym thrast. 
That his shulder bone al to-brast ; 
Therof he was agreued sore. 
For that day myght he iust nomore. 
Than rode forth syr Terry 3513 

To the kynges broder of Hungry 
And gaue to hym suche a rebowne, 
That both he and his hors fel downa 
Than cam the erle Hamaut 
And to Terry made a saute, 3518 

And Terry hyt hym in the shelde. 
That he bare hym into the felda 
There was no knyght, verely, f.«* 
That myght wythstande Beuys nor 

Terry, 3522 

But al the knyghtes for great enuy 
Them two assayled cruelly. 
And ful narowe them sought, 
But Beuis of Hampton spared non(;hfc; 
The stywarde of that same londe 3527 
Beuys cast downo in myddys of the 


So Beucs demeinedc him \>&t dai, 
pQ roaide hit in ]>e tour say. 3828 

Hire hertte gan to hi?^^ acorde, f. 1966*. 
]?at 3he wolde haue him to lorde, 
Of er wif loue of er wif strif ; [3655] 
And euer a seide, he haf a wlf, 3832 
(& seide, 3he was stolen him fro. 
]>anne saide f e maide : ' Now it is so, 



)?ow schelt al f is seuen ^cre 
Be me lord in clone manere, [3660] 
And ^if f e wif comef f e a^en, 3837 
Terry, f e swein, me lord schel hen ! ' 
Beues seide : * So i schel ; 
In fat forward i graunte wel ! * 3840 
"■^OJ aber at Hamtoun lai in is bed, ^ 
)i^ Him f ou3te, Beues a wo«de lied ; 

3827. dem. him] iustede SN. So — hiin] So 
bar hym B. £ ; Beuys demenyd hym. so M ; 
Syr BrfyjBe spedde so C. pat] ylke add. £. 

3828. That the M. hit— say] pat (om. £N) 
in pe castel lay ESNCM. 

3829. ffis (!) S. to hym gan ESKCM ; to 
add. £. 

3830. pat ^he w,] For to SNC. to] here add. 

8832. But M. a s,] said Beues M. And— 
seide] But 9&re B, sayde £ ; 'pan {Tho N) 
seide B. SN ; But %(f C. he] y SNM. 
hadde £ ; haite SNCM. 

3833. Befyse seyde C ; And {He M) tolde 
(here pat (how SNM) £SNM. ^] hys 
vjyfe C. St.] om. £. him] om. (!) N. 

8884. panne — m.] pe mayde anstoerde £ ; 
*Nota/ (Syr C) she seide SCM ; *Iiou>e,' 
quod ahe N. now] seth SNC ; sethen M. 

3835. al] haue S. 

3836. Be — dene] ffatte (om. S) my loue on 

eche SN. 

3837. ^if] om. M. pe w.] sche ESNCM. corns 
ESNCM ; to add. ESNC. pe] thy vyyffe M. 

3838. pe— schel] schal my lord KSNC. )w— 
ben] shall be my lord, sertayn M. 

3839 f. : 

* Al pisj ' sayde B., 'I graunte weel I ' 

He panicydfayre pat damysel. £. 

' All this,* quod Beiies, * I grauni the, 

Whan it behovUh, (so to (to do (\) ms.) be.* 
M ; om. SNC. 

(Lot we bee off (Leue we syr C) B, ry^t 
(<fe Tarry C)heere (there C) 

And speke toe more (om. C) off sere Sabeer, 
add. £C. 
3841. at H] in a nyght M. at — is] slept a 

ny^t in SNC. 
8842. He C. pou}te] pat add. SNC. a w.] 

woundes SN ; a w. h.] was streyttely (om. 

C) bestadd CM. 

Than loughe the lady Elyanore 3529 
For the boste, that he made before, 
And many Beuys bare thoroughout, 
That of theyr lyfe they stode in dout. 
They stynted neuer, tyl it was nyght, . 
That they wanted the day lyght ; 3534 
Than they left of theyr lustynge. 
And on the morowe they harde tyd- 

ynge, ^ 
That syr Beuys of Hamptowne 
Had wonne the laude and the re- 

nowne. 3538 

Dame Helyanour wolde nat blynne, 
Tyl Beuys was brought to hyr Inne ; 
She sayde : ' Syr, it is gyuen me to 

Thou shalt me wed, wythouten fayle, 
Eyther to other terme of lyfe.' 3543 
* Nay,' sayde Beuys, * I haue a wyfe,' 

And tolde, howe she was stolne hym 
fro. 3545 

Than sayde the lady : * Sythe it is so. 
Thou shalt al this seuen yere 
Be my lorde in clone manere. 
And if thou fynde hyr nat by than, 
I wyl the haue before any man ; 3550 
And if in that tyme ye fynde your 
wyfe, f. 606. 

I wol none husbonde durynge my lyfe : 
And loke, Beuys, if I say skyl ! ' 
*Dame,' sayde Beuys, *I holde me 
thertyl.' 3554 

Thus was Beuys hyr gouernour 
And led that londe in great honour. 
As Sabere slept on a nyght in bed, 
Hym thought, that Beuys was bested 
Wyth Ascaparde, that was his swayne, 
That he had Deuys nerehande slayne. 

N 2 



A way ho was, hiin f ou^te J>at while, 

Toward sein leiues & sein Gile. 3844 

Whan he awok, he was afraid, 

To his wif is sweuene a said. [3670] 

* Sire,' jhe seide, ' povr hauest wvoiig, 

))at J)ow dwellest her so long : 3848 

Alse ich am wimman ibore, 

Wif or child he ha}) for-lore ; 

))our3 Ascopard he ha J? fat gile.' [3676] 

Twelf knijtes Saber let atile 3852 

In palmer is wedes euerichow, 
And armede hem ri3t wel anow ; 
Here bordones were imaked wel 
Wif longe pikes of wel gode stel, [3680] 
And whan fai were so idijt, 3857 

To schip fai wente anon ri^t 
And pasede ouer fe grikische se j 
Gode winde & weder hadden he. 3800 

8843. Aw. 7iew,]Al we^f N ; In the way C ; 
Hevy M ; om. S. hvni\ tie CM. J>ai] he 
was other (that M ; J>« C) SNCM. 
8841-43 : 

Sere Saher sleep in heddc on a nyyt 
<fc dremyd of B,, )w< hcTidy kny^t, 
pat B» hadde be tooundyd sore, 
<fc .^r to maymydfor eiiere more, 
Fer be }ou7ide \>e salte see. 
As he rod on hys ioume ; 
Tic mette, it was in pat yle, E. 
3844. <fc] or SN. 
3845—52 : 
poo pai he wook, hys herte was colde, 1 

To Emeborw^, hys wyff, he tolde ; 
* Sere,* sche sayde, * wi\HnUen wene, 
J wot, sere B, ha\> mechyl tene : 
Al se wecl broukc I my lyff, 6 

He ha}> lorn bo\>e chyld ds wyff. 
Or hys goode stede Arundel, 
Or Morglay, I woot ry^ wel, 
porw^ Ascopard, ]>at false trayUmrl* 
Twelue knyytes pey token in pat stour ; £. 10 
1. poo] When CM. ]>a4;] om. SNCM. walced 
SNC ; awoke M. his\ M (! ) N. herte] cart (! ) 
S. was] waxed M. 2. Ereborowe S ; Heryn- 
borowe C. To E.] And on the morowe M. he] 
hyt add. C. His sweuyn, pat he met pat ny\t ': 
* Leue dame, rede it a (om. N) ry^t / ' add. SN . 
3. with out SNC ; as I M. 4. sere B, hap] 

hs is in M. l—hap] B, is {hrou/^t in (a mm 
of C) SNC. muche SNCM. 6. Al-I] As 
{euyr add. C) y mot brouke SNC ; So mvste I 
broke M. myn own I. M. 6. Lome {Forlore 
M) he hath CM. bope] om. SNCM. di] or 
SNCM. 7 f. om. SNCM. 9 f. : And (om. 
N) Ascopard with sum wyle Bap don him mm 
gyle. * Sir Saber, pat grete (good N) sire, Tvself 
kny^tes he let him (hem N) tyre (atire N) 
SN ; Thorow Ascapart, y swcre ! Then XII 
knyghtys he dud tyre C ; Ascaparte hym haih 
done wrotige,* Twelf e knyghtis hem digJUat 
the hond M. 
3853. weede SNCM ; dyrtip pw add. £. eit.] 

anon C '^stoith anon M. 
3864. And — wel] And good armure permiiir 

£ ; {And add. M) toel yarmed (soone anm 

(euerychon CM) SNCM. 

3855. Ther CM. bord.] speris M. im,]M 
add. M. 

3856. Wi)>l.p.]IgroundenS'N; Wellgrwnde 
C ; And the hedis M. wO] ry^ SN. w^ 
full M. of w. g.] and mtide of C. 

3855 f. : 

Now hap Saher dy}t hym ytre 
And twelue kny^tes wip hym fare. 
In armure bry^t, bope good andfyn, - 
And ahouen pat a gray sdauyn. 
II ere burdoune were mood cU off sled, 
Igrounde kene, bope ffayre and wed» £• 

Whan he awaked, his hert was 
colde, 3561 

His dreme vnto his wyfe he tolde. 
* Syr,' she sayde, * as I wene, 
Beuys is brought in some tene ; 3564 
As I trowe, syr, by my lyfe. 
He hath lost outher chylde or wyfe, 
Ey Ascaparde, that fals thefe, 3567 
Beuys is brought vnto some grefe.' 

Than sayde Sabere : ' I shal seke that 

Twelue knyghtes he dyd atyie 3570 
In palmers wede, by saynt lohn, 
Wel armed euerychone ; 
They were armed sure and wel 
Both in yren and in stele. 3574 

Forthe they went, both more and lease, 
Tyl they came to hethenesse. 



WTian fai come to fe londe, [3685] 

Faste ])ai gonne fraine & fonde, 

In what londe were ]>e quene, 

And men tolde he?n al be-dene, 3864 

How ))e geaunt Ascopard 

In a castel hire hadde to ward, [3690] 

In wildernesse al be selue. 

J)o Saber and is ferew twelue, 3868 

J)oui^ help of god ilche stou/ide 

Sone |>ai han ))e castel founde. 

J)e castel ase he ^ede aboute, [3695] 

For to diuise fe tonres stoute, 3872 

losian lay in a tour an hi^, f. i97a». 

Saber and felawes ^he si^, 

And to him jhe gan to crie : [3699] 

• Help, Saber, for loue of Marie ! ' 3876 

\)o Ascopard herde ])at steuene, 
How 3he gan Saber to neuene, 
He wente him out wif hertte wroj) 
(fe be Mahoun a swor his of, 3880 

To defe a scholde Saber dijte. [3705] 
His sclauin ech palmer of twi^te, 
\)o schon here armur wel clere ; 
j3o Saber and his felawes if ere 3884 
Aboute Ascopard fai }>ringe, [3709] 
And harde on him fai gowne dinge 
And hew him alle to pices sm'ale 
And brou^te losian out of bale ; 3888 
And hasteliche po, veraiment, 
losian wi]? an oiniment 
Hire couliir, fat was lofli of sijt, [3715] 
J he made bofe cler and bri3t. 3892 

8871. he] ihe (!) A. 

8887. him\ Jteinij e expuncted, A. 

8890. an oin.] anoinimeiU A. 

3857—8996 : • 
Now is sere Saheerffor^ igan : 
Now god off lieuene kelpe losyan ! 
Now ffo\f Saber otter dale ds dounne, 
Paste goyngn to Mounbraunt tounne, 
And as he wente forp in \fa^ way, 6 

He ouyr-took losyan, \>cUfayre may, 
And Ascopard, ^at wylckyd traytour, 
And yrytty Sarezynys wi^ good armour. 
Saber gan to losyan wende 
And here grette as Tcny^t so hcnde, 10 

Wh£n losyan saw^ \>at hendy knyyt, 
In here herte sche toaxfull lyyt; 

Sche sayde : * Sabeer, doo me sum red, 

But \)0U me helpe, I am. bat ded / ' 

Saber answerede : ^ Fayre madaine, 15 

\>ee to helpen hedyr ^ve came ! ' 

Sere Saber spak to h-cm anon : 

* Tray tours, Jc schole deyen echon ! * 

poo drow^ hys burdoun eche palmcre, 

Sers Saber sm,oot sere Ascopard \>ere 20 

With hys burdoun in ]x? brest, 

pat 7W lengere hys lyff ne lest ; 

pey slowen ]>e sarezynys eueri/lkan. 

Arid wi\f hem iokenfayre losyan. 

Sabeer hysfelawys hoom ha^ sent 25 

And losyan ha\> maad an oynement ; 

Here skyn, \>at was bo\>e bry^t <fc schene, 

pere wi^ sche made ^elew and grene. 

Whan losian was nere at Mambraunt, 
lesu Cryst he hyr warrant ! 3578 

She met wyth Sabere in tho vylage, 
And sayde : * Palmer,' in hyr langage, 
* I pray you of socour and rede : f. e\a. 
But ye me helpe, I am but dede.' 3582 
'Certys, losyan,' sayde Sabere, 
*Me lyketh wel, that ye be here, 
For of you, madame, verament, 
I shal make Beuys a present.' 3586 
Than agreued was Ascaparde, 
For they assayled hym ful harde ; 
They hym beset on euery syde, 3589 
But there wolde none his dynt abyde. 
Fro his stroke away they dyd shone 

And start agayne as knyghtes anone 
And pjaue hym great strokes and sore, 
For anger he foined lyke a bore. 3594 
Than as he smote after a knyght, 
Syr Sabere ran to hym ful ryght, 
And wyth his swerde, wythout dout, 
He bare Ascaparde thoroughout, 3598 
That he fel dede to the grounde ; 
Glad was losyan that stounde. 
Syr Sabere* toke losyan, 
Thai was as whyte as any swan, 3602 
Hyr body, that was so fayre and gent. 
He anoynted wyth an oyntment 
And made hyr to some yelowe & grene. 
That before was fayre and shene, 3606 




fyy Saber, p&t was wis of dede, 
losian, hire di^te bi palmers wede, 
And ioTp psA wente hasteli, 3895 

To seche Beues and sire TerrL [3720] 
Seue ^er to gedres pai him soujt, 
Er ]yan hii him finde mou^te. 

In grete Grese, so eaip pe bok, 
Saber gret sikenesse tok, 3900 
pAt oper half jer in none wise [3725] 
Ke mi^te he out of is bed arise, 
And tresor he nadde namore, 
pan half a mark of olde stora 3904 
While losian was in Ermonie, 
3he hadde lemed of minstralcie, [3730] 
Vpon a fi])ele for to play 

8902. This line is added at 

Staumpes, notes, garibles gay ; 3908 

\)o 3he kou]7e no beter red, 

Boute ill to fe bourj anon jbe ^ed 

And boujte a fi)>ele, so sai]> fe tale. 

For f ourti panes, of one menstrale ; 391 2 

And alle pe while, |7at Saber lay, [3737] 

losian eueriche a day 

3ede aboute pe cite wi]> inne, 3915 

Here sostenaunse for to wiune. [3740] 

j^us losian was in swiche destresse, r.mot. 

While Saber lai in is siknesse. 

At |yat o)>er half jer is etide 

Swiche grace god him gan sende 3920 

And heled him of his maladie, [3745] 

And for)) pea wente hastelie, 

the bottom of the page. A 

So \)ey dy^iten jfcU fayre may, 
pat men ne Beholden ny^ ne day 80 

ffere knoioen nower in no manere. 
What ache toas ne what ache were. 
To geder VII* Jeer }>ey Jiaice 8ou% 
But off B, ne Terry ffownde Jwy rwu^. 

po itfyl vpon a day, 35 

As \>ey werUen in here ioumay, 
Into a good toun \>ey coTnen ry^, 
pere B. was, }>at hendy kny^y E. 

God be losian is waraunt : 

As she com toward Vmbraunt, 

Saber agayn him. gan toynde : 

* Gentyl kny^,* she seide, * and hende, 

Do me now som socoure and rerd : 5 

BiU thov, me help, y am hut deed ! * 

'Damef* he seide, *with out ^Ipe, 

I am com }>e to helpe ! 

Smyte, ' he seide, * eche palmers I ' 

Sir Saber smot Ascopart \)ere 1 

With his bwrdon in to the brest, 

pat no l&ihger his lyf leesL 

pe Saryzyns flows echon 

And losian with him he nom ; 

ffisfelowes weren yshent. 15 

ffe anoynted her with oynemevt ; 

Her hew, \>at was bry^ and shene, 

per with hit woxe pale and grene. 

1. N<yw god M. 2. Fcyr as M. com] toent M. 

tmv.] wyth owt C. 3. him] hur NO. can C ; 

come'S. 4. To the place there as she lend U, 
Sabere and his meyne Mett wi'J^ Aseaparte 
sodenly, With hym and all his felowhede: 
Ood send them evyll spede, For by Aseapa/iiCf 
thaJtfaXs man, Begyled was good losycm, And 
yf she had to courte com, Her life had he but 
litull and som / As she dyd by the way wend, 
Anon she spyed Sabere, her ffrend; Sabere 
agayn her can wend And rnet losyan, that mi 
hend. add. M. 5. She said: 'Bo M. ww] 
om. M. soe. and] good M ; om. C. 6. But] ^ 
add. C. hclpe m>e M. me] om. C. 7. 1: 
* Dame,* he seid at frome, * The to helpe y am 
icome, * N ; Then seyde Saber anofi: * To hdpe 
the hedur y come,* C. 9, FyghiC. eueryC, 
10. Sir] om. C. 11. to] om. NC. 7—11: 
' Dame, be god,* said Sabere, * I am com to 
helpe the hire,* Hym selfe slew AseapartB 
there With that wepyn thai he bare; He bad 
his felows to smyte faste, M. 12. no—l^ 
theire lyvus not Icmge M. lastc M ; W0 
laitie C. 13. pe Sar.] AU his ffelows M. 
fl.] }>ey slewe C ; he slow M. 14. And] om. 
N. him] he/m M ; Ih&m. C. he n.] eon ^on 
CM. 15. wer. ysh.] away {ageyn M) ht 
{hath add. M.) sent CM. 16. And smeryd 
hur C ; And sethyn M. toiih] an add. CM. 
oyntment CM., 17, ihew]hedeii, br0]fem 
M. 18. hit] sho N. per-^woxe] Hyt Ukyd 
bothe C ; There he made M. pale] ydove 

That no man shulde take hyr hym fro, | Therfore he discolowred byr so ; 3608 



Beues and Terry for to seche, 
Wheder })at god hem wolde teche. 3924 
So pouT^ a toun ))ai com ))ringe, 
J^ar Beues was in also a kinge ; [3750] 
A broa^te losian at here inne 3927 
& wente te toun, here mete to winne. 
Whan he com to ])e castel gate, 
Terry, is sone, a mette fer ate, 
])at was stiward of al ]>at londc, [3755] 
And Saber gan to yndernstonde, 3932 

Seuen yre sir B. he soii^t, 

Or \Mt he himfyvde moult, 20 

prov^ a toun he gan spryng, 

pere vxls sir B. woonyng, S. 22 

19. And VII M. sir B. he] they B^fyse C ; 
to geder th^y M. 20. pat he] they CM. hiin] 
Beues M. 21. he g. sp.] ]>ey came rydyng C ; 
they can thrynge M. 22. pere] as add. C. 
sir] om. NC. toas — woon,] that Beves was a 

8927. losyan he hrou^ EM. at] to ESNCM. 
here] hys E ; an M. 

8928. ds] om. E ; Saheer add. EM. te t. h.] 
him out SN ; forthe C ; to M. w. te t,] 
out yede E. to] wyth M. 

8929. IVhan] om. ESNC. he] Saber E. 
com] vwni C. }k] Jm^ S. 

3930. m6^]/o?u^ESNCM. 

3931. pnt w. st,] Steward he was SNCM. al] 
om. SNCM. pat — ]>at] Homward he was 
out off )m? E. 

8932. And] om. ESNCM. Saber] his fader 
(sone (!) E) add. ESN. to] well CM ; om. 

- ESN. 

3933. hit] om. S. is] owne add. N. 

8934. And] He E. bad] prayde EC. hivi] 
om. ES. for] >e add. ESNC. 

Jjat hit was is sone Terry, 

And bad him for loue of our leucdy 

& for loue of p% gode rode 3935 

Jeue him sum what of hire gode. [3760] 

Terry be-held Saber ful bliue 

& seide : * Palmer, so mot y friue, 

)?ow schelt haue mete riche 

For loue of me fader, pert iiiche ! ' 3940 

* So seide fe moder, sone, fat i was ! ' 

And Terry him in is armes las, [3766] 

3933 f. : So mvst I broke my life in hye, 
That it toas his son Terry. M. 
3936. <fc] ffe prayd him M ; cUso add. C. for] 

the add. N ; hys add. E. Unf^ of] om. SC. 

gode] om. NCM ; hooly add. SN. of peg.] 

\kU deyde on E. 
3936. To geue CM ; him] me ESN ; now add. 

E. what] om. ECM. hire] pure E ; tJuj 

SN ; hys CM. fode C. 

8937. beheeld hym EC ; him behelde SN. ful] 
al sooY.*j als SN ; as C. be-h, — bl.] said 
than be lyve M. 

8938. *Pal'iner6t* ^ sayde E. <fc «.] om. M. 
so] as SCM. mvst M. 

3939. mete] ful add. SNCM. riche] ale and 
wyn E. 

3940. loue — ])er<] |)ote art my fader SNC. of 
— iiiche] ]fou art lyche ffad\ir myn E. loue 
— ih] myffader that thou arte liclie M. 

Sere Sc^beer, be my lewte, 

Soo J hope nmOf pat pou bee. ' add. E. 

3941. sone] om. ESNCM. 

3942. And T,l Terry tho C ; T^rry M. him] 
his ffadcr M ; ora. ESNC. in] on N. is] 
om. M. armes] hym add. EC ; cfl» E ; takes 
C ; did brace M. 

And after thdt Beuys they sou<,'ht, 
But tydynges of hym harde they 

nought. 3610 

That wol be fonnde, founde shal be : f.6i6. 
On a day they went thoroughe the 

They ledde losyan to hyr Inne, 
And than he went, some mete to 

Wynne. 3614 

Sabere went to tho castel gate 
And met his son Terry therat, 

He prayed hym in the honour of the 

That he wolde gyue hym some gode. 
Terry hym behelde biyue 3619 

And sayde : * Palmer, so mot I thryue, 
There shal no mete be the to dere, 
For thou art lyke my fader Sabere ! * 
Saber sayde : * By goddys grace, 
So thy moder sayde, 1 was.* 3624 

Whan Terry sawe, that it was he, 
He ran to hym wyth hcrt fre; 



& gonne cleppen and to kisse 

And made meche ioie & blisse. 3944 

Saber losian wel faire gan di^te 

And brou^te hire to {^ecastel ri3te [3770] 

And tok hire sire Beues to hoTtde, 

Ne cam him nener leuer sonde. 3948 

* Louerd Crist/ quef losian fo, 

* Swife wel is me be-go, 

))at ichaue me lord ifonde : [3775] 
Hadde ich me children hoi & sonde!' 
Jjat hii were ded, Avel jhe wende. 3953 
Beues after hem let sende ; 
Jjan com fe fischer & ])e forster 
•And brou^te fe children ot* fair char. 
Jjaune weddede Terry [3781] 

Of fat londe pe riche leuedy ; 3958 

8943 f. : 

And keste hyni wolfele 8y]>e ; 1 

pey were netiere er so hly^. 
To B. wcnte Terry on affrome 
And aayde : * Myfadyr is now icome ! * 
For ioye \er was mechyl to done, 5 

And wol more ioye \er was soone. 
To tounne Saber now is went 
And toesch off losyanys oynemeni, E. 
1. tool /.] mony SN ; many a C ; ffiill ineny 
M. 2. pey] ne add. SN. er] arstc C ; in 
hert M ; om. SN. so] more M. 3 f. Terry 
anon told Beues there, That comyn was his 
fader Sabere, M ; om. SNC. 6. muc?ie 
SNM. Moche yoye there was done C. 6. 
And] ^ add. SN. wol] om. C. ioye] om. 
SNGM. was] schal be NM ; felle C. 7. 
tounne] ayen add. M. now is] is M ; fforth S. 
sone N. To — is] Sabyr to hys ynne C. 8. 
wesshed SN. los.] losian \>at SN. oyntment 
C. Till losyan with an oyntmente M. 
3946. Saher — gan] And (om. SNCM) ffayre 
and weel he ka^ (om. SNC) here ESNCM. 

3946. br. — castel] to the (^ N) castel he 
hur brou^t (brought her M ; ful add. N) 

3947. And] pey E ; He S. token E ; betoke 
SC ; betaught M ; bUdkith N. sire] tyl S ; 
om. ENCM. to] on ESN ; yn C. 

3948. iVb M. Ne c] Ther com/i to C. n^ucr] 
a add. NC. so leffe a M ; betere EN. 

3949. Xo.] lesu add. E. qiuiY\ sayde EM. 

3950. Ry^t swype weel me is begoo E. 

3952. ffadde ich] Were E. Here in Hiis ylh 
stouvd. M. 

Now may I glad and blith be, 
That I may my lord see, add. M. 

3953. hii] yey E. 

3954. Beu^ — let] pe chyldryn weren afftyr E. 
3953 f. : 

TJie childer he dyd after send, 
Thai they were dede, well losyan toend, M. 
3949—54 om. SNC. 

3955. pan] poo E ; So S. com] om. C. W 
\>at SN. pan —fiscJier] The ffyssher com 
M. \>e] ])at SN. 

3956. And] They M. And— child.] p« cfiH- 
dren were SN. q^] om. M. fair] good 8. 
c?ier] and clere M. /. ch,] colour deer E. 
Broght home J»c chyldur dere C. 

When they were in the hall same. 
There was myrthe, joye and game. 
He gave theffoster his warisoun 
And the ffyssher a full good town; 
He made hem both with hym to dweU, 
While theire lyvis abide wylL add. M. 

3957. panne] poo soone afftyr E ; Also awm 
M ; And jw SN. wed.] syr add. C. 

3958. \>e] \kU ESNCM. M \Kit EM. 
pere was mochyl ioye and blysse, 

And eche off hem o\>er began to kysse. add. E. 
pere was (a grete add. C) feat (a/ to wyts^ 

(ywys C), 
On evjcry side ioye and blysse, add. SNC. 
There was game and joye, iwis, 
On euery behalf e there teas blis. add. M. 

He hym kyssed and asked his fader 
What caused hym to come thyder. 
Sabere sayde : * Son, thou shalt se, 
What thynge I haue brought wyth me.* 
Forthe they went togeder in fere, 3631 
Tyl they to theyr Inne cam nere ; 
Tlian they bothe wyth gode entent 
Wasshed away the oyntement ; 
Fayre and wel they hyr dyght 3635 
And brought hyr to the castel ryglit 

And toke hyr vnto Beuys in honde : 
He had neuer erste a gladder sonde. 
Than cam the fyssher & the fostere 
Wyth theyr chyldren fayre and clere, 
And for they helde Beuys couenaunt 

ryght, f.62a. 3641 

He made eyther of them a knyght, 
And than wedded syr Terry, 
Of that londe that fayre lady ; 



And after mete ])ar it was, 

pe children pleide at )>e taluas, 3960 

And to fe iustes fai gonne ride ; f. i97/-»>. 
J)ar was ioie be eueri side. 

3959. And\ oin. E. \far ii w,] than ixcys M ; 

ry^ in \>at place £. 
B960. taluas] tcUmllis M. 

3961. Jw] om. EN. Jtutte M. gonne] to add. 

3962. per off piy hodden (wye and {inoche M) 
Tpryde EM. 

3259—62 om. SNC. 

3963—92 : 
Lestnip, lordynffes, and y, schole here^ 1 
Hou it hefel and on what manere, 
And J schdl telle ^ow in rym 
Offkyng Viiore and kyng Ertnyn, 

Be tween hem batayle \>ey han take, 5 
d:alii toasfor losyans sake, 
A pcUmere piis B. gan telle, 
Messangerys he sente snelle 
As wyde as he cowde gon or my\le, 
Afftyr xxa^' 'pousavd of hardy kny^te, 10 
pat hadde he wip Beffs hcffore, 
Aiid alle to hym \>ey ben iswore, 
■B, Icet dy^te hys campanye 

And took hys hue off Terrye, 

And Terry wende wip hytn luolde, 15 

■A.7id B. sayde, pat he ne scholde : 

* ^iff I haue mystyi\ tope J sende ; 

^cbeeT, pyffadyr, toip me sehat wende,* 

CS^ k Mylys on horse were dy^ 

-^nd aasc** po^isand off hardy knyyte. 20 

■Xosyan was set on here pdlffray^ 

-^Ttd redenforp alle in here ioumay, 

^ow wendip sere B. wip hys seinhle 

3\> Ham.pmyncfforde, pat goode cyte ; 

^ messanger to Ermyn pe kyng 25 

aSere B, sente wip ovten Uttyng. 

JCyng Ermyn in hys tour lay, 

'A.nd sere B. hoost al he say ; 

\>e messanger come to pe kyng 

And broi0e hym ry}t good tydyng : 30 

* Sere,* h>e sayde, * hatie pou no dovte 
Off pis ylke grete route : 

pe hoost, pat comip wip ovtcn pe toun. 
It comip with B, off Smip-ffainptoun ; 
Now ihar pou drede neuere more 35 

Off pat my}ty kyng Yuore/ 
'Alias,* pan sayde kyng Ermyn, 

* / woot, to day comip myffyn,* 
poo sere B, off hys stede aly^te, 

Sere Ermyn pe kyng anon ry^te 40 

Beffore B. sette hym vp on hys knee 
And cryede hyin mercy pur charyte : 
1 f. : Let vje pern yn per myrpys be And of 
Euore <b Armyn speke we. C ; Beties he so- 

ioumed there. Also longe as his wyll were, M ; 
om. SN. 3. pen (Nowe N) went p'-y to ost 
a^en SN ; -AW begynnyth a ycste agctpi C ; 
Now begynneth the romaunsffyne M. 4. Off] 
om. SN. kyng] om. M. kyn>g] om. C. 5. 
pem C. pey han] gan SN. bat. p. h.] can 
pey batell C. Thiyy began gret bat4iU to mahi 
M. 6. And] om. SN. U] om. SNCM. was] 
om. SNC. 7. messingere M. gan B. piis 
S ; gan thus B, N ; gan syr Befyse pys C ; 
ther of gan Beues M. 8. And mess. C ; And 
he M. sente] dyd send M ; fiU add. S ; wel 
add. N ; also add. M ; as add. C. swelle C. 
9. tvyde] far C ; swithe N. he] pey S. gou] 
om. SNC. or] ami SN. 10. ?iardy] om. N. 
qfh.] om. S. 9 f : That they coin with all 
her myghtes. That in haste XV tlunisand 
knyghtisii. 11. There that }&.. Beffs] he hadde 
ytvonne SN ; he had knoioen CM ; pere add. C. 
, 12. And alle] pat were SN. they ben] by othe 
{othes M) SNM. alle — hen] be othe to them C. 
13. SyrB.C; He M. let d.] let ai^te SN ; 
armed all M ; well armyd C. 14. took] nam 
SN. o/]*i>add. SNC. 15. And]o\\\, SNCM. 
with him wende SNCM. 16. And] But S. 
17. mys.] nede SNCM. /] tvyll add. M. to 
pe I] y shal {to pe (om. C) SNC. 18. pyff.] 
he M. shal with me SNCM. 19. Sir Gy 
SC ; Sir Milis N. Mylys] Gy N. to horn 
C ; om. SN. were] hem SNM ; pcm C. 20. 
And xxx] With xv 'hi, hardy kn.] good 
knyghtis M. With stout men for tofy^t SN ; 
And wyth them many a doghty hiy^t C. 21. 
And los. M. palf] vioyle M. 22. And 
fforthe they ryden a longe while M. 21 f. om. 
SNC. 23. sere] om. SNC. Now—B.] Beites 
went forth M. se7nble] meyne M. 24. Amby- 
fort SN ; Ambyfforthe M ; Amforde C. goode] 
feire SM ; riche NC. 25—28 om. M. 29. 
A M. 30. brouy^ — good] told hym of that M. 
31. pm] ye M. 32. pis] that M. 33. cmnip] 
is M. ofute M. 34. with] sir add. M. Sotip] 
om. M. 35. Now th. p.] The tliare M. dr.] 
the add. M. neuere] the add. M. 36. pat 
m.] the prowde M. 37. Alias p. s.] Tho said 
the M. 38. to] this M. is com M. 39. poo 
s.] Than M. hors light M. 40. Sere] And 
M. 41. sette^ ffdl M. vponh,] on M. 42. 
And cr, h.] He said M. pur] ffor M, 25 — 
42 : Of his comyng pe king was blyth^i And 
{mercy he cryed him {mercy him cried N ; 
cryed hym Tnercy C)feU sithe. SNC. 

There was a ryclie feste, I-wys, 3645 | On euery syde ioy and bJysse. 



T%anno sire Boues & sere Terry 

y Wente hem in til Erinouie, 3964 

And losiane and sire Sabere, 

And MUes and Gu bofe ifere. [3790] 

Wi}) fat was come king Yuore, 

To 3eue bataile Ermyn )>e hore \ 3968 

Ipi3t he hadde is pauilioun, 

To be-sege him in )>at toun. 

' Soo \aJL jKtu xvyU foremen it mce, 
J^yi here J wole icryatenyd bee.' 
Sere B, fforyiff Ermyn pe kyng 45 

Al hys wrappCf wip otUen lesyng ; 
pe kyng hyiu kyste with herteffrce 
And sayde : * Sere B.^ welcoiiie to mee. 
And my doiv^yr loayan soo scJume, 
J \>anke god, I inay here sene ! ' 60 

pe kyng was cryntenyd )>e Twxte day 
IVip inerpe ds songy ioye and play, 
And al pat land, vnp outen Icsyng, 
Weren wol glad off Bnffs comyng, 
Levs toe offliem now at pis chere, 55 

Off kyng Yuore now wole we here. 
Men comen d: tolden hym before 
pat B. ds Sabeer icomen wore, 
dfc of sere Mylys <fe of sere Oy ; 
Anon he senteful hastyly 60 

Afflir xxsxf^ M, of hardy knyyte 
And armed hem weel toffyik. 
Now he hap ryyt wip gret route 
Besegyd pe totm al abmUe, 
pat kyng Ermyn and B. were inne, 65 
Eor he pou^te hetn to wynne. 
Sere B. lay on pe tour on hy 
And herde gret noyse ds gret- cry 
Off kyng Yuore and off hys hoost ; 
Beffore pe totm pey m/idcn boost, 70 

Sere B. off pe tour doun wente 
And kyng Yitore soo he schente, 
patffyfftene poiisand off hys men 
He shw^j or he wente pen. 
And off hys hors prew hym doun 75 

And sente hym Ermyn to hys preso^cn. 
Alle hys men begunne to flee ; 
Beffs tumyd a^en to Ennonee, 
poo cam B, in to Ei'mynys halle 
Among pe kynges d; pe kny^tes alle, 80 

43. Soo — it] And seid: * Sir (om. C), py wroth 

for\eue 8NC ; Thy wraJth thou wylle forgeve 
M. 44. By^ here] And for py loue SNC. 
By^ — icr*] A cryston man nowe wyll I M. 
45—56 : ' Ood, I the thanke,* qtu>d Beues, * of 
this, And there to witt ye well itoys, I hoi 
thoughi, to make hym grains. That me dyd so 
mache shame ! ' But there they acordyd bothe, 
That be ffore to geder were loihe ; The kynge 
toke Beues by the honid. And to the easteU can 
they gangs, Speke we fforth of this matere. 
How that tyme Yuore on hym dyd werre I M. 
Tho yn thai moLner pey ctcordyd were. And toke 
batayle wyth kyng Euore, C ; om. SN. 57. 
King Yuore Tnen (om. N) toldf&re (hym there 
C) SNC ; Som^e men told Yuore M. 58. pat* 
How C;QfM., Saber and B, S. icw,] where 
tJtey tjoore M. 59. ds\ Both M. sere] om. M. atre] 
om. M. 60. And Yuore lett send in hye M. 61 . 
For M. ofh, kn,] good knyghtis M. 62. And 
a, h,] He bad hem arme ham M. ffyghtes M. 
59 — 62 : ( Yu^yr him gadered a (He gadered 
than C) gret ost And rood {come rydyng C) 
with {wel muche (grete C) bost SNC ; cm. M. 
63—66 om. SNCM. 67—70: Qrete was 
pat (the M) noyse and pal {the M) erye, B. 
in a (to tlie M) toure hem alle (om. M) 9eye; 
SNM ; And made grete noyse and erye^ Syr 
Befyse stode yn hys towre dssye; C 71 . Sere 
— doun] Adoun of his (pe S) toure he SNC ; 
fFith his oste ageyn he M. 72. And] to add. 
M. soo] sons M. sent M. 73. pal] And 
M. 74. He] Beues M ; slouj^ hem add. SN. 
pennes went S. 75. off — prew] pere he drewe 
(/e;S)SN. And—prew]HefeUydO. hym] 
kyng (om. M) Yuor SNCM. 76. aente] set 
SN. Erm, to h.] in (on N) Ermyns SN ; to 
Armyn to C. That tayle ouer toppe he tumyd 
his crotvn M. 77 — 86 om. SNCM. 

But nowe begynnetli a iiewe tydynge 
Of kynge lour and Ermyne kynge. 
Bytwene them batayle gan they take, 
And al was for losyans sake. 3650 
A palmer tolde Beuys that tydynge, 
Therfore syr Beuys al hastynge 
Sent after great chyualry 
Of doughty knyghtes and hardy, 3654 
That he had knowen befome, 
And al they were to hym swome. 

Than Beuys had gadred his company, 
He toke his leue at syr Terry, 3658 
And Terry profered wyth hym to go ; 
But Beuys sayde, he shulde nat so : 
* Sabere, thy fader, shal go wyth me ; 
If I nede, I shal sende for the.' 3663 
Guy and Myles to hors were dyght 
Wyth stalworth swerdes for to fyght 
Than Beuys wyth al his company 
Went forthe vnto Ermony ; 3666 



WiJ> fat com Beues in J>at tide [3795] 
Wi^ gret folk be pat o^er*side. 3972 
\)b was Ermin afered sore, 
For tresoun he hadde don him be-fore. 
A3en Beues anon a jede 3975 

r And merci cride of his inisdode, [3800] 
And sire Beues po, veraiment, 
For-3af him alle is mautalcnt 
And sei(ie, a wolde anon ri3te 
A3en Yuor take J)e fi3te. 3980 

8978. mautalent A. 

pe kyng Ermyn \tere "he mette 

Andfayre dg ioeel he hym greUe, 

B. took Yuore be }>e honde 

And fwyde : ' Ermyn, now vndyrstonde, 

Lai hym nou^ gonfor no mannys sake, 85 

BiU ^\f ^ou ranaounfor hym take ! * 

pe kyng Yvar swoor he hys crmm, 87 

Be Termagauni de hys god Mahoun, E. 

87. pe] Then C ; oin. SN. be h, cr.] wUh 
grete vaunt SN. sw. — cr.] sore gretande C. 

88. Stoere be C. Term, d^] Mahounde ds C ; 
om. SN. MahJ] Tirmegaunt SNC. 

Of his comynge the kynge was blythe 
And asked hym mercy on hundreth 

sythe 3668 

And sayde : ' If thou wylt forgyue me, 
I wyl be crystened for loue of the.* 
Oil that couenaunt Beuys gan hym 

kysse, f.62&. 3671 

Thus be they acorded, I-wys. 
Than anon with oute other dome m f.nsa. 
Beues send to the pope of Eome, 3674 
That he shold? sen(l his clerkys good, 
And Sabere to the Bysshoppes yode. 
That they myght with theire clergye 
Cryston) the londf of Ermonye, 3678 
For that the kynge grauntedf had ; 
The pope it hard? and? he was glad, 
And he hath sent after his sawe 
Clerkys, that wyse were of the lawe ; 
They crystoned kyng Ermyn) Yrith her 

hondis 3683 

And than all the other of the londys. 
In meny a stid Beues dyd wyrke 

Abbeys, mynesters, and meny a kirko. 
So was ffurste Armonye 3687 

Thorou3 Beues crystonedf, sekerly. 
Kyng Yuore herd sone tythan(1?, 
That Beues and losyan were in the 
land, f. 1786. 3690 

A grett oste he gaderid thoo, 
Fourty thousand and well luoo ; 
To Aremonye they went thanne 
And be-gan to robbe and branne, 3694 
And Beues hard, that he was corny n), 
Grett power he hath nomeii) 
And rode kynge Yuore ageyri) 3697 
With ten thousand men), se^'tayn) ; 
It was a ffeire sight to be-hold, 3699 
Whan both partyes were in the flfeld ; 
The field shone wonder-bryght 
Of helmys and of basnette^j light ; 
But sone after there was another, 
Ey ther oste discried other ; 3704 

As the romans seith, on) bothe partyes 
They shott dartys \fifh bows turkeys, 

3673. Than anon] om. O. oiUe] any add. O. 

3674. pope] erased in O. 

3676. And] om. O. to the B.] them prayed 
or they O. 

3677. myght — clergye] wolde soUmpnly O. 

3679. thcit-—gr.] al the kynges graunt they 0. 

3680. pope] pope of, intentionally destroyed 
in O. it — lOflw] thai herynge wasful 0. 

3681. And — sent] He sent thyder 0. 

3682. uere wyse 0. the] om. 0. 

3683. theyr hande 0. 

3684. than] om. 0. other] people O. his lande 

3685. stid] place O. • dyd] gan O. 
3(586. myn,] om. 0. a]fayre add. 0. 

8689. IVhan kynge lour did imderstonde 0. 

3690. and — th>e] was come into tfuU 0. 

3691. grett] he add. (!) M. gadred he 0. 

3692. and well] sara^yns and 0. 

3693. Unto O. went he O. 

3694. And\ there add. O. 

3695. And] Whan 0. 

3696. A great oste he had an/me 0. 

3699. to he-h.] who so behelde 0. 

3700. toere] met 0. 

3701. wonder-br.] al on lyght 0. 

3702. 0/basencttes and helmes bryght O. 

3704. Whftn eyther O, defyedO. 

3705. On both partyes, the romayns says, O. 

3706. dartys] arowes O. 



Out of fe cito Beues rod, [3805] 

And al is ost, wi]) onten abod, 
And slowe doun rijtes man! & fale, 
Sixti ]703and told in tale ; 3984 

And Beues frew Yuor adoun 

And sente him Erroin to prisouTz. [3810] 
He gan him take be ])e honde ; 
)pe king Ermin gan vnder-stonde, 3988 
)pat he ne schel nou3t scape awai, 
Wip oute gret rauusouu for to pai. 

Quarellis, alblasters, ancf caste stony s, 
There was a sight ffor the nonys, 3708 
<')f dartys and? quarellis grett plento, 
There myght none hoste weH other see. 
But whan they were comyn) in same, 
There was emyste and lituti game ; 
With swordys andl fauchouns, that 

wold byte, 3713 

Eche man) on other faste gan smyte, 
And Beues with Morglay steritlf hym 

That aft, he hitt, he cleve in two. 
The Sar3ins can Beues delfye 
And? tliyk aboute hym they hye, 3718 
And? on ych side than he lou3e, f. noa. 
And faste the Sar3ins there he sloujo ; 
So many slowe he in that Ifeld? in sight, 
1'hat to his steroppes tliey lay vp ri.cjht. 
He yode fforth, whan he lyste, 3723 
And slowe meny bothe este and weste. 
Sabere is come, thouje they were wood, 

He thare stonyed? the Sarsons blood, 
He slou3e be-fore hym by X and XII, 
TiH he come to the kynge hym selfe, 
An(f in magree of Mahouh) 3729 

He hath bete kynge Yuore down). 
Than the Sai^ins flew on hepe, 
To kynge Yuore sone they lepe 
And with ffbrs horsud hym ageyri). 
And aH at onys on Sabere they leyn). 
Beues sye Sabere in doute, 3735 

He presud fforthe amonge the route 
And socourid Sabere in that stoure, 
Hym selfe yode to kynge Yuore 3738 
And led hym fforth all with ffors 
And be-takyth Sabere his cors 
And led hym) in to a toure ; 
He presented Armyn) with Yuore. 
Sabere lad hym aH quyk, 3743 

The Sai^ins folowid hym than thik. 
But suche strokys gaue ham sir Bevoun), 
That kyng Yuore was lad to town) 

3707 f. : 

Qtcarels were shot on euery syde, 
Spere (!) nuin togeder dyd ryde^ 0. 

3709. Of—qiuir.] Araicea were shot so O. 

3710. There — other'\ That one oste myght not 
another 0. 

Wyth swerdes bryghz, that wel gan byte, 
Eche man dyd other smyte, add. O. 

3711. were comyn] haiiled bothe 0. 

3712. lit.] no 0. 
3713 f. om. O. 

3715. sterict] quyt O. soo] fo (!) O. 

3716. That all] What euer 0. cleve] sm/)te 0. 

3718. thylc] cam O. hye they (!) M ; redely 0. 

3719. And— he] Therwyth he vms wel apayd 


8720. And — he] On etiery syde he them downe 

3721. h^ slewe 0. ffeld in s.]fyght 0. 

3722. styrop 0. 

3723. yode] rode 0. he] st add. M, struck 
out. he I,] they hym left 0. 

3724. And there he slewe as many eft O. 

3725. is c] his eame O. tJiey] he O. tvood] 
olde 0. 

3726. He shewedj that he was yonge and hold O. 

3727. by] om. O. 

3729. in] om. O. 

3730. Hey— Yu.] There bare he the kynge O. 

3731. Than] om. 0. flew] folowed O. on] 
an add. O. 

3732. son/i] gon O. 

3733. And] om. O. ffors] they add. O. 

3734. And] Than 0. Sab.] hym O. 

3735. Whan B. O. Sah.] was add, O. 

3736. ffoHhc] in O. 

3737. sac. Sab.] hym rescued O. houre O. 

3738. Hym s. y.] Than rode he O. 

3740. betoke O. 

3741. And I.] He bad ledeO. a] the O. 

3742. And pres&nt 0. %oUh^ hyitge add. O. 
3744. than]fulO. 

.^745. delt syr Beuys O. 

3746. ims—toion] led thyder is O 



j)o swor Yuor to king Ermin [3815] 
Be Mahoun and be Apolyn, 3992 

Jjat gret raunsoun paie he wolJe, 
Sixti pound of rede golde, 3994 

Foure hondred beddes of aelk echon, 

3993. gre£] he to C; he to his B^ ; hU E. 
paU he\ Yue SN ; yylde C ; hen E. scholde 

3994. Sixti] hundryd add. E. prytty somers 
SNC. of] wUh SN. red'':] om. KC. 

3995. Wi\»f, E. hmd.] o/add. E. 

3996. Wi}p g. E ; \>eq. SN ; And as many q, 
C. of] all C. ]>ar vp,] for \>e noon SN ; 
fayre begon £ ; begon C. 

Quiltes of gold far vpon, [3820] 

Foure hondred copes of gold fyn 
And ase fele of maslin. 3998 

* Je,' seide Beues, * asend it me, 
And wend hom to fe contre ! ' 

3998. asef] also {as C) 7nanye ESNC. 

Al \)at, sere, I wale '^eue, 

Sertys, sere, so I moot leue,* add. E. 

Al pis to (om. C) raunsom y wyl pe }eice. 

And ( Vef N ; So pat C) pou wilt let me Icue. * 
add. SNC. 
8999. Y-^aseruJC] (Sir B, (Kyng Ermyn (!) E) 

sayde : ' (LatfetU (Fecehe SNC) ESNC. 
4000. wend] panne add. E. 

For ought, that they myght done, 3747 
Whan) they sye that, they fled? sone, 
They woldf there no longer byde ; f. i796. 
Beues and his men can after lide, 
He made after hem so hardf chase, 
That ten thousand? slayn) he hase. 3752 
Many a knyght in the field? 
Myght men se <lede vnder shelcJ, 
And meny Sai^ins in that day 
With deth woundis went away ; 
Stedis meny men) myght see 
With oute maisters awey fflee, 3758 
And meny Sar^ins my3t men haue herd? 
Curs Mahoun, ffor they so fferd. 
Whan siV Beues had? made that chase. 
He comyth ageyn) with grett solace, 
And as smertely siV Bevown) 3763 

Bad caste kyng Yuore in presown). 
Kyng Yuore pmid? Beues thoo,, 3765 
That he my3t make raunsom and goo, 
And for his raunsom geve he wold? 
Twenty somers of red? gold? 
And an hunderid bedd?^ of sylke, 
Also white as eny my Ike, 3770 

And an hunderid copus of gold? ffyne 
And also meny of mascelyne : 
* Ati this wold I to raunsom) geve, 
With that thou wilte let me ly ve ! ' 
Said Beues : * Lett it heder bryng : 
I shall lett the goo, sir kyng; 3776 
So moche drede I not the. 
But me were lever thy tresoure than 

3747. do myght O. 

3748. that sawe O. soTie] ryght 0. 

3749. 710 lenger th^'e dbyde O. 

3750. after gan 0. 

3751. He chased theni so harde, certayne, O. 

3752. he had slayne O. 

3754. Mygkt men se] Lay there O. vnder] 
iheyr add. 0. 

3755. Sar^, in] a sarayyne O. 

3756. delh] dedely 0. jUd 0. 

3757. Many stedcs 0. 

3758. oute m.] dede men 0. aw.] fast add. O. 

3759. And — men] Men myght thesarayyns 0. 

3760. Oursud (!) M. Curs MahoundCy they 
were so aferde O. 

3761. sir] that 0. 

3762. cam 0. 

3763. Than syr Beuys ryght anon 0. 

3764. Bad] Made 0. 

3766. ^irf(!)M. 

3767. geve] haue 0. sholde 0. 

3768. redy (!) 0. 

3769. And an] Wyth thre O. 

3770. Also] And an hundred stedcs as 0. eny] 
om. 0. 

3771. An O. 

3772. And also] Wyth as 0. 

3773. wold — rauns,] tresour I wyl tlie O. 

3774. WUh] If O. 

3775. Said B, : ' L.] Beuys sayde : * Do O. 

3776. / — goo] And I shal satie thy lyfe O. 
3778. me were] thai I had 0. 



A maaager a 8ewte wip main [3825] 
To Tabefor, his chauntberlain, 4002 
& he him sente pat YAunsown : 
J)us com Yuor out of prisou/i. 

Now let we be of king Yuore r. ma*. 
And speke we of Ermin fe hore, 
)?at in is bedde sike lay. [3831 J 

So hit befel vpon a day, 4008 

Er he out of fis world went, 
After Benes childre?^ a sent. 
He clepede to him sire Gii [3835] 

And wij> is croune gan him crouny 

And 3af him alle lb kenedom. 4013 
Sone far after hit be-com, 
f)&t a daide at ))e ende, • 
To heuene mote his saulo wende ! 4016 
panne sire Beues and sire Gii, [3841] 
Al fe londe of Ermony 
Hii made cristen wi)) dent of swerd, 
3ong and elde, lewed and lered. 4020 
So hit be-fel vpon an eue, [3845] 

Saber of Beues tok leue, 
Hom te wende to his contre, 
His wif , his children for to se. 4024 

4001. wip m,]/ulffayn E. (pentie lie sent {He 
sende aftur hyt, hyt ys C) not to layn SNC. 

4002. 4fter Thabt^ers {Taba/ers N) SN ; 
ffoom mUo E ; I>alfo)'(le G. 

4003. (6 — sente] Alle (And he N) him brou^t 

4004. com] hiivg add. SN. \>U8 e, Y,] And 
80 he cam £. 

4003 f. : 

Thus come Euore owt ofpreson. 
When he had payde pat raunsom, C. 

4005. Now — he] Lete we be'N ; Leue {Rest S) 
we now ESC. 

4006. And off kyng Ermyn speke we more E. 

4007. in] on N. bed,] ry\t add. £. inish,] 
kyng Armyn C. 

4008. So] And sooE; oto. SNC. 
4007 put after 4008 C. 

4009. oiU] om. S. 

4010. Aft,] syr add. C. 

4011. To hym he elepyd ESNC. sire] B, 

soone E. 

4012. And] om. SN. is] om. SN. er,] h^. 
add. SNC. gan] dud C. And sette hys 
coroivne on hys hed on hy £. 

4013. ia] patfayre E. kyngdom^ N. him— 
kcne,] hyt to hym be kynge C. 

4014. "par] om. SN. Soriie — hi£] And pern 
kyng he E. Thus he dud at hys endynge C 

4015. pe] pat S. pat — pe] Kyng Ermyn pere 
made hys E. 

4017—4023 : 
{Then add. C) to B, cam {sir add. SN) 

SabeeVf {hys eem, ry^ (om. SNC) p<ire 
And askyd {nam SN ; toke C ; his add. 

SNC) leue, hoom. toffare. 
In to Ingelond (ffor to tee {pere wolds h 
fayne bee C), ESNC. 
4021. aneue A. 

4024. His] om. SN. w^ and add. SNC. 
his] om. SN. for] om. E. 

Than) was kyng Yuore ffayne, w.isoa. 
1 There after hesendith hischamberlayn), 
And he brought his raunsom) : 3781 
So come kyng Yuore oute of preson). 

OfE kyng Yuore lett we be, 
And of kyng Ermyn now speke we, 
That shold passe oute of this liffe 
And sent after Beues sonues blyve, 
And there he toke Beues eldeste son) 

And on his hede he sett the crowne; 
He made hym kynge of Armonye ; 
And sone after hastely 3790 

Dydf the kyng dye andl made his eD(t, 
To hevyn mvste his soule wendf. 
To Sir Beues come Sabere there 
And toke his leve, home to ffare, 3794 
For to Englond? woldf he blyve 
To his childf and? to his wyffe. 

3780. scTvt O. 

3781. And he] The messa'ngere 0. his] the 0. 

3782. So] Than 0. 
8783. Nowe of 0. late 0. 

3784. now] om. 0. 

3785. thU] his O. 

3786. Aiid] He 0. B, sonnes] his son 0. 

3787. Andr—toke] Syr Chty was 0. 

3790. And] Than 0. 

3791. Dyed kynge Ermyne the hende 0. 

3792. m/>t 0. 

3793. Unto 0. 
8794. homewards 0, 

3795. Unto 0. 

3796. chyldren 0. 



Ne stente neuer sire Saber, 

Til pat he in Ingelondo were ; [3850] 

Wei sore anei3ed schel Beues be, 

Er fan lie Saber eft ise ! 4028 

J5e king Yuor hadde a Jjef : 
God him ^eue euel pref, 
For fat he koufe so wel stele ! [3855] 
He stel Beues Arondele 4032 

WiJ) his charmes, pat he kouf e, 

And broujte hit to Mombrau??t be soul>e 
And presentede pe king Yuore. 
))e king be Mahouw haj) swore, [3860] 
)5at Bones scholde abegge sore 4037 
)3e raunsoun, pat he hadde be-fore. 
)(l^T'ow sire Beues let we gan 
X 1 And to sire Saber wile we tan. 
Saber at Hamtoun in bedde lay ; [3865] 
Him pou^te, pat he Beiies say 4042 

4025 f. : 
Now rydi^ Sdbeer otter dale <k dounnCf 
Tyl \kjU he earn to S(m\>hamptounn-e ; £ ; 
Totvard Inglond he sped him (om. N) fastf 
To JTamptoun he com at ^e (om. N) last 
SN ; om. C. 

4027. Wel\ om. E. agreuyd E. 

4028. >an] om. £. Saber] so E ; Beues (!) A. 
ise] schdl seen £. 

4027 f. om. SNC. 

4029. J><j] om. SN. Yuor] with him add. SN. 

4030. ^eue hym ESNC ; tool add. EN. 

4031. \kU] om. SC. so w, sJ] stele (Jul add. 
S ; 80 add. C) wel ESC. 

4032. Htel] sere add. E ; fro add. SC. 

4033. char me C. \>athek.]hestaal\KjUstede'E, 

4034. And b. h,] om. ESC. to] so ESNC ; 

om. (!) A. iV.] be him lad add. S ; b£ 
had hym add. C ; he gan hym lede add. 
E. be s,] sowth C ; om. E. 
4031—4034 om. N. 

4036. bt M,] hys .\> \>anne E. 

4037. Be,] A? K abeyti E ; abcgged (!) A. 
ful add. E. 

4038. ha/lde] took E. 
4035—4038 om. SNC. 
4039 f. om. ESNC. 

4041. Saher at H.] At {Li SN) JTamptrnm 
[{on add. C) a ny^t add. SNC] Saber 
ESNC. in b.] a slope SN ; om. C. 

4042. JTe S ; And C ; pat ny^t hym E. ^at 
he B,] \>at heE; sir B, vrUh ey^cn he (om. 
N) SN; M »yr Befyse he C. 

Beues wolcJ haue hym, verament, 3797 
Sabere wold nought, but forth went. 
Xowe is kyng Yuore in Mowmbraunte 
And sware be Mahound and Turma- 
gannte, 3800 

That he wold hym wel a-vaunce, 
That couth stele be eny chaunce 
(rood? ArondeH with som treason) 
Fro sir Beues of Hampton) ; 3804 

* For, and Beues lackydl ArondeH, 
I trow, that men) shold wyth hym dele !* 
There was a tlieffe, that bight Kibown), 
A queynt theffe and a f el own), 3808 
And vnder-toke the maistery, 

And went fforth in to Arnionye ; f. isoa. 
With his charmes and with his crafte 
Arondett ffro s/V Beues he raught 3812 
And brought hym in to Mowmbraunt 

And presentid hym) to kyng Yuore. 
Than was the kyng weH paid, 
That he ffro Beues was betrayed ; 3816 
Woo was Beues, the soth to teH, 
Whan he myssud Arondeft. 
As Sabere slepud a nyght tide, 
Hym thought, he sye Beues ride, 3820 
And ArondeH to the erth I-caste, 
And his rigge bone aH to-bra^te. 

3797. wold h. h,] bad hym tary 0. 
3798./or<A] AoTWfiO. 

3800. swercth O. 

3801. he — wcl] so ; toold hys erne (!) M. 

3803. wUh] by O. 

3804. From 0. 

3805. a'lid B. I.] if he wanted 0. 

3806. that] om. O. myght 0. del] met 0. 

3807. Babcme 0. 

3808. qtteynt] strange 0. a]fals add. 0. 

3809. And] He 0. 

3810. in] om. 0. 

3812. Ar.—B.] From Bmys Ar. 0. 

3813. And] He O. in] om. O. 

3815. the k.] lour 0. apayde O. 

3816. heffro] om. 0. was] so add. 0. 

3821. to—I-c] dovme hym cast O. 

3822. That two of his rybbcs he hrast 0, 



In bafcaile wo be-p^on 

And al to-heiie, flesch and bon. 

j3o he abraide out of is sweuene, 4045 

To his wif a tolde hit ful euene [3870] 

Al to gedres how him met. 

* sire/ ^he seide wij) oute?i let, 4048 

* Be f e sweuene ful wel I wat, f. i98ai. 
])at Beues is in semple stat ; 

He hap for-loren Arondel, [3875] 

And fat I wet finliche wel.* 4052 

Saber was wo for fat sake ; 
Eft scrippe and bordouw he ga?i take 

And tok leue of his wif 

And to Beues a wente be-lif. [3880] 

Beues was glad, fat he was come, 4057 

And tolde, his hors was him benome : 

' A roboun hit stal ful ^ore 

And haf ^eue hit to king Yuore.' 4060 

' ))at,' Saber seide. * a-f enkef me, [3885] 

Boute ^if ich mi3te winne it a^e I ' 

A3en to Mombraunt wente Saber, 

J^ar men watrede f e deistrer ; 4064 

par he stod and a-bod, 

A proud Sarasin f er on rod ; [3890] 

4043. In b. wd] B. (And N ; om. SC) iwoundyd 
{sore add. SNC) and etcels ESNC. 

4044. And — and] And (om. S) (Jiaddc to- 
broken (ibroken was hys SNC) hepe (nek 

4046—4060 : 
poo (om. C) ?iee awook, he (and C) was 

(Too Erneborw^ {And to SNC) hys wyff he 

{tolde and add. SNC) sayde ; 
* Sere^ ' sche sayde, * \>ou doost {Jiast C) wronge, 
pat ]>ou dwellyst {taryest C) here soo hngc : 
(Ryght add. Q)a>s I am wtimman (pe bejfore 

(born SNC), 
Wyff or chyld B, (he SNC) 7ia\> forlore 

(lorn N), ESNC. 
4061. Ha h, /.] Or hys goode (om. SNC) stede 

4052. Aiid faq P«< SN ; ffyt ys mo C \ Or 
Morglay E. piL] ffiil E ; ful (for N) 
sothe SN ; om. C. 

4053. Woo wai Saber ESNC. fo^l J5. E ; 

hys C. 
4054. Eft] om. ESNC. script and harthon 
N. can heC\ to add. E. 

4065. tok] nam SN ; his add. SN. of] at C. 

4056. And] om. S. B.] Ambyfort SN ; Am- 
fordc C. came C. 

4057. Olad was B, SNC. \>at] when C. 

4058. seide SNC. him be.] fro him noom 

40.59. Baban SN ; Bahon C ; \>e \terf add. 

SNC. him stale SN ; stale hym C. fiU\ 

wel N ; om. C. 
4060. hMh him yme SN ; ladde hym C. to] 

om. N. 
4061 f. om. SNC. 

4063. A^m] om. SNC. wente] sir add. SNC. 

4064. www] jwy SN. ]«] [w< SN. 

4066. par] as add. C. 

4066. A — on] A san ynto \>e watur hym C ; 

And sy, a sarsyn on Arondel N. 
4065 f. om. S. 

Wlian he wakyd, he was 'dhayct, 3823 
And to his wyffe he toklf and seiclf ; 
' Sir,' she said, * ye haue do wronge, 
Ye dweH fro Beues aH: to longe : 3826 
]]y hym), that was of Mary borne, 
1 trow, he hathe that hors lorne 1 ' 
Sir Sabere, ffor air Beues sake 
Hore andf spere gan he take 3830 

And went hym forth with good sem- 

Tytt that he come to Mombraund^ ; 
Theder he went, to asspye. 
And lefte the loncF of Eimony. 3834 
Sir Sabere come by a revere, 
There they wateridi theire desty'ere ; 
Saw Sabere, as he abode. 
On ArondeH how Eabon rode ; 3838 

3823. awoke O. afrayde ; (tferd M. 

3825. h^tte] om. O. 

8826.]bydefrom 0. 

3827. ivas — borne] ofmyght is moste 0. 

3828. th/U] hys 0. loste 0. 

3830. ITors a. s.] Staffe and skryp 0. 

3831. hym] om, 0. 

3832. that] om. O. 

3833. went] for add. 0. 

3835. Sir] om. 0. a r.] so O ; Arevere (!) 

3836. Theyre (!) M. destere (!) M. Men dyd 
theyre bestes waier there 0. 

3837. Saw. S,] He sawe O. he] there add. O 



* Mahouw f e saue ! ' seide Saber, 4067 
*Fro whanne komef j>is fair deistrerl 
Hit hauej) brestes pikke and proute. 
Whicb is f e kroupe 1 teme aboute ! ' 
Aboute he ternde f e deistrer ; [3891] 
Vp be-hinde lep Saber 4072 
& smct pe Sarasin ded adoun 

WiJ) pe pik of his bordoun. 

To J)e king Yuor he gan grede : 4075 

* Lo, Arondel ich a wei lede : [3896] 

Je liim stele wip envie 

And ich him feche be-fore ^our eie ! ' 

pe king Yuor was swijje wo 

And after Saber fai gonne go ; [3900] 

))re posend hap Saber be-set ; 4081 

losian stod in a toret ; 

Al pis folk ^he se3 ful wel 

And Saber com ride on Arowdel ; 4084 

Out of pe tour 3he wente adouw [3905] 

And seide : * Beues of Hamtoun, 

4067. Mah.^ seide] Vpon him anoon lepe S. 

4068. wheniies SC. exnn SNC. fair] om. C. 

4069. hrasten S ; brestyn N ; a hreste C. 
yikke] stefS ; stithe N. prowde C ; sUnU SN. 

407a. ffow C. WTiich—teme] WUh ))W \>e 
croupyn turned SN. 

4071. Jw] Iwrf SN. 

4072. And vpC. Vp he-h,] Vpon him arvoon 
SN. lep] start C ; sir a«ld. NC. 

4073. <fc] He N. ded] \foU, (om. N) hefel SN. 
dmn SNC. 

4075. Saber to Yuor gradde {cryed C) and 
saide SNC. 

4076. Lo] WUh SN ; CfC, ich— lede] a wey 
y brayde S ; y am a wey braid N ; ^ou art 
betrayed C. 

4077. 3e]-^nd]wwC. «tofcNC. felonycSNC, 
4078. 1 haue hyrnfett C. }?yn C. 

4077 put after 4078 C. 
4079—4081 : 

{Tho add. C) Yuor was {wood \>oo {wroth C) 
wUh alle, 

[' As armes, lordinges ! * gan he calle ; 

[And seyde : * Arme yov), lordynges all ! * C] 

And (om. C) after him {\>ey reden {dud 
ryde C) "^^ 

Welfoure (X C) \>ousand and {othir N) mo. 

Saber \>ey {had hard {hym C) beset, SNC. 

4082. And I, C ; as she add. SN. stod] so 
SNC ; stond (!) A. a] her SNC. 

4083. \>is] \>at SN ; the C. ful] om. C. 

4084. rydyng S ; ridand N ; om. C. 

4085. OiU] om. SNC. \>e] that N ; hur C. 
doum C. 

4086. And tolde {hyt add. C) Oy and sir (om. 
C) Bmmm SNC. 

Now thought Sabere : * Be hevyn 
kyng, f. 180c. 

Now haue T my metynge ! 
Felowe,* he said, * so god the rede, 
This may wett be callid a stede : 3842 
He is weli brestid, with oute doute : 
Good ffelowe, turne hym) aboute ! ' 
As he turnyd the destrere, 
Vp be-hynde lepe Sabere, 3846 

He smote to deth tbe theffe Eabon) 
With the end of his tronchoii) ; 
He wold no longer there abyde. 
Sai^ins to the court can ride 3850 

And the kyng can they tett, 
How one was gone with Arondett. 
Than rose the crye thorou3 the Cite, 
AH that euer there in my^t be, 3854 
They ride after faste hyand, 
The nomber of thre thousand, 
And fuli narroo they hym be-sett. 
losyan stode in a turrett, 3858 

AH the folke be-held she weH 
And one on hym) ridyng, Arondett. 
In to the hatt she hied her down) 
And said : * Szr Beues, with oute tJie 
town) 3862 

3839. Now th,] Than sayde 0. 

3840. Now — my] Glad am I of this O. 

3841. the r.] me spede O. 

3844. hym] tlie O. 

3845. And as 0, destereVL, thed.]hymt?iereO, 

3846. lepe] hym lept 0. 

3850. The s, O. 

3851. And] Unto 0. 

3862. gone with] forth on O. 

3853 f. : Than made the kynge to crye. 

That they shulde after hye. 0. 
3855. rode O. hy.] in a bande 0. 
3857. they] om. 0. 

3860. one — rid,] howe one cam rydynge on 0. 

3861. UntoO. 

3862. And] Syr, she 0. sir B.] om. O. 




Her comoj) Saber vpon f e stede : 

le^m Crist him ^ilde is mede ! 4088 

Ac he is be-set al aboute 

WiJ) wonderliche grete route ; [3910] 

Al most he is in point to spille ! ' 

* Has armes ! '. Beues cride schille. 4092 

Ferst smot out pe ^onge king Gii f. i»a«. 

And Miles wif grei cheualry ; 

))ai come to Saber at pat stour [3915] 

And brou^te Saber gode sokour 4096 

And leide on wiJ) alle here mijt 

& slowe Sarasines adouu ri^t. 

Of al J?at sewede him so ^erho, 4099 
To Mombraunt gonne neuer on terne, 
Jjat pai ner ded vpon fe grene, [3921] 
Eueri moder sone, i wene ; 
And pus Saber in pis wise 
Wan Arondel wip is queiutise. 4104 
Now mowe ^e here forpormore [3925] 
Ful strong bataile of king Yuore ; 
Ac er pan we be-ginne fi^te, y 
Ful vs pe koppe anon ri^te ! 4108 

"l%e king Yuore him ros amorwe, 
J In his hertte was meche sorwe. 

4087. ^e N. vpon \>e] m pure SNC. 

4088. Ie8u\ om. SNC. Uristl of heuyn add. 
SN. ^ylde hym C ; ^Idc SN ; him add. (!) A. 

4089. Ac\ om. SNC. he\ And SN. 

4090. Wi\>\ a add. NC. wond,]fuU C. 

4091. in] om. (!) A. 
4091 f. om. SNC. 

4098. Ferst] \>mne add. SN. went SNC. \>e 

}. k.] sir SNC. 
4094. mjy g. ch.] kifi brother hardely SN ; 

thai was hardy C. 

Tyrryea ftoUf }^(U hight Beuounj 

A (om. N) jOTigf kny^t {knyytis N) and hardy 
infelde and toun. add. SN. 

And syr Tarryea aone, \>at hy^t Befoivn, 

They went to gedur owt of \>e towne. add. C. 
4096. Wh&n \>ey SN ; Tyll \>ey C. Saber at] 

om. SNC. \>at] hard add. SN. 
4096. And br, S.] Saber \>ei br(m^ SN. 
4097 f. om. SNC. 

4099. Of] om. SNC. at] tho add. C. folmd 
C. him] Saber SNC. 

4100. A^eyn to SN. To M.] Home ageyn C. 
gonne n. on] ^ey gontis {can C ; om. N) 

4101. ner ded] ne died SN. Many of fhm 
dyd dye then C. 

4102. Byfyue, bi (or S) aixe, bi (om. S) twelf 
and (bi N) teen SNC. 

4103—4108 om. SNC. 

4109. pe] om. SNC. him] om. SNC. am.] 
.on the C, 

4110. hi» — meche] greet care and in (cm. S) 

Comyth one ridyng on youre stede, 
Andl, certeyn), he is in moche drede, 
For he is be-sett aH aboute 
With a wondeiffuH gret route ! ' 386f) 
* Woldl god/ saidf Beues, * a while hym 

Hastely socoure he sholci haue ! ' 
The ff urste on hors was mr Gye, f. isod. 
And Myles, his hroder, and? mr Terry, 
And sir Beues, faste hyed? he 3871 

With aH the knyghte* of that Cita 
They hyedl ham faste in that stoure 
And brought Sabere goodf socoure ; 
They slow the Sar^ins down right, 
That none of hem scape myght. 3876 
Good game hadi Sabere to sene, 
How they lay on the grene. 
Tyding^ come to kyng Yuore, 3879 ' 
That his men were slayn) in stoure, 

3863. vprn 0. 

3864. And c] Ccrtys, she sayde 0. moch^] 
great O. 

3866. jPbr] om. 0. 

3866. a w.] men of armes a 0. 

8867. Wold] Oode O. a w, h.] hym helpe 
and 0. 

8868. ffast. — shold] And socour sone shal 

3869. The — hors] Fyrst on horsbacke 0. 

3870. And] Syr 0. broder] so ; hort (!) M. 

3872. that] the 0. 

3873. He O. hym O. in] to 0. 

3875. They] And 0. 

3876. them escape 0. 

3878. lay] spranglynge add. O. 
3880. in] that add. 0. 




He let of- sends an hi3iug [3931] 

))retti amirales & ten king. 4112 

))ai armede hem in yrene wede, 
To Ermonie he gan hem lede. 4114 
Hii pi^te paiiiliouns & bente gi«ne, 
For to be-sege hem per inne, [3936] 
And Yuore clepede at fat cas 

4111. ffe] And S. let ofs.] sent after SNC. 
in SN. an K] lordyngya C. 

4112. preUqXV^^SO. ten\XF^'^ ; om. C. 

4113. pai\ And SNC. ihein C. in y, w.l 
prest (om, C) tofy^ SNC. 

4114. Erm,] Amhyfort SN ; Amford C. he 
— led/e\ }>ey went ry^t SNC. 

4115 £1 om. SNC. 

4117. And] King SNC. clef.'] om. SNC. a£\ 
yn C 

4118. Gleped Arabele SN ; Clepyd C. sire] 

Morable and sire ludas. 4118 

* Redef me/ a seide, * ari^t, 

Jif ich mai vnder-stonde f is fijt [3940] 

A3en Beues of Hamtoun, 

])at is so stout a baroun ! ' 4122 

' We redef meintene jour parti ! * 

He lep to hors & gan to crie : [3944] 

om. SN. and 8,]to hym marschall C. 
4119. Bede SNC. me] tmw add. SN. 
U20, ^if] that a.M.C, mai]shalSl^C. viid.] 

take SN ; rfo C. pis] ylke add. SN. 
4121. A^ens S ; sir add. SN. 
4122—29 : 

* A nobel kny^t of renoun, 

* We reede per to, {toe seye (thei seiden N) 

B. of Hampton he ijpei N) gan caZle, 
Swyihe lowde he gan crye : 

He made seiulf hjvstely 

After his broder of Surry 3882 

And told?, how his men were dede ; 

He askycF hym counseH and rede. 

* I shaH the say/ quod kyng Bradwy ne, 

' Thou arte hold? a nobuH Sar3in), 3886 

In payneme ne in Suriy, I-wys, 

Ys none the lyjce of lose ne of price ; 

There fore counseH I the so : 

Thou do the batett be-twene you two, 

And make redy thy ffauchoii) 3891 

And make thy sacrafice to Mahoun), 

That he send the the ouer-hand ! 

And, ffor sothe, I vnderstond 3894 

That thou shalte a conquerozer be, 

And we wyH aH wend? with the 

And stond? with the in thy wyH, 3897 

To socoure the in thy pereH ! ' f. isju. 

Now saidi kyng Yuore : * I assent ! ' 

And as smertely forth they went 3900 

And made Mahoun sacryfiee 

With att his sar^ins, that were wise, 

And aH they p^-aid to Mahoun), 

To saue the kyng fro s/r Bcvoun). 3904 

Whan the kyng had? so done, 

He let arme hym also sone 

And went hym forth to Arraony 

With ten thousand sar^ins hardy. 3908 

Sone come to Beues tydinge^ then) 

Of kyng Yuore and his men) ; 

He toke with hym his sonnes two, 

Sabere, Terry and other moo, 3912 

And rode kyng Yuore ageyn). 

Whan Yuore sye Beues, he was ffayn). 

3882. hroder] the hynge add. O. 

3883. And L] He tolde hym 0. 

3884. He] And 0. 

3885. quod kyng] sayde O. 

3887. pany nor O. Surry I.] hethenc^e O. 
8888. the lyke] so ; om. (!) M. of—price] 
in doughtynfisse 0. 

3889. couns. /] / counsayle 0. 

3890. Thou] To 0. he-tto,] Thereafter ham, 
stmck out M. 

3891. And m.] Make thou 0. 
3893. the sende 0. 

3895. a conq.] so O ; conquerid (!) M. 

3896. wend] go 0. 

3897 f. : 

We shal be wyth the, wythmU drede, 
And helpe the, if thai thou haue ncde !* 0, 

3900. And as] Tha.n O. 

3903. to Mah.] more and lesse 0. 

3904. tlie] theyre 0. Bcuys 0. 

3906. also] ryght 0. 

3907. hym] om. 0. 

3908. sar^.] 7nen 0. 

3909. come to] had 0. tydynge 0. 
3912. Sab.] and add. 0. 

I 3914. Vtc] he 0. was]ful add. O. 

o 3 



* Sire Beues of Hamtouw/ a sede, 

' \)ou hauest par inne gret ferede, 

And ich her oute mani stout kni3t, 

Ichaue brou3t wip me to fi^t, 4128 

And ^if we bataile schel abide, 

Gret 8lau3ter worp in eiper side. [3950] 

Wiltow graunte be pen helue, 

J3at ich and pow mote fijte vs selue ] 

3if pow slest me in bataile. 4133 

Al min onour, wip outen faile, 

Ich pe graunte poui^ & pour3, [3955] 

Bope in cite and in boui^ ! ' 4136 

Here glouen pai gonne vp holde f. i9SbK 

In pat forward, pat Yuor tolde, 
And armede hem in armes bri3te 
And lopen to horse anon ri3te [3960] 
In an yle vnder pat cite, 4141 

J^ar pat scholde pe bataile be. 
Ouer pat water pai gonne ride, 
To hire godes pai bede in eiper side ; 
Beues bad help to Marie sone [3965] 
And king Yuor to sein Mahoune ; 
Ase Beues bad helpe to Marie, 
To Teruagaunt Yuor gan crie, 4148 
paX he scholde helpe him in pat fi3t, 
Also he was king of meche mi3t. [3970] 

' pou hast here a (om. N) grete cheualrye, 

TJujU ya a TWin of grete renoum.* 

* IVe assent ther to,* they seyde all. 
And to syr Befyse can they calle ; 
Swythe Unvdc they can crye : 

* TJkm haste a grete compenye, C. . 

4126. pm] p(rt(!) A. 

4127. icKl haue add. SNC. (mte'\ om. SNC. 
sUmf] a NC ; om. S. 

4128. Seker 'and holde {for to {and prest to 
N ; yn euery C)fy^ SNC. 

4129 f. om. SNC. 

4131. be >. h.] in thy hehaJf {half N) SN ; 
me on thy party C. 

4132. pow and y by aure self SN ; For to 
fyght thou and y C. 

4133. me slee {slo NC) SNC. in] plcyn add. 

4134. wi^ 0.] saunz SNC. 
4136. cUees N. 

4135 f. om. S. 

The romauns tellUh, saunz faile, 

B. him grauntid that bataile, add. N. 

B, him graunted }>at bataile, 

pe romaunce tellepf saunz faile, add. S. 

As hyt ys yn romarvs tolde, 

Befyse graurUyd thai batayle bolde. add. S. 

4137. Ther C. gloues SNC. gonne] dud 0. 

4138. ^] pe SN. forw.] maner C. pat V.] 
pat y ^ow SN ; as they C. 

4139—4142 : 
ffer armour {pey gan {gan thei N) to hem tee 
And to hors lepen hee, SN ; 
They armyd them soone yn hye 
And starte to ther horsys lustyly. C. 

4143. pat] pe SN. 

4144. god SN. bede in] prayde in {on N) SN. 
4143 f. : 

And to ther goddys pe hethen party p'ayetl, 
And so dud Befyse to hys lords on hys syde- 

lie said : 'Beues, I vnderstondl, 
AVhiH we be comen) to the lond, 
Furste thou ffechidi awey my wyffe, 
And thou haste refte my men) theire 
liffe, 3918 

Where fore I haue takyii) counseH, 
By-twene vs two to do the bateH : 

3915. Jle] And 0. 7] tluyti shalt O. 

3916. Why 0. to the] into this 0. 
3917. ^'c/i. aw.] rauysshed 0. 

3918. thou h.] sytlicn 0. 

3919. TJicrfore ham 1 0. 

And thou sle me, by Turmagauutc, 
I geve the the lond? of Mowmbraunto, 
And yf that I the sle, ffor thyo 31)23 
I wold, thou graunte me Armony ! ' 
Beues grauntedl, as he had told. 
And yndeiiioke the Bat^ bold. 

3920. do the] h4>lde O. 

3921. And]ifAM, O. 

3923. ihat—sU] I sle the nnl O. 

3924. wil 0. 



Wip fat hii ride to gedres bofe, 4151 
Ase men, fat were in hertte wroj>e, 
So liarde Jjai gonne to gedres mete 
And wip hero lauwces gonne grete, 
J3at ponr^ pe scheldes J?e speres ^ode ; 
At Je hreinies f e dent wiJ)-8tode. [39761 
So liarde pai presto to gedre po, 4157 
t>£tt here gerpes borate ato, 
<fe f elle to grounde hope po, 
A. f ote nodes pal moste go. [3980] 

^VLi of here sadles pal gowne spri?*ge 
A^xxd wip fauchouns to gedere flinge ; 
A^iper on oper strokes set, 
^f helm and scheld and bacinet 4164 
^^ fure brast out so brond ibre/it, [3985] 
^o fel and eger was eiper dent. 
*^Us to gederes pai gonne dinge 
-*^ram prime til vndeme ga» to ringe. 

AUe, pat si^n hem wip sijt, 4169 

Seide, neuer in none fijt [3990] 

So stronge bataile si^e er pan 
Of Sarasin ne of cristene man. 4172 

At hi3 midday pe king Iiiore, 
To Beues he smot a dent ful 
J)at sercle of gold & is crestel [3995] 
Fer in to pe mode fel. 4176 

Doun of pe helm pe swerd gan glace 
And karf ri^t doun be-fore is face, 
Doun ri3t pe viser wip is swerd 
And half pe her vpon is berd. [4000] 
Ac pourj pe help of godes grace f. i986a. 
His flesch noping atamed nas. 
j)o cride pe Sarasins al at ones : 
-i])is Beues wip his grete bones 4184 

III to the place they can ride, 3927 
^ Theyre speris they brake on)euery side ; 
They dressud theire speyrus andl theire 
sbildzi^ ; ' r. isib. 

The folke lokyd on hem in the ffeldys. 
And to geders can they ride, 3931 
Theire speris they brake on euery side ; 
They drew theire swordys hastely 
And smetyn) to gedera sekerly ; 3934 
Theire sheldys there haue they borne, 
'^llieyre helmys crasud andl to-tome. 
To geder they ridyii) another way, 3937 
-And Beues hitt Yuore with Morglay, 
That halfe the hehue he can pare : 
Than myght men se his hede bare. 

A quarter oute of his sheld?, 
Hit fen down in to the ffeL* ; 3942 
The hora be-gan down to dryve 
And fell to grouncJ vfith oute lyve. 
Vp lepe Yuore, and stode 
And cried! on Mahouii), as he were 
woodi ; 3946 

He smote to Beues with his ffduchon). 
And Beues of Arondett light adown). 
And right in Beues down) lightyng 
Yuore smote hym, with oute lesyng, 
A-Bove air Beues helme on hye. 
That the blood! ran/ie by his eye, 3952 
And ho clave the helme in sonder ; 
Sir Beues knelidl, and! that was wonder; 

3927. the] a 0. gan they 0. 

3928. Closed wyth water on euery syde 0. 
3929—32 om. 0. 

3934. smote 0. sek.] wyth gret enuye O. 

3935. th>ere — bom^] were hrysscd thai they 
bare O. 

8936. and to,] theyr hrowes tare 0. 

3937. ridyTi] werU 0. 

8939. the] his 0. can] doume add. 0. 

3940. That men myght O. hede] al add. 0. 

3941. And a 0. oute] om. 0. 

3942. That U 0. to] om. O. 

3943 f. : 

That hors and man to the grounde fel. 
Thai stroke was wonderous of to tel, 0. 

3945. lepe] lept kynge O. 

3947. He] And 0. 

3948. Arid] Than 0. lyghted dovme 0. 
3950. hym smote 0. 

3962. That the crest downe ganflye 0. 

3953. And — helme] His helme ther wyth crascii 

3954. Sir] om. 0. 



Fill sone worj) imaked tame ! ' [4005] 

]^o wex Beues in gret grame 

And poujte wel wif Morgelay 

Jelden his strok, ^if ])at he may. 4188 

To king Yuor he gan arech« 

Anon wip oute more speche [4010] 

Vpon J)e scholder in fat tide, 

pai half a fot hit gan in glide. 4192 

For smertte Yuor in fat stouwde 

Fel a knes vnto f e grounde, 

Ac vp he sterte in haste fan [4015] 

& in wraffe to Beues ran 4196 

& f ou^te han Beues aqueld ; 

And Beues keppte him wif is scheld, 

. And Yuore wif f e strok of yre 
Made fle in to f e riuere [4020] 

A large quarter of his scheld, 4201 
))at neucr nas atamed in feld. 
Or Yuor mi^te his howd wif-drawe, 

-Beues, fe kni^t of cristene la we, 4204 
Wif Morgelay a smot him fo, [4025] 
J3at his scheld he clef ato, 
And his left hond, be f e wrest 
Hit fle^ awei f oui^ help of Crist. 4 208 
Whan Yuor hadde his hond lore, 
He fau^t, ase he wer wod f er fore. 
And hew to Beues in fat tide, [4031] 
No strok ne moste ofer abide. 4212 
j)o Beues se^ is strokes large, 
He kepte his strokes wif is targe ; 
})o Beues to Yuor gan flinge [4035] 

And four^ fe mi^t of heuene king 

His rijt arm & is scholder hon 4217 

He made fle to gronde anon. 

Wif fat strok Yuor fe Mombraunt 

Cride : * Merci, Teruagaunt, [4040] 

Mahoun, Gouin and Gibiter, 4221 

Beseue now me saule her. 

For wel ich wot, ich am dede ! ' 

j)o Beues herde him so grede, f. iwa'. 

He seide ; * Yuor, let be fat cri [4045] 

And clepe to god and to Mari, 

And let fe cristen, er fe deie, 

Or fow schelt go f e worsse weie 4228 

And wif outen ende dwelle 

In f e stronge peine of heUe ! ' [4050] 

* Nay,' quef Yuor, * so mot y fen, 

Cristene wile ich ncuer bew, 4232 

For min is wel f e beter lawe ! ' 

\)o Beues herde fat ilche sawe, [4054] 

A felde him doun, wif outen faile, 

And vnlacede his ventaile, 4236 

And tok him be f e heued anon 

And strok hit fro f e scholder bon, 

And on his spere he hit pijte. 

And f o f e cristen si^e fat sijte, [4060] 

]>ai fankede god in alle wise, 4241 

])at Beues hadde wonne fe prise. 

)?anne al f e Sarasins lasse & more, 

))at was ycome wif king Yuore, 4244 

pai si^e her lordes heued arered, [4065] 

Sore f ai weren alle afered ; 

4202. atamed] d written above the line. A. | 4244. wi'H added above the line. A. 

Sir Beues was than agrevydf sore. 
And vp he lepe, with oute more,^ 3956 
^And clave hym down to the arsouii); 
Than was gladi air Bevoun). » f. issa. 

The sarzins were sory that stound, 
Whan they sye Yuore dede to ground, 
That he sholdl never after rise, 
Xhere fore they were agrise. 3962 

3955. Sir] om. 0. 

3956. And] Than 0. lepe] steH 0. 
3957 f. : 

And gaue Jcynge lour suche a roiUf 
That he neticr rose, wythout dout. 0. 
3959. The — sory] Wo were the sarazyns in 0. 

3960. they— to] that lourfel dede to the 0. 

3961. That he a,] He coude 0. riee] nor go 
add. 0. 

3962. fore] that add. M. agrise] fiU gory and 
wo 0. 




To- ward Mombraunt pei wolde fain, 
Ac Saber made hem terne again, 4248 
And sire Beues and sire Terry, 

And sire Miles and sire Gii [4070] 

SI0U3 hem doun rijtes pore, 

j)&t per ne scapede lasse ne more. 4252 

4145—4252 : 
(Then add. C) to geder Jxjy smeten (smote 

NC) on (]^ sheldes (schylde C), 
(That add. C) \>e peces flowe {flewc C ; fly 

N) in to (om. C) ^fMca (fyldc C) ; 
Her (Ther C) sheldes tocleue (deuc C), \kU 

\>ey bom (here C), 
[And her brenies (brevis N) al totom, 
[And bothe ther hawberkes can they tere. 

C]. 5 

To geder ^ toent (rode C) (on pe (oucr the 

N ; a nodur C) way : 
(And add. C) B. smot Yuor with Morgelay 
Vppon (his hid (the helme C) on hyy. ; 
(That add. C) the (crest of his hed adoun 

(crystall downe C) fly^e, 
And a eantyl of his sheld 10 

FUy^ (ovi amydde (fro hym yn to C) \>c 

And \fe arsoun (byfore^ with oute lye, (be- 

hynde, as y yow say, C), 
[pau^ ^at hors were with yren wrye, 
[Syr Brfyse smote clene a loay, C] 
{Then add. C) Yuorfel, (as add. C) ^e mdw 

wel (om. C) wete; 15 

pat \>ouifi (vjos ofC)B,a good smyte (smctc 

[Out start Yuor ovi (om. '^) of ^ (his N) 

Sir B. {cf his stecde Upe adoun (lepe of his 

stede doun C) ; 
[Euore start vp at that stounde. 
And 9yr Befyse lyght to grounde ; C] 20 
Yuor drotoe (owt add. C) his swerd al (fote 

C) hoot, 
(Avk add. C) a grete dynt on B. helm (om. 

C) h>e smot 
With his swerde ygrounde keene ; 
Vpon his (the C) helm pe dynt teas scene. 
Sir B, \terqf was agreuyd 25 

And als sone (swythe C) he (om. NC) smot 

(/ his heuyd, 
pe saryzyns syked (seyde C) at ^a£ stound. 
When (\iey saipe Yuorfalle to (he was al the 

C) ground, 
And neuer (neue (!) S) m/fre (aftur C) vp 

arysen (sehulde ryse C), 
[So sore pe saryzyns gan agrysen (to grisyn 

N), 30 

[T?ier with ther hertys dud gryse, C] 
pey flowe (fly N) (totvard pe (faaU yn ther 

C) passage, 
(Oy and Miles (And Mylys 4s Gh/e aftur CJ 

wilh her (ther C) baronage 
[pere (TJiei '^)hem slow^ [And slewe many 

of pern C] neuer pe later, 85 

Or pey my^t ouer (passe C) pe water. 
( Then add. C) Unoard Vmitraunt rood Gyouv , 
For (om. C) to seise (sesy in N ; assayle C) 

pat ilke totcn, 
A paynym (him rod (eouncellyd hym C) }^o, 
[(A add. C) saryzyns armes (armour C) on 

him (to add. C) doo ; 40 

[Saresyns ayen him gan go N], 
And prou^ (om. N) pat ilke (om. C) gynne 

(mxUe N) 
Vmbraunt (he gan lael (wel he gan N ; can 

they C) tvynne (take N), 
And (He N) slow^ al pat (him stood (were 

them C) a^en 
Wip Iter (ther C) swerdes grounde (pat were 

C) kcne. SNC. 45 

That other peoputt, for fere they fled, 
l]ut Gye and Myles ham witb-stedf 
And slow ham, both more and lesse, 
Or they myght ouer the water passe ; 
And som were drenchid in myddt/^ the 
flood, 3967 

There was none, that awey quyk yode. 
Sir Beues was of good purviaunce, 

He toke kyng Yuoris cowysaunce 
And made vppon) hym) to throwe. 
That no man shold hym fro Yuore 
knowe. 3972 

A grfitt powere there toke he 
And went to Mombraunte, that Cite. 
Whan they, that were in the toure, 
Sye the comyng of kyng Yuore, 

8968. Than his men wolde haue fled 0. 

8964. ham w.-s,] them dydforbede 0. 

8965. than 0. 

8966. ouer] om. O. 

8967. And] om. 0. drowned 0, myd.] om. 

3968. There — awey] None of them al agayne 0. 

3970. lour O. conys.] so ; retynaunce M. 

3971. made] dyd it 0. to] om. O. 

3972. no man sh.] none myght 0. 

3973. there] wyth hym O. 
3975. that toere] with 0. 



1^0 crounede ]}ai Beues king in pat 
J ' lond, 

Jjat king Yuore held in hond, 
'^ And losiane bri3t and schene, [4075] 
Now is 3he fer twies quene. 4256 

u^ On a dai Jai wente a riuere ; 
par com ride a masagere, 
And euer he askede fer & ner 

After J)e hende kni^t Saber. [4080] 
Anon Saber gan for)) springe : 4261 

* Masager/ a sede, * what tiding 1 * 

* Sire/ a sede, * f e king Edgare 

pe driue)) to meche^te bisniare, 4264 
Deserete]) Eobaunt, fin eyr ! ' [4085] 

* For god/ quej), 'fat is nou^t feir ! ' 

4263. po er, Jwi] Now is SNC. in] of SNC. 
4254. king] om. SNC. Iield] kept C. in] his 

add. SNC. 
4265. And] om. SN. los.] pat is add. SNC. 

4256. \ke] losyam, N. Nvtjo — per] Thcrof sdie 

4257. dat] as add. S. tpente] playde by SNC. 

4258. par c n] jTo A«m com SN ; T?ian per 
come C. 

4259. fer tkn.] anoon (om. C) pan SNC. 

4260. pe — Saber] Saber, pat doa^y inan SNC. 

4261. Saber forth gan S ; furthe Saber gan N. 

4262. as,] om. S. M, as,] And scyde to 
hym C. 

429B. pe] om. SN. 

4264. J)ryticp \>e SNC. to m.] om. SN. to— 

bism.] to grete myspayre C. 
4266. And (He S) destroyeth SNC. Sobefaude 

4266. F. gr. gr.] T^o ^ej/cfo Saber C ; om. SN. 

nou^ti] quod Saber add. SN. 

AH were they gladi and flfayn), 3977 
They openydl the gatys hym ageyn), 
And Beues in to the Cite gan ride 
With gret loy and moche pride, 
And thorouj that queyntyj andl that 

The riche Cite gan they wynne, 3982 
And made hem aH come with glee 
And do hym omage and! ffewte. 
And there distroyedf the mawmentre 
Andl be-levid in godi andl seynt Marye. 
And who that woldl not do soo, 3987 
FuH sone there he dydl ham sloo. f. i826. 
Now is Beues kyng in that londl, 
That som tyme Yuore hadi in honci ; 

losyan), that ys bryght andl shene, 
Twyse there she hath be quene. 3992 
With hawkys they went to play. 
As it be-ffeH on a day, 
And as they come be a revere, 
Sone they mett a messingere, 3996 
That sperid of ham after a knyght. 
That his name stV Sabere hight ; 
And Sabere forth gan sprynge 3999 
And saidi : ' Messingere, what tythingi' 
The messingere said : ' Sir, ouie kyng 
Thorou3 his fals stywardt^ counsellyng 
Hath desirt^ed Robert, thyn) eyre ! ' 
*Certes,* quodi Sabere, *that is not 
fteyre ! ' 4004 

3977. they were 0. 

3978. Th&ii] And 0. 

3979. And] Than 0. 

3981. And — and that] Thus by that subtyle 0. 

3982. The] That 0. 

3983. Aiid] He 0. them 0. come w, g.] 
become his men O. 

3984. And do] They dyd 0. ffew, ] then add. 0. 
3986. And — the] Than they ctirsed theyr 0. 
3986. be-U in] worshypped 0. s, M.] our 

8988. F, 8. th.] Smertly 0. thcin 0. 

3989. in] of 0. 

3990. tyme] kynge add. 0. 

3991. that ys] bathe 0. 

3992. she hath] of hath she O. 

3993. haukys] thankys or thaukys M. 
3993 f. : 

Beuys and losian on a day 
Wyth hawkes and houndes went them to 
play, 0. 
3995. And] om. O. 

3997. That—h,] He asked them 0. 

3998. TTuU^Sab.] Named Sabere, as I you 0, 

3999. And S.] Sabere anon 0. 

4001. The— Sir] Syr, hesayde, Edgwre O. 

4002. fals] om. 0. 

4003. He hathe 0. dysheryted ; desirud (!) 

4004. sayde 0. 



And sire Saber in haste po 
Tok leue of Beues, horn to go ; 4268 
-And sire Beues corteis & hende, f. i99aa. 
A seide, a wolde wij) him wende, [4090] 
And sire Miles and sire Gii, 
And is owene sone Terry. 4272 

Now wendef Beues in te Ingelowde 
Wip is kni3tes fel to fonde, 
And Terry wiJ) is kni3tes fale, [4095] 

Sexty posend told in tale. 4276 

))ai lende ouer J)e se beliue, 

At Souphamtoun fai gowne vp riue. 

Heruebour^, Saber is wif, 

And Kobaund anon ase blif [4100] 

A^en Saber come fo ; 4281 

QueJ) Saber : * How is fis i-goT 

And fai him tolde at pe frome, 

))at Edgar hadde here lowdes be-nome. 

4267 f. : 

And com to B. and (tolde him (seyde C) soo^ 
And (take his (axid him N ; askyd C) letce 
for (om. N) to goo SNC. 

4269. And «.] Sir SN ; Th&n seyde C. 

4270. A — him] Wi\> ))e, {he seide, y wol (wyll 
y C) SNC. 

4271. And] om. N. 

4272. is] thy NO. ow,] om. C. sone] syr 
add. C. 

4273. in] om. SN. 

4274. And Tyrry with his Qter C) hny^tes 
strong SNC. 

4275. And T.] om. SNC. is] >er C. kn.] 
inony and add. SNC. 

4276. in] by SNC. 
4277 f. : 

And sailed ouer with rerumn 

With armed men in (om. N) to ffamptouTi. 

They saylyd oityr the randown 
And Umded at Sowthhampton, C. 

4279. Ermhorowe S ; Emchorow N ; Heryn- 
borow C ; \>at was syr add. C. 

4280. ItobantS^ ] RdbefaudC. an;on]his8on 
SNC. ase] om. S. al hlythe N. 

4281. Saher] him SN. They come ageyn \tem 
bothe two C. 

4282. Qiiejj] Tho seyde C. is \>is] \>is is (!) A. 
is \n8 ygoo SN ; way pys goo C. 

4283. Arid] om. SNC. tolde him S. \fe] 
om. SN. him—from^] tolde \tere all and 
som£ C. 

4284. pa£\ om. SN ; kyng add. SNC. hur 
tona SN ; fro p&in \>er londes C. 

He told? Beues there anon so 

And askydf hym leve home to go. 

Sir Beues answerid as hend? : 4007 

* Sabere, I shaH with the wend, 

losyan, My lis, and! sir Gye, 

And thyne own) son Terry ! ' 

There of was sir Sabere gladi, 4011 

For gret power with sir Beues he hadf ; 

And so went they forth in to Englond? 

With men) of armes ten) thousancJ. 

Tiiey sayledl right to Southampton), 

Sabere and? Terry, and? sir Bevouu), 
Saberis wift'e ancJ Eobert his ayre, f. issa. 
They welcomyd them wonder-ffayre. 
And! Sabere speriil at hym tydinges ; 
* Sir,' said? Eobert, * all oure londis 
Hathe the kynge arestecZ, samffayH, 
Thorou3e Brians counseH of CornwayH:, 
And holdith hem thorou^ his sty warden 
rfJe, 4023 

Fur Arondell smote his son) to dede ! ' 

4005. told — anon] rode to Beuys and tolde hym 

4006. home] for 0. 

4007. Sir] om. 0. as] a knyght add. 0. 

4008. / — the] he sayde, wyth the I shal 0. 

4009. Wyth los. O. 

4010. thyne own] my nettewe, thy 0, 

4011. There of] Than O. 

4012. sir B. Tie] hym syr Beuys 0. 
4i01d, forth in] to O. 

4015 f. : Sabere, Terry, and Bettys ofrenowne 
Sayled forth to Southhamptowne, O. 

4018. They] om. 0. wonder] wel and 0. 

4019. Sabere wolde tydynges vnderstande. 0. 

4020. lande 0. 

4021. arested] areste (!) M. The kynge hath 
arested by counsayle 0. 

4022. Th. Br, c] Of syr Bryan 0. 

4023. And—thoroii^] He doth this by O. 
stywardes rede] so ; stytoard M. 



Jjaiine soide Beues : * So mot y )>e, [4105] 
Jjar of ich wile awreke be ! ' 
^^ A non fe kni^t, siro Beuoun, 

His l\ oat he let at Hamtoun, 4288 
& to-ward Londen a wente swipe ; 
His queue a let at Potenhi)>e ; [4110] 
He tok wip lum sex knijtes 
And wente for)) anon ri3te8, 4292 

And in is wei forp a ^ode 

And pasede oner Temse flode. 

To Westmenster whan he com pan, 

A fond pe king and mani man, [4116] 

And on is knes he him set, 4297 

pe king wel hendeliche a gret 

& bad be-fore his bamage, 

])at he him graunte is eritage. [4120] 

* Blepeliche,' a seide, ' sone min, 4301 

I graunte pe, be seinte Martin i ' 

4285—90 : 

[Sir B. neide : * Yf]KUwe leue, 

He hit shal tty^n sone ^cue t * 

[Then syr Befyse aeyde as hlyue : 

' I wyll yow se ageyrif be god a lyue ! * C] 

{Then add. C) \)e bailrf {baylyes C) of {the 

toun {Sowthhampton C) 5 

Messengers sent to London^ 
[{And warned {To wamy N) \>e king at 

[And \>e kyng ]>cy can ynforme^ C] 
pat B. and Sober wcren ycome {yn come C) ; 
With grete ost {pey com fro {ful N ; stowte 
• and C)ferre (fere C), 10 

{King Edgar a^eyn \>e {In to Ynglond on 

them C) to werre. 
{Tlien atld. C) B. at {of (!) N) Hamptoun 

leiuxThis ost 
{And prekyd {went CS) forth with lytcl 

His wyf {qucne C) he lefte ai Pountany 

{Pountenay N ; Pontcney C), 
{And add. C) ouer Temse he (om. C) went 

{mi hye {tliey C) ; SNC. 15 

4291. JTej^TwiN. VII Q, 

4292. And] om. C. werUe /.] to Lomdom pey 
com SNC. anon] om. SN. 

4293 f. om. SNC. 

4294. lost in £. 

4295 f. : 

Whan pey comen to Lundone sounde, 

t>e kyng at Westemynstyr ^founde ; £ ; 

fyhen \>ey to )>c cite com were, " 

King Edgar }>eyfonde ^re ; SN ; 

When they come to that eyte, 

Kyng Edgare soonefonde he; C. 

4297. And] om. £. he] B, E. 

4298. And \>e £. wel h,] ffulffayre £. 
4297 f. om. SNC. 

4299. <k h.] And {Befyse C) prayde hym £C ; 
Sir B, him prayde SN. befom E ; for 
SN. barounnage EC ; herytage SN. 

4300. paf—gr,] To ^euen hym aZen ESN ; For 
to geue'hym C. baronage SN; 

4301 f. : • . 

pe kyng hym wolde haue ^ouen wi\> ry^jte, 
pe styioard sayde nay, ^hene my^, £ ; 
om. SNC. 

Tho saicJ Beues : * Be god? an ly ve. 
We wyll theder also bly ve ! ' 4026 
Beues rode theder vfith oute booste, 
To Pownteneth he brought his hoste, 
That is ffro London my lis thre ; 
And there lefto Beues his meyne 
And rode to London hym selfe, 4031 
No mo with hym but knyght«« 

He went hym forth to kyng Edgare 

And askydl hym, why and in what 

He had? disherited? st> Sabeie 
Of his londys both good? and ffeyre ; 
I delyuercF hym) myn) heritage 4037 
Here be-fore thy baronage. 
The kyng said! to Beues as sone : 
* Sir Beues, yf ought be mysdone. 
Hit shall be mendidi in parlament 
By erlis and? barouns assent ! ' 4042 

4025. Than 0. 

4027. oute] lytel 0. 

4028. To—brmi^ht] At Putneth he left 0. 
4030. And] om. 0. B.]he 0. company 0. 
4033. hym] om. 0. 

4035. disherito M. 

4036. And his sonnc, that was his heyre O. 

4038. thy] your O. 

4039. Be2tes as] hym ryght 0. 

4041. amended 0. 

4042. By] Wyth 0. barouns] qfour add. 0. 



And alle fe barouns, fat j>er were, 

On Beues made glade chere, 4304 

Boute fe stiward of pe halle, [4125] 

He was f e worste frend of alle : 

J3e king wolde haue 3eue him grip, 

\)e stiward seide nay per wip, 4308 

& seide : ' pia for-banniiste man 

Is come to pe land a^an, [4130] 

And hap pin oweue sone slawe : 

He hap y-don ajenes pe la we, 4312 

And 3if a mot forper gon, f. im^ 

A wile vs slen euerichon ! * 

Beues pat herde, a was wrop, [4135] 

And lep to hora, wip outew op, 4316 

And rod to Londen, pat cite, 

Wip sex kni3tes in meine. 

Whan pat he to Londen cam, 

In Tour strete is in he nam, [4140] 

And to pe mete he gan gon, 4321 

^Ajid is kni^tes euerichon. 

MT et we now Beues be, 
1 J & of pe stiward telle we, 4324 
j)at hatep Beues, also is fo : [4145] 
Sexty kni3tes he tok & mo. 
In to Londene sone he cam. 
And into Chepe pe wei he nam 4328 
And dede make per a cri 
Among pe peple hasteli, [4150] 

And seide : * Lordinges, veraiment, 
Hurep pe kinges comaundement : 4332 

4303. And] om. ESN. bar.] kny^ya ESKC. 
were there C. 

4304. To B. pey made ESN ; Maden to B. ry^ 
E ; Welcomyd hym wyth C. gl.] mylde 
SN ; gode C. 

4305. BoiUe] Except C. 

4306. ]»] his SN ; om. C. tvor. — alle] most 
foo yfaXU S. 

4307 f. : 

And {He C) sayde anon to \>e kyng : 
^ Sere (om. C), J>w is now (om. SN) a 
wundyr \njng^ ESNC. 

4309. cC? 8.] pat ESN ;QfC, \ns] ylke add. 

E. for] om. SNC. man] eertayne add. C. 

4310. That ys C. coww] in add. ESNC. \>e] 
ymre E ; \ns SN ; \>e C. 

4311. (Good it is (God hyt wolde C),\>athebe 
(were C) slawe ESNC. 

4312. For he 7ia\> wrou^t E ; For he doyth C ; 
He asketh wrong SN. ayeii ESN ; agende 

pe king (toold haue ^eue him (him wolde 

?iaue yfive N) gfrtj), 
(BtU add. C) pe steward seid nay ^r wi\>, 

add. SNC. 

All the knyghte^ that there were. 
To Beues they made glad? chere. 
Sane sir Bryane, fonlc mvst he fall ! 
He was the moste ffoo of aH. 
' Sir,' said? Brian) to the kyng, 4047 
* Now is this a wonder-thyng, f. issft. 
That this for-banyshid? swayii) 
Ys come to Ynglondl ageyri) : 
With skytt he shall be hang ancJ 

For he is a traytowr ageyn) tlie lawe 1 * 
The kyng woldf haue grauntict Beues 
right, 4053 

The fals stywarcJ saidf, he ne myght. 
Beues rode forth wroth and wood? 
And answerid? nother yH ne gooc?. 
But toke his ynne in the town), 4057 
And to his mete ^e sett hym down). 
Sir Brian, fForth went he 
And made a crye thorou3 the Cite, 

4043. were there 0. 

4044. To] syr add. 0. tJiey] om. O. gode 0. 

4045. Br.] that add. 0. mat hym hefal 0. 

4046. the] his O. 

4047. to] vnto 0. 

4048. Now is th.] Me thyrikdh., this is 0. 

4050. into 0. 

4051. fViih — be] By ryght ye shulde hym ,0, 

4052. is — ageyri] hath done agaynst 0. 

4053. gr.] pardoned 0. right] om. O. 

4054. But theO. heruim.] nay iwys O. 

4055. rode] vjent 0. forth] hothe add. O. 

4056. TMJ] nor 0. 

4057. ynne in] leue into 0. 

4058. to] at 0. 



Series, hit is bc-fuUe so, 
In ^our cite he ha|) a fo, 
Beues, pat slou^ pe kinges sone ; [4155] 
paX tresoun je oujte to nione : 4336 
I comaunde, for pe kinges sake, 
Swijje anon fat he be take I ' 
^ Whan pe peple herde pat cri, 

J^ai gonne hem arme hasteli, [4160] 

& hii, pat hadde armur non, 4341 

pai toke staues & gonne gon ; 

J^ai schette anon eueri gate 

Wip pe barres, pai founde per ate ; 

And sum pai wente to pe wal [4165] 

Wip bowes and wip springal ; 

Eueri lane and eueri strete 

Was do drawe wip chaines grete, 4348 

)3at, jif Beues wolde awei fle?^, 

j)e chaines scholde holde him a3en. 
Boute her of Beues weste nou^t: [4171] 
Help him god, pat alle ping wrou^t ! 
Beues at pe mete sat, 4353 

He be-held and vnder-jat 
Al is fon, pat were per oute ; [4175] 
He was afered of pat route. 
He askede at pe tauarnere, f.i996«. 4357 
]}at armede folk, what it were. 
And he answerde him at pat sake : 
* )3ai ben y-come, pe to take ! ' [4180] 
Whan Beues herde him speke so, 4361 
To a chaumber he gan go, 
psX he hadde seje armur inne ; 
In haste pe dore he gaw vp winne 
And armede per anon rijtes [4185] 
Bope he and is sex kni3tes, 4366 


For\> \)anne rod sere Beffoun 

And took hys in ry^t in ^ toun, 

Whanne B, set to ]w metCf 

pe sty ward Jutp hym nou^tfor}cte ; 

He dede crycn in Lundone Umn 5 

Bo}^ to hurgeys <fe to garsoun, 

To eche man pat my}te arrays here 

And hys owne hed iwere. 

For to taken pe kyngesffoon. 

He had armen hem euerychon, 10 

Fuery lane <& etoery st%ete 

Weren idrawe wip chenys grete ; 

^iffpat B, awey wolde ffleen, 

pe cheynys sckolde hym holden a^en, 

Ty dying cam to sere Beffoun . 15 

Cfalpis y Ike false tresoun ; 

He dede hym arme swype weel, 

Bope in yryn <& eke in steel, 
1. panne] him SN. rod] went SNC. 2. ri/^t] 

om. SNC. pe] London S. 3. B,] teas add. 
SNC. pe] hys C ; om. S. 4. hap-^for^.] 
pov^t to he awreke SN ; thoghl hym to bete C. 
5. And SN. dede] made C ; let SN. in] porow 
C. 6. Bope to] pat euery SN ; Tha;b per was 
nodur C. <fe to] and SN ; nor C. 7. To e. 
7n.] om. SNC. pat] euer add. SN ; my^t a.] 
ony armys myght C. 8. And] Or SN. And 
— ?usd] But he them sehulde C. 9. For] om. 
S, ffehon S. 10. pa£ pey shuld be redy 
anoon SN ; And pat pey sdi^ulde artne pern 
ylkoon C. 9. put after 10 SNC. 11. In 
eu. SNC. <fe] in NC. 12. pere were SN ; 
TherwasC. wiJ)]om. SNC. IS, ThatyfC, 
pat] om. SN. wolde awey SNC. 14. wolde 
C. hold him SNC. X5. Then tydynges C. 
16. pis] thai C. ylke] om. SN. false] grete 
S ; foiole N ; om. C. 17. He] ( Then add. C) 
sir B. SNC. did arm^ him N ; armyd hym 
C. sw.] om. SNC. 18. eke] om. SNC. 

That all, that myght armes here 
And flight with sheldf ancJ spere, 4062 
That they shold? aray them anon) 
And to take the kyngis ffone. 
Than) was ati: the gatis stokyn), 

4061. all] they add. 0. armes myght O. 

4062. And had myght hamays to were 0. 

4063. aray] avToe O. 

4064. And] For O. 

4065. was] were 0. stokyn] loken 0. 

Wyndows and? durrcg att were brokyii), 
Cheynes I-drawe in yche strete, 4007 
To let sir Beues, that may ye wytte I 
Whan sir Beues that treason), 
Vp he lepudl as a lyon), 

4066. brokyn] stoken 0. 

4067. i dr.] were drawen 0. euery 0. 

4068. that^r^wytte] ye mxiy wel wete 0. 
4070. lep. as a] Icpt as wide as any 0. 



And gerte him wij) a godo bro?id 
And tok a spere in is honde, 
Aboute his nekke a doble scheld : 4369 
-He was a knijt stout and belde. [4*190] 
On Arondel a lep pat tide, 
In to pe strete he ga.n ride. 
Jeanne seide ]7e stiward to sire Bef : 

And took hys owne lytyl meyney 

And toolde Jiaice went out of pat cytee, 20 

He Tnette pe styward off pe halle. 

He was pe werste ffrend off alle. 

And twoo huivdryd imp spere d: schelde, 

Bedy toffyyte in toun aridffelde, 

' B^s schal deyeUf' pere sayde on, 25 

* For sekyr sop, we scholen hym slon I ' 

, pe styward prekyd h^orn Imn. par. 
And to sere B. a spere he bar ; 
To sere B. so harde he droff, 
pat sere B, scheeld al tocloff. 30 

Sere B, houyd stylle and beheeld, 
Hou pe styward hadde clouen hys scheeld ; 
Quod B. : * Now hehouip me to smyte ; 
Lcef m£ were my dette to quyte / * 

19 f. <wi. SNC. 21. He «i.] poo com S. 22. 

* A^ilt pe, treitour, pow foule pcf ! 4374 
))owhauest fe kinges sone islawe, [4195] 
]>QVf schelt ben hanged & to-drawc ! ' 

Beues seide : * Be sein Ion, 
Treitour was y neuer non : 4378 
)3at i schel kejje hastely, 
Er fan ich wende, sikerly ! ' [4200] 

HclThatQ, ]w]^wSNC. werste f."] tnost foo 
S. 23. And\ Wyth C. wip — ttchelde] men 
armed wel SO. 24. Bop in yren and in stele 
SO. 21—24 om. N. 25. He seyde : Befyse C ; 
paii add. SN. schalt SNC. pere s. on\ anoon 
SNC. 26. sop] ora. C. y shal SN. hym] 
pe SNC. 27. hef. A.] hisstede SN. bef. h, p.] 
tho wyth pat yre C. 28. And] oni. C. ?ic hare 
a spere SNC. 29. To — harde] So hard to him 
S N ; «o Tiarde to gedur C. he] they C. ha dr. ] 
ded he dreue N. 30. sere B.] his SN. al 
toreue N ; roo/e C. 31. stylle] om. SNC. 

32. hadde cL] cl^is S ; slow N ; brake C. 

33. m« houyth (!) N. Quod — mc] Now be- 
gynnyth Befyse C. 34. me — dette] ysme\y 
dyntcs SN ; A^ were hys dynte C. 

And weft armect he hym) thoo 
And? bad his knyghte^, that they show 
go 4072 

To Pownteneth be water away : 
* And to my sonnes ye may say, 
That they hye them) be-lyve, 
Andf they wyit se theire fader on ly ve ; 
For whitt I sitt here with oute, 4077 
Ye may go, wythe outen) doute ! ' 
Beues lepe vp on Arondeft, f. iste. 

He had? no lenger terme to dweH ; 
The ffirste that he mett, sam £ayft, 
Was sir Brian) of Comwayti, 4082 

And with hym a grett route. 
And be-sett Beues aft aboute. 
To Beues saitlf Bir Brian) : 

* Turne the, as thou arte a man. 
Thou arte an old knyght of werr^ ! ' 
Anci to sir Beues he Imre a, spere ; 4088 
So har(J he to sir Beues drofFe, 

The spere breke and Beues shott fortho. 
Sir Beues hovidf and? be-held?, 4091 
How the styward hud broke his sheld ; 

* Certes,' said Beues * I shaft the smyte ! 
Fuft letfe me were, this dede to quyte!' 

4071. he] om. 0. 

4072. kn, that they] vien shulde O. 

4073. Putneth O. 

4074. ye may] so ye O. 

4075. them] htflher 0. 

4076. And] If 

4077. 8iU]fygU 0. 

4078. May ye O. ovi 0. 

4079. lept O. 

4080. terme] leyser 0. 

4081. sam] without O. 

4083. And] He had 0. 

4084. be-sett] syr add. 0. alt] roiciide 0. 

4085. To] Unto syr 0. sir] om. 0. 

4089. he] om. 0. Be.] he add. 0. 

4090. ThM his spere brast d: syr Bcuys spere 
roue O. 

4091. Than syr 0. h. and] om. 0. 

4093. / sh. the] nowe wol I O. 

4094. Full — dede] I wyl assay that dynt 0. 



A spere Beues let to him glide 
And smot him vnder )>e ri^t side ; 4382 
povLTj is bodi wente )7e deut, 
1/ Ded a fel on ))e pauiment. 

A sede anon after )>at dint : [4205] 
* Treitour ! now is ))e lif itint : 4386 
pMS men schel teche file glotouns, 
J3at wile misaie gode barouns I ' 
))e folk com wif gi-ete route, 
Besette Beues al aboute ; [4210] 

Beues and is sex kni3tes 4391 

Do-fendede hem wi)) al her mi3tes, 
. So bat in a lite stounde 
Fine hondred fai brou^te te growde. 
Beues prikede forf to Chepe, [4215] 

pG folk him folwede al to hepe ; 4396 
Jjour^ Goiles lane he wolde ha» flowe, 
Ac sone wif in a lite frowe 
He was be-set in bo))e side, 
))at fie ne mi^te he non^t ^at tide. [4220] 
))o com ))er fot-mew mani & fale tiooa\ 
WiJ) grete clobbes & wi)) smale ! 
Aboute Beues J>ai gonne fringe 
And haixi on him fai gonhe dinge. 4404 
Al Beues knijtes, in )>at stounde [4225] 
Jjar hii were feld to grounde 
. -And al to-hewe flesch & bon : 
Jjo was Beues wo be-gon, 4408 

For he was on & hii were ded ; 
For sorwe koufe he no red ; [4230] 

Sere B. wolde no lengere cubydey 86 

But to })e styward he gan to rj/de. 
A atrook he sctte vp on hys croun, 
pat to \)e aadyl he clef hym doun, 
Soo vri^ inne a lytyl stounde 
Alle twoo hundryd he slow^ to grounde. 40 
porw^ Gooslane B, weiiie )»o, 
pare was hym don ry^t mechyl woo ; 
pat lane was so narto itcroti^, 
pat sere B. my^te deffende hym noti^. 
He hadde vnonnen in to hys hond 45 

Many a batayle in suTidry lond^ 
But he W€LS neicere so careful man^ 
For sekyr ao^e^ as h4i was Jxin. 
WTianne B. saw^ hys men were ded. 
For sorwen coiode he no red, 50 

35. Sere] om. SNC. wo lenger wolde (nolde 
S) SN. hyde C. 36. But to] Tille SN. he] 
om. C. to] om. SNC. 37. vp] om. N. vp 

on h.] him on ]>e S. 38. pat to] CfBiS. 
\>e] his SNC. sad. he] gyrdyll hyt C. d.] 
felle SN. hym] om. SNC. admin SN. 39. 
So w. in,] And sone in SN. 40. Alle] om. 
SN. he fel ^\ he fellid N ; were leyde C. 
41. 5. wen>t proti^ Ooos lane SN ; Fortheioeni 
Bcfyse yn to Oose lane C. 42. was—me^] 
was doon {do to C) him muche SNC ; himtm 
do moche N. sham^ SNC. 43. The lane C ; 
per pi he SN. ybroti^t SN. 44. sere B.] he 
him SN ; A« C. hym] om. SN. 45. hath C. 
in to] with SN. in — hond] y vndurstonde C. 
46. a] om. SN. batailes S. sundry l] tdhp 
honde C. in s. I.] y miderstond SN. 47. 
caref] sory S ; a add. C. 48. sekyr] om. C; 
off add. ( !) E. For s. s.] om. SN. )w»] )» A« 
fedcr cam SN. 49. B.]heC. 50. Fors] 
Then C. no] beUur add. C. 49 f. om. SN. 

Beues smote Arondeii vnd^ the side. 
And with Morglay in that tyde 
He hitt stV Brian on) the crown) ; 4097 
To the sadutt he cleve hym down). 
Than steri(¥ hym Beues in that stound?, 
That two hunderid? he feH to groundf, 
V And rode forthe in to Bredstrete ; 

Meny Lumbardis he gan mete ; 4102 
They asayledf Beues faste. 
On yche side he them down caste. 
Sir Beues hadf bene in many lond', 
And meny a bateH hath had in hond, 
Yet was he nevwre so carefuH a man), 
In no bateti, as he was thanne. 4108 

4096. with] gode add. 0. 

4098. That to 0. 

4099. Than — B.] Beuys so styred hym 0. 

4101. Avd r.] Than rode he 0. to] om. 0. 

4102. he gan] there gan he 0. 

4103. Beues] wonder add. 0. 

4104. euery 0. 

4105. Tnany] so ; my M ; a add. O. 

4106. hath] om. 0. 

4107. caref.] wery 0. 

4108. as] 80 ; that M. 



pat lane was so narw y-wrou^t, 

J3at he m^te defende him noujt, 4412 

He ne Arondel, is stede, 

Ne mi^te him terne for now node. 

To lean he made his praiere [4235] 

And to Marie, is moder dere, 4416 

))at he moste pase wi)> is lif , 

To sen is children & is wif. 

Out of pQ lane a wolde ten, 4419 

))e chynes held him faste a^en. [4240] 

WiJ) is sweid he smot fe chayne, 

pot hit fel a peces twayne, 

And forj) a wente in to Chepe ; 

j)e folk him folwede al to hepe, 4424 

And al fai setten vp a cry : [4245] 

* A^ilt J>e, Beues, hastely, 

Ajilt fe, Beues, sone awon, 

And elles )>ow schelt pQ lif for-gow ! ' 

Beues seide : * Ich ^elde me 4420 

To god, J)at sit in trinite ! [4250] 

To non ofer man i nel me ^elde. 

While ))at ich mai me wepne welde ! ' 

But Morglay, hys swerd. Tie dron^ 

And manye hefelde A manye he alow}, 

Many a vnan he sloio} ^oo 

And out he wente wi^ trwchyl woo. 

Forp wente B, in to Chepe, 66 

Many a inan pere cam on hepe. 

penne sayde B, ryyt pere he stood. 
To pefolk, pat was so wood : 

* I rede }ow opene pe ^ys wyde. 

And IcU me now pere out ryde, 60 

Or, for sope I v^ole }ow telle, 
My lyff I schal }ow dere selle ! * 
AUe pey gunneffaste cry en : 

* y,lde pe, B., or pou schalt dyen I * 

Sere B, )sayde poo : * / y,lde me 66 

To god, pat syt in trynyte, 
And to non oper leuande wy\t 
Ne schal I ^Ide me to nyyt.* 

51. BiUl om. SN. 52. And] om. SNC. he 
/.] fledd C. he — manyc] iifn per wyth N. 
53. sL poo'\ dud sloo C. 54. Or Tie mygTit 
owt of Oose lane go C. 63 f. om. SN. 55. 
wente BJ] Tie went C ; he passed SN. 56. 
Many am.] pere gan mony SN. pere — Tiepe\ 
aboute (ayen N) him {can add. C) lepe SNC. 
pey faU^ Tiarde, as y sey the, A^en B. in \>tit 
citee. add. SN ; Now hegynnyth pe fy^t, as y 
say pe, Bettvene Befyse and tTie cyte, add. C. 
57. ry^t — stood] Tiende and good SNC. 58. 
pe] thai N. people C. was] were SN. wa^ 
sow.]be hym slide C. 59 — 62. {Good is {I 
councell C) ^ow {ye N) imdo pe yite And Ut 
me {a wey scape {wynde owte per ale C). SNC. 
63 T^Tum all C. gunne] can C. ffaste}^to him 
SN.' 64. B. or] traytur C. schalt] om. N. 
65—68 om. SNC. 

^Sir Beuas detfendid? him weH I-nou3e, 
Meny he ffellidi and niony he slewe^ ; 
On yche side he them down slonge, 
He preky(J fforth amonge the thronge, 
Tyti he come in to Chepe ; 4113 

Than at the erste he he-gan to swete; 
Than anon he-ganne tTie tfyght, 
That tyme be-twene the Cite and the 

knyght. » f. i846. 

Than said sir Beues hend and good 

4109. him] so ; Tietn M. 

4111. eueri/ O. slo7ige] cast 0. 

4112. ffe] And 0. tTie thr.] rygTUfast 0. 

4113. to] tTie add. 0. 

4114. TTiere foiide Tie m^ny men on Tiepe 0. 

4115. TTian a.] TTicre agayne O ; Tie add. M. 
tTie] 80 ; to M. 

To the folke, that there stode : 4118 

* I rede, that ye on-lok the yate 
And let me scape there oute ate. 
For, yf I were slayn here with in), 
LituH worshippe shall ye wynne !* 4122 
And aH they gan ageyn) hym crye : 

* Yeld the, Beues, or thou shalte dye ! ' 
Tho fought Beues, as he weie wood. 
And bathid Morglay in theire blood ; 

4116. TTuU L] om. 0. 

4118. UiUo 0. 

4119. yate] gate ; yaiis M. 

4120. TTiat I may passe fortTie tTierat 0. 

4122. shulde 0. 

4123. And] Than 0. a^aynst 0. 



Now be-ginne)) fe grete bataile 4433 

Of sire Beues, wi)) onten faile, 

pot he dede a^enes ])at cite : [4255] 

^e fat wile here, herknej) to me ! 4436 

"Kis was aboute J>e vnder tide, 

J Jje cri aros be ech a side 

Bo)7e of lane and of strete ; 4439 

Aboute him com peple grete, [4260] 

Al newe & fresch, wi)) ]n7n to fi^t, 

Ac Beues stered him ase gode kni^t^ 

So )7at in a lite )7rawe 

Fif fosend ))ar was islawe 4444 

Of )>o strengeste, fat per wore, t. 2oob». 

))at him hadde jeue dentes sore ; 

Ac euer his stede Arondel 

Faste faujt wij) hertte lei, 4448 

))at fourty fote be-hinde & fom 

pQ folk he haj) to grounde i-bom. [4270] 

p\i8 fat fijt leste longe 

Til fe time of euesonge. 4452 

Tidinge com to Potenhife, 

To losian also swife, 

))at Beues in Londen was islawe [4275] 

And ibrou^t of his lif dawe. 4456 

4443. while, struck out, add. A. 

Sere B, ganffyyten, as he were wood, 

And bapyd hyi< swcrd in here blood ; 70 

VIII hundryd men he sloiv^ to grounde, 

Hadde he ney\>er wem ne wotinde, 

But al \>e blood wip inne hym ]>an 

porw} swoot out off hys body ran. 

Wi\f pat it gan wexen loel neer ny^, 76 

And euere cam ffreach ffolk to ffy^ ; 

Arundel, hys stede, began to byte. 

And vn\> hys hyndyr ffeet to smyte : 

Beffourtyffeet aboute on eche syde. 

No man durste pat stede abyde. 80 

pits ganne laste pat strongeffyyt 

Al pat day and al pat ny^t. 

Tydynges com to Pfftintenay, 
To losyan pere sche lay, ' 
pat sere B., here lord, was slawe 85 

i brouy, pat ny^t of his lyf dawe, 
69. /S'ere] Tho C ; om. SN. ganff.] smote C. 
as — wood\ with hert good SNC. 70. And\ 
He SN. per C. 71. VII pousand SN ; V 

hundurd C. 8lou^^]fcl SN ; feUyd C- 72. ^it 
had SN. Hadde — ne] And hym selft luuer 
a C. 73. BiiX\ om. SNO. wip—pan\ pal was 
in \at man SN ; of tho men C. 74. In SN ; 
As C. swete C. per bodyes C. 76. Wip 
p.] By pen SN. gan — neer] was derke SNC. 
76. And] pe SN ; folk were add. SN ; mew 
were add. C. cam ffr, f. ] fresche C ; preit SN. 
Thus was thai strong fyght Halfe a day and a 
nyght add. C- 77. hys] pe SN ; gode add. C. 
beg. to b.] was whyte SN ; fote hote C. 78. 
And] om. SNC. fote N. to sm.] gan smyte 
SN ; smote C. 79. Be] pat SN. foa SNC. 
ab.] om. SNC. euet^ SC ; eche a N. 80. 
Ther durste no vnan C. pa£] pe- C. hors SNC. 
82. Al pat] Haifa SN. at pat] half a SN. 
81 f. om. C. 83. Tythinge N. Poynntenay 
S. 84. pere sche l,]as y ^ow say SNC. 85. 
sere B.] om. SNC. 86. pat n,] owt C ; om. 
SN. his] om. SN. lyfes S. 

Sevyn hunderi(J 

men he fell id? to 


Yet had? he nether wem77?e ne wound?, 
But moche of the blood? of that man 
For hete thorou^e his body ran). 
Tytt that it wexid derke nyght, 
The folke were euer redy to fyght ; 
Than be-gan ArondeH, his stede, 4133 
To helpe sir Beues at his nede ; 

By twenty fote on euery side 
Durste no man) that hors abyde. 
So lest« than) that ffyght 4137 

Be-twene ham all a gentiH nyght. 
Sir Beues knyghtes, I vnderstond, 
^To Pownteneth brought theire sond, 
That Beues sonnes shold? hye ham 
blyve, » f. 185a. 

Yf they wol(J se theire fifader on ly ve, 

4127. Six 0. 

4128. ne] nor 0. 

4129. of the] om. O. 

4130. For h. th.] ThorougJie siccte of 0. 

4131. Tyll th.] Than 0. 

4132. redy euer O. 

4133. his St.] in dede 0. 

4134. sir B.] his mayster O. 
4] 36. that] his 0, 

4137. And so lasted that cruel fyght O. 

4138. Be — gent.] Al that longe soniers O. 

4139. vnderstold (!) M. 

4140. Putneth ; they add. O. 
4142. se] ha\ie 0. 


losiaii |)iinne fal aswowe, 
Gij and Miles hire vp drowe 
—And coufortede fat leuedi brijt 
Hendeliche wi(p alle her mijt, [4260] 
And askede hire, what hire were; 4461 
( And }he tolde hem aaon psto, 
' How Beues was in Louden slayn 
And his knijtes wi)) gret payn : 4464 
'!NoTt kefie, je ben noble kiiijtes, [4285] 
And wrekeji jour fader wif jour niijtes!' 

Sire Gii and Miles seide fan 

To hero moder losian : 

' Dame, be him, fat herwede h 

We acholle his def wel dere si 

panne sire Miles and sire Gii 

Gonne hem arme hasteli 

And on hero knea set hom doun 

And bad her moder benesouH. 

Sire Gii lep on a rabit, ' [4295] 

}}at was meche & nofing lite, 447li 




And loiyan in ^nt ylke sCoiittde 

Fyl m, HBOumyng tni fyii grmtnde. 

Sere Mylya, hert tone, aiid aerc Gg 

Comen to here modyr on hy. 

And aikyd here, what here was. 

' Paafay,' ache aayde, ' a vntndyr ana : 

liMyrday hadde I a lord on, 

SiTtys, pia day hatie I mm ; 

pe beris red now ^ I can. 

Flea we hennea now «u«ry tnnn ! ' 

' Madame,' iaydt 6t), ' what taay ^is bet 

' Serlya, aone,' ^nne aayde schee, 

'foure dvnijty Jadyr, acre Beffoun, 

la (lojn in iMndmrn i0i> trestmn. ' 

SVKHe btapak hare tone, sere Myle, 
1 hya modyr m ^ whyle ; 
'iUff (Mrafadyr alayn, lufa bee, 
WavxiU naaereffro hym^e!' 
poo ehyldryit deden hem arme weel 
So^ in, yryn and in aleel. 
And aelien hem on here knees adoun 

87. Andl out. SNO. ptte] om. C. SS. Fyl- 
fot] In a (ora. C) aotoi {aoame N ; arvowvi C) 
fel to SNC. 8B. here ».] om. SNC. 90. >™- 
" ynhyeO; hastely SN. 81—96 ora. SNU. 

97. Dams SN ; ifodur 0. jfitod SN. icAnl] 

how SNC. B8. twjww a. sch. " " 

fifl. doajty] om. 8NG. 

]ee] y Mle the C. 

C; to^<.n 8N. {Th^ore odd. C) I* 
Serf redde \(il y can, Awey {la Jxii mm C) ^, 
enery {hejta ecAs C) man. add. SNC. 101. 
aaide sue. ?iere a."] om. SSC. acre] Gye and 
C. 102. hya] IherC. ]iai]a S. 103. itoic] 
om. SNC. 104. woie] aehall C. neu. jf,v] 
aone to SN. te SN. 105. poo—anne] Gy 
and Ifylai hen armed sue. lOrf. om. SKC. 
lOfl. arabyghlC; Arabi(e(])3, 110. inoche 
HC; qrcte S; nmiji] no ^ng Sj om. C. 
lyghl C. 

And losjanhanJmyngeBevoun), 4143 
And in a sown there she feH down) ; 
Sir Mihs, her son, and! air Gye 
Toke her vp, certeniy ; 
. ' Sonnes,' she said, ' what is youre 
rede) 4147 

For, eertes, yonre fader Beues is dede ! 
llie heate rede, son, that I can). 
Is, that we ilee hens, yche man) ! ' 
'Nay,' said Myles, ' we wiH not boo I 

4143. And] Whan 0. mynge B.] they spake 
of Bewya 0. 

4144. And\ om. 0. ikcre\ om. 0. doum\ 

4U8, ceriaynlv 0. Bmwsl om, 0. 
4140. s™] om. 0. r\weO. 
4150. y»] 80 O ; om. M. ««rj/ 0. 

To oure fader wyli we goo 4153 

And brynj;,hym good aocoure, 
Yf ha be leving in that stoure ; 
And yf that he slayn be, 
We shaH diatroye that Cite ! ' 
' As armes, lordinges ! ' con they crye, 
'Lyghtly that we were redyl' 4158 
Sir Gye be-strode a rabyi tyght, 
lie was moche and no things light, 

4152. UiJa O. 

4156. ahalT] vxil 0. thai] eillhcO. 

4157. Ail On 0. 

liao. Oiivge] tkyng add. M, struck out 




And tok a spere in is bond. 
Out at )7e halle dore a wond 
Toward J)e cite of Londen touw, 
And sire Miles wij) gret randou^s [4300] 
Lap vpon a dromedary, 4481 

To prike wolde he noujt spary. 
Whan ))ai come to Londen gate, 
Man! man ))ai fonde ])er ate, 4484 

4487. M 

Wei iarmed to J)e tef , [4305] 

So ))e frensche bok vs sej>, 

A^en J)e children fei ^eue bataile, 

& hii a^en, wi)> outen faile, 4488 

And made of hem so clene werk, f. 2006». 

))at fai neuer spek wif prest ne clerk ; 

And after- ward, ase je mai hure, [4311] 

Londegate psi sette a fnre. 4492 

]« (!) A. 

pcU sere B. vnp hys hand 
ffadde ivmnnen in paynyine lond. 
A swerd he took off mochyl my% 
pat was iclepyd Aroundy^t ; 
It was LaunceUUys \)e Lake^ 115 

pere wip fie slow^ ^ffyrdrdke ; 
pe pomel vfos off ckarbocle ston, 
A betere swerd was neuere 7um, 
pe romaunce tellip, as I }ow say, 
Ne Tum sckal tyl dijmys day ; 120 

And sere Mylys pere bestryt 
A dromounday andforp heryt; 
pat hoTS was swyfft as ony swalwe. 
No man my^te \>cU hors hegalewe, 
pey token here leue at Fountenay, 125 

And ouer Tempse ]>ey token pe way ; 
Foure pousand men, a>s ^ vnowe see, 
pey brou^n to Lundone to pat cyte, 
Whanne pey comen to Ludgate, 
Manye armyd men peyfounden per ate, 130 
Ludgate soone pey setten on fere. 
And slotven alle pat pere were ; 
113. took'\ had SNC. . muche SNC. mayn S ; 
971^ (1) N. 114. callyd C. Baudoudeyn or 
Fandondeyn S ; Ravduney N ; Badondyght 

C. 115. waji\ sir add. SN. Launeclet S. 

116. Mony a croun fter with was crake SNC. 

117. In pe SNC. pomel] hylie C. of] a 
SNC. lis. jmmN. 119. 5om;] <A« SN. 120. 
Ne] Nor C. non] neuer C ; om. SN. sckal] 
^add. SN. 121. ^?m2] om. SN. perebestr.] 
ivUh out {outen IS) faile SN ; as y yow telle C. 
122. Bysirod {a raJbyte {Arahyte (t) S, London 
to assayle SN ; Bestrode a stede pat hyy. 
Arondell C. 123. hors] om. SNC ; stoyfft] 
as wyyb C. 124. No — hors] Shuld no man 
(wycche S ; wyth add. N) hym SNC ; Ther 
myyt no hors hym C. 125 f. om. SNC. 

127. as — see] par varyte SN ; y telle the C. 

128. hro.]wUh hem add. SN. to pa£] om. SN. 
Lund, — pat] the C. Botes pey toke, pey were 

Jul {wel N) Tyu>e, Ouer {the add. N) 2*empse 
pey com als siDyth.a.M, SN ; They tohe weyes 
at the next. And to London they come allpreste. 
add. C. 129 f. : pe portcoles {port coUns ; 
ther add. N) ujeren {vjas C) draw, {And mony 
m^n {Many a man C) Pere toere {was C) slawe; 
SNC. 131. soone] om. SNC. 132. And] pey 
SN. sL] om. C. pat p, w,] that they fonde 
there C ; ahovt pat cure SN. 

Sir Beues with his own) broncJ 
Had wonne with in the holy lond, 4162 
A nobuH sword he gan) hym) take. 
That was Launcelott^s the Lake ; 
In the hilte was a charbokyH-stone, 
A bettet sword was never none. 
That no man knew to this day, 4167 
Saue Beues good sword Morglaye, 
And Myles had Colbrandys brond, 
That som) tyme had Eouland ; 

His hors white, they callid hym Swalowe, 
There myght no hors hym ffolowe. t mb. 
Shippzid toke they at that tyde 
And ouer Temmt^ gan they ride 
And brought with hem to the Cite 
Ten thousand of knyghtis ffree. 
They come ynne at the water side 4177 
With grett loy and moche pride. 
At Ludgate gan they than arere, 
They slew aS that tiiey found there. 

4161. 6r.] hand 0. 

4162. Had—wUh] Wan hym 0. 

4163. And a 0. he g, h,] gan he 0. 

4164. That] sometyme add. 0. de]aoO; the M. 
4165—68 om. O. 

4169. Golbr. br.] Curtayn>e in his honde O. 

4170. had] longed to 0. 

4171. white — hym] was suryft as any 0. 

4172. myght nah,] was no hors that myght 0. 

4173. at]inO, 

4175. And] They O. them O. 

4178. grett] moche 0. moche] great 0. 

4179. gan th, th.] they gan O. 

4180. They] And 0. 



I Whan pai come, ■wi(i outen faile, 
Jjo be-gan a gret hataile [43U] 

I lie twene Bowe and Londen stoii, 
J)fit time stod va neiier on. 4496 

l^ar waa a Lombard in {le toun, 
J ))at woa acherewed & feloun ; 
He anncde him in yrone wedo 4499 
And lep vpon a steme atede [4330] 
And rod for)) wif gret raudou/i 

Many a man ]xn/ ^hhr lo sloo. 

In iicy VKnten icij) moehe woo. 

Ibr mjw wno as 1 yne my, ISS 

panne gan aprynge Jw hjil off clay. 

mt> iialvxuB. lofforfouae, 

pat ^ hyi lyf he ne roojle ; 

Utvndel, Ityt ttide, mas al sou, 

On/ool«/e:i«reiusmj!^hegoo; 140 

pert t>at goode itide alood 

yp to ^fytlt^dcea in mannys blood. 
pan tcaa pere in jiat tov/a 

A nebU man off grit rtrumn, 

pat hadds gaderyd hym an haai 145 

And cam, prekynge vn\i grct boost. 

And in ]^a hand a wasefal stiel, 

pat ieaa tnaad off good steel ; 

Amm heprekedc to sere Beeff 

And sayde : ' jeWe \ie, ffoule ]ieef! ' 150 

A gnei sWook to sere B. he settle, 

pid he vxu stonyd off 'l/ai donte. 

Wip enre B. in \iai \awae 

Lewyd hym on hys mdyl bowe. 

Wi^ ]iat earn pi'^:ynge hys sime By, lEG 

jBTOfl to hys ffactyr on ky ; 
133 f. ma. SNC. 136. Then for C. now] 
om. C. Al iial yey faunde ]iey siowj, (in fay 

Anii Jioujte hane slawe sire Benoaii. 

Wi)> an vgB iiiaanel 

liHuea a hits on fo helm of stcl, 4504 

i)a,t Beues of Hamtoun, vcrainiiiJit, 

Was astoned of (le dent j [4326] 

What for care and for howo, 

Ho lenede to hia sadelbowe. 4508 

(Janne com priken ia sone Gii, 
To helpe hia fader, haately ; [4330] 

(v say N), SN. 138. pawnc] By ]«t SN. 
pamie ?.] Began lo C. t«] om. C. off] om. 
C. 187. 3y]KaSil I Then C so] om. C. 
ffoif.] wery of (for C) fougU (faght C) SNC. 
138. And iff hym ae(fe roght hi TiogM C. 
139—142 om. SNC, 143. pan] om. SN. 
IWM— Jwt] a Lumlnrd iff Landim (the C) SNC. 
144. gret] om. SN. 145. pat—hym] Hail 
him gadered SN ; Se gaderyd C. on] gret 
add. SHC. 146. prek.] to B. SN. A-nd c. 
pr.] To Befyse he come C. 147. An^ om. 
SN. hajid] he take add. SN. mase] swyrde 
C. fid tn.] wcle SN ; so haae I hele C. 
148. off]fu,l add. SN. 149. Anon he] And 
(Se N) Jnn SN ; Then he C. roda C. Br^ 
fawn C. 160. And s.] Anon SN, ffmils M 
strange felon C. 161, A — la] He smot SN ; 
And loche a strok iaC. sore om. C. 3.] J«t 
add. SS. lenUC;gryntS'S. 152. piti] om. 
SN. he] And N. astonyed SN. 153. (poo 
wist (And C) B, iff (wyth gret C) eari: yitoiBj 
SNC. 1G4. And I. SN ; hym om. SN. on] 
otter SN. 155. Wi^ ]:] po SN ; TA™ a 
hyat.] om. C ; sir add. NC. IBfi. yrae] om. 
C. ffad.] sooae add. G. in U. His doii]ty 
ffader to socory 3N. 

Cortes, lordinges, as I you say, 

Be than sprongo the light day, 4182 

Sir Beues was wery iii tliat tly),'ht, 

That vnnethe he myght aitt vp-right. 

ALumbariidwellidaothere in the town), 

He 'was a man of gret renown), 

He hai? gaderitS a grett hoate, 4187 

And forthe he rode ytith gret booste. 

And in his honeJ a goocJ fauchouu), 

4181. Certes L] Certaynly 0. 

4182. light] of the add. O. 

418a. Sir] om. O. s,™] so add. O. 

4184. myvhl he O. 

4185. dellid (1) M. A— there] There diucilcd 
a Lnmbarde 0. 

That waa made of stele brown) ; 
And forthe he yede to air Eeuus, 4191 
HoaiiiiV: ' "VVylto thou aske no trewiar 
And anon) with hia fauohon) 
A gfote stroke he gaue Bevouii*, ^ 

And Beues for ffoynt bore hym) lowe 
And leyned hym) on his sadidl bowe ; 
That sye Beues son, sir Gye, 4197 
And come prekyng with gret envye, 

4136. He was a] A doughty 0. 
41S8. And roda forth O. jroi] meehe O. 
41B1. Aiid] om. 0. yede] prykeit O. 
41B3. And a~] Than the Lnmhtrde Q. 
41!)S. And] Than O. here] laydo O. 
4196. Iey7ied A.] Icned O. 




WiJ) a swerd drawe in is bond 
To fat Lombard sone a wond 4512 
& smot him so vpon fe croun, 
))at man and hors he cleuede dou72 ; 
J)e poynt fel ou ))e pauiment, [4335] 
))e fur sprong out after )>e dent. 4516 
Jeanne com ride is bro))er Mile 
Among pQ peple in )>at while ; 

Al po, fsit a mijte reche, 4519 

Ne dorste he neuer aske leche, [4340] 

For to hele ))er is wonde, 

))at he ne lai ded vpon fe grounde. 

& whan Beues sej y&t si9te, 

In hertte he was glad & l^te 4524 

& )>ankede lesu, our sauiour, [4345] 

))at hadde sent him so gode sokour, 

Too }kU hurgeys a strook he sente, 
porw^ helme d: hed doun it toente ; 
Bo^ man d: hors in ]m^ stounde 
He deuyd doun to ]>e grounds ; 160 

Hys swerdys poynt to ]>e er\>e went, 
patffyr sprong out off })e pamcnt, 
B. offyxU strook lowde low} 
And good cowmfort to hym he drow} 
And ^nkyd god omnypotent, 165 

pat hadde hym ffrom heuene sent, 
For to helpen hym inffy^L, 
Beffs gan wexeffresch and lyyt, 
And Arundel, ^ goode stede, 
Gan to wexen good at nede 170 

And dou^tyly bar hym, \>at dou^ty m^in. 
And halp hym tofyytefaste ])a7i. 
Beffs tumyd hym in \Hzt whyle 
And saw, hys sone ]>ere, sere Myle, 
Cam prekynge toi\> gret route, 175 

Wip Tnany a doupy kny^ d: stoute, 
157 f. : Wi^ JRandyndon {Bandunay N ; 
BadondygM G) (in his {drawyn yn C) hond 
{He smot {And to C) )»e Lumbard {*& him fond 
{sooTie he wonde C) ; A stroke on {vpon C) his 
hed he sette, {Hit sanke yrou} ( That dafe hothe 

C) helm and basnette; SNC. 159. Bo\fe] 
That C ; om. SN. 160. Her^\te] He smot 
{hem vnto {hard to'N)'pe SN ; Felle down dedd 
to 0. 161. Hys 8W,\ pe SN. vnto S; into 
N ; in S. HyS'—er\>e] So glethwrly the sxoyrde 
0. 162. pe SN ; That >c C. sprongl om. 
SNC. pam,"] gleiu add. SN ; sprent add. C. 
163. Sir B. SNC. off] at C. lou?de] om. 
SNC. 164. good\ om. SNC. Tie] om. SNC. 
166. Jiadde — heu,]fro heuyn had pat strok C ; 
his children \>eder SN. 167. j±7ui for C. 
in] to SNC. 168. Sir B, SNC. gan w.] 
waxe hothe C; wox {waosid N) sufyth SN. 
ffrcsch and] om, SN. 169. And] om. SN. 
pat] peS; hisTS, pat g, s.] yn that tyde C. 
170. Ney^ fast (om. C) for muche {grete C) 
pi'ide SNC. 171. sUmtly SNC. hym] om. 
SNC. my^ti N. 172. hym] for add. SN. 
faste] om. SNC. 173. Sir^B, SNC. him 
turned SN ; tumyd C. pat] a SN. 174. 
hys] odur add. NC. pere] om. SNC. 176. 
Cam pr.] Cotnyng to him SN. 176. JVip] 
And C. many] om. SN. a — stoute] armed 
men al {hym C) aJxnU SNC. 

With his sword dra>vn in bond?, 

And to the LumbarcJ he send? his sondl ; 

So har4 on his hede he sett, 

That thorou3 helme and? basnett, 4202 

Man) and hors that stounci 

He smote thorou^ to the ground?. * f. isea. 

^The poynte on the pawment glente, 

That the ffyre there after sprente. 

Sir Beues, ffor the stroke he lou^e 4207 

And grett comfforte to hym) drou^e ; 

He thankyd god omnipotent, 
Tiiat hym helpe ffro hevyn) sent, 
And Arondett for loye nyed right, 
He helpid? than Beues to ffyght, 4212 
And stoutly bare hym, that good man), 
And helpid? wett to ffyght thanne ; 
Sire Beues turnyd? hym in that while 
And sye his other son, sir Myle, 
Come prekyng with gret route 4217 
And meny armed men hym aboute j 

4199. in] his add. 0. 
4201. he] U add. 0. 

4203. hors] in add. 0. 

4204. thoroui] in sunder 0. 

4206. there] ovi 0. sprente] went 0. 

4207. ffor the] at that 0. he] om. 0. 

4208. grett] gode 0. hym] he add. O. 

4210. ffro h.] had thyder 0. 

4212. He] And 0. tJian B,] Beuysfor 0. 

4213 f. om. 0. 

4215. in] om, 0. 

4217. rydynge 0. wH^] a add. O. 

4218. Andmmy] QfO. 


And eserliclie, wifi outeij fiiilu, I 

))e grete peple be gaa asaile. 4528 

So meclie folic waa alaive & ded, | 

()at al Temse w 
()e iiomlire was 
To and pretti ^ 

LS blod lod ; 


AlU IxM len Mylyt mjffte mtfmclie, 

Jf^ ^v/nOe hem, netitre asken leche. 

pe?« men mi/Jte seen ichafftys Kchake 

And mennya cToam^|s al toeraJct ; ISO 

Sou harde ^y gtmne to gedere iiicfe, 

pot )m blood ran poiicf |« stitie ; 

ht blood fftl on \iai paiemeiii, 

£y\l daan to )«! Tum^ bam U VKHt. 

A3 U sai^ injreiueh ronuftnce, 185 

Bo^e fn Tngelond and in Fraaitee, 

So taanye men at oaya were fuueit seye dfd, 

For Jw water off TEm.fM of blood wax red. 

Fro aeynU Marye bau>e to Lundo<ui atoa 

pai yUce tmne inas houigng non, 190 

In \at tUde, wi> outenjfaylt, 

Wat ismeten [«ri strouge batayU, 

pe naa/mbre iffffolk \ai [wrs icas ilnioe 

And ihroiilit )fere qffherc lajf dawc, 

pe romaiHue UUih vi)i ovten, strjif, ISS 

Siit^ ^weand ^re loren here lyff, 

pat ^ert vtcn slawen it braujt to ded, 

porvri Ifefdh styvxa^ya red, 

A> we teUen in oitre taUeyng : 

Hximuae cam Juuutrc to good eadyng, 200 

177. J«o «.] tat SNC. aroA^ SN ; rede. C. 

178. A'e— (wimj Jhlrit veuer Juaie oOier SN ; 

Be ncdvth to lucae na nodwr C. 17B. kIi. 
scA,] crvumea craJcc SNC. 180. {Al fwy 
{Many C) died \at incre )rr <ric SNC. 181. 
can C. 182. pal] om. 8N. gan, renw SX. 
]ionBj [e] ill euery [eehe N) SNC. 183 E om. 
SNC. 185.M»^SC. j?rnu(A] om. SNC. 
18S. englyBrh C. 187. men] om. C. at o.J 
llf-n SNC ; ncuere ».] elayiu to Q ; anx. SN. 
188. For] Thai NC ; om. S, off] ia SN. 
o/6J.)om.SNC. i™*W N ; «™ C ; «; add. 
8, 189. MaryeUa add. SC ; lU \ic add. S. 
to L. St.] om. SN. )3er wonyd im uion, as 
{tho N) y trow. So Umge lyrae it is goon {agone 
N), add. SN. 190. At that tyvie C; ptre 
SNC ; ne add. N. 191. Typon SN. »ir)ife] 
piaex C. ou^ SNC. 192. isia.] made C. 
dr.] om. SN. 193. folk] nunC. Iwreuwra 
C ; ic-Ti! ])ere SN. 194. ])en!] om, SNC j owf 
add. C. here] ther C ; om. BN. 196. uijj o. 
Ktr.] vfranient SNC. 196. xxxiiii ^ouaaTid 
were tore amd sh^ SS ; That ther teas sla/yne 
ifaa; Oumaad C. 1B7. Jwre] om. SNa iiw 
C. to] t>B added above the line E. 198. 
iievKiTdatfals STS. 199. teiiyng SN ; apellyng 
C. 200. OffaUn. SN. com— jonrf] eo(-<^t. 
i!uy; SN. 

Thurfte he never after to askt 
Tliat air Mylia rayght ouer-rei 
Jlen niyght here theii 
"VVhan Buuea i 

So har<i thoy c 
That the bloo.* 
So men J men t 
That Tummu« 

i veageaiuice liyit 

to geder mete, 

1 ilown in yche strete; 

) as blooit red, 
For there was slayn, I vnderstond, i227 
The noriiber of thrytty thousand 
Thoronj the fals stywardia rede, 


4219. Th. he n.] Ee nedcd neuer 0. 

4221. hATe theiTc] ae 0. 
4S32. dyd] gnu O. 
.4234. doioH] nm. O. cwery 0. 
422S. vnu O. 

4228. Tem. v;as as] Ckcpcjii/de ran of 0. 
4237. wrt 
4230. waa d.] dede O. 

And yet was he the furste, was dudw. 
Hit ia Bothe, with oute leayng ; 4231 
Of falshede comyth never good endiny. 
In eitery strete men) niyght se 
Lnnibardys on hepys dede there lye, 
Hedys and quartcj-s lye in pccys 
Andleggiacuttof by the knees, 423G 
^ Hedus with helmys stwyling aboute, 
Handya and armcs eiitt oute and oute, 
Dede bodyea quarterrid in thre : ' f. iboi. 
That was grett pyte flbr to see. 

i233. mvghiihe oAd. {\) il. 

4284. Mat lyenge in poynt to lij/e O. 

4235. and~^iccya] giiarircd ififliA the thyea 0. 

4236. And I.] Shaniia 0. 

4237 f. : ffandca and omuw bothe cut out, 

Hedea trendlyngr at aboiU, 0. 
4239. in] the add. M, Btrack out. 
4210. ThaQ It 0. 



And also sone so hit was ni^t, 1 2006s. 
To fe Ledene halle )>ai wente ri^t ; 
A fette losian wi); faire meine [4355] 
To Londen, to fat riche cite, 4536 
& helde a feste fourtene ni^t 
To al ])at euer come, aplijt ! 

Tiding com to king Edgar, 4539 
))at Beues hadde bis men for-fare; 

For is borgeis in is cite 
He made del and gret pite 
& seide : ' Ichaue leued me lif 
Louge mj> outen werre & strif, 4544 
& now icham so falle in elde, [4365] 
))at i ne may min armes welde : 
Twei sones Beues ha)) wi)) him brou^t, 
j^ar fore hit is in me ])oa3t, 4548 

poo sere Mylya wnd sere Oy 

Token sere £,, here ffadyr^ on hy, 

And reden/orp in here ioumay 

To here moder to Pountenay, 

Whan losyan saw here sonys tioay 205 

AiuL here lord comen in \fe way^ 

For gret ioye in \>at stounde 

pryys scheffyl doun to pe grounde, 

Tydyng cam to Edgar \le hyng, 

Hys men were slayn, wi\f oiUen lesyng, 210 

And kyng Edgar anon ry\t 

Sente afftyr eerl, baroun, and kny^tt 

And tolde hem, hou hys men were ded 

porwi \te false stywardys red : 

* And sere B, is coTnen ffrom fferre 21 5 

Wip gret hoost, wi\> ms to werre ; 

Arid I am olde tk hrosyd off ban, 

J vjolde harie pes dls werre nan, 

Tvjoo sones he hap wip hym broii^t, 

per/ore I havbe me bepou^, 220 

201. poo] Then C ; om. SN. sere] B, (!) add. 

N. 202. Toker (!) S. sere B,] om. 8NC. 

ther C. ffcui,] soone add. C. on] yn NO. 

203 f. : pey toke pe way to Poyntenay, Ouer 
Tempse pey gan hem hye. SN ; And toenb ouer 
TemySf as y yow say. And soone they come to 
Penteney, C. 205. sonys two C ; ttooo sconce 
SN. 206. iher C. Uyrdr-way] ffader with 
(hem comes (them also C) SNC. 207. gret] 
om. SNC. pat] ilke add. S. 208. pryys] 
om. SNC. daun] in sownyn^ SN. pe"} om. C. 
209, TydyngesC, 210. That hys G. oui SNC. 
211. And] om. SNC. ry}tes SNC. 212. 
Callyd C. erls SN ; om. C. barons SNC. 
kny^tes SNC. 213. pern C. hmi] om. S. 
m^n] burgeis NC ; citezetis S. 214. pe /.] 
his SN. styw.] fals add. S. 215. sere] told 
how SN. teas SN. 216. gret] om. SN. 
loip mc] on him for S ; apon him N. 215 f. 
om. C. Here ends S. 217. olde — hon] now 
an olde m/in C. 217 f. om. N. And seyde, 
Befyse toas full fere, Wyth grete oost on hym 
to were, add. C. 219. wyth hym he hatfi C. 
220. I—bep.] in my tlumghi N. Ther on my 
harte hath moche poght C. 

"Whan Beues had his enemys distroyedf, 
To Powntnethe ageyn) he layedl, 4242 
And losyan was never so tfayii), 
As whan she sye Beues agayn). 
lieues toke losyan as blyve, 
'Jo Southampton can) they dryve, 
There had? they wend, samffaytt, 4247 
To byd the kyngis batayH. 
Tythingis come to kyng Edgare 
Of aH the ffyght, that was thare ; 
Than dyd kynge Edgare fuH rij^ht : 

He send after erle, baroun, antl knyglit; 
Ami tolde them, thorou^ his fals sty- 
wardys rede 4253 
That aU the folke be this dede : 
' I am now an old man) 
And Beues moche of werre can). 
And he is comyn) heder fro fferre 4257 
With moche peoputi, on me to werre. 
Two sonny s with hyni), he hath brought, 
Tliere fore, dere lordis, / haue in 

4242. UtUo 0. ag, h^] he hym 0. 

4243. And] om. 6. 

4245. as bl.]ful sone O. 

4246. And to O. can th. d,] went dnon O. 

4247. had — saii^f.] he had thaicght, wythmU 
fayle O. 

4248. To] haue add. 0. kynge 0. 

4250. all thef,] the batayle O. 

4251. Than'—Edg.] Kynge Edgare than 0. 

4252. Sent for lordes and many a knyghi O. 

4253. And tolde th/mi] so ; om. M. 

4254. That — be] Howe al his men loere O. 

4257. And— fro] ffider is he comefro^n O. 

4258. moche p.] great, power 0. 

4259. Two — hath] Wyth hym two sonnes halite 

4260. /] om. (!) M. dere — in] lordynges, I 
haue great O. 

Bin DP.iiES OF n\>rTOUN. 

^lUeB, hi^eonc, mo dou;t«r tftke, 

In ))iB mauer is pes to make.' [4370] 

))iii granntede al wifi gode enient, 

& king Edgar Beues of-sent, 4552 

And aire Saber & sire Gii, 

And sire Miles & sire Terry, 

A king Edgar Miles gan cnlle [4375] 

Ue fore his bavouns iw J>e halle 4556 

And jaf him is doubter be pe ho»de, 

And after is day al Ingelonde, 

And pea and loue was maked biim 


Be twene Eenea & king Edgare. [4380] 

J)e maide & Miles wer spixaed same 45C [ 

In Jre toun of Notinghame. 

Je witef wel, (louj i ne telle ^nvf, 

pa fosto was riale inow, 4504 

Ash scholde be at awicho a spiisiiig 

And at fie kingea coiironing ; [4386] 

|3e feate loate fourtenc nijt 

To al fat ouer come, aplijt ! 4568 

And at Jie fourtene ni;t is onde, 

Eeuea tok leue, horn to wende, [4390] 

Sen Xylys, hys io»e, m,y dvujlyr schal take, 
And ben aion ffor \at sake' 
Hyi iurouTU redden hyta ^er too 
And aa^Ae/a, it molde ryjt tceel be soo, 
pera^ herytage of Jurf matldyn Jyng 226 
Stre Mylya ions corounnyd bj/ng. 
paffeale ItaUfourtcnyit, 
And aere B. hrnmoard ha\ hym dyjt ; 
221. Sere] om. NC. nmc] y viol udii. IT. 
tehal] om. N. 222. In Ihit (tJuU C) maiur 
ym to make NC. 223. Hyt — hym\ Thd him, 
tadde at N ; They all avjiipd kym C. 224. 
Thu kyng graunted, ]<ol it were id N ; And 
to Ik hath ydo C. 225. ponai] the add. N. 

mayd. j.] weddyng N. 228. Sere~ear.1 Tliei 
cnnimyd (syr add. C) MUis {to be {om. C) NC. 
{ Ve wot viel, ])o»j men tel not yow (JVe ntdyth 
nof to telle yo\B C), Thai the fest viai r£c7ui 
ynaw, Thai ac/mlde be [ai ]<at weddyng (of 
soche spowayTtg C) And (oui. C) at {Owi Icyngin 
crmenyng {the ammiyiig of a kyng C). adii. 
HC. 227. That's. 22S. And] ma. SC. fe-H 
gan N ; can C. {Saber Milig (Mylyi to Saber 
he C) iWt him {be- C) take Atid yeme (»m. 
C) bade {hym Urn/e udd. C)for hia gate. Thai 
he {him cner admZde {sdivide hym teche it C) 
Ure A'odfaile him, {lutl add. C) in no manere. 
add. NC. 

Mylis shaH my dought«r take, 

Kor to swage uH ihis debate ; 42G2 

I wyH make Mr Myles erie of Corn- 

Tliat sir Brian hiui in lionii^, samfayH I ' 
All they cownsellii) hymJ to do so ; 
A mesaingere the kyng sent thoo 
To'South-Hampton) alter Bevoun); 4267 
He bad, he slioldl come to Londoun) : 
' 1 wyH that it he ordenyd! so, '■ isTu. 
To make a lynage be twene va two ; 
Tliy son ahafl wed my doughter free, 
Aod Erie of ComwajH ahoH he be ! ' 

4281. my d. i.] Cake my doimhter to jcife 0. 
42a2. toM]soO; hii hi. deb.] alryfe 0. 
42S3. Iw.]AndO. 
4 364. fAof im> syr Sryami, toythouten fnyle 

4207. To njr Bettys rf Bamptoa O. 
42aH. llB—ahuli[\ Byddyngn hyia 0. 

4270. iynng'!] lounday 6. 

4271. Thy] Ilia O. 

Sow ys Beues to London coniyn), 4273 
Tlte kjiifjis doughter was sono noniyn) 
And to the mynester durre I-Ietl, 
Vnto sir Myles was she wed. 
The kyng gaue Mylos in spousayH 4277 
The lile-dome of ComwayH. 
There was myrth at theire spousyng, 
Tiirnaraent tmit grett lustyng, 
But of all men) there Iwro the gree 
Beuea two soAnya and he ; 428^ 

And whan the spousyng was at the end, 
Beuea wold homwanl wend j 

4273. to L, c] came to Lond/m ijeys 0. 

4274. 'CO* a. Ji.] braugUfaraie is O. 

4275. And] nm. O. iiiyn.] churche 0. I- 

4276. ynta] And there O. vitxa ahe] dyi hyr 


-4290 ; 

At the weddynge in thni mt 

The kynge and Beuya aai fitt ncni. 




At king Edgar & at Sabere, 
And Miles, is sone, a lefte here 4572 
And kiste and ^af him is blessing, 
& wente to Mombraunt, fer he was 

And his erldom in Hamte-schire [4395] 
A jaf to his em Sabere 45 7 G 

And schipedeat Haratouw hastely, f.«oia». 
And wi]) him wente his sone Gii, 
And Terry wijj is bamage. 4579 

J)e wind blew hardde wij) gret rage 
And drof hem in to Ermonie, [4401] 
)}ar be-lefte his sone Gii 4582 

WiJ) his barouns gode & hende ; 
& Terry to Aumberfe gan wende, [4404] 
And Beues wente wif oute dwelling 

In to Mombraunt, far he was king; 

Wi)) him wente losian, is quene, 45 

& leuede wi]) oute treie & tene 

Twenti jer, so saij) ))e bok. [440* 

))anne swiche siknesse ])e lenedi tok, 

Out of J)i8 world jhe moste wende ; 

Gii, hire sone, ^he gan of-sende, 46*' 

And Terry, pe riche king, 

For to ben at here parting. 

And whan ))ai wei-e alle fare, [44 

To his stable Eeues gan fare ; 4 

Arondel a fond J)ar ded, 

))at euer hadde be gode at nede ; 

par fore him was 8wi])e wo, 

In to chaumber he gan go [44 

Sere B, homward gan hym hye 

Toward pe loTid off Ermonye, 230 

po B, aone, sere Oy^ was kyng. 

And hctau^U hem god alweldyng, 

2*0 Mounbraunt is sere B, ffare 

And losyanffyl syke ry^ pare; 

per ff ore vxts sere B, ffid woo, 235 

And in tope stable sere B, gan goo; 

Arundel he fond deyd doun leyd. 

As men to hym hodden iscyd^ 

And losyan wole deyen at soo,. 

In to chciumhre sere B. is goo, 240 

229. Sere — hym] Furthe he went {in gret 
{anon yn C) NC. 230. Til he corne to sur 
Tyrrye NC. 231. po—was] That was {a 

wel (also a C) nobilU NC. 282. Anii ^ 
fyse C. him C. him hUau^t N. 288. -^s. 
B,] B, is furthe N ; he can Q, 234. j^Tui] 
2'hen C ; om. N. toas sike N ; syghed C, 
ry^t J>.] (<fe wondirly {full C) sare NC. 255. 
And therf, C. ys C. sere] om. N. sere B.] 
he C. fful] wondirly N ; om. C. 286. And] 
om. C. in] om. N. pe] his N. sere B, g.] 
he was N ; ysheC, 237. And Ar, C. f(md\ 
thcr add. N. dcyd d. h] dede NC. 238. To 
Cfy, his son, he it seide N ; TJio he seyde to 
Gye yn pat stcdd C. 239. ^ Sur,* he teid, 
* my moder wol dy* 1^ ; That hys modur 
wolde dye C. 240. To hur he {they C) WflU 
hastely {yn hye C) NC. 

He toke his leve at the kyng 

And at sJA his seli shyppyng, 

He toke his leve at the henij, 4287 

At erle, baroun, and at fifren(l, 

And at his son, str Myle ; 

His way he toke in a while 

And be-toke his son to Sabere, 

For he shold? hym teche andf J ere. 4292 

Now is Beues went and srr Gye 

With losyan) andf s/r Terry, 
And Beues lefte hym in his own lend 
And be-toke hem to god aH-weldand. 
In to Mombraunt Beues gan fare 42? 
And sevyn) yere he levid? thare ; 
Than waxidf losyan) seke and lay, 
Andf so dydf Beues, as I you say. 
Bysshoppws andf ffrerus come be-ly 
Beues amlf losyan gan they shry ve. 

Whan Beuys wolde home wende, 
He toke his leue of the kynge so hende. 
And cU the lordes in thai whyle. 
And also at his sonne^ syr Myle, 0. 

4292. For] That 0. 

4293. is B, wen£] gone is Beuys 0. 

1295. ATtd] om. 0. hym] them hi'i] 

thcyr 0. 

4296. hem] tJiem al O. aU-w,] in kotu 

4297. In] Than 0. 

4298. hjued he 0. 

4300. so d. B.] B&iiys also 0. 

4301. come] thydcr add. 0. 

4302. gan they] for to 0. 



& sej losian drawe to dui 

Him was wo a moete nede, 

And er her body bc-gan to colile, 

Ib is armes he gan hire folde, 4604 

And t>ar hii deide bofie il'ere. [4425] 

Here sano ne wolde in non manero, 

J>at hii in 6rf)e beried were : 

Of sein Lauarauns he let arere 4608 

And in hys armyt hya wyff he las, 
And kyste hereffayre in ^lU caas. 
" ' 'i t"? dij/den iojie inffere. 


Alle ])effoU: Dff\!atcyU 241 

Wolden nooit fuffren hem ieryyd be 
Ife in 7U> CT^effoT io bs Uyd, 
But aierychim ryiC wiy a brnyd 
Ofscyiti Lcai/ntunee a dhtmhe made |wre. 
Off gold )wj maden ^i *«]/}« awtera 261 
And beryeden hem Sojw in, same; 
Off Aeni EOTntj) Aoote (o hlynde A Imae. 
An hmu ^eg maden off relygymm, 
Suere to eyngen ffor sere Hifftiun 
Andffor loeyan, pat lady ffrcei SSI 

God on here soitlyi junu haue pek ! 

A fairo chapel of marbel fin, 

)jat was ikaat wif queint ongin ; [4430] 

Of gold he made an hij comere 

And leide jrem fiat in bojie ifera. 4612 

An hous he made of riligioun, 

For to singe for aire Bououw 

And ek for losian fo fre : [4435] 

God on here sanies haue pite ! 4616 

ail. Aiid\ Sar B. NC. Kys w.] Kwr NC. 
ftol om, N. lace 'S ; lose G. 242. fayr.'] 
om. NC. in] at NC. 243. Far ».] And N ; 
A-:<d there C. 244. Js— t>i>] The kyng (jioWe 
in (wolde on C) no NO. 245—52. That thei 
in erlhe buried were ; Of seint Laurcnee he 
lele a ehapel rere. And ^ gold made a ehist 
gay, And bothe hur bodies Ifcr in lay; Men 
tellilh bolhe in gest Ji rymc, Thei were leide 
in vmner of skryne. N. Thai they yn erlhe 
barged were. For a ehapell of icyid Laarena 
he wyll rere. Of golde he made )k ryche coaerc. 
There are ^ beryed boiie yn fere. C. 263. 
And alt. he inade C ; maad N. 254. To 
eyngeevefS. 2&5. for] om. C. \>at l] Ih^. 
NC. 266. on]o/N. therC. now]om.NC. 

TVhan Bcues ami loayan the gooiJ 4303 

ftath receyvydl goddua flesh anii blootH, 
lEyther to ofare trewly tumyiJ in haste, 
And both in armes yeliJ vp the gaste. 
-Woche sorow than made air Gye, 4307 
-tThero was no bote not for thye, 
~For aH shaH we dye, I-wys, 

"Whan that Crystus wyH it ys. 

JByr Guy, to Vie gtable went lie, 
^rundel, Aiii hor», to ee; 4312 

Whan he cam there, fonrJe he no rede, 

Hhe etede lay in the dnble tiede. 

■£yr Gki/ maruayled, the mthe to saij, 

.For al they dyed vjmn a day. 

•4303. the good] wylh gode cnient 0. 
4304. HadO. goddica—blood] the aa 
4306, Eylher] twtmed adi O. trewly^ 
haste] wyOioat boste. 0. 

4306. in a. yeld] they yelded O. 

4307. than] om. O. 

4308. noi/. lh.]for that, truly 0. 

4309. fee shal O. 

4310. il] om. O. 
4311—4316. SoO; om. M. 

«17. Than— Ul] Syr Gyedydiirdayne and 0. 

Than sir Gye, he lett nialio 

For Bevea and losyans sake 4318 

An house of religyon). 

To syng for Beues aniJ losyan). 

He tiDwmbedi ham to geder in fEere, 

Kyng and quenu as they were ; 

lesu Criste in trenite " 4323 

On both theire souIm* haiio mercy ! 

And thus endith Beues of Hampton), 

That was kyng of grett renown) : 

AH that hath henJ this talkyng, 

lasii thenii grannt gooiJ ending, 4328 

He bryng hem aH to iievyii) blis, 

Tliat euer shati lasto anil never mys. 

4318. Jbr] ujin- Hdd. 0. 

431B. An h.] A place O. ml.] qfpryce 0. 

4320. losyan atui Bettys 0. 

4321. ham] them. 0. 

4324. Onboth] Qf O. 

4325. SoiahhcanpUnene 0. 

4326. Thai w. k.] Kynge and Inyght 0. 

4327. AU\ they add. 0. hatte 0. 

4328. grannt l?u!m 0. 

4329. 'Be— all] And brynge vs 0. 


' 218 


& also for Arondcl, 

3 if men for eni hors biJde scliel. 

p\i8 onde]) Beues of Hamtoun : 4619 

And on Arundel, hya goode siede, 

pff TTvenfor kors scholden aynge or rede. 

pus endi\> sere Bcffa off ffamptoun, 

pat was so noble a ha/roun, Ainen, E. 260 

257. on\ also for NC. hys g. s,"] om. NC. 

258. iincn'\ that N. for"] an add. C. ^hoL — 
rede] nien may hid wel N ; prey schall C. 

259. sere] om. NC. 260. so n. a] king and 

God jeue vs alle is beaosoui^ ! [4440] 


nobil N. pat — a] Oentyll knyghi Jh holde C. 
Al thcU of his life haue {herd imnron (horde 
C), Ood yeve hare (ther C) aowlis (</add. C) 
heven pardon (parte C), And (thai we wers 
al (to be C) of suche (as grete C) renonn, Am 
(euyr add. C) toas B. of Hamptou%. add. 
NC. Antken, Here endith Bevys rf Hampton. 
add. N. 

To that blia bryng vs he, 
That ffor vs diedf vppon) a tree ! 4332 


Here endyth a good tale of BeiMS of 
Hamtoun, that Good Yeiriour. 

4332. vppon a] on the rode 0. 4333. Beues] heus (1) M. Here — Verr,] om. O. 

Oiiirlg (fiiijlish S^^xt ^ociet] 

Extra Berie*. XLVI. 




Willi i'ntrobiKlioii, ^olcs, iiiib 61(iS5;itw. 



(&m\[g flriijlish 2«t .Sonet!!. 

ComalilU'e cf Uiina^menl: 
Director: Hi;. Fl[KUr:i;i('K .1. FI'IfNIVAM,, M.A. 
Treasarflt! IIKNKV B. \vf!' '■"■^ ' 
Boa. Sec; W. A. UALHIKL, Kaij., 117 Vlfh' 
Eon. Seas. I N>.>rrli <m.l Ki^ot; I'rof U. T.. K.' 
for America : ( Smitli nml WpsI : Prnf. J. W, I ' 
WliV ALDBNIIAH, M.A. Dr.. . 

ISKAEri (iOULANCZ, M.A. Pii... 

Pbof. li. KOLIUNO, fl..D, Kf' > 

a U LKE, B.A. i:; 

Itrv. Proi-.J. K. «. MAYOR, 11 .^ ^r.r.i, .u... 

Uii. W. Al , 

(Il'ilh fUHWr *u ■ ■ ■■•■iil/rr.) 


Tliu K»rly Eufe'liKli T"' ■ I 

|.iii-jio8o of uringuig tilt' 1. I 

uniiiinry stuileiit, hkiI of ». , ! 

reutud, of haring ttlt UtXU: ir.i 

Oil UlO elUrtitiK iif theHu.'iilj, -n uninj' 'l\ Mk .if jmi|"'' 

liunil by^ ItN EiUtom, that it hncamn iiufOMiny in 1887 i- 

M«rirt witliwhioli Uie Sooitily begun, an if*/™ Serns wLi. i i 

bloc k'l utter bunk 


i^rj of Lii'ojHT ilisturips ami 
.ir-rralaltba tbiiugiiU, ibe li 

mill L-iialoiitH ol 

imreil, Tbe tiecUHSity bus tliorefniv 
uiit by ili.s (iliin of tliOm in "■ 

u Ti'Jtt wilbin a few in- u. Ai> 

.\lenib(*i'B wliii tun spore ii>l' ■> ]i".v ilji-ni a, 

t tbe Tests lor wty fw.: l-i 1h;i-J. ili 

iMSueil ; ij] IM'ja, Uiuue foi I"' ■■ i^'i'-^i" 

Tbe Subiici'i|)tiou to lli' 
[and £1 1). adiiitioinl fur li 
and slioulil liQ paid eitlitr 
Uuiik of London, Priutus S: r ■■ 
Order to tbs Hon, Secretary, W 
London, N,, and croBt 'Uij' " "" 
for postage U. 4nf. a year 
Series.) The Suciety'a Texts Jire aIeo sold aeji 
tlio Lists; but Members can gnl buck-Testa at . . 

/•Drilling tUif cubIi for tliwii in advance to the Huu. Sutjetary, 

mk of London.' (Un 
? Original Scri 


i iliertfurc tt 

BrJUll M tiu^tt 

:a BnbscribCTB rnHm \f 
1 year fur ibo EKt 

ly ut tbe pniies pnt aflur ttiMK il 
' ' rl \pBn tltiin tilts LinOptiiMM h 

/i,id Bookn thai, Juliiuri 


Sursh'. ClU. 


nnt oOniietiuuin, t^, 

i-ti. m 



d TliK>1«si°al Trntiir 


Ihy'i Morthtri, 1. 


Ji'i L»iid« n. E 


Early MdLn... . 

. .ii.ii 


ProM T«'lliLi r.o,n U 



itL Hra.'n KB ofHiiii.BOM 


d<, Ilullii.1 


LOilHoniilitis, Mlnlmri. 


il Poomii ftara Oio 



tife of Bi. Amity, f n 

IBM. Co 

[1- Oif. lai. 



ll>niu> frai.. O»lot.i Co; 


U^ U.iU 


, CoU- 0x1. 


ur of lie blB^ii lyf t 

13UWU CMM. Oniv. 1^ 

ihopl Df HftuodflTylc^d Legend of Ovydo. i^i 

a Loutfut't Hmldio Inutt, IltirJ. KIIO^I). 
■a fur Giupa«der and Ordnume, Hsri. 0)lr>^. 
I Watton'i eiflulU Speouliuu OhtitUuil. Corjilia 

,1. i.Vi, loiiJo.ii.'niuiMii'y 530,HHr].3M(i, irt, SO, 


■I FMbu, tf oni ilif li: 
iXwMArfiiiv. rmm tliui 
tTrUtra»i Itiini the iiulq 
MUuMua Mif ulo PU^e 

PilgrilBIliO to jBTBlilBn, QlWiril'l', tllf. 111 

Other Pilgrimiiger to Jeiuwlilu, Uiirl, i:: 
BoTiB, PemlentiBi PMlmi. ie,. Qmfri'a, l 
81, BnLedon'i ConfeuJOIl, OnOiU'a. Oir. ■; 
SnoIctL Benldr; Inieti. 'njiy u! Cud 
Ohivulry, *c.. Queou'a ('nil. (liliirU iOl 
BteryiL Seropo'i Dutryno uul W7SBI 

lUiln fliiifllisli Mm ^0(\i 

for theE):rL,^K,iJh 


« yMt [. 

.>1 XI l..a.|.| 

Lend..!., ■ 



Sir David t^aitutfi Vailu. . 


Lydgatc'i DcgmH^Ui 

liKHU^i: ASHER & CO., \^. \S'S'VV.V. 


Extra Series, ZLVIH. 




OLD PEirrF-ii copy. 

t»it| JJrtfatc :mi) gotts, 


U iSi DOS ; 

rtrnusu^n loii THK iai:i.Y ksoi-ish text aociKTy 


PATRKN'OfmtR irrH'BE. CMAmN(i.Clt083 llOAlt. 

[H^'rhikd I/iaS, ISBB.] 

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Ill (giiijlish 3ie,vt ^odt^ 

for th« Kxn:«Sri;ri,- 

wiuoli vou 

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lit At 


An Anglo a Tl 
TlleSutciB. k Ail. 

BirB.vld LindM.j • V 
TneUyF^. OtiVcl ^ 

1,XIX. tT4,»l«-.A— >t 

LXX. TheBiKhTltyi, 11 

17,. .^ ■ 

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AltxMdn 8c oil's 1*0, 
JohBHarCiKathal'-' , 

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